Rolling Restart Beginning now

They come fast and furious…. We will shortly begin a rolling restart to roll out a patch to the 1.20 server which was deployed to the grid yesterday. The bugs being fixed have to do with logging on the back-end, and there will be no resident-facing changes in this rolling restart. The Havok4 team continues to keep an eye on the new deploy and to work on fixing bugs as they come in. If you discover reproducible problems with the Second Life Server, please file a bug report, so that we can become aware of and work on any issues that may exist.

The rolling restart will take about 5-6 hours to complete. During the rolling restart, each region will be down for several minutes. If your region stays down for more than 10 or 15 minutes, please contact support. Regions will restart sometime during the period of the rolling restart. While we are working on enhancing our systems so that there will be more resident information about this process in the future, at the present time it is not possible to know in advance when the restart may happen, nor to delay the restart. All regions will receive warnings beginning five minutes before they are restarted.

[Update 2008-04-03 01:10] The rolling restart is complete. The server version has been upgraded from to

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76 Responses to Rolling Restart Beginning now

  1. what issue is gettign fixed?

  2. Chrysala Desideri says:

    can’t see site to download new viewer, login or even see login screen on RC viewer… what’s up?

  3. Nadine Neddings says:

    eep! Thanks for the notice; guess I will wait before doing starting my project tonight.

    As though procrastination needs a motivator for me. 😀

  4. Medhue Simoni says:

    Are there any plans to release a lower requirements viewer for all those u have alienated by the release of the windlight viewer. I get the feeling u havent even thought of this. Further restricting the amount of people in sl is not the way to go. I’m speaking for the community and business, not for myself. The number of new residents was in a major decline b4 this and now i see a major disaster coming. Its the everyday person that makes sl great, not the computer geeks with 2 video cards. I have gone exclusively to my laptop, which alot of people have done. Broadening the amount of people that can use sl should be the goal not narrowing it. Can some1 please address this issue. As a business man, im not expecting a good rest of the week for sales. Or year for that matter.

  5. Dex Trenchcoat says:

    @4 – Just turn Windlight options off in your Preferences. Quick simple and painless.

  6. Sidewinder Linden says:

    @4 Medhue: One thing that some people aren’t aware of is that you can turn off the Windlight shaders in the new viewer. This reduces the machine requirements and is easy to do. You could try clicking Preferences on the Edit menu, and open the Graphics tab. You can try either moving the slider towards the left end “Fast/Lower quality” or uncheck the “Basic Shaders” checkbox if you have custom settings.

    /Sidewinder (P.S. I’m not on the viewer team, but have found that this helps noticeably with one of my older machines)

  7. Darien Caldwell says:

    To everyone complaining about Windlight being “too resource intensive”, Here’s a suggestion. Buy a new Video Card. When I saw Windlight would not support my ATI card, I went out and bought an NVidia 8800 GTS. It cost me $260.00 Windlight now works fine, haven’t crashed once, SL is beautiful, and I’m happy. I realize not everyone can afford it, but if you can, just do it. You won’t regret it.

  8. Medhue Simoni says:

    thanks sidewinder, but i know what to do. And it doesnt look good that way. Like i said its not my problem, its my customers. Are u saying the the minimum requirements did not get upped in this version. Cause i would argue that point. Many people cant use the viewer, when they could use the old version.

  9. Prospero Linden says:

    Heh — Darien, your video card is better than mine. I spent <$100 on an Nvidia 7600 or some such, and Windlight is very happy for me.

    Meanwhile, I get a whopping 2 fps on my 6-year-old IBM Thinkpad X31 with a 16MB ATI Radeon 7000 or so…. Windlight on the very lowest quality settings available.

    My wife’s machine uses an ATI Radeon 9200. We get a warning when starting that the machine is below the minimum supported specs, but with Windlight on the lowest quality settings we get *better* performance than we did on the previous release viewer.

    All of which is irrelevant for this blog post. 🙂

  10. Triple Peccable says:

    I am a little confused. The restart rolls out a patch that was deployed yesterday? I guess that means a patch was created yesterday, which will go into effect when the regions gets restarted.

