My Account pages are now in German! Konto-Funktionen sind nun auf Deutsch!

Grüße an die deutschsprachige Community!

Unsere Web Designer haben einen Teil der Konto-Funktionen auf Deutsch, Koreanisch und Japanisch übertragen. Dies umfasst nicht nur eine Übersetzung der Texte, sondern auch eine umfassende Qualitätskontrolle der Arbeitsabläufe, um sicherzustellen, dass alles so Funktionniert wie es
gedacht ist.

Die folgenden Funktionen können nun auf Deutsch via ausgeführt werden:

o Neues Passwort beantragen
o Passwort ändern
o Zusammenfassende Übersicht der Kontodaten einsehen
o L$-Transaktionen einsehen
o US-$ Abrechnung einsehen
o Kontaktinformationen ändern
o Mitgliedschaftsstatus ändern
o Informationen über Zahlungsmittel (Kreditkarte und Paypal) ändern

Vielen Dank an alle, die dies ermöglicht haben.

…continue for the English version…

Greetings German speaking community!!!

Our web development team has been able to localize a selection of My Account pages into German (and recently in Korean and Japanese as well)!!! The localization of these tools covers more than just translation of English text to German. There were also enhancements to how web pages are coded, as well as several rounds of QA to ensure that the English, Korean, Japanese, and German versions of the tools are working as designed.

We are now offering the following pages in German that can be accessed through the site:
* Request for New Password / Password Reset
* View Account Summary
* View L$ Transactions History
* View USD Billing History
* Change Password
* Updating of Contact Information (including IM to Email settings)
* Membership Plan Upgrade/Downgrade
* Update of Payment Information (Credit Card and PayPal)

Many thanks to everyone who made this possible! (and particularly CG for translating this properly for me)

Herzlichen Dank!


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119 Responses to My Account pages are now in German! Konto-Funktionen sind nun auf Deutsch!

  1. Nice work LL; another step forward 😉

  2. KMeist Hax says:


  3. EEEEEEEEKKKKK !! I sure hope mine are in ENGLISH !!

    Just kidding. That is great for all our non english speaking residents.

    (even FairChang has some)

  4. Nefertiti Nefarious says:

    Yo no hablo aleman. Yo quiero un tacobell.

  5. Michael Fairplay says:

    Okay this is really upsetting to me. It’s great for the foreign spaking people meanwhile the asset server and lag are affecting everyone in second life and page translations seem to take priority. It’s the bugs and the lag Linden Labs should be concentrating on.

  6. Ron Crimson says:

    Yo quiero Taco Bell tambien, pero mas quiero la pagina alemania de Second Life 🙂

    (Ich kann auch Deutsch! :P)

  7. Mar says:

    @5 Michael Fairplay – In a factory, if something goes wrong with a piece of machinery on the production line, the girls in the office who type up the factory’s product catalogue don’t stop what they’re doing, don their overalls and head down there with toolkits to fix it. They carry on with what they have been employed to do. Not everyone at Linden Lab is employed in working on whatever it is that’s causing the recent problems with lag, asset servers, stale transactions etc (and I’m not making excuses here: I’m feeling it, too). Everyone has their own jobs to do, and those that work on page translations are doing their jobs. They can’t be expected to stop doing that and roll up their sleeves to get stuck into servers and God knows what else.

    I understand your frustrations. They’re my frustrations, too. I just wish people would take a step back (and this isn’t just aimed at you, Michael) and realise that everyone else at Linden Lab who is *not* employed to deal with servers and all that techy stuff won’t (indeed, can’t!) just stop and help out with all the technical issues. They just have to carry on trying to make the rest of our Second Lives enjoyable, even when we can’t log in, can’t TP, can’t buy things, etc etc etc. They just do what they can with the little bit of our experience that *they* are responsible for.

  8. Kamachi says:


  9. Vivienne says:

    oh come on, ppl. a nice job is a nice job, and this is a nice job.

  10. Chrysala Desideri says:

    somebody already did the “but.. i don’t know german!” joke, so.. yeah.

    nice one!

  11. iiiiieh… ne danke 😉

  12. Me says:

    I’ll stick to English just as I do in world (if I want to meet people from my own country I can just go outside, in addition it has become a daily routine to improve a foreign language 😉 )

    But I’m sure this will be appreciated by thouse who don’t understand enough English – as long as it stays optional it’s a good move!

  13. alf lednev says:

    #7 your analogy is poor, if a company sells a product that fails to meet what it advertises, it is responsible. Hint: SL is merely a commercial computer game released to make the company money, nothing more. The rest is simply spin to make buyers feel important they are part of “leading edge” tchnology. *coughs*

    Lindens consisently fail to listen to users, or address the serious flaws in their product and they deny opportunities for the buyers to address their concerns. JIRA is designed for IT geeks and is a beta testing system at best. Everything is designed to ensure customers can not speak freely on major issues.

    The frustation with Lindens is, they open meaningless blogs like this ONE for comment and deliberately close all the serious ones. Thanking us for our patience, they block any attempt to people to voice their concerns and show impatience.

    Lindens is a company thats sells a product, nothing more. The concept is brillant, the product deeply flawed, how they deal with it is even worse.

    Competiton is on the horizon this year, Lindens treat their users with contempt, they can expect to lose large numbers when the monopoly is ended.

  14. Marty Dyrssen says:


    greate work and now pleace a Grid without errors^^

  15. Mark Barrett says:

    Ist das Plural von Web Designer nicht auch einfach nur Web Designer? “Unsere Web Designers” hoert sich irgendwie komisch an.

    Aber find’ ich gut! Da muesste ich vielleicht mit I18N auf meiner Seite nachfolgen.

  16. Miles Sullivan says:

    @7 et-al No but its politics… hold off on the -ooh shiny’s- for a bit while we are led to BELIEVE that Phillip himself is writing code, by hand, in notepad, with a broken keyboard. That Torley is making coffee for the database jockeys and intravenously injecting it. And so on.

