The I-World Team and I-World Island

Part of our support structure here at Linden Lab is a dedicated customer team called I-World. This team answers support tickets and live chats from residents who are experiencing some difficulties or looking for guidance with in-world issues. Some of you may be aware of us from your contact via the Support page but most of you will probably never have heard about us.

We help to ensure that your in-world experience goes as smoothly as possible by providing answers where we can and getting our technical colleagues to perform their magic where we can’t. We know there are things that sometimes don’t work so well in SL…things that get you down. We’re sorry that they happen, they get us down too and we want to get them resolved as quickly as you do.

So, we’ve been thinking about what more our team can do and part of our efforts is to establish I-World Island, a place where we will try to offer additional signposting and guidance for some of the in-world issues that occur.

The island will have a number of areas that you are most welcome to visit and perhaps find some additional information that you weren’t aware of before. One particular section of this island will be driven by you, our fantastic residents whose creativity and support for Second Life make it the exciting place it is today. We are setting aside an area for an I-World Expo, allowing YOU to submit items to pass on free to other residents that you feel make a positive impact to the in-world resident experience. This item might be a skin, an interesting piece of furniture, a guide to locations in-world or even a tutorial pack that you have put together that can help a resident learn something new about Second Life. Anything that is PG-rated.

In return, we will offer you a small shop area to place information about your in-world business or activities and a landmark for residents to follow. These spaces will be offered on a rotating, short-term basis so that residents coming back to the island can see a variety of content.

Hopefully you are getting a sense of what we are trying to do here; find a small way of focusing residents on some of the positive and exciting things that make SL a good place to visit and remain

All you need to do is to log in to the Support Portal and submit a ticket to us, using the “Special Questions – Basic Account or Guest Login” ticket type then choose the category “Submissions for I-World Expo“. Leave as much detail as you can of the item you want to highlight to other residents.

Once this ticket has been reviewed someone will get back in touch with you about placing this on our island. Please note that this might take some time depending on the level of submissions received. We really look forward to hearing about the fantastic ideas you come up with.

In addition to the I-World Expo we will have a number of other areas for you to visit but we want to keep them under wraps and not spoil all of the surprises!

To officially unveil the island, on Saturday 5th April, we are hosting the I-World Music Festival and want to offer you the opportunity to tune in to our broadcast (stream details to follow) or to drop in on us at I-World Island and enjoy some live music over the course of 24 hours from Midnight PST until Midnight PST Sunday 6th April. We’ll follow up with some more details later in the week but you can be assured there are some fantastic live musicians gearing up to perform for you on the day!

Naturally we won’t be able to host everyone on one island but don’t forget you can tune in and hopefully be able to pop in for a wee while at another time during the day.

Thanks for everything you do to make Second Life a great experience for each other and, indeed, for us who work here. We hope that we can give you a wee bit more back via I-World Island.

Best Wishes 🙂

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87 Responses to The I-World Team and I-World Island

  1. Liny Odell says:

    By any chance is there a going to be a TG island also? I know there will be others with this exact same question. The TG is tired of being left out of things like this.


  2. amber carlberg says:

    cool! …i guess

  3. TJ William says:

    I keep crashing, I realize this is a boring subject due to this issue is a constant. I became a primary or resident member due to issues thinking the issues would stop, well it hasn’t. I realize this issue has been being beaten in the ground. However, I feel if I am putting my time (alot of it) and money in this site that the site should be usable. Out of 30 days I can say that I have been able to use the site maybe 4 or 5 days. That is not a good statistic. I have loaded and reloaded, upgraded and all over again. This is Tiring, What can you do to fix these issues.

  4. Toy LaFollette says:

    please just answer my ticket.

  5. TC says:

    [ALL CLEAR] Inworld Money Transactions Problematic at the Moment
    [UPDATE] The problem is working itself out and it should be once again ok to make purchases and money transactions….

    and look at this again because it’s not fixed…

  6. Ryan Alucinakis says:

    Thanks for posting anouther distraction so no one notices the last post that is still a problem

  7. NickCA Dittmann says:


    But since there is a present no other place to post such things, the ALL CLEAR on linden dollar transactions was issued a little early.

    Linden purchase transactions under World are failing with odd warning messages that look like code error messages.

