[Update] Support Navigation Changes… Going Live Now!

[Update 17 March, 2008 10:40am PDT, 5:40 pm GMT]

We have started this morning’s website update and I am very happy to report that the new Support navigation page is a part of the update.  Between now and 11am PDT you may still see the old page depending on the web server you are routed to, but after 11am, it should be all-new, all the time.  Once the changes are live on the site, we will turn our attention the Support Portal itself and update the navigation there too.  All-in-all, an exciting morning.  Thanks for hanging in there as we got all of our ducks in a row on this one.

[Update 14 March, 2008 1:50pm PDT, 8:50pm GMT]

We have a general rule here at Linden Lab: no new code on Friday. On occasion, we have been known to break this rule, but try to reserve doing so for issues where time really is of the essence. As much as I am looking forward to the Support navigation changes, we decided today that this website update was probably not time-critical enough to tempt fate. So, we will hold off on the website changes until Monday. I’ll be back with you then to announce the actual go-live. Until then, have a great weekend.

[Update 13 March, 2008 5:55pm PDT, 12:55am GMT]

After working on the web code all day, our web development team is still not quite ready to roll the website changes back out. We are going to take a considered approach and hold until tomorrow. I am no less excited by these coming changes, and really can’t wait to get them on the site and allow all of you to use them. But, it looks like we’ll all have to be patient just a little while longer. I’ll be back tomorrow with more updates once we have the green light and are ready to try again.

[Update 13 March, 2008 11:05am PDT, 6:05pm GMT]

We rolled out the new Support Landing Page this morning, but are going to temporarily take it down again. The rollout included some unintended website changes due to a misunderstood code merge. Our web development team is batting cleanup at the moment and hopes to be able to get everything up and back out later this afternoon. So, while you may see the new page temporarily, it will be going away for a bit and should be back soon!

[Original Post 12 March, 2008 7pm PDT]

As I mentioned last week, we are making changes to the look and feel of the Support Portal and the Support Landing Page. These changes will be live on our website tomorrow morning around 11am. Most of the feedback on the new look and feel was very positive, and we are very excited to get these changes out the door. So, if you visit the Support Portal tomorrow and things look a little different, please take a moment to poke around. Overall, we expect it to be much easier for you to find what you are after. See you back here tomorrow for the go live!

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64 Responses to [Update] Support Navigation Changes… Going Live Now!

  1. Elvis Orbit says:

    Great! I look forward to the new changes! The other one was workable but not so pretty. I am happy about not needing to login again to the support portal to look at the knowledge base.

  2. Vittorio Beerbaum says:

    Only one comment? C’mon… where are these guys with crashing problems, etc.? lol

  3. WarKirby Magoijiro says:

    yes, yes. This is a definite improvement.

    Roll on the changes.

  4. U M says:

    looks forward for a better system……

    Thank you

  5. Shai Khalifa says:

    you still burying the Live Help Chat facility?

  6. Frans says:

    yay, Looking forward to it. Keep up the good work, Maurice (and colleagues).

  7. Storyof Oh says:

    lol #2…..they are going to need support changes….search is broken, tp is crashing, inventory is lost…. on old and new viewers….someone has pulled a plug out somewhere and not noticed……

  8. Keiko Rau says:

    I’ll be happy if it can very simply get my name right. There is only 1 Rau in Keiko Rau.

  9. Ryan Snook says:

    Wonderful! I remember trying to navigate the portal in the past and it was quite the pain, even for an experienced PC/Web user such as myself. And yes I must agree with the slightly off-topic posts such as #2, things inside SL need fixing! PLEASE FIX SL!

  10. sometimesmoon says:

    once again, a plea for 2 things: let us turn off that annoying “do you want to file a crash report” and can we please have some stability for a while…

  11. Razrcut Brooks says:

    SL support has been functionally simple for the minority who desire the navigational challenge of A) researching their problem first then B) those that have the time and desire to create a “ticket”.

    The future of the internets will not invlove “tickets” or “Jira”. LL will slowly learn to keep customer service simple. LL will learn that even if live support involves paid employees answering the same, simple questions over and over-the end result will be worth it. Perception is more important than reality.. Ask your marketing agency. If the perception from 5,000 users in one day who complains about the same issue is positive (ie. “wow, LL listened and and told me specifically what they could do to solve this!) then that perception will RULE—and that perception will “infect” the masses.

    LL: Create the impression that support is simple. Create the impression that results will follow. That is all. If I were to complain or report a bug, provide instant feedback. Assure me that the problem is REAL (or NOT) and advise what will be the result. Keep ALL of support on ONE page.

