Update to Second Life 1.19 Viewer Now Required

As announced nearly a month ago (but postponed until after the 1.19.1 release) we are now requiring that residents upgrade viewers to Second Life 1.19 (1.19.0 or 1.19.1). Earlier versions of the Second Life viewer are no longer supported.

The previous post has full details and rationale, including security, support, performance, and advancing the platform.

Residents using older viewers (1.18.5(3), 1.18.4(3), 1.18.3(5), .18.2(1)) will be prompted to update to Second Life 1.19.1 on login. Should issues be encountered running 1.19.1, Residents should read Pastrami Linden’s post on 1.19.1 which includes troubleshooting steps, how to report issues, and links to the older 1.19.0 viewers if required.

This does not affect:

Viewers built from older source code may be affected; directions for specifying a channel are on the Get source and compile page of the wiki.

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153 Responses to Update to Second Life 1.19 Viewer Now Required

  1. What? After 50% of people report crashing problems just three blog posts ago? lol

    You must be joking.

  2. Matthew Dowd says:

    I’m sorry but the majroity of the issues with 1.19.0 which resulted in postponing it becoming the required viewer are all present in 1.19.1 (indeed I was somewhat surprised that it shipped as a main viewer in its current state).

    The fact that Torley prematurely closed a large number of jira bugs as “This issue was resolved as “Needs More Info” during our batch cleanup because it was set as affecting First Look: WindLight. On the Issue Tracker, we’ve noticed many duplicate issues and issues that lacked actionable info or were already fixed.” does not actually fix those bugs (many of these were pretty serious and have subsequently been reopened, and really need addressing properly before the 1.19 line becomes mandatory).

    The 1.19.x range of viewers are simply not stable enough yet to replace the 1.18.x range!


  3. Alicia Sautereau says:

    oh great, now i`m forced to go from a stable nicholaz viewer to that POS you call release BE-v has been running more stable without a signle crash or issues for like 2 2.5 months, tried the RC and didn`t run very well with crashes following

    stable and improved my a$$, give us back ffs plus i don`t want windlight, so much for going “optional releases”, only optional moan on throat shuving

  4. Rhode says:

    Why cant one scroll in the All search window?

  5. KellyM Watkins says:

    YAY way to go Linden peeps. No major problems as yet. Except for the over – reacted falling over when walking over a prim or stairs lol But other than that great work. Glad to see that the hug/kiss animations don’t make you bounce about like on the latest RC. 🙂

  6. To use 1.19.1 as 1.19.0 is sufficient setup graphics as “low”, check the box “custom”, deactivate “avatar impostor”, setup drawdistance and few other things. On oldies machine too in this way i have more more fps and more stability than 1.19.0… (on newset machine i use ultra+custom and all activated). IMHO this release is the rocker to now…

  7. Marianne McCann says:

    Oh dear. While i love the 1.19 series so far, this is gonna get ugly quick.

  8. Moll Dean says:

    Here we go! 😀
    Good luck to us all AND special thanks to all Havok4 (TM) team and Sidewinder Lindem.

  9. Apple Pinkney says:

    I would also like to protest the mandatory “upgrade.” With your previous policy of not forcing us to download the new viewer, I was muddling along quite happily with 1.18, if not getting as pretty a picture as some people.

    Much worse, I am now faced with the predicament of the interface determining my Preferences settings!?!? It delightfully chose a Draw Distance of 128 and a Max Particles of 4096, based on my hardware. Alas, I normally run on a Draw Distance of 64 and a Max Particle of 256 to cut down on the lag as I walk around my simwide mall packed wall to wall with prims needing to be rezzed.

    If we *have* to have this WindLight viewer, we should at least still be able to decide for ourselves what Graphics and other settings we need.

    Thank you

  10. I believe Nicholaz’ viewer will still be safe, he said on his blog that they use their own channel. Thank God.

  11. Alger Meads says:

    Grrrrr…, however archaic it was, was the most recent version that has allowed me and many others to teleport (see numerous JIRA issues for more on this), among other things. I’m so glad i can see someone’s reflection in the water or that the search is flashier… that’s a totally sufficient trade-off for not being able to teleport or cross region boundaries without crashing (not!) 😛

    I enthusiastically try every new release that is put out in hopes that stable travel and new features will finally be married again, but so far it’s constant dissapointment :((

    So long, you’ve been a (somewhat) reliable viewer, I’ll always remember the good times.

    Lindens, thanks for pulling the rug from a relatively enjoyable SL experience 😦

  12. Alicia Sautereau says:

    oh defenetly thnk god, i was about to leave my pc on and loggedin 24/7 untill the servers just fail and kicked me off BE-v for ever!

  13. Aryou Lykin says:

    I updated to the 1.19 from the 1.18(5)yesterday.., yesterday after i updated i crashed 8 times in a row… since i updated my preferences i crashed 1 time in last 12 hrs. and im running an Intel 945GM graphics card with 1015 mb in my laptop..i had my viewer cranked to Ultra,since i lowered it to High, and tweeked a few buttons it seems to run just as good as the 1.18(5) viewer….granted this is the 1 time i crashed in last 12 hrs to post this.
    I still notice that i freeze quite a few times, and still have jerky movement, but im sure its from the high setting… when i decide to build ill crank it down .. the only problem is that i cant upload Images… with the 1.18, and the 1.19 viewer.. it seems i can do 1 image, then it will crash on me saying unable to upload. system error. and i turned my firewall off, and adjusted other options, still cant get it to upload more than 2 seperate images without it crashing me off. anyone have a solution on what i can try, or do? iam uploading from pics on my computer, they arent large, before the 1.18 update i was able to upload hundreds of pics with no problem..
    if you take the time to play around with the settings, the view is somewhat Awesome, if you are on for the view!!

  14. wildebras says:

    Since the second last rc viewer I crashed every 10 minutes or so ( minimap turns red, then no response, chat stops, no storing in Inventory etc, then poof, viwer stops without a crash report).

    Yesterday I set all graphics to maximum except distance ( 256 m), and unchecked Atmospheric Shaders and Water reflection.
    Not a single crash all evening and best performance since a long time.
    Alas, no Windlight for me ( xp, gforce 6200, newest drivers and stuff) but at least I can build.
    I truly believe there’s light at the end of this tunnel ( but no Windlight 🙂

  15. Ealena Iwish says:

    I miss 1.18 :´(

  16. Dagmar Heideman says:

    Apple, I’m not sure what you are complaining about since it is obvious from your comment that you know that you can in fact decide what graphics and other settings you need by checking off the custom box and setting them to your liking. It saves your selected settings so while there may be problems with the new 1.19.1 viewers that is not one of them.

  17. Cocoanut Koala says:

    Oh crap.


  18. Kugel says:

    Hmm…. all this hype and dis-hype(?) over this latest viewer.

    Just switch Windlight off if you can use it.. its been mentioned dozens of times on previous blogs.

    LOL…lemme see….. its 1225PM SL time and SL reports 54,321 online now (uh?? 54321??…oh well). Point is…. if that figure is true doesnt it mean a lot of folk are sucessfully (wouldnt like to define “Sucessfully”) in SL, using it, abusing it, building and TPing in it, etc, etc.

    I would love to know the current percentages of who is using which viewer though…. Im guessing there are a lot of folk who are gonna be affected by this when they come to log out and back in again on their old viewer??

    Anyhoo…. end of meandering rant.

    HAHA… wanna know summat??? I just replaced my old 128MB ATI 9800Pro with a 512MB ATI X1950Pro. WOW… what an FPS and performance boost….. WOW. (sarcasm) SIGHS… no difference, no FPS increase, zilch, nada, nothing.

    /me walks over to the nearest desk and bangs his head on it repeatedly.