    2:49 SLT Saturday

  8. Ciaran Laval says:

    A good and positive move Matthew, keep up the good work. I know it’s hard and I know we moan a lot but this is a very positive step.

  9. Oh wow Lindens are certainly busy these days!

    I’m excited about the I-World Expo, about time we put in something like this for our newbies.

    Is there someone handling frequent crashes? I am experiencing it right now and I am not sure if this is because of the brand new RC. The RC before that was much more stable…I wonder what has gone wrong?

  10. I hope the broadcast stream will be video, not just audio. If it gets too full, then people could still watch and listen from screens set up on extra sims or on their TVs in world. I am jsut trying to think of somebody who offers such a service……

  11. Marianne McCann says:

    I’ll see if Robin Sojourner might wanna have her texture tutorial as part of it!

  12. Wake up in SF please says:

    well matt…the friends list is not working now… do u think u can fix that?

  13. B Seiling says:

    Liny @ 1
    What is TG?

  14. Isabeau Imako says:

    You and the technical crew probably have some of the most thankless jobs at LL, hats off and thank you. Wonderful Idea.

  15. Isabeau Imako says:

    @ B Seiling

    TG = Teen Grid

  16. Artemis Kangjon says:

    I have to agree with Liny on this one – there should be *some* sort of event on the TG. Even though I have only a small plot of land, if I could get the stream, then I’d be happy to play it during the event.

  17. Wake up in SF please says:

    @14 please just everyone cut out the sycophant comments…if SL expects to create a sustainable business they need to get down to it asap… no corporation on educational institution will EVER subject its customers or students to BOTH (1) the careless attitude about reliability and (2) the really odd lack of recognition of the need for real time honest communication in new electronic media…just please get with it asap

  18. pantaiputih korobase says:

    aaah my comment is awaiting moderation….. cool

  19. If you want to improve the I-World experience, get more people to answer support tickets. I’ve been waiting two weeks for one of my support tickets to even be read. Any other business that took two weeks to acknowledge a support issue would go out of business. Please do not add more things for I-World people to have to tend to… add more I-World people to tend to what you already have on your plate. I-World Island reflects to me that you have the wrong priorities. I find it very frustrating that LL isn’t thinking about what it takes to be an industrial strength business. What are you going to do when there is genuine competition in this space?

  20. coventina dalgleish says:

    You can talk about this as much as you want but until you have results it is all just talk. What is the reason for all the problems we incur after your supposed upgrades. This never fails it is a given. Seems as if this has finally begun to implode as all the patches are now fighting to see which one will control the game. Growing very tired if the incompetent results we see on a daily basis. YES it is a game but you are paid well for a GAME.

  21. Kittrannia Cassini says:

    It would be nice if you left comments open for once when reporting transaction, TP, and/or Login issues. Then your actual customers (remember us) could tell you alot sooner if things are indeed working again.

  22. Kilandra Yeuxdoux says:

    I think the I-World Island is a great idea and the expo even better.

    As to the comments about support – I don’t think this is the forum for those comments. I for one expected more but understand with the millions of residents in the system – its not always possible.

  23. Ryu Darragh says:

    Beyond a decent video card, there are two more suggestions for increased client stability I have found. 1) Memory.. if you can, go to 4G. 2.) If you have the option, enable “Multithreaded” in prefs (for those with DuoCore systems). Also, check for any kind of network scanning in your system. If SL is interrupted by some process on your machine that closes ports, or, if your ISP is trying to block P2P programs like BT (do a search for “packet spoofing” on the web), those can rian on your SL day.

  24. While the I-World won’t offer aid when people can’t TP anywhere, I think that opening up for residents to submit user created content that explains issues and possible fixes is a step in the right direction.

    If you can get the users to support others somehow, it leaves LL staff more time to pursue issues the community can’t tackle themselves.

    The knowledge base has a lot of information but is intimidating and sometimes too technical for new residents, sometimes even for older residents that happen to venture into a part of SL they hadn’t used yet. I think Torley’s video tutorials deserve a prominent place on I-World – I’m a huge fan of his always funny yet informational video’s, and I don’t think I’m alone 🙂

    Make name it T-World instead, hehe.