    To follow the factory model, its gone long past a broken production machine, the entire building is burning. Those secretaries in the front office would certainly grab a fire extinguisher and help out.

    To the usual apologists… why do you continually say -good job, LL is the bestz0rz!- to a company who takes your money (or time and effort) and continually delivers a broken product?

  17. MR Little says:

    OK Miles, exactly what do you want the website/translation people to do with their workday? Just stay home?

  18. Mitzy Shino says:

    /me hands a few people a chill pill.

    Even if LL hired 20 talented programmers a month ago, they would not be completely upto speed and able to deep dive yet.

    If your really really unhappy take your few bucks a month and go play elsewhere, you don’t have to be here you know.

    People complain about the lack of open communication from LL, guess what if every time I said something I got the abuse and complaints like these guys do I would hide in the closet too!

    LL, keep up the good work, even when I’m ready to kill a Linden (err did that already, got the trophy on my wall to prove it), I still love this game and I know you guys do you best to get it right. *warm fuzzies to you all*

  19. Welleran Kanto says:

    I’m glad to see my fellow citizens of Earth are receiving some respect for their own languages.

    The presumption of privilege I see here from some fellow English speakers is sad to see. Such people do not speak for me — I am glad.

    An Mark Barrett: Auf Englisch wird das Plural immer “Designers” geschrieben, aber wenn’s um ein Lehnwort in Deutsch geht, was tut man normalerweise bei solche Faelle? Schreibt man wie man dekliniert guten alten Deutschen Woerter, oder wie man die andere Sprache schreibt?

  20. Excellent great news to hear!

  21. Marie Sims says:


    when it will be in russian? *smiles*

  22. Bryon says:


    Is it normal though that there are now only 40 available new account last names to chose from on the Second Life community portal signup page, and the majority of them sound mostly German or Jewish?

  23. ashok mcbride says:

    i dont know if i should post this here…i am having problem for past 4 days after downloading new second life version …i keep crashing every 2 minutes..its says upstream problem or download program again..i have done downloding 5 times …still the problem exists..can someone help? plz

  24. GinaWild Bailey says:

    eeeek, i HATE the german page. Why the hell does it automatically open the german page after i logged in? ok, i’m german but i’ve been using the english page since i joined sl, so please take off the ip-country identify thingy and let me log in on the english site without having to click anywhere else.

  25. “dass alles so Funktionniert wie es
    gedacht ist.”


    “dass alles so funktioniert, wie es gedacht ist.”

    Sorry, could not resist.
    Happy greetings to GC and Jean.

  26. Ryou says:

    I don’t speak german too just english french (native) and few japanese.

  27. cosa nostra says:

    @7 MAR – I am running a rl factory, in time of crisis, business becomes everyones business untill the main rootcauses are solved (this includes also the girls/boys from the office !) – if the root is not solved then there will be moving forward also no jobs or money available for the office staff !

    I am absolutely shocked to see where Linden Labs is loosing there energy while knowing that in-world there are soo much problems and so many people hooking off from the grid !

    LINDEN focus now on the root of ya future !!

  28. Sokonomi says:

    What makes the germans so high and mighty to get them their own version of lol.

  29. Jennifer Crashthing says:

    @28 @7 MAR – I am running a rl factory, in time of crisis, business becomes everyones business untill the main rootcauses are solved (this includes also the girls/boys from the office !) – if the root is not solved then there will be moving forward also no jobs or money available for the office staff !

    I am absolutely shocked to see where Linden Labs is loosing there energy while knowing that in-world there are soo much problems and so many people hooking off from the grid !

    I find it shocking too. Let them solve the IP theft problems and fix the grid.

    LINDEN focus now on the root of ya future !!

  30. /me smiles
    The translation of the blog post is very “charming”, but unfortunately holds quite some errors.

    If you need professional translation, maybe you want to check Babel Translations, the premiere in-world translation agency.

  31. Tommy Brouwer says:

    The site seems to decide now wich language is to present on the basis of IP-Ranges! Not on users choice.
    Despite living in Germany, i would like to keep the english layout.
    When i switch to english and click, for example, the join-button, the layout is german again:-( (With an odd selection of pseudo-german names). Does that mean it is forbidden now for residents LIVING in germany to chose english names?

  32. LoLo says:

    Hire someone to help with the DMCA’s they are fcking slow.

    And ban that well known brazilian thief thanks.

  33. Renate says:

    @33 I live in Holland, I can choose only german names too. I don’t want a german name

  34. Sandor Balczo says:

    it would not be bad to have a little Italian page. You have no idea how many Italians are in Second life who are sometimes at a loss. I try to do my best, but unfortunately i cannot make alts of my RL person LOL.

    And as Garth correctly said, we have Germans in Fairchang Estate, and Japanese, and Croatians, and Italians, and Spaniards, and Greek, and French, and Portuguese, and….

  35. Igel Hawks says:

    Great step into the dircetion of the Germanspeaking community. Good work LL. Keep on rockin’ Jean *smiling*
    I stay tuned what comes next ….

  36. Danziel Lane says:

    First of all: Thanks.

    This is a clear sign, that LL grows global and takes care for the wishes and need of their international customers. SL is an international … game or communication platform – whatever you want … and it’s good to see it growing in means of customer support.
    I hope, this step to more communication with customers will be followed by others.

    To those, who compare to their RL “businesses”: No, even in times of crisis, I will NOT give the database passwords to the telephone girl or to the book keeper and ask them to repair the lag caused by asset servers. I will ask them to do their best to look after the customers and if they can spend time to work on making the customer service better.
    Translators are not necessarily great database or network programmers, so why give them coding tasks?

