[UPDATED] New Release Candidate Viewer: 1.20 RC0 Available

We’re excited to announce that Second Life 1.20 RC0 is now available for download from the test software page. This Release Candidate viewer brings lots of goodness in the form of fixes, a new UI look and feel (formerly codenamed ‘Dazzle’) and UI improvements, scriptable glow and better support for 3D input devices!

IMPORTANT NOTE: There is a known issue in this Release Candidate on OS X with Apple’s Mighty Mouse. The primary mouse button will toggle the “Flycam” mode. This will cause unusual behavior and we do not suggest using Second Life 1.20 RC0 with a Mighty Mouse at this time. We will fix this bug in the next RC.

[UPDATE 9:48 AM] Tools menu: The Tools menu has not gone missing!  It now displays in the main menu when editing/creating objects.  Click on the Build button or right click and select Create.  Existing short cuts  (CTL + 1, 2, 3) all still work and will also activate the Tools menu.

Reminder: Release Candidate viewers are optional updates that contain the latest round of bug fixes and/or soon-to-be-released new features. Please try the RC viewers only if you want to participate in the bug reporting process and identify issues before they become the default viewer. You can have both a Release Candidate and the primary viewer installed side by side on your computer, so if issues are encountered when testing the RC viewer you can switch back to the production viewer.


UI: This Release Candidate includes significant updates to the visual design and architecture of the Viewer’s user interface, including:

  • A new, lighter color scheme
  • Improved UI graphics (icons, buttons, etc)
  • Ability to customize text color of Instant Messages
  • Enhancements to the UI texture rendering system
  • Ability to reference textures by filename
  • Support for non-powers-of-two textures
  • Support for PNG textures

Some important notes regarding the new UI appearance:

  • The new UI appearance is installed by default with 1.20; Residents who wish to continue using the pre-1.20 UI appearance should not update to 1.20.
  • Based on feedback from the Dazzle First Look viewer, we are tracking a number of bugs related to the new UI appearance; see PJira for the complete list.
  • 1.20 includes a limited capability to create custom UI “skins.” Although this functionality is not officially supported by Linden Lab, a basic overview of the current XML functionality for creating custom skins is available on the Second Life wik
  • The new UI appearance was developed in parallel with ongoing initiatives to improve Viewer stability and crash rates, and did not impact those important projects.
  • For more information about the new UI appearance, including a list of frequently-asked questions, please see the Dazzle page on the Second Life wiki. For more information about Linden Lab’s longer-term plans to enable Resident-created UI “skins,” please see the User Interface Roadmap.

As always, Residents concerned about user interface and usability issues are welcome to attend Benjamin Linden’s weekly in-world User Experience Office Hour, held every Thursday at 3pm in Beaumont

LSL scripting for object glow!

  • Script a prim’s glow attribute, details on the Second Life wiki:
  • You may want to try a script such as THIS!
    touch_start(integer total_number)
    list values = llGetPrimitiveParams([PRIM_GLOW, 1]);
    float glow = llList2Float(values, 0);
    llSetPrimitiveParams([PRIM_GLOW, ALL_SIDES, 1.0 – glow]);

Improved Joystick and 3D input device support

  • Integrated a new open source library created by 3Dconnexion designed to integrate multi axis input devices with Second Life
  • Joystick devices can now control the Avatar, Edited Objects, or the Flycam (View menu > Joystick Flycam)
  • Added a “Joystick Setup” window to the Preferences under “Input & Camera” for adjusting multi axis input devices
  • Settings are currently optimized for Logitech’s 3Dconnexion SpaceNavigator but should be tunable for any joystic or 3D imput device

Other changes:

  • Removed voice setup wizard from Viewer
  • Removed “Detecting hardware” from first-use startup to save 10 seconds of start time
  • Removed “Critical Message” string from startup community standards dialog
  • Removed “Start Gesture” from menu bar
  • Removed “do you want streaming audio” dialog
  • Removed Friends dropdown on Map
  • Display the Camera and Movement controls by default
  • Added online offline notification to open IM windows
  • One click sit not be available if you’re already sitting
  • Replaced “(hippos)” and “(waiting)” with “(Loading…)”
  • Print the name of the missing gesture in the error message
  • Double-tap forward to run
  • Adjusted the right-justified text on the splash screen
  • Ctrl-shift-1 now displays Statistics in a floater
  • Login progress bar change
  • Option available to turn off all group titles to make name tags smaller
  • Small UI tweaks made to the “near me” floater for usability

List of fixes:

  • Havok 4 — Increased the max height for building objects to 4096m
  • SVC-747: Estate Banned Residents list doesn’t increment higher than 252
  • VWR-5498: WindLight Release Candidate doesn’t rembember correct size of IM window between sessions
  • VWR-747: Texture preview should not have constrained aspect ratio
  • VWR-3984: WindLight: Certain snapshot options incorrectly capture a part of the screen
  • VWR-3438: WindLight: Glow (including water reflections) shows through HUD objects
  • VWR-4616: Snapshot, clicking on more removes current pic
  • VWR-1405: llMapDestination does not work as designed for OS X/Intel viewers
  • VWR-3625: Highlights don’t affect non-root prims
  • VWR-2113: Mac Auto Updater “hides”, giving appearance of failing
  • VWR-2755: duplicate PARCEL_FLAG_RESTRICT_PUSHOBJECT line in keywords.ini
  • VWR-442: Require confirmation when inviting a new group owner
  • VWR-4903: Show avatar’s name in the “Eject” and “Freeze” confirmation screens
  • VWR-6066: “Are you sure you want to clear you browser cache” in “Perferences > Web > Clear Now” has a typo
  • VWR-5656: Secondlife icon missing in Linux version 1.19.1 RC1 ?
  • VWR-2600: Add option to enable Full-Scene Anti-Aliasing (FSAA) in the viewer
  • VWR-3633: Avatar impostor of not-yet-rezzed avatar not appearing
  • Localization of camera controls/tooltips
  • Fixed: glow is rendered on property lines and selection silhouettes
  • LLImageJ2C now indicates what en/decoding implementation is being used
  • New messaging to inform Residents about consequences of selecting “Can modify my objects”
  • Fixed: Estate tools in non-english UI cannot change maturity level of islands from PG to Mature.
  • Fixed: Agent Limit spontaneously resets to zero
  • Fixed: Web control code does not correctly reject sl:// links
  • Fixed: Wait before printing missing gestures if the name isn’t yet available
  • Abrupt velocity changes of SL camera are smoother
  • llMapDestination() can be used to open place dialog to teleport user without opening map
  • Fixed: Cannot close Buy Land floater when (waiting for data) from web site
  • Fixed: Gestures appear in random order
  • Fixed: Preference Help button is not pointing to the correct url
  • Added Hyperlink to MOTD.
  • Fixed: Occlusion crash on SIS cards
  • Fixed: VBO related crash on ATI R100 cards
  • Fixed: lowest avatar detail is higher than before
  • Fixed: Avatar Impostor sprites have opaque black edges
  • Fixed: Impostors tilt
  • Fixed: Impostors need to update once after they stop walking
  • Fixed: Provide way to visually mute “costly” avatars (check cost: client->rendering->info displays->avatar render cost)