  19. Ciaran Laval says:

    Considering people are still getting their heads around all the new options because a lot of older cards default to low on the new viewer when they were mid on the previous viewer, then this is an extremely foolhardy decision.

    Please consider some customer service initiatives. Happy weekend ahead for plenty of peeps.

  20. carmichael says:

    at first was great but all of a sudden expired region handoffs keep happening and i kept getting forced offline because i kept floating in the same region for miles trying to cross sims….this only happened when my avie was flying…..after the many logged out forced and relogs its sort of fixed but im sure it isnt the end of it….so whats that all about?anyone please offer advice if it is fixable?

  21. Any news on fixing the Havok 4 borks too, like flying at the top of stairs and colliding with low objects, completely broken rotations, and vehicles?

  22. carmichael says:

    also i have helicopters where i can lift off fine and others in the same estate i cant lift up but only go forward and sideways etc….this started happening months ago when the rollovers started and gradually got worse up until this point,how can i fix this?i contacted the maker(apolon obscure) but he and his staff blame sl and have no clue what to do :/

  23. @18, probably, because like me, they are still logged in with or using an alternative viewer? After logging off I bet you see a dent in concurrency as people crash all the time and are dumped off. I had one of each in 10 minutes on

    Time to go to OnRez or one of the other alternate viewers.

  24. OMG, The one stable viewer is the 1.18* None of the 1.19* survived more that an hour here.

  25. yuriko nishi says:

    i have no problems at all with the update. i use wl since the first release of it.
    but still i think it´s a VERY bad idea to make it mandatory. don´t you read the comments of a large number of people, who seem to have BIG problems with it?

    what is the problem in letting them use the old version? i don´t get it -.-

  26. Sarah says:

    I turned off the atmospheric shaders…but everything no matter what I do still looks HORRIBLE!! This is a big issue for designers in sl who bring in a lot of money. Avatars now look hideous in any light, horible shadows..or orange or pink in the different times of day.
    Designing clothing and skins has become just about impossible as it’s hard to see what it actually looks like in this new messed up lighting. PLEASE make a non-windlight viewer for designers who don’t need pretty water or silly sun settings. We need the regular light back.. it’s crucial for all skin/clothing designers here.

  27. File Alter says:

    Running like a charm on this 1 gig Vista machine so they must be doing something right…

  28. sarahelisebeth Brenham says:

    I can’t get on sl!! I downloaded the new viewer and when I went to connect it said “despite our best efforts…” etc. Help!!!

  29. Aminom Marvin says:

    I am incredibly patient. However, after all the recent problems my patience has worn thin. The problems are just TOO GREAT and are seeing zero progress.

    1) Group chat is essentially BROKEN and doesn’t work 90% of the time.
    2) Daily issues with asset servers resulting in failed transactions, logoffs, and TP failures.
    3) The “tweaked” camera controls in Havoc 4 have ruined content and makes walking around in many areas a nausea-inducing experience.
    4) Sculpt lossless bug STILL NOT FIXED after 7 months.
    5) Image loading prioritization has been borked for longer than I have been on SL.
    6) Loading of images is unacceptably slow, and makes the SL experience similar to using dialup on the WWW.
    7) Lack of ANY communication about the above problems, what is being done about it, and the issues involved with these problems.

  30. Jessica Hultcrantz says:

    This is NOT a good move.
    1.19 needs more maturing before going from optional to mandatory.

    On older hardware (P4 1,6 GHz with GeForce MX4, actually fulfilling minimum req’s) the 1.19.1 is not near as good as 1.18.5 or 1.19.0 no matter the settings.
    And 1.19 is more crashy than 1.18 indeed.

    On newer hardware though 1.19.1 is just fine so it would be nice to get payment for a new hardware *grins* for all of us that can’t afford getting the latest stuff all the time *pouts*.

    I want to give thumbs up to Pastrami & Co for a good work, as they have really done a heavy work, but mandatory… that is too early! 1.18.5(3) should be allowed still for some time.

    Anyway… allmost any 3rd-party viewer is better than the official one, so … *shrugs*

    The ©&(tm) world can’t suprise me any more… *brings out a old copy(!) of some acient DOS-game watching the square blips on the screen in amusement while wondering on how to get new hardware and food at the same time*

  31. For those among you wanting to run a stable v1.18.5.3 viewer, be happy:

    The Cool SL Viewer v1.18.5.3 still works just fine (get it from http://sldev.free.fr/ ).

  32. wildebras says:

    Water Reflections checked does not crash my viewer ( great, because it’s looking super) so it’s just Atmospheric Rendering that runs amok on my system.

    And I just noticed that llPreloadSound really does its work now, and very fast too!

  33. Eisie Etchegaray says:

    Well….this now functions for me…on THIS particular machine…at the lowest possible level. THIS REQUIREMENT ISSUE IS NOT ACCEPTABLE! Many people are functioning in SL at the version 18.whatever just fine. So unless Linden Labs is attempting a weed out…please allow active and contributing SL residents to go back to the old version. Next time I get asked…how is my SL experience going…you KNOW what my answer will be.

  34. Stephe Ehrler says:

    One major flaw that needs to be fixed ASAP is the color picker is busted, a MAJOR show stopper for builders. You can no longer save colors to the pallet.

    Like others, I stop using the JIRA after another major building bug, that has been posted there for close to a year with multiple vote/complaints still hasn’t even been assigned or looked at. What is the point if the bug reports are just ignored? And like another person said, bug are cleared from the JIRA by lindens when they haven’t been fixed, only to be re-reported days later because they weren’t actually fixed. We have better things to do than report bugs via this interface, only to have our detailed bug reports ignored or deleted..

    I do hope they will fix this building bug as it makes tinting prims and matching the colors a major hassle now. I’ve also noticed many other issues (like hug tools and AO’s acting weird) but this color picker is a show stopper…

    Stephe Ehrler

  35. Jay Townsend says:

    Forcing this memory leaking, buggy, system hog on the population. On a Friday no less with nothing more than a wink and a nod to some blogpost for troubleshooting for anyone that runs into issues.
    I didnt see any way to troubleshoot the client climbing up to eating 1.5g of memory and then crashing, nor did i see way to troubleshoot the color pallette drag custom color to pallette. An easy to find detailed explination somewhere of how to adjust the settings and something explaining them would be the least that should be done. These viewers are some of the most complicated feature bloated viewrs ever released and a forced upgrade to them over a weekend is a plain diservice to the customer base. Now after two weeks of asset server issues and money being broke almost daily, the vendors have to suffer through another weekend of off sales because the population at large is busy trying to troubleshoot their new viewer install over a weekend with nothing more than a buried blogpost to help guide them along.

  36. ZenWarrior Fuosing says:

    Thanks LL–for nothing but woes. It appears you have eschewed significant satisfaction of no small number of residents by now forcing them to *DOWNGRADE* their present clients to your new and buggier one(s).

    Advice: Get a clue! Also, attend a few seminars in customer service and service quality. (Or, are you truly as uncaring about residents’ experiences within SL as you currently appear?)

  37. Tristin Mikazuki says:

    WOOT WTG LL!!!
    force bad client on your paying customers and public
    get the Nic viewer he atleast knowsHOW to code.. if LL did.. their new client wouldnt be such a joke LOL
    Funny how 1 YES 1 (one) man can make the client work.. but a whole TEAM of Lindens cant? LOL
    Guys you can be so dumb as to think everyone wont see a BIG PR mistake… well maybe you can hehe

  38. Belial Zadeh says:

    We pay for this treatment?

  39. zOMG The Sky Is Falling!!!

