Mono Beta Refresh 7

The Mono regions on the beta grid were updated with new binaries on Friday that resolve the following issues:

*SVC-1956 Event handler and global function name collision
*SVC-1969 Errors when rezzing, executing, derezzing
*SVC-1403 llRemoteLoadScriptPin start param always 0
*SVC-1836 Exception when mono gets ISO-8859-1 expecting UTF-8
*SVC-1950 Delayed detach event breaks event handler calls
*SVC-1372 Duplicate events in Mono cause compilation failure
*SVC-1862 Listen event performance worse under Mono
*SVC-1898 llGetInventoryKey Failure
*SVC-1328 UThread Injection failure on function return

Unfortunately there was a problem with our fix to SVC-1372 which is causing a lot of scripts to fail to compile. We’re working on the issue now and will deploy a fix and post an update here as soon as we have a fix.

Thanks again for all your support throughout the beta process. We hope to see you at the office hour in Sandbox Goguen MONO on the beta grid on Wednesday at 8AM and Friday at 3PM.

[UPDATE: We have deployed a new LSL compiler to the Mono beta hosts which should resolve the issues caused by our initial fix for SVC-1372]

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74 Responses to Mono Beta Refresh 7

  1. Very Keynes says:

    Hi Babbage, great new, just 2 quick questions.

    1) will the Mono enabled Beta sims be running Havok 4?
    2) will you be running an early addopter program inworld like Sidwinder did for H4, and if so any idea when so that I can get my application in ?

    I have several scripts writen specificaly for Mono that are now working great, but I need to load test them in RT, during an event πŸ™‚


  2. U M says:

    Keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. Teddy Qinan says:

    I can’t wait for Mono, keep up the good work guys. πŸ™‚

  4. Detox Watanabe says:

    Mono is something I’m more looking forward to see than I was with havok4… what I heard so far sounds great XD.

  5. Sean Heying says:

    I hope that the Mono team runs a similar early adopter program to the Havok team, it will allow us scripters to test things inworld.

  6. Very Keynes says:

    I found the answer to my questions above in the Wiki here:
    But I find this comment to be somewhat lacking in logic:

    “What we foresee are residents doing teleports and region crosses with Mono-compiled attachments. When they go to a non-Mono region their scripts just stop working. Some will understand what has happened, but many will not. They will contact the scripter demanding a “fixed” script, or they will contact LL support.”

    Many scripters will have products ready to release and will sell or distribute as soon as it is available on the main grid. It would be reasonable to expect those scripters to test in the live environment prior to selling, but market dynamics are such that they will try to be first to market without having had a chance to properly test. Those same scripters would be well aware of the early adopter status of the environment and would have the opportunity to test their product under live conditions, prior to distribution.
    As such I expect your approach to cause more headaches for vendors and LL support, than a controlled live test period would.

    As for the second question are we still on target to go live before June? I had better start doing some more coding, this project is moving faster then any of us expected, and your team are doing a great job of squashing bugs. Keep up the great work.

  7. merlin skinstad says:

    hi just a query ever since sunday 6th keep crashing as connect screen comes up up is this prob at 2nd life or computer

  8. Oh yes… I see I need to test the after market scripts I use (the stuff scripters resell for developers and builders).

    I have no doubt a couple of the BIG ones will be tested and validated by the author. It’s all those little ones that I kind of bite my nails about.

    I don’t usually go over to the beta grid (just haven’t had the time for it) – so I do hope there will be an early-adopter program of sorts – or at least a test sim or two on main grid.

  9. Khan Kimban says:

    I am seeing multiple instances of the following when I compile now or rez my object:

    Script run-time error
    System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object at LindenLab.SecondLife.LslUserScript.OnEvent (ScriptEvent evt) [0x00000] at LindenLab.SecondLife.Script.Run (ScriptEvent evt) [0x00000]

    Anyone else having the same problem? I did not see these errors on the last Refresh.