    We see a lot of great changes announced for the future in the blogs lately. Going global and international is one of them, other blog entries promise even more. I am curious what the future will bring.

    However: the Lindens did a great positive job now. Why must any thread contain flames about a laggy system? Have we forgotten to just say “Thanks” or “Great job”, to those, who did this special part?

    Ah, and about the lag: I am running SL on a not so good computer and can run 3 viewers at the same time. But whenenver someone complains to me about SL not working for them, I ask about their settings …. and they always have all their setting maxed. They want to see it all and refuse to reduce the graphics controls to mid or so.
    Why cant they first check, what is possible for their computers, before they blame SL for a slow system?

    I guess, much of the server load is made up by users, that need all graphic controls maxed, who want 8192 particles, all available lighting and all textures loaded in 512 m distance. And many of them wonder how slow all things rez, while they tp to somehwere poofing 1000 particles and carrying with them 255 prims attached to all of their body parts. What do they expect so see, while all other residents computers around have to load all their prims and textures they come along with?

    Hehe, long text. Just wanted to say: Thanks.

  37. Penelope Heron says:

    Well….i read all your posts and i start to wonder how many negativ,agressiv and offensive notices are made about us Germans.
    This makes me really sad.I thought Sl is a peacefull place for all nations come together with NO RL Probs. We have the chance to change it here what goes wrong in our real world,but the only thing i see is that PPl never will change!
    Anyway…maybe with this german account page i have the chance now to upgrade my account…i always failed with those “oh so glories” english one.

    Danke Sl !!

  38. For those who prefer the English to the German pages: In the URL there is a “lang=de”. Remove that, and you are (and will stay) on the English pages.

    For those who would want their secretaries into the flames – keep in mind everything that causes our problems is really deep into high-tech realms. Would you *really* send your secretary with a bucket of water into a server room? Or into a chemical factory? If you’d do – find someone (else!) to develop an emergency plan for you… PLEASE.

    The only one I *could* understand are those who are angry as their online friends list don’t work – a web page problem. But as noone did – stay calm. It will help many people (me, too, as I will not have to translate on phone/voice for some people anmore *g*)

  39. Thank you – danke schön 🙂

  40. Hey, Super !! Vielen Dank an alle Verantwortlichen und Beteiligten. Man sieht, es tut sich was im Staate Dänemark..:-D äähh, meine natürlich SL

  41. Britpop says:


    I think there’s a request for locatish too! Can I has one?

    esperanto would be way cool, too!

    anyway, I’m glad you people do this! keep up the good work 🙂

    my germish dictionary sez “Funktionniert” must be a typo. seems like a verb, cant be capitalized, right?

    @14 (alf lednev): The analogy (not mine) is absolutely right and you have NO clue what you are talking about. /me shakes his head – shameful.

  42. Hallo!

    Obwohl ich selber bestens mit den englischen Seiten zurecht komme, finde ich es toll, dass die Riesen-Community der deutschsprachigen SLer besser unterstützt wird.

    Es gibt ja doch eine ganze Reihe von Leuten, die sich sehr unsicher ist, wenn sie englische Texte liest oder gar in Englisch kommunizieren soll.

    *Dies* ist also mal eine positive Nachricht! Davon hätte ich aber gerne mehr in Zukunft.


  43. Sascha says:

    Naja, ich hoffe, daß die Qualitätskontrolle besser Deutsch spricht und schreibt als der Blogger. Ich benutze aber trotzdem lieber die englischsprachigen Seiten.

  44. U M says:

    まだ英国の場所を必要とする 私達はまだアメリカの場所を必要とする 他のトランザクションおよび他の情報のため

  45. Regions Down says:

    Thank you for another piece of cosmetique. Could you please now focus on the regions that are still not accessable or simply down?

    Like Liebesnest for example.


  46. Regions Down says:

    @ Gina Wild

    agree with you…While this definetely is great news for lotsa Germans, not speaking proper English, i personally don´t like to work with a German page.

    Also use the English Viewer

    Can i switch to English on the website too?

  47. Britpop says:

    @46: seriously, you want people who do the webdesign to get their hands on the asset servers? what if they something? 😛

  48. Britpop says:

    bah what kind of tag is this blog using? XD

    then. *sighs*

  49. hugsalot says:

    Can we get a Pig Latin translation too? TY!

  50. Vryl Valkyrie says:

    En Francaise?

  51. Damona Rau says:

    First: good work, but with bitterness.

    I’ve saw it several times that LL comes up with nice eyecandys after a time of big problems. It’s a guess:

    *Are this changes a side effect from this changes?
    *LL want to keep ppl happy and presents new eyecandys to change the focus.

    LL, you promised to focus on more stability, but with every attemp you goes a step backward. The survey yesterday was the best joke ever. After two weeks you ask really if things goes better? Your kidding, right?

    Your next step to lower the setup fees are the next thing to kill the economy. Every ROI plans are killed with that and the most SIMs has now a 40% lost of value. You should also lower the monthly tier.

    The economy is broken, we have at least 30% Bots on the grid, thats not funny.

    But please tell me one thing: Gambling is banned, but Zyngo is still allowed? Zyngo is the best example for gambling, so you can still allow poker.

  52. Bingo Onomatopoeia says:

    Connecting my account to a verified (!!!!) PayPal account does not work, age-verification does not work, both for months, both without a chance of getting any kind of support or hints about what is going wrong here. Incredible, I simply CANNOT spend any money, but now in German. ROFL

  53. Vryl Valkyrie says:

    paypal does not work for me either even though it does work on my alts. I have complained it about it for ages and it still doesn’t work. I have to cash out to an alt which is really pathetic.. so yeah please find out why I can’t add paypal to vryl but I can add it to an alt.

  54. Alyx Sands says:

    I noticed yesterday that suddenly, without me even WANTING it, the account page was in German. Would have been nice to have the OPTION to switch it to German, not just magically make it appear in German (I personally know quite a few people living in Germany who do not actually speak German; expats from the US or the UK).

