*EPIC* Tip of the Week #26: Advanced attachment adjustment

Friendly greetings! I love to share practical knowledge that’s useful in your everyday Second Life — if you’ve ever wanted to learn any or all of the following and how they go together:

  • What is a posing stand?
  • Which attachments am I wearing?
  • Backing up your attachments
  • Moving a hat to fit better
  • Modding hair to look better
  • Using per-prim undo “stacks”
  • Resizing a necklace to fit better
  • Buying and adjusting shoes
  • How to open a box
  • “Size 0” and shoes
  • Wearing hair and shoe bases
  • Why bother with prim hair?
  • Popular fashion: prim eyelashes
  • Recolor your avatar quickly!

Do I have a treat for you! Watch this special half-hour programme!


(Click in the video player’s progress bar to skip around!)

Torley Linden https://i2.wp.com/torley-linden.s3.amazonaws.com/little-watermelon-eye.png
     Enough words, more actions, more vidtuts to come.

About Torley

Who am I? See http://torley.com/
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73 Responses to *EPIC* Tip of the Week #26: Advanced attachment adjustment

  1. Dekka Raymaker says:

    I’ve not watched it yet, but WOW!

  2. Tijn Erde says:

    How many bugs/problems did you mention along the way?

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  4. the bat says:

    real cool , if you can stay inworld long enough to rez a pose stand 😀

  5. Dekka Raymaker says:

    OK half an hour later and although I was aware of everything, it’s definitely a Vid Tip I’d direct people to watch.

    Being a male avatar I rather have some size in my feet, ie not size zero, so with most of my boots/shoes I like to stretch them larger. The main problem with this is that there are ‘usually’ two of them, left and right feet, right! What would be ideal is if you could stretch an object (and linked objects) by a percentage, that way you could stretch both feet exactly the same by inputting a percentage value on each shoe/boot. Presently you have to do it by eye and my tip for this is, get one shoe as perfect as you can first and then check the measurements (x & y) for the shoe/boot (or object) in the edit window, then stretch the second a bit at a time until the measurements match, sometimes one measurement is a fraction out, but in most cases with patience I get them to match.

    This isn’t always a quick process, I can easily spend up to 1 hour adjusting prim boots to get them just how I would like them. I often see people walking around with there pants coming through the top part of the boot, the simple solution for this is to shorten the pant length of the legs so the pant becomes tight just under the knee. Also socks can be so helpful for disguising up parts of the foot that stick out of the shoe/boot if whatever you do just doesn’t work, go into appearance and make a sock then colour it to match the main part of the shoe.

  6. Brenda Maculate says:

    Torley, do you realize that the wrist watch you have on at about 20:00 (just about the time you show how to position the necklace) is upside-down? 😀

  7. Judi Newall says:

    Love these tutorials Torley, and that when something goes wrong (like group messaging) you show as much frustration as the rest of us! Loving SL tho, even with the hassles, great work folks. Got 2 new tips from the last batch of shorts too 🙂

  8. Sean Heying says:

    Even oldbies can learn from this one… I didn’t realise prims had their own undo stacks, but then… it wasn’t until your other recent tutorial I even realised there was an undo.

    Ummm whats Control-Zee? Did you mean Control-Zed? ((Giggle j/k))

  9. Ron Crimson says:

    I’m just floored. A half-hour video? Downloading the hi-qual version as we speak, for later viewing 😀 And prim undo stacks!!! ZOMG, I didn’t know that either. Woohoo!

    Oh, and Dekka: why not just shift-click both shoes and edit them at once? If it’s just a matter of resizing them, I mean… (of course you’d still move and rotate them independently, as I do)… 🙂 I know whatcha mean, though, I too spend hours adjusting attachments at times. Good to know I’m not the only perfectionist in SL. 😀

  10. Ron Crimson says:

    BTW: I don’t know when Philip Linden’s term as president of Linden Labs runs out, but at the next election I’m sooo voting for Torley. (And maybe Sidewinder or Pastrami as his running mate). LOL 😀

  11. When I realize the amount of sheer BRAIN POWER that runs Second Life, from the Linden’s to the builders and creators I go numb. For the “Visual Learners” among us these Torley Linden videos really help. Thank YOU! Torley

  12. Sgeo Comet says:

    Just curious, does it mention my Editing Appearance HUD at all?