  40. DanielRavenNest Noe says:

    It would have been nicer from a customer relations standpoint to
    WARN people ahead of time, like have it on the login message
    for 2-3 days that a mandatory upgrade is coming, so folks who
    have problems getting the new version to work can find out they
    have a problem, switch back, ask their friends for how to deal with
    it, then upgrade.

    The way you did it, with no advance notice of the final implementation,
    means someone who has problems is now stuck, unable to log in,
    or stay on without crashing.

    A note on how to turn off/minimize settings as much as possible
    to get it running would be helpful for those with low end systems

  41. Zorin Frobozz says:

    I don’t know why all of you are having so many problems. Are you overclocking your CPUs or graphics cards?

    I’ve been running the .19 viewers in one form or another for months now and they have typically been rock solid.

  42. Qie says:

    It’s an interesting strategy–not sure if good or bad–to make the standard release WindLight-based just before removing support for the 1.18 generation of releases. This will surely get folks to try out 1.19.1 (with WindLight); I just hope the ones with problems are savvy enough to report them in the jira so they’ll get fixed, and take the time to go back to 1.19.0 or a 3rd party viewer.

    Otherwise… well, I suppose that’s one way to solve the concurrency problems. :p

    (FWIW, I love WindLight, and the whole 1.19 series has been more stable on my machines. But jus’ sayin’, lots of changes all at once here for a lot of people to digest. Easy to confuse H4 problems with 1.19 problems when many folks will experience both for the first time this weekend. Speaking of weekend: was a Friday really the obvious choice of weekday for this move?)

  43. sarahelisebeth Brenham says:

    I got in!

  44. Web Page says:

    This viewer was not ready to be released.

    Prim and avatar lighting is now horrible making, SL almost unusable – going from the best looking online environment to the ugliest.

    I’m mystified, horrified and ready to look elsewhere.

  45. Sandor Balczo says:

    Use Dazzle if you don’t like Windlight. It is in the download page for first look software.

    And for crying out loud, read the whole blog posts and previous ones before complaining about things that have been preannounced for months.

    And upgrade your OS software and your drivers!

    And do not blame Linden Labs on having a laggy experience if you are using SL on a 800 Mhz Pentium III CPU. I am amazed that you can even log into SL with that hardware. I am not making this up, a resident was complaining about lag with that configuration!!!

    Amazingly, EVERYONE complains about updates of the SL browser or the source code and all the bugs (which may or may not need fixing) but the same people have come to terms with the manure we were forced to swallow from Microsoft for years! Get a life people! BE REAL!

    I have been here for almost a year and I have become sick of reading the same infantile whining all the bloody time!

  46. Well congrats on the new release! Now I will definitely not be able to see video in SL again since the latest version of Quicktime is required and is not compatable with my Windows 2000.
    No Im not upgrading to Vista just for your sake and Im seriously thinking about selling my land and dumping my premium account.
    I’m tired of all of the crashes, logouts without notice, lagging, and general disoncern for your paying customers.
    Thanks for nothing!

  47. Sedary Raymaker says:

    Cool. Next stop, Dazzle! Woo!

    /me walks over a small rock and goes flying, wheee!

  48. DoctorEigen Flow says:

    I have no idea WHY?!… anyone even bothers to comment here, and on almost ALL the other current blogs… no one is at Linden is reading them, no one at Linden cares, no one at Linden is interested in what the opinions of ‘mere users’ are…

    …now, if YOU were IBM, or some future corporate peep… maybe.

    ->~ Second Life: Filled with Pesky Demanding Noise Makers…Pfft!~<- isn’t that obvious by now?

  49. Hopefully, they are just talking about “no support” for older viewers, and that they really aren’t “forcing” this new version on everyone.

    I’m usually a positive person, but the fact that just days ago they suggested to download the older versions if they find the new issues are to much to handle for older computers.

    Contradiction is not a good customer service move.

    Sorry team, but I’ll have to agree with the cry’n this time.

  50. Me says:

    I have just relogged and could still log on with the Nicholaz 1.18.5 (3) BE-v viewer – and I really, really hope that I will be able for a while.

    I tried the new “official” reaease yesterday and it’s terrible on my computer, even with low settings (no atmospheric shaders, pretty water disabled, draw distance at 64…)

    Like many others have already reported I keep getting strange triangles showing up everywhere, textures are not loading correctly, fps is a joke and updating my graphic drivers made it even worse, so I had to revert to the previous ones.

    I can’t say much about crashes and other issues because I logged off pretty fast again, the new one just doesn’t work for me.

    This is not a good step since I know a lot more people who have the same or other problems with the new viewer…

    I know some people seem to love it, but what’s it good for if half the residents are hardly able to use it *shakes head*….

  51. duckyfresh Watanabe says:

    Ok I don’t complain much but.. this required update is just going to make me cry in frustration. Even with all the settings at absolute zero, the viewer is still jerky and slow, even in zero lag sims. I really, really would like to see this Windlight viewer be an optional separate install and go back to what it was before. I see absolutely zero performance improvement, in fact, it has degraded substantially.

  52. Alicia Sautereau says:


    Nickolaz installation, just download the client, his patches and copy&paste the patch files into the sl directory (just read the install text file but it`s that simple 🙂

  53. Colin Kiernan says:

    @51: I get better fps enabling “Basic Shaders” and “Hardware Skinning” than I do with all the options at the lowest.

  54. Tristin Mikazuki says:

    OMG the new viewer SUX like MAD!!! LOL
    everyone should tier down to 0 (zero) and let LL know this isnt cool

  55. duckyfresh Watanabe says:

    Alicia.. bless you. It’s all better now.

  56. ONE PO'd RESIDENT says:

    NOOOOOOOOOO do not make this a mandatory upgrade i canot use any of these new viewers i can only use 1.18 .5 i have more than what SL requires but this viewer does NOT work at all for me i have tryed every new one and all are the same
    CPU: AMD (Unknown model) (2210 MHz)
    Memory: 3072 MB
    OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 (Build 2600)
    Graphics Card Vendor: NVIDIA Corporation
    Graphics Card: GeForce 7600 GS/PCI/SSE2/3DNOW!
    OpenGL Version: 2.1.2
    please keep the 1.18 version for us that canot use this overly excessive processer eating viewers

  57. Shai Khalifa says:

    well I’m now effectively screwed!

    I”ve been reporting for months and months now that I can’t use any viewer since – because Groups don’t load (unless forced which then causes other things to not work), can’t upload files, can’t tp without getting grey-screened out, can’t see parcel name on menu bar, when Groups forced – can’t access About Land tools, and inventory on Loading forever.

    So I’ve been using which has (for the majority of time) worked really well.

    I’M SO SCREWED! I got 2 regions to run and a bunch of people who’re my friends – and how the hell am I expected to sort my performers and other events.

    LL have totally ignored my Showstopper Jira reports and Support tickets (or closed them on me without a word)

    /me feels like crying now….. I got a Mac – so ……… April 5 goes down in my SL history as the lowest point ………. omg – I spoke to Live Chat on my issues last night and not one word that this was going to happen today – and I told her I was using as my standard …………. f*****k ………. I”m one unhappy camper!

  58. Bud Noel says:

    I can’t go from one sim to another with this viewer, crashes me every time using late model stock iMac running Leopard and on a late model MacMini running Tiger. It amazes me this is being forced on someone who is PAYING Linden Labs $125 a month for service. I lost 4 days sorting this out two weeks ago, I had to go back to the old viewer to operate. It’s not my network, or my hardware configuration, or drivers or even my isp, IT IS THE VIEWER SOFTWARE that is killing SL for me.

  59. Ciaran Laval says:


    1.19.0 is still available right and that isn’t the mad graphics one?

  60. Susie Chaffe says:

    An hour of misery with 1.19.1……I suddenly have a mountain behind my land, a vertical one…going into the heavens
    15 min on the Nicholaz viewer ….pure bliss
    1.19.1 now has a new home – the recycle bin!

