[Resolved] In World Services Down/Website and Support

[Update 16:06 PST] We are considering this issue resolved however the transaction log on the website is still  a little out of date and there are a few regions still being given attention.  We thank you for all of your input and support while we  fixed our Second Life.

[Update 15:21 PST] The support portal is available. If there are any support requests we can assist with, please file a support ticket.

[Update 14:52 PST] The main database is back up and we are still bringing services online. Logins should be working again, as well as Maps, Search, TP Transactions and our Website. The support portal may be slow to load. We will continue to update you as more services are online.

[Update 14:25 PST] Second Life is still down. We expect to have a backup system online shortly.

Our database has crashed and caused in world services to go down. We expect it will be ten minutes minimum before we are up and running again.

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