The Dawning of a New Viewer: Second Life 1.19.1 Now Available!

Friends. Romans. Residents. After months in First Look and Release Candidate phases, we are pleased to announce that the Second Life 1.19.1 Viewer, featuring WindLight atmospheric lighting and gobs of other stability, performance, and feature enhancements, is now available for download! And so….

Download It Here!!!

But what goodness does it contain?…So much, so much! Here are the main bullet points:

  • Enhanced Rendering Capabilities
    • Physically accurate atmospheric rendering and lighting (previously code named WindLight)
    • Animateable day cycles
    • Vastly improved realistic water with reflections and glimmer
    • “Glow” as new object attribute
    • For more information, check out the WindLight page on the wiki
  • Substantially Improved Viewer Stability and Performance
    • Avatar Impostoring, which can speed up crowded scenes tremendously
    • A new cleaned-up, easy to use Graphics Preferences tab with simple and advanced options for performance/quality settings
    • A long list of general rendering improvements and bug fixes (see Release Notes!)
    • From data collected during the RC period, an approximate 20% decrease in total crash rate
  • Parcel Media – adds the ability to display Web based media on a parcel (see Jeska Linden’s blog post for more info!)
    • New API for Media Rendering
    • Enables Web content inworld
    • Added two new click actions, one for playing movies, and one for opening media
    • Embedded web browser
    • Added support for Media resizing
  • Voice changes
    • Changed the default voice volume to be a bit higher, to better match the volume of in-world sounds
    • Changed the voice volume slider to default to the middle of its range, so voice volume can be boosted above the default
  • Improved Linux Voice support
    • Better support for USB headsets and other devices
    • Better voice audio quality
    • Fixes:
      • VWR-5087: Attach To… from inventory ignores selected position and attaches to stored location.
      • VWR-5372 Specific Search (People, Places, etc) queries are modified and words less then 3 characters are removed. Now allow searches for resident names of 2 characters, and place/group names containing 1 char words.
      • VWR-2628: Fix for crash in operator*(LLVector3 const&, LLQuaternion const&) / LL …
      • VWR-2682: Possible crash fix when accessing dead cubemap
      • VWR-1852: Edit Manipulators have Wrong Orientation with Local Ruler Mode on Linked Objects
      • VWR-4963: Group archive freezes viewer
      • VWR-2273: View menu > Instant Message should be changed to “Communicate”
      • VWR-1722: Profiles are editable in two places (including Search browser)
      • VWR-434: HUD textures are attaching but not being seen
      • VWR-2030: Avatar only turns half-way in Appearance Mode
      • VWR-2920: Sculptie LOD causes object to be deformed into a flattened sphere close while correct far
      • VWR-2164: Particle Alpha transition is done incorrectly
      • VWR-1609: disabling “Show Selection Beam” makes beam render incorrectly for others
      • VWR-2834: Builds fail on with no mozlib
      • VWR-983: Particles -> Offscreen/hidden particles get extended life -> as of 1.16.x at least.
      • VWR-882: Group name showing as (???) in About Land, IM tabs, and object edit window
      • VWR-4921: not recognising in Linux that client is already running
      • VWR-4548: Linux Intel945 feature-blacklist not being applied (Unresponsive, blackscreen, if not using LL_GL_NOEXT=x)
      • Propagate client language setting into search URL
      • Fix for crash in LLViewerPartGroup::updateParticles
      • Updated help text for llGiveInventoryList.
      • Notecards crash users when passed from person to person
      • Add “getting data” progress display to buy currency dialog.
      • Feature table and gpu table changes to help with lenovo.
      • SL Viewer’s Client Memory Tool is missing
      • Fix for white areas on lenovo with ATI FireGL 5200
      • Fixed list of names in Friends List showing (Waiting)
      • Help menus have been combined
      • Clean up the Client and Server menu user interface: ctrl-alt-D now toggles the ‘Advanced’ menu, requesting god status does not display the ‘Admin’ menu
      • Place Information is hidden behind the tool bar when opened from Second Life Help
      • Fixed: bulk upload of a single file (on Windows) includes the path in the item name and description
      • “Mute” button on script permission dialogs closes all dialogs from the sender
      • Translated camera controls +64 in both directions.
      • Fixed a bug causing the viewer to update the wrong parcel.
      • revert name of “Local Chat(history)” tab to “Local Chat”
      • Removed confusing “Start in Push-to-Talk mode” preference.
      • JA, KO, DE localizations are truncated on Preferences>Graphics tab> Run in a window descriptor
      • commit JA,KO,DE localization changes to accommodate truncations
      • bumpmapping flips on active objects
      • Fixed various Teleport and Show on Map bugs
      • More Help Buttons in Graphics Preferences
      • (Linux) Working device enumeration A.K.A. USB headset support
      • Linux Voice quality issues in 1.19.0
      • Change the way local output volume is handled
      • Checkboxes in About Land untick when selected
      • Add missing header file to export list for public SVN repository
      • Copy To Inventory fail to execute without any output feedback when Notecard has changes but not saved
      • Resolve instant message crash report
      • Textures/Snapshots in a notecard are opened again when you click copy to inventory.
      • Packet-loss while viewing inventory currently results in perceived inventory loss
      • stop and pause Media and music buttons do not work
      • Displayed page in the client browser disappears when crossing property boundaries.
      • replace misspellings in alerts.xml parameters (<message name=”messsage”) (3 S’s)
      • fix a misspelling of ‘participants’ in floater_chat_history.xml tool tip
      • Media browser history dropdown does not save items across sessions
      • XML CLEANUP: duplicate sibling names in en-us xml
      • Crash in LLTabContainer::draw() if selected tab is invalid
      • The Search floater does not enable the “Search” button until the user has typed 3 characters to reduce db load
      • truncated english word ‘water’ in Advanced Water Editor modal help dialog
      • sculpties on the top10 crash list
      • Adjust gpu-table based on data from default graphics level framerate for specific graphics cards in viewer stats
      • Added command line option to crash on command line startup (-crash)

    The future should bring many desired features, including estate-settable WindLight settings, tradeable WindLight and Day Cycle settings, scriptable glow, reduced crash rates, and a host of other goodies. So download, play, have fun, and stay tuned!

    And of course, your issue reporting is invaluable. If you find new issues, please use the Issue Tracker and be sure to set “Affects Version/s” to “”. Resident participation is always welcome at Bridie’s weekly (Wednesdays @ 3pm PST time) inworld bug triages, too!

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    147 Responses to The Dawning of a New Viewer: Second Life 1.19.1 Now Available!

    1. what about all the STALE MONEY issues?????

      Will that ever be fixed???????

