Details on the Q2 2008 Island Price Change

As promised in yesterdays post, here are the fine details for the price reduction and how this affects those that have purchased recently. Before getting into that, I’m going to repeat my final comment on that previous post.

Several have asked if this is in some sort of panic move in response to poor sales. This is absolutely not the case, in fact sales of islands have been very consistent through Q1; we sell between 100-110 islands per week plus a fair number of Openspace regions.

Technology and service costs vary over time and we as a business have to respond to that in sensible ways. In addition, we have to continually assess our business model and make changes where we need to. By and large we have worked hard to keep prices static for long periods, and when we have had cause to increase prices in the past, we allowed grandfathered monthly fees to continue because we value the time and energy those people had put in. Nearly 18 months on and that grandfathered pricing is still in place for many island owners.

This was the right time to reduce the setup price of an island. As any business would, we will review the effects of these changes over the next period and make adjustments or leave them unchanged according to how it goes. If we are able to make savings, then we feel that passing those on to our customers is a good thing.

We believe we are on course for an April 16th/17th launch of the new Land Store, so that will be the day that the price change goes live. If for some reason we have to push that back a week, then the new island prices will move back too. Regardless of what happens with the Island price change, the Mainland auction start price will drop on April 16th.

When the new Land Store launches, setup fees will be:

  • Normal Islands: USD$1000 setup
  • Normal Openspaces: USD$250 setup
  • Educational Islands: USD$700 setup
  • Educational Openspaces: USD$175 setup

These prices exclude VAT.

The monthly maintenance fees for Q2 will not change from their current levels.

For anyone that has bought a normal island in the seven days prior to Mondays announcement, including any awaiting delivery now (so any orders placed in April PST), you will be offered a choice between:

  • Your order cancelled with a complete refund of the amount paid, allowing you to re-order when the price drops if you wish to, or:
  • Keep your order and get a free Openspace region with it. The Openspace would have no setup fee and no monthly fees for a period of 6 months after which normal monthly fees will apply.

For those that purchased a normal island between 11th and 31st March 2008 you will be offered a free Openspace, with no setup fee and no monthly fee for a period of 3 months after which normal monthly fees will apply.

If you have had an Openspace region delivered on the 1st April 2008 or later, you may cancel that order for a full refund.

If any of the above offers affect you, please let us know your preferred option before 16th April by contacting the Concierge team.

An further FAQ article will be added to the Knowledge Base shortly.

If you’re a prospective or existing island owner and have any questions or concerns, please direct them to the Concierge team via the support portal.

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152 Responses to Details on the Q2 2008 Island Price Change

  1. Suhana says:

    Will there by an changes to monthly tier? Or will tier continue to be the same?

  2. hawksong says:

    How does the resompense your offering help me, i took savings (yes i know i took a risk how stupid of me) and bought an island from another i only saved 150 USD i cannot cancel it as it hurts them another person being shafted by the cut. Will I also be able to get an opensim to help cover my losses?
    I am disabled, I do not make a killing but i could in a time make my money back. Now those who would rent and yes i have had them say so, will just buy their own. who can blame them. I see why the realestate groups are starting to dump their sims, further killing the market.. right now i understand why people jumped out of windows during the stock market crash….. just think how long it took to recover from that fiasco…..
    Please tell me there is a solution for all of us who bought sims this past couple weeks (and yes my tickets are in the LL process).

    Also what about grandfathered tier.. is it too going to change?

  3. Dallas Seaton says:

    This drastic price move will definitely give serious pause to anyone considering building a REAL business (rather than a hobby-cover my tier “business”) within SL. At any instant in time, an arbitrary decision by Linden Lab, with no more than a week or so of notice, can totally and completely wreck your business model – and your business, for that matter. At the extreme, how many hundreds of thousands of dollars did you just shave off the value of Anshe Chung’s holdings with this announcement? I guess I’m lucky I only own 2 sims and a couple open spaces. But you’d have to be totally foolhardy to confidently build a real business within SL at this point, knowing it only takes one simple decision and announcement by Linden Lab to remove well over a third of your business’s net worth instantly. I’m afraid you’ve just taken a major step to assure that SecondLife doesn’t continue to be a real-life BUSINESS platform like eBay is.

  4. JR Unknown says:

    Very nice for the people in the past 7 days, I’m sure they will be happy. I’m curious if the first month of tier is included at the new $1000US price like it was at the 1675$US price, I’ve not seen that stated anywhere any just want to make sure? Thank you for clarifying Jack.

  5. “The monthly maintenance fees for Q2 will not change from their current levels.”

    At what point can you reassure us that the monthly maintenance fees for Q3, Q4, and so on, will also remain unchanged?

  6. How will this effect TGers will our orders still be 24 hour delivery if we call with our parents on the day of orders? I think you should make a comment/post on how this effects TGers were part of this too! 😛

  7. Suhana says:

    Can someone please explain to me the difference between a Q2 (as that tier or monthly maintenence wont change).. and Q3, or Q4.. I know i should probably already know..

    But I really dont. I think I’m just a regular land holder, help.

    Any help would be appreciated.

  8. Alex1 Richardson says:


    GOOD GOING LL! This could be a jumpstart to the SL economy, because with more regions, tier and rentals will drop thus residents have more money to spend in world!

  9. carmichael says:

    whts openspace ?

  10. @ Suhana;

    The “Q”s represent quarters of a year 😉
    Q1 Jan-Mar
    Q2 Apr-Jun
    Q3 July-Sep
    Q4 Oct-Dec


  11. Barb says:

    How about sims transferred from between owners. Seems like anyone buying privately should be included in this. Are they? Also I have asked you Jack to address the grandfathered tier sims. What have I missed? #3 is exactly on point….. Given how LL springs these things on its customers we can only assume LL does not feel we as customers also have legitimate business concerns. So let’s call it like it is. There is no economy in SL. The money isn’t money. Oh wait…. which is it?

    I respect you immensely Jack. You have been a beacon during rough times with my first sim complex. But please address the grandfather tiered sims. If I have missed that I apologize.

    Also to address Stetson Rail in the previous threat…. Hey Stetson.. they sleep just as you do after you steal. What are you belly aching about your stuff not worth anything….. it’s bought with money from people like me anyway. Oh and here is where he might answer back about how he is can’t help but be unpopular with one or two…. boo hoo….

    So, Jack. Could you include those who transferred recently? They would obviously have to take an OpenSpace as they can’t really cancel the thing.

  12. Alisha Matova says:

    So, Your post last month selling openspaces at such a wonderful price(415) was designed to catch early adopting supporters like me?

    Now they are 250 and I have no recourse? Bets I am not alone on this one.
    I am now very disheartened now as I just over paid almost 500usd on 3 openspaces.
    Surely You made a mistake changing the price 30 days after announcing it for the first time?

    Jack please contact me inworld =)

  13. Thank you linden lab, I am canceling my openspace sim order as we speak, I had been waiting about 17 days for delivery and had not received it, so I am going to cancel to take advantage of the new pricing & will re order when the new land story is up.
    Please also let us know if Grandfathered tiers are remaining unchanged.

  14. Felony Fabre says:

    Yay. I purchased an island on the 15th of February. God I feel shafted.

  15. economic mip says:

    Alex1, key here is when you say COULD. Supply and demand dictates that this will not likely occur. Simply put, the individual value of land (as seen in the auctions) is much higher than the arbitrary price dictated by the Lindens. Lowering the price will hurt existing land owners, because the analysis certainly did NOT exclude outliers on islands, such as land owners who “sell” the land for 1 linden as a deposit. When outliers are accounted for, the average price for island land is around 6L per sqm in my observations, and has been fairly constant.

  16. #9 carmicheal Opespace sims are 65356 sq meter with 3750 prims, with a monthly fee of $75 usd

  17. Barb says:

    Yeah…. I know we cant get refunds on everything forever but… why 1 week? Why not one year? I bought one for a customer 12 days ago…. You going to tell me he’s not entitled to money back? I think refunds are good and someone will always be unhappy but you mean to tell us you are either this ruthless knowing you were going to lower prices or this incompetent that your prices change this fast? Either way Jack….come on….. a week doesn’t cut it.

  18. We like to call Second Life®, Web 2.0 or the 3D internet. So just like the internet, most rent server space from a hosting provider. And pay “tier” or a monthly charge for that service. Linden Lab® is nothing more then a hosting company that proved server space inside of Second Life®.

    See the way I look at it:
    You do not “own” anything when you buy a sim. You do not own the server. The money is a set up fee or as I call it activation fee to use that server / sim. Just like if you activate phone service, cable TV or internet service. Then you pay a month fee “tier” for the service.

  19. Suhana says:

    One final note – Considering how entirely plagued the game was for the last 2 weeks..

    I think we are all entitled to tier discounts for a month at least..

    3 cheers for tier discount.. lol

    Tommy thanks for your help in clarifying the confusion.

  20. Alynna Vixen says:

    please open the purchase of openspaces to people who do not currently own full sims. At these prices i’d consider opening up a chain of them. Seriously. 4 openspaces is the same price and tier cost as one full sim, but you can bet your butt that spreading 15000 prims across 4 sims will LOOK alot better.

  21. Barb says:

    #18 I respectfully disagree….

    A web hosting company does not itself encourage and make the environment rich by providing currency, value and processes for its server space customers to profit. As stated at the recent conference on Virtual Law, many legal minds argue that once you provide an ecoomy and money and advertising and blogs and for sale pages and searches….. you are aiding an economy to flourish and thereby are not an innocent bystander. It’s argueable at least. So server company ….LL…. I don’t agree.