  13. Great!!! Even nice to watch if one already knows 99% of the functions. When LL launches SL 2 🙂 they should ask torley to make these tutorials right from the beginning 🙂

    Best, Ice

    *omg, i told the big secret about SL 2 to everyone*

  14. Shelly Soothsayer says:

    Wondering if we will ever be able to attach 2 objects to attachment spots instead of 1.. =/

  15. Kuroyanagi Habsburg says:

    Wow.. This is such a great video tutorial! It’s rather difficult and time consuming to explain how to do these steps inworld over text chat to someone. It’s easier on voice, but it’s still a chore. This will help out a lot…

    @5 Both very good reason I don’t usually wear shoes or boots! (Other than I like being bare foot.)

  16. Elvis Orbit says:

    Wow Fab Vid Torely!

  17. Deira Llanfair says:

    Ooooooo Torley! You didn’t copy those eyelashes before you modified them!

  18. Thanks, Torley, for keeping up the great tips and vids! Much appreciated.

  19. Ron Crimson says:

    HOLY SH** Ann… omg.

    I was so totally joking when I talked about Philip Linden (Rosedale) stepping down… and moments later, this one hits.

    I’m not a psychic nor do I have insider knowledge! I SWEAR!


  20. Raymond Figtree says:

    Sorry to be off topic, but can a Linden confirm if is this true or just an early April Fool’s joke?


  21. Ferryn Myriam says:

    Man, Torley. You’re just awesome. I knew a bit of this stuff, but it’s great to have it to refresh my memory. Keep it up!

    (I’d love to meet you inworld, you’re just so awesome)

  22. Spank Lovell says:

    I cant wait for the feature length widescreen version of “how green is my Torley” 😉

  23. D’oh! I feel a bit silly for never knowing that undo actually *does* work (always figured if it didn’t work one way it didn’t work at all). Thank you, o wise and watermelony one, for teaching me something!! YAY! ^_^

  24. Reg Rojyo says:

    Torley – your dedication to helping the residents is unmatched!! I’ve been in SL now for a year and a half, and I’m still learning – because of YOU. MANY THANKS!!

  25. torridluna says:

    Thanks Torley, great tutorial! I truely hope that this reduces the number of gruesome in-world “What’s a shoebase” and “What’s a hairbase” spottings. Maybe you should have put these 2 insider tricks *gg* right to the first 20 seconds of the video, to maximize impact… %-)

  26. Thunderclap Morgridge says:

    @21. its true!

  27. Damien Walworth says:

    Aw shoot! Just saw this, but the “video is no longer available” 😦

    Wish you could keep it up a bit longer, Torley – it looks great.

  28. Blinders Off says:

    Hiya Torley. As always, greatful for the video and effort. But this is one of those “wow, a text summary would be nice” things. Because watching a 30 minute video to learn maybe the one or two items I don’t already know is kinda time-consuming. 😉

  29. Blinders Off says:

    BTW, myself I’d vote for Torley for CEO… but no way I’d want to do that to the guy and ruin his fun. For sure, SL needs a CEO as dedicated to customer needs (and who knows as much about SL) as Torley. 🙂

  30. sooty lusch says:

    aaawsome! great tutorial torley! tyvm :))

  31. Kinda Bored says:

    Torley, can you make a real downloadable version, so we don’t have to wait for it to load?

  32. DanOfWA Flanagan says:

    having dlownloadable tutorials is nice. but how about not just a hi def one..but a stanard one too.. specially for those that are 30 min long!

  33. kumi kuhr says:

    best ever tutorial Torley 🙂

  34. Harmony Deschanel says:

    Torley great video!!! I learn something new everytime I watch one… And glad you liked the necklace (especially the seeds *laughs*)

    Keep up the good work!

  35. space rockett says:

    hi my account was disabled on 20th april 07 i have sent several email to linden lab to no avail, i have also phoned, but still i’m waiting for your response could you contact me asap to resolve this matter, i think my subscription will be due for renewal soon, i.m not sure what date exactly as i can not access the relevant page, i am in the u.k and have phoned your u.k office, with no response to date, i hope to hear from you soon.
    Thank You.


    (space rockett)
    Reference Ticket number:

    (6/12/2007 1:26 PM PDT) Hello Space,

    Your Second Life account was suspended due to violations of our Terms of Service (ToS). We took this action upon being informed that you purchased Linden dollars that were fraudulently acquired by the seller. This information came in the form of a fraud dispute initiated by a credit card holder through their issuing bank. Upon conclusion of our investigation we have reason to believe you were not aware you were purchasing fraudulently obtained goods. We have therefore restored your account and noted it accordingly. As the goods you received were fraudulently obtained, we are unable to allow them to remain in your account. You are encouraged to engage the fraud recovery channels available to you that are provided by the site where you purchased these goods, and/or your payment service provider.