    2. Kraelen Redgrave says:

      Woo! Server updates and now a new client! Keep up the good work!

    3. Dytska Vieria says:

      Glad I bought an nVidia!

    4. Nelson Jenkins says:

      Awesome! Now I can use WindLight in the mainstream viewer! Huzzah!

      Never mind the fact that I’ve been waiting for nearly 4 hours to purchase this office desk set, I can’t IM anyone, logins are spotty, email support in my scripts is slow, and I can’t teleport. In fact, I can barely walk.

      And it happens every… single… day… without… fail.

    5. From data collected during the RC period, an approximate 20% decrease in total crash rate


      I’ve been looking at the service metrics pages past few months SL has crashed out 22% average on users so u are telling me now its down to 2% LMAO yeah right!!!!

    6. Phil Priestman says:

      Well now that its finally gone official maybe some of the lindens could stop wasting time with all the pretty images and sounds and get to work on fixing the important stuff like the memory leaks that have been ignored for months on end.

    7. Nelson Jenkins says:

      Wait a second. “Added command line option to crash on command line startup (-crash)”? What?

      Is this some kind of joke? Is this a default command line option for all shortcuts?

      And how hard is it to implement an LSL command for glow?

    8. My three-year old desktop with ATI RADEON 9800 128mb graphics card stopped running any version of SL client this morning – suspect it may go with the new server code since that finalized today April 2nd (all ran OK yesterday April 1st).

      Luckily my one-year old laptop is still working with SL. But I just lost my backup.

    9. hugsalot says:

      woot! now when I’m lagged, I can watch the pretty water and cloud effects.

    10. Kraelen Redgrave says:

      Hmmm.. I was about to download it and noticed the version number is the same as the rc4 client. Is it worth me downloading this client to replace the rc or are they one and the same?

    11. hugsalot says:

      That’s odd. Exactly what happens when you try to login? Any error messages? does it just crash? Tried clearing texture cache? I used to use an OLD ATI 7200 that would constantly tell me this card isn’t supported, but it worked anyway! Now I’m sporting an 8800 GT, woot!

    12. o.h. says:

      beeen a looong way, congratulations

    13. TyrisFlare nielsen says:


    14. Ciaran Laval says:

      Can’t you include some of these bug fixes and new options in a viewer that isn’t quite so graphic intensive? My graphics look pretty damn poor with this viewer, but work fine with the previous viewer.

    15. UNHAPPY OWNER says:

      Is this a joke all the in world problems today,come on guys april fools day was yesturday!

    16. Johnny Rambler says:

      Okay…let’s see

      1) various asset and services issues have abound the grid for two weeks.
      2) A server update to Havok 4
      3) A viewer update to the client…witndlight.

      Any takers on a bet the grid goes down in two days?..Oh wait, yeah, can’t gamble either, shoot.

    17. Athena Sterling says:

      how about taking some time to fix the stale payment issues? i don’t care how stable a sim is, or what it can look like… if we can’t trade objects or L$, then nothing else matters…

    18. From data collected during the RC period, an approximate 20% decrease in total crash rate

      got to be kidding me. your service metrics pages shows on average past few months SL crashes people off at the rate of 22%. so your telling me its now cut to 2% with this updated??

      WTF… 1st time I tried to log in with this it crashed me off. So far thats 100% times I’ve been logged off.

    19. Tycho Beresford says:

      If we’re running RC4 do we need to download this one too? If so, what has changed since RC4?

    20. Lane says:

      Did the BOLD and BAD BLINK on communication got fixed?

      Did Voice stop being on “by default”?

      Did the buttons for attachments got moved or removed?

      Did the color prism effect go away without the need to disable GL and stuff?


      I’ll only download if ALL of these questions receive yes.

    21. The WORLD is uselss if MONEY is always broken. Great economy SL has right now. Much worst of an economy then the United States has right now.

      The Canadian dollar is more valuable then Linden dollars at least their money never fails!!!!!

    22. Cold Spitteler says:

      @16 i think they just wanted to rush out another blog post with the other ones on the knowledge base to push out the last 4 days of failed services

      and from what others are saying it isnt even a new release, just rc4 renamed

    23. TyrisFlare nielsen says:


    24. Elendir Axon says:

      /facepalms at all the whiners who don’t realize that all of these updates will help reduce the amount of problems and ease the process and speed of repairing them.

    25. Danball Tureaud says:

      #7 Sitearm Madonna
      “My three-year old desktop with ATI RADEON 9800 128mb graphics card stopped running any version of SL client this morning – suspect it may go with the new server code since that finalized today April 2nd (all ran OK yesterday April 1st).

      Luckily my one-year old laptop is still working with SL. But I just lost my backup.”

      You didn’t lose your backup, look for your chat logs in the folder “C:\Documents and Settings\ account name..\Application Data\SecondLife\..SL user name..\”, and back that up and put it on your laptop

    26. Stoltz Sinatra says:

      @16 Well if you don’t have a stable sim, then you won’t have a place to trade your objects.

      Always wonderful to see people that just have the short-term perspective in mind. Havok 4, new viewer, mono etc is all about getting the grid more stable.

      @5 – Smart comment, do you honestly think that Linden Labs is running short of people? Do you think that people that are specialised in sim server code are good at doing asset server code as well? Linden Labs will not ever be short of people, they just have to scan the blog: It is full with expert project managers, the best programmers in the world and all the “I can do it better”-wannabees. Strangly enough, none of these self-claimed have created a good competitor to Second Life.

      Keep up the good work LL

    27. Damona Rau says:

      New SIM-Software, new viewer, but still since one week heavyly problems with TP, transactions, search and and and…

      Please tell me, when we will have a stable grid for at least, let me say, one week? That would be a start, but a permanent stable grid would be nice. You stay behind your TOS but your residents loose alot of money with this kind of problems without any chance to get the money back – or a coverage for the failures and loss of profit.

      You (LindenLabs) wants the Tier accurate payed so give your residents the chance to be accurate!

      I think it’s time for changing your politics, because without the residents, SL is nothing and you have thousands unused servers.

    28. @23 nothing is gonna ease the process we have been experiencing the past few days. We ALL need compensated. My profits are all gone. I’m barley making even on L$ if that anymore. LL needs to get their crap fixed. all these issues we deal with now breaking are issues we dealt with for the past year.

      Linden Labs its time you step up to the plate & take action get your BUGS FIXED!!!!!! They haven’t fixed a single thing. They only TEMP FIX problems not actually fix them!!!!

    29. Pastrami Linden says:

      This is essentially the same viewer as RC4, but now “channeled” as main Viewer- which means RC updates have ceased.