    HINT: IF Torley Linden has to create an entire VID-TUT in which he teaches the ins and outs of JIRA…..then that should be a clue that SL support is cryptic at best. Torley tried. I liked that video. But the video should not have to made.

    EXTRA HINT: Yes, Dell and Microsoft have similar support hurdles. Many internet companies love this idea of “ticket ” creating. They love the efficiency and ease for THEM. They neglect the practical usability of the end-user. LL, thank you for attempting to rise above the crowd. 🙂

  12. Yosemite Aero says:

    (#11) “Ask your marketing agency.” ??? Therein may lie the problem, Razrcut. Laggy Labs does not have an effective marketing agency or if they do, they’re not heeding any advice they are offered. This is what I have been saying for at least a year, Linden Labs urgently needs the services of a good customer services consultant. Their entire customer service function has been dysfunctional for months if not longer and is sorely in need of professional help.

  13. Elvis Orbit says:

    Windlight is now a part of the Release Candidate Viewer. No Longer called Windlight viewer.

  14. Blinders Off says:

    Folk, I find myself amazed that I am the one saying this, because I’m usually on the other side but…

    While I understand the frustration of SL being constantlyl borked, and I also understand that there is no FEEDBACK page on SL (at least, one that is sane), saying “why don’t you fix this or that” really has little effect on Linden Lab.

    While such does adequately voice your legitimate frustration with the system, it is far better to apply pressure to individual Lindens, or in places where your complaint is in context. I’m 100% for protests, because such seem the only way to catch corporate attention– but make sure your efforts aren’t just shouts in the wind. Wait for an appropriate blog, or go to JIRA (as big a pain as that is to use) and shout in concert, or contact a Linden in-world, etc. Saying “Why don’t you fix group chat?” in a blog about the support portal really is just going to be ignored.

    (BTW Linden Lab… why DON’T you fix group chat?). :DDD

  15. Zi Ree says:

    @14 Blinders Off: There is a JIRA on this issue, and I contacted a Linden about it a long time ago. He said he was just as rustrated as we are, but he couldn’t do more than going to their offices and telling them: “This is not working and people are mad!”.

  16. Hodgey Hogfather says:

    @ 10…Those annoying wanna file a crash report serve a valuable function…it shows you when Linden Labs thinks you crashed. So….every ten crashes or so, you get one of those annoying notices. If you say ok to every one, Linden Labs says you only had 1/10 as many crashes as you really had. Of course if you say no, then it wasn’t really a crash in the log book. It helps you understand their seemingly cheery crash statistics that indicates we hardly ever crash. So we have virtual stability. (Not real)

  17. Speaking of Support, here’s my latest thoughts on the subject:

    The Fallen Angels of Second Life

    Today I would like to turn my attention to something many of you are probably not aware of. But before I start, you will need to understand the term “angel” in this context.

    An “angel” in many software company’s, especially gaming company’s, are people that provide needed startup capital, even before the product is proven or gone into production.

    The amazing part of today’s requiem is that Second Life had their own “angels”, yet according to Linden Lab, they matter little any longer to them.

    You see, during the Beta Process of Second Life, and before Linden Lab could go “Gold”, they asked their Beta Players to do something extraordinary. Not to find more bugs, or help decode this or that, instead, Linden Lab, in a personnel plea from CEO Philip Rosedale, asked that the Beta Players buy LIFETIME Accts., to help Linden Lab raise SEED MONEY so they could go GOLD.

    Many of those Beta Players answered that call back then, and were presented with an acct., that gave them 4096 sq meters of free tier and $500l a week. Back then, there wasn’t any differing support channels, so these “angels” weren’t given a choice between LifeTime Support or what they were offered.

    Today, these “Angles” are known as Charter Members, you can see that in their Profile on the General Tab, and while it seems Linden Lab has forgotten their efforts to bring Second Life into GOLD, I only hope the Second Life Community won’t. Many of these “Angels” not only bought ONE Lifetime Acct., but multiple accts., and that’s a very big step of Faith, as Aunty Robin says.

    It saddens me though, that the Charter Members aren’t granted the same attention to support as say someone who came later, but paid out more. Linden Lab got an $8,000,000 gift early into Production, and I would imagine if that person wanted an acct, Island, and personal helper, Linden Lab would give him all that for free. This is the part that saddens me, that the first givers in Second Life have been forgotten, over the big givers. If it weren’t for the First Angels, there wouldn’t have been any Second Angels to follow them. Perhaps Linden Lab should remember that?

    Here’s to those Fallen Angels of Second Life, if you see one, thank them, because Linden Lab has forgotten their sacrifice.