  25. Lars Donardson says:

    @14 Why do you think that YOU have the right to advise others of what to post or what not?

    Could you supply me with the exact date that you received your ‘god status’?

    I am getting sick of ppl like you feeling superior in their opinion and knowledge.

    As much as I hate crashes, instability and other nuissances myself (and often curse certain ppl and their attitude at Linden Lab®), I also realize that there are SOME ppl that DO TRY and solve issues and/or communicate!

    Get off your throne and bear with other peoples opinion as we do with yours!

  26. lucy lukas says:

    7 days in a row , maybe more, at least one majot asset cluster failure a day, maybe more, I’m not here all day, get it fixed , your embarrassing yourselves Linden.

  27. Emondrell Raymaker says:

    How exactly does one get in contact with an I-World Linden? I attempted to do so through the support portal, but the link merely takes you to an empty Knowledge Base page.

  28. Shannara Snowdrop says:

    I think the I-World could be good…I look forward to visiting it…ty for all the work you and effort y’all do….

  29. Yes, this is a good idea. Just like the Public Works Dept. Team has their own Island, now the I-World team will have theirs too.

    I’m no expert in business, I don’t have an MBA, and I don’t have experience starting up a company, but I do see a clear pattern starting to emerge here, and that’s the “teams” at Linden Lab seem to think that they can solve all our problems by getting their own Islands.

    While that is a nice idea just how do you expect someone who crashes 10 times a day to find your island, and if they did, how do you expect them to get there without crashing?

    Come on guys, these ridiculous ideas are doing NOTHING to solve the real issues, and just blind fools actually think this is going to help in some manner. The rest of us, who took off our ROSE COLORED GLASSES long ago, are still waiting for REAL ACTION that will get REAL RESULTS.

    If Support continues down this path, might I suggest that whomever is heading the SUPPORT TEAM to take example of his boss and bowout and find someone who can make things happen!

    It’s time to stop playing “guess the number of beans in this glass” game and start working on real solutions and real issues. The Second Life Community has grown tired of this idea of a “New Island” will help philosophy or the “Office hours” will help philosophy. The only thing I get out of Office Hours is finger-pointing and dead air. What has happened to the idea that Customer Support is our NUMBER ONE CONCERN, because quite frankly, I haven’t seen it from anyone at Linden Lab for over 3 years now.

    For example, when someone asks ANY LINDEN a question, the wrong response is to say, “I don’t handle that, you need to talk to X”. The correct way to handle that is to say, “While I don’t usually handle those questions, I’ll get a hold of X and get an answer for you.” The difference between the two is WORK. The first answer is merely passing the buck so you don’t have to get off your lazy backside and actually work. The second answer shows that you care for the Customer and are willing to do some WORK to prove it. If everyone at Linden Lab would stop pointing fingers and saying so-and-so is responsible for that and take a little SELF-RESPONSIBILITY perhaps more things would be getting done there.

    I fear the only hope for Linden Lab is that Philip Rosedale has the bullocks to hire a CEO that isn’t afraid to demand perfection from his/her employee’s. It’s going to take someone who isn’t afraid of a little work and cracking the whip to get rid of the Lazy Corporate Culture known as Linden Lab.

    Oh by the way, since you started your branding I suppose I should say that Linden Lab, SL, SLX, and whatever else I said MAY be covered by Trademark of Linden Research, who by the way, is in NO WAY (THANK GOD) connected with me nor do they (NOR COULD THEY) support me in any way.

    If Linden Lab put as much THOUGHT into their “Branding” idea, Second Life would be fixed within a year. Too bad the only thing Linden Lab seems to be able to do is speak Legal-ease.

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  31. I suppose that eventually Linden Labs will have an assortment of Linden-owned islands that they can provide a quick teleport to in a user-friendly guide. This is part of making second life easier to use for the new folks. I suppose the Free Bazaar in Stillman is getting a bit crowded as it is. An island would essentially give the Lindens more room to separate the categories of objects out. I just hope it keeps up with adding new items over the years rather than losing interest in it.

  32. RC Paderborn says:

    @27 Emondrell Raymaker How exactly does one get in contact with an I-World Linden? I attempted to do so through the support portal, but the link merely takes you to an empty Knowledge Base page.