    30. Kraelen Redgrave says:


      You fail at basic math.

      If crashes were in the region of 22%, then a reduction of 20% would be 17.6%

      A 4.4% decrease in crashes is pretty good imo. I’m sure a lot of people will say it isn’t enough, but personally I think it is better than nothing.

    31. Phil Priestman says:

      But these haven’t fixed the problems..

      All those wonderful fixes listed are just ones that were apart of the Windlight preview which did nothing whatsoever to fix the main issues like stability, memory leaks, etc etc.

      Please don’t be fooled by the pretty colors.

    32. Guardian says:

      Torleys lost his power of windlight muhahaha

    33. Slartibartfast Magicthise says:

      I’m psyched! 🙂

      Double w00ts on everybody!

      I kiss you! I do jelly-belly dance for you! You make happy for me!

      (made me happy all the way back to my “old country” ancestors!)

    34. Digital Digital says:

      A few of my friends are saying their computer is no longer supported, my computer mac pro tower runs it great I have a 512 MB nvidia 8800 the new card, but my friends can’t get online. They were able to use the old viewer but when they updated can’t use the new one.

    35. Stacey Sugar says:

      I had a slight problem with the previous beta client while bulk uploading textures the client would occasionally fail to upload and an error box pop up. When closing this box I was unable to upload anything until I restarted the client

    36. Athena Sterling says:

      @25… my sim has been stable for well over a year, and i’ve never once complained about that, woo hoo, a new sim backend, woo hoo now a new viewer… however everything else is falling apart.

    37. Shannon Carroll says:

      Nice list of bug fixes, so kudos on that, but just out of curiosity, are we ever going to get the ability to set custom colors in the color picker again? 😉 (One of several JIRA links to this issue can be found here: )

    38. Pastrami Linden says:

      @33- no cards have been “outlawed”- all we do is advise you that your card is not on our list- but it should let you then run. If it’s not, it’s another issue- but we *don’t* explicitly forbid any cards from running it, and at Low settings, it should actually perform better now.

    39. Jessica Hultcrantz says:

      Maybe this has been up before somewhere, but what about everyone with older hardware?
      I tried windlight once, and that was enough. Pretty but 1/10 FPS :-/

      And as all others say… FIX THE DATABASES!!! Allmost every day there is issues with “please don’t rez valuable items” or “there is currently in world services down” etc… *sighs*

      Oh well.. at least when the grey turns into a beautiful see after 10 minutes, there is something to be happy about when everything else fails.

      And if it will really work as promised… I don’t dare to dream about that to not be dissapointed, but if it does, I hope the backend works.

      Still flagging for more network and processor issues with the new viewer as I haven’t heard anyone with windlight not using more bandwidth or cpu power compared to the older viewers, this far.

      And those memory leaks… *sighs*
      Run SL up to 4 hours max and relog or get stuck. And that’s on more than enought memory! (Yep I have read the hardware specs *grins*)

    40. kath McGill says:

      um… I just down loaded it, and I was on for about a miniute and I crashed, then it said I had to wait to log in, and when I re logged in I lasted about 2 min, and then crashed,and its telling me that I have to wait to log in and it gave a region log out blurb, but my husband Ryu has a monotor over our islands and he said there was no report of the island crashing, just me, and i was just on earlier today for a while, so its the new update that messed up,

      AND my Nortan says that it picked up a Worm something from SL that was trying to access my system- while I *know* its not a worm thing from SL, my computer is thinking that it is… (unless there is a wrym in SL?)

      can we get this fixed by Sat? Ive three meeting to attend!
      thanks bunches.
      kath mcGill

    41. Korena Starbrook says:

      I cannot get WL to work AT ALL. Flashing, colors changing, just a total mess.

      Wasn’t looking forward to this.

      Let’s hope WL will never be mandatory.

    42. Alias Schilling says:

      Love the Dazzle UI – hope that’s been implemented too?

    43. Phil Deakins says:

      @23 Elendir.

      I accept that Havok4 and mono are steps in the direction stability, but definitely not Windlight. All it does is make pretty skies and water. Who cares about those when every day, for almost 2 weeks now, we’ve had “don’t do any transactions” periods – every blxxdy day!

    44. [16:56] The system is currently unable to process your request. The request timed out.

      looks like money is stillllllllllllllllll broken!!!!!!! this client hasnt fixed a thing!!!!!!

    45. Dorian Hathaway says:

      Every login results in message “Login Failed”…..

    46. Digital Digital says:

      Thank you Pastrami for the information I have told my friends that are having problems, Hopefully they can get it up and running, I greatly appreciate the help and love the new viewer! Have a wonderful day!

    47. I wish for once that when i looked at a blog that allowed whiners would just shut up. Can you possibly imagine how hard it is to implement this grid? I too experience problems. Over the past 2 weeks i have lost over 300 dollars in stuff and I reported it like it says to do. I havent had any help yet, but most of the issues that I have were addressed and fixed. I have an idea, why dont all the complainers out there get together and make your own grid? Cuz ur so smart! Ill play on it! Then Ill bitch and complain when you tards mess up the littlest thing. Start living, stop complaining, or quit! I for one am tired of hearing you.

    48. Tiny Mind says:

      “”you got to be kidding me. your service metrics pages shows on average past few months SL crashes people off at the rate of 22%. so your telling me its now cut to 2% with this updated??””

      No, no… #17. You misunderstand. With the new Client and Server-code you now crash up to 22% FASTER.

      Enjoy, from the Tiny.

    49. Ciaran Laval says:

      I hope this doesn’t become mandatory. Performance is better on low settings, which is fine for when I’m whizzing around checking things but if I want to sit back and take in the scenery, it’s a lot less impressive than the normal viewer, even the grass doesn’t happen.

      I’m happy to have a choice between buggy viewer/better views and less buggy viewer/poor views.

      For those whose graphics don’t turn to dust with this viewer, performance and images should be much improved.

    50. Phil Priestman says:

      @43 the client has nothing to do with it. Thats all the fault of the asset server.

    51. Aianna Oh says:

      Ok, I downloaded it. Now all I do is freeze on every step. On top of that, I have a faerie av that I use very often. Only I can’t use it now, because it seems that small AVs are not longer welcome. When I am on the grass, I hop up and down like a rabbit. I’m ok when standing on prims. I don’t know what you guys did with this thing, but there are going to be alot of small, angry people.

    52. Phil Priestman says:

      I’m hopping around too. Something glitchy with the havok4.

    53. Lina Pussycat says:

      to people complaining this is more graphically intensive… It can be if you try to crank things up to high yes….. And things are bound to progress with it more and more….