    But I am more curious about the logging. Is this logging related to the issues we have been having each day when the peak load on the grid hits?

    I hope that is what the logging is for, because last time you added code to help track down a problem, namely the getting logged out during teleporting, the problem disappeared! 🙂

  11. Medhue Simoni says:

    It was just anounce that 28 million people are now receiving food stamps in the US now. Video cards are not a priority. Like i said, limiting the amount of users will not help any1.

  12. Darien Caldwell says:

    @9, Yes, certainly a cheaper card is fine too. I simply don’t know any models to suggest. When I say my ATI card wasn’t supported, I mean it crashed the viewer every 5 minutes. It was actually a more expensive card! But yes, Rolling restart! (pretends to be enthused) 🙂

  13. What you mean is more bug fixes in stuff that should have been tested better before it was released. So which bit of it is causing all these new problems, money stale, transactions, deliveries, tps failing?

    Is this your patchy server code, that has been tweaked for these new shinies, just the asset servers falling over daily, or a combination of both because of all the additional data that has to come in and out of the dbs for these largely unwanted shinies?

    Or are we supposed to sit unmoving, unreacting and watching pretty skies (well a lot of us won’t because we get 0.4fps, so have to turn it all off anyway). That’s worse than IMVU.

    This isn’t progress, this is totally retrograde.

  14. Tristin Mikazuki says:

    Hey guys what bugs are getting fixed with this rolling restart?

  15. Elvis Orbit says:

    Read the Blog:
    “The bugs being fixed have to do with logging on the back-end, and there will be no resident-facing changes in this rolling restart.”

  16. Prospero Linden says:

    Montana @13 — this stuff was tested quite a bit. However, the nature of the bug was something that didn’t rear its ugly head until we got the new deploy on the entire grid. This is part of what makes running something like Second Life so challenging. More than once we’ve had a problem that isn’t a problem until 17,000 regions are doing it all at once.

    In this case, what happened was that the amount of stuff being logged by the server was quite a bit higher. This wasn’t a problem on the beta grid (which has some 80 regions), or when several hundred regions on the main grid were running the Havok4 Beta Server. However, when we merged the code into the main server release, the additional logging overwhelmed our back-end.

    So, it wasn’t really a bug. It was a case where something didn’t entirely scale, but no alarms were tripped because it took having all of the regions on the grid doing this additional logging to cause any trouble.

    We did have ways to cope with this — this logging issue is *not* related to the in-world issues we’ve been having nearly daily recently. Believe me, we have a lot of people working on this. That is also a scaling issue, but in a different direction. However, the way we coped with the logging issue took away some information we need to diagnose a planned fix for yet *another* scaling area, specifically the storage available on the asset server.

    Second Life is always growing. We’re always updating and adapting the code and the system to grow with Second Life.

  17. Sweet V says:

    can someone please post about the stale money transfers what is going to be done about his when can we expect it o be FIXed for good and not bandaided everyday stale money transfers happening now i have 3 customers complaining at this moment

  18. Is v1.20.0.83683 the number of this rolling update ?

    Thanks bunches!

  19. Prospero Linden says:

    MarillaAnne — that’s the previous version. (The “old” version from, um, yesterday.) I’ve put the updated version number in the main post.

  20. Digital Digital says:

    The rolling restart went very well for my region everything is working great thanks for your hard work guys!

  21. anrikakina says:

    alguien podria explicarme porque depronto el dia 31/02 me desaparece la contraseña…?recuperare mis avatares….y mi dinero?es la segunda vez que me pasa esto….no me van las repeticiones…..PORQUE CUANDO DENUNCIAS EL PROBLEMA NI EL CORREO NI EL TELEFONO TE LA SOLUCIONA….Y TIENES QUE ESPERAR,CON LA INCERTIDUMBRE DE ….SOLO ME PASA AMI????….SEGURO QUE LLEGARON A PISAR LA LUNA??PORQUE A ESTE PASO…HARAN FALTA 100 RENCARNACIONES PARA QUE ESTO SE ESTABILIZE……LOL!