  22. Amaterasu Cinquetti says:

    Seeming as comments were already closed by the time us Aussies woke up, and that the office hours will be impossible for us Aussies to make, I will post here.

    The issues with Windlight that are plaguing many people:
    Invisible system skirt
    Memory Leaks (Nicholaz fixed this, why can’t you guys incorporate that work?) leading to crashes, etc.
    ATI Render glitch bug still plagues many ATI cards. And no, turning off VBO is NOT a solution. It then slows everything down to 2-3 FPS in an empty sim!

    There are others. But these ones have been consistently reported throughout Windlight development, and are still MAJOR issues.

    (Now you land folk can all flame me for posting this in the wrong place, etc. But really, what other place is there???)

  23. Dark Princess says:

    I was wondering what the rest of the announcement would be and I am very pleased with how it turned out. So now to cancel the pending openspace sim (just ordered at the beginning of the month and not delivered yet) and decide if I should order 2 of them (since it is almost half the original cost) or just pay a bit more for a full normal sim…

  24. Sir Defiant says:

    I quite agree that “If we are able to make savings, then we feel that passing those on to our customers is a good thing.”

    HOWEVER. Why not reduce our tier? Why not recompense us in at least some measure for the fact our land is overnight worth $650US less than it was? Why not reimplement the cover of VAT on European users?

    That is passing your savings on to your customers, where your customers are the people who have already bought something from you and continue to pay tier month in month out to you. This is not giving us anything back, this is pulling in the next lot of suckers for you to screw over while all we can do is impotently rant on a blog that I can 99% guarantee will never be glanced over by a Linden as it wasnt posted by Pathfinder.

    The rest of it is PR.

  25. Canyon says:

    OH yes how sweet it is lmao… Just bought an island on Feb. 25th and in one month roughly it depreciated in value 700 american dollars! lovely, just lovely!

    I’m with you Dallas… secondly we must consider the stretching of the linden dollar here. This move promotes a move for mainland owners to move to islands, perhaps, but what are the costs?

    The memeber in SL that actually spends time and their money here is only so many. Myself, of course, do not value much judgement inn the overinflated number of registered avatars in SL. What does this do to businesses in SL, the creators that revolve SL into what it is today and continues to be in the future?

    Sure, an increase in maintence fees are nice. More islands will sell, heck I’m thinking of signing up for a few more myself now! We stretch out those businesses making a step up to their own private estate now, we stretch out the available money actually in circulation. We depreciate the dollars of the many whom have invested so much already. We increase the expendable real dollars people use in SL from RL on tier rather than keeping a momenteum of creators creating. And on top of it all we go to 12 hour roll overs instead of the 6-7 hour ones now and the previous 3-4 hour ones of just a few months prior to now.

    I think back to a publication asking if Linden Labs had an economist on staff and they replied no. Do you have one yet?

  26. Zena Juran says:


    I would like to see Open Space sims open for purchase to all too!

  27. hiri nurmi says:

    The reduction in setup price is great (people moaned when it went up, and now the moan when it comes down) but the critical issues are the tier price and the search ranking problems when moving.
    For instance I rent 1/4 sim atm for my store at just over pro-rata tier rate, which I can easily cover from sales. It’s a scenically great sim too, so no pressure to move on that side. I could cover whole sim tier without too much difficulty, but realistically I don’t need any more prims, so the only motivation to enhance the ‘experience’ of my customers by having more control over the environment – a marginal improvement and very fuzzy concept to hang a 3.5x increase in tier costs on. It’s not that I wouldn’t *love* to have my own sim, and the reduction to USD1000 brings it down to a level where I think the initial outlay is justifiable, but increasing costs by USD200pm to LL isn’t when I don’t need the extra space.
    Even so, I’d still tempted by the control of owning the sim, except that I’ve spent a considerable amount of effort cultivating customers to add links to me in ‘my picks’ and have an excellent search placing on my top terms. If I move locations as the search stands at the moment I will loose the ranking as the links point to the parcel, not the business, and that will inevitably have a major impact on sales for several months – and ability to cover increased tier.
    Solution? – what would definatly swing it would be an ability to ‘redirect’ links so I didn’t loose search placement – and a modest tier reduction of USD50 to USD245 or thereabouts too. Without these it’s tempting, but considered judgement says no.

  28. PonygirlSarah Clapper says:

    As with a majority of the current island owners, I have to say this price reduction sucks for all of us who have spent the better part of a year or more developing our islands and paying the higher setup fees, just to see that initial investment loose $650 or more in one fell swoop.

    Jack, I tried to send you a note in world of some ideas to get the sour feeling out of the long term investors, but it seems it was ignored or just plain trashed. So, to put it out for comment, here are the hightlights again:

    1) Drop the island tiers to be equal to the Mainland, $195 monthly.

    2) Credit the existing island owners the difference between the price they paid and the new price. For example, someone who paid $1675 should get a credit of $675 that can be used to purchase another island.

    3) Give the island owners a vote on policy changes, esp on pricing and management issues, as we are the ones by and large who are paying the salaries of the LL employees.

    I know Jack you are trying, but there has to be fairness in buisness when it comes to customers and stake holders. I know I am holding up some orders I had placed, because I personally don’t feel comfortable investing more of MY money into this company, unless I and the others have some say or are treated like the customers we are.

  29. Canyon says:


    I second the motion to give a voting forum to large investors in this internet application. And without a more stable economy… I have no part in it. Cuba has nice beaches, but u dont see my moving for a reason!

  30. U M says:

    Again why not start cleaing up mainland? You know this issues is getting veryvery old. Are you EVER going to address it? Jack Linden Instead of pointing a few *** kissing people for pointing out important issues that ( YOU believe is important) why not just start putting words in to action. How many abuse reports of griefters abouts are reports and how many are solved or even looked at. What is worse they get deleted on the support portal as well. NOW you call this solving issues? They sit on the support portal for a year and they get deleted? Please instead of talking start doing. All talk to action just like AD Farms……….Then again its its who you know in the Linden ranks that solves people issues in the game these days. And not the SUPPOSE routes that we have to get actions done……

  31. Ciaran Laval says:

    Guys it should be patently clear by now that LL do not place a value on our assets. They don’t now and they won’t in the future. As hard as it is to swallow, as soon as you pay the fee for your island, LL don’t see the value in it.

    They won’t make a commitment that they won’t do this again and they simply will not see the value of our island as an asset as some of us do.

    I’m afraid you’ll just have to accept that and change your risk strategy to one that accepts LL might reduce prices by large scales at any given time and simply won’t give a damn about how you feel about it.

  32. Pablo says:

    This is really, this takes out all confidents for all bussiness, and bussiness for future. There are a lot of people who invested in the game, which made the game big, which made this game able to handle the many new users.

    And the people who hlped achive this paid 1675. In 1 day the price of the sims some having 70 sims has been cut by 675USD per sim. Whole bussiness ruined.

    Atleast what lindens could do is to be considered and make the tier for the people who paid 1675 lower. Atleast what could be done.

    Since no consideration is mentioned, and we are only important when we invest, trust, and put so much energy into the game, but get a return a devaluation of very hard work. Thanx for nothing.

    The people who will be investing and buying sims in the future, will surely notice this. Secondlife is no place for real bussiness. We are left hanging. I regret the day I ever stepped into this game investing so much and promoting this game, helping it grow.

    Jack In your previous post you quoted a response which was along your own lines, quote mine and respond to it. Respond on how we are treated, how we should feel, and how fair this is.

  33. concerned says:

    It’s yet another example of,if you bought at wrong time Linden Labs shaft you,not only are you paying the higher tier charge you payed an extra 700 Dollars.

    I don’t disagree with lowering land costs but isn’t it funny how you felt the need to do this after you made it more secure for private island sales?
    Taking forever for island transfers to happen too,hmmmm if we were paranoid we might see something a bit suspect.

  34. Barb says:

    Well I personally dont see us as investors in the strict sense. I also know from experience that LL asking us to vote is a touch on the insanity side of the Lane. However…. … what I would welcome with open arms is LL even silently admitting that it has beat the bushes, advertised, supported, instructed, whatever other words you want to use that SL is a place to do X, succeed at Y. It has stood by with proud smiles as it should honestly as many of us have been reported about, chronicled and done well in RL at being heralded for our economic success in SL. But, with decisions like these, it is crystal clear that the economic effect LL’s decisions have on the eonomy it has jumped and down clapping for as it has grown (and profitted by insanely I might and I’m happy about that) are of no concern. Winds shift swiftly in SL with respect to LL’s decisions and the degree to which my real money…yes real money not the Linden Dollar I guess flies from my hand means nothing to LL. And you know what? That’s ok. Just don’t pat us on the ass and say Good Play boys and girls and take the profits we help bring to your bank letting us believe you care about the so called economy.

  35. Dirk Massiel says:

    Boy, do I feel distinctly like an idiot for buying an island two months ago. After getting stung this badly do you think those of us who were stupid enough to pay $1675 for an island are going to be stupid enough to make another large purchase? I was willing to set all the grid woes aside and trust that LL would get their house in order and do the right thing. My faith is well and truly shaken. You really don’t give a *bleep* about your existing customers, do you? Just tack a slew more regions onto an already shaky infrastructure. How about building a little good will here?