  10. Ealena Iwish says:

    I don’t know, something with the big inworld issue remember? that u had to closed the logins?, yeah, it made me do not crash anymore, yesterday was perfect… no crashes… perfect… but today… I have a suprise…. CRASH ( my crashes… freeze)…. =(
    LL what is going on? u all are working on it yes?….

    Thank you..

  11. Anny Helsinki says:

    can u please bring up my home????

    tropical dreams??

    yet… before i are realy angry……..

  12. Raymond Figtree says:

    How about the main viewer? Now that Nicholaz is no longer going to be doing updates on his Open Source viewers, the pressure is really on for you to give us a version that works. We’re getting a little tired of the constant crashing.

  13. Anny Helsinki says:

    do it soon…. i have a lighter to burn all

    yesss am angry now

    wonder who pay students for this…….

    ya dont need to work hard… only make the game avaiable…..yet, ….aaarrrrrr

  14. Khan Kimban says:

    My issue in #9 makes me think think that SVC-1324 is not fixed or has resurfaced.

  15. LoLo says:

    my openspace sim is gone. it was offline after the grid problems but now itsgone completely. what happend? is this normal?

  16. Anny Helsinki says:


    bring my Sim back……. tropical dreams… or i kill the rest… yeee am real angry about …..

  17. Darien Caldwell says:

    Thanks Babbage πŸ™‚ I look forward to trying out the latest update.

  18. annemarie perenti says:

    Yea… all great news, but SL is still not working properly after months of everybody complaining about crashes, slow performance and all the rest. I am starting to think that SL is a lemon that can never be fixed properly, and I am seriuosly re-thinking my presence here. Have a great life….

  19. queen890 westland says:

    on SL i now have a lag wich makes me not move, floating above the ground, makes my head between my legs and over any sim!!!! im so angry i will not play SL until this bug is fixed!!!!

  20. Hewitt Huet says:

    Babbage, kudos to you and the Mono team. Things seem to be going well. Keep up the great work, and hopefully we’ll see mono live soon!

  21. Torian says:

    One question.. will MONO co-exist with the old LSL? If not and it invalidates ALL old scripts, then people will leave by the 1,000’s. How many items do you have in your inventory that you have paid money for?

    As for the new viewer… the new crash logger takes up to 10 minutes to connect and send it’s information back to LL. While it’s running it uses 99% CPU. Maybe it is now working correctly and the crash log servers are overwhelmed with the amount of crashes they are having to handle.

  22. Periapse Linden says:

    Very Keynes — yes, now that havok4 is checked into release, we can merge it with Mono. Hopefully the next Mono release will have havok4. We expect some new issues and behavior as a result.

    Once Mono + havok4 has stabilized we will prep it for the main grid. Our strategy is not for an Early Adopter program, but rather to just get Mono available everywhere, as described on the blog. Our reasons are simple: Mono is not like havok4 because it is Opt In. A Mono region behaves no differently from a non-Mono region until scripts have been recompiled to Mono. Also, we don’t want to leave the main grid in a mixed (Mono / non-Mono) state for very long, as mono scripted attachments and objects will stop functioning if you go to a non-Mono region.

  23. Khan, please file a JIRA with as simple a repro as possible

  24. Tormento Sansome says:

    Now thats one big concern, about the question Torian posted. If Mono will be backward compatible wih old LSL codes. Example, I have thousands of scripted objects like avatar. Some which the creator no longer exists and some which are lazzy to update their stuff. I’m talking about items I have invested RL money buying L$ to acquire them. I just hope that the old and new LSL codes can co-exist or at least be some sort of work around to that deal….

  25. CC says:

    I just figured out what was happening with my viewer why it would not run and i was always ruthed and lagged to hell and back
    please if u have this trouble check your firewall the new versions were not being picked up by my firewall which was turned off i had to manually add the new SL exe files to allow access and now im nooooooo lag and running perfect i sure wish lindens had a lil more tech knowledge or posted possibles to try when u all of a sudden cannot use a new viewer its not in knowledge base to recheck your firewalls even if they are set too off

  26. mmm, i interpret the post of Periapse Linden as saying that all scripts will stop working eventually unless they are being recompiled in mono, is that right?