    Unfortunately, whenever I log in to the forums, it tries to load a lang=de page, too….that obviously doesn’t exist… very irritating. If this is still persisting, I will open a JIRA ticket for it.

    The page itself is a rather good translation, way better than the viewer. But Jean, if you need a blog entry translated, just give me a call. I’m a professional translator in RL, and no, I don’t have an agency in SL 😉

    Und für die Interessierten: Web Designers its natürlich der ENGLISCHE Plural. Vielen Leuten (mit Deutsch als Fremdsprache! ;-)) ist nicht klar, dass im Deutschen gerne englische Begriffe als solche stehen bleiben, aber einen deutschen Plural verpasst bekommen.

  55. Sonja felisimo says:

    Moin Moin

    gute nachrichten für die vielen Deutschen die Ihre Probleme mit Englisch haben…………supi 🙂

    But the ip ident on the web page is a bit silly as there are many like myself who prefer to use english……maybe an idea to change that 😉

    Off topic :

    All those winners and moaners…………if your gonna complain about something then don’t mix issues…………..ASSET PROBLEMS have to do with asset servers…………….viewer related are something else.

    In my opinion most lag problems with the viewer etc are client side….i.e the user………….have to agree with (37) Danziel……..people who run around with 50 bling objects, radar, kiss and hug huds…….and all the objects with 255 prims………on top of this have other stuff running in the background like icq, wrongly set anti virus software, messenger etc…………WTF DO YOU EXPECT…..load a car with 2 tons of rubbish… won’t run at top speed any more either 😉

    I know some people are not technically minded, but there is enough info around on how to set your viewer settings properly…..or even just ask people in world 😉

    To prove the point i have tried the new viewer with windlight on the following pc, (isn’t the one i use for sl normally)

    AMD Athlon 2600
    1048 mb Ram
    fx5600 nvidia graphics card with 256 mb ram
    windows xp sp2

    All graphics settings customized in preferences……equals operating at a mid setting……………and low and behold runs perfect……no lag … crashing…… logic tells me………..people who say they have pc’s with better spec as this one are lagging….crashing……hmm think about it a little ;)……..oh and before any one says i must have a ruth ava……no prim hair no attachments etc……….thats why it works……..well you’d be wrong big time 😉

    That the asset servers are borked at the moment annoys me too….i have an in world business and this costs me money……but i do believe the guys at linden are working on this……..all be it they could work on it a little faster 😉

    So relax peeps………….deep breath……….have a cup of coffee and smile 🙂

    Sorry this was off topic and so long but needed to say it……

    ciao ciao

  56. Sedary Raymaker says:

    @28: I’m impressed, all your employees are cross-trained to do everyone else’s jobs. You must pay your line workers a lot, what with them having to take all those business administration and accounting courses on top of their regular duties. At least, I assume that’s how your place works, since you seem to think that every LL employee knows how to diagnose server issues and debug viewer software.

    Maybe they just found a really good temp agency.

  57. Raven Primeau says:

    How Lads an Lasses owwer theor in sunny SF hows aboot deein a Geordie page for us lyek. It’d gan doon reel champoin if yah knaaa’s worramonabout hinneys.

    I say all you wonderful people over there in sunny SF, it would be a wheeze if you could do a Geordie *North Eastern English* page for us too. It would be ever so well recieved Im sure if you know what I mean?

    Seriously, a great move forward for SL, but I can understand and share ppls anger and whines about services which are incredibly poor at the moment.

  58. Sonja felisimo says:

    Oh i forgot something……….lol

    To have pages in german great idea………other languages would be good to………but jean how about making german payment methods available……….credit cards are not as common here as in the US and paypal isn’t the normal thing either 😉

    Just a thought 🙂

  59. Georgette Whitfield says:

    Ah’m wi Raven @57 ah want ah page fer aw thi Glesga folk in SL. Aw twae uv us. ‘N how aboot pages fer thi rest o’ thi Scots? Ifter aww we inventit steam engines or somethin’ so how aboot it, eh?

    Seriously though, this is great for the international community, WTG Lindens!!! And for all those moaning, Germans are now the largest group of users of SL, so that’s why they deserve their own page!!!

  60. Sean Heying says:

    Ειναι ολα τα ελληνικα σε εμενα!

    giggle 😉

  61. hypatia says:

    yes, its great, thank goodness I could put it back to English again 😀

    not everyone in this country has German as a first language 😛

  62. Shyan Graves says:

    Good job Lindens! 🙂

    think there are a lot Germans, Japanese, Korean here that will prefer to work on a page in there own language! – Been self German – I prefer to work in English and had no problem with autorouting to the German page, I had to change manually! I really like this and think it is a step in the right direction! 🙂 Keep going LL! *woot*

    Only thing about that new pages I do not like is that they do not have the same layout/format!

  63. A Resident says:

    There was a time when the internet was almost english only and people all over the world at least tried to learn it, to discuss and have fun in english. There were no country borders, no “americans”, no “japanese”, no “germans”, no “whatever”. Just people from everywhere with a lot of amazing different opinions, views, ideas … it was like a big new virtual woodstock (on steroids for some). Or like a “global village” – does anybody still remember this term?
    Then it ended and more and more people stayed in their own languages, with their very own ideas, their very own opinions and very own views talking about the very same they talked already iRL for ages. The internet got country borders and “KEEP OUT!” signs …

    Okay, this picture is a bit idealized and polemic, heh. It wasn’t all about tolerance, curiosity and happiness, the day when the internet was born it was the day flamewars were born (but I think that they had way more classy in these *cough* “good old days”). LL wants to have SL growing and growing so they do a lot to get people from all over the world into SL. Money didn’t care about country borders ever. It’s okay, thank you.
    But don’t stay with your own language and just give it a try. Otherwise you’ll miss a lot, perhaps the biggest part of all the fuss. And unlike a lot of other languages english isn’t really that hard to learn.

