Luna Oaks Galleria and Busy Ben’s Vehicle Lot Lottery Results!!!!


Thank you to the more than 2,000 Second Life Residents who submitted their names for the Luna Oaks Galleria & Busy Ben’s Vehicle Lot Lottery!

Congratulations! Below you will find the list of winners!

Busy Benโ€™s Vehicle Lot Photo

STALL 1 35 prims Winter Ventura
STALL 2 35 prims Kasolai Nighbor
STALL 3 35 prims chmarr walcott
STALL 5 35 prims Tener Aeon
STALL 6 35 prims Tiberius Laval
STALL 13 35 prims KrazyMichy Avro
STALL 14 35 prims Emily Hifeng
STALL 15 35 prims rhianna demina
STALL 16 35 prims Meat Carver
STALL 17 35 prims chrisWY Lewsey
STALL 18 35 prims Cyric Loon
STALL 7 35 prims Lucian Zadeh
STALL 8 35 prims Jillian Callahan
STALL 9 35 prims Niki Wilder
STALL 10 35 prims Cosmo Drago
STALL 11 35 prims Blaccard Burks
STALL 12 35 prims Gumby Roffo
STALL 19 35 prims Dustin Pomeray
STALL 20 35 prims Chitose Kaminski
STALL 21 35 prims apolon obscure
STALL 22 35 prims smallbutt mighty
STALL 23 35 prims Duke Elliott
STALL 24 35 prims Isandra Willunga
STALL 31 35 prims Indira Bekkers
STALL 32 35 prims Ben Turas
STALL 33 35 prims Griffin Halderman
STALL 34 35 prims bella ahn
STALL 35 35 prims marienna cortes
STALL 36 35 prims Deborah Ewry
STALL 42 35 prims Kornscope Komachi
STALL 44 35 prims MichaelZ Market
STALL 45 35 prims Rikard Bashly
STALL 46 35 prims littlebee Humby
STALL 25 35 prims wolfpr magne
STALL 26 35 prims Bubba Bracken
STALL 27 35 prims Yuriko Nishi
STALL 28 35 prims Oken Hax
STALL 29 35 prims Shaynee Xi
STALL 30 35 prims Koose DeGroot
STALL 37 35 prims silver12ryukio Bard
STALL 39 35 prims Petrya Lutrova
STALL 40 35 prims Lin Ochs
STALL 41 35 prims UFirst Allen
CAR SECTION LOT 4 105 prims Whispering Hush
BOATS SECTION LOT 43 105 prims Balpien Hammerer
MOTORCYCLE SECTION LOT 38 105 prims Tes Tiramisu


LOT 2 15 prim Limit Menolly Riederer
LOT 4 15 prim Limit semaj swenholt
LOT 6 15 prim Limit Kin Ishnoo
LOT 8 15 prim Limit Gil Druart
LOT 22 15 prim Limit Rayden Tomsen
LOT 24 15 prim Limit Lillian Watkins
LOT 26 15 prim Limit Naergilien Wunderlich
LOT 28 15 prim Limit Atiya Masala
LOT 30 15 prim Limit Tyrr Leavitt
LOT 32 15 prim Limit Andy2k7 Smit
LOT 11 15 prim Limit Stan Rawley
LOT 13 15 prim Limit Michsie Ansome
LOT 15 15 prim Limit Elizabeth Durnan
LOT 17 15 prim Limit Moeka Kohime
LOT 19 15 prim Limit coryntus slade
LOT 35 15 prim Limit Lyselle Munro
LOT 37 15 prim Limit Blu Heron
LOT 39 15 prim Limit Sunn Thunders
LOT 41 15 prim Limit Doctordaffy Cure
LOT 43 15 prim Limit Barefoot Ballinger
LOT 45 15 prim Limit Claude Kirax
LOT 5 70 prim Limit Reincaschi Reinard
LOT 7 70 prim Limit Sinuna Falta
LOT 21 70 prim Limit Kayk Short
LOT 27 70 prim Limit Gordon Wendt
LOT 33 70 prim Limit fee cuddihy
LOT 34 70 prim Limit Lois Allen
LOT 40 70 prim Limit Lovely Encore
LOT 46 70 prim Limit Benski Trenkins
LOT 14 70 prim Limit Cae Sands
LOT 16 70 prim Limit MMarx Writer
LOT 23 35 prim Limit ri rasmuson
LOT 25 35 prim Limit AnCuDubh Docherty
LOT 29 35 prim Limit Phedre Dumouriez
LOT 31 35 prim Limit Amaryllis Catteneo
LOT 36 35 prim Limit Nic Halley
LOT 38 35 prim Limit Tamsin Ireton
LOT 42 35 prim Limit Un4given Spoonhammer
LOT 44 35 prim Limit Wolvie Howton
LOT 3 270 prim Limit Reg Mannonen
LOT 9 270 prim Limit kizmet Kidd
LOT 12 270 prim Limit Cipher Ivory
LOT 18 270 prim Limit Roger0804 Masatada
Anchor Store 1 1535 prim Limit WildHeart kidd
Anchor Store 2 1535 prim Limit antique arliss

Winners please check your Inventory later this evening for an information notecard and be sure to have a group slot available.

About Mia Linden

CMD Team, Outreach Concierge, InWorld Events Specialist
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151 Responses to Luna Oaks Galleria and Busy Ben’s Vehicle Lot Lottery Results!!!!