  18. Blinders Off says:

    Bob, you posted this exact same post on yet another blog here. Maybe ya need to read the posting rules dude. Or open your own blog if it’s all that important to ya. The sentiment is fine but we don’t need to read this on every blog LL posts.

  19. Catnip Doobie says:

    it seems we are unable to log into the support system. i can’t view my service tickets.

  20. I just came to say the same thing as Catnip — I just went to the support page and it looks new and improved, except I can’t figure out how to access my support history to check on my current outstanding tickets.

    The rest of it looks good though. Maybe we just need a pretty colourful button for accessing the support history?

  21. Holly says:

    @20 (Atashi)
    Your recent tickets are under the Submit a Ticket category, in the bar on the left side of that page.

  22. Maurice Linden says:

    Keiko raises a question that we get fairly frequently. Namely, why does the Support portal show my name as firstname_lastname lastname.

    This is a method of us working around a limitation in our Portal software. In order for our Support agents to see your full name in LiveChat, we have to create your account with your name in that format. Otherwise, the Support folks just see “Keiko” or “Bob” and don’t know who it is they are actually speaking to.

    This seemed preferable to beginning each LiveChat session with establishing your SL identity. Especially since you have already logged in by that point and shouldn’t have to re-verify.

  23. Guy says:

    Since comments are closed on the previous blog entry, I am going to raise it here….

    A while ago all lotteries and gambling were banned. How come the Lindens can turn around and host one?

    Quote “The Busy Ben and Luna lottery are open to both premium and basic Residents….”


  24. @21 Holly — thank you! Seems they could have made that clearer though.. instead of ‘submit a ticket’ maybe ‘submit / view tickets’ or something along those lines 🙂

    @23 Guy — their lottery does not break their rules as you do not have to pay anything into it in order to enter.

  25. Guy says:

    HAha.. I tried to search the blogs for any information regarded to the double standards in lotteries… search box wont accept text and http://www.secondlife.com redirects to the status page saying second life is dead with database issues…. wonder if that fancy new support page still loads 😉

  26. Kerry says:

    Last night i wrote to support and recieved no answer. when i finaly managed to get into second life all group chats where broken along with friends list and search poor, did not risk a teleport.
    Today still no anser but i cannot log into second life, i get the same message as 25 above. which makes a change from the usual lie of region restarting. Now thats a most frustrating problem as when i get online i find the regions fine. Why cant we have a honest message like Sl Borked again please try again later.

  27. Kerry says:

    i got an answer from the mail address that Sl just told me to contact.

    Thank you for contacting Linden Lab, the makers of Second Life. Our support system has changed and we have discontinued the use of this email address. To find information on your issue and to contact support, please visit http://secondlife.com/support .

  28. Darien Caldwell says:

    From what I saw briefly of the new login, It certainly seems clearer and more user-friendly. A good move IMHO. 🙂

  29. Cube Republic says:

    @ Bob, lighten up dood

  30. Escort DeFarge says:

    Why is it that I suspect that the squeakiest wheels are the ones who are paying nothing at all into the platform and are expecting to get everything in (second) life for free?

  31. Jacob Silvera says:

    @Guy, Your comparison is absurd. Internet gambling in the US is against the law. While you may be a citizen of another country that allows it, doesn’t make it legal for you to do it in SL. While you may not be subject to US laws and penalties for operating a casino or lottery, LL is and its also illegal for them to house your casino as well as process money made from it. So it was in their best interest to shut it down before they faced a judge and jury in a federal court as well as huge fines and penalties for allowing you to operate a casino or gamble your money away in SL.

    The lottery they are hosting is quite legal as it doesn’t involve money or risk. Its actually free to enter and if you are not chosen as a winner, you lose nothing. If you win, you gain nothing more than a privilege to use someone else’s land to sell your creations for a limited time. No money involved, no risk, no loss..

    So your argument of it being a double standard is without merit. Its basically a contest where your name is drawn from a hat. LL doesn’t disallow such a contest since there is no monetary gain and no risk involved.

  32. Sami Tabla says:

    Friends Online will be back… right? *grin*

  33. Guy says:



    It is a violation of this policy to wager in games in the Second Life (R) environment operated on Linden Lab servers if such games:

    (1) (a) rely on chance or random number generation to determine a winner, OR (b) rely on the outcome of real-life organized sporting events,


    (2) provide a payout in

    (a) Linden Dollars, OR
    (b) any real-world currency or thing of value.

    If it is a way around it – it may explain why they hire more lawyers then developers…

    Any prize in SL is a momentary gain – look at their prizes.

  34. Maurice Linden says:

    Guy, please stop this off-topic discussion on this post. I’ve left your previous comments on because I felt you asked a valid question and received a valid response. Your latest, however, is less so.

