[Completed] Profile and Group Temporary Changes 1:00 PM PST

[Completed 4:30 PM PST] Operations has concluded changes and restoration of group and profile services. Please clear group cache via the debug/Advanced menu or relog to have group and profile services restored.

Update 12:13 PM PST: We will begin these group changes earlier than originally expected and will commence momentarily.

As part of a plan to increase overall stability of the grid today during peak usage hours, our operations team will make some changes at 1:00pm SLT that will reduce overall database load and create a more reliable experience for everyone. As a side effect of these temporary changes, some group and avatar profile services will not be available.


* Avatar profile information will not be trasmitted to the viewer. This affects both floating and
embedded profile windows.

* General group information (name, charter, etc.) will not display
in floating or group embedded group info windows.

* Groups will not show their member lists.

* Group owners and officers will not be able to eject group members.

* Group proposals will open the UI, but will fail to create.

* About Land will show 0 for traffic.

Please note that all of these effects are temporary and will return to normal behavior when we re-enable these services at approximately 4:30pm SLT. At that time you should either relog or run Client -> Clear Group Cache (a Debug option) in order to refresh group behavior.
We will update this blog post to indicate when these services have actually been disabled, and again when they are again re-enabled.

Over the next week or two, we will be making some changes to the database cluster that we believe will significantly reduce the effects of peak loading that many of you have experienced over the past several weeks. The mitigating measure we’re taking above is something we will only use until those permanent changes are in place.

Thanks for your patience.

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