A new, improved stability Second Life simulator is on the way to your region!

What Is Happening?

As part of our continued effort to increase the stability and reliability of Second Life, we are happy to announce a new simulator that significantly reduces region crashes. This release is the result of the Havok™4 project, a project that updated the physics engine used to determine all movement of objects in Second Life.

When Will It Happen?

– Monday March 31: Evaluate how the Early Adopter deploy of RC3 went over the weekend

If all goes well over the weekend with RC3 on the Second Life Early Adopter regions, then:

– Monday March 31: Deploy the new simulator to 1500-2000 regions

– Tuesday April 1: Deploy the new simulator to the rest of the regions on Second Life

We will be watching the deploy process closely, as this is a major update, and may opt to delay the larger deploys if we see critical issues in the first phases. Status updates will be provided on the blog.

What Will Change?

We expect that many residents will not notice any changes (other than fewer simulator crashes!), and that the changes that you will see are relatively minor. As with any major update, there may be some issues – in particular some scripts that took advantage of problems in the older Havok1-based simulator may not work exactly the way they used to work. We have worked to resolve such issues and will continue to handle these special cases wherever it is technically possible.

How Was This Tested?

We have worked hard to make sure that this update is done in an open, transparent way, and tested thoroughly to ensure stability and to reduce problems as we roll the update out to Second Life.

Here are a few interesting facts about the public beta process:
– Started in September 2007 and has lasted six months
– Active daily use on over 635 regions of Second Life
– Over 1 million simulator run hours since the start of public beta
– 173 bugs fixed during the public beta
– Over 50 public in-world meetings to discuss issues and make joint decisions with beta testers
– 27 blog posts, with over 1735 comments

What Is A Physics Engine?

The physics engine in Second Life is a key component, responsible for managing all movement of avatars and objects, detecting collisions, calculating gravity, momentum and rebounds, and creating the appearance of friction or damping that slows down movement over time. The Havok4 physics engine update reduces simulator crash rates significantly, to the point that many of our Early Adopters are surprised to see a crash – they now happen infrequently on most regions.

This project increases the reliability of the Second Life simulators, which run in our data centers (as opposed to the Second Life viewer, which runs on your desktop).

What Happens Next?

The Linden Lab Havok4 team will continue to review open issues and work on critical bugs after the release. We know that you will find things that still need attention, and we fully expect that we will continue to do fixes and updates in the period following the release.

Thanks for all of your involvement, support and input. Your help has made it possible to reach the goal of deploying this important Second Life stability update.

Best regards,

Sidewinder Linden
Program Manager

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151 Responses to A new, improved stability Second Life simulator is on the way to your region!

  1. Sidewinder Linden says:

    Please remember – we are here and will be here – we know that you will find some things that behave differently with this version. We will be fixing critical issues as they are raised, and issuing updates as necessary in the short term. Thanks for all of your support! /Sidewinder

  2. Eric Mauvaise says:

    Woohoo Havok 4 is near!

  3. Aenea says:

    Congratulations Sidewinder, on running such a successful beta test. You and Pastrami are examples. 🙂

  4. Kyder Ling says:

    Great news guys. Congratulations.

  5. Ann Otoole says:

    picking April 1st for a major technology deploy? Gutsy! 😀

  6. Jay says:

    1 Word:

    Wow 🙂

  7. Latif Khalifa says:

    Congratulations Sidewinder and the rest of the Havoc4 team on really showing how new to work on new features with the community participation. Lets just hope more projects inside Linden Labs are done in this superb way.

    And once the new simulator code is stable and running the whole grid, addition of new features such as bigger prims (32m) open source simulator… well one can hope 🙂

  8. Byakuya Runo says:

    FINALLY!!!! Havok 4 to the Mainland! Thank You!! I’m gonna get the champagne, if there are no major problems I’ll celebrate, if it gets delayed, then i’ll just drink! lol

  9. Annabelle Babii says:

    Thank you LL!!!

    Just in time for the launch of my physics-based produft line, too.
    Keep up the good work!

  10. Troy Childs says:

    @5 Ann Otoole

    Gutsy think of the day. tricks and pranks. why i feel it wont be the first to just prank us? lol they laugh and put it out the 2nd. lol

  11. richard says:

    wow april 1 for a upgrade,this will be fun no one will crash on that day….lol…… april fool!

  12. Suzan says:

    @5: thougt the same! 😀

    Congrats to the Linden-team!

  13. Drew Dwi says:

    I hope Linden Labs makes the havok4 project a model for all future projects, especially in terms of communication and feedback from project managers.

  14. Sidewinder Linden says:

    @5 Ann: Hehe yeah April 1st… Well at least it’s not the start of the rollout (although if we have a couple fixes to do and need to slip a day it might be!). I thought about blogging that in honor of April first the roll-out will be with gravity reversed, or something bizarre like that… but then thought better of it because many folks might take it seriously 🙂 /Sidewinder

  15. Zagro Ferraris says:

    As a H4 Early Adopter myself I’m glad to finely see it ready to be released 🙂

  16. Sudidi Surya says:

    Well done, anything that improves crashes is most welcome!

    Any chance of knowing ahead of time what may act differently if, as you say< “We know that you will find things that still need attention”?

  17. Letti says:

    I have a feeling this might be an April fools joke. Why do i think that? Well in SL i believe it’s possible.

  18. Cockhoenut Koala says:

    Fix the damn Train tracks!

  19. CONGRATULATIONS! Sidewinder, you deserve a statue on the old Governor’s Mansion — bringing the unthinkable to SL and making it real.

    The four-year-long wait for Havok™ 4 is finally over!

  20. Krimson Gray says:

    It will be nice to see this implemented grid wide. My sim has been an early adopter for quite some time, and as of late the bgs have been noticeable minor, especially compared to the toture of being in a Havok 1 sim. Best part – no crashes. Sim downtime is pretty much unheard of, which is good.

  21. Typical Linden behavior, teasing us with false promises of reversed gravity.

  22. Steve Steed says:

    WOW!! I am Happy to see this. I like to thank all that worked to test this. Congratulations. 🙂 Have a good week and a 100% good working Havok™4 release. 😀

    Steve Steed

  23. Jessica Hultcrantz says:


    Well, ok then… w00t 🙂
    Finally, and aiming on better stability, thanks Sidewinder and the team!
    The home sim currently crashes at least every other day, sometimes twice daily, so it will be highly welcome with this update even if there are some issues around it.

    @ Sidewinder…
    Read up on the new trademark policy 🙂 You forget some ®’s up there *laughs*

    Thumbs up anyway for the H***c 4 (lack of the TM sign with the iso8859 character set, so that word wan’t be written unless it’s made another extra sentence long like “Havoc, intellectual trademark of Linden Lab® Inc., 4” hihi! Does that make LL version 4 or what???)