  27. BigT says:

    Wow CC, thank you. I have had issues for a long time. I tried this and bang working great now. Why dose it take a stranger to figure out whats wrong, when I have submitted so many tickets. Asked live help so many times. I guess them Lindens really aint as smart as they pretend to be.
    Wake up guys, this should have been easy for your tech’s. But nope, never had a one hint i could have this issue.

  28. Daten Thielt says:

    From the last mono meating i went to it seems that the old LSL VM and the MONO VM will both run at the same time in a region meaning old scripts will work but will not be as efficiant as a MONO compiled script, correct me if im wrong babbage

  29. Liz says:

    For those who missed it:

    “Will I have to manually convert all my objects to using Mono, or is there an automated tool?
    – Yes, you must manually invoke compilation to Mono. Though you can make use of the Tools Menu to recompile all scripts in selection to Mono.

    Can I keep my scripts running on the old LSL2 VM forever?
    – We have no plans to eliminate the LSL2 VM. This will be re-examined after Mono has been live on the Main Grid for a while. But right now it is easier to continue to support LSL2 than to migrate all scripts.”

  30. pantaiputih korobase says:

    sorry to be off topic…… it’s just cause you (LL) close other blogs:-)
    firstly I want to say that the current offical viewer runs quite well for me, so no real problems, but:
    – you might consider to care about othe users whose equipments do not meet your minimum requirements or cleraly advice them in an understandable (lay) way how they can change their settings to try to be ‘alive’ still
    – the last weekend was a nightmare and we all can only hope that this was the nadir of our SL experience and will improve soon. You say, it is not your fault but the providors fault or whomevers fault, yet these are the business partners you chose for your own business. I am happy that I am not running a RL business in SL but be here just for fun (and really enjoy it), but you need to be aware that many people are running a business there. This is what you exactly want residents to do: run a business to make them AND you happy on the financial side. This game is not like most of the other PC games: money is made and lost here. YOU are responsible for the pepole who run a business here that downtimes are at an acceptable level and it is your duty to look for business partners to provide you such services. I hope that you will get a refund from your business partners for this outage and forward it to those who lost money during this weekend. If I would run a business in your game, I would be very close to quitting, possibly because of your lack of transparency and proper communication. I personally don’t need a thousand ugly malls in SL, but still I fell for those who built them and suffer by all these problems. People want to buy and sell in SL and if you are not able to provide a stable platform, hardware, usuable viewer etc. etc., economics will go down and make YOU suffer or die. Economics is a give and take……

    Ok, hope no one interprets that as whining, just triying to constructively criticize and I need to get these things out from time to time as I rarely feel that your users are truely heard by you (issue: communication).

    Take an exmaple at Sidewinder, this person is very responsive, construcitve, positive, helpful – more of that please!

  31. pantaiputih korobase says:

    …and forgive me my typos πŸ™‚

  32. Doctor Outlander says:

    Can you leave the grid alone for one week out of the month something.!!!

  33. S Lemaire says:

    I just wish you guys would work on stability as the most important thing that most residents want. We were promised not less than a couple of days ago that the new update would be more stable but alas it is not. I have lost count of the amount of times I have crashed in the last few days. I love SL I really do but it is so upsetting that stability can not be achieved. I have been here almost 2 years now. 😦

  34. S Lemaire says:

    Transactions and teleports are again going haywire.

  35. Calley says:

    Am I missing something or WHat the GOOD HEAVEN IS MONO???????????? I’ve been reading about the new simulator in beta, the outages, i’ve been keeping up… but WHAT NOW???? This is all getting too complicated its ridiculous… Please someone answer!