  36. Argos Hawks says:


    You’ve got my sympathies on this one. You are really taking an undeserved beating over this. It’s natural for setup fees to come down as the server purchase prices come down. It’s foolish for people to think of a setup fee as an investment, even if they are allowed to hand the sim off to someone else after it is setup. Given the amount of abuse you are taking over the sudden announcement of something that will benefit anyone that wants to continue in SL and expand (and only hurts those who were already planning to leave soon), why do you keep telegraphing an unnamed change for Q3? Can’t you see that telling people about upcoming changes as soon as possible will at least give people time to adapt their business plans? If there’s going to be another major change in the next few months, tell us already! Take the near-term uncertainty out of the equation, and everyone will fell better about it.

  37. Dallas Seaton says:

    We, the island and large land owners trying to run businesses within SL should listen, and listen closely to this announcement. The “business” side of SL is happening with companies like IBM, who are going to be allowed to host their own sims on their own servers, interconnected. But SL is clearly signalling that this is NOT the platform to BUILD a business that you would actually like to make real money from. I believe there are 10s of thousands making $100,000 or more on REAL businesses via eBay now. LL is signalling clearly that their vision is NOT to provide an economically stable platform to allow a similar financial ecosystem to grow and thrive within SecondLife. The message is loud and clear – this is a sophisticated, graphically rich GAME, not a platform to build and grow a real life BUSINESS on.

  38. mikeD Streeter says:

    wish something could be done to compensate the large amount of open sims purchased at the higher rate of $415 since you only adopted that 1 month ago at that rate, maybe a deal where for every 4 open space sims in last month you get 1 more open space free with 3 months of tier, no different then the other deals and same amount of money was spent!

  39. Madonnacant Singh says:

    This is a disgrace, I’m not so much concerned that I’m down $675 but this constant printing of land from LL is killing the economy rendering my 4 sims worthless. I’ve already cut tier prices to the bone and no one is interested.

    If LL is the biggest disgrace of a company then I dont know who is.

  40. bobbyb30 zohari says:

    Knee-jerk tactics by LL as usual.

  41. R B says:

    i for one think this is great, now i can get my own Island quicker, were all you people complaining planning on selling up anyway. cos if you were that would have create a decline in the price due to over supply. and if you think your land here is worth anything, when more can be created with the click of a mouse your dreaming. just run your buisnesses cover your tiers and if you decide to sell one day you’ll have to take the market value at the time. it might be even lower, it might double, who knows thats all part of the fun. BTW LL tier fees Q3 and Q4? please make a commitment

  42. Jabba Gruppman says:

    Is there any chance to get just an idea what the direction with monthly maintenance fees will be? Increased or lowered? Or simply constant? I’d be glad to get a vague idea on how things will develop within the next months… the current situation is somehow unsatisfying…

  43. Let’s face facts here. Why the price drop now?

    1. Open Source. It has raped SL of its monopoly and they are getting scared.

    2. Firing CTO makes crappy SL. Ever since Cory left, this place has gone to hell. I am like one of the sexiest grey avatars in my missing image outfit with my “Ruth” haircut.

    3. CEO stepping down. Philip is a cool guy but a business man he is not. The business model of SL is Second to crap as there is never any thought to the customers. At least my cellular company sends me a letter with like a few months to comply before raping me.

    4. Gambling/Banking Ban. Rather than dealing with the situation diplomatically, you act like a whiney girlfriend and leave because it’s too much work to work it out and stay. As a result, you lost some of the highest linden moving avatars and stifled the economy a bit. Sure it wasn’t a huge hit long term but in the short run, people lost millions being forced to comply with a rule in 2 weeks.

    You have no consideration for your customers and it’s all about the dollar but realize your customers are who pay you the dollar. Get off your computers and do some real business. SL isn’t a pipe dream anymore. This huge beta test has evolved into something granduer but it seems that the team at Linden Labs has not evolved with it.

    Can we get the children off the computers and get some adults running this place? I cannot wait until you go public. I will make sure to take off from work to fly into shareholders meetings.

  44. Chedder Cheese says:

    Let’s see.. has LL taken the sims away from anyone? No.
    Have they reduced the revenue generation capability of a sim? Not really

    A sim in SL is not an asset because of the resale value, but because of the revenue generation capability.

    A grandfather class 5 is “worth” more then a “new” class 5 because it can generate revenue easier. Either through lower cost to rent or through higher profit margins.

    What LL has done is they have enabled a lower entry point to possible competition. Which doesn’t even translate to losing revenue due to that competition.

    So there will be more land, there will be more people to fill it also….

    Honestly the only people who would be possibly hurt by this change are people who buy mainland sims at auction and then turn around and resell the land at higher prices.

    Anshe Chung isn’t going to have to close up shop because her land is now “worth less”.

    So for all of you crying… here is the Cheese for your Whine

  45. zoha boa says:

    Orders for Openspace sims delivered after april 1st can be cancelled and refunded.

    What if we want to keep them ??

    Do you pay the difference back or do you offer a 2nd one for free or free tier for a few months ?

    What with the open space sims that are not delivered yet. I have 2 that are ordered but not yet delivered.

  46. hawksong says:

    Well for us who are in the middle of purchasing sims from others .. there is no recompense so sorry SOL… surprise…. but they do say we can cancel, thats sweet so not only am iI being screwed but told to not be screwedI can screw them by ditching my tickets LOL now thats truly amazing. Sucker that I am , I refuse to rape the other person, I will honor my agreement, makes me a sucker yes, but I have integrity, something the sytem here lacks painfully.
    WHY did you choose to hurt those already with you over a more viable option of reducing tier that would in fact help those already here as well as those coming into the market , a gradual decline of sim prices .. I mean come on. to make that kind of cut seems to border insanity. Right now if you ask any sim owner who has bought a sim in the past 3 to 4 months they sell at a loss as is, most have not had a chance to make it up but long term will… or would…
    Already 2 possible investors i had for my sim have backed out, they plan to buy there own as well as others talking about the promised land.
    The confidence in SL is falling .. i love this place but in the time i have been here it has got prettier yes… but services continue to degrade, downtime(might as well call it offline cant go no where do anything just nag and wait til the new wave of issues is resolved) .. this is NOT the way to help.
    the new Black Wednesday ! please please read and think, I realize its too late for us this time… but future? or is there one… time will tell

  47. mikeD Streeter says:

    Got my answer, (not that it’s a reasonable one)
    Rowan: Openspaces ordered prior to April don’t qualify for the new pricing options. I’m sorry, but we won’t compensate you for those orders. If you wish to cancel them entirely and have them taken down, we’ll do that and refund any that have not yet been online for 30 days. i’ll waive the restocking fee, and you can order them at the lower prices.

  48. Shai Khalifa says:

    I had my open space sim delivered a couple of weeks ago – at the 415USD price – now 1 month after releasing them you”re halving the price???

    as well as slicing 650USD off the value of my full sim

    GET A GRIP! – what are you offering the Open Space purchasers???

    I’ll take a second open space please – because I now have 1 worth half, so I’d prefer to have 2 for the full price I paid…

    /me walks away shaking head at the totally unthought-through decisions made by this incompetent, unsupportive company.

  49. Uccello Poultry says:

    Due to market fluctuations, the real life house I live in has dropped in value some $20,000USD. Who do I talk to about a refund of the difference in the value of a property that I’ve been able to use since it’s acquisition 6 years ago? After all, if I had known the economy would have changed I would have waited to buy it! Maybe someone could subsidize my monthly upkeep costs so I can recoup my perceived losses? Wait .. could I move it from the Maine, USA server to the Kent, United Kingdom server so the value is higher since the economy is better there?

  50. Shai Khalifa says:

    @46 – that’s nuts – what about all the work we put into sim development in the pre April period – all those hours and hours of a team of people????

    oh, we just wipe it away and start again – sorry for the inconvenience???

    I”m not happy Jan – or Jack either for that matter.


  51. solar Legion says:

    Linden Lab will do whatever is in its best interest – This means that if they can allow more people to buy a private island than before, they may make more money in the end.

    This move actually puts a sim of my own within reach – after a few things are taken care of in real life anyway.

  52. Personally, I could careless about the price in the long run. I got my sims dirt cheaps and I have made my money back on them several times. My issue here is the lack of customer service that Linden Labs provides its customers and the lack of forth thought.

    Do you just put ideas on a board and play darts? It sure sounds like it.
    Have your polled concierge customers to find out how to better serve them? Not at all.
    Have you thought about fixing the mainland issue with abandoned land before forcing more out? That’s a fat no.
    Do you know the concept of supply and demand and how a limited supply can help you? You seem to be just technicians but know nothing about business.

    Well, I am done speaking my mind because in my almost 2 years hear, you haven’t listened so why would you listen now. You will get the ticket for us abandoning our sims soon enough. You charge us the cost of an entire server and only give us 1/4th of the server to use.

    How about allowing for half the server usage and give sims more prims? That would be nice but you probably wouldn’t think to do that because staff has no concept of customer operations. Ugh….I’m done now.

  53. @48 You house will go back up in value. The economy has a government that will help stablize things like that and there are real economists at work. At Linden Lab, they pull straws. It’s NEVER clear what will happen around here.

  54. Uccello Poultry says:

    Wait .. if I get reimbursed for my recent $20,000USD devaluation of my RL house, what if it goes back up in value and I sell it for a profit? Would I then have to pay some money back because a property went up in value? I so hate the free-market system. The proletariat can be best served if the state owns all property!