  24. Levy Flanagan says:

    Did anyone read that posting fully. They NEVER said NO crashes. They said “We expect that many residents will not notice any changes (other than fewer simulator crashes!)” I repeat “…fewer simulator crashes!”

    Have a Good Day 🙂

  25. mimi says:

    great i cant wait for this feature!

  26. Don’t get your hopes too high…….

  27. As someone who has 4 regions that are part of the early adopter program, havok4 kicks ass. The new linking rules alone will be candy to builders.

  28. Michael Fairplay says:

    I hope this fixes the issues. The asset server has been acting up worse than a troubled child on crack. I hope whomever is in charge actually gets it now and will focus on stability. It would be a welcome change. At least you are talking about it now that is a positive step.

  29. Sascha says:

    Well if whole LL did the job as well as you did then SL would be a really nice place 😛 Thx again

  30. Vic says:

    If there are any major issues will they be ironed out by next weekend? I have a big event coming up on Saturday and it has been in the planning for almost 12 months :/

    1st April is no problem for me, it’d bother me if it was Fri 13th….

    if you fancy turning the physics engine upside down for a laugh go for it… but PLEASE have it fixed again by the weekend!

    Well done for the hard work you and your team have put into this Sidewinder 😉

  31. Patti Frye says:

    WOOT! Been waiting for Havok 4. You guys rock! All the complaining aside…I think deep down we all know how difficult it is to please millions of users of SL…right everyone?
    Can’t wait for the release!
    Hey, just for fun how about reversing gravity on the beta sims for April fools day? Would be a blast!

  32. Tenebrous Pau says:

    btw there’s a missing end tag or something at the end of the short version of this post… is messing up the rest of the blog 🙂

  33. kunoichi says:

    Ah is that why search, transactions, and inter sim TPs go stale again, after Elle claims to have “fixed” it last night, with log ins barred for 2 hours ?

    really “GREAT” work, wtg !

  34. Hooo! Hooo! Hooo! 😛 Nice work!

  35. I still have RC boats that float under water level, Birds that don’t rotate to face the direction they fly and bird followers that do constant circles.

    The first 2 examples can be seen in FairChang Village.

    How can this be ready for release?

  36. Dawan says:

    What’s going on now? Pls update us on log ins cos it’s been hell for the past 18 hours now

  37. dusanwriter says:

    Brilliant work Sidewinder, a tribute to communication, process and relations with the community. Good luck with the roll-out and please pass along your best practices to Catherine Linden. 😛

    Yeah, few glitches, but the sims we’ve run it on have been nearly flawless, and truly less crashes (in spite some fine minds trying their hardest to blow the thing up).

  38. Tristin Mikazuki says:

    I hope it fixes the assest server to because as of 03/29/08 1:53 pm PST the assest server is still messed up pretty much has been going down all day

  39. Tanya Spinotti says:

    Way to go! Havok4 is nothing but great news. No doubt there will be people who will slag it off and complain, but they’ll be in the minority. I’ve been really impressed with it so bring it on…

  40. Sidewinder Linden says:

    @38 Tristin: This project is not directly related to the asset server – that’s a whole separate part of the system. There is a team working on that to resolve the issues. /Sidewinder

  41. Wake up in SF please says:

    You people in SF at SL are morons!!!!! I just tried to tip a wonderful live musician twice and it failed. God forgive you for your incompetence!

  42. Wake up in SF please says:

    So Sidewinder do u get it now?

  43. Letti says:

    Fine I’ll say it the way you want it.. I’m looking forward for this. Don’t let us down. Pleaseeee. I’m serious.

  44. Dawan says:

    it keeps on asking me to log in every 4 mins without fail

  45. hugsalot says:

    Does this mean another month of rolling restarts, and slow deployment for the next month or so while this new and improved simulator update gets deployed. Haven’t you guys been doing this for the past 4 months already?

    Maybe the asset servers need some havoc4 voodoo.

  46. Please let the folks working on the asset server issue that it is most definitely still going on, gratz on the upgrades coming in though Sidewinder!

  47. Kahiro Watanabe says:

    [RESOLVED] Asset Server Issues
    [RESOLVED 5:12pm PDT] Logins are restored .. we took advantage of that reboot to do a small amount of maintenance that had been waiting for such an opportunity… which will hopefully prevent this from taking place in the future. ”

    @38 Tristin is right, things still broken today :(. Linden transfers are stalled. Nothing on the blog though.

  48. Escort DeFarge says:

    Being an Early Adopter for this new technology has been a very positive experience. I’ll certainly be happy to participate in future simulator EA programs. Congratulations to all on the Havok 4 team for a great job!

  49. Wake up in SF please says:

    @ 46 please stop the gratuitous comments

  50. Sidewinder Linden says:

    @42 Wakeup: I have “gotten it” for a long time… However the database issues (which are not asset server issues at the moment, for what it’s worth) are not in an area that I have anything to do with personally. I have checked and there is a team actively working on the problem. That team is about to post a blog entry. /Sidewinder

  51. Dekka Raymaker says:

    Arrgggghhhhh still missed. RC viewer’s 1, 2, 3 & 4 all freeze on log out, I always have to force quit, I made a JIRA for it when RC2 was released.

  52. Ivana Pawlowski says:

    This seems like another headline feature. Most of us aren’t relly bothered if the physics are better, we would rather a lot of other stuff was fixed before shiny new stuff is introduced.

    Sure as a side effect of the havok5 work you can make sims more reliable, but if the resource spent on implementing havok4 was spent in other areas we’d have had the more reliable sims sooner.

    Havok 4 does help my lost business due to unrealiable asset servers, lL$ transfer etc.

  53. Ivantwin Rogers says:

    havoc 4 don’t fix the super older bug in clothes or hairs or accessories in avatars, when i fly and i change to the area and i enter to new server all accessories align in my ass literally and i needed relog and enter again to second life for fix my avatar accessories,

    example sometimes i see my shoes in my ass, or i see my hair in my ass, or my belt put in ass and i need relog all time when that occurs

    havock 4 dont fix this, this super horrid oldies bug I DONT HAPPY WITH havock 4

  54. Bau Ur says:

    I am apprehensive…for the last several days SL has been very unstable in the sims with the new test engine… I fear this may mean the new engine isn’t really more stable at all. I hope the bugs really are worked out… (Stands alertly with a large can of Raid and a large flyswatter held in military parade position…)

  55. Harvey Benoir says:

    Does it help to reduce lag?