  1. Belial Zadeh says:

    SL (c) is falling around our ears and you post about a lottery? lmao

  2. Just a spoon full of sugar, eh?

  3. I thought lotteries were illegal???

  4. Belial Zadeh says:

    I just don’t get LL!

  5. Ann Otoole says:

    i’m a loser. as usual lol. oh well.

  6. Alisha says:

    Congratulations to all that get a spot!!

  7. Belial Zadeh says:

    Hope you can still login winners! ๐Ÿ˜€

  8. Holly says:

    @4 — Wagering is not allowed in Second Life. LL has defined wagering, and this lottery does not fall under the category of stuff not allowed. There’s no fee to enter this contest.

    I’d like to quote Jacob Silveira from an earlier blog post, who makes the point concisely (

    “Its actually free to enter and if you are not chosen as a winner, you lose nothing. If you win, you gain nothing more than a privilege to use someone elseโ€™s land to sell your creations for a limited time. No money involved, no risk, no loss.”

  9. Naergilien Wunderlich says:

    Yay! I won! :-))) OMG, I didn’t expect this – thank you :-)))

  10. leba lusch says:

    Well done the winners. But although you didnt pay to win its still gambling and it was banned. i have a better idea move the servers out of the usa and bring back gambling after all its a personal choice weather to gamble or not. Land of the free usa please. i think not. dont see them closing vagus down so let us have the casinos in sl. certainly helped the sl ecconomy

  11. Drako Nagorski says:

    wait…. i got a stall? hmmmm my wife must have signed me up without tellin me

  12. wolfpr magne says:

    omg, thanks ! i won it . thank you for get my attention . ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Raban Laborde says:

    Congrats to all the winners. Hope you can login and rezz as the asset is rumbling again (.. our daily inworld issue give us today…)

  14. Now that these lucky folks PAY linden directly for SALES SPACE for Products, Ill ASSUME LINDEN is now responsible for making sure all IP and designs are owned, or licensed properly from their actual owners.

    Since were all happy to abide by Linden labs IP trademark, and copyright ownership rules, Ill assume LL will also do the same for other companies and IP owners.

    Direct profit from the sales of virtual objects specific to a LL server. that sounds like a decent idea, LL- but lets play within the law or the next time you speak to congress it might not be such a photo op:)

    NO more IPO TECH driven companies enriched by Stolen Content/work of others…

    we’ll be watching…
    hopefully only original designed vehicles will be sold at Bens….

  15. AlexanderTheBenelli says:

    lol…nice idea, but i think you should get every single LL employee to work on something more serious..^^
    But anyway, i like it, good thing!
    Make sure to repeat this…when the grid is stable^^

  16. Mirella Dallagio says:

    Instead of playing with lotteries, WHAT ABOUT FIXING THAT DAMN ASSET SERVERS ? They go nuts EACH SINGLE DAY as soon as the european evening starts. FIX THEM. FIX THEM. FIX THEM. Isn’t it clear what we want ? Things working as they should, not lotteries !

  17. IntLibber Brautigan says:

    when was this lottery even announced? I requested info on getting a lot months ago and never heard a peep.

  18. Winter Ventura says:

    Uhm… didn’t there used to be a 4+ sim race-track/vehicle-sandbox attached to Busy Ben’s?

  19. Yeah, hopefully Bens is a place with legal cars invented by its creators and not a place stuffed with unlicensed BMW, Mercedes, Ferraris clones.


  20. Whisper says:

    Congrats to all the other winners, and commiserations to those who missed out, and thank you lindens for the opportunity to show off 18 months of scripting and building ๐Ÿ™‚ THANK YOU!!!!

  21. Sumie says:

    There’s no reason why LL can’t promote fun things like this that benefit residents AND fix problems at the same time. Congrats everyone who won!

  22. Kula Anatine says:

    great the commercialization of secondlife what next

  23. richard says:

    lottery did someone say lottery? no gambling

  24. This is great, why hasn’t anyone posted a landmark to this place?

  25. Steve Jobs says:

    the map is down and you cant even get there to check it out


  26. Ayamo says:

    “SL (c) is falling around our ears and you post about a lottery? lmao” – Belial Zadeh

    Thanks for the usefull comment? You’re not paying much attention are you?

    Firstly, get your brain in gear? Second Life have more than one member of staff.

    Secondly, Mia Linden posted this. So, all the rest of the Lidens that are on the maintenance/fixing team are all hands on, hard working to fix whats going wrong.

    Don’t have a go at Liden Labs just because one member of staff was asked to give the world a updates in an event results.

    I hope that made sence to you.

    Because with however many braincells you have, you cant seem to understand much.

    And braincells, thats a figure of speech.

  27. Ayamo says:

    “lottery did someone say lottery? no gambling” – richard

    Lottery, it’s a draw from a hat (so to say).

  28. Bryon Ruxton says:

    A lottery is not gambling, as long as there is no wager involved…

    Talking about gambling, I still don’t see the gambling policy reflected on the TOS??

  29. Keiko Rau says:

    @8 Holly
    This may technically be legal under the TOS as you point out, but it is NOT permitted to use the word “Lottery” within the context of SL – Just try placing a classified with that word in it. It seems that LL has defined a “Lottery”, legal or not, as something that you cant promote within SL, and yet here they are running one of their very own.

    They once again thumb their noses at residents, and have one set of rules for us, and another for them. I dont have a problem with the wagering ban, but at LEAST have some consistency and set a good example! If we cant promote a lottery that is within the TOS, neither should you.