    The I-World Lindens are only available to premium accounts. That’s why I kept one account as a premium, so I could get support (primarily when I needed to report a MAJOR glitch in SL rather than a “I can’t rez”)

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  34. Iexo Bethune says:


    Is: “All you need to do is to log in to the Support Portal and submit s ticket to us, using the “Special Questions – Basic Account of Guest Login” ticket type then…”

    Should be: “All you need to do is to log in to the Support Portal and submit A ticket to us, using the “Special Questions – Basic Account oR Guest Login” ticket type then…”

    Glad I could help. =^.^;=

  35. Jaca C says:

    I really like this idea – is this going to only cover inworld?

    On another topic, since my post did not make it on the branding post (though I was way before the cut off mark), I have a blog called Second Life Snippets and I put info out newbies and info for all, including tutorials, don’t make any money from it, so do I have to take it down after over a year of work?


  36. Jayme Llewellyn says:

    Woah up there, Linden Labs. Please, on thing at a time. If adding this new island just adds to the troubles with system stability then you’ve taken five hundred steps back. get the foundations fixed and stable first, then add whatever you want.

  37. I wouldn’t mind having an official Linden place where both teens and adults could meet. I’ve been asked a few times to provide scripts so that the teens to import my stuff into the teen grid.

    “Mr Matthew, Tear Down This Wall!”

  38. Simon Kline says:

    Wow guys this will be awesome!! Thanks for putting in the effort and launching it with a bang! I love the stream idea, the more live stuff in sl the better!

    Having help resources in a central spot will help alot, it’s a great chance for the SL residents to get together and help their neighbour! Good work all round 😀

  39. Hiro says:

    My computer’s connection doesn’t allow me to submit ticket or open concierge chat from the support page, due to DNS problem. The support team says its my connection’s problem, and the provider says its the Linden’s server setting or something.
    I can play SL without any problem, but every time I find some problem which I need assistance from a concierge team requires me to step in an internet cafe close from home and submit the ticket I need.

    My point is, I always kept this wondering, why Linden never step into in-world but doing the support “only” over web site while advocating the use of Second Life for any communications between ourselves…
    Even the ones that involves “business” that they are desparately trying to promote? They should be the first one to try and show us the good examples.
    You are not trying to scam us, are you??

    Can we get a concierge support in-world, and not just these events…?? Maybe get an Island where only a member of “Concierge” group can enter? I at least want an access to the “live chat” through SL. (I cannot connect to it from here.)

  40. Todd Appin says:

    @ 37: The reason is because there are perverts out there who stop at nothing to corrupt anyone under 18, whether they are male OR female.

  41. You have to stick to your guns on the short-term rotating basis. We wouldn’t want some animals thinking they are more equal than others, would we?

  42. U M says:

    Does all this extra topping means we will have to deal wiith more points before problesma are fixed?

  43. Just someone who knows... says:

    What a crappy name. What’s that supposed to mean anyway?
    “My -team”? “My-World”?
    Did you buy too much stuff from Apple?
    Transaction problems EVERY SINGLE DAY and all you do is form new teams with new islands doing nothing to actually fix the darn grid.

  44. Andromeda Quonset says:

    I think one of my local television stations has been referring to their news casters as being the I-team….for sev eral years. Perhaps there could be some copyright and/or trademark issues.

  45. Matthew Linden says:

    Hi folks! Just for clarification, the ‘I’ in I-World stands for In and also International, as we aim to support residents with in-world issues or queries as well as people whose first language is not English. All the best to you 🙂

  46. mimi says:

    How about making the support tickets work better?
    It takes ages to get a normal answer to question if given at all.
    Most support tickets are simply answered with a “newbie answer” instead of the answer to the question that was asked.

    And when will you start to care about IP theft?

  47. U M says:

    some you mean you really have real time inworld people that do understand without translator devices?

  48. Hiro says:


    Do you have any plans or possibilities of letting us (or at least concierge level customers) to make issue queries from in-world??

  49. sirhc DeSantis says:

    Its a lovely idea. I-‘ll need to build some content as i want I-n 🙂

  50. latest version Guys says:

    Havok 5 is already out for awhile and your using Havok 4, just
    woundering why? Sorry could not post this on the last blog, so
    I’m posting it here.