  56. Sidewinder Linden says:

    @54 Bau and others: The physics engine handles one part of the Second Life experience – it is not everything (see description above). This work will make the physics engine stability better (physics engine crashes are responsible for over half of the simulator crashes on the current simulator), and has already made a very noticeable improvement across the community of over 500 early adopters. There are other teams working on the other issues. Best regards, Sidewinder

  57. Does it fix the failed TP issues?

  58. Tod69 Talamasca says:

    SWEET!! Will this increase the distance of attachements and the size of prims allowed?

    I noticed on the test grid that any AO’s I had on would also let me raise the height of an avatar much higher, without the annoying drop-to-the-ground blip whenever you’d stop & start moving.

  59. Tegg B says:

    /me rezzes car collection and starts washing them in the driveway seeing hope that they may become driveable again………
    Good work Havok Team!

  60. TigroSpottystripes Katsu says:

    for the next step, please switch to an open source physics engine, aight?

    (btw, for those that don’t know, Havok isn’t owned by the L company, they just purchased the license to use it or somthing)

  61. Sidewinder Linden says:

    @35 Garth: Do you have jira’s with these issues? I don’t recall hearing about them. If you would provide some details we can look into them. As I mentioned above (please see my comment #1), we will be chasing issues post-deploy. Please feel free to IM me in-world with a jira number or to discuss the issues that you are seeing. /Sidewinder

  62. Dark Otsuzum says:

    @27 “The new linking rules alone will be candy to builders.”

    Where can I find ino on thse new rules… and anything else that has changed?

    Searching the Knowledge base for ‘Havok’ thows up nothing.

  63. kirstenlee says:

    i still got issues with certain items locking up in H4, but since the problem can’t be zeroed in on, im guessing the only way to find out is to roll it out and hopefully its just an isolated incident, then again something which may seem insignificant on 400 or 500 sims, might become more obvious on thousands of sims. Lets hope any minor niggles dont turn into big howling monster probs, GL sidewinder an all 🙂

  64. Will Webb says:

    Yeah, right; Havok 4 is rolling out on April 1st.

    Who do you think you’re kidding ? 🙂

    Not falling for it 🙂

  65. First off, I’m glad Havok 4 is finally gridwide!

    Unfortunately it’s the 3rd time I crashed today. I just used the brand new RC and i have 2 fashion shows i need to feature! I hope a Linden knows about this and is solving the problem.

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  67. Wake up in SF please says:

    @50 it is long past time that SL posted highly informative real time information on what is happening. Do you understand that?

  68. Joe Resident says:

    Dear Lindens,

    A formula for success and greater happiness for your customers:

    Under-promise. Then over-deliver.

    Also, perhaps you could ask your fellow Lindens to turn your attention to adfarm, landbot, lag and griefing — issues that *really* affect the average user’s experience?

    Just sayin’

    – Joe

  69. I hope this will help resolve the following ongoing issues.

    * Serious memory leaks.
    * Grid instability and poor performance
    * Teleports fail quite regularly, especially under heavy load
    * Sim performance varies wildly (NOT due to client content either)
    * Low FPS
    * Serious texture latency
    * World maps are very slow loading
    * Crashes and viewer hangs and freezes
    * Ongoing friends list issues
    * Group chat totally borked
    * Group Notices not getting to all members of a group
    * Random animations starting out of nowhere (and no, not an attack)
    * Sailing off into void space after crossing a sim line
    * Did we mention crashes? Why yes, yes we did.

  70. Ivantwin Rogers says:

    Rascal and don’t forget the HORRID BUG A BAD SYNCHRONIZATION bug in all AVATARS ITEMS, i need relog over 5 times in one day because all my items put in my ass or in the avatar center!!

  71. Ivantwin Rogers says:

    havock 4 dont fix this horrible problems i dont happy with this mediocre havock 4 😦

  72. Vort Tzara says:

    Well, I hope it will make a difference. I still have empty folders where goods used to be and my friends report the same. Vendors are loosing our business because we are learning not to waste money in SL. Its meant to be fun. Chasing vendors for goods that do’t arrive is time wasting and NOT fun. Loosing goods is NOT fun either. Crashes daily is NOT fun. No login is NOT fun. Lag is NOT fun. Need we say more?

  73. mikeD Streeter says:

    I have 3 Havok 4 sims in early adopter, sim crashes…none, sim crossings… smooth 99% of time, noticeable reduction in lag, Mega prims can be hollowed and cut!!!!

    I love Havok 4

  74. Darien Caldwell says:

    Yes, Wonderful news. 🙂 While it may be a little bumpy at first as everyone gets used to the new quirks, I can say I’ve loved Havok 4 since the first day it was put on my sim back in September. It’s a huge step forward for Second Life toward a more stable Grid. Thanks to everyone on the grid and the Lindens who spearheaded the effort for making it such a huge success. 🙂

  75. Tiberious Neruda says:

    Only thing I can recommend is taking care of the way avatars slide around as if they’re on ice in the current havok4 implementation before rolling this out widely.

    I absolutely loathe the jira, and so now I have no way of bugreporting this… except here.

  76. Vylixan Fallon says:

    Yeah !!!. The first days there will be bugs. But thats oke 😀 This is sure a big step forward in the SL development

  77. Sandry Logan says:

    Good show Sidewinder et al. Thanks for all your hard work. The team at Turing Isle are all grateful for your endeavours :c)

  78. Mako Minogue says:


    Can the H4 team take a some time to strobe through open H4 Jira tickets with their current status in the queue. A short Will Fix/Won’t fix would be fine as not knowing where the issue is currently can be a bit frustrating.

    My own pet Jira is http://jira.secondlife.com/browse/SVC-1092 , but there are many others that haven’t been strobed in quite some time.

    Thanks to the entire H4 team for all the uber code-fu work! 🙂


  79. Tiny Mind says:

    Ahhh, so SL’s version of, “Gilligan’s Island” is finally about to be released upon the unsuspecting Player-masses. And on April Fool’s day, too. How appropriate.

    Can we all cry, “DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!” now. 😉

    Tiniest of the Tinies.

  80. :~) They’ll get it eventually Sidewinder … maybe … maybe the users will … maybe the Lindens will. Observing you, while we built and now manage an early adopter sim, has given me a little hope. At least there is one development team who gets how to chase the bugs and work with the users. This is such a rare rare thing in the whole world of programing. Nice to see some integrity. Thank you. Praying the days are smooth for you and your team!

  81. Plum Planer says:

    will it fix the friendlist ?????????

  82. Ms Z says:

    If we get less Inworld Money Transactions Problems, less squished note cards that we can’t read or get off our screen unless we reboot or delete the note card, and no more messed up/missing friends lists, I think for once none of us would complain. =p

  83. Catten Carter says:

    Great work – The team progress, the update and not least the blog comments from sidewinder has made this a wonderful project to follow. I hope your release goes as smothly.