  55. Joshe Darkstone says:

    The problems here are MANY-fold. 1st and foremost you are announcing this on the blog while failing to make buyers aware of it on the buy land page. You are counting on the fact that only a select few read the blogs and you are doing so in full knowledge of the fact that you have already dropped the price out from under them. They will have the choice? will you tell them that when they by?

    Your early move to push the sale of openspace sims by doubling the prim count and spearating them from the requirement of purchasing them 4 at a time has the same effect. In full knowledge of the coming “discount” you have shoved as many down the throats of the customers you purport to be looking out for as you can, before you start looking out for them. No tools on the land store will warn them that they could wat a week, no announcements will come to them unless they track them down.

    This is organized theft plain and simple.

    Sure drop your prices when it makes sense. but do so in a resoonsible manner. warn the people that are buying islands that this is going on. Do it slowly so that thos of us who purchased at the higher rate can have a strategy that does not include panic.

    Manage your business with an ear to the ground and an eye toward the future. Rather then your hand in my wallet like some 12th street whore.

  56. Einsman Schlegel says:

    So.. whats going to make up for the loss? Thats an extremely high price cut considering it was at 1675$ forever now. Hmm.. maybe theyre going to get rid of the free accounts.. *rubs hands* Oh that would make a lovely trade off. To offset the revenue lost Id say the free accounts need to go! I want the one time 10$ setup fee for the account back!!

  57. Mainland Trader says:


    I’d really love to know where you get the figure of L$11.5/sqm average for mainland, because as a (admittedly small-time) trader in mainland, I consider myself extremely lucky when I manage to sell a parcel at 10.8. I have several good quality parcels that I have held for a few weeks now, which haven’t sold at 9.4, so if 11.5 is the average, I would have expected those to be snapped up quite quickly at that price.

    Of course, now… its all changed. Last week, I would buy parcels and mark them up to 9.4, and not have them snapped up, as one would expect if the average was 11.5. Thanks to the bombshell you dropped recently, mainland parcels are now selling at 6.7/sqm in some cases, when, for a long time, the lowest priced land in search (ad-farm junk and other wasteland) was no lower than 8.4.

    Forgive me for not using my real SL name here (I did include my real email addr for verification) but since im quoting numbers that are the core of my business, I dont wish to say which business that is.

    The figure you quoted of 11.5/sqm is JUST PLAIN WRONG, and does not even relate to the regularly published official figures. I would suggest that you spend some time inworld looking at land sales next time before pulling a random figure from a hat… of course since your announcement, that “average” went to something more like 8.5 overnight – Thanks for that…. not.

  58. Mykell Ackland says:

    Unrelated, but I just want to say well done to LL. Instead of waiting until all of the graphical bugs in WindLight were sorted they instead decided to just implement it anyway, bugs included, so that they would affect everybody and not just those who chose to use Windlight. So now everywhere I go I have either heavily pixellated avatars or cavalcades of multicoloured triangles pointing at me. Good going!

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  60. PonygirlSarah Clapper says:

    For those of you making the “RL propery loses value, who do I see” argument, there is something to remember. In RL, one has recourse if one’s property is devalued. For example, a house that was not in a designated flood plane, and is re-evaluated as being in one, can do a detail survey or other measure to make their property valuable. There is house flipping, too, where one takes the risk. But in RL, one has options to challenge for declared value of property.

    In my particular example, I purchased my first sim for $1250 with a $195 tier over a year ago. The next sim was bought for $1675 and a $295 tier 6-8 months ago. Combined, the INITIAL money spent was $2925 setup and $490 tier for both sims. Working off that and the assumption that the price for sims was fixed, I did my budget to recoup the tier from my rentors as well as over time earn back the setup fees. My budget was set to last 1 year for the recovery.

    Now, thanks to LL making ALL new sims worth $1000 and a $295 tier, while mainland sims have always had a tier of $195, that not only strips out $925 from the setup cost, but it creates an unfair marketing situation where those of us who want to offer BETTER land areas for rentors, without the crazy mainland land shapes and unsual terraforing plots, CANT because we have been trying to make it so that we can compete with the mainland for rental property.

    Now, I know some of you might not understand advanced math planning, so let me spell it out simply:
    Setup fees $1250 + $1675 = $2925
    Tier Fees: $195 + $295 = $490 Monthly

    VS. Mainland

    Tier Fee: $195 Month
    Land purchasing (dependant on bots or who is selling in the first place) but no where near $1675 or even $1000.

    Simple math would say those on the mainland have a decisive advantage over those renting home plots on Islands.

    How does one rectify the difference in pricing that is obviously making land bots and land barrons richer? Simple, set the islands and the mainland at a tier fee of $195 for everyone.

    As Jack had mentioned at his office meeting today and in the blog above, Islands are still selling 100-110 per week. Obviously the demand is there, but there has to be some sort of equality in maintainence fees. If there were, I know I for one would be one of the first to go buy some more sims, to allow my islands to expand and offer more services to residents.

  61. Joshe Darkstone says:

    @2 why on earth do you have a ticket pending? cancel it. the other person took that risk dont put yourself under the bus. at the very least contact them to share the pain. frankly anyoen with a ticket placed right now is a bit… challenged.

    @12 AND ANYONE THAT bought within the last 30 days. return your islands. What they arent telling you here is that you can return islands you havent paid tier on and pay a $100 cancellation fee. you will save $575 and buy it back next week. TELL YOUR FRIENDS! and tell em Joshe sent you 🙂

    Ill pay $500 USD to anyone who can get me a list of the regions that were bought within the last 30 days. Lets do linden labs job for them. We cant save our own assets, lets look out for someone elses. Anyone care to join me? subscribe to Under The Thumb in groups and lets figure out how to send them a message they understand.

  62. Danball Tureaud says:

    I doubt LL could afford refunding all the current island owners, at $675 times probably 30,000 private islands, LL would probably be refunding an amount equal to one year’s income before expenses.

    Anyway, why do people have to whine so much about anything?

  63. mant says:

    This is why i still have not got a premiun account, this is why i still have not bought land and island or watever….. untill LL develops a decent customer relations and a decent stable platform i will not invest any dam money into this place,if SL will ever become this seems to look bleaker everyday that passes.

  64. John Loo says:

    How about no price reduction and for that money hire some lindens that handle dmca’s and take some care of all the theft. It’s like a country saying ‘Hey people we have low taxes, because we dont spend money on police or security’…way to way

  65. LoLo says:

    how about just giving openspace people their 150 back?

    why do we have to delete our openspace, its less work for you to let us keep it and just give the money back instead of having us cancel them all and redo them again. thats so unlogical

    when i cancel it can i keep my sims name? or will it be lost? i hate to delete my openspace buy 150 real life dollars are an insane lot of money for 6 days of tier!

  66. razor says:

    @ John

    They hire just ONE linden for the DMCA’s. Can you believe that?!

  67. sascha says:

    This is the only choice for us Openspacers ?? OMG, what a crap??

    Okay, i will give the Openspace-SIM back and become a refund, then with the new Landstore i buy it twice ….HELLO??? *knock*knock*….is all Okay by you ?? ^^ Why have we not the Choice for more month Tierfee free after the first Month, or a refund of 165$ ??

    Why do LL make for his heavy working People, mor work for less ??

    Okay, this is not a Choice !!

  68. C. Demonia says:

    I’m sorry but I don’t see this as a bad thing. As mentioned by another member in a different forum, this won’t really amount to much. A good landlord will be able to get and keep tenants because they provide a quality experience. I rent land in FairChang and I love it there. Not only do we have a fair covenant that is evenly enforced but the sims look great and the management arranges lots of high quality events for residents. Would I love to have my own sim for all of my desires? Of course, but I can’t justify the tier and I’m not willing to put in the work needed to maintain a quality sim that can attract and keep tenants.

    When I chose a rental spot it wasn’t just about the initial investment/deposit/purchase price and the ongoing monthly fees. It was also about the quality of the sim. If you provide a quality themed sim such as Caledon or a well managed sim like FairChang, then you will be able to thrive, even with lower start up costs. The ones who will be hurt are those landlords who either don’t take care of their sims or who are abusive towards their tenants. Bad landlords make tenants want to move to either new locations or to their own sims.

    If you want to compete as a landlord, try actually working at it. Make sure that there is someone on your management team that is available for your tenants. Make sure that there are events for your tenants so that it becomes a community and not just a mainland replica. Create a quality environment through your own landscaping & theming. If you do all of that you will keep tenants and might even be able to charge more than you expect.

    The problem is that there are lots of sim owners out there who thought that if they put up a sloppy batch of prefab islands that looks like a grid pattern and then set out rental boxes that their sim would immediately fill with tenants. Sorry, but that’s not how it works. If you want to make your sim attractive and tenant-filled you have to put effort into it. Try visiting sims that have no shortage of tenants. It’s almost impossible to get land in Caledon. And I’ve seen how fast the sims in FairChang fill up. But those sim owners have taken the time to truly care for their sims & their tenants.

    Do I one day want to own my own sim? Yes. If I felt used and neglected by my landlord I might even take this opportunity to finally buy one. But as it stands, I feel that I get far more value by staying where I am. If you other sim owners did as good a job as landlords, you wouldn’t be so worried. Instead you’d be welcoming this price drop as an opportunity for expansion.

  69. Line Estare says:

    Openspacers are beeing ripped off here. Why don’t we get a proper offer?