  22. Alessandra Pinklady says:

    Twice within 24hrs. Awesome. You guys should seriously consider getting a decent QA department.

  23. Alessandra Pinklady says:

    A more advance notification about the exact time of my regions restart would be very much appreciated. Or at least fix that useless “Delay Restart” button. Just because it’s convenient for YOU to restart MY region doesn’t mean it’s convenient for me. A couple of hours of heads up on the exact restart time would probably simmer down any bad blood to a minimum.

  24. Garmin Kawaguichi says:

    Sorry; I read the posts in reversed order

  25. Alexandra Rucker says:

    THANK YOU for posting the new / old version numbers!

    Even if notice-ahead isn’t easy, it makes it easier for us to tell when a region still needs to be restarted.

  26. Yuo says:

    Has done nothing to stop the lag, its way way worse since yesterdays update, with no change here in tonights update. Seeing 3 people arriving at once in a normally stable and fairly empty sim is reflected in significant fluctuations in time dilation.

    Busy sims are like treacle again, you almost had the sim stability nailed, nearly full sims were getting to be ok places to be, now its like we’ve gone back months.

    I’m sorry to say this new server feels like a retrograde step. Not good at all.

  27. Deckheard Cleanslate says:

    I hope we’ll always have the option of having Windlight or not? I have the fastest graphics card and the fastest processors and masses of memory I can get. I’m a designer in RL I need them. However, I can still hardly move in SL with even the medium settings in Windlight. If I reduce the graphics settings everything looks absolutely terrible! We need either two versions with the option or the option to use the old version in the graphics set up. Please!?

  28. Restart or not can I just say how perfectly marvelous it is to see some Lindens™ replying to posts. Nice to know you are alive guys. Its this little bit of communication, transparency and presence that gives the community a little more re-assurance about the direction Second Life is taking.

  29. Thanks for fixing bugs!

    About graphic cards:
    you don’t need an expensive graphic card for Second Life, you only need a good, well-supported card.

    Most lag I was experiencing in Second Life disappeared as soon as I replaced my old graphic card.

    I spent 50€ for a Nvidia 7300 with 512 MB RAM, and my Second Life experience got sooo better.

    Also, avoid spending hundreds of dollars for a super Quad Core CPU, because that won’t help Second Life performances.
    Instead, add a couple of RAM gigabytes and your system will thank you.

  30. Raven Primeau says:

    I just love *sarcasm* those “buy a better… get your self a new… inane comments. All kinda like Mariannetionette saying “Let them eat cake!” attitude! Peasants may be revolting but without them your sims/businesses would be empty/redundant.

    Sl should be configured to run on low spec PCs by default, the whistles and bells should be the optional extra you can turn on. I have to wonder how many sign up, try to run the software and give up without a second thought because its so slow and unco-operative?

    True many ppl that join SL are not PC literate but Linden Labs should be catering for them, not assuming everyone has a clue what vertex shaders and antriwotsit blah blahs are. You the posters here sitting all smug and smart would do well to remember that it’s them that buy your stuff *when SL allows it* and be a little less high and mighty about things.

    Yes my PC is upto spec, I just hate that look down your nose attitude some ppl seem to adopt on the blog

  31. Alexandra Rucker says:

    So….. rollout done yet? it IS 4am in SL…. 🙂

  32. Alexandra Rucker says:

    Oh bah pardon me while I kick my browser cache…

  33. Marlena Petrov says:

    video cards?? PCI,PCI-X, AGP… My Nvidia 7800 with 512 ram was $110 🙂

  34. sloopy cooder says:


    So Marlena…. Can you show me where I can buy a new video card for my laptop? Oh wait, you can’t put a video card in a laptop because THEY ARE NOT UPGRADABLE. A top of the line laptop made just over 2 years ago runs windlight like crap. Yeah, I can turn graphics WAY down to get similar performance to the old viewer, but then the quality is worse than the old viewer.

    This is a step backwards.