Source changes:

  • The settings system has been significantly revamped. llcontroldef.cpp has been replaced with an XML file controlling all settings values: app_settings/settings.xml
  • The command line parser has also been revamped. All but a few special arguments are now associated with control settings and controlled by the file app_settings/cmd_line.xml
  • Fixed: g++ 4 viewer compile issues
  • Dead code removal createLegacyWearableFromAvatar

You might also notice that we have chosen to refer to this version as Second Life 1.20 (RC0). This and all subsequent releases will be referred to as “1.20” or “1.21”. There will be no more smaller numbered feature releases as we’ve used in the past (e.g.,,

As always, please continue to report any new issues in the Issue Tracker and be sure to set “Affects Version/s” to “1.20 Release Candidate“. Resident participation is always welcome at our weekly (Wednesdays @ 3pm PST time) inworld bug triages, too! Thank you!

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147 Responses to [UPDATED] New Release Candidate Viewer: 1.20 RC0 Available

  1. Byakuya Runo says:

    NICE !!! TIME TO TEST!!! 🙂

  2. WarKirby Magoijiro says:

    Dazzle is horrible. The color scheme is painful to look at. Don’t roll it into the main viewer until custom skins are FULLY ENABLED AND SUPPORTED so we can turn it off.

  3. cube inada says:

    i was forced to update…. and now i cant log on?
    dns errors?

    4 tries

    local sf area.

  4. Garn Conover says:

    Woot Dazzle and Windlight finally!!!… Brindle why is movement/camera controls and chat logging activated on default now?

  5. Timmahy Widget says:

    NO! NO! NO! Dazzle has to be one of the worst-themed client applications I’ve ever seen. It’s like you’ve ripped off Microsoft’s new “Windows Live” theme and just made it more blindingly bright. On a positive note, the new button shapes and icons are a vast improvement.

  6. Ann Otoole says:

    awww no more waiting for hippos? :((

    /me goes to look at skinning info and to make weirdness with glowness.

  7. Yakumo Fujin says:

    Before all those peoples are going to try to verbaly kill you, let me say that I do actually like dazzle, whindlight and havok 4, and that without any high-end equipment, but with an one-year old laptop.

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  9. Ugh… I usually don’t complain, but I HATED Dazzle. I didn’t know I’d be forced into using it. I’m not happy. It hurts my eyes.

  10. Day Oh says:

    I can has skin manager plz

  11. Dazzle ROCKED!!!! Better then that ugly gray color of the main client!!!

  12. It’s great to see the fixes (and there’s some good ones there), but I won’t be touching Dazzle until it’s a required viewer to get on the grid, or there’s supported and easy way to revert back to the 1.19.x UI (or something better, rather than something so much worse, you’d have a hard time imagining it).

  13. Peaches Palou says:

    Is anyone else getting red shadows on prims that should be invisible? I un-and-reinstalled and it starts showing up in the last three releases. Haven’t messed with my controls ’cause Imma newbie. Haven’t seen anyone mention it. Only me?

  14. Great umm… just finishing this HUD that matches the old viewer’s colors and now you rip the carpet right out from underneath me. This isn’t a simple color change to fix, I have to redo 170 graphics.

  15. Daarc dagger says:

    Can we have just have Windlight back please?

  16. Lyselle Munro says:


    Love the efforts, but I have to agree that Dazzle hurts my eyes 😦

    Would adore the ability to skin the UI!

    Thanks for all the hard work, folks!


  17. Adora Galthie says:

    How do I map my friends??? I use this option all the time to TP to them… :/

    And no hippos! 😡

  18. Shannon Marellan says:

    1.19.1(RC4) had a ‘known issue’ of ‘crashes on Mac Book Pro’. I don’t see that in the fixed list, and I don’t see a ‘known issue’ list. What happened to that? Seeing as how this is a forced upgrade, I have no ability to run a previous version other than 1.19.1(4) (even production release) am I going to install this and lose any capability to run Second Life whatsoever? Forced upgrades have to be eliminated!

  19. Byakuya Runo says:

    OK, you guys are complaining, but, if you love the old skin, all you have to do is tweak it a little to get the old skin back. As the blog says;
    [1.20 includes a limited capability to create custom UI “skins.” Although this functionality is not officially supported by Linden Lab, a basic overview of the current XML functionality for creating custom skins is available on the Second Life wiki.]

    And, you HAVE to love the double-click dash!

  20. Passion Gossipgirl says:

    I thought the upgrade was optional. I downloaded it & now I cant log in. This is the second time this has happended to me. Why? There needs to be a fix for that…

  21. Trev Kline says:

    wow – loved the first dazzle but missed windlight too much to carry on using it, this looks great and the list of fixes is impressive – looking forward to giving it a thorough testing this weekend! Hope it also dents the HUGE memory leak that’s in the current mainstream viewer – that crashes me too often to be funny any more. Looking good here 🙂

  22. Carl Metropolitan says:

    Dazzle is a considerable aesthetic improvement over the existing browser. I’ve been using the older Dazzle client over the Windlight client simply because it was so much nicer to look at and use. I’m glad to have both in one program now.