  84. Ivantwin Rogers says:

    havock 4 dont fix the error memory leak

    i have 2giga and i have this error, OUT OF MEMPRY

    Loading map problems

    rooted avatar problems and gray avatar problems


    havoc 4 don’t fix that

  85. Ivantwin Rogers says:

    rooted avatar problems and gray avatar problems

  86. Chaz Longstaff says:

    >> Tuesday April 1: Deploy the new simulator to the rest of the regions on Second Life

    Why do I have the feeling this will be an April Fool’s Day to remember? LOL.

  87. Celierra Darling says:

    Sidewinder, your blog cuts left out the last closing ‘h3’ tag, which breaks the main blog page in IE7 (i.e. the blog.secondlife.com page) – the font gets bigger and bigger as you go down the page due to each unclosed h3…

  88. Ryu Darragh says:

    O.o ? #86, I have been using IE for a while (and now IE7) and even the landstore map functions properly. Get *all* theJava updates to fix that (page looks fine to me :P)

  89. Lars Donardson says:

    I just fell in love with you Sidewinder…oh wait…you’re a guy…so scrap that *giggles*.

    To all those crying *punt* HAVOC: Go to the regins with the new engine already deployed and you’ll find that indeed the stability and performance has increased considerably. There will be surely some ironing out of small glitches done as the more widespread the deployment gets the more likely it becomes that additional small hickups may show BUT looking at the way Sidewinder (and his crew) has handled things in the past it should be running smoother than most other operations Linden Lab® is ‘trying’ to run.

    P.S. Did you you steal all those “resolved stickers” from your colleagues Sidewinder, as they are applied way later as they used to be 🙂

  90. coventina dalgleish says:

    Sorry for being negative but I am positive this will work as well as all the other updates that have been released meaning that it will take for ever to get the game back to the level it is now. Oh, and the level it is now is worse than a month ago so bring it on.

  91. Nadine Neddings says:

    Very exciting! Though there will be a speed bump I’m sure, this is another fantastic step in the evolutionary process of SL.

    Now to see how many vehicles are going to require complete recoding. 😛

    As for everyone whining about the things H4 WON’T fix, how about taking a Valium and recognize that this is just one step of many. There’s no magic silver bullet that will fix your stability problems, though H4 is going to help quite a bit, I’m hoping.

    Looking forward to seeing this–nice work, Sidewinder and the H4 team (and especially tireless beta testers).

  92. This release is going to make a major improvement in our quality of life in SL because the new physics engine is unstoppable! In the past I spent hours working on my scripts to avoid situations that would crash the old physics engine. It’s a pleasure to rip out all that “workaround” code because now I can lean on the new engine knowing the dogs won’t crash it again! YAY!

    I tip my hat to Sidewinder and the whole H4 team! I was very impressed to see the team so proactive, engaged and dedicated to the success of this important improvement. They listened to my problems, made sure they understood, and worked with me to assure my dogs would make a smooth transition. And I saw them work with many others the same way. All they ask is that you “work within the system”, use the JIRA, attend office hours. If you have a problem with the new physics engine, they’ll be there to solve it.

  93. Very Keynes says:

    I don’t know if Linden Labs has any kind of award for best Team, but if it did, and particularly if we get to vote as residents, you and your team would win it hands down.

    Great communication,
    Improved stability,
    Well run project.

    SL is a complex world with many components and the non-technical users have, understandably, become intolerant of change for change sake and are not sure of the root causes of the day-to-day problems. But with the correct people running the teams, and communications flow even half as good as you provide, SL will win them all back.

    Congratulations Sidewinder and the whole Havoc-4 team. I wish you well on the rollout, and am confident enough in your team’s abilities that I wont even postpone the club launch I have planed for the 31st.

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  95. my question is this. with havok 4 yes you reduce sim crashes from the ignorant users that rely on physics to crash sims. there a millions of ways to crash sims without ever “moving” an object. also with havok 4 you bring in horrid lag on top of horrid physical movement of avatars. not to mention the switch has completely destroyed the assest servers. over the last couple months alone you have redone assest servers over and over. each time giving us an all clear. your all clears have been grey goo. stale money tranfers. lost inventory. so to my question. with this supposed “good version” new server software, WILL THIS FIX THE COMPLETE AND UTTER MUCKUP YOU HAVE CREATED IN THE DEVELOPEMENT OF THIS VERSION?


  96. Sinuna Falta says:

    /me thinks Sidewinder is the best communicator on the whole SL team…. this is not the first time that he has posted .. and replied.. and replied.. and replied.. and told the truth while he was doing it…

    It’s very nice to know that the person who made the post is actually listening to the responses.

  97. Sidewinder Linden says:

    @94 spitfire: The physics engine is a completely separate part of the system from the asset servers, the systems that handle L$ transfers, the land store, the other databases, the web site, the blog and other parts of the environment. It is incorrect to claim that work on the physics engine caused any problems in these other areas – it hasn’t and it cannot from a technical perspective. There are other project teams that are working to improve those systems. /Sidewinder

  98. Aldonei Telles says:

    gostaria de fazer parte do jogo.

  99. Sidewinder Linden says:

    @86 Celiera: Apologies for the H3 tag – I didn’t see a problem after proofing on three different machines and two browsers. Which version of browser and operating system are you using – just out of curiosity? Thanks, Sidewinder (who will no longer trust the blogging tool’s sense of “proper html” without validation)

  100. Stephe Ehrler says:

    WTG guys, this update was done very professionally with lots of input from the users of SL. I hope this is the model they continue to use in the future for everything!

    On the lag issue everyone complains about. Now that I have my own sim I can see 99% of the lag has nothing to do with LL, it’s the users themselves that lag SL. There are thousands of extremely poorly written scripts that are the root cause of most of the lag. If every avatar that wears a ‘radar hud’ and ‘open chat listen bling’ would take that stuff off, half of the lag would disappear. The “multi-tool” hug kiss freebie people use has 5 open chat listens, 2 un-needed timers and an AO script ( that people don’t even know is in there) wear on top of an AO they actually use! Most of the AO’s I’ve seen have a timer that pings the server every .010 seconds (for no good reason either, just are poorly written)! So then you are wearing 2 of those… Add in all the houses that have open chat listens for the door locks and the ‘security scripts’ with constantly pinging llSensor calls, throw in the “temp rezzer” flower beds and it’s amazing you can even move! If people would educate themselves and there was a collective effort by the residents to limit how much lag THEY create, we wouldn’t have this problem. Obviously this isn’t going to happen so until this does, lag will be with us..