  36. Darien Caldwell says:

    No, the old VM will continue to be supported, it’s in fact the opposite. To take advantage of the new MONO VM, you have to explicitly enable it at compile time. If people don’t want to use Mono, they don’t have to and their scripts will continue to run as they always have, slow and laggy. πŸ˜›

  37. Jordon Jenson says:

    Do you know your having login problems again…if you do your not posting it…thanks

  38. Jabath Steuart says:

    Didn’t LL say at the start of the year they were going to be focusing on stability this year? And yet we already have voice (Skype sounds better), Havok4 (lots of vehicles are now pretty useless) and now Mono (scripts are going to break everywhere).

    Don’t get me wrong, these are all great features, but each causes new bugs and instabilities in a system that was already creaking at the seams.

    But what really boils my blood is that there are (were, anyway) coders out there fixing bugs in the viewer who are giving up because LL didn’t seem interested in merging patches into the main viewer.

    LL totally lacks focus. Its open source efforts are a mess. And last, and most importantly, its system is fundamentally unstable.

  39. Lucian Halasy says:

    I give a damn about what happens on the beta grid. In the past week there wasn’t a single day where everything worked properly. Every other day money transfers stale, like right now again. Fix the main grid first monkeys!

  40. amy says:



  41. Ealena Iwish says:

    Login Failed

  42. Aimee Trescothick says:

    @26 no, that’s not what he said. The sky is not falling πŸ™‚ All your old LSL scripts will keep working.

    What he said was that they don’t want the grid in an inconsistent state where people are compiling scripts with Mono enabled, and then someone takes the object to another sim running an older server version without Mono where they won’t work.

    Existing LSL Script -> Mono server = Will work
    Mono compiled LSL -> Non-Mono server = Won’t work

  43. aSwede says:


    Did you even take the time to read the blogs about Havok4 and the reasons for it to be integrated into the simulators? Ignorance is one thing, but plain ignoring information is something else.

    The Havok4 project was *all* about stability, and still is. The team continues to follow up on issues and people who make cars and bikes and didn’t take the time to try their creations during the *long* beta period are the ones you want to blame. Havok4 is a change but aimed at stability and a better SL and hence a step forward.

    Mono is another step forward. Weed out the faults in the old scripting language and make scripts run faster and better and SL gains from it yet again.

    When it comes to voice in SL, I’m really not too well informed. The only example I’ve heard is in Torley’s tutorial and it didn’t impress me but it seems to work ok at least.

  44. Kamina Genome says:

    Login Failed….how very nice.

  45. Jacqueline Trudeau says:

    I hate to off-topic up you MONO thread… but the grid(tm) is going haywire again. I tried paying a resident and SL answered me with “Dataserver error”

  46. KimQ Shepherd says:

    I’m with Lucian… when will you finally fix the money transfer problems??
    I am tired of losing money all the time.

  47. Angelic Greenwood says:

    Same here Jacqueline. Was trying to purchase something and got the same thing. Now I can’t log on at all, keeps giving me a “Login Failed” error box.

    Hopefully they get it up and running again soon.

  48. Ishtara Rothschild says:

    Different topic: Inworld businesses lost quite some sales this weekend, due to the new viewer release and the outages (not to mention the old problem with stale transactions, which gets us a lot of upset customers and negative word-of-mouth advertising).

    On the other side, classified ads have become ridiculously expensive, if they are to be efficient with the new search. Most people place their ads on Friday or early Saturday, hoping for good search results over the weekend.

    It would be a nice touch if the current classified ads could be extended for a day or too in order to make up for the lost weekend sales.

  49. Thili Playfair says:

    *knock* time to shut down SL again, login is broke or just veeery unresponsive.

  50. Angelic Greenwood says:

    New announcement that Group/Profile Services are Unavailable. Might want to reword that to “Nothing” is available. No luck logging in still.

  51. Anonymous says:

    Wow; is this the way to reduce load? Remove vital information? My guess is JUST like the rating system, profiles will be removed or web based due to the “high database” load it creates… ROTFLMAO

  52. Bud Goode says:

    WTF is Mono?!!