  30. richard says:

    good point 30

  31. Nimrod Yaffle says:

    I didn’t win. This must be a scam!

  32. Nimrod Yaffle says:

    @29: Neither are the ageplay issues.

  33. Arsheba Nasu says:

    Excuse me, but what the hell is this and why are they getting special treatment while the rest of us suffocate under the rule of the camping farms and your obsolete traffic-centric Popular Places list?

    We’re dropping like flies here and this is the most important issue on your minds?

  34. Lyselle Munro says:

    OMG! Thank you!!! I was so excited that I scared my husband because I started screaming & giggling! Thanks, thanks thanks!!


  35. Tawney Bian says:

    I think it doesn’t actually reopen until April 15th Steve, though I could be wrong and frequently am *L*

    Congrats to all the winners!

  36. Tawney Bian says:

    And I for one have been waiting for the list to be posted, since I entered and knew the entries ended March 31st, so I’m glad they told us who won so people can plan their shops – or not as the case may be.

    As someone said up above me somewhere, there was nothing lost in entering other than the 30 seconds it took to complete the form.

    From what I gather by reading, the spots change out every 6 months – so if they continue the program, which they are under no obligation to do – then those of us who didn’t come out with a spot this time can still enter next time – or the next .. while 2,000 entries is quite a few it is not impossible odds.

    Would it have been fun to win? Sure. Does it change anything that I didn’t? No.

    I’d break out into the “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” song, but i’m thinking some people don’t want to hear it – and that’s ok too ๐Ÿ™‚

  37. ac14 Hutson says:

    would have been funny if i won. im on the teen grid and wouldnt be able to use the shop /stall untill i got there.

    oh well free is free

  38. Nic Halley says:

    Wow, I won the lottery! Thanks

  39. Congrats on the people that won the lottery! I wish I would have won :/

  40. DR Dahlgren says:

    @leba lusch – Good Grief!! Any game of chance that has no entry fee is not gambling. There is no gamble if you have no stake. I can make a slot machine and use it in SL all day long if there is no fee to pay. It is simply a game whether it pays out or just notes the winners. Sounds like serious sour grapes to me.

    Nice job Mia. These sites fell on the back burner way too long ago. I remember another Linden was supposed to do this last Feb (07). Glad to see some of these often Noob visited places getting a refresh.


  41. Tegg B says:

    Nice to have a place selling cars, now all we need is a plane to make vehicles functional for sim crossings.
    And the compulsory upgrade won’t effect most of the population who are running bot viewers.

  42. Dekka Raymaker says:

    Damn my bribe wasn’t enough, so can i have my Linden dollars back please?

  43. Tim Gagliano says:

    Ummm Why don’t the whiners ever shut up? OH I know why… cause if we made them shut up there would be no use for comments in the blogs let alone drama in SL.

    Just because they called it a Lottery does not go against their policy. There was NO MONEY exchanged… there was NO PROFIT to be had.. as a business owner it is at MY risk that I rent anywhere because I am NOT guaranteed sales.. only eyes (traffic). Thus, if this is the case and you agree with that, you can take your argument and put it where LL puts our hair and shoes ๐Ÿ™‚

    I submitted for this and I did not get a spot. SO WHAT. If you are that hard up for a spot that you are gonna claim foul because you may think you have found a contradiction why not setup shot at the hundreds of Camping sims that LL refuses to do anything about ๐Ÿ™‚

    *gives back the soapbox*

  44. Keiko Rau says:

    @44 Tim
    I somehow get the feeling that was directed at my comment in @30, but even if not, it raises some points that I should clarify, or be labelled a whiner, which is not the case. I am one of Second Life’s supporters, and promote it whenever I get the chance.

    I totally get that this is within the TOS, and was Non-profit and there was no money, and all the other capitals you used. Thats all fine. we agree on those points.

    What I disagree with is the inconsistency. Im not claiming foul… I didnt apply for (and miss) a spot, since I dont make vehicles, or anything else that I could sell there. I did not previously run a casino, so there is no case of sour grapes there either.

    I simply believe that if there is a set of rules, it should be applicable to all. Not just those of us who dont make the rules. That is all there is to it, and as I said in @30, if we cant promote a lottery (even one that is within the TOS) then neither should they. I hope that clears it up.

  45. Chakku451 Rieko says:


    Let’s do some math…

    45 comments as of this posting
    18 positive = 40%
    27 negative = 60%

    Now, my question is:
    Of that 60% who replied in a negative manner, how many of you are paying customers? Hmmm…

  46. angela seale says:

    so SL endorsed gambling is legal? when did gambling become legal in SL again? i mean in the state i live in lotteries are illegal, does this mean that people from my state will be unable to participate and enjoy SL?

  47. Maklin Deckard says:

    #22 “Thereโ€™s no reason why LL canโ€™t promote fun things like this that benefit residents AND fix problems at the same time. Congrats everyone who won!”

    Apparently there is a reason, because the same damn thing (the asset server) has screwed up every day this week at least once. its friday night, its broke once again…we’re going into our usual ‘weekend, broke at least twice a day cycle’.

    LL needs (even if only for appearances) to cease this bread and circuses routine aimed at rallying the fanboys and distracting the playerbase, and fix the game. What good is a spot if you

    A) can’t get ingame.
    B) Cannot rez inventory to set it up.
    C) your customers can’t TP there,
    D) if they somehow get there, transactions fail.

    Congratulations to the winners, though. Hope the game works enough you can get it set up within the next couple months.