      To those saying why dont they fix such and such.. Well because this is handled by different teams. As an example. You wouldnt have a 2d texture arrtist do 3d work for a game because thats not their team and its not something they know about.

      In turn people that handle server side issue vs those that handle client side things are entirely diff things…. If you cant see that i dont know what exactly to tell you to do…. SL still runs fine for me though…… I do have trouble logging in now and then but thats most likely something on my end as i havent had the problem with other computers on the same connection (and i need to defrag)

      Also keep in mind that the LL dev team is smaller then most companies that do stuff like this, as it grows this stuff will get better.

      @33 Many people try to run SL on like Minimum speaks or really really poor computers. My computer is as follows

      CPU: AMD K7 (Amd Sempron (2400+)) (1670 MHz)
      Memory: 2048 MB
      OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 (Build 2600)
      Graphics Card Vendor: NVIDIA Corporation
      Graphics Card: GeForce 6800 GS/AGP/SSE/3DNOW!
      OpenGL Version: 2.1.1

      This runs windlight fine without pushing things overtly low. You can build a slightly higher end system then this for relatively cheap or upgrade relatively cheaply. I really do wonder at times the people that say their computers are no longer supported just what they are running (integrated graphics maybe? or older cards?) My card is about 4 years old and works fine so I have no idea….

    54. Q Linden says:

      Hi, folks. I was the one who implemented the Estate Level Abuse Reporting (ELAR) support. Alas, I implemented the server side in a way that worked, but had the potential to cause problems under heavy load. We caught it during server testing and made the decision to turn it off.

      Unfortunately, the timing was such that this release of the viewer was already being released. It even made the release notes.

      Although it’s in the UI, it won’t work until we’ve had time to get the changes made, tested and through the release process on the servers AND into a new viewer. That’s likely to be at least a couple of weeks. My apologies.

    55. im sorry, but what do the inworld problems have to do with the viewer development team? this viewer has been under development for what, one year? i think this should be a time for celebration.
      Most peple who try out SL log in, then they think “ewwwww…” and leave never to be seen again. This client is a necessary development and a big improvement and because as a designer obviously I think it needs a whole lot of improvement Im glad its finally finished so they can move on.

    56. Bradley Bracken says:

      Normally I hate all the negativity on the blog comments, but do you really think I’m going to try this now after this disasterous week? I’ll let others be the guinea pigs for now.

    57. Windy Noyes says:

      Any improvement is welcome. However, right now I can’t see the new features because login fails. I love the SL world – but it is so unreliable. P.S. The client has memory issues – it eats and eats memory until it finally has used it all and crashes (after about 2 hours). I hope the new viewer performs better than that, or are the changes as superficial as they seem?

    58. Lina Pussycat says:

      As an aside to everyone Nvidia cards work better with SL as they have better OpenGL support (the newer ATI cards are fine but the older ones are rubbish) I’d recommend reexamining your system and see if there are small inexpensive upgrades or replacements that are possible (i’m aware this isnt always possible) I’d also advise staying away from ATI cards for the itnerum they are getting better but arnt quite there yet…

    59. Shiva abye says:


      Pastrami, my dict tells me “essentially” could be “largely” or “really”. Am I to do download this one as it has some fixes against the RC one? Actually I’m on RC4 (


    60. yonatan whiteberry says:


    61. Marianne McCann says:

      @43. The client != the asset server.

      I’m glad WLs made it to the main — I sure hope there’s still more to come, though, even with it reaching main viewer status 🙂

    62. Scree Raymaker says:

      Is there an incompatibility between the new server code and the viewer? I think I’ve crashed more times since the server update than I have in all the time since RC4 became available.

    63. I think that SL is awesome! I can remember a year ago when things looked like a donkey kong video its almost amazing. They are getting there peeps. I know that ur SL addiction kicks into overdrive when you have problems and it really makes you mad. Sometimes you just have to unplug and ride a bike, Go on a date. Take a vacation from sl and hopefully when you come back we will have things better for you. There are always going to be problems. Something this complex has issues that cant be seen until experienced. Take a deep breathe…and if u are lucky enough to get some tai chi at The Lost Gardens of Apollo. It will make you zen!

    64. Andromeda Quonset says:

      1. Where is the new NON-Windlight viewer?

      2. VWR-2273: View menu > Instant Message should be changed to “Communicate” Why?

    65. Tawney Bian says:

      Well something has made a difference because everything is loading MUCH faster. I don’t have a top of the line computer either, just an ordinary 4 year old one.
      My graphics card wasn’t on the list either, but seems to be working alright – I have — Graphics Card: GeForce FX 5200/AGP/SSE2 if that helps anyone.

      There is hope for the future 🙂

      Thanks for making improvements.

    66. Slartibartfast Magicthise says:

      I think that those of us that love this viewer (more stable, more responsive, more beautiful, etc.) are too busy loving it to post here! I’m busy working away and thinking if there was a Linden near me to hug I’d do it!

      Sorry about the second “fan-boi” sounding post, but THANK YOUZE GUYS!!

      I hope everybody having problems are soon back on their feet again. I’d love to help, but I’m gonna go get me some glow!

    67. Istephanija Munro says:

      Congrats on the work,

      What you don’t get is what we want! All this new stuff and still we have the same issues, you want your kudos you get the timing right!!!!

      Damn group chat still can’t be activated, having 5000 group members makes them getting bothered by 20 ruthless spammers everyday, they get a 1 day suspension and spam again because there is no group banning. Every time i loose good customers over that, thats an open issue since 2005!

      With all due respect, do you even realize how unprofessional your management is? What do yo think, how large is the number of people knowing the difference between asset server, havoc4 and new viewers? For the vast majority of people it is all Second Life and Second Life is broken since 2 weeks! So people are going to download your probably very nice viewer but still they get deducted money without receiving the purchased item, therefore you can do whatever you want – you won’t get the Kudos!

      Makes sense?

    68. @64 its gone. Say a pray for it

    69. But what of nimble?

    70. Aminom Marvin says:

      Where is the fix for borked lossless for sculpts?
      Going on six months now. This isn’t a small thing- sculpts could be up to 20 TIMES smaller in file size with lossless fixed (average of around 4-8 times)

    71. Debbie Bremer says:

      Nothing but grey boxes no matter what I do. Not only can’t I teleport or buy things, but now my client stinks.

    72. Moveing Out says:

      You guys every notice Lindens never say anything about returning lost objects or paying for their screw ups.