    @66 Why have we not the Choice for more month Tierfee free after the first Month, or a refund of 165$ ??

    Yeah why not?

  70. Renee Faulds says:

    Phil Linden has no poseballs !!

    Run more people out of business Phil !!!!!!!!!!!!

    You may have “been” a good coder – but as a business person,

    You dumb as a box of rocks !!!

    Renee Faulds

    Former business woman and creator

  71. Michael Timeless says:

    Jack this is a plea.
    On March 24th, I placed a trade order for a sim. Being patient I waited, and waited for the order to go through. I spent two days unable to log in, another few days with reduced capacity and then last weekend where only 4k of us were able to log in.
    After a while I contacted support and talked to dominick and asked, “hey guy did I do this ticket right?” He assured me that everything was ok.
    At two weeks I contacted support again and was told that “Due to workload they would try to get this in a few days.”
    Now this.

    What’s the point anymore? I just spent the last few weeks wandering around waiting for land that just lost most of it’s value. I almost feel like I should be hanging out in the BDSM sims because I must be masochistic. I don’t run a business. I don’t have a club. I simply bought land to play to relieve stress from a job that drives me nuts. Lately ( the last six months ) this has become more stressful than work. I log in here at night wondering what is going to happen next, perhaps a new TOS that says Linden currency has been changed to something else and all my currency is now useless.

    For all the apologists and people who are now going to rush in and buy sims. Enjoy them until they raise the tier to make up for this loss of revenue. Enjoy them until you don’t get a response on tickets. Enjoy them when the person in the sim that shares your computer opens up a brothel and lags both of you. Not to mention the joys of them all trying to learn about managing their estates.

    Yup I’m glad summers here. I’ve just watched some very well managed sims start to fall apart because plans carefully managed over months of time were destroyed in less than a minute.

    If you have any self respect left after this you will change the motto from, “Your World, Your Imagination,” to Our Lawyers, your money our whims.

    The suspicious part of me wonders how many friends of LL knew about this before the announcement. Has insider trading found a new venue?

  72. As always – the most common explanation that actually makes good business sense is what the actual reason is behind these ;controversial’ changes.

    Unfortunately, there are just too many knee-jerk reactions to these kind of announcements. Now – I admit, I’m torn between wanting badly to scold Linden lab for such a sudden and drastic price drop. But i also am excited and happy for the change. it can only be a good thing in the long run.

    I own a region, paid full price for it and deal with the monthly tier. But I also am not a land-flipper. I feel I got my money’s-worth and I’m still happy about it.

    I’ve been considering adding another region to my estate and so I am now very excited at the new lower price which will allow me to move forward with that plan sooner.

    As for all those who own regions and are lashing out – well, you investment is only lowered in it was an investment played like the stock market. And even in the stock market, you don’t lose anything until you sell.

    Thank you for a clear and timely explanation, Jack. Personally, if I fell into one of these time frames where the special offers are being made, I’d be quite happy and satisfied with what I feel is a fair deal in it.

  73. Damen Hax says:

    Well.. what a mess..

    BUT.. If we take a look at the picture in the long run.. it’s all for the best. I like many others have lost money owning mainland this last few days. I think i’ll chalk this upto a
    “err.. we should have thought that through a bit more first..”
    kinda thing..

  74. Jesses Voom says:

    @ 67 Demonia

    98% of people who buy sims are NOT landlords. A lot of us are people who hire a sim or openspace for a shop or house and we will never make that money back. How come that linden labs released the opensims and so quickly after releasing them changed the price. Nor normal real life business would do such a thing. Horrible management.

  75. Yes – late afternoon – mind is much LOL

    I meant to say – in a stock market crash – you don’t lose anything until you sell. 🙂

  76. J says:

    @66 Why have we not the Choice for more month Tierfee free after the first Month, or a refund of 165$ ??

    That would be reasonable, but it’s not going to happen, linden labs never revokes any of its desicions in any way.

  77. Ener Hax says:

    Hey! Sounds good to me! I love the new prices and since you did not have to do anything for recent sales, I certainly appreciate the gesture and offers.

    No doubt that Linden Labs has studied this in detail and I applaud you for moving ahead with it, despiote knowing the backlash. But it sure seems funny that the complainers would have been fine if no reduction was made? That is kinda weird.

    Not much goes down in price in life it seems. I welcome the change and offer my thanks to you for creating new opportunities that did not exist a few years ago, 🙂

  78. Geister Pfeffer says:

    I have baught a normal sim inworld, its not transferred yet, about the ticket is froim 3/28 .. so i get a open space sim too ?

    i pay to much and the old owner laughs

  79. sirhc deSantis says:

    Where did this Openspace Sim thing come from? Over a year here and never heard of it. Only open to island owneres eh? Thats a damn shame because I woul lsnap one up like that – would suit this mainlander perfectly. And thanks for the clarification Jack. You get added to the Sidewinder et al good guy list. Oh and Stan too in billing who calmed this nervous kitty down.

  80. Alisha says:

    “Openspaces ordered prior to April don’t qualify for the new pricing options. I’m sorry, but we won’t compensate you for those orders. If you wish to cancel them entirely and have them taken down, we’ll do that and refund any that have not yet been online for 30 days. i’ll waive the restocking fee, and you can order them at the lower prices.”

    Cancellation is not an option for me. As the 3 openspaces that were delivered only 2 weeks are of course now occupied. I will not throw out people as I have a heart and ethics.

    Please carefully reconsider the openspace situation. Changing prices a month after announcement is arguably actionable.

    One may also note that for the last two weeks these new openspaces have not performed up to expectation, nor has the whole grid.

    Believe me, I am holding back how I really feel.

  81. Sephiroth Czervik says:

    I think its great what LL is doing because it will help me to start a busness here in SL its like now and can alsmost buy 2 sims for the same price as 1 so in my opinion ty LL

  82. Broccoli Potatoe says:

    I want to return my openspace sim how do I do that. I don’t want a new one.

  83. Schizm Neutra says:

    Question: What is an ‘Open Space’…I don’t recall ever hearing the term before.

  84. Poor SL says:

    So you advertise making money in SL and put land owners on the fronts of magazine covers. People buy islands and rent them out even though they know it will take over a year to even get their initial investment back. Even if the sim they rent out is rented all year round, any vacancy time is a loss.

    So it takes a FULL year to re-coup and BEFORE a profit can be realized.

    So what you do is you make owning a sim so cheap that anyone that is renting one only has to come up with a couple hundered dollars to just BUY a sim.

    WHO WOULD BLAME a renter from moving out and buying thier own sim?


    So if you owned a sim for less then a year you have ANY EMPTY PIECE OF JUNK, no matter how pretty you made it THEY WILL MOVE.

    And Linden Labs just takes all your money laughing and asks you for next months rent from your EMPTY SIM.

    And all the people buying islands now are happy, who can blame them? They should be happy.

    Now Linden Labs sold two sims, ripped off the first owner not only when they first sold it to them but all the months they paid TIER.

    And Linden Labs is laughing so hard because now they have thier hand out to the previous land owner demanding RENT FOR THIER EMPTY SIM.


    I get it.

    It’s rigged!

    They DON’T CARE. One at a time they will take from any group that is ahead in this game. It started with the GOM, go read about it.

    They said they would never sell lindens, not just trading them but SELLING THEM.

    They did that too. Greedy

    It hurt some people but it didn’t hurt “ME” or “YOU” … haha

    Since they sell lindens the payment processors breath down thier necks and then they ban gambling.

    Any warning? No

    They don’t care.

    Did they advertise as a way to make money in SL as a casino operator? YES

    Did thier lawyer explain how it was ok to do that with thier currancy? YES

    Did it help in all the SL hype? YES

    Did people buy islands to come do what was advertised? YES

    And what did they do the month after the one second ruling on gambling?


    Content creators,
    Ad Farms,

    in each case the ONLY people who cry and complain are those directly affected by it. There are lots in that list I do not like so I won’t cry when they are fleecing them and they know this. Only the current owners of islands will cry this time, none of the island owners stood up for ANY of the others on that list. And LL knows it’s that way.

    Here is the thing


    They will take ANY PATH toward that dollar they can see and call it keeping SL alive.

    They’re killing SL.

    Yes they fleeced everyone owning islands and they will have thier hand out to you next month as well. And there will be a lot of happy people from the lowered cost, enough around that for sure some of them will do something worthy of being fleeced themselves.

    So all you currently happy people, please, when they do come around to fleece you … in god only knows what way they will figure out … try to remember reading this silly post from someone whom already knows and maybe just maybe you can have a chuckle for a moment before you are ejected into total rage again.

    Have fun fleecing Linden Labs!

  85. Lassgne Criss says:

    “Openspaces ordered prior to April don’t qualify for the new pricing options. I’m sorry, but we won’t compensate you for those orders. If you wish to cancel them entirely and have them taken down, we’ll do that and refund any that have not yet been online for 30 days. i’ll waive the restocking fee, and you can order them at the lower prices.”

    Cancellation is not an option for me. As the 3 openspaces that were delivered only 2 weeks are of course now occupied. I will not throw out people as I have a heart and ethics.

    Please carefully reconsider the openspace situation. Changing prices a month after announcement is arguably actionable.

    One may also note that for the last two weeks these new openspaces have not performed up to expectation, nor has the whole grid.

    Believe me, I am holding back how I really feel.

    All of a sudden I am not so happy with my openspace sim anymore I feel terribly ripped off.