  48. Gumby Roffo says:

    Fantastic , I first visited this place about june last year and now I get 35 prims to play with, Woot . And for those that didn’t know it was there , time to do some SL travel.

    Thanks SL.

  49. Lysana McMillan says:

    Oh, noes. They said “lottery” when they meant “drawing.” Let’s all jump down their throats and prove we have no first OR second life!

    Or not. I entered. I didn’t win. I’m fine with that. This was a legal drawing within SL rules. And to the people who insist on claiming moving the servers would change the gambling rules… no, it wouldn’t. Americans are banned from using their credit cards to access online gambling. PayPal won’t support sending money to gambling sites, either, as people use their credit cards through PayPal. Even if the site’s in Hong Kong, Americans aren’t allowed to gamble using credit cards. So the Lindens would be completely unable to allow gambling unless they put in some complex nonsense that barred American IPs from gambling areas.

    Now, can we all just be happy for the winners and not use this as yet another Linden-bashing thread?

  50. Lysana McMillan says:

    @48: So, the Lindens are supposed to stop all other activity, including stuff that was started months ago, to jump to your orders? Two words: Spare. Me.

  51. Aries Piek says:

    @30- get a life and go complain about something really meaningful for a change.

  52. Tim Gagliano says:

    *takes back his soapbox*
    @46: I am a paying customer who has been in game for well over a year.

    @45:No that was not directed at “30”. It was directed at everyone who jumps up and down at the fact that they have outlawed gamlling (forced to I may add by the US Government due to anti-online gambling laws) yet they chose to use the word lottery for the spots. I mean what else are you gonna call it? I am sorry but to name it “PUT YOUR NAME IN AND IF WE DRAW IT YOU GET A SPOT” is too long. I mean come on.. Most states in the US outlaw gambling yet they hold Lotteries for parking spaces to who gets in line to buy the next ps3 @ Christmas.

    Just as if you jump to another blog to do with the viewer… People are screaming bloddy murder… Goes to show who I will and wont play checkers with in here… cause I will have changed the rules some how…..but have no fear.. cause the lindens still have a place for your shoes and hair ๐Ÿ™‚

  53. Mr.B says:

    I see casinos and slot machines and the like all over SL still… I used to operate them myself untill the ban came along. I closed my doors when they told us we had to stop the gambling… but others did not close shop and still operate to this day. So why is it what no one enforces the ban from LL. Now having this lottery on thier main blog page, in my opinion this clearly shows the lack of structure and resourse managment maintained by LL.

  54. Tim Gagliano says:

    *sighs* ok I am gonna shup now.. cause some people just do not get it

  55. Busy Benโ€™s Vehicle Lot was one of the first places I had ever stumbled into. I had no clue as to its significance at the time. I ended up chatting with a few people outside and learned how to fly some aircraft in the open air. Good times, good times. I’ll drop on by to check out some of the new inventory coming in.

  56. Ohm FAll says:

    To everyone having a cry about the grid being down and using this unrelated blog to vent their frustrations….

    GET A LIFE!!!

    GET A REAL ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Second Life is an innovative concept of visual stimuli and a most amazing place, second to no other one I have experienced.

    With something this complex and detailed AND with so many users all doing so many actions all at once theres bound to be hiccups along the way.

    If you guys had any idea about whats needed to set up such a virtual site and monitor not only the workings of the site and servers then you would not be so hasty to place judgement.

    Have any of you tried to do too many things on your computer that your system couldnt handle the pressure and simply froze or crashed???

    I work for an internet company which retails internet services to domestic and commercial customers from several wholesalers so I know how complex these things can be and sometimes, contrary to best intentions, things will and do go wrong and are not always easy and quick to fix.

    Its easy to be ignorant of the workings of something you dont know very much about.

    Im certainly not happy about the GRID being down, but im not that pathetic that I have to destroy the happy vibe of a simple lottery with a passive agressive attack, in the wrong direction too i might add…

    Take a moment to think about this maybe…

    Why should you be so dependant on SL for your life or your moment to be comfortable??

    Maybe the real issue lies with you!!! Like I said, GET a REAL life. If SL is all you have to focus on then the real problem doesnt lie with LL, it lies with you!!

    On a happier not, congratulations to all the winners of the lottery. Well done and hope you have fun setting up your shops!!!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  57. Tim Gagliano says:

    might I add… you cannot put your hair and shoes where the Lindens have designed it to go… in RL that is ๐Ÿ™‚ ok ok ok Shutting up now ๐Ÿ˜›

  58. Michelle Thurston says:

    Some people will never be happy. I’m just annoyed I wasn’t paying attention and missed it.

    Get over yourselves.

  59. Elissa Bristol says:

    NO, the people that held these lotteries are the rich and famous of SL….stuff can be allowed in this commercialized B.S.

  60. saddeneyes says:

    Lottery of any kind is considered to be GAMBLING …. HMMMMM LL think you need to look at all the ways of gambling , you do lottery and because it is free you say it is okay , well hate to bust your bubbles it is still ILLEGAL …..

  61. Ric Mollor says:

    Congratulations to the winners. It is unfortunate, however, that the vehicle stalls are allocated such a small number of prims. The products will almost certainly have to be sold by display vendors rather than actual display models. With some of the more complex attachment based vehicles reaching close to 250 prims there doesn’t seem to be much chance of actually seeing them displayed in an attractive sales lot setting.