  51. richard says:

    sounds like someone in the family needed a job !

  52. Harwood says:

    as a reply to #3 and a half a million others ive seen on the blog… how about a section of this island dedicated to “your computer” one of the biggest problems i continue to see with people having second-life issues is almost certainly because of the lack of strength from their computer. it would be a REALLY helpful idea from SL to give people a section that helps them understand what THEIR computer needs (and possible things they could do) to help them run SL. i run SL from a variety of computers, and when i use an older laptop running shared video, a 1.3g processor.. i see A LOT of these things people are constantly complaining about.
    i personally base SL performance on what my main PC runs it at. trying to run something like SL.. you should AT LEAST be running;
    A) a decent video card, B) a dual core processor, C) enough memory to handle the OS AND a high performance game (I.E. > trying to run windows vista AND SL on anything less than 2g of ram is futile.. and even 2g is pushing it) and D) a broadband internet connection.
    without those four things, you really have no business complaining about SL to begin with. you cant drive a two-ton truck on a four cylinder engine! 🙂
    but the idea itself might help a LOT on an island like this, or maybe even Help Island. a LOT of people have a generic off-the-shelf name brand PC, and dont understand that that PC, without a decent amount of memory, or an ACTUAL vid card wont run something with such high demand video as SL … for that matter.. ive noticed people that probably DO have a decent setup that dont understand the strain something like SL will put on even a good system!! a place set aside to let people know things like the graphics card metrics that were posted back at the start of the year (there was a benchmark done last year/start of the year? that listed different vid card performances in SL) could help CONSIDERABLY cut down the “i crash all the time” and “nothing ever loads right” complaints. and make a lot of people’s SL experience a LOT better :))

    i dunno, just a thought

  53. Any way of contacting a real human rather than an auto emailer will be good.

    But one thing, it’s now the end of March and still no February Key Metrics. Still being massaged?

  54. Kahiro Watanabe says:

    Remove Adult Ad-Farm / Temp Rezzer owned by Cytherea Eagle located @ Fenric sim.

  55. CC says:


  56. Loniki Loudon says:

    I am not sure why you do this now when you have been dismantling the “in world” support for the last two years. I remember live support chat. I remember “in game” support tickets. For that matter I remember “in game” bug reports which seem to be the latest “in game” casulty. Now you are suggesting we go to some island and expect to actually find someone there? Not to blow the bubble or anything but a person has a much better chance to “X” out of SL then to get a teleport.

  57. Wilma Philbin says:

    Thank you Matthew, what a good initiative. Hope in time it will evolve into a place where we can turn with all sorts of questions including concierge ones.

    @52 So true, my own pc has lots of shortcomings and reading blog comments I recognize soo much of the problems I have myself. But till I get a new pc I’ll have to live with not running Windlight, not uploading textures, changing clothes, skin and hair and then go sightseeing in the same login. And if I do at least I know why I crash.

    Maybe Torley could make a video tutorial on how to make the most out of SL on a not so hot pc.

  58. Kahiro Watanabe says:

    @52 You can’t blame all to the client computer. Crashing on teleports, crossing sims problem, error on group chat sessions, lindens transactions stale, error on rezzing objects, inventory unavailable, prims disappearing, can’t upload textures, can’t save notecards, scripts, etc.

    Although I understand that SL is a very big and complex structure, and it’s new technology, but problems exist. And I do have a dual core with 2 gb ram with a Geforce 512mb XFX and still having problems. I think SL and metaverses in general will be better in future when Technology improves, and by improvement i don’t mean quad core, eight core, or eleven core, but a new paradigm like those experiments some ppl are making replacing wired circuits by laser ones.

  59. Derek Ristow says:

    Did anyone else notice that the Linden seemed to answer the least important question here? No offence to the poster(43) of course but you need to address some of the actual issues. If you don’t then the grid is going to look pretty empty.

    P.S. I’m on the teen grid too and I would like to hear an answer to the first question if anyone has one.

  60. Geneko Nemeth says:

    I hope the I-world team get on with coordinating localization. Some interface languages are totally out of date.