  23. The color scheme is way friendlier, for the beginning it takes week to get used to but i totally love the new features and especially the snapshot function for wide screen users!

    Not everyone will like it – cause changes are bad 😉
    but i totally appreciate the effort

    if you could now take care of disabling unwanted group chat i buy a T-Shirt!

  24. Satori Taringa says:

    errrrr…. why does the First Look link refer to a newer revision than the
    RC0. Is it a more updated (fixes) version of the RC0? Both First Look
    and RC0 are built using Dazzle and Windlight and so I have to ask.

  25. Storm Berjis says:

    Thank you, i have now a marvelous choppy world, i can’t walk or run.
    Marvellous improvements.
    What do i need torun SL now ?

    Second Life 1.20.0 (84432) Apr 9 2008 03:59:09 (Second Life Release Candidate)
    CPU: AMD (Unknown model) (1799 MHz)
    Memory: 2048 MB
    OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 (Build 2600)
    Graphics Card Vendor: NVIDIA Corporation
    Graphics Card: GeForce 7600 GT/AGP/SSE2/3DNOW!
    OpenGL Version: 2.1.2
    LLMozLib Version: [LLMediaImplLLMozLib] – 2.01.14307 (Mozilla GRE version

  26. Regardless of what I think of the color scheme, everything else rocks. Thanks for raising the build height, I love the support for non powers of 2 textures and just look at that list of fixes… It’s massive : )

  27. Vincent Nacon says:


    YYAAYY! Now I can finally use my old Playstation2 controller.

  28. It looks great! Except ITS TOO BRIGHT and I have no idea if people are taljking to me in IMs unless I close the window.

    Oh yes, and it wont stay running for more than THIRTY SECONDS.

    Dont we beta test this game ENOUGH even with the regular viewer? I mean, if my cable service goes out for ten minutes they give me a days refund. I barely get a “sorry” from LL.

    I’d MUCH rather have the 2 year old bugs fixed, at LEAST the teleporting crash that everyone has…rather than new crappy ways to have bling and Havok4 engine with almost nothing utilizing it in-game.

    Thanks for the effort, though, but I accept it like yet another piece of jewelry for Christmas that I dont want, and the house still needs painting.

  29. Gay Flatley says:

    The only bad thing I can see wrong with it is the new color scheme. It is so bright that it gives me migraines, even if I keep my screen at 60% brightness that I usually keep it out. I’m literally scared to turn it up to 100% brightness for when I want to see what an item looks like at that brightness level. It would probably cause a migraine to develop within 30 seconds. Please leave it an option for people to have the other color scheme who may also have problems with brightness levels as well.

    Otherwise, I like it and I typically find that the RC’s are faster to load, easier to fly and crashes less. I rarely, if ever, also do the Crazy Legs maneuver in the RC.

  30. Talisien Llewellyn says:

    Why? Why do you feel the need to push dazzle down our throats? It’s too bright. You should make it where we can change the skin before moving something like that to the main viewer, true, this is the rc viewer, but we all know that within a few tests, this will be required, and no way to go back to the not blindingly bright ui.The rest of the update is welcome changes, but for the love of all that is linden, please get rid of the bright blue ui.

  31. RC Sellers says:

    The new UI appearance is installed by default with 1.20; Residents who wish to continue using the pre-1.20 UI appearance should not update to 1.20.

    LOL you cant get on if you dont update, what a joke…… Also if your gonna change the UI to the horrible grey metallic look at least give us the option to change skins geeezzzzz

    Comon SL get it right

  32. cobalt says:

    I don’t like the new UI look. How do I get the old one back?

  33. U M says:

    Looking forward to this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you!

  34. Daarc dagger says:

    Actually after reading comments and thinking more about this..why is LL making second life so difficult, this is meant to be an escape from first life what now users have to take a course just to change the user interface to suit their needs :/, restore windlight, or at the very least code the option into the bloody preferences to change custom UI’s, XML should not be a requirement that people learn. thats your job!!!!!

  35. Adamus says:

    Hey thanks Lindens. I spent soooooooooo much cash on my avatar just so you can force me to download this piece of wank that makes me see blue and red cones coming out of everything. And yes, I have a top spec computer so it’s not a fault my end. Oh and the new menu and interface? There was nothing wrong with the old one. Before you start pissing around with dazzle why not sort out the tech problems that really piss us off?

  36. NTropy Sellers says:

    This is the most ugly awful interface, yet. Icky yucko. How many neon IM and Inventory things to I need to see. I want to see SL. Not Ultra-Blue and Silver IM windows. I like the darker backgrounds. Bring them back! Not to mention a smooth interface, no choppiness. *sigh*

  37. Braden Flanagan says:

    Ewwwww, the Dazzle color scheme is terrible and now with the new update I keep crashing when ever I capture someone. I’m totally disappointed in it and sad I lost my old RC0

  38. Latif Khalifa says:

    I would like to join the call not to make 1.20 only with this interface. Please wait until you can select the old one as an option. The color scheme is too distracting for immersive experience that SL is.

  39. Heron Halberstadt says:

    not nice, time to crash.
    real fast loading, but:
    I freeze when I speak, at menu bar the tools are missing (german interface), horror lagg..

  40. Tinintri Mistral says:

    Why in the heck would you guys think LIGHT BLUE was a better choice than a neutral black and grey? The interface is HIDEOUS. I much enjoyed the fact that it was darker and didn’t strain my eyes as much. This SUCKS. For the love of Pete, put it back!

  41. Isabeau Imako says:

    I’m glad I came here first before DL (Mighty Mouse). I was looking forward in trying out Dazzle+Windlight. I feel so left out 😦
    Guess I’ll have to wait till the next RC.

  42. Bobo Decosta says:

    Oh no this means they will make dazzle mandatory?!

    Dazzle is ugly and looks more outdated than the classic look!