  35. Andromeda Quonset says:

    Well, I recently upgraded my video card to an 8800GT with 512MB. It was very hard getting a PCI-E card to work in my Abit IC7-MAX3 motherboard, which was equipped with an ATI9600 AGP8X card. Or in other words, I had to replace the motherboard, buy new memory, buy a new cpu, just to upgrade the video. I find I _AM_ able to run the latest Windlight viewer for many hours at a time without crashing, with all the settings maxed-out. BUT I DON’T LIKE THE WAY MY AV, OR ANYTHING ELSE LOOKS! I learned a long time ago to download each viewer, then install. And when making the install, to install to a new clean directory all the time, and to remember to rename the shortcut so I know which viewer it is for. It is unfortunate that I need access to estate controls.

  36. Anonymous says:

    @ Sloopy

    If I am correct, there are PCMCIA video cards available now. You might want to look into that…

  37. Zi Ree says:

    @34 sloopy cooder: I can run Second Life on a 1.7 Pentium III mobile with 64 MB Intel chipset. Yes, I need to turn off most of the graphics features, but the result doesn’t look worse than the original viewer did.

    @36 Anonymous: I highly doubt PCMCIA has the bandwidth for a decent graphics card. I guess you’re talking about PCI Express, which exists as a replacement for PCMCIA. Only newer systems have this kind of interface.

  38. Blinders Off says:

    I have no problems with rolling restarts. It takes little time, is better than the old half-day grid shutdowns, and brings bug fixes.

    But I’ll tell you what I AM against… and that is Linden Lab rolling back the entire grid without informing their customers.

    Yeah, thought you’d get away with that one didn’t ya. No, closing the comments section just delays the inevitable. The other day when you had your “data server crash”… instead of calling up a mirror system (which should have been in place), your company rolled back the grid an entire half day. The result? All building, scripting (and possibly inventory transactions) from the previous evening were wiped.

    How did we find out? Several scripters and builders got together and compared notes about missing projects and when they went missing.

    Not cool. Hiding major snafus like that from your customers is just plain dishonest. It’s unethical. It’s not stand-up. It’s cowardly. No back-pats on that one.

  39. ChatNoir Moonsoo says:

    About the suggestion to lower the graphics parameters (Sidewinder):

    the problem with that is that when I set the recommended parameters for my configuration most terrains look like i’m standing in mashed potatoes or creamed spinach. I hadn’t had that problem before. Increasing the terrain detail now shows different terrain textures on my PC than on others (JIRA for that opened), especially in blending areas. Hadn’t had that before either.

    Turning off the basic shaders makes SL look blander than with previous non-WL while still putting a greater strain on my system. (As an aside: increasing the load on the GDI with the new controls on the Graphics tab that a user will bring up when his/her system is graphically distressed is a really bad idea…these tabs need to be as simple as possible, no eye-candy needed there).

    Anyway: I second the move that there needs a high-quality client (maybe a second line) that doesn’t necessarily have all the bells and whistles, but just performs even on average systems without making SL look like something running on a Commodore C64 (avatar impostors). Some users have systems they can’t upgrade (anymore). New users coming in because us residents want to show them SL will not max out their configuration just for a test ride, so they are stuck with an experience that is anything but positive.

    You have two issues here:

    1) user-friendliness (current client is a good example on how NOT to be user friendly),

    2) marketing (current requirements defeat the business interest of acquiring new customers).

    LL’s and the user’s interest in good client-design are basically the same. It would be nice if that would be recognized soon and the “gripes” taken serious (and no, I’m not joining the LL bashers, my experience with you guys is mostly excellent, but in this issue you are seriously slacking).

