Support Metrics Updated

Two months ago, Cyn announced our new Customer Relations metrics page.  I am back on the blog to let all of you know that the metrics are now updated through the end of February.  As you will see, we’ve continued to survey users of our Support system.  I am very pleased to say that we have seen almost a 20% jump in the number of you who’ve rated your satisfaction with Support as “excellent”.  Thank you.  We continue to make improvements based on your feedback, and hope to see these numbers continue to get better.

As far as overall volume trends, we had a bit of a mixed bag this month.  The total number of tickets was down a bit from last month, total phone volume up a bit, and chats fell pretty sharply after the first ten days of the month.  With mixed results like these it is difficult to provide a coherent narrative for the data.  However, I expect that the portal outages we experienced in February had an impact on the ticket and chat volume.  We expect that the new portal landing page, plus web server changes we’ve made on the back end, to drastically reduce these outages going forward.

In the meantime, March is shaping up to be another great month for Support and we’ll be back to tell you how we did in a few weeks!

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37 Responses to Support Metrics Updated

  1. U M says:

    Ohoh…………and now the silent sound of nothingness hashes the blog…………………………….WAKEUP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You think we were born yesterday…………

  2. Support Portal still needs a fancy graphics link to the support history.

    As it is you have to pretend you want to submit a ticket to find your support history.

    I have not taken part in the surveys as I would be commenting on the old design. Although, from what I see, the new one is just the old with pretty graphics and some mistakes.

  3. U M says:

    They don`t even answer tickets these days I have atleast 2 that been there for 3 or more months. and they have the ball to delete tickets at their own right without warning.fair???????????????/

  4. Cincia Singh says:

    I’ve had a good experience with the Chat support. On Easter Sunday morning a very nice chat support rep named Allison really dug in and figured out what my problem was (she proved it wasn’t my computer or connection) and then promptly “escalated” my support ticket to get it resolved ASAP! Congrat’s to Allison for a great job! Keep in mind that flaming someone is a really great way to motivate them to do their best for you … NOT! ! ! !

  5. U M says:

    laughs………3 to 4 months tickets unanswered or just deleted ( or worse a answer that wasnt (even worse understood…………replied with more of a insulting anwser then anything meaningful)……..Ok i had tickets taken care of theat was fixed asap. but resently i can`t say any of those older tickets were taken care of. flaming .no, bad CS.yes……..

  6. Sigmund Leominster says:

    I sympathize with UM who appears to have had a less than stellar experience with the LL Support. I recommend you continue to work with the Support folks to fix all the problems you continue to have, which is a much better way to effect change than simply expressing your dissatisfaction in a public forum. It’s good for us to know that some folks have issues with the Support process, but I am also aware that those folks who have been satisfied rarely post to a forum. I hope you manage to get your issue dealt with and I again urge you to continue working directly with the LL folks rather than spend too much time venting here – much as I agree that this probably helps 😉

  7. Hippyjim Starbrook says:

    Downtime explanation anyone?

  8. Angelica Seaton says: this off topic I wonders….in-world search, account L$ balance, tp and world map just gone down

  9. ATown Fall says:

    Love that this gets posted and with in the hour second life if offline with login failures.Little ironic isnt it!

  10. hugsalot says:

    But it’s still the SAME OLD STORY when it comes to overall performance online. The Blog never goes with out a day reporting something about database issues, teleport issues, broken friends lists, warnings about not doing any Linden$ transactions. Sims crashing unexpectedly, or going red-mapped (when your minimap goes red, you’re disconnected).

    In addition to this, you’re constantly updating, restarting, and IP renumbers the servers, fixing something that doesn’t seem to effect anything, except causing down time. Fixing bugs that I don’t notice, while the bugs that bother me are STILL THERE.

    Maybe the reason the number of support tickets have gone down is because people got tired of complaining about the same stuff day in and day out.

  11. sexina Rayna says:

    everyday inworld transactions….. we can’t sell anything, but the lindens take the complete tier….
    thats funny mor anymore….

    sl has no bugs, sl is a bug

  12. Blinders Off says:

    You know I dont know whether this blog is simply misguided or pure propaganda. 20% increase in people that say SL performance is excellent? I’d have to believe those folks are either newbs or totally living in some fantasy world.

    * Consistently failed group IMs.
    * Crash on TPs
    * Crash when crossing sim lines
    * Increased overall lag, even on super-fast client computers
    * Inventory failure
    * Crash without notification to customers (freeze in place)

    and the list goes on and on and on…

    20% increase in excellent? LOL LOL LOL

  13. Maurice Linden says:

    @12 Sorry Blinders Off, but no. There was a 20% increase in the number of people who said their experience with Support was excellent. That is not the same thing.