  43. cobalt says:

    There has GOT to be a setting to change the visual appearance back. I can’t use this thing.

  44. Bridie Linden says:


    This issue is still being investigated, but appears to be an Apple hardware issue: VWR-1749: Second Life viewer client freezes on MacBook Pro

    Please see Pastrami Linden’s post which includes links to the viewer:

  45. Elle Pollack says:

    “Removed Friends dropdown on Map”

    Can you please explain why this is so? Else I mean to start a JIRA soliciting votes to keep it. I know I use it plenty and other people who do, and if people don’t want to be mapped that’s what friend permissions are for.

  46. U M says:

    Is it possible to chance the color to suit person taste? because frankly speaking this one needs it!. One color doesnt suit all taste.please bare that in mind which choking us on this………

  47. Kathy Morellet says:

    Worst color scheme I have EVER seen! Make sure we can change it before forcing this down our throats.

  48. cobalt says:

    Well, LL have finally found a way to make me stop using the firstlook client. Back to the regular old SL client for me.

    The new UI is completely unusable.

  49. fingernails parisi says:

    This is horrible. It looks hideous, and why would you remove the friends dropdown from the map window? I pray this never sees full release, I’ve already switched back to the regular viewer.

  50. Djarum TIgerpaw says:


  51. Creem says:

    Has anybody had luck yet with joysticks in the 1.20RC0 viewer? Neither of my 2 joysticks seem to be recognized by the viewer, but maybe that’s because I’m not using a SpaceNavigator (which our input library provider 3Dconnexion offers for the low low price of $59)

  52. Djarum TIgerpaw says:

    I think we should all just start yelling and screaming @ them cuz they dont hear us!

  53. Bridie Linden says:


    There was some confusion over how the feature worked, making it seem broken to some. The friends map dropdown only displayed online friends who allowed you to see them on the map — which was usually a very small subset of your entire friends list. Our Rx team recommended removing this feature from the map.

    You can instead find a friend on the map by opening their profile and clicking on ‘Find on Map’.

  54. MadamG Zagato says:

    Looks yummy! ^-O

  55. Djarum TIgerpaw says:

    HOW DO I TURN THIS WINDLIGHT OFFFFF?!?!?!? someone please tell me

  56. WarKirby Magoijiro says:

    Aside form the dazzle part, and the REMOVAL OF THE ABILITY TO MAP FRIENDS

    This is a pretty good client. I love the antialiasing and avatar rendering cost.

  57. Nedrae Messmer says:


    A three-year old laptop here, with a similarly old video card (GeForce Go FX5200)

    I think Dazzle is neat, a bit too bright for my liking though. But what I definitely like best about it, and I think everyone seems to be overlooking this fact, is that Dazzle also means that it’s now easier to customize the UI itself and maybe even create new skins to be distributed around.

    As for the nay-sayers, reading around in the wiki page there’s a link to a pre-1.20-based UI to be used with Dazzle: http://forums.secondlife.com/showthread.php?t=242483?lang=en
    Just check it out. It’s likely to keep improving with time.

  58. U M says:

    @56 set the perf setting to low that will in some ways turn off windlight

  59. Little Ming says:

    It’s nice but it feels almost too bright. I hope they include a way to change the UI colors or even just change the UI gamma without changing the in-world gamma…

  60. Vivienne says:

    Looks like the ugly netscape web browser looked like shortly before Netsacpe was eliminated…

    oh uh

  61. Josey says:

    Where is the Flycam?

  62. Autumn Palen says:

    Wow, painfully bright. I mostly like the style of the new UI, but the color scheme is just…

  63. SexySteven Morrisey says:

    Lindens! Enough with adding all these bells and whistles and pay more attention to the nuts and bolts… Version 1.19.1 (4) on the Mac is UNUSABLE. Regardless of what setting I use in my preferences, I am lagging, with framerates consistently below 10, and objects rezzing that are well beyond the drawing distance specified. Entering a shopping area is an exercise in futility, and maneuverability in anything other than an open field is a nightmare.

  64. Iosef Mikoyan says:

    Oh Joy! Slower loading and more lag! Just what this semi-luddite needs. Could you maybe consider fixing all the real problems that exist (like our attachments ending up in out behinds after teleports) before giving (forcing on) us “new and improved” things? Slapping paint over the rust doesn’t make the rust go away.
    Maybe some of the real computer jocks like all the gee-whiz new stuff. I don’t really understand it. I just want things to work right every time. Is that asking too much?

  65. Einsman Schlegel says:

    oh my god what did you do to the interface I WANT TO CHANGE IT BACK!!!

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  67. Djarum TIgerpaw says:

    @ 65 YOU GO BOIIII! U tell em, Us mac Users are MAD!!! grrr

  68. Vincent Nacon says:

    I’m sorry, I take that back about the joystick…. I’m not really happy with it cause Linden only assigned them off as a normal input key on movement. Not cool. Plus… we still can’t go sideways while going forward? Come on! what year is this?

  69. milissa rossini says:

    WOW, I am a RC lover, but this time, when heard that use Dazzle color scheme, I don’t want to try it. LIGHT COLOR SCHEME is HORRIBLE. This is SL, not XXwindoz. Please don’t do that. PLEASE.

  70. Eddy Ofarrel says:

    Just tried this (for the first time)… it’s certainly… different.
    I could probably get used to the colour of the UI buttons etc, but the background on chat/IM windows actually manages to hurt my eyes. :/
    I think there at least needs to be an option to change to a scheme more similar to the old one, before this is released.

    And I really don’t get the list of things that have been removed… particularly the friends dropdown on the map. I was just thinking about making a JIRA entry for it too Elle, but I’ll just go and vote on yours instead if you do. 😛
    I see it’s still possible to open a friend’s profile and then click the Find on Map button (if they’ve allowed it), but the dropdown list on the map was MUCH easier, and also that way you can easily see who has allowed it (and is online)… only way to do that now would be to go through your entire friends online list viewing their profiles, and waiting to see if the Find on Map button gets enabled on each one.

