[RESOLVED] – Temporary Display Error Issue with Non-English Characters

[10:07 AM – Resolved]  The nightly processing of group information has been completed successfully and groups with UTF8 characters seem to be functioning normally.  This concludes the remedy of the UTF8 character problem.  Thanks for your patience while we tidied this up. – Matthew

[8:40 AM –teeple] The nightly processing is still running. Almost there…

[7:20 AM –teeple] The nightly processing hasn’t quite concluded. We’re waiting for that to verify that the group search data is displaying correctly again.

[12:45 AM – Update] Our engineering team have managed to restore most of the non-English (UTF8) characters in the Second Life client. The only exception at this time is the group search data, which should be corrected when some additional processes run through the night. We will update the blog again in the morning once our colleagues have been able to confirm that the final processes have run. – Matthew

During this morning’s database update, there was a character set conversion problem which corrupted some non-English (UTF8) characters.

The effect of this is that many symbols and non-English characters will display as question marks. This will effect group titles, group roles, profiles, groups, classifieds, land description information, and stored chat transcripts but not object or avatar names.

We are actively working to restore the corrupted data and believe that we will be able to do so, although we are unable to determine the timing. Please be assured that anything created after 8am PDT today is fine and will continue to be so.

In the meantime, a workaround for this is to re-enter the name as you want it and then it will be saved correctly.

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