  14. Complete HOGWASH says:

    this is complete HOGWASH
    i have many many tickets in and never have i ever got one thing resolved
    i am a concierge customer paying 195 usd a month for tier
    plus 1000’s of L in classifieds a month parcel and listing fees
    1000’s of L a month in texture uploads a month
    it makes me SICK to my stomach seeing a post like this when i have tickets from back in september and july of last year with no resolve there is NO tech help at SL…. they are all guessing there way through things no one has a firm answer how to fix any of these issues i have reported or asked for help on.
    There blanket answer to all issues is its your computer clear your cache update your drivers or i will have a tech look into it but alas you never hear back from these so called techs and your issues never get resolved they just get a see solution of (we need more info) or (is this still happening) or some bull crap annoying thing ….when i fill out a report i give all the known information i swear to god some of them just do not even read they just send off the blanket response.
    Make me really wonder and realize now why this game is SCREWED every week
    absolutely blindness to customer needs and wants will kill any company in a heartbeat…. i think u should get some really strong glasses on lindens

  15. Ciaran Laval says:

    Live chat has been absolutely fantastic for me, the support ticket system hasn’t been so good and generally I feel reluctant to go down that route as it’s just nowhere near as efficient.

    I’m not terribly interested in phone response time or number of chats answered, I can see how those stats are useful to you guys but as a customer I want to know how quickly you’re resolving faults, how long I have to wait for a fault to be resolved, a response is not resolving an issue and can merely mean someone saying “Hold on I’ll be back in a minute” and then leaving you on hold.

    Nice work on the improved customer satisfaction results, keep it up.

  16. Phil Priestman says:

    @13 and how many of those %20 were newbies and how many were veteran players? I suspect the majority being newbies.

  17. Cincia Singh says:

    Sorry … they did a great job for me. If anyone doesn’t like how they come off in the blog that’s not my fault. And don’t forget, it’s a game. Try to have a little fun once in a while.

  18. Hodgey Hogfather says:

    A 20% increase in excellent service reports means that if in the earlier survey there were 10 people who thought it was excellent, this time it was 12. It doesn’t mean 20 % of the people in sl think it is better.

  19. coventina dalgleish says:

    Well I will say I have received responses to my tickets within 2 weeks lately although the response was canned it is an improvement over the past method when every 3 months I would receive 40 or 50 spams from the old bug report system. This is still lacking in the direct approach that is required for customer satisfaction, but is an improvement

    after the much touted server side update teleports fail with regularity
    performance is no where near the quality of the last update I suppose we will just have to wait 30 days for you to improve then replace it with another hunk o carp

  20. Phil Priestman says:

    Whats really interesting with that 20% they are bragging about would be considered abysmal in the real world.

    Company I work for insists and makes every effort to get 98% customer satisfaction while Lindens seem to think that 20% is such progress.

  21. Catten Carter says:

    When we have had problems with our sims, it’s usually been dealt with very fast, but standard more “trivial” problems can take a long time. Well, when a sim goes down or can’t be connected to by half the population, I’m happy that the responce time is higher than “one person can’t log on”, but still…

  22. Cocoanut Koala says:

    Regarding the “don’t buy stuff” announcements that seem to be coming every day or two, in blog entries we can’t respond to:

    I don’t want to hear about the “database is happy again” any more! It makes it sound like a capricious, unpredictable thing. Which wrecks consumer confidence and makes commerce in SL little more than a joke.

    I want an EXPLANATION. I want to know what is causing it, and what is being done about it, and what is been planned to prevent it from happening again.

    I want to know if there is any hope for a final solution for it, or not. I want it FIXED, or at least know the reason why it can’t be.

    This has gone on long enough.


  23. Blinders Off says:

    @ Maurice Linden. Point taken, but I think it’s splitting hairs. Just as a friendly note of user feedback, the Second Life grid is currently performing worse than it has in months. That’s pretty obvious. Such is not the time for LL to be bragging in a blog that they had 20% more people say their “SL experience” is excellent. Because as pointed out by Cincea and Hodgey above, that is a questionable figure. The fact is that the vast majority of users on SL right now seem to be pretty unhappy with the way it’s operating (see the posts above).

    Not trying to climb on LL’s case. But as one user once put it, “Talk about fiddling while Rome burns…”

  24. Catten Carter says:

    Just looked over the blog, and I count +20 entries over the last month, reporting some kind of problem on the grid. This is not including all the support portal problems, transaction history problems ect.

    I agree with Cocoanut. It would be nice to get some sort of explanation on what has gone wrong?

  25. Dilbert Dilweg says:

    Response time??.. Called Linden labs about 5 minutes ago (Concierge) Some guy from billing answers and says Concierge is in meeting for 2 hours and cannot help us. Meanwhile our Business is shut down untill everyone decides meeting is over. Can become quite costly to anyone trying to run a busines

  26. hugsalot says:

    The grid has been performing horribly for the past 4 years. I don’t know why Lindens keep stating things in weeks or months, when it’s been literally YEARS, and I started back in 2004, I know what I’m talking about. I’m older than most linden employees for goodness sakes!

  27. Argent Stonecutter says:

    I have had maybe 20% of the tickets I’ve submitted handled according to my complete satisfaction. But that’s OK by me, because I wasn’t expecting to get even that many requests for apparently abandoned land to be sold or auctioned to go through.