  86. Some People Need a life says:

    Folks! Seriously Is this not a game… Ok so we like to make lindens yes but come on all the bitching and moaning will not help. If you bought a house in real life and the one next door was exactly the same would you get a refund.. I Think Not. Man Some people need lay off the PC stop spending Goverment benefits on SL Land and remember this is a game. You are buying virtual Stuff not real life.

  87. EmmaLeigh says:

    This is a good Thing! Will allow more people to be able to afford sims.

  88. Ron says:

    I spent the last few days on building on my void sim. I shaped the land exactly how I like it and spent hours on it. Now I have the choice, delete it or lose 150 USD? Thats no choice.

  89. Dig Reality says:

    While people are losing houses in real life, you’re worried about an investment that costs $1675 to start. Have some clout on the situation. You’re part of a business model that required little to no start-up fees as opposed to real business. You do not have to possess a title to do business or upkeep on real land. Yes you may be out of some money….but before you curse the loss of 1675 depreciating, imagine losing your home because of a RL realty slump. Take these changes with a grain of salt or read about how volitile RL business trends are. You’re all left with something I bet. Whoever said the comment about any real business making such a damaging blow…..I have only one word. Enron. It’s business, not a sure thing.

  90. Lost Money says:

    @87 I bought the openspace for a HOME not a SHOP. WTF is with the business talkers. I wasted 165 dollars for 2 weeks of lag crashes and downtime.

  91. Michael Timeless says:

    Decided that this will be my last post on this and any other subject.

    After spending time trying to understand LL I give up. I will play the game, bide my time and hope this survives long enough for the competition to give me what I want – a voice that will be heard.

    There is no longer any reason to make blog posts because the accomplish nothing but temporarily blowing off steam. LL will continue on the course they are on until something replaces them, that is natural selection and I guess I was foolish to try to change nature.

    Everyone enjoy the new pricing. Enjoy the new viewer.

    Mike has left the Blog lists.

  92. Marian Wildcat says:

    My partner and I saved hard last year to purchase 3 island sims. We considered it an investment, and we bought using our hard earned savings. This might all seem a drop in the ocean to those with real money, like LL for example, but we risked all we had in the world on this promise of an online Utopia. Then, out of the blue, 40% of our hard earned savings is wiped off the board at the stroke of a pen. Nothing to LL, but to me a kick in the teeth which has disillusioned me to the point of tears. The first things which killed the little profits we had from our little home rental gig was VAT, Then this. Any sign of tiers dectreasing so we may may at least break even? Is the devaluation not enough?

  93. Rebecca Proudhon says:

    Glad I trusted my instincts about getting deep into SL land.

  94. Joshe Darkstone says:

    @85 Yes, lower pricing is a good thing, selling something at an inflated price (go buy an island now for $1675, they will let you) out of one hand while dumping the the price with the other is a nefarious, if not illegal, business practice. Their story will be that they announced it on the blog, but if they didnt intend to be profiteering on it they would be announcing it on the land store where they recently removed the “Pricing for Private Isdlands has been increased” post. They knew enough to remove that, and they purposely didnt replace it with “Prices for private Islands are being reduced right after you buy this.”

    @ those who call it a game, for some, sure. and lower pricing is a good thing overall. its the thief in the night approach that I am railing about. Plenty of peole have lost their RL fortune over this, and arbitrary decision to cut the price overnight instead of letting market conditions smooth those changes over time. Its an economy, they publish econimic statistics.

    This is positioning for something more. the ceo has stepped aside, the legalese has ramped up regarding trademark issues, and now there is a concerted effort to fill the coffers and the grid. This is a sale, an ipo, or a move to clean up the bottom line in order to approach major investors.

    of course its a game if you want it to be, but they have held out the promise of more and have a maniac at the switch.

  95. LilyNeeAnne says:

    I think we all applaud the fact the Linden Labs has been able to reduce its internal setup and/or hardware costs to deliver island and openspace void. And lest we forget, LL could have simply taken its cost savings and added them to the bottom line. In that sense, while we’re bemoaning the perceived depreciation of our Island properties, remember that LL could have simply pocketed the savings and increased their bottom line.

    What’s at issue here is not the price decrease, per se, but the unplanned and unforeseen shock to the economy. Like it or not, the 1,695 setup cost per island was a barrier to entry, which acted to reduce competition. Secondly, for most business models based upon resale or rental, the setup price IS proxy for purchase price, and its entirely reasonable that Island owners would attempt to recover their setup costs thru sales, and cover monthly fees thru tier charges.

    So, like it or not, the abrupt drop in setup fees IS a depreciation, in that current owners will need to reduce resale prices to reflect future (and increased) competition due to the lower price of entry.

    And, like several other commenter’s, I’d second the observation that the economic data driving mainland sims is, to put it kindly, suspect. It simply doesn’t agree with the reality of our inworld knowledge and experience.

    The key here is planning and communication. We’ve known for some time that a new “land store” was in the works. Surely, we could have given some notification that it would impact setup fees? At least hint that pricing would change 3 or 4 mos in advance? Its the no advance notice and abrupt changes that makes what *should* have been great news a major disruption to the SL economy.

    Second, every aspect of the impact of a major change should have been discussed internally well in advance, and the likely outcomes and policy changes included on the initial post. As it stands, it appears that the outcry to the initial post was the proximate cause of the adjustments made in this post. Far better to have anticipated and included your adjustment policies in the initial post with full and complete information.

    So please, please, consider adopting greater transparency for upcoming changes that affect the economics of SL. For example, a post titled: We are Considering “X” and solicitation of feedback could have helped LL understand the affect of the change upon its residents. Sure, you’ll get folks complaining about off-topic items, but we’d all have an opportunity to have input into “our world”.


  96. Cappy Frantisek says:

    Sounds like a pyramid scam to me. You get to keep your sim, which you paid a premimum, and you get a free sim for six months. Then the normal fees kick in. Oh and without changing monthly fees, eventually they won’ty care if you are premimum or not. They’ll be collecting enough from sim fees to keep their wallets happy even though the companies they deal with for service can’t seems to keep things going. I say good luck to all of you. I’m with Michael Timeless, I’ll just wait for the next best thing, no more money from me!

  97. Chakku451 Rieko says:

    @59: Why would I want to rent or buy on the Mainland? Because it’s cheap? Yeah, the houses next to the new landfill the county I live in RL are a lot less expensive that the ones 10 miles down the road.

    I’d rather buy or rent within an island chain (like the one where my main home in SL is) where there’s a covenant in place that prevents the numerous eyesores that plague the Mainland. Yes, steps are being taken to address those eyesores, but it will most likely be a year or more before the Mainland is completely cleaned up.

    And while I will agree that a $675US devaluation is a tough pill to swallow, think of it this way…

    You will have a jump start on the new island owners. Your sims are established and have a reputation. While you may loose renters to these new islands, folks who have been around for a while will want a quiet, established sim to live in.

  98. From my point of view, prices can only go down from here because OpenSim grids are gaining a lot of momentum. As OpenSim becomes more capable and reliable the prices for Linden servers will steadily drop to a reasonable rate. As this begins to happen you will see the prices for Linden servers become driven by the economies supply and demand rather than an arbitrary number decided by LL. More and more people will be using locally hosted sims connected to the OpenSim grid for daily tasks simply because it costs no money to do so. The potential for explosive growth is imminent given OpenSims open source nature and the apparent interest in the community to get it fully compliant with the Linden architecture. We have seen the myriad of improvements community members have made to the official release viewer and with an open source server the possibilities are endless.

  99. Fatz Scheflo says:

    Consider those of use that have owned islands for a long time are the people who have helped your business prosper to the point where you can lower your prices…

    ..the only reward you’re giving us is instantly devaluing our investment in Linden Lab by 40%?



  100. Alisha says:

    Lassgne Criss says “All of a sudden I am not so happy with my openspace sim anymore I feel terribly ripped off.”

    Quite the opposite. The openspaces a great opportunity for everyone. Quite simply I dropped 1275usd for 3 openspaces less than 15 days ago.

    I know I can cancel and be refunded. What I am hoping for are more options. These openspaces were only available in the last month, how many can there be?

  101. Lucinda Bergbahn says:

    Once again Linden Labs shows us that their concerns are the collection of tier and there is little to no regard for the residents of SL except that they continue to pay tier.

    Thankfully, I stopped seeing SL land as a sound investment months ago when LL flooded the grid with Mainland sims and caused the devaluation of all our land holdings.

    I totally agree with Dallas Seaton who said “This drastic price move will definitely give serious pause to anyone considering building a REAL business (rather than a hobby-cover my tier “business”) within SL. At any instant in time, an arbitrary decision by Linden Lab, with no more than a week or so of notice, can totally and completely wreck your business model – and your business, for that matter.”

    This is not the first time folks that LL has taken an action that is contrary to the business interests of those who viewed the purchase and development of SL land/sims as an investment and there is absolutely no reason to believe it will be the last. If your buying a sim for your own use – this is a great opportunity. If you are buying it to make money on resale of the sim or the parcels forget it! SL is not a free market economy that is being allowed to grow or fail to grow on its own accord or merit. Time to wake up and smell the coffee!

  102. Bobo Decosta says:

    I’m selling my land before it is worth even less.

  103. Lost Money says:

    @98 mine lists 23 march as the billing date so I won’t be getting anything back. Its a great opportunity for YOU but not for me. 😦

  104. Joshe Darkstone says:

    @Nulflux, looked at them again today, a fair bit of progress, but i couldnt build a prim without crashing the sim, so still a ways to go as well. Im game tho.