  61. ONE PO'd RESIDENT says:

    the troubkle shooting does not work!! please KEEP this old viewer 1.18.5 so many cannot use this new one DO NOT MAKE THIS MANDATORY PLEASEEEEEE its bad enough u have made us all lose so much money with daily asset server issue now ur gona take the only way to get on SL for me and 1000’s of others YOU TOTALY SUCK LINDENS TOTALY!

  62. Anthony77777 Bandit says:

    bad bad bad
    I hate this this release 1.19.1 , after 1 year sending windlight bug reports VWR-4167 (light feature on prims broken). now you lindens put the the bug in the new Secondlife viewer (1.19.1).
    With this one we builders have completely lost shiny Light colored metals in SL. 😦

  63. shockwave yareach says:

    I am currently running

    Until I hear plenty of people hear saying things are working properly, I am not moving from it. I don’t need a pretty cloudscape – I DO need working teleports/money/inventory though. And for the problems 1.19.0 has, it is at least functional more times than not.

    I have little doubt you are going to cram Windlight down our collective throats. But if I may ask, please cram reliability and dual threaded design down our throats next please? Thank you.

  64. Georgette Whitfield says:

    One of the things that upsets people so much when SL is buggy, as some peeps are complaining it is with this release, is that we aren’t told immediately there is a problem. Eventually the lab will blog about it but only after SL has been borked for half-an-hour or more. This doesn’t help. We need to be informed about what’s going on.


  65. I’m impressed how the fellow commenters on this blog are able to open their browsers and type, since I’m not impressed with the ability they have to press Ctrl-P, go to Graphics, and put the sliders on the lowest setting… and start from there until they feel bolder to explore the settings.

    Anyway, this is actually a good move. Now we can seriously have some fun with HTML-on-a-prim, knowing that everybody who managed to log in to SL is going to be able to view that 🙂

    (And if they aren’t, they’re not on an official browser)

  66. Shai Khalifa says:


    READ MY LIPS – you can’t FORCE your paying population to use a viewer with more holes and bugs than a bloody flywire door in summer – and still expect people to stay with you.

    I own 2 regions and pay gazillions in monthly fees to LL for what??? – a dodgy system that’s caused one of my businesses to go bust due to almost 0 in sales the last month after being quite successful for a year – no joy on any reports I submit, little or no support (other than live concierge who are great) – and a viewer that leaks like a sieve.

    Now I can’t use the one viewer that worked – THANK YOU FOR FRIGGIN NOTHING…

  67. Ilana Debevec says:

    CPU: AMD (4400+ X2) (2210 MHz)
    Memory: 2048 MB
    OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 (Build 2600)
    Graphics Card Vendor: NVIDIA Corporation
    Graphics Card: GeForce 8500 GT/PCI/SSE2/3DNOW!

    Graphics, everything to max, draw distance 256

    FPS 35-20, from an empty sim to a fully loaded one.

    Vid Drivers, the latest from Nvidia.
    All XP updates in place.

    Can run all over the grid TP’s with NO crashes
    Can fly around very smooth
    Windlight looks amazing.
    Friends List populated fine.

    What am I doing you aren’t???

  68. Cincia Singh says:

    Why waste time begging for something you KNOW isn’t going to happen? Install the new viewer, make the adjustments to your settings .. and file tickets. Move on.

  69. Hmmmm.. After reading these posts I am glad I run Nicholaz…

  70. On Rez viewer ( still works, although I am using the new viewer (two instances at a time) without crashes. Still making this move at this time surprises me, maybe it has to do with future developments like raising the build ceiling.

  71. Pansy Peccable says:

    Now it’s required?

    Who is Redock windows?

    Nicholaz, Help!!!

  72. B.R. says:

    You pathetic incompetent bastards! Your only god damn rationale is advancing the platform despite the damage to your customers which you can care less about.

    Your well oiled machine is a clunky piece of junk with major grid failures on email, money transfer, scripting communication, access to land among the 500+ bugs that cripple your software. If wasn’t that much involved in SL already I would have told you to stick your client somewhere if it you think it’s so well oiled.

    Respectfully yours,

  73. Letti says:

    Oh my god… I call this, garbage… First Havok 4 and now this crap.. Well at least i know Sl doesn’t have a future. It’s dieing slowly. Every time they fix something, they ruin something else.. They hardly listen to the Sl members. Pretty much care less about them. The population is still the same. The reason it’s going higher is because of the alts. A sad day indeed.. Will they be able to get out of the hole? I’m not sure.. I’ve lost hope for Linden Labs..

  74. Mike says:

    you just lost a customer linden labs

  75. Lin Nix says:

    I’m running Ubuntu 8.04 on a Dell Inspiron 1420 with an Intel integrated gpu. I know that this gpu isn’t supported, and SL has never been perfect on it, but I accept this as my fate. However, prior to the mandatory upgrade to this new client, I was using 1.18, simply because it worked on my system with fewer glitches. Running this newer client, I am having so many graphical issues that SL has become almost completely unusable for me.

    I like new bells and whistles just as much as the next avatar. However, given the seemingly mutually exclusive choice between features and stability, I’ll choose functionality every time. If each new version requires more advanced hardware than the last, then SL will be alienating users with each new release. Microsoft has begun to learn this lesson with Vista, I think. I sincerely hope that Lindon Labs learns this lesson in a much less damaging way.

  76. Pointside Sunbelter says:

    I just have one thing to say, for me, and this rarely happens but I upgraded a few days ago and this viewer is the absolute coolest. Normally if there is a bug I get it. Its about time that for me this viewer, *knock wood*, seems to work the best since I have been on SL. And windlight is awesome. But I do have a gaming machine though with 4GB Ram and a high end vid card.

    For me the early 1.19 series had problems with the AV not turning around in appearance mode after it was claimed fixed and my friends list never loaded. But now this new one everything seems to work great, friends list loads instantly and the windlight makes it a very enjoyable experience… to bad there is never anything to do 😉

  77. Thunderclap says:

    @46 Honestly how about going to XP? the quicktime works there. Oh and please sell your land and stuff. if you want you can just dump it my land . If you are running at the minium you will have a host of bugs that are of YOUR MAKING.
    when I was on my dell that have a intel 945 64 meg graphics card. I have a bug that prevented me from using appearance mode and avatar impositing.

    To everyone: 1.5 GHz (XP), 2-GHz (Vista) 32-bit (x86) or better this is what you need to get a stable system. If you run below this. SL wont be stable because YOUR system can’t keep up. YOU need at least 1 GB memory to be stable.

    I want voice, windlight, Havok 4 (and 5 & 6) and the rest of Shiny. Personally I want it to look like Mass effect and still be dynamic. I pay tier too. So I have no sympathy to those who do and arent willing to invest in a new system for SL. For you non paying serfs out there, Kaneva, There etc are looking for people.
    There hasn’t done shiny in 2 years.
    But you don’t see them in the wall street journal do you?
    I will say this one to all of you who constantly whine about how its LL (tM) fault that it isnt stable for You and your edsel computer, leave! delete your gear and go. SL will always be dynamic, graphic intensive and shiny.
    YES! THIS MEANS THAT YOU WILL HAVE TO KEEP UP. I did. So have the other movers and shakers.

  78. Web Page says:

    For what it’s worth, my biggest issue with the viewer is the equation that it uses for lighting on curved surfaces.

    Basically, one half is lit ant the other half is in shadow. The aame thing happens to the avatar, the top of your shoulders are pale and the bottom is dark… in the middle there’s a noticable division with a very narrow gradient zone.

    The adjustments we have (which aren’t sharable anyway) can’t affect the size of the gradient, we can only adjust the amount of boost on the lit “half” and the overall flat lighting.