    The Gambling FAQ provides a very clear definition for “wagering”. I humbly suggest that you read all the documentation prior to posting portions that seem to support your position.

    As has been pointed out, the sweepstakes Mia posted about does not require consideration and is therefor not wagering. Again, I will politely ask you to consider this discussion closed. Thank you.

  35. Regarding the phrase “batting cleanup”: is that a sports term? I don’t recall hearing that phrase before.

  36. Toy Halfpint says:

    adding more layers is simply that, more dang layers to fumble thru, thank god Ive been here over 4 years and can avoid using this confusing system.

    Dont try to fix it, its beyond repair.

  37. Blinders Off says:

    Scuse, but forgot one point:

    “We value free expression. However, stuff that’s off-topic, abusive, or otherwise busts the rules will be removed without comment.”

    Any of you Lindens notice the “will be removed WITHOUT COMMENT” part of that?

    (And yes, you can remove even my blog posts if you like. I’m just giving you folks a heads up. I for one am getting tired of LL telling people they’re “off topic” when they’ve had the gall to close comments in the ON TOPIC area.)

    Thanks for listening… I hope.

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  39. samantha says:

    eu baixeii meu second life na internet maiis naum seii a senhaa..
    eh nem seii comoo fazer…por favor me ajude

  40. Diny Nascimento says:

    O que eu coloco quando pede senha e nome de usuario?
    ja que eu não tinha,eu inventei uma,mas não ta fazendo login

  41. Wanja Lubitsch says:

    Ahh, this is much better, thanks.

    Sill open:
    – I still have to login to Jira, would be nice if it would remember me.
    – The support pages in other languages that English (I checked out German) still have the old layout with the login.

  42. Gabe Palmer says:

    Great job Maurice, the new portal looks and works great! Thanks for your hard work, improvements like these are incremental and appreciated.

  43. Very Keynes says:

    I just tried it and WOW thanks guys :), up till now I have fumbled my way through problems or asked online friends, only using the Knowledge Base as a last resort. From now on I see myself using it as my first as it is only 2 clicks away. Cant wait to see what you do to the internal navigation now.

  44. Zlad Voom says:

    looks really good

  45. Amara says:

    nicely done!

    lol I spy a typo though…in the area for Concierge(oh i can’t spell it) phone support….it says you my call instead of may….

    I bet by the time someone reads this, it will have already been changed haha

    Yes, I am teasing LL, but I’m glad. Glad they are making these more accessible to users. It works great in my opinion. I’m sure more people will be prone to use it now!


  46. JS says:

    LOOKING GREAT! Much more of a friendly interface! Good job 🙂

  47. Michael Timeless says:

    I am curious. I logged in at 2CST (12PST) and there were no messages on the blog. I routinely clear cache with each start. Is there any reason for this phonomena of Blog posts not showing up until hours later?

  48. Maurice Linden says:

    Wanja: unfortunately JIRA is an entirely different system from secondlife.com or our support portal so is not affected by these changes. We will also be working on updating the German Support portal in the next few weeks.

    Amara: thanks for the pointer. 🙂 We fixed that typo once previously, but it cropped back up when we re-did the code merge. It will be fixed tomorrow when we update all of the website files.

    Michael: I’ve just noted that behavior myself and will let the appropriate folks know. Thanks for the heads up!

  49. Bradley Bracken says:

    First, two words: Great job

    I’ll point out a typo for you: Under Billing Support you have They’re and Are next to each other.

    My only disappointment is that again there is no referrance to the forums. I know residents wont receive “official” responses to problems there, but there is an amazing wealth of information there and virtually all questions are answered very quickly

  50. Foxxe Wilder says:

    Maurice Linden

    BEFORE you PLONK this message, answer ONE question.
    When YOU go so far to shut people up about VALID COMPLAINTS of system malfunctions, WHY do you work so hard to CENSOR THEM?

    I dropped my reg’d status due to LL’s TOTAL LACK of Support to the speach impaired. Your Website setup is just as useless.

    An attempt WAS MADE to report the problem TO the so-called “Support Portal” (by this I ASSUME that you mean the SUPPORT WEB PAGE as I have NEVER seen a window or any other portal for this function)

    Need PROOF!? try this: Ticket number #4051-4603966.

    “Our system shows that you submitted this ticket from either a Basic account or with Guest Access. Basic account holders and guests may only submit tickets using the ticket type “Special Questions – Basic account or Guest Login”. You did not select that ticket type, so the ticket will not be reviewed.

    If your issue is one of the ones we offer support to, please submit another ticket with the information corrected.”