    Aki Linden


    The above text contains HTML formatting

    Customer CC Emails:

    Attachment: Attach a file

    Action Date Actions CSR /Customer Comment
    7/12/2007 3:00 PM PDT Sent Information Aki Linden Hi Space,

    I apologize for the delay. It has been busy around here lately. :). Because of the status of your account (being in a negative Linden balance/not in good standing) we are unable to process credits for you. However, if you do have funds in your account balance, that will certainly cover your monthly fees etc. Unfortunately there’s nothing that we are able to do to help restore the Linden dollars that were removed from your account as we are legally obligated to remove what is essentially stolen property. The best thing you can do in this situation is contact the company or source of the Linden dollars and ask for a refund.


    Aki Linden

    7/10/2007 8:21 AM PDT Customer Posted a Comment Space_Rockett Rockett hi aki, its been a while since i heard from you, hope you havent forgot about me.*smile*


    6/25/2007 4:09 PM PDT Sent Information Aki Linden Hi Space,

    I apologize again for the delay. I am working on your situation right now.


    Aki Linden

    6/23/2007 4:11 AM PDT Reopened Space_Rockett Rockett hi aki
    thank you for your response, i have been waiting for the info you were going to send me , I do appreciate your time and help and I guess your busy, so i expect you forgot about it.
    Hope to hear from you soon.


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    6/19/2007 4:45 PM PDT Sent Information Aki Linden Hello Space,

    Thank you for your patience. I understand that this is frustrating time at the moment and I will do what I can to help. I wanted to give you an update as I will be sending you more information tomorrow morning. Please let me know if you have any new information. Otherwise you will here from me soon.


    Aki Linden

    6/16/2007 11:28 PM PDT Reopened Space_Rockett Rockett hi aki thank you for responding to my help request, the problem i got now is since returning to my account i find that i’m unable to process the credit , you say i obtained fraudulently also when i looked in the transaction log it was empty besides some transaction linden lab had made, i before all this happened had a inworld streaming business, i also sold a few plots of land, and now have no record of the transactions to help me show that i have obtained the credit hosnestly, i have not involved myself or my account in fruadulant activities and i’m being treated and punished like i’m a criminal, in fact if your investigation is correct i,m also a victim of all this and think that i’m still being made to pay even though the credit in my account was obtained legitemately, i hope you can understand my position, also if possible could you provide me with a copy of my transaction log/history from the 20.04.07 twenty april 2007- to the 12.06.07 twelve of june 2007 because as far as i’m aware i sold land during that period and have no record of the transaction or credit .. ? and also for some reason i was charged $25.00 for land tier fees …?
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  36. space rockett says:

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  37. space rockett says:

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    Space_Rockett: sure 4041-4223077
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    Space_Rockett: im not sure why no one has responded..?
    Space_Rockett: been a while now ..?
    Space_Rockett: is it possible to voice chat … ?
    Jake: only way to voice is with billing and have no controle over this i am going to asign this to someone for you and try and get resovled
    Space_Rockett: i thought this was billing support …?
    Jake: it is also tech as well
    Space_Rockett: i see …
    Jake: thay would only be able to do what i can do and pass to correct department
    Space_Rockett: i recently bought a plot of land at auction and still unable to gain ownership …?
    Jake: i will put your ticket in the correct department and send email to someone with in that department
    Space_Rockett: bought it about ago ..
    Space_Rockett: is it possible for me to live chat with them …?
    Jake: thay do not have live chat the only way to talk to them is with ticket
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    Space_Rockett: i see through email..?
    Jake: and thay will deal with it as soon as thay can
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    Jake: is there any thing eles i can help you with
    Space_Rockett: no thanks ..i just was hoping i could resolve this once and for all ..been going on since april …
    Space_Rockett: thanks again for your help and time …
    Space_Rockett: take care .. 🙂
    Jake: i will keep an eye on it for you and try to get resovled
    Jake: bye:)
    Space_Rockett: thanks .. 🙂 bye ..

  38. Torley, heehee thank you so much for the plug 😉

  39. Domchi Underwood says:

    Wow, Torley, this tutorial seems to be EPIC success. 🙂

    One quick tip though – usually the text remarks in your videos flash too fast and sometimes I have to rewind just to read them. Please make them display just a bit longer…

  40. Dusty Runo says:

    @ 36-38

    Sorry to hear your account was disabled, but this is the worng place to post this kind of stuff…

  41. Tripp Plunkett says:

    Nudity at 29:40. \o/

  42. Hiro Ketsugo says:

    “One-Winged Angel!”