    What? I should be happy I got that many? Well, hell, I am! That doesn’t mean I’m completely satisfied… I’m a tough audience. 🙂

  28. Shai Khalifa says:

    I gotta give credit to the Live Chat for support – albeit I have Concierge and they’re fairly prompt and very helpful…

    … however – I’ve had tickets in Jira now – and in Support for months and months on issues I’ve had with every single viewer since – and the only response so far from LL was asking me to do a test on my system – listing the instructions – for a PC – when my ticket clearly stated that I had a Mac. Since pointing this fact out 2 months ago I’ve not heard dicky boo. The ticket is ranked as a Showstopper – but still no action.

    I live in hope…..using the (reasonably) workable

  29. Complete HOGWASH says:

    i agree with coco we want an explanation WHY every day we have database issues failed transactions when supposably we been being patient putting up with database upgrades that were supposed to help fix these issues please tell us WHY they keep happening and when they will STOP happening every damn day

  30. U M says:

    frankly speaking i don`t have many tickets like many do and bitc*t about it. what bothers me is a few of these tickets involves me bein a paying memebr and i not getting any service at all. wahts the sence of being a yearly member is the support portal deletes, passes over, of just doesnt bother with issues tha involves me on sl. But to repeat the one the answered by Customer Service just was totally unprofessional and a total waste of my time. I not going to say I going to tier down bla bla bla like some babies bla bla bla on this blog. But instead be a mature about this. Either start checkingup on your support portal staff and their abilities to solve and in a friendly mnner deal with issues and problems. Or just charge of $10.00 for support service. I don`t mind……..

  31. U M says:

    35…..we are still in Beta don`t you know ahahhahah 🙂 No seriuos hugsalot as many of us thats been around ( me almost 4 years ) has seen many things fixed…but still many things taht are still broken or just don`t work right. If LL had a little more well…..thought to its users instead of putting RAH RAH lindens in god levels of the Linden ranks. maybe many wouldnt be so upset. Nobody is crying nobody is whining,etc etc etc………….LL actions speak for the wrong direction of dealing with problems and issues.

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  33. Medhue Simoni says:

    well i just checked the issue tracker, and all of a sudden i see people are actually assigned to some of the issues. So i pat LL on their backs. Just a couple taps tho. Keeping up with issues should be the first defense against CS. Less issues = less CS problems. If i put an ad in a newspaper and people for some reason cant see that page. Every1 of us would be calling everyday about it. In sl we have been trained by the lack of CS not to even bother. BUT I’m optimistic. lol

  34. I must say that the phone line waiting time is BRILLIANT! Awesome work! The waiting times of very short time is absolutely brilliant! Not many companies of the size of Linden Lab can get to that fast! 🙂

    However chat successfull % is far too low 😦 around 80% instead of supposed 95-99.5% and the fact that almost every single month less tickets are solved than sent is interesting.

    Every support request should be checked and get somekind of an reply, even it would be negative. No reply means failure in support, a reply and giving the customer more information means good support.

    Every time a customer isn’t satisfied, no matter how out of the line they were, is a failed case of customer service.

    Furthermore, my personal experience is that a lot of the tickets go unanswered and no additional information being provided, and most of the support staff is just evasive on answering your questions 😦

    I make about everytime a small Hoorah when i got Spike Linden on concierge chat, because HE understands the rules of engagement for customer service better than anyone else in LL support staff. While he might not be able to help you, he makes you feel like he did everything he could and gives what information he can. That ladies & gentlemen, differentiates customer support and GREAT customer support. Infact, the difference of customer service skills is so deep between Spike and most others at LL, is that i feel like that for most stuff to get solution or correct information i need to get a hold of Spike.

  35. U M says:

    anyone notice the size of the fonts in the blog has increased in size? Its way too big

  36. Dallas Ryan says:

    Come to second life and make it your home! I did. More than a year ago. So did my partner and we loved it. We have multiple islands and spend a lot of money in sl. But recently when we have issues or questions we are directed to the vast wasteland that is called “support”. The destination you go to discover that help is apparently elusive by design. We love sl but it seems to be turning into a mad max episode and that is sad. It’s obvious they are after a greater presence and an ultimate opportunity to attract the mainstream retail business. But as an executive with one of those I can’t afford to have my brand associated with an entity that progressively devalues its best customers. The service level is appalling and has a downward trend. A continued and apparent (by default) intention to distance itself from customers. The staff appears to feel compelled too “share” their martyred attitude with anyone that will listen. It’s a classic example of short term focus at the expense of long term gain. A company about to loose control and implode. I think its time to move on and make room for the short lived deceptive statistics that ultimately lead to disaster and the loss of passion around a great idea (developing concept) that is neglected and fading away.

  37. Dallas Ryan says:

    OMG. Not only was I totally disillusioned and left profoundly stunned by the moronic notion of SL service, but when I complained about it I received an abuse report???? Basically a threat for pointing out how received no insight into my problem and most of all zero hope of ever discovering a solution. How dare I ask for a little more than “cut and paste” answers from their “knowledge” “support” base. I am used to that from first level support, but you just try to get passed it. Quickly you will shockingly discover that these “hyper” motivated and exceedingly insightful support people have no available supervisors or managers on duty? Wow, and I can’t file an abuse report?

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