  61. Harwood says:

    ok.. let me clear it up a bit;

    what im suggesting is dedicating a space to the new island that would hold maybe a video screen and a few info centers that could let people know
    1) the basic requirements for running SL
    2) what they could do to their system to make SL run smoother (memory, processor upgrade, video, etc., not WHAT or WHERE or brand name.. just … “hey, adding 2g of ram to your system will GREATLY improve the way you run!” )
    3) what video cards support SL better and/or worse (theres already a benchmark, USE IT!! Put it somewhere where people looking for this info will find it!!)
    4) settings they could raise/lower, and change to make SL run better for their system (how to get to these settings for that matter.. a LOT of people dont know, dont bother to read the blogs, etc.)

    its just an idea that would take up such little space, yet provide SO MUCH help to people, and people like torley are already all about it!! put that to good use!

    and sure, as i said before… SL does have its problems, but again… with so much out there, so much being done everyday (i myself am working on making a semi-sentient AI atm) and all the other different things people are doing.. let alone new things being introduced to SL weather LL’s or 3rd party… SURE youre going to have issues.. and i have all the respect in the world for LL just to be able to contain it as well as they do. if people had HALF a clue what LL does, i dont think theyd be so quick to stand on a pedestal and scream bloody murder when their hair winds up in their rear on a tp! (is it REALLY that hard to just re-log!?!?)

    like i said, i run a variety of computers, my main PC im on is;

    amd xp6000 (3g dual core), 8g of ddr low latency, windows xp pro 64bit, SLI (dual) eGeforce 8600 gts’s (512 ea) and a 1000w power supply.
    on this PC, i mostly have;
    crashing – every few days
    loading problems (mostly because i use 512’s) – every few hours, usually doesnt last long (maybe a minute at most)
    sim crossing issues and/or tp – maybe every few days
    and only experience server issues (transaction, tp fail) when LL is experiencing it (no fault to personal PC.. thats server issue) when LL is having it.

    i also run another PC for SL;
    again wXP X64, pentium 2.53g, 2g of DDR, 600w PS, ATI all in wonder graphics 256m
    and it BARELY has more issues than the computer MORE than TWICE its size. but i also keep draw distance down, particle count, etc.

    If LL would put up a decently sized station, residents could have the answers right at their fingertips on how they could make their SL experience MUCH better in a variety of ways.. but mostly starting at THEIR OWN PC!!! Again, i realize their are a lot of server faults, in-world issues, etc, but also take into consideration how many people are probably out there on a PC that could use minor-to-heavy upgrading that are constantly complaining about “how things run”

    what youre getting is a massively inaccurate number of complaints, doesnt help anyone.. what im suggesting is a way to change those numbers, and a way to help everyone involved. 🙂

  62. Matthew Linden says:

    Hello again, we can’t answer all of your points here in the blog and many of them require the attention of other colleagues at the Lab. We do read all of your comments and thank you for the time you take to make them, even when they do sometimes make uncomfortable reading for us.

    I do want to emphasise again that we’ll do our best, we sometimes won’t get it right but do have your interests at the heart of what we do.

    With regard to Teen Second Life, we are keen to do more for our Teen residents and will let you know more as plans develop.

    Cheers to all on Teen Second Life as well as Adult Second Life 🙂 🙂

  63. Raindancer Raymaker says:

    lol everything down says blog….awaits the cleaner to spot the plug and put it back in the wall…..

  64. Keira Wells says:

    Wow.. crashed it says this time.. makes it sound a lot more serious than normal to me, but guess not since the minimum is _only_ ten minutes… /sigh

  65. Hewitt Huet says:


  66. Medhue Simoni says:

    well since i cant seen to get inworld, i guess i will comment. Why hadn’t we heard of I-world b4? Personally i feel that sl needs Lindens walking around. I had a linden come into my store once, about a year ago. Yeah once and probably never again. Can we please have a week without major problems, please. Oh i mean a day. lol

  67. Dana Vanmoer says:

    Can anyone tell me why all the entries seem to get bigger after this post? The text just gets bigger and bigger as i scroll down the page? I am using IE 7 on vista

  68. Medhue Simoni says:

    Loniki, i just read your posting. I totally agree. Finding things on the website went from good, to really bad, to ok now. Or its seems better now. I dont have to use it really, so im not a good person to ask really. I Liked it better when everything happened in world. Especially transactions. Why are we going this way. I dont think u can say that taking them out, made sl better, faster or smoother. I understand that support can be tricky because of shear volume. What is the point of creating tickets when they never get looked at. Just go look. How can u move onto new viewer without fixing “all” the issues. If you simply fixed the issues, you could lessen a large number of support requests. Am i right or just diluted.