    To the people saying they were forced to download it… that should only be the case if you were using the 1.19.1 RC4 Release Candidate Viewer (as I was, so I could switch between that and the old non-Windlight viewer without having to redo my graphics settings). I just installed the 1.19.1 Release viewer, and could log in again with it fine.

    @13 Peaches: Are you sure you don’t have Highlight Transparent enabled? (Press Ctrl + Alt + T to toggle that on and off)

    @35 Adamus: That sounds like you might have Show Updates enabled in the Advanced menu, try pressing Ctrl + Alt + Shift + U to disable it. (Just press it again if it’s not that)

  71. Siryn Rosse says:

    To Djarum: But… gay is good! D:

    This crashes within 3 minutes of launching it. I’m afraid I’ll have to go back to the old “ghetto” viewer…

  72. RC Sellers says:

    WHO do you guys have working for ya? those monkeys that are on the Secondlife is Down page?

    Joystick should make you walk forward when you push forward not fly… geez And moving joystick sideways makes you walk forward one step then when you let go it walks you back one step OMG what a joke

    SAD SAD SAD SL do you guys actually listen to us or you just in your own little world???

  73. Tsu Goodliffe says:

    Whats with the brightness 😦 can we please dim the brightness down it takes away the want to use part.

  74. Torian says:

    I bet it took a whole ‘team’ weeks to come up with this garbage even though the overwhelming response was negative the first time it was released. Shouldn’t those people be working on fixing real issues? Dazzle is horrible no matter how you look at it.

    Okay here’s a suggestion. All those coders out there who are currently tweaking LL’s garbage. How about getting together and making a working viewer. I am sure that a LOT of people would be willing to pay a nominal fee (1 USD) for something that works. It’s about time somebody started making money off of LL ‘s inadequacies.

  75. Ilana Debevec says:


    Map friends is moved from the dropdown to the profile, click name in friends list, PROFILE, there it is on the left side FIND ON MAP.

    and DAZZLE isn’t being SHOVED DOWN YOUR THROAT at this point. It’s a RELEASE CANDIDATE. Does the word “OPTIONAL” mean anything. If you don’t like it, DON’T USE IT. Or wait till somone makes some skins.

    Jeeze people….

  76. Nectere Niven says:

    *sigh* I am crashing immediately now after log in – whether its looking at inventory to test some new thing someone sent me, or trying to rez that new thing, or looking around or whatever. Also can I please have the dull gray boring interface colors back? I like dull gray and boring, really! The new interface is distracting for me, I dont want bling on my interface *cries and reaches for the advil – that is if I can ever get the client up and running for more than 35 seconds* There absolutely has to be a way for us old farts to change the color scheme. And the crashing – oh the crashing – its not so fun. Welp guess its time to stop using the RC which I have enjoyed greatly for the last few months…

  77. Vittorio Beerbaum says:

    All fine (especially the possibility to turn on AA via client) …but DAZZLE looks horrible, it’s too bright and it hurts eyes, especially when u need to be online several hours. Please do not release this as official client without an option to revert to old color scheme, or to change it.

  78. Caemy W says:

    I love the look of Dazzle.
    In my 3 years on SL I think this is just the 3rd time I have felt compelled to comment on posts.
    Please keep Dazzle’s look. It is clean, professional and I can actually see it.
    Two thumbs up LL!

  79. Ilana Debevec says:

    @77 “Shouldn’t those people be working on fixing real issues?”

    “The new UI appearance was developed in parallel with ongoing initiatives to improve Viewer stability and crash rates, and did not impact those important projects.”


  80. U M says:

    OMG they are trying to scale the client again by removing mapping!!!!!!!!!!!!! More BS for not knowing how to buikd a client correctly…No we are not crying but stating a fact about how LL is contining to take away features we need and and give us things we don`t need and hate. nice job! And ytou wonder why people are upset and bitching as you say about current conidtions of the game……

  81. Sofia Westwick says:

    I love me some dazzle!

    give me more!

  82. Jackson Mills says:

    Big step backward in UI. Hate the color scheme. Fly button now missing from Movement control. Crashed within 2 min.

    This is on the same level of mistake as “New Coke”.

  83. Ilana Debevec says:

    @83 “OMG they are trying to scale the client again by removing mapping!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    yes another person that CAN’T READ THE ANSWERS. Try looking at #54

  84. U M says:

    “Based on feedback from the Dazzle First Look viewer, we are tracking a number of bugs related to the new UI appearance; see PJira for the complete list. ”

    this is funny because ther are people believing that its only color change and not real beta release. Oh how i l;ove how things are becoming once again confusing and not explaing to the generial public but this releases.

  85. Ilana Debevec says:

    @85 “Fly button now missing from Movement control”

    What’s wrong with the one on the button bar on the bottom?

    “Crashed within 2 min.”

    Been connected about an hour, TP’s all over the grid, building, rezzing.. solid as a rock.

  86. U M says:

    I love you too…………NOT……………………gesh another smart *** atleast once in every blog………..:/

  87. WarKirby Magoijiro says:


    I’ve created a jira for the subject:


    With respect, bridie, I don’t agree that something useful should be removed merely because some people don’t understand it. There are a great many of us who do understand how ti works, and use it on a regular basis.

  88. Tecak Oyen says:

    I agree with Elite and Eddy. I now have to go through extra steps to use a feature that worked just fine. Put the friends drop down list back on the map. If you must, make it disabled by default but there was no reason to remove it.

    Was it removed at the request of any resident? Was a bug filed?

  89. Jackson Mills says:

    #85. Its not on the Movement control, that’s why. Requires moving he mouse to the other end of the screen to fly and then back to use movement.

    Before you could place controls where you want them. Now fly and controls to control flight are separate. That’s a step backwards.

  90. Lazure Ryba says:

    Why did you remove the -settings switch in the shortcuts? I needed this for different alts to have custom settings, now I cannot do this??