  40. Harwood says:

    for the last few weeks.. ive noticed something that i would LOVE to see more of in SL AND the blog.
    MAD PROPS to you, Sidewinder!! THIS is what LL has needed to do for a WHILE now!! THIS is a public face of Linden Labs!! For those of you that havent seen, Sidewinder has been ON TOP of the blog for the last few weeks… firing right back, TALKING to people with issues (ive seen QUITE a few times saying “IM me in game, and well sort it out”), helping people in areas of SL (he?) doesnt even work in, PAYING ATTENTION to what people are saying and jumping right down in the dirt with them to resolve it.
    THIS is the SL ive waited for a while to see.. im REALLY hoping not only that it will continue, but maybe spread to others (sidenote.. i HAVE seen a few other lindens jump in this week) and we will get the PUBLIC face for Linden Labs that residents have been begging for for a while now!! ~disclaimer.. over time, PLENTY of other Lindens have talked to people in the blog, helped out GREATLY.. what im saying is THIS is the kind of support SL could use… how many times have we all said it while talking to the automated voice on the phone “can i just talk to a human *%$#’ing being!?!?!”
    A LOT of my faith was restored in LL a few months ago when, i had a group problem, someting happened, a setting popped up that was never there.. and the land sale was distributed through a group of well over 100 people. A Linden got to me through a REALLY bad and laggy week in SL, and IMMEDIATELY looked into it, apologized, refunded the sale to me, and asked if there was anything else she could do not to hesitate to ask.
    What im saying is what ive seen through LL lately is professionalism, openness, and business courtesy. Theyve taken a HUGE step in my opinion to making the GRID more stable, workable, and better for all, sat through the expected thousands of problems, complaints, and more than likely just general lashing out of people having problems who dont understand whats going on and/or the easy things they can do to fix a LOT of the problems themselves, and have taken it ALL In stride and with GREAT professionalism.
    SALUT to you LL, Youve done one HECK of a job lately, and at this pace, i see a GREAT future for SL. KEEP UP the great work like this.. theres PLENTY of us out here that are behind you 1000 percent!! OUR world is ALREADY running much smoother thanks to havok4. my scripts run smoother than ever, the small things weve been missing all this time are now popping out in sparkling detail… and at this rate, ANYTHING is possible. and now youve taken the biggest things that are taken for granted every day on SL … the background LOOKS of it all like the skies and the water and have made that even more beautiful. i can actually make things glow now instead of the entire thing lighting up (OH!! the possibilities!!) control has been getting easier and easier. whats next?? i cant wait!!

    no, i havent been smoking chiba all morning, NO, im not overdosing on zoloft… step back and take a look around you. with havok and windlight ALONE.. youre almost in a new game. Ya, theres BOUND to be problems, Ya, things are going to screw up as much as possible, YA, its new and theyre going to find more bugs than a hooker on a monday morning.. DEAL PEOPLE!!! IT HAPPENS!!! What i notice more than anything else in SL with people who complain… probably 90% of the ones having problems are trying to run a mack truck on a 4 cylinder!! THIS ISNT PONG PEOPLE!!! if youre going to run something like this… YOU NEED THE TOOLS TO DO IT!!! .. or at least the understanding that “hey.. my computer/memory/video card/internet connection probably cant run SL at full settings.. if i turn down (insert the hundreds of things you have jacked all the way up while using a 32m rage vid or “intel extreme graphics” here) it might ACTUALLY help!! the default settings “detect for me” settings are there for a reason people!! use them!!!!

    ~ok.. sorry.. rant over!~

    in any case.. keep up the good work.. do what youre doing… give sidewinder a raise (lol) .. and in general .. just BE LL … we love ya for it!!

    Lately.. the thank-you’s could never equal the job youre doing..

  41. ChatNoir Moonsoo says:

    @ Harwood: yes, fully agree!

  42. EdI says:

    non tocat la ia terra

  43. EdI says:

    non tocate la mia terra

  44. Soda says:

    How are business’ suppose to surive in SL now? Transactions are failing constantly. Business owners are now mobbed with customers complaining of not recieving items on a regular basis, somestimes 10 IM’s at once of nothing but failed transactions! HOW ARE BUSINESS OWNERS WHO SELL TRANSFERABLE ITEMS SUPPOSE TO CONDUCT BUSINESS AND KNOW WHAT HAS FAILED AND WHAT HAS WORKED??????
    I really dont know where to post something like this, but maybe there is a slim chance someone will actaully read this and fix this problem.

  45. hi there,

    I must submit…..