    Stephe Ehrler

  101. Sidewinder Linden says:

    @75 TIberious: Would you please contact me in-world about the avatar sliding issue? We had thought that this was fully resolved with the RC3 deploy, and so far all of the feedback I have gotten from people reporting this problem has been that it is resolved. It would be great to get a landmark for a place where this can be observed, or even better a demo when you’re online.

    By the way, on very steep slopes it is possible to slide, in particular if you turn around on the slope. If that happens you’d likely find that if you face straight into the slope or straight away from the slope and take a step that the avatar will “latch” on to its ground position.

    Thanks in advance,


  102. Congratulations and thanks to Sidewinder and the whole Havoc4 team!

  103. GreenLantern Excelsior says:

    Just to clarify this for the clue-impaired, what is being rolled out here is not the Havok 4 physics engine, correct? what is being rolled out is something called a “simulator” which will make our simulators (different terminology) crash less frequently. And this “simulator” does not have a name or a version number. If Havok 4 were being rolled out, the title of the post would have been “Havok 4 is on its way to your region!” Are these statements fairly accurate, or is there somewhere I can go to buy a clue?

  104. Tasha Ashton says:

    Improved? Stable? I came back to SL a few days ago (took about a 5 month vacation), and have had loads of trouble. Mostly in regions with the so called improved engine. It’s all but destroyed my online business (fasion) as I’m unable to remain in build mode for more than 10 minutes without getting crashed. Never had this problem back in 07′. I’ve lost countless items since and it seems like most of us can do nothing more than wander around aimlessly. If this is supposed to be an improvement, why doesn’t Linden Labs back it with a guarentee? Say $100 Linden for every created prim lost….

  105. Thank you, Havok Team.

  106. Harke Hartnell says:

    whoo! Bring it on!

  107. Vittorio Beerbaum says:

    WE MADE IT !!!!!!!!!!!!

    /me excited!

    Well done SW and all the staff involved. This is a small step for SL but a big one for the avatarumanity…. lol.

  108. Kelly Linden says:

    @102: This announcement is about rolling out a new version of our simulator that has Havok4. The current simulator uses Havok 1 so this is a big step forward. As far as I know there is only 1 thing that is referred to as a simulator, we are not adding something new that is also called a simulator. The title of this post was not ‘havok4 is on its way’ because the focus for the entire project has been stability and we wanted to continue to emphasize that.

  109. Elvis Orbit says:

    Congratulations! Wow I am happy to have been apart of the early adapters program and glad to see this now coming to the whole grid!

  110. Sidewinder Linden says:

    @102 GreenLantern:

    The simulator a part of the server software that provides information to the viewer that runs on your desktop. it provides a variety of information, some of which is retrieved by other servers (databases, asset store etc) throughout the system.

    One part of the simulator is the physics engine. The physics engine, as mentioned in the post, calculates things like gravity, movement, determining when physical objects have collided and related items.

    The physics engine used in the server-side simulators for Second Life is a commercial product called Havok™. The original version of Second Life was developed with v1 of the Havok™ physics engine, and this project upgraded that portion of the system to use v4 of the Havok™ physics engine.

    This project was motivated by wanting to reduce the crash rate of simulators, each of which is responsible for the activities on a Second Life region, and this has been made possible by both the improved stability of this version of the Havok™ product, and the work to remove other sources of simulator crashes as we proceeded through the project.

    Since physics is such an integral part of Second Life, this update can affect the behavior of many things in-world, including avatar and object movement, scripting, building tools, whether items that are supposed to be linked together stay linked, and more. The potential reach of this upgrade is the reason that we assembled such a large beta program and invested the effort we have into making the upgrade as seamless as possible.

    I hope this helps to clarify the role of the Havok™ physics engine and the references to it in the project.



  111. Rift Rehnquist says:

    Yeah what (69) Said. LL I think rolling out H4 should probably be a little lower down on your priorities list. Did you purposefully make the grid absolutely screwy just so you can say “Wow look at how fantastic Havok 4 is”!!! I think maybe you did.

  112. WarKirby Magoijiro says:

    Whoa, holy shit. Tomorrow !?!?

    Couldn’t we have had a little more warning of an exact date? You’ve just been saying “soon” for a long time, and now you’re springing it on us with a 1 day notice? That’s not nice.

  113. Jayme Llewellyn says:

    well it’s about time….. here’s hoping that it works as advertised. Next thing to do is to eliminate those pesky bot’s and bot farms. Hmm, perhaps a bladerunner-style group of hunters with a license to kill bot’s on site?

  114. Vincent Nacon says:

    “Thanks for all of your involvement, support and input. Your help has made it possible to reach the goal of deploying this important Second Life stability update.”

    You’re welcome, sidewinder!

    –one of few beta testers, Vincent

  115. Satori Taringa says:


    I’m sure there’s many who don’t understand what Havok4 represents,
    but for those of us who do… whhooohooo. NICE!

  116. Argent Stonecutter says:

    This is great news. I’ve been holding off on updates to a couple of products waiting for Havok4, so I just spent the day polishing my networked teleporters and getting them ready for Havok 4… and went ahead and put them on sale. I hope the rollout doesn’t get delayed. 🙂

  117. Simondo Nebestanka says:

    Well done folks, great to see such a clear announcement of an important change to the grid, where the comments section has been mostly positive. I normally cringe when reading these posts, wading through the numerous ‘the sky is falling! SL is broken!’ responses from everyone. Well done Sidewinder & other Lindens, and to the beta testers. Awesome stuff.

  118. well in that case i do apologize sidewinder. just seems to me that since this whole havok 4 thing has started. secondlife has been a downward spiral. lag spikes. failure of basic functionality. im seriously and i hate to be this way but you have better functionality of secondlife running on sleek. no visuals. just chat (sometimes). i love secondlife. and i want so much for it to grow more than it already is. and in doing so i know that it has to include newer technologies. im not concerned about bringing in new things to help make this a better place for everyone. but even now as i speak the second life grid is a complete disaster area. i have relogged and cleared cache a dozen times. all with the same results. ruth + no inventory. forgive me if i am wrong. but we were just given yet another “all clear”

  119. @110 Rift and the rest of you, you’re paranoid fools. Get a clue. Although Havok4 is not 100% bug free, it is a HUGE improvement over the current simulator code. If you had even a little common sense, you would realize that keeping the servers running is the #1 priority of Linden lab, and HAS TO BE.

    Of course most of you can’t understand this, as your attachments aren’t the only thing stuck in your ass.