  69. delrona says:

    quick quick fill up the blog with super news and turn comments off so people wont see that you cant actually LOG ON most of the time .
    Awesome. Day 2 being back in SL after months break . Same problems. Same comments . Same zero communication. Bravo.

  70. Wynochee LeShelle says:

    If a significant majority of residents, or better: all, – managed as concertant action -, would go back to basic account membership until things are definitly fixed, we would see, how suddenly and ambitioned the company would start to improve, stabilize and speed up that thing. The lack of millions of dollars per months would make them brains, hands, legs and feet, while endless patience and endless payment is clearly no alternative method, to help them fixing the technical service and customer service problems. Voting with feets helped so far much bigger regimes and companies, to change into something better. This is the influence, wich residents realy have: money. Money is a language wich every company understands very well.

  71. Captain Noarlunga says:

    People have been complaining on these blogs for eons now, me included, about all the issues that need fixing. The bottom line is….the owners of the game are taking millions of dollars a week in revenue (calculate it yourself), so they dont need to fix anything, because even if we all leave , their revenues will continue from all the naive people that join every week. The only thing that may help get things fixed is a huge international run of bad media exposure.

  72. Hiro says:

    Matthew, do you have any plan to move back some of the in-world support systems back into SL, maybe improved way?

  73. Roman McCullough says:

    Well, the danger is certainly there of SL becoming the AOL of virtual world providers. Like AOL, it has had a hard time getting a handle on basic technical issues, it is finding it difficult containing jerky junior high schoolers (or those who never grew out of that) in order to ensure that one can have a predictable pleasant experience in all parts of its realm, and now SL is apparently going to go the IPO route, which carries with it a whole new set of demands and pressures much like what happened when Time Warner bought AOL out.

    Mind you, I think the Linden folks are more accessible than the douchey Steve Case and his band of arrogant but poor managers and SL, at least for me, hasn’t had the kind of poisonous mix of racism and mean spiritedness that informed almost all of AOL’s chat rooms and forums. Nonetheless, there is still room for improvement and I am not sure that SL is ready to go public before it has gotten its technical and managerial feet on firm ground. I also think that, as AOL did, that SL may be suffering from a lack of focus. Decide on a core delivery system, be it windlight ot whatever, and refine it. Don’t try to do three, four or five at once. Do your core thing right first and then once that’s done move on by getting ready for wider exposure and more onerous demands that an IPO would engender. Have a freaking managerial identity!

    Failure to do that will make SL a dinosaur, much as AOL is. I am also interested in how much SL is cooperating with federal surveillance efforts (that is, violating our privacy). I think you owe it to us to inform us so we can make an informed choice as to whether to continue with you or not.

    Cheers you lot.

  74. U M says:

    laugh move it bad inworld? hahahha not a chance

  75. Health Concerns says:

    I think it would be a good idea for I-World to have some information and perhaps headquarters to raise awareness of health issues for people who spend many hours in front of their computer without any exercise while playing Second Life ™.

    I think it should be the responsibility of Linden Labs ™ to make sure that all the resident users of Second Life ™ are encouraged to exercise, stay fit and eat healthy. Otherwise, in future, they might start too see obese Second Lifers taking LL to court for causing their overweight problems.

    Please consider this as a solution to help combat the plague of today’s modern society, which is not really helped with online world. Help raise awareness of health issues and keep Second Life ™ a healthier place with less ill people.

  76. U M says:

    I am laughing hard here. because the game now seems to be breaking AGAIn…..teleports are not working geshh

  77. Captain Noarlunga says:

    @73….. Well Said !!

    …and if potential investors in an IPO are made aware of the current and long-term problems by way of informed world media exposure, this may help to focus the management team on resolving the situation. The only way to force the issue is to make the investment unattractive.