    Disabling atmospheric lights ([n preferences] “should” revert to the old shaders but the old gradients seemed smoother on avatars. and tighter on prims.
    That said, disabling atmospheric shaders and setting gamma to around 2.0 seems to be the most usable solution to me.

  79. Neural says:

    @68 Cincia: Nice idea, but my guess is that this latest forced upgrade is going to cut a lot of people out completely as they find their systems simply are not new enough or expensive enough to handle the graphics performance required of them.
    Once again Linden Lab is making Second Life a system that can only be used by individuals who have a lot of spare cash to buy a new computer once every 3 hours, or people who can build their own.
    Until Second Life runs smoothly on your standard off the shelf computer that is a year old, Second Life will continue to be a playground only for those fortunate enough to have the knowledge or money to keep up.
    It’s really sad that the people at Linden Lab simply don’t see this.
    I’ve been part of Second Life for over 2 years, and they still focus on making Second Life as if everyone has a $1000 graphics card in a $3000 machine, and can run out and grab a new one every few months or so.

  80. Anamenti Ruxton says:

    I thought they had been so sensible the other day making it optional, now I cannot even listen to the stream on my parcel it’s all so broken. Yes it’s pretty and yadda yadda yadda, I like Windlight BUT this client is not working properly.

    It’s all very well people always countering people complaining that it doesent look like the old client with – you have to set it up right. – it doesent matter it doesent look the same! the draw distances and clipping all seem to work differently, I may have wonderfull sunsets but even though I can run my setup on ultra things still just drop off, making the landscape look really odd, it looked fine before. Hell I remember it looking better on one of the recent release clients o.o.

    Maybe when I can actually edit my parcel and other nice things I’ll accept this as having been reasonable. At the moment I don’t. Moving people away from a pretty nice release to this is quite infuriating…

    ESPECIALY after they gave the option, I liked the option it was good. ¬.¬

    PS I hate the search engine on this version – Something that stopped me from upgrading before and I still hate it. I liked the simple text one. Not the bloated graphics version. (It’s like MSN Messanger (et al) all over again but with something I actually care about.)

    PPS, and no, teleport doesent work for me either. So I’m stuck on my cruddy packet that I can’t even listen to sound on becuase it’s all broken… damn … I’m assuming that a lot of this is server side as supposed to just the new client but Argh, it’s just all too much *twitch*.

  81. Thunderclap says:

    @67 You are running a clean, up to date, current , patched system. the whinners insist on running this on their 4 year machine or business laptop.
    I will repeat: THIS IS A DYNAMIC, GRAPHIC INTENSIVE VIEWER. It requires a powerful graphics card. On board (integrated graphics common to most cheep laptops) graphics won’t cut it.

  82. Ishtara Rothschild says:

    Well, that explains the slow (almost nonexisting) sales inworld. Anyway… what happened to the avatar lighting? It used to look great in the last WindLight viewer I tested a while back. I also remember a survey, where the majority of the residents confirmed that the lightging was ok. Now body textures look a whole lot darker again. Is it just me, or was it changed again after the survey? If so, why?

  83. MR Little says:

    OMG….. how hard is it to open a file (gridargs.dat) in notepad and type -channel “whatever you want to type”

    That is all you need to do to keep running your fav client.

  84. Reuben Steuben says:

    Great I guess this means we can look foreward to another bad weekend with a short staff. you couldn’t wait till Monday?

  85. Thunderclap says:

    Neural: this is user generated content. “Until Second Life runs smoothly on your standard off the shelf computer that is a year old”
    Find me one game that is current that will run it if you park its graphics on a seperate server and limit the download uploading to 1 mbit or less. You wont.
    They are doing this deliberately because you are the ones that are causing the lag and they can just ban you. I appauld this. I want you off. So do alot of others they just don’t have the balls to say so.

  86. Thunderclap says:

    @83: For some people it is the difficulty of getting the clock to display correct time on a vcr.

  87. Bank Robber says:

    In windows shortcuts edit it. change the command line to “secondlife.exe -channel “i love coco”

    and you can run whatever version you want. even 1.12

    thats what i run

    cuz it doesnt even have flexis

    i hate flexi prims

    worst thing ll ever did

    i hate em

  88. Rooke Ayres says:

    [quote]This does not affect:

    * Third party viewers that follow the Channel and Version Requirements
    * The First Look: Dazzle viewer
    * Release Candidate viewers (which are currently 1.19.1 anyway)

    The Nicholaz BE-V Viewer follows the Channel and Version Requirements, so those of you using it, can rest easy.

    I’m using it right now and it works just fine! 🙂

  89. WOW Wowwer says:

    @ 85 ThunderClap

    Calm down there Thunderclap, these ppl have a legitimate gripe.

    Jesus! You are the biggest fanboy I have seen yet!!!

    Are you sure you belong on a social game with that kind of attitude???

    This isn’t Quake Wars!

  90. Thunderclap says:

    @89 I have done computers for 10 years. Im not a fanboy. And no they seriously don’t. You aren’t pulling down me because your clunky edsel system can down windlight.

  91. Puppet Shepherd says:

    This is the first I’ve tried of the 1.19 series, so I just updated the viewer on my laptop and logged in with an alt and held my breath. I left the viewer set to what it decided was best for my configuration. The snow and beaches and sand look incredible! Almost too realistic for my tastes. TP-ing seems fine so far. In fact, this seems a little less laggy than the latest 1.18 was for me. We’ll see if that lasts. What is up with the property lines cutting through everything, though?

  92. Torian says:

    This has got to be the worst update for a long time. Even with Windshiite turned off lots of things still look like crap. Someone said this brings SL out of the 2002 look… that’s BS. If you want to see 2002 technology, take a look at the game Morrowind. That was released in 2002 and guess what.. it looks WAY better than Windshiite. Hey LL, there’s something called ‘ambient lighting’.. look it up as you obviously have no idea what it is! WL may look better in some outdoor settings but indoors its useless. As for ‘new technology’, hey this is still many years behind what other companies are using.
    Nicholaz and OnRez viewers still work thank goodness!

    Need I mention Memory Leak.. ha ha.. no I guess not. Nor any of the other bugs. They have been mentioned 100’s of time but nobody seem to care.

    LL needs a new CEO from one of the game companies. Someone who knows how to run an electronic entertainment business. If LL continues to target corporations then they need a total change of direction. 99% of those target people do not have hardware that will run SL.

  93. WOW Wowwer says:

    @90 Thunderclap

    Relax there clapper, I have done them for 14.

    I am not having problems the new client runs just fine.

    But you are racing to squelch every comment with a “your so stupid and your poor and cant afford a new computer so leave” attitude

    Thats pure fanboy big time!!!

  94. Ineffable Indigo says:

    Well I have to say this doesn’t work well at all for me. Suddenly I freeze up about once every 3 min for 10-60 sec. Now I can’t go back to the old system that worked fine for me : ( I have seen a steep down grade in the performance of SL. I am disapointed so much time has been put into shiny water when the entire grid is experiencing tp, transaction, inventory loss, and other extremly serious problems. So what if things look nice if you can’t stay on long enough to enjoy it, or tp to new locations, or buy the items that make ti fun in SL. I like the windlight look, but not at the cost of neglecting the basic functions of SL.

  95. Daten Thielt says:

    I 100% agree with thunderclap, if your whining and your below system requierments then piss off your making assets that you dont even apretiate

  96. WOW Wowwer says:

    Enter fanboy 2 or…. thunders second alt name 🙂

  97. How about uopgrading your release notes? As of 3pm today reading release notes is for early versions.

  98. Thunderclap says:

    93: I said that the people who are threating to leave over the new client need to do that. If there are legit bugs, then that is different. Sounds like 94s problem is his video card. I bet he has onboard graphics and they are failing.