    Eventually, Linden Labs needs to develop a strategy ofl breaking away from this perpetual prim counting. The prim restrictions, combined with the pervasive commercialism of Second Life, is causing an ever increasing percentage of SL to be built as ‘prim stingy’ as possible.

    Although this ‘economical’ construction is allowing for more products to be displayed in malls, and more skyboxes to be floated above virtual landscapes, it also is making the majority of Second Life look cheap, unattractive, and trashy.

    Perhaps one day, Second Life may become so unattractive and cluttered in comparision to the competition, that users will begin leaving for literal ‘greener pastures’

  62. coventina dalgleish says:

    SO SILLY you play little games while the game self destructs around us.

    Tonight you blame one of your IS providers on the lack of functionality in the game. It is just one big joke after another.

    The game has taken a sharp decline this week reflected in customer participation at our retail facility’s

    HINT LL no sales at the user level then no sales for your middle consumer base of land owners

    You continue to paint a glowing picture but in actuality it is very tarnished now

    Tired of the incompetence being exhibited by your organization

    At first look the recent updates seemed good but did not even last 2 days what does that tell you or are you blind to your customers input

  63. Fee Cuddihy says:

    Grins ๐Ÿ˜‰ I WON!!!!

  64. coventina dalgleish says:

    Oh and Ohm I see you are 90 days old )) well youngster when you have been here over 3 years and see the pattern repeated to the infinite perhaps your attitude will change a little. Many of us have real lives and use this as a method of enjoyment but when it does not function as advertised and promised it becomes very frustrating. This game has more potential than any I have observed but it lacks the required foresight for a complete and successful completion. It falls on it’s face with a gentle breeze.

  65. Shawn_Ay says:


    It is only considered gambling if you gain from luck. These guys seem to have built and worked for their winning. Period.

  66. Shawn_Ay says:



  67. SL Playerโ„ข says:

    Congrats to the winners. Hope to see some fresh new products out of ya’ll!

  68. Medhue Simoni says:

    #63 right on
    SL is imploding. Its obvious they do even understand their own product or why people use it. Stability and customer service should be their prime objectives, but ther are LL hugest faults and they have many.

  69. Great start to the weekend Linden Labs. Your great WELL OIL Machine you installed this past week is a P.O.S. Get your crap together. This is uncalled for. You are costing people thousands & thousands of DOLLARS $$$$ that you seem not to care to compensate people for their losses because of your FAULTY SOFTWARE.

    Your service has been a joke this past week. We the people of Second Life deserve better treatments then this!!!!!

  70. Medhue Simoni says:

    LOL LL approval rating is lower than bush’s now. lol

  71. bigmoe whitfield says:

    hmm turn comments back on at the top of the blog please ๐Ÿ™‚

  72. Bryn Amat says:

    What aboout Zyngo? Is that gambling????

  73. Medhue Simoni says:

    come on bigmoe, do u really like we need 150 comments on this ridiculous topic. Let us comment on something that matters. Not that they are listening. And hey if they were doing their jobs, u would never see these comments

  74. Dex Trenchcoat says:

    The greatest threat to the further expansion of Second Life is.. at times… its own user base.

    keep on keeping on, LL.

  75. Lars Donardson says:

    ignorance + arrogance = Linden Labsยฎ

  76. richard says:

    what about the game “deal,quince,high5” punch a bunch, poon,and lights out ,dirt trails,hokus pokus

  77. Linden Labs must have bought some used oil for their so called “WELL OILED MACHINE”!!!!

  78. edjii00 says:

    This sucks as usual. Here it is late friday night and cant get in. Im getting to the point im considering reverting back to RL! Its Cheaper!

  79. bigmoe whitfield says:

    hmm reboot of the network maybe lindens? something as to let people back in.

  80. I dont have that big of a place & this past week LL has cost me at least 35,000L$. I can’t imagine what people are losing that own sims & large businesses on SL. Linden Labs are killing our business. We should be compensated for this. We need to unite & take action for what we are owed,

    They keep “CLAIMING” things are fixed when they are well not fixed. They are TEMP FIXED. What Linden Labs called [RESOLVED]

    Everyone please take a look at you will see these issues we had last year. Not 1 issue has been fixed by Linden Labs. We pay for this service to work correctly. It does not take a year to fix things. They keep giving us crap we don’t need.

    Its time Linden :Labs refunds us for what we paid for & we can’t use anymore. We should all be credited with a month membership refunded all classified ads we purchased this past week. They can’t give us 2 pennies for our thousands & thousands of dollars we have lost, yet our tier payments are still due on the billing days to them!!!!!!!

  81. Chakku451 Rieko says:

    @53: My comment & your reply has just left me with a BIG can of worms rezz’d in my hand. Can I hide it under the soapbox, please?

    “…cause the lindens still have a place for your shoes and hair…”

    Is that what that is? I thought the cushion of my chair was just lumpy.

  82. Liberty says:

    When you signed up in SL, you took a gamble on whether or not you would like this game. Its a gamble weather or not sl will even be running in any given day. SL took the gamble to go ahead with using the word LOTTERY. I think they lost on that bet.

  83. Instead of organizing a lottery, make all the residents happy. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Not just the people who win the lottery.

    Fix the asset servers….

    that will make us ALL happy ๐Ÿ™‚

  84. Jack Hathor says:

    On the level of topdomain routing and ips. I couldnt help noticing that recently you changed your/added some ip-ranges.
    If you propogate we check http postings from in-world for their origin, then why dont you publish the new ip-addresses requests can be posted from. Now i had to find out the hard way and still not sure i covered them all. This sooo adds to the level of obscurity, you make us bypass the security checks with this.