  120. Chaos says:

    I have worked with both Havok1 and Havok4, and Havok4 uses ALLOT more resources than havok1, so there will be less code to stream to where ever wich means less lag, and the servers can concentrate on other tasks (such as loading textures quicker)

    basicly they will be under less straine

  121. Doris Haller says:

    ….need to find something to complain….
    got it: No new stuff, fix something first!

    nope…it’s a fix
    ….need to find something else to complain….

    spitfire clary wrote:

    I was there before Cory left…the system was not running decent….different, but not decent.

    I noticed that the trend has changed..it’s not getting worse any more…slowly slowly it gets better. Still a long way to go.

    The main problem in my opinion is the way LL is treating and informing their customers and how projects are managed. In both areas, Sidewinder gives a good example how it can be done better.

  122. Laser Pascal says:

    Great job Sidewinder, and the rest of the Havok team. If I’ve been in a H4 sim yet, I don’t know it, but I’m certainly looking forward to better stability. Just waiting on mono, and a few other random things now. (I’ve had a pretty good experience, though I haven’t been using the official viewer for quite some time using Nicholaz Beresford’s BE-v atop 1.18.5(3). People who are having client issues (which most crashes are) might try seeking it out.)

    @99 Stephe Erler:
    I wish more people would read and understand the truth behind what you said here.

  123. Sean Heying says:

    Congratulations to the Havok4 team and to Sidewinder… ne thing I can say from being in the Early Adopter program from the outset is that reported bugs are triaged and fixed promptly.

    There are a few minor problems, but (1) they won’t affect many people or they are transitory (2) They number less than the problems in the old Havok1 simulators (3) The Havok4 team have proven they wont just dump this and run… they will keep working to fix them.

    A golden day!

  124. nika talaj says:

    Wow, great job Lindens! I’m sure there will be some bumps as you roll this out, but this one is worth whatever disruption ripples over the grid.

    Thanks as well for the long, thorough beta test cycle. Actually, I suppose given that you took the time for that, it is POSSIBLE that Havok4 will roll out smoothly. If that happens, we’ll alll hope to see more lonnnggggg test cycles in the future!

  125. GreenLantern Excelsior says:

    Thanks for the clarification. It will be great to get Havok 4 running on the grid. I look forward to seeing sims that are uncrashable by Lolcubes and Shiny Fun Friends and other deliberate malevolence. My confusion came from my inability to find a specific statement saying that “Havok 4 is included in this release,” coupled with the upcoming April Fool’s Day. Good job, guys, and thanks for all your hard work.

  126. Joe Resident says:

    @ 102 (Stephe Ehrler), with a cc: Lindens

    Stephe, you write

    ” On the lag issue everyone complains about. Now that I have my own sim I can see 99% of the lag has nothing to do with LL, it’s the users themselves that lag SL. There are thousands of extremely poorly written scripts that are the root cause of most of the lag. If every avatar that wears a ‘radar hud’ and ‘open chat listen bling’ would take that stuff off, half of the lag would disappear. The “multi-tool” hug kiss freebie people use has 5 open chat listens, 2 un-needed timers and an AO script ( that people don’t even know is in there) wear on top of an AO they actually use! Most of the AO’s I’ve seen have a timer that pings the server every .010 seconds (for no good reason either, just are poorly written)! So then you are wearing 2 of those… Add in all the houses that have open chat listens for the door locks and the ’security scripts’ with constantly pinging llSensor calls, throw in the “temp rezzer” flower beds and it’s amazing you can even move! If people would educate themselves and there was a collective effort by the residents to limit how much lag THEY create, we wouldn’t have this problem. Obviously this isn’t going to happen so until this does, lag will be with us.. ”

    If there is more than a little truth to what you are saying, then isn’t this issue (the #1 complaint of most users of SL, and one of the main reasons 90%(?) of people who check out SL do not stay) important enough that the Lindens should address it? Shouldn’t they review every multi-tool, one by one, as well as radar huds, temp rezzers, houses and other objects that are constantly “listening” as you say…

    Yes they couldn’t police every creation, obviously, but with not a whole lot of effort, they could locate and review some of the biggest abusers/sellers and suggest to their creators improvements. Would not this pro-active mindset be just about the most useful (and most appreciated) way they could be spending their time?

    IF what you say has more than a little truth to it, that is. Remember, the average SL user is not a content creator or a scripter, and they don’t have much of a clue how it all works, You cannot expect the average bubba or bubbette to know they are causing lots of lag. I would love to believe that the lag epidemic is as fixable as you say it is. Now, whose job is it to address the problem? (Hint: Begins with a L.)

    @ 117 Your disparaging tone is misplaced. Along with the majority of users of SL (most of whom will never read this blog) I believe that what 110 and 69 believe. The new “simulator” looks to be an improvement (maybe), but very basic user experience problems continue to linger, ignored, month after month, year after year — and this overshadows the latest and greatest sim physics. If SL doesn’t deal with everyday, bread & butter issues such as the ones #69 listed, there won’t be anyone around to enjoy the new physics after the real competition comes online. And that would be a shame, because SL is the best of the lot.

    Linden has to listen to what people (their customers) really want.

  127. U M says:

    This waht many of us have been dreaming about for years. Lets hope all goes well because we surly needed it.


  128. Happy says:

    Thank you for doing a great job Havok 4 team! Congrats 🙂

    The city on the Tesla sim which is an early adopter sim runs wonderfully. It is a real pleasure to fly through the streets and buildings without lag. The sim handles extra people better and is generally faster.

    It’s much easier to fly through the tunnels as the camera handles so much better when following the avatar. All the physics work a treat.

  129. Xingyun says:

    good to see an upgrade based on improving stability. It may not be as glamorous as some of the other past upgrades, but definitely a good direction for all our Sl experiences. My hat’s off to you and hope these stability oriented upgrades will continue to remain a high priority with LL.

    is there a list of changes that we can to expect in havok4? link to a page etc? already seen a few listed in the blog comments above.


  130. S J says:

    @24 @28 @33 @52(Especially 52, don’t people read anymore?) @69 @70 @81 @110
    You people are impossible to please.
    Havok 4 is not some “shiny new feature” it’s main focus is stability and efficiency. As an estate manager who was on the beta program, I can say it’s one of the best sim updates I’ve seen for a long while.
    I’m sick and tired of people complaining that Havok 4 sucks because it doesn’t fix the asset server issues or this or that or the other. It’s for physics. I wouldn’t expect a a stick of RAM to make my car go faster would I?
    Don’t blame Havok for problems that it’s not responsible for, blame the broken components and those who manage them.
    Good work Sidewinder, it is possible that you could compile a list of any changes which are different to Havok1’s behavior? I’m certain you’re going to get a bunch of people after Havok4 is released complaining that ‘foobar’ product doesn’t work properly because they didn’t test it during the beta period. Hopefully releasing a clear and precise list of changed behaviors might change that.