    I will hold on to my little 15 region sailing estate here, because i have no choice. I will change my approach here to match the lindens fine example of minimum disclosure, maximum profit, because I have no choice.

    I will take the money I would have invested to grow my land holdings here and instead start building a grid on opensim and wait through its growing pains for a place and a time when, finally, I will have a choice.

    Hope to see you all there soon 🙂

  105. Lassgne Criss says:

    Where can we see what the delivery date was?

  106. Canyon says:

    I have kept a constant eye on the devlopment in this blog. I, myself, started to write my first entry while only 4 were here, and posted as number 25. I read now and shudder at our RL tendancies.

    SL is suppose to be an escape. We speak of “games” but alot of people use this application as a mode to feed their RL families. In RL is the housing market fell 50% over night, we would see a direct impact in many other avenues. This “game” includes an open source enconomic model, rather we are privy to its insight or not.

    We as humans, and as cartoons, stand o nthe sidelines and watch the world(s) go by without trying to understand what takes place or to examine why. We let others make decisions for us, and we do not question if they are the right moves for us personally. Understanding economics is not a fine tuned science even today. Countries and business in RL shut down every day because of that!

    Not evaluating the circumstances, not understanding why, or even trying to understand why has no justification for this world. We are suppose to be more enlighted as we succeed thorugh the revolutions of this earth, yet we continue to look at the surface and make mockery of the “gay” ways of talk that others might make. This being something transcribed from the motion picture “Idiocracy,” in which society becomes so stupid they can not undertsand or value the time to listen to others opinions and concerns to formulate their own conclusions.

    What will this do to the community of SL? I cant answer that, but it will change it some how. Let’s bare mind to what other’s have to say though. This forum is open to people of all backgrounds an occupations from auto mechanics, to economists, and even therapists like myself. Sl has changed so much since I became a member, and yes i complain alot of it, I complain of this, myself being “shafted” from a purchase i made a mere 37 days ago. Good luck to those in the same position, and good luck to those i nthe future who make this move for theirselves and their familes. I will go back to what i enjoy doing in SL, creating and hoping others enjoy from it. If the impact runs me off, perhaps another wil ltake my place, perhaps not, but do listen and evaluate everyone’s opinions and the possible outcomes that might come. If you do not, you just might be standing by yourself in this virtual world wondering where everyone went. Good day!

  107. Persephone Milk says:

    I certainly feel ripped off for being asked to pay $415 for my Openspace about a month ago. You reduce the price just a few weeks later? Come on. I feel you should pay me the difference back.

    Moreover, I thought it was unfair over a year ago when I bought my island and was asked to pay $1675 per month (up from $1250) and $100 more a month for tier than existing customers. Now that you have shown that your costs were lower with the new hardware (something we all suspected anyway) can you tell me why I had to pay THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS more to you over the last 18 months than other people receiving substantially the same products and services?

    And that sim asset I paid $1675 for, but felt was secured by my ability to resell it for almost that same amount, has now been devalued by 40% instantly. Thank you.

    I understand the need to reduce prices. But you should do more for your existing customers that you have placed an enormous burden on now – we do not deserve this.

    And if I feel this way, having only a single sim and one openspace, can you imagine how landlords feel that have dozens of sims that are now worth much less, or for which they have been unfairly charged more for the last year and a half for?

    Shame on you Linden Lab. I think it’s great that you are going for new customers, but you shouldn’t do it in a way that hurts your existing and loyal customers that have paid you enormous sums of money over the last couple of years.


  108. Reg Mannonen says:

    @93 any company will not announce future price drops, it kills current sales and would just be suicide. Imagine anything you buy, if you knew teh price was going down 30% next week wuld you buy this week??

    How many of you are people who actually take things back to stores that yo bought yesterday because a sale started today??

    /me thinks the lower price is a good thing all around. Real estate is risky, just look at the current market in the US. Can all those people who ran out and bought houses the last couple years when the market was HOT now complain it’s not?? Part of the deal.

    Go LL!! Lower prices. maybe now some of the rest of us can afford a sim or two.

  109. Captain Noarlunga says:

    I bought my openspace last month and I get no compensation….great…thanks for nothing! And…I lost $650 0n my 4 full sims ….and i get to pay higher tier for the 4 open space sims i bought last year……. I cant rent them out to cover my tier fees any longer because those purchasing at lower prices and tiers will always be cheaper. Well and truly screwed……thanks LL. The sick thing is…you dont care…..and all this is to position you for an IPO to fill your greedy little pockets. SICK!!!!!!

  110. Maark Hastings says:

    There is a big inconsistency in compensation between full sim orders and Open Space orders. I have 4 Open Space sims on order and the only option given to me is to cancel and reorder when the store opens if I want the fair price of $250 per! Besides the fact that I, and my customers who have prepaid for the land, have already waited 10 days because of the backlog of Open Space sim orders (resulting from the recent policy change in Open Space orders….), I will likely lose those customers because they will not wait around for a month for sims that really only should have taken 5 days to deliver. If I had 1 full prim sim on order, (the equivalent of 4 Open Space sim pricewise), I’d be compensated if I kept my order going. How screwed up is that. I want to be compensated. Hey, I’m not complaining about the thousands I lost overnight as my sims were suddenly devalued. I just want a consistent and equitable consideration for current Open Space orders and Full sim orders. What a mess. Couldn’t you guys have made these changes slowly over time? Ya mighta talked to Greenspan first!

  111. Dmitriy says:

    It would be very nice to have possibility to buy openspace from LL without having ‘full’ sim. But for example SLX is filled with requests to sell openspace for L$,
    Is technically possible to transfer openspace to resident who has no existing islands?

  112. Cappy Frantisek says:

    more sims = more concurrency = more problems

  113. Joshe Darkstone says:

    @ alisha,

    they have been pushing out openarea sims at the old pricing for a month now, at an enourmously inflated rate – they made them look like a good deal so that they could sell hundreds per day instead of hundreds per week. then as soon as the sales slowed (delivery timelines dropped to normal) they released the new pricing – they have sold lots. If you have regions you bought within the last 15 days RETURN THEM, you will save $575 and, if you tell em Joshe sent you, Im sure they will waive the $100 canceellation fee for you 🙂

  114. Dmitriy says:

    Or main issue with that is the fact the ‘alone’ openspace owner doesn’t clarify for consierge access?

  115. Captain Noarlunga says:

    …..all this…and they still cant fix the damned game……still lots of problems and the lag today was noticeably worse and there are several problems with the new server code…..and the Havok 4 problems still exist. Just shows what we have here…….they can undermine our assets, fail to fix the software and we can do absolutely nothing about it…….. hope the lawyers out there can come up with a way to make them listen…….I am so angry about all this now…..the only choice I see is to try to sell up and walk away with a loss…..and never to set foot here again……

  116. Hiro says:

    I’ve ordered an openspace on 25th March, and it hasn’t been delivered. Will I be charged the 415USD?
    Why so many price change and product change in such a short period of time…???

  117. Zir Kayo says:

    Just curious. the resale value of an empty class 5 sim was about $1200 USD. That will drop to about $700. How many class 5 sims in SL? TOS aside, this is a significant financial fraud by LL against all those who have invested substantial money into sims in this 3D environment. As for my buddy with 6 sims, that’s about a loss of $3000 USD overnight due to this blunt force approach by LL for reasons unknown. Hmm.. wouldn’t be interesting if all the sim owners put together a class action lawsuit? Anyone want to talk about this – head to Borrowdale in the stadium. Laywers, very welcome! Somehow I doublt this will be posted very long!

  118. brinda allen says:

    @24 & 28 yes..If Linden Lab cares about those of us that contribute “real” money here……..and if you’re in the finacial situation that allows you to reduce prices……….then tier credit would be the honorable thing to do for those of us that have paid the “extra” 675

  119. Hiro says:

    It doesn’t need to be SL, it doesn’t need to be Multiverse, as long as there is some platform where we build our community and have small business.
    If you Linden keep this attitude, you wouldn’t be here 10 years later.

    Just a warning from one of your really really disappointed “good” customer.

  120. annemarie perenti says:

    “If we are able to make savings, then we feel that passing those on to our customers is a good thing.”

    Maybe you forget that in making an investment a virtual “land” here we customers buy some sort of asset, and dropping arbitrarely the value hurts business. That is if i wanted to sell my 2 island I just lost approx 1300$. So don’t give us the passing the savings to us crap. The decision is based on greed, being that you will sell more islands but you will cash same montly tiers.

  121. Snoff says:

    Personally i think this is a good idea! I feel for all those that lost, This must really blow for you… But, I too am curious how this will effect th Teen Grid, As far as the Land Store, And or how fast the islands will be delivered. Malifico is a old friend of mine from Teen Grid, However i am on Main Grid now, and STILL cannot access the land store… In a way, I thank you Linden Labs for keeping me out of the land Store long enough for me to hear this announcement, But now LET ME IN lol. Im ready to order! lol. As for Hiro you will be charged 250.00 in the end, they MAY charge u the 415 Up Front,. what i would do is cancel the order, and Re Order, I hate to say that, BUt its better to be safe than sorry. Maybe the new land store will handle the Open spaces soon?

  122. Hiro says:

    Mark, I have the EXACT same problem here, we “pay” for the product much the same way others paid for the normal SIMs and only the normal SIMs losses are covered for the price change.