    PAYMENT FAILS… all over SL, people pay rent,
    and Boxes do not change days or add weeks…. HELL

    Can this be fixed, thanks…. its a terrorgame at the moment

    Hope you do fine soon


  46. Lostmedia says:

    I too would like to add what a outstanding job Sidewinder is doing to not only make this crossover as smooth as it can be … But also working his ass off to keep us informed of progress and backward steps .

    Its Not unknown for Lindens to try and keep us informed of whats going down … But its clear to see that Sidewinder really is setting a president here with his input .

    While i do feel very sorry for the people who are having issues with both the transactions and Windlight …Please be patient ( Easy to say hard to do i know ) LL are aware of the problems and are working night and day to try and get things going .

    I have been having problems with lag for a long time now … Building ( The one thing in SL that keeps me coming back ) has been very hard … Prims jumping all over the place …. textures skipping back to start point then jumping all over the prim …its a nightmare … But i stay positive in knowing that People Like Sidewinder are in a room some place working to get it sorted out .

    Chill out a little …. sit back and try and look at all the great aspects of second life that we have … Pretty soon this will all be worked out , Second life Just like real life will never be perfect but i do think things will get better for all in the coming days …Let’s try and keep that in mind 😉

  47. flux bashly says:

    in case this wasn’t posted from last time: i earned 70 dollars from camping but i was never paid. i’m sure a few others have the same complain as well

  48. eku Zhong says:

    >>[FINISHED] Thirty Minutes of Load Testing Today at 1:30 p.m. Pacific
    The tests are over. Please remember to relog or clear your group cache to restore normal group functionality. Thanks!<<

    this is not finished, and sorry to post here because it seems the comments on that issue are borked too.

    I relogged, cleared group cache, relogged again and cleared cache.. land shows 0 traffic, groups show no info, friends list is all waiting.

    so i kinda think if you mean this is finished you mean it in the totally dead kind of way?

  49. janeforyou Barbara says:

    ATI Radeon X800GT new drivers,,,settings = took winlight off in costum.. still dont work..getting as 500 $ new card to be able to play 😦

  50. U M says:

    Thoses load testing blogs threads really filledup fast. nobody had any time to reply

  51. Harwood says:

    ati raedon x800GT $500?!?!?!?! im hoping you didnt pay that much!! an 8600GTS can be found for around $100 on sale.. about $150 regularly. (8800’s have a REALLY bad fail rate atm, and i really wouldnt suggest dumping the extra $1-150 on one! and besides.. an eGeforce 8600GTS actually has a lower latency, and sports a 110mhz higher core clock :))

    ok.. usually dont do this twice.. but a few thoughts for some of you

    for those still on single core – anything AGP 8x should run fine on a $50 agp vid card… i run a second system with an ATI AIW 9600 and it seems to handle SL just fine… sure, you have to drop draw distance, particle count… basically run at a medium setting.. but RUNNING.. it does just fine.

    using PCI-E .. when i first bought my new PC at the start of the year.. i was running a single 8600GTS 512m (roughly $100 – 150) i COULD raise settings to full capacity for graphics, with a bit of a slow-down.. but leaving a few settings tweaked down a bit.. i ran smooth as can be.
    this can actually be done quite simply… buy a halfway decent “prebuilt” or “name-brand” pc for a few hundred dollars (maybe$2-300) do some homework .. and you can actually SLI (dual cards) for about another $150-200.. thats a total of $600 at the most for a pretty decent running PC. for that matter.. check out some online auctions, and you can find something like that around $400 … MORE than worth the effort of complaining how SL is “all borked” all the time.