    73. LoLo says:


    74. Seth Ock says:

      Congratulations, LL! I’ve been enjoying the Windlight and RC versions for months now and it’s good to see all that hard work become the norm. Now I’m excited at the prospect of what’s next …

      Unfortunately, I think the timing of this release was a little premature. Oh, sure RC4 is stable and faster and nicer, but releasing it only /hours/ after Havok4 was deployed is going to confuse the heck out of people. Most users aren’t going to even know they’ve got a new server … but they sure will blame every little thing on the new viewer. Users are like that; they aren’t stupid, but they do tend to be technically ignorant and don’t understand the difference between the viewer and the various servers. Just look at some of the confusion expressed in these comments!

      Oh well, the damage is done. It’s your nightmare to support.

    75. ChatNoir Moonsoo says:

      >>A new cleaned-up, easy to use Graphics Preferences tab with simple and advanced options for performance/quality settings

      I was hoping that someone realized how impracticable that “easy to use Graphics Preferences tab” is before the new viewer goes into production; that actually is a major step back in terms of usability. Not only is there an unneeded hierarchy in options, the options themselves are way less user friendly to manage through sliders than through spinners with direct value-entering. Especially when you need to adjust values the most: when you get into a high-lag location; then this interface is murder and unusable.

      PLEASE!!! Hire someone with a professional background in UI design!

    76. Zena Zemlja says:

      @ kath: OUCH

      now I really don’t dare to download it anymore 😦

      and for the rest: I just don’t know what to think anymore, wish that all the crashes (several a day), clothesbugs (I really hate those white legs, can not wear any of my even haute couture jackets), losing inventory over and over again, not being able to wear clothes for hours, for days even sometimes (and only being able to stay at home or go to a nude beach, sigh) and, and, and…. will be fixed now… ? sigh 😦

    77. Neural says:

      @61: no, they are just trying to kill the economy completely. Free content for all.

      So apparently the problem with invisiprims setting off a display error that results in a pretty prismatic gradient have not been fixed? Am I reading that right in the comments here? It is present in RC4, I know that. I was hoping (I know, stupid thing to do) that they’d fix it.
      Maybe they should just change their “system requirements” to simply state “we have no clue what video cards will work and what ones won’t, good luck!”.

    78. U M says:

      omg its here!

      “VWR-2030: Avatar only turns half-way in Appearance Mode ”


      Anyways good to see LL started this. It wil be a little time before the bugs are gone. But we are indeed in a new era.

    79. Phil Deakins says:

      To those who think that people are blissfully ignorant of the differences between the asset server, the sim servers, and the viewer – tou are wrong. People DO know what they are – they are not “technically ignorant”, as someone put it. It’s that we don’t want LL putting their efforts into pretty skies and things like that, when they could be putting their efforts into things that matter.

    80. Angsty Rossini says:

      Is this a Mandatory viewer update that I have to download, or can I still continue to use 1.18.3(5)?

      As much as I love the shiny Windlight (as per previous RC versions), I prefer being able to stay logged in for more than 5 minutes at a time, and move without waiting 5 seconds between each step….

    81. I crash every time I try to TP (>_<) 100%

    82. MarkByron Falta says:

      @5, You want LL to focus on fixing the important stuff? Don’t you realize that the eye straining Dazzle viewer and the Mono ‘eat my memory’ runtime are still in testing? Sorry, the important stuff has to wait – maybe next year.

    83. Aaron J. Freeman says:

      I haven’t had time to check out the RC4 properly, since I tend to avoid Windlaugh, but there shouldn’t be any difference between that and 1.19.1
      For those who’d like to complain that the left hand doesn’t work with a right hand wrench, search for the group LLH, Linden Lab Haters, and get a free t-shirt.
      Yes, the System is borked, as per usual, and weekend problems seem to’ve gotten loose, but the point of Second Life is User Created Content, and there are groups of users who are trying to create a more scaleable system.
      My account is Basic, I’m one of those people that Paying Customers might like their builds to be seen by, and Linden Labs is struggling to scale that up. Now is the Good Old Days, when only real users could log-on.

    84. Allan Doodes says:

      Quick question, if I load this and find I am having problems, and several people imply I could, or decided I prefered the old viewer, how would I revert back?

      Must admit I am also getting tired of the problems. I’m not running a business or doing anything special but I amfinding myself increasingly out of pocket, maybe three hundrend Lindens so far. I know it’s small fry compared with what others are losing, but it still hitting me in my (virtual) pocket.

      And whilst reducing crashes by 20% is good, I have had an increase of crashes of over 50% over the last few weeks, and on one occassion was locked out for over 45 minutes after a log off to avoid a crash. These problems seriously annoy, and more to the point put newbies form staying, increasing churn. Which is in nobody’s interest.

    85. Cyn Vandeverre says:

      Alas. I have one of the MacPros that crash with Windlight since its first release in First Look; even on “mid” quality graphics settings, it freezes my computer solid within five minutes. Needs to be turned off by hand at that point.

      I’ve JIRA’d this and voted for related issues many times, but no resolutions yet. Very frustrating as non-Windlight versions I can run with long draw distances and high performance graphics.

      I love your work but wish this improvement didn’t get rolled out until it stopped crashing Macs.

    86. dum Roma deliberat Saguntum perit

      …Aquila non copit murem.

    87. magnus says:

      and now the final screwing. lets implement the unstable viewer for all so now I can only crash every three minutes with no alternative. I swear, if I had not just forked over 1600 real dollars for a SIM I would take this whole stupid thing and flush it down the toilet. You have proven yourself to be nothing more than money grubbing businessman. The minute someone comes up with a better system, and its coming, LL will be losing value faster than Bears Sterns. Thank you for nothing. Kiss my ass.

    88. magnus says:

      oh yes I am on a mac as well, but of course you couldn’t really care less….

    89. @87 blarney! you crash everytime you flush to Im sure of it. Chin up chap! Youll be ok.

    90. Katerine Ninetails says:

      Ive been hearing a lot about graphic cards lately,and even though I dont know much about computers im pretty sure thats the reason mine sonds like a jumbo jet now. I Know I dont have an nVidia card,so how can I upgrade mine or replace it? I dont want to have to buy a whole new computer my Dell is only a couple years old. 🙂 thx^^

    91. Creem says:

      I noticed that the build limit with 1.19.1 is still 786m – now that the grid is Havok4, when will this limit be raised? Otherwise, this viewer seems very good so far =)

    92. Cube says:

      ATI performance with recent 8.3 drivers is still horrible and worse than the last in vista and windows XP.

      Having to downgrade drivers down to 7.11 and lose new features is not something ATI users should have to do everything else works fine.

      Things shaders and graphic options are still broken and Crashes are worse.

      And it’s obvious they are broken since they worked before.

      Fix it it is almost not useable.

    93. saiyge lotus says:

      Folks… if you are having issues with the windlight, take a peek at Dazzle.