    Also for people commenting, it’s “Havok”, not “Havoc” (http://www.havok.com/). Surely you must have read it as “Havok” again and again by the number of times you’ve read Linden’s comments and blog summaries. Oh that’s right, no one read that stuff any more, they just post their complaints and target it at the new thing the Lindens are working on to try to accomplish what you’ve asked for, stability.

  131. Sidewinder Linden says:

    One of the challenges of explaining “what’s changed” is that most of it is fairly technical and not linked directly to products – the changes are at the detailed script level in general.

    The project wiki page provides some good background that will hopefully be useful for understanding the new physics behaviors on that level:

    also see (linked from that page) “What’s Changed”

    as well as the new “Prim Linkability Rules”

    Best regards,


  132. Your Conscience says:

    Kudos @128, very big Kudos.
    I think that something these people need to understand is the true scope of Second Life. Sidewinder and the H4 team are not the only team working on Second Life (as Sidewinder has stated several times). They are just one team working on one part of SL, out of many teams, who each have their OWN area of expertise. Sidewinder and the H4 team may or may not have the expertise to work on the asset server or any number of other areas, any more than any of you are proficient in all areas of program work in every language. That is the very reason they have teams, and you can’t ask a car mechanic to suddenly change jobs to become a computer technician. Let them do their jobs, and support them in the jobs they do. And for heaven’s sakes, READ what Sidewinder has been saying over and over again instead of complaining and just ignoring anything that is said.

    Don’t promote yourself to spokesman for all residents, because I can say as one person who lives on an H4 early adopter region, it has been wonderful. Your bug priorities do not reflect the majority of all residents, and you shouldn’t assume it. If you have an issue, report it to the JIRA if there isn’t an issue for it already there. If it is, then vote on it and explain your take, so that the teams who DO deal with those bugs can do so. Don’t blame Sidewinder and the H4 team for not fixing the entire client at once. Be grateful for their work where they apply it.

  133. Your Conscience says:

    Correction *fixing the entire SL* at once. Client was a typo.

  134. bigmoe whitfield says:

    I like havok4 pretty nice stuff. that crash me sim didnt like me and my 14k beach balls lol, ask dan linden about that one lol

  135. Shadowquine says:

    I’ve been very pleased with Havok 4 since it was first introduced to my sim. The stability I’ve seen as result has been fantastic.

    This upgrade was long overdue, good luck with the rest of it!

  136. Xingyun says:

    thank you sidewinder for the links. wow that’s a quick response. I hope the ongoing negative comments from a few posters don’t discourage any SL employees you folks are doing a bang up job. All in all SL stability has gone up and downtime has been greatly reduced over the last year.

    thanks again

  137. Balpien Hammerer says:

    Great job on this project Sidewinder. I think this is one of the better run dev cycles. There are still some problems to be resolved (hover, push, etc.), but we’ll keep helping to test and identify them for you. Best!

    P.S. physical object related region crashes are way down in the H4 enabled elf lands.

  138. Shipping is a feature 🙂 Nicely done.

  139. Michi Lumin says:

    Wow… The fact that we still get posts like @69 and @110.

    Listen: at Linden Lab, lots of people do different things. A Database guy isn’t going to work on physics. A physics engine guy isn’t going to work on network connectivity.

    The fact that the Havok4 team is deploying – after months of work and testing – does not somehow “take away” from the fact that other teams at Linden Lab are concentrating on other stability issues.

    If Linden “dropped” Havok4, or decided not to deploy on April 1, it’s not like asset stability issues would suddenly get improved any faster. Sidewinder and his team DOESN’T WORK ON THAT, so if he stopped working on what he DOES it **does not affect** the other areas of work.

    For folks who have been around here for a long time (read: years) a replacement of Havok1 has been a LONG time coming, and all of these things are done in steps in order to eventually improve the SL experience.

    Windlight was a big step forward. Havok4 is going to be a big step forward. Then, after that, Linden Lab can, and WILL make MORE steps forward like addressing the asset issues, teleports, texture downloads, etc.

    There are different teams working on different things at different paces. Delaying the H4 release will not benefit ANYONE. It’s not “Do one or the other”; they’re working on ALL of these things CONSTANTLY.

    Right now, Havok4 is almost finished, so it’s going to be deployed.

    Moving all of the Havok4 team to work on asset issues would be absolutely counterproductive because that’s NOT their area of expertise.

    I STRONGLY agree with @128 and @130 here.

    Linden Lab IS AWARE of the asset and transaction issues. The deployment of H4 has NOTHING to do with this, and does not somehow negatively affect it.

    But, we could have an improvement here: server/sim stability increases. How on earth could you folks not WANT that???

  140. yuriko nishi says:

    thanks to sidewinder, andrew, simon, and all others in the h4 team i never met. i love you guys 🙂
    finally! i couldnt wait the last few days 😉

  141. Cherry Czervik says:

    April 1st? LOL

    Good luck with the deploy guys. Fingers crossed! 🙂

  142. White Tandino says:

    Strongly agree with @137.

    From what I’ve seen Havok4 is going to be a wonderful step in the right direction for stability. Kudos to Sidewinder and the rest of the H4 team.

    Now that we’re going to Havok4… Havok5 aught to be a bit easier of a conversion once everything smooths out, eh? lol 😉

  143. U M says:

    Many of us been waitit got H4 for 3 years. Its here and thats what important. Ok we are behind inthe physics.But its a step. By know everyone knows LL been bulking this poulations online ( bots) to see how stable the grid is. Look at how they are handling the signups……basically you don`t need a eal e-mail ( again ) flasjs of 6/6/2006 all over again. Just to sau the gam can hold over 100,000 avies online at one time ( ok 90,000 bots)……………But what you going to do thats how ll is dealthing with it. H4 does come cheap and we have to go about dealing with it the way LL wants it.

  144. Joe Resident says:

    Yay, I’m glad for the new Havok, for Windlight. But–what people want, yes, the majority–is a shift of focus to the everyday usability issues. So you doubt that this is what the majority wants? Then step away from the sandbox, and listen.

    110 and 69 are not blaming Sidewinder Linden for the many sucky problems of SL. They are expressing frustration with longstanding problems that do not get explained to *average* residents.

    Additionally, most residents, not the mainly nerdy geeks who are cheering here or who submit issues to Jira, believe that the Lindens focus on physics and Windlight but seem not to be willing or interested or able to devote attention to customer relations. Tekkes tend to be, well, geeks about tech aspects, and by definition have a problem seeing the forest for trees, a problem with customer satisfaction.