    Yep, english isn’t my native language.

  64. The Big is Back says:

    Et la traduction en Français, c’est pour quand?

  65. Joshe Darkstone says:

    my understanding from reading the sldev digest is that these releases in multiple languages will be rolled out and corrected by lettign the community respond to the issues and errors that arise with them. Its a good start,

    Interesting that a global communications platform has take 5 years to get to international translations of their web pages however. Not that I’m particularly surprised 🙂

  66. Joshe Darkstone says:

    @24 you arent likely to get any advice for that here so my suggestion is that you find and re-install the previous version of the viewer. there should be a link to it from the blog entry that is laughingly titled (in part) “Well Oiled Machine?”

  67. Spank Lovell says:

    Its interesting to see how people see LL as a monolithic organisation where when the proverbial hits the fan even the tea boy rolls his sleeves up and mucks in (he probably will but by making more tea)

    I can also understand this view as I dont think LL have published a breakdown of the different teams and their responsibilities. I for one would be interested to see that.

    I have the benefit of over 20 years in the industry and so can see the deliniation of each of the teams but it is very difficult for people who have not had that benefit to see that there are teams within THE team.

    So LL how about a blog entry that lists out the structure of the groups and their responsibilities, roadmap,etc?

    Seeing this may make it easier for everyone to understand that blog entries like this about the website come from just one team in SL who have no imput into the work areas of the other teams.

    Basically its the art of communication and using THESE communication mediums to their best effect, to allow your customers to see into your organisation and better understand you.

    Just my 2 cents/2 pence/2 deutchmarks……..

  68. Sonja Felismo says:

    @63 The only hippy woodstock relic round here still on steriods or drugs is you.

    There are people in all countries around the world who would love to learn another language……english, french, dutch, spanish, chinese or whatever…………..but don’t have the possibilties because they are to old or haven’t the intelectual ability……..doesn’t matter what the reason is, good for you that your english as second language is pretty good.

    To tell all these people learn english or you’ll miss something…… me a favour………………your the sort creating borders and shutting people out.

    Oh and i don’t think money has much to do with this at all.

    Go take your LSD and smoke your reefer :)………..and try count how many brain cells you have left……..;)

    BTW english isn’t my native tongue either………i speak a few languages 🙂

    and in the words of a great english comedian…..YOU PLONKER !!

  69. Shyan Graves says:

    @67 Good point! I would like to see that too. 🙂

    And btw it is now 2 cents in Germany too, there are no Deutschmarks anymore, we now have the Euro!! 😉 Sorry couldn’t resist! lol

  70. Spank Lovell says:

    lol oops I stand corrected Shyan 🙂

  71. Sonja Felismo says:

    @67 I would love to see the deutschmark back……so ty 🙂

    But to your point i agree with you and Shyan listing the teams would be a good idea 🙂

    greetz from hamburg

  72. Jessica Hultcrantz says:

    IP-ident ?????????

    Come on!!!! DefinitivelyNOT! That is so lame 1990’s obsolete technology.
    Today people move globaly even in RL and that means there can be german naitive speaking people outside Germany as well as non-german naitive speaking persons living inside Germany. So, give the users the choice, not force it. After all SL (®, ™, whatever …) is based in an english speaking country so that should be the default language.

    It’s really nice to see that this move together with the peak hour usage mentioned lately actually acknowledges the EU (not a ™ *grins*) residents to be a major portion of the SL (yeah the ®&(tm) stuff again…) population. After all german language as well as SL (ok getting rather tired of writing ®&(tm) here) peak hour time matches EU prime time, that says something 🙂

    And please… no scandinavian portal *grins* Those translations would be a joke anyway. (Yep. I’m from sweden and instantly thinks of the chef in the muppets when US-based companies tries to make translations to our language, no pun intended 🙂 )

  73. Sonja Felismo says:

    @72 jessica………….couldn’t agree more 😉

    Oh and the chef in the muppets was coooooool 🙂

    greetz from a fellow european 🙂

  74. cosa nostra says:

    @56 – yes I work with lesser but more efficient people because of continuous cross training (business is everyones business), the more ya learn the more ya earn and people work hard to get a qualitative product and service out ! guess that at linden the bookkeeping staff are having DONUT festivals when the assets servers are down again …. LMAO
    just give them a headphone and let them support the customer service dept cause there is back up needed at the moment or dump them in-world to help newbies before they hit the QUIT SL FOREVER button within 1 hour after being stuck with there heads in a 1 prim tree on HELP ISLAND !

    anyhow, my problem is that LINDEN is ACTUALLY working in the wild without focussing on the real issues in here (a stable environment accessible for the worldwide public, 1 viewer who is stable and operational running on its own asset servers, etc …..!) keep the 2th viewer then as a full experimental viewer and let the customers accept ‘terms and conditions’ in this one, then nobody will have to moan moving forward when problems occur.

    nobody is interested at the moment in languages, people want to see the product working, i.o. money transactions, reduced crashes, region downs solutions, etc ….And I respect germans like I respect all other countries around the world ! and I speak fluentely 6 languages myself !

    @37 – well running 3 viewers on a non performant pc, congrats, guess that everyone looks like YELLOW BOXES in a GRAY WORLD !
    better then one viewer that is STABLE running on a medium performing pc, thats the only thing that EVERYONE wants !

    keep the good work up !

  75. Ailenor Laval says:

    Well, a job nicely done for people who dont speak english.
    But sorry, I do. And actually a little fluently, even when it isnt my native tongue.
    I would love it, to have a possibility, where I could switch off this new achievement. Google is able to do so, hope you Lindens will be able to as well. I prefer my SL in english, but since there are people who do otherwise, let them choose.