    I only ordered the openspace SIM because LL posted their new product line “Separated Openspace for 415USD” and more than 10 days has passed, its not delivered, and price change! With no compensation for the openspace orders!!

    400 USD is a big money for private use, and my client was really anticipating it…. now we have to reorder and wait another month…
    This is the worst company to buy any product from, and this isn’t as stable as Microsoft, you are too confident and its just too dangerous!

  123. Vittorio Beerbaum says:

    They compensate the “normal” island purchased prior to March 11 and not the OpenSpace ones purchased on the same date? I don’t understand: OpenSpace sims hasn’t been paied using real currency? 450 US dollars are 450 US dollars, as 1650 US dollars are 1650 US dollars, you gave to those ppl back a value of 250 USD (new openspace setup price) plus 3 months of free fees (75*3 = 225) for a total value of: 475USD, that is a 28.78% of the initial price (1650 USD).
    For an OpenSpace SIM then 129,51 US dollars is the CORRECT amount of money to give back, as valued asset or in any other equivalent form (eg: subtracting it to the monthly fees: 51 days).

  124. Lassgne Criss says:

    Why dont the linden reply here? how can i get my money back? how do i see which counts as the delivery date?

  125. Serious Serapis says:

    So basically I paid $3390 for two sims two weeks ago and in compensation I get now get 2 free light-use OpenSpace sims? I paid $3390 for what would now cost me $2500? I am suppose to just absorb that $890.00 as the cost of doing business with Linden Labs and then be eager to sign up for 2 more $75 a month tiers with the possibility of those tiers increasing in 3Q?

    IBM announced recently that they will be hosting sims in their own environment. I think I will wait to see how external hosting pans out before investing anymore in Linden Labs.

  126. Paulo Dielli says:

    OH comon! You cant be serious!!! I bought my private island at March 3. You say: “between 11th and 31st March 2008.” That timeframe is WAY too short.

    I am losing 695 USD in 8 days plus VAT !!

  127. rabble says:



  128. Reacher says:

    Ok, so how about lowering the price to move a region now too? Moves are currently 150 USD – which if you’re moving an openspace region nearly matches the full setup fee; that is exorbitant.

  129. Razrcut Brooks says:

    Easy folks…the price of virtual land has “fluctuated” just like real world real estate here in the US has. Do not panic.

  130. Not A Buyer says:

    Why would anyone concerned about the value of sims buy a sim now? LL has provided us with no visibility to future prices only saying that they’ll review prices quarterly. Why buy a sim when it could drop another 40% next quarter, or more?

  131. Joseph Zheng says:

    I have just sold tons of my group land with hugh losses. Just have enough of these fools running SL. Good luck to whoever bought my lands using bots. Linden labs, i see your days numbered. Business owners like me are fed up with the ways you guys screwing up SL. I will just take my few thousands dollars losses with a pinch of salt! Enough is enough. You guys are really living in “SL” only, shut out from the rest of the world, not knowing the growing bad name you are creating in the real world. Yeah, get a grip and communicate your business model (I know now you have no idea! But try man!). All of us who bought lands and pay fees are your shareholders and stakeholder (Something you have no idea too! But wake up man!)

  132. mikeD Streeter says:

    Since open space sims are done manually through concierge, then why cant they start the new price for the outstanding tickets since its …Manual?

  133. Hiro says:

    Here is a forum thread for further disccussion about Openspace buyers who was not at all considered as their “customers”, and with slightest hopes of getting to be heard by Lindens.

    “If you have had an Openspace region”

  134. Savonah Madonna says:

    I dunno. I think the decision may be because the USA is in recession. Just a thought.


  135. concerned says:

    Why are people claiming Linden land same as house prices etc.Lindens control the price of land here in a real economy land price is dictated by market and not once have i ever seen house prices drop by 60% in 72 hours.

    If this happened im pretty sure you government would be looking at intrest rate cuts so do we get sim charge cuts no.

    If you want to talk about difference between real life and second life at least have a valid point.

  136. Anne Marie says:

    Thank you LL for reducing island prices!! My husband and I have been thinking of entering the land business for a long time, and at 1000US per island that makes it possible for us to expand very quickly and at a lower risk than before. With the cost so cheap, it allows us to offer the savings as initial lower tier to capture the market which puts us on a level to compete with the larger and more established land owners. This is the best news in a long time. Thank you for thinking of us guys 🙂

  137. concerned says:

    Simple solution give Class 5 island owners who are not entitled to refunds a 6 month tier of $195 or write off all your customers that boght during this period as never gonna trust you again.

  138. Lassgne Criss says:

    a lot of them already didnt trust them after the VAT fiaco.. this one just teached us they have no intentions to change their ways. dont trust them.

  139. concerned says:

    @136 Exactly and now we are being SLcrewed once again.I know most buisness owners have had enough its come to the point where its decide if you like being here anymore.

  140. The U.S. is not in a declared recession. This is a ploy of the Democrats and it happens every election year. Anyway….this is happening because Linden Labs opening up the source is cutting in on their profits. That’s the bottom line here. They are making a knee jerker reaction rather than an actual action plan.

    Good luck with finding a real economists to assist you in how to run this place.

  141. MadamG Zagato says:

    Nice price drop! I am not sure which is more yummy, the new viewer or the new pricing structure.

    As far as Openspace, all I could find on it “officially” was this:

    Is this the most recent information on Openspace or is there something more recent to refer to for those of us not up to speed on these matters.


  142. Melissa says:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH LL! I will be buying several sims at the new low price to start my rental business.

    I don’t know why so many people are complaining about the low price, 1675 dollars was way over the top pricing. 1000 dollars is a fair price, and goes to show that Linden Labs do care about the residents.

    Only the rich could afford to rent land before, but now anyone can compete in the real estate market and offer better deals to everyone. It’s a win win situation for everybody.

    To those who are still whining about the lost value of their properties – GET OVER IT! suck it up and eat it… that’s life – If you can’t deal with it – Get out! …and give me your land for cheap heheh.

  143. Hiro says:


    This is one of the reason I don’t want cheaper SIMs. More of these people, come and go out of pocket money in half a year or so. 😦
    Lots of poor residents Second Life will be wasted.

  144. Canyon says:

    Frowns @ 134

    That is called market saturation and what alot of us fear. I, myself, am not in the land sales circus in SL, but this is a prime example of what is to come. If land was free, that would be sweet, but the entire economy that was tried to be made in SL would be overinflated and present a market that was overfilled with competition dirving everything down in price. If everything is driven down in price, then no one spends the time and effort to make anything new and exciting here.

    On that thought, if the price is right for you, go right ahead, but logically, over saturating the market promotes alot of empty land you yourself are paying tier on, not those hopeful renters.

    Lastly, alot of thoughts have come from this and with conversations with alot of people from this blog that I have had. Setting prices lower increases the number of people paying 295 a month for their own sim. This looks really good on paper, kind of like the overinflation of avies we have inworld now. At one time new avies were given the sum of 250L dollars per account. A number of people made dozens of them and handed the money over to a main avie. All of a sudden, along with media influences, we went from 400,000 members to millions in what seemed like a blink of an eye.

    So now we have “14” million members etc, and we have this many people paying this amount, we know revenues will go up (this being because we make money on people buying/selling lindens and that will go down because more RL money of these users is spent on new sims and tier) with all our new island sales. Look at this spreadsheet we made.. so many members, so many spending this much on tier let’s take this over to a public sector and see what they would pay for this before we go bust and the money’s drained out.


  145. LS says:

    LL, how DARE you put sims on sale? What were you thinking? People have purchased your goods at full price in the past and now you put them on sale? This wouldn’t possibly be anything a ‘REAL’ life business would do…..

    Or would it?
    (Yes, this is sarcasm)

    I can’t believe all the complaints and visciousness that are pouring out in this blog.

  146. Dirk Massiel says:

    @28 – I agree with PonygirlSarah Clapper and would like to see her ideas implemented.

    I think thats all I can say.

  147. Melissa says:


    Hahaha, good one LS.

    SALE = GOOD in my book 😉

  148. Absolute Balderdash says:

    Its great news that more people can buy into SL land. Even though I have lost some money on paper for my own sims, I am glad that more people will be able to enjoy owning a bit of SL.

    And, look me up in-world if you can now afford to buy a new sim and would like a fantastic custom built island design — shameless self promoting advert. acknowledged 🙂

  149. Uccello Poultry says:

    @143 … glad you labeled your comment as sarcasm … seems like most folks don’t understand the art these days.

    :::shrugs and envies anyone with the wherewithal to own a sim:::

  150. Arifi Saeed says:

    Notwithstading all the whooping and hollaring yesterday, this is a very positive move. Despite the fact that I just bought my first sim from a friend based on the old price, I am looking forward to the opportunity to buy at least a couple of adjacent openspace sims to go with it as soon as the new land store opens. All I want now is a lower monthly tier!

    All the best,


    Arifi Saeed, Research Director, SL
    Canopus Research Inc.

  151. Hiro says:

    For the further discussion or expressing your opinion on this new pricing policy, we can use the following thread I made.
    This is not about Openspace though, so I made a new thread for the entire new pricing policy.
    (I’m personally not against the SIM price going down. People pay for the full tier anyway. But I’m not satisfied by their announcement and schedule being too quick.)

    Discussion Thread – Details on the Q2 2008 Island Price Change

  152. MadamG Zagato says:

    Nicely worded Melissa 🙂
    Last Comment Woot!

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