    94. I have been using all the WL stuff on a 4 year-old “unsupported” graphics card since First Look. At the start it was rough but now it is easily the most stable SL client I have ever run in over a year in-world. It crashes less, and things render much faster. I had to tweak with the settings – expecting that a low-end unsupported graphics card can run at “Ultra” level is stupid.

      Anyone who is thinking that this is just “pretty graphics” has really missed the boat.

      Congrats to the WL team for this fantastic piece of work. I have seen a couple of pictures of places that I know well and they look almost indistinguishable from a RL photo.

      Together with Havok4 and Mono it sounds like the stability will continue getting better. Great job!

    95. Michael Timeless says:

      For those of you with problems with tiny avi’s you may want to read the Havok 4 wiki. It talks specifically about some issues faced with Havok 4 that can be easily adjusted. I suspect it is the way the prims in your outfit are linked and may be an easy fix.

      As for the people who complain about the winers. Not everyone is intuitive when it comes to this system. Even those of us who have used computer systems for years are amazed at the way the documentation is written. I have for the past three months asked in every forum for a list of what the viewer commands all do and have yet to find a single answer. The frustration most people feel is from not understanding the platform. Most people who game don’t routinely play a game where they are required to have a lawyer explain their game to them. That is why Torley is so popular, he explains things and Sidewinder and a few of the Lindens also do a good job. The problem seems that the ones who explain things the best are spead too thin to help the vast majorioty of the users who have problems. The best teachers in SL I find don’t own land and are becoming less committed to the game.
      The educated consumer is usually the one who complains the least, a fact often lost here.

    96. Marlena Petrov says:

      Best to download to your hard drive, then install…keep all the older versions or one back at least so you can go back:)

    97. Scarlett says:

      Fantastic. Gloss over all the cracks with a nice shiny new viewer.

      How about fixing the transactions issue? or the log in failures? or the TP problems? Actually sort it all out!

      It’ll save you wasting your time writing a new blog repeating the same problems over and over again!

    98. darla says:

      oh stop complaing already when to cant leave the house at least you can watch the fishes swim in the pretty water
      well if ya near near the beach.. if not well … well you can think about the pretty water

    99. Joshua Philgarlic says:

      I just stuck in my 2nd TP since I started 1.19.1. It might be a server issue. If you get this fixed too I give you 10 points. For the moment I give you 7 😉

    100. ChatNoir Moonsoo says:


      >>to people complaining this is more graphically intensive… It can be if you try to crank things up to high yes…..

      not true. Previously I could see the actual terrain without my (admittedly average) graphics card going up in smoke. Now I can’t. Same textures. Same sims. Lower quality now with the same settings/system. So obviously we have a regress in code-quality.

      Try using av-impostors, for example. That’s them old Commodore graphics in Somewhat-3D ™.

    101. Elliott Eldrich says:

      This release is not working at all for me. I have a Gen1 Mac Pro running OS X 10.4.11 “Tiger”, 10gb of ram, an ATI x1900XT video card with 512meg of ram.

      When I go to run SL, textures are not loading for me, and my system totally locks up after about five minutes necessitating a power cycle to get my system back. I tried setting video settings to “medium” even though the default for my machine was “high”, and that didn’t help, still end up locking up after five minutes.

      By the way, I tried “Leopard” (10.5.2) and that was a total disaster, needed to roll back to 10.4.11 just to have a system that worked at all. Leopard and ATI do not work and play well together, there’s multiple postings and websites that discuss this issue.

      For now, I’ll be using and hoping that you’ll be able to fix these issues for OS X.

    102. Joshua Philgarlic says:

      P.S.: There’s a CANCEL button missing if I obviously see that the TP is failing.

    103. darla says:

      still complaining… if ya loose your money get a job
      ya loose your clothing go naky you loose your best girl hell give darla a call but look on the bright side we have nice water

    104. Gypsy Paz says:

      What happened to raising the build altitude limitations to 4096?.
      The Havok 4 team told us we were getting that in the next viewer
      shortly after the server-side rollout

    105. Zena Zemlja says:

      beam me up scotty

      sorry captain, tp does not work

      beam me up tomorrow scotty

      sorry captain, tp still does not work

      beam me up next week, scotty

      sorry captain, ship has left without you

      (am I being sarcastic here…? well, maybe have a right to it, not seen my sl love for days now because of tp incapability 😦 )

    106. nomoresecrets says:

      hey $VL-guy´s , what means “login faild” ????

      fast answer please

    107. Cyan says:

      Is there any way to turn windlight off because I would rather not download it and be stuck in low res just to see pretty sunsets. I’m more interested in the world not the backgrounds.

    108. Zena Zemlja says:

      @106: ummm… means you can’t get in 🙂

    109. Uccello Poultry says:

      Congrats! i loved the RC and, unlike others, i don’t expect the viewer team to fix issues such as stale money or lost inventory (the issue burning my bacon atm). I think the viewer team does a good job and hope yall get extra donuts in your next team meeting.

    110. concerned says:

      Congrats on getting this out,it’s not ready but really its never going to be but its here.

      Now please work on fixing the issues that are appearing everyday with assets,transactions,teleports etc its as bad as its ever been.Come on its not good enough to send a message and say we are working on it we want it sorted,once a week is bad! this is every day 2 – 4 times a day now.

    111. nomoresecrets says:

      why the heck, the new viewer try to load gestures, i have all, ALL, deactivated before i leave VL last time?

    112. nomoresecrets says:

      ty #45… was searching for your nice jokes :))

    113. JPatrick Maltese says:

      I’ll replace my Reg SL Viewer with this new release; I’ll also keep the RC same Version Number & 1st Look Dazzel. I’m using an ATI Graphics card & I’m running Leopard OSX10.5.2 but I don’t have an Intel inside Mac. Its a G5 PPC Server with Dual water Cooled Processors (250’s) & 8 GIGS of Ram. Aloha Kiddies

    114. Cube says:

      Having so many problems with ATI hardware on any OS is not acceptable in this age Of Pc games/simulations what ever you call this. .

      ATI is at least %40 to %50, other public retail/games and products that need ATI GPU work. I never find any issues anywhere else with ATI and the OPEN GL or direct x standards.

      The second I start using ATI hardware on Second life it all the sudden starts to brake when it worked About the same as the NVIDIA hardware I got on everything else.

      Everything was at least useable before ATI drivers 7.12 or 8.1 now it’s not.
      These new ATi drivers improved my performance In every other major app like crysis or Quake wars yet on second life nothing even works.