  76. Keep adding them languages and finding more ways to tell us you’ve screwed us over. Good work 😉

  77. A Resident says:

    Sonja, thanks for your kindly words. But I don’t take drugs nor was my intention to “force” anybody to learn english even if they’re not able to. Did you say anything else besides making unfriendly assumptions and telling me that the most people are to stupid/old to learn another language? (what I strongly do NOT believe)

    I guess no, so have fun 🙂

  78. french hi says:

    Ca c’ is well but when for the language Frenchwomen yes already me I translate Ca for our françcais

    La communauté de langue allemande de salutations ! ! ! Notre équipe de développement de Web a pu localiser un choix de mes pages de compte dans l’Allemand (et récemment dans coréen et le Japonais aussi bien) ! ! ! La localisation de ces outils couvre plus que juste la traduction du texte anglais à l’Allemand. Il y avait également des perfectionnements à la façon dont des pages Web sont codées, aussi bien que plusieurs ronds de la QA pour s’assurer que les versions anglaises, coréennes, japonaises, et allemandes des outils fonctionnent comme conçu. Nous offrons maintenant les pages suivantes en allemand qui peut être accédé par l’emplacement de : * Demande de nouveaux mot de passe/remise de mot de passe * Résumé de compte de vue * Histoire de transactions de la vue L$ * Vue USD affichant l’histoire * Changez le mot de passe * Mise à jour d’information de contact (comprenant IM pour envoyer des arrangements) * Mise à niveau/Downgrade de plan d’adhésion * Mise à jour d’information de paiement (par la carte de crédit et PayPal) Merci beaucoup à chacun qui a rendu ceci possible ! (et en particulier CG. pour traduire ceci correctement pour moi) Herzlichen humide ! Jean

  79. Broccoli Curry says:

    Can I request that we actually do have the website in English, rather than american english, for those of us who actually do speak English and not american? Thanks y’all.

  80. chrisse Zabelin says:

    when (if) i can FINALLY teleport to other regions, then it maybe helps me to see some things in german…
    but i dont wanna see something in german

  81. sharra says:

    To all the “xyz is not working in SL”-Babys.
    Web-Developers are NOT asset-coders, and they are NOT client-developers….

    They´re only job is it to keep the websites running, and improve them.
    So let they do they´re work and stop crying like babys on them for problems with performance of the grid.

  82. Alyx Sands says:

    @Broccoli: I second that. And please, the viewer should also be available in British English.

  83. Kara Spengler says:

    Maybe have a language setting on the account page (or the main page in a cookie). It is not always a matter of the language people learn from birth either: my partner’s third language is Spanish and she always selects it when she has a choice in order to keep in practice.

  84. Cruise Swain says:

    I am more then willing to translate in Dutch if you’re up for it.

  85. Lees says:

    Well, localization is a task to do for a company operating and trying to sell it´s product globally, isn´t it. There´s nothing wrong on making things more convenient for non-native speakers, in particular if money matters.

    People fretting about that are probably simply rednecked egocentrical ignorants or just in a bad mood, right now 🙂

    Personally i believe sl needs a common language considering a fictional global village- and this language is without any doubt, english. This is true for in-world affairs, you´ll miss a lot of the really exciting things without the ability to understand basic english…

  86. Hionimi Engawa says:

    No offense, but, we the neighboars of germany, Holland, have to work our butts off at school to learn English next to our own language. So I wonder why this is being done really, probably easier to read in your own language yes, and I would make use of it if SL had some pages supporting Dutch, but I don’t expect that to happen anyway…So I just take advantage of my English laguage lessons, like many other Dutch people on SL, while our neighboar country gets a page in their own language because they refuse to learn English?

  87. Danziel Lane says:

    >>>>> @37 – well running 3 viewers on a non performant pc, congrats, guess that everyone looks like YELLOW BOXES in a GRAY WORLD !
    better then one viewer that is STABLE running on a medium performing pc, thats the only thing that EVERYONE wants !

    Hi Cosa Nostra … it’s still off topic, but as I see it, any blog entry ends up in flaming the Lindens for a laggy, non performant system.

    Well, I did not tell, my PC is non performant, but it’s not the newest. And I do not run 3 viewers all the time, but no problem to test a script, a payment or anything with more than one ava to make sure everything works fine. OK, I have settings a bit below mid then and particles switched off. But I see all colors and textures, all 3 can move and act, so what?

    And of course most of the time I run only 1 ava with about mid settings, don’t need to see 512 meters ahead. This runs stable and there are days without any crash.

    And yes, when I turn on a download in the background, I do not expect to see every new texture in a second.

    So, why not be happy about having international pages. I am sure other languages will follow soon. So again: Thanks. Great work.

  88. Samantha Sachertorte says:

    Just typical, nothing changes will SL does it. all the major problems with crashing, lag and server issues, that are not getting any decent attention. Then LL spend their time sorting out languages in My Account pages.
    Get your priorities right SL. It may stop annoying and upsetting the majority of residents in SL.

  89. isabelle frangilli says:

    Since my JIRA will certainly get no attention, I’ll rant here and beg forgiveness.


    This would be like pulleys no longer working in RL. It’s a basic script used by 1000s of content creators, the people who put value into LL’s empty sims.

    Could we get a blog entry once that addressed the borking of SL and what LL is doing to debork it?

  90. Kirsty Jennings says:

    Well that’s great…right now, I can’t tp, I can’t buy anything, so whether its in German, Japanese, English…Lindenese, whatever.. all I can say is Second Life is great in theory..very poor execution.

  91. DR Dahlgren says:

    Okay, (/me drags up box to stand on…) I want to toss in my few pennies here.