  85. Redmoonblade says:

    Those who wrote all those good reviews on secondlife weep. At this rate, i don’t think it will be very long before secondlife self destructs thanks to LL.

  86. pncblessed says:

    You know, I think actually they should bring gambling back! Weirdly BUT have licenses like in RL. This will stop the proliferation of a fruit machine on every corner and have places (like in RL) where gambling is allowed.

    But this, this is just a great competition, instead of moaning that its gambling why don’t we just say thank you for the chance to win.

    I didn’t win but I’m glad for those who did.

  87. [Forgot to add this:]

    Congratulations to all winners!

  88. shaw1coage says:

    I know this is off topic, but if logins are disabled, why does my SL browser show “Grid Status : ONLINE”!

  89. @86 Redmoonblade:

    Maybee that could be true.
    But do me a favor.
    Buy yourself a big storage and thousands of servers.
    Try hosting them all – without any downtimes…
    Then talk again.
    It’s also because of LL that Second Life even exists!!

    Next time think about what you comment…

  90. @ shaw1coage:

    It says offline here…

  91. Wonder why King Phillip has decided to step down?? Dude can’t even run a company anymore. Let alone keep SL running properly for 24 straight hours. King Phillip you owe us big compensation. You get your paycheck but we are all losing ours….. King Phillip is probably playing Halo 3 right now anyways while his whole operation is flushing down the toilet this past week.

  92. bigmoe whitfield says:

    April 4, 2008, 11:55 pm Logins are disabled until external routing issues are resolved.

  93. bigmoe whitfield says:

    can we find out what kind of problem? we have enough IT people in world right now. Plus the others who are here out of world stuck. we can help just let us.

  94. April 4, 2008, 11:59 pm Linden Labs closes it’s doors. SL is [UNRESOLVED] Go back to RL.

  95. bigmoe whitfield says:

    SL is RL to me. you be in my shoes and see why. but yes I know off topic but congrats to the winners

  96. Ohh yeah congratz to the winners. It will be 3 months before you will be able to access your new area. Hope LL will give you a raincheck.

  97. bigmoe whitfield says:

    ^ agreees with 97

  98. You would really think that after 2 hours they would provide you an update to what’s going on. Did their hamster die that was powering the grid????

  99. aruba DeCuir says:

    First one is forced to download a new viewer that dont work at all!
    Did so FOUR times each time told I had to get the new I already had.
    Now I have deleted all SL from my compueter and downloaded again.
    NOW I cant get online!
    What are you doing LL?

  100. I think they shut down the grid to run around party on everyones sex pose balls. It’s been a while since they shut the grid down to go around & party on people’s land. We we come back im sure there will be stains on the carpet around the pose ball areas…

    they have to celebrate this “WELL:-OILED MACHINE” they gave us this past week. Big party for the new SIMULATOR they installed.

  101. bigmoe whitfield says:

    from my take there is only 2 or 3 people on the nightshift. so who really knows

  102. alf lednev says:

    Congrats to all the winners, not sure if it means anything really as the Assest Server is always stuffed and the “various” issues reoccur everyday.

    Well said #65. as for #90 no son, when you pay real money for a product, you expect to get what you pay for else your money back. Its a common business practice. If LL is marketing a product for profit that continually fails, then it will find its TOS tested one day in a Court. Sorry the world isn’t run by IT techno geeks (yes I am one, but without the star trek uniform) Its run by Lawyers and Accountants, people expect the service for which they pay. Learn it, if you want to survive in real life business.

    LL promotes IT elitism and strokes the egos of the “never been laid in real life” group (refer IT techies). JIRA is proof that it wants its paying customers to be beta testers. It is deliberately non user friendly, overly complex and the fact so many Reports are never actioned is damming on Lindens. They could invest in a simple “off the shelf” problem management package but that may mean they have to actually action them. Mircosoft (a bigger fish) will probably sue them soon for stealing their idea of using paying customers as beta testers.

    Others here have rightly pointed out that these past weeks especially business in SL is dead, few are willing to make transactions. Linden’s respone of this crtical issue for many players? Silence, not a peep. No Blog post to say whats happening, no avenue to allow people to ask, just deathly silence. Oh and the “happy stats” released, never show these issues, so much for openess that is boasted about.

    Sidewinder sidestepped the whole issue on his “pat me on the back” response for the IT geeks. mumbling its “some other team” issue. Umm guys, that infers that there is no concept of Project management practiced in Lindens, IT protocols have been around for decades, seems Lindens will release a “major” viewer update and NOT correct ongoing issues. So big picture is????

    Why isn’t the asset server fixed? Why do the same “various issues” reoccur over and over and over and over and over ………….? Why is nothing EVER communicated? It has been weeks, I can only think of a few possibilities

    1) Lindens don’t care about users
    2) Lindens have no idea how to fix it
    3) Internal Budget restraints mean no hardware can be bought before next fininacial year so they plod on trying to hold it together (includes point 1)
    4) some Lindens staff want to keep themselves in a job, fixing it could make them redudant

    I’d welcome anymore ideas ๐Ÿ™‚

    perhaps we could have a new contest? The most accurate reason for Lindens refusal explain the reason for the “various” but consient problems that impact ie to allow a blog on the assest server? We need a laugh.

    Having a funeral oops rememberance in SL, perhaps we can have the Tomb of the Unknown Avie, to commermate all those who departed this second life in disgust and frustration.

