[All Clear] Transactions Timing Out

[All clear 13:05 PST] It is currently clear to conduct transactions again. If this issue should return we will re-open this post again. Thank you for your patience today.

[Re-opened 12:32 PM PST] We are opening this issue again as there are more reports of L$ transactions timing out. Please do not conduct transactions at this time and wait for an all clear.

[Resolved 9:44 AM PST] Thank you to those residents who alerted us to timed out transactions. We wanted to provide you with this information as quickly as possible. Our database corrected itself and all is clear for conducting transactions.

At this time we are asking that you do not conduct transactions for L$, land or object transfer. We are receiving reports of failed transactions and are looking into the possible cause. I will update here with information and an all clear when this issue is resolved.

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