    As a developer, if I were to send out a message to all of the end users of an application stating something like “the framis gasket on the server is malfunctioning”, I would be standing in the unemployment line faster than you can say, “Mono”.

    Translate information into English before you post it. Jezus!

  53. Angelic Greenwood says:

    Finally it logged me in. Hopefully things’ll go back to some kind of normality.

  54. MadHuan says:

    Hey i cant login whats wrong? Is this because i have no money?

  55. Anonymous says:

    @ Bud
    Mono is a “compiler” (a device that makes your scripts actually work; it reads the code, and “makes” it happen…) (Mono is also a disease; “The Kissing Disease” (mononeucleosis))

  56. F L says:

    Login failed

    Lindens, may I make a suggestion? When something like this happens, could you just put up a notice or something to let us know you are aware of it, and if possible a time for it to be resolved?

    A communication that shows you are taking notice is better than no communication at all.

  57. A Kitty says:

    Yaaaa… mono… yeah.. /claps

    meanwhile the grid is dying again ^^;;

    Failed to login :d fun

  58. Kirsty Jennings says:

    errmmm…anyone else having login problems? Or is that a stupid question..pfftttt

  59. Anonymous says:

    @ F L
    I called concierge and asked why the info had not been posted; the reply I got was basically the system is so borked they cant even post an in-world announcement to notify residents of the malfunction…. LMAO

  60. Kirsty Jennings says:

    Sorry for the repeat question…those last two only now showed up…what exactly is the reason for Login Failed…could you be a bit more specific…thanks

  61. xDamianx Nightfire says:

    Login Failed, thank you for the inconvenience :\

  62. ryan alucinakis says:

    Why is everytime I try to spend some time running my tringo buisness am I left standing with 20 plus people chatting about how bad things have got!
    No payment seems to be like a new added feature of SL if this is carrys on people will start selling up and getting out.
    I pay for a service that I have not had for coming on 3 weeks now its costing me the money that payed for my tier and my membership maybe time to re think sell up as i could go back to paying no membership and tier and have the same service

  63. sophia yates says:

    LOGIN FAILED….LOGIN FAILED..MONO? UGHHHHH…I have dolphins dangling in mid virtual air…send help…but wait i wont be there because LOGIN FAILED LOL..

    Really it is getting a bit tirering and a waste of time being on SL now because of the instability and always being told things are going to improve. Well thats been the subject Ive been hearing for 15 months now for me.

    As much as I love Second Life which I really do. My patience is now at its last thread and well thinking about it all with a practical mind…its getting to be a waste of my rl time to sit in front of this computer getting frustrated over hmm what now….

    where can I start..constant changes that create more instability. Its crazy. I was dancing with the alien greys on Friday before the outage lol..and wanted to change into a lovely bikini but ummm of course couldnt because it was pending. …took some film footage of the dancing grey men pretty funny. I lower my settings to almost nill sometimes and it doesnt matter. My friends list ? HAHA some times it comes up and sometimes it doesnt. ..inventory loading HAHA . I do clear my Cache….Im trying to stick with it but Im loosing my confidence in how LL / SL means to the residents ….I dont think we r priority. we may be a pain in the butt…and for others…what do the big companies think of this? Im sure they have employees who wonder onto the maingrid away from thier isolated grids and see what were going thru…im sure thier grids run smoothly of course so they can conduct business and maybe thats just the direction LL will focus on in the future..not the public residents but more in the coorporate direction…which if i were LL my best interest would be in the best interest of the company and not the customer which would drive me to engage more with another level of players. I dont know what to think anymore..

    Am I just really wasting my time here?….YES!!!! Its been fun and interesting met allot of interesting people like we all say from around the globe ..very educational. But they all feel the same wayl about LAG and CRASHING ect…..yes we all have that in common.