    1) Those who follow this blog, know I regularly take LL to task..So the first one to call me a kiss a**, I hunt down and orbit.
    2) This was a well done job by the web team.
    3) While there are problems in SL for sure, it is not a burning building, a sinking ship, whatever. And while there may be competition coming, so far what I have seen sucks. HiPiHi is the best I know of, and it pales in comparison. And no english client for it either, so teach yourself some Chinese.
    4) The SL database sucks, and has since I have been here. For those who may not remember, many of us lost 1000’s of L when no copy objects just disappeared from inventory X-mas of ’06.
    5) No one ever thought this could be scaled up to near this level ( I came in at 250k members and 10k concurent users, 12k crashed the place), Yet here we are, 60k concurrent users.
    6) This program is not meant to run on a P3 with a 64meg Trident 3 card. If your hardware is not up to spec, you will have problems. Simple as that. If it is not, upgrade or quit. You probably can not run 85% or more of the new vid games either. This is very graphics intensive, and if you vid lacks, your SL experiance will suck.
    7) I have this running on a P3 Dell with an Nvidia with 256, and it runs great.
    8) The second biggest problem lately is LL’s ISP. When they have hi packet loss between the server farms, SL goes to crap. There is nothing LL can do about that, except maybe switch ISP. Maybe a deal with L3 directly would be in all our best interests, if they don’t have that in place already.
    9) Since the last update, I have seen no real general issues. Yes it can be a bit slow, but everything seems to be working that is not a known bug.
    10) LL regularly pulls some pretty bonehead stuff IMHO. The killing of in world services instead of throttling logins as they said they would, when use gets too high, is a big one. Putting out a server update with major bugs like broken spheres, etc, is another.
    11) LL does not listen us in most instances, they do not seem to consider who creates the product they sell, the users, and if you think that is going to change, you should buy your meds from someone else, because the stuff you are using is no good.
    12) The quality of the SL world in general has degraded a lot since I have been. Not how it works, but the content. That to me is the saddest of all. Much of it is now just plain butt ugly. That is not directly LL’s fault, it falls on those who own the land and put the crap on it.

    However, complaining about everything is non-productive. As pointed out, web dev teams don’t write sever / client code. Doing this took nothing away from whatever they are doing to fix SL (little as that sometimes seems) and probably did help many for whom Deutsch is their main language.

    Bottom line, while some great content creators and business owners have left, most of us are still here.
    If you are tired of it all and want to leave, do it. Don’t threaten and then stay. It ruins any credibilty you might have. IM me inworld and we can talk about selling off land you might own.
    LL will continue with their agenda, whatever that is, whether we like it or not. I will continue to poke them as I see fit.
    Hopefully, someplace inbetween a disaster and a perfect SL, we can all find a spot to have a little fun, make a little money, and meet some new friends.
    See you inWorld.


  92. whatever says:

    I feel they need a good translator in game for those who can’t speak English , but on the other hand this is a english program so those who come to this game should at least speak a little bit of English .

  93. jane says:

    Wollen wir mal hoffen, dass das besser und genauer funktioniert als wie die Altersüberprüfung. Und sonst weiter so!

  94. drdahlgren says:

    @ whatever

    Write one, make yourself rich. The best I have ever seen are poor translators of thoughts even when they do get the words right.


  95. Rynard says:

    @(86)Hionimi Engawa

    “No offense, but, we the neighboars of germany, Holland, have to work our butts off at school to learn English next to our own language.”

    We do too, you should know that actually 🙂 To get an “Abitur” (german high school diploma) we need to learn two foreign languages, well, unfortunately I took latin as the 2nd. I should have tried harder in french instead of giving up and changing to latin.

    However, since a lot of movies/tv shows get not translated into dutch (or do they nowadays? I didn’t check this) I often notice that dutchmen are quite good in english mostly better than most germans.

    As for the translation of the, I guess it depends just on how many germans are already in SL and how many more could possibly be interested and join “the party”. I’m convienced that you’ll see a dutch version if more dutchmen give SL a try.

  96. Foxxe Wilder says:

    FIrst off… My apologies to the moderator. Once again LL has been guilty of refusing public input on a valid PROBLEM.

    Now, I don’t know what the havoc or the mono crap is… but I have to ASSUME it is responsible for numerous UNREMOVABLE INVISIBLE objects on my parcels. objects that I can STAND upon and yet despite being the landowner, I cannot REMOVE them.

    Also, the NEXT TIME you guys do a database repair (yeah it does seem to be every single DAY now,) you could TELL US AS WE LOG IN!!
    (what ever happened to the Secondlife client info pages????)

  97. Anny Helsinki says:

    good work for biggest community….
    takes somne weeks… lol

  98. John Loo says:

    Im quite pleased having stuff in more languages now. quite alot of people do not speak english well. Would be good though if someone was done about texture theft too though.

  99. Anny Helsinki says:

    can one tell me from what the system is calling got gestures i deaktivate?

    cant be that complicate to disable that

  100. Anny Helsinki says:

    rynard… ure funny

  101. leliel Mirihi says:

    @98 Joho Loo

    There is no way to keep people from taking that which you have already given them. If you people really care about your copyrights then start suing the “thieves”.

  102. For Randt says:

    @7 You’ll never persuade the moaners to stop although it’s certainly a cathartic for you to point out their ignorance. I am, too, among those that just advise these folks to quit if they are so unhappy. They just enjoy b%^*&ing no matter what you say to them. @79 for example has groaned in the past about fixing lag and stability instead of adding whistles and bells or other new features but is now asking in this post for a UK English page. Go figure.