      There is not even much of an expiation on who broke the Water shaders(or avatar cloth ETC) OR made horrible pauses and stuttering. We can add more crashes and junk to that too. Even the last viewer did stopped working and if you try to downgrade your drivers to the 7.11 that did not have these problems it’s a pain and messes stuff up on some ATI GPUs?

      Did ATI or Linden lab change code so much stuff broke? Why have then been broke so long? I cant really do that much in second life anymore other than sit there and talk. Shopping? For get that I can not do that anymore to much horrible performance and crashing when I go to heavy area that was not there before.

    115. Amina Zadeh says:

      I have a ATI Radeon 9550 / X1050 Series Card. There is no more support from ATI to upgrade any ATI cards. So does this basicly mean, I have to get a new graphic card in order to be on SL?

      Also in the past, I was required after a while to dl the viewer, there were no more options. Is there are way to reverse a client upload and go back to a previous one?

    116. magnus says:

      #95 where in the Havok 4 Wiki did you see that? Can you please post a link.

    117. Kris Ritter says:

      The latest RC client, and now this similarly numbered main client, completely kill my pc. I log in. the secondlife.exe process starts eating up my system ram til its using over a gig. it uses 100% of my cpu. and everything on my pc stops responding. the sim goes red on the map, and i have to log out. if it lets me. Oh, and it wont let me send a crash report either.

      If you make this compulsory and don’t fix these leaks, thats the end of my Second Life. Again. I only just came back after nearly 2 years, after you hopelessly broke things for me last time!

    118. Detox Watanabe says:

      ok wow… WL main viewer, havok4 on maingrid… where’s mono? XD

    119. Jay says:

      @92 already posted this bug in Jira and updated today cause guess what it still didnt work with ATI graphic drivers 7.12+ to current version is 8.3 without the FPS going from say 10 FPS (woot 🙂 in a laggy high prim area to 0.5! by the time i made a cup of coffee :(.

      Its annoying cause before the viewer frame (FPS) dies i actually get shiny clouds and lovely water and oh and most importantly double (yep 50%!!!!) more FPS client side frame rate than 7.11 drivers

    120. Wake up in SF please says:

      ok all u geniuses… the rc was exceptional a few weeks ago… but then sl took a nosedive for some reason (no carping u supposed experts have best set up here) and tonite people who want to use sl to go to worthwhile events are not finding that sl is working very well at all! am left to conclude that as time goes by the sl supposed experts know less and less about how sl is actually working,,.

    121. lysana says:

      I don’t know how many times there have been attempts to explain that yelling at LL about a new viewer when there are “real problems” makes no sense. I could discuss how the graphics quality in SL is one of the stumbling blocks they meet when trying to get larger corporate interest at least as much as the crashing and lag. I could note that you can’t expect them to put client programmers onto server work when the skill sets are different. I could even suggest people might want to make sure they’ve run disk-checking software in case their HD has become fragmented. But it’d fall on deaf ears except for the people who are smart enough to think about all three of those things and accept them as possibilities. But so long as people yell at them about not fixing X when X has as much to do with Y as a kumquat has to do with an avocado, those of us who know different groups have different priorities and one can’t be put into suspended animation for the sake of another will just have to wonder at the average intelligence of the average commenter here.

    122. SkyShey Fairey says:

      I think it’s great. Thank you!

    123. Daten Thielt says:

      been in secondlife 18 months now, got windlight the second it came out using 256 mb of ram and a 128 mb graphics card, yea i laged and crashed, windlight died for a while and came back as did i with 512 mb of ram and a 256 mb graphics card, never had many problems crashed rarley most problems were server sided, windlight became big and i upgraded once again to 1 gig of ram and a 512 mb graphics card, i havent used another client since then because ive never crashed much,

      1. i NEVER by nvidia card they hate me
      2. DONT USE ATI DRIVER, omgea drivers are a hell load better
      3. Upgrades are not hard, yes im a computer tech but i seen monkeys put graphics cards and ram in on youtube dont be afraid because you think its hard its not.
      4. most people say this dont make a difference but a have another PC with an intell processor my own runs AMD, the intell crashes a hell load more than i do.
      5. linden labs if memorys serves has over 30 terabytes of asset server data if you think controling just 1 TB of data is easy over a live grid think again
      6. linden labs is doing a damn good job, secondlife wont stop expanding neither will linden labs.
      7. all you whiners just for once go to the support pages or wiki EG there are a load of questions here that are answerd there for example abouve the bloke with the triangle problems needs to diable VBO in secondlife from the hardwear options.
      8. whiners be bloody patien, or leave ether one is good because then you will stop ur whining and putting a downer on the lindens that are doing the best job jtye can, leave if you dont like it at least that way the asset server as usefull data and not data from some people who dont apretiate it

    124. Maklin Deckard says:

      #29 Pastrami Linden “This is essentially the same viewer as RC4, but now “channeled” as main Viewer- which means RC updates have ceased.”

      Just a ‘rechanneled RC4? Oh good! That means ALL my sculpties will continue to look like Sh*t (aka, looked fine in windlight FirstLook, looked fine in mainline client, broken in RC 0-4) and all the attempts at contacting LL (including offers of pictures of the deformation, non-RC vs RC) will continue to go unanswred! Thanks Pastrami! Great work!

    125. Wake up in SF please says:

      @123 please…. u really have no idea

    126. Nostrum Forder says:

      The decision to make Windlight a part of the general release is about the worst thing I can imagine LL doing. Whatever the merits of WIndlight may be (and they are dicey at best; it seems the Windlight rendering philosophy is “water looks cool, everything else sucks”,) there are enough differences in the visual presentation to cause no end of confusion. Among the problems:

      – Particles are just plain broken in Windlight. None of the particle disbursement calculations that work for the most recent non-windlight viewer produce anywhere near the same results for Windlight browsers.

      – Glow is a feature? Sheeze. We have now “full-bright”, “Light”, and “glow” to chose from. Glow appears to be barely useful at lowest possible setting; beyond that, it’s just a way to white-out whatever object you set it on for.

      – Apparently, Windlight doesn’t cache textures well. Does it even try? I have yet to log into the grid with a Windlight-based viewer and not spent the first ten minutes of the session staring at amorphous grey blobs.

      – In virtually every in-world situation I’ve tried it, “Avatar impostors” either has absolutely no effect on frame rate or makes it worse. Period. It’s not a feature, it’s a bug. Fix it by pulling out the code, please.

      In one move, this makes SL largely unusable for a number of people who have marginal and low-end-of-spec hardware. I own three different Intel-based macs of recent vintage, and I can say without hesitation that the new client is utterly useless to anyone with a Mac that has an Intel chipset video adaptor. As for the other two, well, despite LL’s contention that the problems with NVidea-based Macbook Pros was a driver issue, the SL viewer continues to be only barely useable on that platform for me, and it drives the hardware so hot that the even the keyboard becomes painful to touch. While I know that the Macbook Pro and its predecessor the Powerbook are infamous for heat issues, no other software I use causes this much heat.