  103. Windy Noyes says:

    I am a paying user. In fact I spend $150 or so a month. I want to congratulate the winners.

    Of course, this isn’t the only SL lottery. It’s like a lottery if you can login, or go more than a couple of hours without crashing. It’s like a lottery whether you can buy something, and if it will be delivered. Paying xustomers deserve better than this. So please, just get on with fixing SL. And for those who don’t like it when a thread goes a bit off topic – that’s because on the treads that really matter, comments are always disabled. I can’t think why….:)

  104. bigmoe whitfield says:

    103@ bottom part ^.^

  105. coventina dalgleish says:

    All the promise lost to one can of recycled fryer oil from mickey D’s to lube the new engine. It is a pathetic demonstration of the combined ability’s of the LL staff to lose prime time at the beginning of the week end, but typical. There is one way to make a clear and salient point to them close your operations, drop your advertisements, kill your tiers. If they ever get it running with any sense of regularity all of your items will be in your inventory, as they never close out an account. If they did the true subscriber base would be very obvious. I have rolled back to an observer position selling most of my owned islands and have resorted to renting. It is a little more expensive but at least I wont own pixels in cyber space. By doing this it will do one of two things. give them a clear and concise indication of the true feelings of the paying users,or, kill it rapidly. The situation has grown to the level that it is truly out of control they do not listen to the customers and continue to roll out packages we did not ask for. Philip stated in the last quarter of last year that the new focus was to be fixing the bugs that infest the game and creating a stable platform. I have seen no indication that business is anything else than as the status quo. Bugs have been on record for well over a year yet no resolution. Last November we had a massive upgrade of the asset array in preparation for the holiday rush. Well the holiday rush has come and gone and the asset servers still sit on their asses, even more now than before. Another improvement handled in the typical LL fashion. And for all of you who keep popping up with inane support for them this is not new or rocket science. This is not a new game. This game should be comfortably into maturity. The latest Havok 4 update holds great potential but can not be realized while the system operates as it does. Sorry for the rant but if they would open a place to vent rather than an innocent topic this would not happen. OH and LL you can post some kind of a damn update on your progress, you know GOOD CUSTOMER RELATIONS….

  106. pantaiputih korobase says:

    I hope may bread in the oven does not burn down my parcel while the gird is down (and I wanted to have that bread for breakfast), lmao

  107. Winged Heron says:

    never heard of Linden Lotteries before. How do they work?

    Also will premium members ever find land that is covered by their free of tier allowance – know this is not related but will throw it in anyway.

  108. pantaiputih korobase says:

    do we need to stay offline until corporate America (westcoast) is awake?

  109. Sean Heying says:

    Hi to all my friends and family in SL! Looks like a long night.


  110. bigmoe_whitfield says:

    I just spent 2hrs in world with logins off. Waiting for my fiance to get back in world so we can plan our wedding. she is not happy about the login thing. but what can we do. mostly just complain here with everybody else.

  111. Rose says:

    the one night i decide to pull an all nighter to update my builds ….
    i love SL but you guys have really blown this transistion

  112. william Fish says:

    i dont care bout the no log ins as much as i do about 4 hours and no update on what’s going on. we almost there? not even close? go f____ yourself and come back 2 days from now? What! please give us an update!

    It’s the least you can do.

  113. pantaiputih korobase says:

    [2.00 AM] We are still working to resolve the routing issues. Our sincere apologies. – Matthew

  114. Clark Columbia says:

    Why the special promo for these guys? Shouldn’t everybody selling something on 2nd get the same exposure? I’m a paid up resident and don’t like the one sidedness of this, or is it two sided? Waste of everyones time and money. Get back to the job of running the Life. The last upgrade is a laggy down grade as far as I’m concerned

  115. william Fish says:

    well they are reading this thread that’s for sure lol. /me wonders “how long” do they anticipate this being down. I’m 100% sure that the provider told them an apx amount of time.

    or are we just waiting for LL to reboot the servers and or redirect now that the provider has fixed their problem.

    Which makes me wonder.. who’s routers are they using. probably went with the lowest bidder.

    well guess i go to sleep now. no sense waiting another 4 hours for an update.

  116. Raven Primeau says:

    Bugger, LL screw up and I have no reason to shirk my household chores now…….

    Makes me wonder what LL spend my US$ 88.00 Land tier on each month though when I can’t build play or enjoy….anything

  117. Windy Noyes says:

    Let’s make our own updates:

    Sorry everyone, it’s not our fault. We know it has been nearly 7 hours since this issue began, but it’s one of our service providers…backup plan? what’s that? system redundancy? never heard of it. But it’s not our fault, honest…

  118. william Fish says:

    #118 you forgot one thing

    we will keep you updated


  119. pantaiputih korobase says:

    disaster recovery plan? naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, lol@118

  120. Shai Khalifa says:

    “We apologise for any inconvenience. We will have the issues resolved soon. We thank you for your patience.”

    any other LL platitudes you want to add there?

    Maybe it’s April Fools Week – and LL consider all it’s paying customers to be the Fools upon whom they’re playing nasty tricks?

  121. Grim says:

    LL has horrible server maintinence staff……..

  122. Phaedra Basevi says:

    What server maintenance staff??