  91. Georgianna Blackburn says:

    Crashing continually with Dazzle… and everytime I click to teleport to surl from web page launches a new session. Light blue hurts my eyes…

  92. Darien Caldwell says:

    “Ability to reference textures by filename
    Support for non-powers-of-two textures ”

    Can you give more details on what these two items actually refer to? Thanks 🙂

  93. ChatNoir Moonsoo says:

    Is anyone at LL actually listening to the feedback we provide you?

    Dazzle is one of the worst interface designs in an already impressive line of failures (never mind the technical issues introduced with each new client feature, the persistent problems across versions like memory leaks).

    Dazzle might look good in Torley’s office, or in an SF setting, but use it in a jungle or tropical or forest setting… that interface and color choice is nothing but a way of destroying user-generated content.

    Why are you wasting development resources on junk like that when there are serious client-issues that are long overdue?

    Why do you keep upping the demands on user’s PCs, thus narrowing the base of potential and actual new users? Yes, develop for the PCs we’ll have in 5 years..but let us use the PCs we bought recently and that are already overpowered for most of what we use them for..except, of course, SL.

    Get someone with experience in UI-design and usability into your development team! And listen to the feedback you ask for when it is given! (And no, in-world office hours are not the answer, and no, you don’t deal with user-feedback by telling the user why it’s her/his fault, or how they got it all wrong)

  94. dreamer says:

    It has been mentioned, but I want to express it again: the new colors are awful. please think of an easy solution. until then this viewer is dead for me.

  95. Ilana Debevec says:

    @95 or you move the movement controls over to be above the fly button?

  96. U M says:

    @92 thats a good q………why? shakeshead on why things are done this was……….Not everyone wants features like this…..but ifa fewthe geeky people do itse done. Oh i love how fairness is these days….

  97. Danball Tureaud says:

    “56 Djarum TIgerpaw Says:

    April 9th, 2008 at 7:04 PM
    HOW DO I TURN THIS WINDLIGHT OFFFFF?!?!?!? someone please tell me”

    Turn off Atmospheric Shaders. Edit – Preferences – Graphics Options. Just how many times has this been mentioned now?

    Also, what happened to the tools menu?

  98. Jackson Mills says:

    #99. But that is limiting and it wasnt before. I prefer movement and camera to the right. Now fly is separate and at the other end. Its a loss of functionality, not a gain.

    Tts like 97 said, this is a total waste of a UI effort.

  99. kenzie.hastings says:

    This new color scheme is horrible. When Screen is in soft color and the window menu bar also in dark color, this color scheme make it like a Fluorescent lamp on whole monitor screen. Distracting and destroying the comfortable user feeling. Is the designer even try to feel this. Or they want to remind use where is SL menu and control bar. Nonsense design on visual effect base SL.

  100. ShuHo says:

    The camera control is kind of buggy, when you hit up or left it keeps moving after you stopped pressing the button. walking is hard too the camera doesnt follow as smooth as before.

  101. Lazure Ryba says:

    I really need -settings back, or some way to make it so I can have shortcuts for different alts so each one has customized settings. I can’t have all my alts running on ultra when I use -multiple… And it made it easier to log them in because I didn’t have to type in their login information every time.

    Does anyone know anything about this now, please? It seems the Lindens removed some useful features.

    Oh yeah, my main cannot log in without crashing half the time now. I almost -NEVER- crashed in 1.19 or before.

  102. Rhin Forti says:

    How is this optional? I log into the release candidate and I’m told that it’s required in order to continue and I get 2 options : continue or quit. Ok, at least the Lindens tell me I can use the regular viewer, I load that up and it tells me I’m required to download 1-19-1-4 to continue. But that’s the release candidate and when I install it and log in, I’m required to download this!! Dazzle hurts my eyes! yes, the buttons are great and the enhancements to the inventory would be nice… if the inventory background wasn’t blinding me! In the old viewer, I could have a chat log open, click anywhere else and the window would go transparent to allow me to see things behind it. not with Dazzle. the transparancy is nowhere near enough for that.

    If aesthetics matter, Lindens, if the SL community is as important to you as you say, WHY DON’T YOU LISTEN TO US?!? Nearly half these posts complain that Dazzle hurts their eyes! And then you make it required! Are you going to wait for some future release to start causing epileptic fits and cause lawsuits to roll in to think “gee, maybe we should have listened to the residents…”

    BOO to this update! The SL experience continues to get worse because the residents aren’t being treated like they matter! Please listen to us! Something I feel would help this:

    1) Maybe reverse the color scheme. You have your brightest colors dominating the playing field. Put those as text colors and use the text color for your background.

    2) Give us a feature to toggle back to the old UI if we don’t like this one. A simple menu option would be grand, rather than needing to get a XML program and photoshop our own UI.

    3) Keep the button layout you give us with Dazzle… just tone down the colors. Yikes. Try looking at it like this. Get a mess of bright christmas tree lights and frame a window with them. Wait until nightfall. Turn on the lights and try looking through the window. Hurts? Can’t see too wel? That’s what it’s like looking at Dazzle now.

    4) If you say an update is optional… make it optional. Seriously. Being stuck with this bites.

  103. Georgianna Blackburn says:

    what no voice chat now !!

  104. Danball Tureaud says:

    Oh, apparently reports say that you can’t save a color in your color palate since the 1.19 client

  105. Chaz Longstaff says:

    >> You can instead find a friend on the map by opening their profile and clicking on ‘Find on Map’.

    Um, actually, no you can’t. God, I can’t remember when that last even worked, so I’ve just given up on it. So, I always have to use the Friends dropdown on Map.

    If you have gotten the profile Find on Map button working again, then fine.

  106. What is going on? I’ve crashed TWICE since this update. I never crash.

  107. Neard Harbinger says:

    @24: If you look at the links, both the First Look and RC pages link to the same number; the version numbers for the Release Candidates must be a typo.

  108. Georgianna Blackburn says:

    Anybody know how I can get Voice Chat back…. won’t allow in Preferences

  109. mikeD Streeter says:

    Darn its cool but cant stop crashing and I never crash like this …not for many moons

  110. BETLOG Hax says:

    I usually get really tired of people whining about forward change on these blogs, but um:
    -Appearance isnt too bad, but a dark option is definitely needed.
    -Blue/yellow highlights on selected linksets lag behind the viewer camera movements significantly = disconcerting.
    -Text over text immediately underneath Object tab = glaring oversight.
    -Viewer update isnt shown as mandatory until I try to start old viewer and get rejected, then restart old viewer = annoying oversight.