  99. The XO says:

    Working peachy and fine for me! Loving it! Faster rezzing and just generally more stable.

    For those having problems…

    Clear cache
    Update graphics drivers
    Uninstall any poop from your pc

    I run the bare minimum and not msn, yahoo, icq, plus the other hoards of bundled rubbish that come with various installs.

    Lovin’ the good work LL. Havoc 4 is great too, as are your recent and continuing under the hood tweaks – it’s more stable now with 60k online than when I first joined with about 10k online!

    Pretty amazing seeing as this was done without taking the grid offline for weeks/months for a complete re-write.

    Lidens, I salute you!

    (no, I’m not a LL “sympathiser” – read my previous posts, I rant and rave too, but credit where it’s due….)

  100. The XO says:

    Oops typo.. Lindens even 🙂

    Excuse me, I’m high on Havoc 4 and 1.19 juice


  101. Jay Townsend says:

    @ the “Get a better PC” posters

    AMD 6400×2 Black
    4gig OCZ SLi Ready Ram
    1T HDD Space (250g Sata3 Maindrive)
    Dual Nvidia 8800 GT SuperClocked 512DDR3 in SLi mode
    WinXP Pro

    The amount of PC you have does nothing to fix the memory leak, the huge amount of various bugs, the disconnect on TP, stale $ transfers, undelivered items, orange walls, blacked out avas, and many other things.
    Some people have no other choice than to run SL on the system they have. They were fine up until today running that way, they should not be expected to come home tonight and no longer be able to get in and enjoy the SL (tm c etc etc bla bla) they have made for themselves.
    There is no excuse for pushing a viewer that is known to have as many bugs and issues as the 1.19 series is known and proven to have and that will make problems for a large portion of the customer base. The buglist with these viewers on the jira is extensive and problem after problem with them have been mentioned on the blog, had tickets filed have been reported to support and the viewer is pushed out reguardless.
    If LL is not going to support people with older hardware or the inability to run these continually buggier and buggier and broken viewers, they should at least put up a link to some thrid party viewers on the DL page, as many people are not even aware they have other options.

  102. Thunderclap says:

    Look Sidewinder did a great job. this has been coming for months. Everyone knew. I have no sympathy for anyone of this. And I am not 95

  103. WOW Wowwer says:

    @98 Thunderclap

    I believe you told someone they were too stupid to program a VCR clock or did you forget that part.

    But you are probably right on the graphics card. But I don’t think that means he should leave.

  104. lozlo peng says:

    this new viewer was peachy for me for the first day then all of these unusual happenings started – my post is waiting for approval so you can’t quite see my life story yet – i don’t know why.

  105. Marcus Antonelli says:

    Please do not force us to Windlight. It does not work well on laptops, and if you had followed industry trends, you would have found that more laptops than desktops were sold in 2007. Laptop users have NO choice in video cards and are stuck with what they have.


  106. lozlo peng says:

    okay i’m pretty p’ed off now.
    what don’t i like?

    firstly seeing (waiting) & (hippos) – jokes not so funny anymore.

    conferences not working 99.9% of the time

    my view/zoom is now borked. when i attempt to zoom in on something it fails and i find my view point stuck to my screen as if it’s stuck on a HUD – which it is not.
    it’s as if someone is wearing a huge shield and you’re trying to zoom on something and the screen totally messes up – but in this case noone is actually wearing a shield.

    also if i click on an object my selection beam tends to start flashing into my screen or away from the object i am actually selecting

    i am also on occasions triangular beams sticking out of god knows where.. i figured these pointy, triangular stick like beams which come in a variety of colours spawn from where my view point has landed.

    that new avatar imposter rendering is pretty retarded.. i mean someone 5 meters away from my looks like a pile of blocks? I’d understand if it were for a 30m radius, but 5m?

    hopefully the older viewer is going to work when i reinstall.
    i wouldn’t quite call this new viewer a requirement.

    oh and another thing – since i have a pretty basic graphics card – ati radeon x300 – and not having the privelage of being able to see the pretty windlight waters – i did what you guys recommened – which was updating my drivers.
    once i had finally installed the driver updates i could actually see the windlight waters and skys without the ugly yellow shaders blocking it.
    HOWEVER, i had major lag, very bad fps, everything was SLOW MO like matrix style.. even my cursor, even when i had turned my preference settings to the minimum or switched back to a later viewer without windlight i was still feeling like part of the matrix.
    due to this i had to do a system recovery.
    shouldn’t a driver update make everything work better?

  107. Zenith says:

    This viewer is an emo’s dream – everyone looks pale and ugly, it’s got lots of bright colours and yet everyone’s depressed about it and there’s a satisfyingly doom-laden edge to the ability to sit around and say “There goes another one” as yet another person crashes out of SL having done nothing more than walk ten feet.

    Well done LL – you managed to turn an alternate reality into a bad trip.

    Can I have my tan back please??

  108. Thunderclap says:

    @101 did you configure your graphics cards properly? My new system (yes bought in jan not by choice mind you) is inferior and it runs. I also have 12 mbits of hSI from Cox not Evilcast.
    So your problem is either corrupted drivers, traffic problems from Time warner or evilcast or you are infected with malware. Oh and you are aware that 64 bit computing in in the requirements either but thanks for being other other end of the spectrum

  109. sachi Vixen says:

    Can we have a windlight off button please?

  110. lozlo peng says:

    oh and another thing – since i have a pretty basic graphics card – ati radeon x300 – and not having the privelage of being able to see the pretty windlight waters – i did what you guys recommened – which was updating my drivers.
    once i had finally installed the driver updates i could actually see the windlight waters and skys without the ugly yellow shaders blocking it.
    HOWEVER, i had major lag, very bad fps, everything was SLOW MO like matrix style.. even my cursor, even when i had turned my preference settings to the minimum or switched back to a later viewer without windlight i was still feeling like part of the matrix.
    due to this i had to do a system recovery.
    shouldn’t a driver update make everything work better?

  111. Pointside Sunbleter says:

    For once no problems and everything is running great!

    I feel for the ppl who can t get Windlight working, it is awesome.

  112. Thunderclap says:

    103 mr liitle asked “OMG….. how hard is it to open a file (gridargs.dat) in notepad and type -channel “whatever you want to type”” and I responded. I didnt say anyone was stupid specifically.

  113. The XO says:

    @ Neural #79:

    Utter clap-trap. I’ve not heard so much nonsense in quite some time.

    I have a machine with a $300 graphics card. Infact the entire build is probably no more than $1200.

    The problem is people go and buy a DELL or HP piece of s**t and expect it to run SL, play games and multitask when infact it’s designed for browsing the web, sending emails, typing/prinit letters and writing on blogs like this.

    Example: A car is just a car, sure. What would you rather have? A rusty 20 year old clapped out banger, or a nice Bently? Then ask yourself which you’d expect to have better performance.

  114. lozlo peng says:

    okay i’m pretty p’ed off now.
    what don’t i like?

    firstly seeing (waiting) & (hippos) – jokes not so funny anymore.

    conferences not working 99.9% of the time

    my view/zoom is now borked. when i attempt to zoom in on something it fails and i find my view point stuck to my screen as if it’s stuck on a HUD – which it is not.
    it’s as if someone is wearing a huge shield and you’re trying to zoom on something and the screen totally messes up – but in this case noone is actually wearing a shield.

    also if i click on an object my selection beam tends to start flashing into my screen or away from the object i am actually selecting

    i am also on occasions triangular beams sticking out of god knows where.. i figured these pointy, triangular stick like beams which come in a variety of colours spawn from where my view point has landed.

    that new avatar imposter rendering is pretty retrdd.. i mean someone 5 meters away from my looks like a pile of blocks? I’d understand if it were for a 30m radius, but 5m?

    hopefully the older viewer is going to work when i reinstall.
    i wouldn’t quite call this new viewer a requirement.

