I see gray people… and they walk around like they don’t know they are gray.

[Update 3:08PM PST – Kate] Good news!  We believe we have fixed the texture upload issue and residents will regain color in due time.  We will continue to watch this and update you here.   Again, thank you to all of the residents who provided us with information.

[Update 2:34 PM PST – Kate ] Thank you to all of the residents who submitted tickets and let us know about textures not uploading. Since this is affecting so many residents, we will be communicating on this issue here. Our developers are hard at work trying to resolve this as quickly as they can and we will provide you with a status update as soon as possible.

[March 19th, 2008 5:28 AM PST] We are getting reports from some residents that there are regions where textures do not seem to be loading properly. The effect is everyone in the region appears gray to everyone else. We are investigating the cause and will have updates as soon as possible.

If this problem is occurring in your region, first try rebaking your textures (Ctrl-Alt-R). If that does not work, please try clearing your cache and relogging. If after that everyone in the region is still gray, please contact support via the support portal. Please be sure to include the name of the region in your ticket.

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