    -So how do we ‘map’ friends now?

  111. leliel Mirihi says:

    OSX Tiger and below on ppc doesn’t support non power of 2 textures so wouldn’t this up the minimum system requirements?

  112. Kamachi says:

    *Double-tap forward to run

    REALLY bad idea. A lot of custom controls use that. (See and vote for bug VWR-6232). Don’t remove keys; add more instead!

  113. U M says:

    oh please save it…….. people that need to say WHINING are real need to spend more time away from the internet and deal with RL. You spend way too much time on the internet….If you spent time in RL like work you would understand.have a nice day…………..

  114. Skate Foss says:

    Theres a serious bug with this viewer and my Intel Mac. The view is messed up, controls dont work, my Avi and view jumps for no reason at all. If you said if you are on a Mac dont download, then why was I forced to use it. I couldnt llog on with 1.19.4. Where is the Patch for this??

  115. Jackson Mills says:

    Voice Chat Setup no longer works.

  116. /me starts humming the tune to “Blinded by the Light”

    Ouch… Definitely not ready for that yet. x.X

  117. Lazure Ryba says:

    For the record, I love the new, skinned UI– much prettier than plain grey boxes. However, I would love to be able to actually log in, since I can’t seem to now without crashing.

    – Intel Core 2 Duo 2.13ghz
    – 2gb of ddr2-800mhz memory
    – 256mb NVidia 8600 GTS worked PERFECTLY. However, 1.20 is basically unusable, I have to use Nicholaz 1.18.5 just to be on SL at all! I really hope this crashing gets fixed soon, as well, I want my -settings commandline switch back.

  118. Danball Tureaud says:

    “109 Chaz Longstaff Says:

    April 9th, 2008 at 7:45 PM
    >> You can instead find a friend on the map by opening their profile and clicking on ‘Find on Map’.

    Um, actually, no you can’t. God, I can’t remember when that last even worked, so I’ve just given up on it. So, I always have to use the Friends dropdown on Map.

    If you have gotten the profile Find on Map button working again, then fine.”

    Works for me in this release, and works for me on the current final client. Maybe it doesn’t work for you because the people you tried to map have mapping off for you.

  119. Letti says:

    OMG i crash once i log in… Once again, Second Life disappoints me with it’s trash, greedy and lack of knowledge..

  120. Georgianna Blackburn says:

    Can’t make any purchases either…no BUY or PAY option

  121. Ann Otoole says:

    alt zoom camming is broken. causes a crash every time.

    no good without camming.

  122. Nectere Niven says:

    ok tried to roll back, would allow it, did a complete reinstall of the RC current version, so far so good, no constant crashing again, perhaps it was a bad install who knows. I would like very much for the map friends drop down to be brought back, doesnt make a hole lot of sense to remove it for those that relied on it, but I guess if you have to make cuts somewhere then so be it. A lot of my friends choose not to map me and insist on teleports instead which to me is just lazy but whatever.

    What happened to the date acquired in the edit box of an object? I really really liked this feature and relied on it quite a bit for when I got sloppy with version numbers in the description or I had updates to objects sent by the creator with all the same name. Was this a debug feature I enabled that has disappeared or did LL pull it?

    I would however like to strongly recommend providing canned schemes for the viewer before release (including the old or ‘classic’ style), obviously not everyone likes dayglow blue, perhaps their gamma is different I dont know. Or maybe they – like be, just dont want the interface to be prominent. I do know that not all colors look the same on all monitors no matter how hard one might try to adjust them. I have always enjoyed the RC viewers but I really need to find a way to reduce the brightness on the UI without having to fiddle with writing new XML to fix it – I guess I will poke around in debug I know there used to be some settings in there – not sure if they would hold however.

    So to recap, please provide UI schemes for choice, let me know what happened to the Date Acquired in the edit interface and/or bring it back and bring back the map friends feature as a drop down on the map – or put it somewhere reasonable without having to select them from the list, wait patiently for the profile to load and then map them from there. Thanks.

  123. Tiny Mind says:

    First the ‘Gilligan’s Island’ release of Windlight with its gawd-awful in-game lighting system. Now the ‘Windows Live’ blinding-experience of Dazzle. I am starting to think LL is in cahoots with leading Optometrists everywhere, forcing all patients to make an appointment and get their eyes fixed.

    Tiny Hiney

  124. Szentasha Salome says:

    My eyes! My eyes!

    I feel like I am being blinded by whiteness. Contrast choices are horrible, especially on inventory window. My understanding is that there will be xml templates available in the future with different color schemes.

    This interface color scheme is really unpleasant.

  125. Dementia Obviate says:

    Count me with the Dazzle haters. This is so ugly. Also since I was forced into this version of the client, both my house and one of my shops seem to be doing some weird flickering thing that it wasn’t doing before. I’ve still got to see if this is happening inside other structures as well.

  126. Siiaas Saarinen says:

    I have to agree with all of the rest of the comments about the UI: looks terrible. The light blue is obnoxious and has a strong sense of separation from the actual game window where I want to view things–but the stupid menu bar colors keeps trying to get my attention instead. Why aren’t we allowed to color the UI any way we want? To not have such a basic feature right off the bat is not a step forward by any means. Maybe I’m just missing it, or maybe it’s not working, but I’d expect some simple color sliders for the UI to appear in the preferences tab. We can change the colors for pop menus after all…

  127. Ree Indigo says:

    Dazzle sucks. It’s ugly, bright, headache-inducing and missing menus. Fix the shit that’s broke, or are you TRYING to drive people away?

  128. Vivienne says:

    @ 118

    Try to set the RAM allocation slider for your GPU in the graph prefs (hardware options) to half of the amount of your Video RAM on your Mac (not recommended for windoze folks!). It helped running the offiscial desaster on my Mac, probably it helps here, too.

