[MERGED] Various Inworld Issues

[11:15 AM 04/05/08  –teeple] We’re running thorough internal checks in anticipation of an end to the widespread service outage reported separately. However, at this point, we have no reason to believe there are any internal repairs we can make to relieve the outage, so we’re merging the two articles. Please see here for updates.

[06:57 AM 04/05/08] Our ISP seems to have ongoing difficulties which are resulting in recurring network issues again. This is causing previously reported in-world problems again. We are working with the network engineers to resolve. – Matthew

[06:10 AM 04/05/08] Most of the aftermath has been cleared away. We are still seeing a small number of regions struggling to come back online, and will update you once we have them up and running again. -Lotte

[05:20 AM 04/05/08] Unfortunately, connected to the earlier described problems with our ISP, we are getting reports of failing inworld services again. We are working to get it fixed again, and will keep you updated here. -Lotte

[9:38 PM] We are continuing to work with the service provider, we will keep you posted as the details come in.

[8:34 PM] We have investigated network issues and determined connectivity issues with one of our service providers. Contact has been made and they are working to resolve this.

[7:31 PM] We are experiencing various inworld issues at this time, such as region down, logins failure, transactions, teleporting, timeouts on the webpage etc. We are aware of this problem and are working to resolve this as quickly as possible. Please refrain from any transactions at this time, as possible.

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