  123. Belial Zadeh says:

    At least some ppl won a lottery, of course you can’t log in to enjoy your winnings but…………. ๐Ÿ˜€

  124. SmallButt Mighty says:

    As one of the winners of Busy Ben’s (and i have been a resident there for longer than this av has been alive… multiple years) I am proud to be a part of this great feature that the Lindens toss back at the residents. I own a nice and very profitable shop on Second Life, and make a very good 2nd living here, and consider this an opportunity to give back in some ways.

    I will invite the delightful constant residents of the nearby sim and place of my av birth, Balance, to participate in a communal vendor. Plus, I will have some nice vehicle freebies created for this spot (new and unseen) to give back to the community.

    My heart goes out the the brilliant minds that spend each and every day creating unique ships and vehicles in the sim Balance, and were hoping for a spot on the lot. These incredibly gifted souls build these wonderful devices, and many are not sold or enjoyed because they do not have the venue to sell such items. many are gifted builders and scripters, but lack the support to market these items that all of us would be thrilled to own.

    And as for the others that toss fodder at the Lindens for offering a venue, shame on you. We always chastise these people for not helping enough, or messing our precious sims up, or whatever. the one time they DO help, you toss it back in their faces. Instead, we should encourage more of this hospitality and beg for more opportunities. Personally, I would give my first born (rl or otherwise) to have a place in Luna. I am not sure how Mayhem Weapons would go over there as an anchor store. I for one was hoping to find out.

    So as I part my rant, I hope that each of us support all that is good and holy about our pastime, SL, and continue to complain about what is real and unholy concerning the true and difficult like the asset servers, lack of log in, H4, no transaction ability and many other REAL concerns that relate to our daily lives on this phenomenon called Second Life.


  125. Belial Zadeh says:

    @125 Shut up! lol

  126. @ everybody saying the maintenance staff is shitty:

    You try fixing that issue faster than they do…

    I do agree with the updates….

    2 hours and 30 minutes ebfore the next update -_-

  127. william Fish says:

    #125 as an annual paying customer and a monthly $195USD land tier payer i EARNED the right to toss “fodders” at LL for giving me crappy service.

    We all have.

  128. Joel Ra says:

    Oh well… /me goes off to watch the last episode of Torchwood

  129. Raven Primeau says:

    I’m sure most agree with you Smallbutt ๐Ÿ™‚ I and my fiance entered to try our luck too to no avail but I imagine the response was quite staggering.

    You are gonna get the bitter twisted gripes as well you know especially when things are like they are ATM, for many it’s just frustration and this is the only outlet the thoughtful ppl at LL have allowed to let off some vitriol

    I for one congrat all those that won and are brave enough to keep building/investing in such dire times as these are now. Without such devotion SL’s economy would have crumbled totally for sure.

  130. Windy Noyes says:

    Don’t forget, when the comments reach 150, your voice in SL will be silenced once more, and in the SL morning all these comments will be erased and everything will be sweet again, and resolved…for a few hours anyway.

  131. Raven Primeau says:

    To those who know who they are

    Attacking ppl like above by some makes you look like complete twats BTW and wastes blogspace.

  132. william Fish says:

    i happen to like twats

  133. Sinuna Falta says:

    Hate to post of topic but….

    Hey.. I won!


  134. Belial Zadeh says:

    @131 Shut up! lol

  135. Gary Bekkers says:

    I once heard that a twat was a pregnant fish. still dont know if its true to this day! but if William FISH likes em, it may very well be lol

  136. Grim says:

    Besides all this ranting, does anyone have ANY idea when SL will be back up and running?

  137. Razor says:

    lets hope people wont sell stolen content there
    lets hope that if it does happen, linden labs wont take months to take them doen.
    come on, most mall owners close shop in a few days when reasonable proof is given that the items are stolen. (like the stolen dante skin) yet inden labs takes MONTHS to investigate EACH stolen copy of the same dante skin again. while after 3 times it should ring a bell: if 1 copy is stolen, then the others having the same UUIDs are too. But nooo the rather have them inworld so they can earn from them, like with the famous brazilian theft shops/sim clusters which make linden labs a lot of money on stolen items.

  138. Sean Heying says:

    In some countries of the world a twat is part of a female’s anatomy. A word that should not be used in polite company.

  139. Gary Bekkers says:

    i had a date with some mental german bird on sl this morning as well! thanks LL for ruining my chances of using me sex balls for the first time in ages (well forever actually)

  140. Gary Bekkers says:

    mind you, knowin my luck, was probably a bloke anyway

  141. Clark Columbia says:


  142. @137 Grim:

    No real idea, but it takes like 6 hours to solve a normal problem…

  143. @ 142 Clark Columbia:

    About 10 million people on SL

    I don’t see the point of LL emailing all these 10 million people….

    They post it on the blog.

    You want their engineers to help send 10 million emails instead of fixing the problems?

  144. pantaiputih korobase says:

    ahahaha@142, it is going on since 12+ hours, isn’t it?
    but, it’s not an issue, but a feature

  145. Belial Zadeh says:

    Bah baiiiii!

  146. pantaiputih korobase says:

    there must be some things ‘unhappy’

  147. Windy Noyes says:

    @143 10 Million?

    There are 1 million logins in an entire month, and these are very unlikely to be ‘unique’ users. There is rarely more than 40.000 online at any one time, and SL can’t provide a reliable service to even that number.

    10 Million? – Linden labs would collapse under the strain of 10 percent of that number. In fact, it already does…

  148. pantaiputih korobase says:

    communication is not a science, LL!

  149. Belial Zadeh says:

    And then comes silence!

  150. pantaiputih korobase says:

    ooops I am in!

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