      The silver lining in all this is that with LL abandoning the more stable rendering code base, it’s possible that the patchers and third-party viewers will get a boost. I’m already recommending the OnRez viewer over the SL viewer for anyone who can live without land tools.

    127. U M says:

      “103 Joshua Philgarlic Says:

      April 2nd, 2008 at 5:52 PM
      P.S.: There’s a CANCEL button missing if I obviously see that the TP is failing.”

      This feature never work on a stady bases anyways…………

    128. CC says:


    129. U M says:

      In all fairness 123 but its not user side problems. its more of some codes that need to be worked on. There are indeed some bugs but what elese is new. Its not a bad start.

    130. Vivienne says:


      MINIMUM requirements, what a JOKE

      Okay, that´s it for me. Gonna sell my land and all and good luck with the 5 percent left whose systems match your so-called minimum rquirements.

      Good luck, you need it.

    131. CC says:

      havok can go back to drawing board as well my sim ran at 99 TD and 45 FPS constant before havok upgrade now its is dropping all the time to 97 or 96 and 43 shakes head i thought this was supposed to make sims run better! grrrrrrr do you all know how to fix anything is anyone listening in there all these major issues stakle money failed item deliverys failing Tps again please FIX SL

    132. bobbyb30 zohari says:

      So you fix the client code and break the server code?

      What else is new?

    133. DejaVu Redstar says:

      Well, i was just going to download this new viewer and try it out and for some reason I got side-tracked and started reading these posts. WOW! I will not download it now, i’ll stick with the viewer i have at the moment. Thanks everyone 😉

    134. Unlucky? says:

      I myself have been avoiding the Winlight based veiwers since they seem to cause my computer to…errr scream not shrieking fans or anything. just this weird weird noise, and the WL based clients are the only cause no other famcy graphics heavy games reproduce it….it’s just really weird.

    135. Tro says:

      I hate windlight…You fooled me into loading this and I didn’t save the old version. How do I reload the older version. I HATE windlight.

    136. Your Conscience says:

      No 4096m build limit or scriptable glow? I noticed there is a change in the build limit, you can rez things, but not move them (as opposed to having them jump down to 786) but why the wait on these features?

    137. Cinco Pizzicato says:

      I have a 1-year-old laptop, and you just made it impossible for me to use Second Life.

      Buy me a new computer or allow me to use the one I’ve got.

    138. Kirrineth Dragonash says:

      Well – that only took 4 minutes to break my $4000 laptop with a half gig graphics card.

      That’s 3 and a half minutes longer than usual. My compliments to the Development team.

    139. Your Conscience says:

      Nay-sayers on windlight, I’ve been using it since it came out, and yes, at first it had plenty of problems. Most, if not all, of those problems have been fixed. Yes, glow is useful, yes, water looks cool, yes, nice skies are nice. No, you don’t have to have those features turned on. If you don’t like them, for heaven’s sakes, just disable them in the graphics preferences! That’s what the “preferences” are for! Windlight is not the bane that so many people here are cracking it up to be. My SL experience has only gotten better since I started using it. Once more, if you don’t like the options, just make the effort to go to your preferences tab and TURN THEM OFF! Atmospheric shaders and water reflections are the options you’re looking for! Stop complaining about it being the “worst” thing LL has ever done. It most certainly is not, and for myself, I’m going to go back to my client and enjoy it. If there are things that need to be fixed, like glow washing out things at anything other than low levels, jira it and ask for it to be adjusted, and in the meantime, just don’t use it if you think it’s so horrible! I’ve been playing with glow since it came out, and personally I’m biting at the bit to have it implemented in script. That’s one of my only two complaints. The lack of build limit, and scriptable glow.

    140. Laris says:

      Those of use who have been using the release candidate – should we stop and download this instead?

    141. Kahiro Watanabe says:

      @123 & 128 The problem with Second Life is that it is unique so there’s no reference point…What would happen if google would be managing this? Would be everything more stable? Or this is beta technology, and all these problems are happening because actual technology can’t handle it? I think time will speak by itself.

    142. Your Conscience says:

      @141 I’d suggest checking your drivers (if you haven’t already). DriverHeaven is a good place to look for laptop drivers if the manufacturers of your graphics card don’t specifically provide them.

    143. cosa nostra says:

      lets be realistic ! wake up !

      second life was born as an ambitious project, suddenly some clever people saw large money profits in it, some people invested large amounts in it and today it is a fact that the product never got finished off !

      investors take there money what they have left out, LINDEN gets stuck into very high operations costs and the 2 % die hard users are going to pay this …… lmao or are the 98 % free accounts gonna cover this ???

      yes folks it is all about money and not anymore about stability or other issues (no one cares), this was a project without a deadline who started as a fun project and will remain as a testing platform (including the tuning problems) untill someone decides to end it due to budget reasons !


    144. Your Conscience says:

      @143 Yes Laris, this is basically the RC4 put into the main viewer, there’ll be no more RC updates for this version. The one they have out now works just about the same.

    145. magnus says:

      #142, did you miss the fact that you have no choice now but to use it? With or without the shaders. its now the only game in town and if you had a problem running it before then yo have a problem running it now. WE are all so pleased that it works for you, but clearly there are more than a number of people out here that are having real problems. Get your head out of your bum and listen to what these people are saying.

    146. Your Conscience says:

      @148 You say that as if I haven’t listened. I do know there are a lot of people who, instead of trying to adjust their preferences to do without the frills they don’t like, they just complain. If you ask me, I’m not the one who needs to get my head out. It’s quite secure on my shoulders, and I think that if people did a little more thinking and less complaining, we’d all be a much happier bunch. And no, I didn’t notice that it was the only viewer option, because I wasn’t worried about it. I was actually looking forward to installing it.

    147. Lex Neva says:

      The future should bring many desired features, including estate-settable WindLight settings, tradeable WindLight and Day Cycle settings, scriptable glow, reduced crash rates, and a host of other goodies. So download, play, have fun, and stay tuned!

      ARGH! I thought we were going to get these features before windlight was released as a mainstream client. The lack of estate-settable windlight settings is a huge problem!

      My group’s sim (Suffugium) made very careful use of the estate sun setting in order to get a specific ambient light color. We very carefully designed the entire look and feel of the sim around a dingy, sepia color. The default day cycle shipped with the new client makes the sim look totally different from the way we designed it. How long is our sim going to be ugly?

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