[RESOLVED] Inworld Money Transactions Problematic at the Moment

 [RESOLVED 6:33pm PDT] These issues have been resolved and you should now be able to perform in-world transactions as normal. We apologize for any inconveniences this may have caused.

[UPDATE 4:47pm PDT] While we continue to work on the issue, it has not yet been resolved and we continue to advise that transactions may not work properly at this time. Please keep an eye on this blog for further updates. Thank you.

[UPDATE 2:56PM] We may have been slightly premature in that All Clear before. We are still seeing intermittent problems, but on a much smaller scale. Please be advised that in world transactions are not at 100% at the moment and you may experience potential difficulties.

[UPDATE] The problem is working itself out and it should be once again ok to make purchases and money transactions. If you made a transaction and it did not appear to complete, please check your transaction history on the website and contact the person you paid/bought the item from to confirm that they did not receive the L$ or to request a possible replacement for items not received.

We are getting increased reports of failed or stale money transactions and item purchases. Please refrain from making purchases for the time being until we can track down the source and resolve the issue. Thank you.

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