    I run other applications on my computer and they run swiflty and without fail. YAYA but SL is way to sophisticated so it is different. UGHHH…Venting here sorry..but it would be nice to at least have some time on SL that doesnt frustrate me….I may bail unfortunatly when summer hits sure i wont be the only ones taking a break or missed for that matter…and check it out later in the fall to see if it improved..

    In the mean time my dolphins have become like hip hop DJ’s eh eh eh eh eh eh eh lol (sound of scratching records there)

    Also loved the time I was sent to some holding tank orientation location and we were all grey the sim was full and people just logged out and others flew in but we were held prisoners. We couldnt TP I walked and flew out all the home to my own sim..what a journey but i did it and didnt log out. Also took photos of that experience. Maybe SL has some connection to the alien nation hmmmm is that why we all turn grey…ohhhhhhh

  64. Please open comments on blog postings.

    Please do not disable parts of SL almost daily.. FIX THEM

    Some of us pay thousands to run our businesses here and feel short changed.

  65. @ sophia yates
    Who so graciously said: “Really it is getting a bit tirering and a waste of time being on SL now because of the instability and always being told things are going to improve. Well thats been the subject Ive been hearing for 15 months now for me.”

    To which I reply:
    And that’s what the Havok 4 Sim, Mono and several other ‘shiny features’ are going to FIX. Unfortunately, the software is five-years-old and being built-upon over itself.

    It’s like having the roof of your house replaced five time – without removing the previous roof. Mono *will* stabilize a lot of things. Unfortunately, some older things will break.

    Which would you rather have: The status quo you have right now and everything works? Or, risk that a few things might break (and eventually be fixed again) for much faster and more stable experience?

    The very complaint you make (I quote part above) is a catch-22 and you are not realizing it. To fix the grid means updated software, which you are automatically assuming is a “bell and whistle” – when it is, en fact, exactly what you have been asking for to alleviate what you’ve been complaining about to begin with.

    So, before ranting, please at least understand exactly what it is you are ranting about. I don’t mean this in a rude or sarcastic way. I am genuinely making what I hope is a good suggestion, no flaming intended at all.

    On-topic comment:
    As for the new Mono build on the beta grid… this is great. I don’t have much opportunity to visit the beta grid. Will there be an early adopter program like with Havok 4? Or, at least a test sim or two on the main grid eventually?

    Kind regards

  66. uh-oh says:

    Ok I would file a jira on this but every time I open it to report a problem I get mad at it and close it. It needs to be more user friendly.
    Went onto the beta grid and flew in my p-38. handled like a dream. No problems other than the region changing window that keeps popping up and freezing the controls.
    I was pleased with how I was able to really punsish this bird and it took everything I threw at it without a problem.
    I prefer to fly low and fast so I have the challenge of having to make a split second correction when something appears in front of me.
    To be honset, I have not been having issues other than lag or parcels being full and sending my bird back to my lost in found on the main grid since i started flying. So I am confused about what all the bugs are that people are talking about.
    All i can say is it worked fine for me other than the popup window about region changes that would be nice to be able to turn off and not have it show up again.

  67. DR Dahlgren says:

    I’m sorry, but since you refuse to open your Profile and Group Services Blogs to comments, and we all know why…. I am posting here.

    Disabling a much used service to promote grid stability at a time when usage exceeds capability is simply UNACCEPTABLE!!!

    LL announced a policy of throttling back free account logins when the demand exceeded the grid way back in 2007. While this was only used a few times, and the grid capacity is now about double what it was then, this is the only acceptable and equatable means you should use to cap resource usage.

    While it is true this is not the most critical of services, it is used a lot by those who pay to play here, many of us paying substanially. Whats next, no TP’s, no script email, no IM’s???

    If the grid can not support the number of people who want on it, either beef it up, or throttle logins to premium accounts first. That was announced policy, now stick to it!!!


  68. Lars Donardson says:

    @65 Ari, the venting is understandable as LL drops a “closed for service” blog entry upon us and closes the comments – this HAS to raise frustration levels, don’t u think?