    i made this mention on an earlier post.. but it could really bear repeating..
    LL could do themselves A LOT of good by posting more specs for the residents in MORE VISIBLE places of what to use/what not to use.. what benchmarked better on SL and WHY, a place on the new island/help island/orientation island ABOUT computers, what you NEED to run SL, what works better, etc. maybe even come up with something where people could put in the specs of their PC (half of that work is already databased) and explain to people what they need to run SL, or run it better. quite simply put.. most people just dont understand that their machine cant run at high settings until you explain it to them.. and sure.. this might be opening a can of worms.. but i REALLY think it would improve a LOT of peoples experience.. therefore making things better for all considered!
    and, no.. i dont think SL “can do no wrong” .. sure.. theres bound to be a lot of bugs… its going to happen.. sure.. the transaction problems can be quite a pain.. but screaming like a cheerleader that cant “find those shoes in a baby blue” really isnt helping matters any!! look at the long run of what LL is doing right now.. HAVOK has already cleaned up A LOT of lag issues, runtime, etc. windlight .. sure its mostly a pretty face.. but i think with the way we hit a really bad spot of lag thru this winter.. theres not much worse you can do!!!

    all in all.. theyre taking the right steps for the future of SL ..
    .. and for those of you that think you can do better…

    .. it has to be better than your parents basement..


  52. U M says:

    Harwood, many time people keep saying to redo the spec for playing . But really if they do LL feels they are POSSIBLY losing future users if they tell people up front about the possibly not being able to run the client. “Less is more” as they say.

    As for those saying about their Graphic cards. Gesh learn how your system works before screaming here about being unable to use the client.

  53. Deeii Jashan says:

    ummm its hard to log in…is dis gon get fixed?

  54. coventina dalgleish says:

    Well lets see you roll out the new touted viewer/server side and all is the same crappy lighting effects on body’s float is non functional and now again teleporting does not function. Sales have gone in the dumper seems like you are trying to discourage us from using this game 2 days since the wonderful roll out well what should we expect guess you get what you pay for , oh wait I do pay well looks like I am throwing good money after bad guess we will figure this out sooner or later

  55. U M says:

    OMG much longer is this down time going to be?

  56. Fairtax Freenote says:

    I wonder if Linden Labs has considered selling Second Life to a company that is capable of handling it. SL has seen tremendous growth, however, with all of the problems that LL has put users through, I could see it starting to decline soon. If Second Life died out, it would already result in a massive financial loss for Linden Labs, and they are so well known through SL, their reputation would be ruined, especially with all of the corporations that have invested into the game. If they sell it now, it would be in the hands of a company that could handle it more efficiently, it would result in a decent profit for LL, and they could focus on projects that they are capable of handling before ruining their reputation. Just a thought.

  57. U M says:

    Laughs the the rumor makers have been long saying this. Anyways No its too far gone. Besides does it matter anymore? No its does. If i can long in use the game ai am happy. If its down…..well rl is always there.

  58. Where is the I TOLD YOU SO button?

    New premature code – new viewer and the grid goes bye bye allegedly Top Level Routing Issues – what a coincidence.

    What else can one do on the most important business day of a week with investments of USD 1500 per week when one is loosing money over the last 3 weeks!

    SL came a long way when you consider that the management are operating on a student level, however it is time for professionals, even Mr Rosedale has realized that and offered his job, until then we keep on being the rat labs for premature code.

    Nice Strategy people, thanx fur ripping me a new exit between my buttocks!

  59. pantaiputih korobase says:

    [11:01 AM –teeple] As Jack remarked earlier, this is an extraordinarily prolonged and unusual disruption. Many high-profile services and corporations are feeling the pain this morning, and full scale efforts are underway to isolate and fix the root cause.

  60. Alexis Voight says:

    At last !! i’m able to have a RL SAT’ life :))

  61. elfie questi says:

    After 3 weeks of ‘improvements’, I find I have almost NO remaining sympathy for LL and its system problems. I say fix it or get used to a LOT of new freebie users. I’m paying for premium membership why?

  62. Alexis Voight says:

    janeforyou Barbara
    OMG, buying an ATI video card you couldn’t do worst choice …. Whatever the game you want to play at, be sure you ‘ll have prob’. My advice : throw your ATI into the dustbin and buy a Nvidia.

  63. Panza Eilde says:

    I have just hit the refresh button on the main blog page for the fifteenth time between doing RL house chores.