  103. torridluna says:

    Hum. Sehr schön. Die Verheissung, man könne nun am Second Life® teilnehmen, ohne die Grundbegriffe der englischen Sprache zu beherrschen, kann aber nur in einem Reinfall münden. Wer glaubt, jetzt ohne grundlegende Englischkenntnisse durchzukommen, wird an der ersten Fehlermeldung oder Supportanfrage scheitern, und wer glaubt, er käme um die herum… naja, der ist so richtig naiv.^^ Es gibt interessante Bestrebungen, ein vereinfachtes Englisch als Weltsprache zu etablieren, einfach mal “Globish” nachschlagen. (Mein Entwurf, “SMPL KRAUTT” als Businesssprache zu vereinheitlichen ist ja leider gescheitert. *shnrz*) Gerade in SL(Tickle Me) kommt es mehr darauf an, sich verständlich zu machen, als ein paar Mono-Kulturen zu hegen. Denkt mal d’rüber nach(TM)!

  104. Greta W says:

    Why some regions are unreachable since hours and hours ago and why nobody says nothing about it?

  105. Alyx Sands says:

    @Rynard: I want a Latin translation then: I could offer Old English in exchange. (<–I gots teh Great Latinumz, too! ;-)))

    @torridluna: Support gibt es mittlerweile auch auf Deutsch….mit leicht fragwürdiger Grammatik….aber ich bin mir nicht sicher, wie du etwa im Live Chat jemandem klarmachen willst, dass du kein Englisch kannst! 🙂
    Es gab übrigens schon öfter Versuche, Englisch zu vereinfachen: Basic English etwa, das auch zur Kommunikation mit den lieben Kolonien gedacht war (so wie auch Kolonialdeutsch-ein leicht finsteres Kapitel der Völkerverständigung…)

  106. For Randt says:

    @96 “Now, I don’t know what the havoc or the mono crap is… but I have to ASSUME it is responsible for numerous UNREMOVABLE INVISIBLE objects on my parcels.”

    What a hoot! What an innane, uneducated, ill-informed, and meaningless statement. Best laugh I’ve had all day!

  107. Alyx Sands says:

    @106: It’s….wreaking HAVOK4! 😉

  108. For Randt says:

    @107 Indeed, but nothing a bit of Old Tobey couldn’t remedy :o)

  109. U M says:

    Whats the point of having langauge options? They don`t handle Support portal questens anyways? If your luck after one year they are stil there and not deleted soon after or replied to in a rude and unprofessial way. MANY they can insult and ingore in a better sence with translation softrware by saying inb many different langauges……

  110. Hionimi Engawa says:

    @95 Rynard: Our movies are kept in English still yes, though those who cannot speak English too well will be locked reading the subtitles, having a tough time following the scenery. XD One of the reasons I learned my English. 😮 And hey, there are already 30,000 Dutch folks registered on SL, we even have our own website. D: Guess we should make a petition or something if we wish a little support in our own language… ._.

  111. Well, kudos, better late than never. You should really go look up some numbers though guys. There are far more French, Spanish and Portuguese speakers in the world than German, Korean or Japanese. They should have been done first. China is now 15th in the list of countries in February Key Metrics: yes those bad bad numbers you snuck out 5 weeks late with zero fanfare eg US user base shrinking two months in a row, and essentially global Active Users and Premiums have been static for 10 months.

    Now if you’d done better language support (support lines, viewer, documentation, web site, more ways to buy Lindens) when begged last year, and French isn’t difficult, they speak it in parts of Canada, and Spanish in California – shock horror – then maybe you wouldn’t have seen a user drop of a third or more in most European countries since last year, and almost half in Portuguese speaking Brazil.

    In January 2007, first month of Key Metrics, France was second with 12.9% of users, and French speaking nations made up over 14%, but instead you did Korean, and got in a Korean speaking Linden, which made up just 0.14% – a hundredth less – and since then, France has dropped to 5th and about 5%. You didn’t give actual numbers over percentages until May 2007, by which time France was already dropping, but even so the have gone from 36K users to 27K users, Germany has dropped from 51K to 44K, Japan has dropped, Brazil dropped, almost every European country bar the UK, which is now second.

    Funny then that the UK is the only European country that PayPal accepts debit cards from. Correlation? Personally, I think you’ve left it way too late, those people have left and gone, I doubt they’ll come back again, not if as soon as they do they start crashing and moving at 5fps or less because of Windlimp.

  112. Lack of language support has seen the proportion of non-English speakers (by country, sure some do have English as a second language, but only way to guess from Key Metrics and there are a lot of non-English Spanish speakers in the US even) in SL drop from 60% of all users to 50%, something you should take notice of, as should all the people who think everyone speaks English on SL – they don’t but you probably never go to their sims.

    And let’s not forget that for a global game, 24/7/365, you still do everything at Euro Zone unfriendly time slots, even though they used to make up 60% or more of users. Wednesday updates used to knock out one evening a week for Euro users.

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  114. Hionimi Engawa says:

    @112, Montana Corleone: I think I’m going to whack this down very rude and blunty so it stays clear, America doesn’t give a shit about the rest of the world when it comes to these kind of things. It’s the reason why the updates are badly planned when it comes to other continents, why SL parties are planned too late for most Europians and of course, the lack of support for those who do have the bad luck of never having learned to speak Enlgish.

    Though, it would be great to see if Linden Labs brought out a really wide range of language support. Dunno what is all supported now, but maybe also support for French, Dutch and what ever else may be wished. And you cannot really expect from countries like Holland that they won’t need it because they educate English at their schools, because they’re plenty of ways to skip that. I know quite enough people that just cannot speak English too well down to non. So my message is, if…IF Linden Lab will read this (FOR CRYING OUT LOUD LINDEN LABS, READ THIS AND CONSIDER.), make your support as global as possible since your game/product/service is as global as can be. Keep events, updates and language support global, it can lead to more residents if that is what you hope to achieve.

  115. Koyomi Yoshikawa says:

    Good work but please,

    remove the ip-ident and let us choose the language we want to use.

  116. Mixter says:

    I tried to show a friend Second Life and she almost joined, except the only surnames available were all German, so she gave up (she isn’t German). Why aren’t there any English names to choose from?



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