  115. WOW Wowwer says:

    @111 ThunderClap

    Well if you insinuate that they are too stupid to program a VCR clock, whether is be true or not, is specifically saying they are too dumb to do it. Thats how insinuations work. Its a polite way of insulting someone… right?

  116. Ric Mollor says:

    For those not wanting to upgrade to the latest SL viewer the OnRez version available at http://viewer.onrez.com/ still functions. It’s built off the 1.18.5(3) code and has a brighter UI much like Dazzle. However it appears that full screen operation is disabled.

    ——-Thunderclap said—————-
    Find me one game that is current that will run it if you park its graphics on a seperate server and limit the download uploading to 1 mbit or less. You wont.

    Actually, the synthetic world “There.com” is designed to function acceptably over dial-up connections. It also features user generated content that is downloaded to the clients as needed. Though not identical to Second Life, it’s commonly considered one of SL’s primary competitors.

  117. jane says:

    Lindens, im wondering how the supposed “better” new clients concern the use of SL? Would it not better to let us users this version of the viewer which is working just perferct on any of our Computers? Remember, any computer is different and a few testing on some machines cant fix the problems which came up with a new viewer version. Im not happy!

  118. jane says:

    @ric mollor
    Did you know how i can switch on the admin options in the onrez viewer? Thanks 🙂

  119. Daten Thielt says:

    im going to say this in every damn blog untill some one gets it, if ur seeing triangles and wierd colors then go to edit preferences, click on custom, click on hardware options and turn the damn VBO off!!!

  120. Sascha says:

    Well at least i don’t know where to put a bug in jira now, because i am not sure if it is the new viewer or the new server.

  121. Ishtara Rothschild says:

    Here’s an image to show the flaws of the avatar lighting (hope I can post URLs here): http://www.succubuscoven.com/windlightskins.jpg

    On the right is a part of the skin texture, to show what it should look like. The image was taken under standard light conditions, daytime set to 9:40 pm, facing the sun, so the avatar skin should be at max. bright and saturation, yet it looks like a corpse. When I turn the other direction, I look completely grey. It gets even worse at noon. And yes, I played around with all options in the environment editor, but this is the only setting where the environment looks halfway ok.

    Can you fix this pretty please? Revert it to the lighting conditions that the community decided on in the survey? Otherwise skin creators are in for lots of customer complaints, without being able to fix the problem. Perhaps add an avatar lighting+saturation slider in the preferences to make everyone happy.

  122. Pointside Sunbelter says:

    @115 Ric Moller

    lol I just went to their homepage and the AV’s look like something off the Simpsons.

    Linden Labs “Ruth” character looks better… did I say just that

  123. UNHAPPY OWNER says:

    Very typical lets do this before we take off for the weekend and screw everyone that uses the game,it seems this has become the new fad at LL.I bet the all go to the bar after work today and LOL at are sorry asses!

  124. Pointside Sunbelter says:

    Nah, there probably in a bar in SL…. Using the new viewer 😉

  125. Ishtara Rothschild says:

    PS: It’s not so much the avatar lighting (after having had a look at different skins now), that’s only a tad too dark; it’s mostly the lack of color saturation on avatars. Everyone looks like actors in a George A. Romero movie.
    Can the color saturation be turned up a notch? Only the avatar saturation though, the environment suffers from the opposite problem and appears way too colorful imho.

  126. Tiny Mind says:

    I have come to learn that the ONLY way any of the Avatars are going to look in ANY way presentable with this Windlight ‘AV Lighting’ debacle… is to get in-game (or SLX) and make the investment in “BODY LIGHTS” (Search for that in the SL Classifieds). No, I am not the author but that one program (L 349) gives you nearly TOTAL control of the amount of lighting for your Av’s face and body and has many features. It is not some little ‘face-light’ freebie. THIS is a TOTAL LIGHTING Prim-system, and you won’t believe how much better your Avatar will look under the new SL Viewer with it attached to you (PEC or Chin). I AM SERIOUS! You almost look as good as you did under the Old SL Viewers again. haha.

    GET ‘Body Lights’ in SL if you don’t already have it, and thank me later. It Works!

    -Tiny Mindsight.

  127. The whole idea of the het-grid was to stop viewer updates becoming mandatory. Why on earth can you not give residents as much choice as is technically possible about what viewer that they use? You could always put a big “Unsupported old version” label on the log-in page for older viewers.

  128. Chaos Mohr says:

    I must say that I am most unhappy about this mandated viewer update considering all the unfixed bugs in the current viewer – while I do understand the need for keeping certain standards, and bug reporting requirements, there are just too many bugs that still need fixing – the big problem is the LL is relying on pjira bug reports, whereas the true test lies in all the residents who come to seek help, many of them new and unfamiliar with the somewhat complicated PJIRA. Then of course there is the matter of all the annoyance bugs that have persisted since the first RC that still have not been fixed – Well, time to go hack the code and compile my own viewer now using legacy code that actually works!

    I have more problems with this latest release on numerous machines, all with mid to high level hardware, correct drivers etc – and yes, I’m filing or voting/commenting on bugs but argghhh mandatory at this point is going to really turn off a lot of people – imo, 1.19 is not ready as a main viewer yet!

  129. Daten Thielt says:

    the main reason was NOT for multiple client versions, it was for multiple sim versions eg we can have a h4 sim a normal sim and soon to come a mono sim all on the same grid without having to shove them in a seperate beta grid

  130. Anthony77777 Bandit says:

    This is 1.19.1….. 😦

  131. sarahelisebeth Brenham says:

    I am sorry that I thought the update didn’t let me log on before, but it was my virus protection. Sorry!

  132. Vivienne says:

    Frankly spoken the .. viewer is


    It slows down any midrange system to almost unplayability.

    It crashes more often than even windows 95 ever managed to do

    Windlight is a total color and lighting desaster, except from some nice outdoor panorama stll shooting for Linden PR shots it is plain USELESS and hardware killing. Nd it does only run on a limited range of computer systems AT ALL!

    There are so many essential bugs in this release (like not loading friends lists, linden dollar account problems and the like) that one really must wonder how someone could EVER decide to make it an official release.

    I f you really want progress. dear Lindens, and nit only some silly “NEW” shiny nonsense not adding to the experience at all, make a fast, reliable and user friendly client software which runs on the widet possible range of computer systems without any fuss, improve the database management and take a look at the Havo team, which did the best job in all Linden history.

  133. Ciaran Laval says:

    @65 Gwyneth Llewelyn No people won’t press CTRL P, welcome to the real world. I work in support, people don’t do simple tasks, because they expect their software to work. I spend most of my week dealing with people who don’t know how to do this, that and the other because they don’t expect to have to.

    That’s the way it works, customer service means you give people what they need and you give it to them on a plate.

  134. Bucky Barkley says:

    There seems to be no support in LSL for querying the client as to which version it is.

    This means that using some of the newer parcel media flags will FAIL in 1.19.0

    What’s the workaround, Lindens?

    Why didn’t you put a basic llGetClientCapabilites() call in two years ago?

  135. Ok, honestly ..terrible mistake.. many people will not be able to play now. Half of my friends list or more cannot play because of this “mandatory” update. It is not fair to people with cards that cannot support such. I myself play fine but honestly for the people that can no longer play over this is NOT right to them. You should SERIOUSLY keep different versions. This has upset many. I love playing in SL and i know if my card could not support such i would be very upset. I have an amazing graphics card and am having issues with graphics.