    The majority, yes, the majority of SL users (outside the geekdom that dominates JIRA) are *more interested* in the kinds of technical improvements as those listed in #69. If those fixes have to come after Havok, great — that message is not getting communicated to *most* residents. Whether or not any or none of the issues brought up in #69 are covered in this update to Havok is not the point — people use this blog to vent because there really are few other avenues to (possibly) catch the ear of the game gods. They don’t spend their days keeping up with SL development. They just know that SL is extremely problematic and laggy.

    That’s the big picture tekkies are not seeing. No action, and little to no acknowledgment of the various seemingly intractable problems people care about most — like the cap on groups, like being unable to mute miserable Group Chat, like the miserable neverending blight that are ad farms, like the blatant copyright infringement, like the prevalence of underage users which adds the amount of griefing by kids who never seem to leave, like the unbelievable tolerance of predatory landbots, like the fake traffic and other problems generated by camping bots, like… Hello?! The lack of attention to these issues is a failure in the part of the Lindens, and it’s hampering SL’s success (customer retention, for example) for more than sim stability.

    Sorry some of us can’t fit these concerns in precise geek-like fashion in the proper blog entry (things sit in that nightmare called Jira for months or years without any response or action by the Lindens) but a lot of us don’t spend our lives waiting around for the right topic to show up on the Linden blog — we’d be waiting a long time.

    SL is great, we love it and want to see it succeed. It’s way better than the sterile and infantile virtual world competition. But the Lindens need to *get* the big picture. They are definitely, stubbornly *not* getting it. It’s great that the Havok team is succeeding, however, other Linden teams need to step away from the sandbox and focus on the customer experience.

  145. Georgette Whitfield says:

    Why is everything in the blog from here down in bold?

  146. brother nadezda says:

    …..great to see so much positive comment….

  147. Tanya Spinotti says:

    If the Lindens don’t “get” it, how come in November 2006, when 20,000 people were online it became completely unusable (“log off and try again tomorrow” unusable). Today, we don’t see that problem. There have been so many improvements in the last 12 months, but people will always complain about the things that are wrong.

    Sure, there are some really annoying bugs out there which make our experience not as good as it could be; if you really hate it that much, vote with your feet and leave. For those who choose to stay, help yourselves: Raise JIRA’s for new bugs and provide accurate reproduction instructions; use the release candidate viewers and report new bugs early.

    When the asset servers bork, it annoys me just as much as everyone, but it’s a temporary glitch which is detected and fixed.

    There will be a whole host of work going on in the background which we won’t know about until it’s ready to release; but it is going on.

    If the Lindens didn’t “get” it, Havok4 wouldn’t be happening and we would still have the grid offline nearly every Wednesday for maintenance (I don’t miss that, at all!)

    I’m not a 100% pro-Linden support who won’t hear a word against them. I’m a LL customer who gets frustrated with LL sometimes, but I believe they are heading in the right direction. The Lindens I have spoken to care about SL and want to make it better. Sometimes it’s a slow process and I’m sure they want things to move faster too, but it’s not always that easy.

    So you can sit back and complain about it all or you can say “What can I do to help?”. If you want to help, be constructive and report problems through the proper channels.

    It’s your choice.

  148. yuriko nishi says:

    sidewinder, my skirt still has the same problem 😉 ( will just disable the animations for now )
    will you continue the office hours?
    have some things i would like to show you. nothing major i hope 😉
    we found some performance problems with 2 of the fsl cars. we cant find the problem. i suspect it has to do with twisted/cut prims in vehicles.
    les is looking into it, an would like to show you i think 😉
    anyway, thanks again

  149. Lillie Yifu says:

    Our island has been actively involved with the havok 4 beta program for over two months. This is both a “shiny new thing” and a stability upgrade. In the shiny new thing category, it fixes many physics issues with objects, including huge prims, which have plagued users and builders for longer than IO have been on Second Life, in the stability area, it runs better. It is also more secure, harder to crash, and faster.

    Sidewinder’s group has been very responsive in fixing bugs submitted by the community, and has fought hard to improve and expand the capabilities of the engine, inclduing keeping vehicles working, which earlier versions of H4 did not do. There are lots of reasons to be critical of LL, but the H4 roll out has been an example of the way more things *ought* to be done. Sidewinder and hist group deserve nothing but praise for the way they have handled this.

    Yes, the asset server issues need to be fixed, and the recent problems with the asset server ave driven everyone to distraction. However, it is a bad idea to have everyone dropping everything else all the time to fight the current fire, when that will mean that there will be other fires. Over all, the roll outs of updates have been much better than the roll outs last year, which many of us remember during the weeks and moths of May through September.

    Applause from this quarter,and a sincere hope that more parts of Second Life are done in this way.

  150. J Y says:

    Ad farms have been classified as harassment, there was a blog post a month (or more) ago from memory, but someone needs to actually report it for the Lindens to do something about it.

    Age Verification was implemented to try to stop “kids” entering, it’s the land owners responsibility to enable the feature.

    Agreed, Muting of Group IMs needs to be implemented. Far as I’m concerned there is no technical excuse for Linden Labs.

    Thing is, people can find most of these things out themselves. They can ask a Linden during Office hours on the grid at their in-world offices. What’s lacking here is effort or (heaven forbid) read the wiki!

    I’d rather have a stable sim. Why is it our problem people don’t read up the information they seek on the wiki? Oh, I’m sorry. Reading is “geeky”. Why do they need to force feed everyone?

    Copyright Infringement? Send a DCMA Takedown Notice to Linden Labs about the content which is infringing your copyright.
    By the way, it’s impossible to stop people copying most things anyway from a technical point of view. I would explain it, but that might be too “geeky” and make the “average resident”‘s head explode so instead I’ll just make a generic statement that it’s impossible to stop….sounds familiar? Wait a moment! That’s what the Lindens do! Perhaps it’s because “average resident” wouldn’t understand a word about the internals of an issue anyway! Would you rather “Oh, the database transactions aren’t working because the new SQL queries are returning 0 rows” or “The database is having some issues at the moment but we’re currently locating the problem”. How is a technical reason useful to “average residents”.

    However, the following doesn’t excuse the fact that the problems are continually occurring. I certainly haven’t heard of any long-term projects to fix these problems. Maybe it’s because the issues aren’t related to poor existing architecture but something else completely? We don’t know, but we could know if they gave us technical reasons, but that would make “average non-tekkie” residents confused so in order to be helpful to their users (and customers) they tell us what is wrong and they are currently fixing it.

  151. Wolfie Waves says:

    Can’t wait to see this go grid-wide.

    Uber thanks to the H4 team for all the work that has gone into making this much needed upgrade possible. ^.^

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