  78. SLsux says:

    “”So, we’ve been thinking about what more our team can do and part of our efforts is to establish I-World Island, a place where we will try to offer additional signposting and guidance for some of the in-world issues that occur.””
    I HAVE a idea how about make things work for say longer than 24 hrs oh and instead of investing time and effort into silly little projects and useless features use the time to actually make secondlife half stable “would have said stable but you would think i was ripping the p*ss then”

  79. Wyald Woolley says:

    Health Concerns wrote:
    I think it should be the responsibility of Linden Labs ™ to make sure that all the resident users of Second Life ™ are encouraged to exercise, stay fit and eat healthy. Otherwise, in future, they might start too see obese Second Lifers taking LL to court for causing their overweight problems.
    What the heck are you talking about? I get plenty of exercise jumping up and down every time I crash. Then there is all the exercise I get when I can’t log in because the house of cards is borked. I get a lot of exercise jumping through hoops to file a jara report and emptying my cache and resetting my router.

    Gotta, go now.. I have to chase down a Linden.

  80. Foxxe Wilder says:

    Before you guys go expanding on more BS programs and activities it would be nice if the asset server problem was addressed once and for all and, DAMN IT, would you LET US KNOW when it’s screwing up so you JERKS would STOP costing US MONEY for ALL the LOST ITEMS this RECURRING NIGHTMARE CAUSES.


  81. alroger says:

    Sorry, you do not have access to that teleport destination.

  82. Wake up in SF please says:

    It has not been possible to tip live performers in SL all afternoon…how tragic is that? Matt you should be very ashamed. But, long experience tells me shame is not a concept SL employees understand.

  83. Pepper Haas says:

    Another off topic post — that is what you get when you close comments on blogs where it would be on topic, and make blogs about things that don’t matter, don’t fix anything, and are just there to drive all the bad news blogs off the leader page.
    I am under the distinct impression that SL is under hacker attack. Two months ago when the asset servers first started acting up I read a threat in a blog (post #25, later pulled) that this was just the start of major asset server problems, that he (the griefer/hacker) was going to increase his attacks and bring SL down.
    And eversince, asset server problems have gotten worse, to where we just past a weekend where hardly anybody could get transactions done (I missed several hundred lindens worth of tips too because of stale transactions — which took people’s money but did not give it to me). Every day we hear, stop buying stop rezzing, asset servers are borked, comments closed.
    Well take this comment: If you don’t track down this hacker or his way to access your asset servers, Second Life is DEAD. One more week of daily transaction failures and ALL your business will bail. Get on top of this asset server thing and I mean NOW.

  84. Roberto says:

    I been thinking of joining, see the fallowing link.

    Can I experience something like that game at your site? are there guns available in your game, how does one get them. Are there banks to rob in your world?


  85. dwayne says:

    this is geting old fast i was runing sl just good tell this last updat i am about had it with the craching and all that all the updats are just fing things up more stoppppppppp i am starting to not like sl no more all it do is crach i am about to say byee to sl

  86. Titzalina Nieder says:

    Ok, so the new version is supposed to cancel out past bugs…..YEAH!!! RIGHT…my hubby and I run a furniture business in SL, and it frustrates the hell out of us because of ALL the ‘fixed’ bugs. Everytime SL has an asset server issue, we loose money, and rental of land in NOT cheap in SL, so we end up having to buy Lindens to pay rentals. YET!!!, we didn’t have to do much of this before the new download. We both crash constantly when TP’ing, or we get there, only to find we are wearing our hair, shoes, jewelry up our butts, or we get there naked…not funny ok!!!! My hubby gets so pissed off with it all, he is nearly at the stage of uninstalling the game and walking away. Me I don’t want to do that, being a house bound person, due to a serious illness, SL is a great way for me to be able to do things I can’t do in RL. So WHY! WHY! WHY! are the lindens having all this trouble. Why can’t you just get more servers, and make our SL experience much more enjoyable. Scrap the new version, it’s CRAP, we would happily live with out the prettyness of the new version, just to get a game that is enjoyable again. Thanks Lindens, because of you and your IP servers, we have lost a lot of money, (and hair), and now it looks like i am about to loose my one and only bit of freedom….CHEERS.

  87. oblysenie says:

    I-World Island is a very good idea and the expo too, I think.

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