  136. Vivienne says:


    “Example: A car is just a car, sure. What would you rather have? A rusty 20 year old clapped out banger, or a nice Bently? Then ask yourself which you’d expect to have better performance.”

    See,, dear 112. dear Bentley user. If you expect the average human with something more on his mind than ONLY living some second life on a pixel scheme using a Bentley, you are completely off track.

    If it needs a Bentley to run something nice and great, but highly unproductive and cost intensive like Second Life, oh my.

    Sadly enough, LL seems to take more care of the oleasure ot the Bentley users (the infamous 10 percent of all users) and hard core gamers than the 90 percent who use to drive an average middle class cars. This is proved by their latest, release of sheer hardware killing software.

    In my opinion this is a major strategical error, which probably will break the neck of LL, caue it breaks the neck of at least 60 percent of their customers computer systems.

    And you, dear 112, you should be happy enough that LL takes good care for you, so stop complaining on the posts of those who do not share your attitude on the sense of online gaming.

  137. Lane says:



  138. Murry says:

    You are horrible horrible people 😦 okay your not. But i reaaaaaaalllly hate 1.19 and would have loved to death to not have it become mandatory over 1.18. I mean i coulda sworn somewhere a ways back you guys saying “oh hey! no more mandatory viewer updates forevahs!” and now here we are back to a mandatory update that as far as I can tell is only really mandatory because it closes up some small gaps in the IP protection that only exhisted for.. well im not sure how long. well over 2 years at least. Somehow tho i really doubt disabling UUID fetching and thumbnail previews on objects that are no mod is going to stop.. well anything really.

    Thanks LL. really.

  139. Well, seems our word means nothing but.. i won’t complain.. I am simply here trying to figure out a way for my friends to play again… *growls* ANYONE know a way to play? A few said they are seeing all kinds of weird distorted shapes and colors and others are only seeing grey. Appreciate any decent feedback…. *growls again*

  140. ACTUALLY , my few friends have solved their problems and i will share it with you all. It is stated here in the forums also. Two solutions.

    1. Turn your VBO off in hardware
    2. Try this –> http://viewer.onrez.com/

  141. Ciaran Laval says:

    @138 Shadz Laville, tell them to try downloading client 1.19.0, it’s linked in the Pastrami blog a few posts down. If LL had a clue about customer service it would be a choice on the mandatory upgrade but alas LL is ran by techies who think people will go searching for solutions when the reality is people will just walk away.

  142. Ah will do. Thank you dear.

  143. Hodgey Hogfather says:

    @125 and other similar…..Fixing your lighting problems now with this viewer is a big problem. You can adjust things so you look good on YOUR viewer, but windlaugh allows everyone to customize the color/intensity, gamma, etc to THEIR liking. As a result, your best efforts are in vain. Builders and artists take great pains to select the “perfect” color…now everyone will see it significantly different. Also badly affecting lighting is the glow option, which provides way too much gain in daylight. Having more options is not always a better thing, visually. What color is sky blue today? Ask anyone…..hmmmmmm

  144. Vivienne says:

    LL seems to be run by NO ONE, actually. If there were someone running it the team who made THIS viewer crap would be fired.

  145. Once again not complaining but i feel bad for those who cannot play now. LISTEN TO US LL!! Give them some options!!! For christ sake!!


  146. All I can say is, you should have ran some of the SIX MONTHS of firstlook and RC builds and reported hardware problems.

    First things first, nvidia card users using a 5 series (FX) or above (5200 – 9800): go get the latest nvidia beta drivers here:

    On both my 6600 and 8800GT, I’ve seen a 2X performance increase and the vertex vomit from normal prims is gone.

    ATI users, Get the March 5th release here, it fixes a MAJOR shader performance problem on X and HD series cards:

    If you’re constantly crashing or having other general problems, pop off the side of your PC and clean the dust from your fans and metal heatsink bits using a can of compressed air.

    Often times a poor quality power supply is the blame for crashy behavior. A cheap fix for a great many computers I’ve worked on is replacing the power supply with a brand such as Enermax, Antec, Fortron, or Coolermaster — And I’ve repaired thousands of PCs.
    Sometimes this can cost as little as $30-40 and PC owners are amazed to find windows has stopped crashing as much.

  147. If you’re unsure if your hardware or drivers is causing the problem, go download Ubuntu Hardy Heron Beta from:

    If you need to test your memory for errors, select the Memory Test from the boot screen to launch memtest86. It could take a day or longer to test your memory if you have a lot, but you should do this at least once to make sure your memory is not causing problems.

    So far, Ubuntu Hardy been able to launch second life 1.19.1RC1 to final on at least 60 machines I have access to at work with completely different hardware configurations. It’s become my standard test in repairing PCs — Sitting at the login screen, SL runs MD5s on the client files which will use 100% cpu: Good CPU test. Also tests audio, network, and graphics while running.

    You can get a free ISO burner from here:

    Burn the ISO to a CDR or DVDR (Doesn’t matter, DVD just makes it slightly faster) then boot your PC from it.

  148. When the desktop comes up, it should say something about restricted drivers in use.

    This indicates it has found your video card and/or wireless.

    You may need to connect to your access point to access the internet.
    In the upper right of the screen, you will notice an icon that looks like two computers. Left click on it to display a list of wireless access points to connect to. The icon should change to a signal strength bar once you are successfully connected.

    There is a link to start Firefox in the upper left corner. Click on it.
    Firefox should start, then type in:

    The latest viewer will download to your temporary desktop.
    Right click on it, and select “Extract Here”.

    A folder window will open up containing Second Life.

    find the file called “secondlife”, and double click on it.
    You will see a dialog box:

    Do you want to run “secondlife”, or display its contents?
    “secondlife” is an executable text file.

    with four buttons. Click “Run”, the fourth button.

    Second life should start and you should be able to login without problems.

    Hold CTRL-ALT-SHIFT and press D to activate the Advanced menu.
    Hold CTRL-SHIFT and press the 1 key to show the FPS counter in the top right.

    Compare this to your performance in windows — if it is drastically lower in windows, chances are you need to find the proper drivers.

    If anyone would like some help with this, please feel free to IM me politely, and read my profile first! I’m happy to answer questions unless I’m busy-mode! Feel free to offline me as well, I check my mail regularly and may reply without logging in.

  149. Vivienne says:

    They will listen when they lose half of their pemiums and alll these companies running average computer systems and ATI business cards.

    But it will be too late then.

  150. ishtara says:

    Yet another problem… when you arrive somewhere, the lighting doesn’t revert to the regional settings. Someone who switched to a night time setting in another sim will also see my sim at night time when he/she teleports there. Most people never use “revert to region settings”.

    How can I set the sim lighting in a way that all visitors arrive at daytime and see my sim the way I meant it to be seen?

  151. Full post is here:

    Looks like some of my comments were modded! Oopsie, probably too many links!

  152. Michael Timeless says:

    This probably won’t make a bit of difference.

    There are plenty of different systems here that do work with this new viewer. The problem that the Fanboys miss is that not all users are tech experts, even those with 20+ years of experience. I fly all the time (I work for an airline) and get online everywhere with my Thinkpad and Intel chipset – except some cities where transmission errors cause all the problems listed here.

    I wish that people would listen to the complaints and actually try to see what the real cause of the problem is. I have a state of the art desktop and there are times when it simply won’t work with this interface. Other times it’s perfect. If people would pay attention to some of the complaints the might make this a better system.

    Having LL cater to corporate users who aren’t here on the weekends is bad enough. Having our own turn on us is……

  153. Wyald Woolley says:

    Ha! Linden Labs® wants to attract the business and institutional customer but makes a viewer that will only run on a Gamer’s computer, and certainly NOT on most corporate or school laptops.

    Where’s the thought in that?

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