    On topic:
    *SVC-1862 Listen event performance worse under Mono

    Does this refer to the behavior of a scripted object being fairly unresposive when triggered by clicking on it (I sometimes am close to Repetitive Strain Injury when testing on the beta)?

    @6 I see the same problem when changing regions but that coud be tackled with a similar message as it was the case in the early adapter program of Havoc4 (You are leaving….)

    General comment: The introduction of Mono is a move in the right direction – as was Havoc4 (linking finally is a usable feature) once the squirks are ironed out.

    To the mono team: PLEASE adopt thesame attitude towards commincation as the Havoc4 team did. Responses to one’s questions/problems makes one feel that ‘someone’ at LL is actually reading the blogs – although I assume you all do…

    An early adapter program seems like a good idea to test new scripts under load conditions w/o sacrifying the whole grid!

  69. I’m getting rather frequent freezes, lockups and flatout crashes since you had these problems that took SL down for ISP reasons. I had absolutely no issues, even commented about it on the blog prior to this ISP change. In addition, the login screen takes up to 1 minute to load, connections are failing and if they don’t fail take over 1 minute to connect. Also, inventory loading is horribly slow and retrieves no more than 6-75 inventoy items per interval – now I have to wait nearly 15 minutes for my entire inventory to load. Items are not rezzing consistently, asset server is timing out and even things like applying a texture have failed. I’ve been having terrible issues with inventory items simply disappearing or not being found in search when the item is actually there and can be found manually. I’ve also had bad issues with my sim crashing and rolling back give or take 30 minutes of work each time. Multiple selected objects are failing to update all textures when a new texture is applied – some objects that are selected forget to update faces at random… can have 50 cube, select them all and change the texture and SL chokes – forgets to change textures on most of them and you have to repeat the process 5-6 times to make sure all the textures actually change. There’s also problems with prims losing their texture flips when the prim is shift copied.

  70. Lars Donardson says:

    @67 I WAS a paying customer until I got fed up with the service LL was offering me for my money, so I reverted to a free account.
    STILL, I am paying almost 9k on tiers on a privately owned sim PLUS rental fees for several shops…so in which category would I fall?

    Think about that for a second before jumping to conclusions!

  71. DR Dahlgren says:

    I am not jumping to conclusions, I am asking LL to use the policy they put in place to handle grid overload, simple as that.


  72. @ Lars Donardson

    That was my dry humer. I was being sarcastic πŸ˜‰

    Some of the venting is oxymoron: they complain that Linden lab is installing new “features” such as Havok and Mono, that rather they should concentrate on “fixing” the grid stability and experience.

    The oxymoron is that is what Havok 4 and Mono will do. πŸ™‚

    Unfortunately, as with any upgrade from any software vendor – moving forward always means a half-step or two backward.

    Try opening a Microsoft Word document version 1 or version 2 in the current version. 99% no problems. But, if the document conatins serious power-user features implemented – it breaks.

    That’s a risk I’m willing to take with mono. πŸ™‚

  73. Siann Beck says:

    Great Scott, people! How about getting some *facts* before going off half-cocked? I think some people just think everything goes better with a good whine. Try reading, eh?

    “LL needs to focus on STABILITY!!!!!!”

    “ZOMG!!!! Old scripts are going break!”

    “You’re messing up the grid with all this testing!!!!!!”

    “WHAT????!!!! What is Mono?!!!!”
    (If you can’t be bothered to read it, you don’t need to worry about it.)

    P.S. Posting here about off-topic issues is pointless. It’s not going to be seen by the people who need to see it. That’s what support tickets are for.

  74. “…SL is still not working properly after months of everybody complaining about crashes, slow performance and all the rest.”

    Perhaps this says something about the efficacy of complaining. In particular, complaining _both_ about slow performance and about work being done to compile scripts down to CLR (the .NET/C# bytecode), which if I remember rightly has shown script speedups in the range of hundreds of times, seems particularly counterproductive.

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