    I love being in-world as much as the next person. I enjoy the exploration, the activities and being with my friends. I also feel that it is amazing that a project of this size does not fail more often, considering my workplace network crashes almost weekly.

    I am willing to wait for a real fix, sans a patch, so that I can again have fun in-world without mired lag, missing hair and constant kabooms. Carry on Linden repair persons.

  64. Aruba DeCuir says:

    May not be the rigth place to put this….
    Frankly I do NOT care as LL or SL do not care for us!!!
    Memorila day…. yes the 5th of April the day Second Life died!
    Lottery yes… it is a lottery if one can get on line….
    We have been forced to update to a new viewer or interface…
    I tell you it looks awfull…. I want the old look back!
    I want some responsibility from SL/LL who pays all the fun
    after all? Yep – rigth WE do…
    I think this is the end….
    Goodbye SL

  65. Aruba DeCuir says:

    My God I cant believe in SL any more…
    Only the lwas can help us now…
    Pray to all the spirits….

  66. pantaiputih korobase says:

    ok, Euro prime time on a Saturday: congrats LL!

  67. minx Benigni says:

    since i have d/l the new verison it looks like everything got dimmer NOT as bright as it use to be, even if i switch to the daylight …mmmmm

  68. pantaiputih korobase says:

    [12:06 PM –teeple] Our upstream provider is continuing work to resolve the outage.

  69. JamesD Beardmore says:

    If only you guys could give us an estamite of when SL might be up would tame everyones anger. Please !

  70. Melanie Milland says:

    It seems that the Lindens fail to understand resident needs. Many may not be able to access SL at this time, and/or experiencing massive packet loss, but others, like myself, could go about our second lives just fine, up until the forced logout.
    Lindens seem to fail to understand that over 90% of residents prefer a degraded experience to no access at all!
    Even if I’m ruthed, search is down, map is down and I can;t TP and no attachments load, I can still stay in touch with friends and business relations, whom this shutdown cuts me off from completely.

    If you Lindens can’t fix it, as least open it and let those on who can!!!!

  71. pantaiputih korobase says:

    who sold LindenLabs? 🙂

  72. Yea new update was nice but if we have to deal with this Crap all the time its not worth it. PPL spend lots of money here and shouldn’t have to deal with all this down time you guy’s seem to have . Maybe you need to find a better tech. team to get things rolling and keep thing’s running smooth. But i’v been offline since 12am eastern time till now 3:42pm eastern time and we spend i guess u could say $100.00 us dollars on just land which i really cant affored but i do it to help my sim owner. I got bills that i could pay with that instead of playing in here. So thats all i got to say. Sl downtime is starting to suck . TF2 and Counter-Strike is starting to look better . atleast we not down playing that. not as many updates and runs diff. doesnt use up all your CPU’s which also makes SL suck u can’t open other window’s while in game or you will crash sometimes.

  73. Hey Voom says:


    Don’t like the view? get new/old one! 19.1 is Not manditory if u know how.

    I agree the performance of Sl this last month is tragic. And the 19.1 client may be to blame. But lets not jump ship on the dream called SL.

    There are alternative viewers. Free to every one. The one I like best is based on the open source of version 1.18.5(3) which most feel was a very stable client. Then 3rd party bug fixes and improvements have been added.

    its called the Nicholaz Version. instructions can be found at

    This and other viewers, were mentioned in the SL Harold as long ago as Sept 07.

    I’ve been using it for 3 weeks, through the worst of this, and have been happy, (except when my friends crash or login’s are down).

    -Vi Voom


  74. Linda Brynner says:

    Off Topic, sorry…. LL closes all comments… as usual…
    That is what LL tries to say in masking words…

    “t is taking a while for the system to recover from the stress of today’s earlier problems. That means for the next few hours you may experience intermittent problems with teleports, rezzing objects, scripts, transactions, appearance etc.”


  75. Felix Oxide says:

    setlinkprimitiveparams movement is now broken in Kolbeinsey since the change to havok 4.

  76. ChatNoir Moonsoo says:

    @40..I couldn’t have put it better in any way..ab imo pectore: bravo!

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