  129. Predreus Twang says:

    Seems as though there is an issue with it saving some settings, at least for the logging sections. I can disable it and then reload the client and it will be enabled again. I can changed the location of where log files will go, and then it will change back to the default location the next time you load it.

  130. No matter whats been said… I love it 100%
    the inventory font color is probably not chose with the best thoughts but movement camera movement, anti aliasing etc. is al way way smoother, but then again i have a top notch computer.

    People always protested against SL being old fashioned – now it is more modern with windlight and now it is the people being old fashioned.

    No matter what you do you can’t make it right for everyone.
    LL hasn’t given me much reasons lately to say something nice, but good work should be rewarded with a pad on the shoulder and if things are DIFFERENT now then get used to it, in a week you have forgotten how the old viewer looked like!

  131. Terry Toland says:

    Ok, I wouldn’t mind the color scheme if it didn’t make everything blockier. And now the high-rez snapshots are borked. Brilliant.

    Guys, can we please stop catering to novelty and just finishing what’s already on the plate? What about more groups? What about other glitches that are so-many-years old? Why does a new look become a higher priority than these things?

    Honestly, who the heck is making up your public opinion? It seems liek you’re only listening to the voices in your lab, rather than in world.

  132. Vivienne says:

    Hey, why coplain on the looks??? It gives a retro feeling somehow. Now i can understand how my parents must have felt using the early win32 stuff. Hey, this is really an extraordinary piece of artwork, and you should apreciate its historical dimensions. Come on LL…enable individual skinning, done.

    uh oh


  133. Ann Otoole says:

    ok heres the zoom bug. maybe someone will see it too justifying the large amount of time to enter a pjira issue. when you zoom in with the cam and open inventory the scroll bar on the right of the inven panel is bonked. touching it causes a crash.

  134. Skate Foss says:


    Thank you!! My viewer is much more stable now and the view follows my Avi correctly now! You saved me!

  135. Thili Playfair says:

    So did this release remove -login?, cause it wont auto log me in now, and …its…to bright

  136. Kenn Nilsson says:

    Wow…sorry…but…the new skin is ugly AND hurts my eyes to boot. I’ll make a custom skin…but please change the default back to the old…or come up with a new one?

  137. Gaius Goodliffe says:

    Antialiasing! Finally! I LOVE IT! Can’t wait to see this one get into the official viewer.

    Oh, and the new interface looks good too. 🙂

  138. Ann Otoole says:

    drat. just zoom in on something. wait for the crash. it will come. love it. please fix these obvious defects soon. thx.

  139. Vivienne says:

    @ 133

    “now then get used to it, in a week you have forgotten how the old viewer looked like!”

    Honestly, it was a big mistake to bork the 1.17 UI the way they did. Until then the UI was really great, functional, a perfect background for the main show. But everything they did since then just added only the experience of headache. I really wonder why they changed something perfectly working into something…hum..not really working. Please, LL, the show is not the UI, the show is whats happening on the grid….

  140. Daten Thielt says:

    first of all READ IT AND REMEMBER ITS OPTIONAL, Second, DAZZLE is not about A new UI, Dazzle is meant for Multi User Interface’s Selection meaning, that dazzle will not have 1 ui, it has infinate as if memory serves its opening the UI for public editing so that people can make there own, and if you think linden labs is just going to drop the one UI on us then dont think. there going to give us at least 2 interfaces to use most probobly more so stop bitching and just wait

  141. Honestly, Dazzle is TERRIBLE. Please make it optional! It really strains my eyes, I don’t know who thought this was an ‘improved’ user interface, but it’s really not. This is a great release, so many great new features and fixes, but the addition of Dazzle renders it nearly unusable.

  142. djcabello klaar says:

    This new UI is ugly, gives very contrast with the image and if it detaches very, confusing the vision. The preferences that do not come safe of the previous version as to save chat, auto message of busy. lool badly. i dont like this ;/

  143. ShuHo says:

    Dont try zoom, just did and it keeps going. Good thing I didnt crash.

  144. John Loo says:

    If options are removed from the main interface, it would be a good idea to make them optionable in preferences. People usually don’t like missing something they have gotten used to in the past. This gives them the feeling they loose control and freedomover how they play ‘their game. It would be a good idea to make all upgrades optionable. Why force people features and changes in their throat when they may be happier with the stuff they are used to? Would you be happy if your wife would be ‘upgraded’along the way? Suddenly she turns bi because alot of guys like it, suddenly she’s all into cars …while you maybe liked her just the way she was?

  145. ChatNoir Moonsoo says:

    Another hint at the UI/Usability incompetence of whoever committed this crime: since when has it become OK for a Release Candidate (by definition a TEST-release) to delete/override the settings of the PRODUCTION system?

    It’s one of the most elementary things a *professional* software developer does: copying applicable production-release settings into the rc-settings _and keeping them separate_, *NOT* overwrite/delete production system settings.

    That is so basic, I can’t believe you did this…

  146. Joobilee Benoir says:

    Thoughts on this release?

    I give it the middle finger. Something you’re giving us thats supposed to “ENHANCE” our experience is giving me a headache looking and thinking about it. The many bugs you say you have fixed? Well woopty doo – you just added a crap load more.

    Never have I been so disgusted with the quality of SL as of late. First H4 then THIS. You have killed part of my business and ALL of my ‘happy’ experience.

    A world that’s supposed to be set as user friendly and welcoming has just shut me out. I have been around SL for 4 months now and I have not lodged one complaint until today.

    I rolled with the Windlight updates which did me no wrong AT FIRST and now this new client which BTW I was FORCED to download or else I could no longer log in-world and then the Havok 4 released which threw bugs all over the place that have YET to be resolved.

    Instead of working on something spanking new to “DAZZLE” us, why don’t you focus your hard energy on the things you still need to dust off and tweak?

    /me tries once again to log back in and hopes that on the other side there isn’t anymore chaos.

  147. Jaime says:

    “Havok 4 — Increased the max height for building objects to 4096m”

    WOW! Now we can build really high!

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