    What GOOD is a “support Portal” if even it does not actually WORK?
    (DON’T think for a MOMENT that I consider LL worth the money for an account that only allows me to buy extremely overpriced LINDEN LAND and the very very very rare SUPPORT TICKET.

  51. Uccello Poultry says:

    It’s lovely and parts of it are so much easier to navigate. May I suggest a future tweak? Larger fonts for those (like me) with degenerating eyesight. It is nice to see pages do that natively and not resort to browser tools. Good job overall! Donuts for everyone!

  52. Maurice Linden says:

    Bradley: Thank you, both for your kind words and for the typo catching. We’ll update that one tomorrow as well.

    Foxxe: I am sorry you feel that my comment moderation has been unfair to you. The posting guidelines are fairly clear and neither of your previous comments have followed them. While your current comment is also off topic, I am letting it through. Please do not make me regret this decision.

    As to your other point, since you have a Basic account, you are not eligible for ticketed support on issues that fall outside the Special Questions. Again, I am sorry that you find this unfair. Providing technical support for all of the Basic users of Second Life is not an economically viable model; it simply does not scale. Our current policies are a balance between this reality and wanting to provide Basics with help where we can.

  53. Ric Mollor says:

    Is the removal of the listing for the number of users online and dollars spent in last 24 hours part of the website change? Or has it been temporarily removed because of the current server issues?

    Also, grid status is shown as down when it also appears that nearly 60,000 are online. Both conditions can’t exist simultaneously!

  54. July Lusch says:

    I know this is probably a small bug, especially with the current redoing of the website, but it does appear that the Web based friends list is malfunctioning slightly.
    It doesn’t seem to refresh on it’s own, when I click the link to it it shows me who was online the last time I looked at it, then I manually refresh it and it show’s who is online now. Not a major thing, more a little niggle that I thought I’d point out.

  55. Shinobi Hayashida says:

    Congrats! Good improvements, more nice-looking main support page, easier to find needed content, more easily accessible, and well sorted.

    Things sure came a long way up since the beginning of the support portal not so long ago,

    But to make it brief, i have nothing wrong to tell about it for sure..

  56. Blinders Off says:

    I’ve been seeing some Linden Blog Gods removing a lot of posts here on the grounds of “off topic”.

    Maybe if you people would stop CLOSING COMMENTS on so many blogs, there wouldn’t be so many alleged “off topic” issues.

    But frankly, what I see you deleting isn’t so much off topic as it is shedding light and exposing Linden Lab posts and attitudes for what they are.

    So much for “Our World” and “freedom of speech”. With Linden Lab, it appears their much-hyped “freedom of speech” only applies to things that make Linden Lab look good. Otherwise, no matter how accurate or truthful a post might be, seems more and more Linden Lab is removing posts from the blogs.

    Is that what you folks call tolerant? (Pssst… dont’ forget to wipe this one).

  57. Sean Heying says:

    Nice looking page and it’s good to see live chat now easily obtainable.

    Well done!

  58. Geister Pfeffer says:

    Nice to have a new look in support,
    I can use the new webside to report my lates 15 crash´s in the last 12 hours .. 😀

    in future all is be better, i hope it really ! :o)

  59. Arcane Clawtooth says:

    Just curious how to find the JIRA now without typing in the url every time?

  60. Nice new graphics that do the same thing ?

    How do you find your support history without pretending you are posting a ticket or that you want to use the ‘Knowledge base’ ?

    How do you find your Chat History?

    Is this really an improvement or just eye candy?

  61. Pepper Haas says:

    Since two days, when I check my accounts transaction page, it now pops up a window asking me if I want to see the unsecured items on the page. In other words, each time I load the page or reload the page or renew the page, I now have to click twice to get to read it. Is this part of these changes, I want that nasty little window GONE!!

    It’s off topic I know it — then again they closed comments on everything else.

  62. Pepper Haas says:

    Okay I checked, it is DEFINITELY due to website changes LL made!! Major bad screwup Lindens!!! My transactions page is a secure website yet you let UNSECURED DATA enter it, my computer gives me a warning. YOU ARE PUTTING USERS AT RISK

    FIX IT!!!

  63. wow, that was a big step in the right direction. looks waayyyy better now. very clear and easy. congrats!
    now make the jira the same way and i will use it hehe.

  64. Reacher says:

    you STILL have to be logged into the support portal to view KB pages, which is very frustrating. trying to navigate to a KB webpage without being first logged in results in the following message:

    ” Your support portal session has expired due to inactivity and the requested action has not been completed. If you entered data in the previous screen and would like to save it, please follow these steps.”

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