    Good stuff, thanks Torley. 😀

  43. LampLighter Jacobus says:

    I may be mistaken, but wasn’t I allowed to view Full-Screen YouTube versions of all of these?
    I dearly miss, and I am not joking/kidding… the FULL-SCREEN versions of your Tutorials, Torly.
    Have I somehow mis-programmed my Firefox Browser?
    Or has Linden Labs simply decided not to use YouTube any longer?
    This is my second query to this question well within 60 days, I think.
    And still yet without any answer as to Provider/Supplier/Server (Options) whatsoever.
    My Question would be:
    Is there a Full Screen, NOT Within a Browser Version of this…
    or any of your new tutorials, Torley?
    Again… I so miss the Full-Screen Versions!!~

  44. Georgette Whitfield says:

    Torley, you have outdone yourself (I did not think it possible)! Thank you so much for this tutorial. As a newbie I threw out half the freebies I got ‘cos they looked like rubbish on me, until I figured out months later how to edit attachments. So this tutorial will really help people a lot.

    Also, now Phil will have more time inworld maybe he’ll take your advice, invest in user-created content and BUY SOME PRIM HAIR ALREADY!!! er;ousangadskjflskjfs lol

  45. #41 – If he’s been asking Linden for help this long and hasn’t gotten adequate action I think he should post that record everywhere he can get his grubby little hands. If this is true, it is a really sad story of some pretty bad customer support. I mean come on – they told the guy they had investigated and it wasn’t his fault. So he’s supposed to wait until a relevant blog entry arises to state the problems? If it was your money, your land and your account you’d be doing the same thing. I’m suprised this guy waited so long I’d be raising hell the whole time.

  46. Someone could give you some bad money, even if you were say offline for a week and didn’t know about it… LL would sieze your account, take all your money and your land and you’d be in the same situation as #41 for 6 months. That stinks if you ask me.

  47. Penny Patton says:

    Eh, even if few will even read this, I just feel compelled to point out that just because “Size 0” has become a shoe standard, that does not make it good.

    In fact, it’s very, very bad.

    There’s dainty feet, and then there’s size 0. Especially when you consider that the vast majority of SL residents have oversized proportions, having tiny size 0 feet makes you look horribly misproportioned. It is no better than the stumpy-short arms plaguing so many avatars, and it’s immediately apparent to anyone with an eye for proportions.

    That’s one reason I’m adamantly against no-mod prim attachments.

  48. Cat Gisel says:

    Mine has a big triangle on it, I couldn’t see the picture.

    …ohh wait, I…never mind…

  49. Karalee Larsson says:

    Great tutorial. I was slightly hesitant to watch a 30 min. tutorial, when I was not sure that there would be anything I did not already know on the topic. But it was all interesting and I did learn several things I had been completely unaware of. (And loved the background music, too!) Thanks so much so sharing the knowledge.

  50. space rockett says:

    thanx nulflux at least you understand how people should be treated and btw dusty i dont know where else i could post this too.
    just received this from lindens

    In your history it appears that your ticket was answered.

    I copied the response below:


    It appears that more or less, we want the same solution, which is to make up the L$ deficit. We feel that the best way for you to do this would be to purchase the L$397,000 from a reputable L$ exchange. SL Exchange, Anshe, etc. Let me know how you would like to proceed.

    Very Best,

    Elvis Linden

    If you would like to discuss this matter further submit a new ticket in which you state that Elvis Linden was the one that was helping you so we can transfer the ticket directly to him.



    Linden Lab Support

    why would i mention elvis when all he wants is more money from me thats no solution and btw i bought some land at auction which lindens took and sold to someone else even though they sent me an email to say my land was waiting for me to claim in sl.
    That says it all.
    Theres no such thing as customer service is just another scam lindens are brainwashing people with to get there money.


  51. Your tutorials are a blessing for all residents of Second Life, old and new. I enjoy watching them for the presentation alone.

    But, Torley, I have to say, every once in awhile, you show-off stuff that stuns me. And what I mean is this: The Second Life viewer is awesome in it’s power and features… a truly world-class ‘application’.

    They say 80% of all Microsoft Word users use only 20% of it’s capabilities. How does it feel to know the Second Life viewer is so powerful and loaded with features that the same can be claimed?

    Wow, the power and abilities of this thing.

    Thank you for these wonderful videos.

  52. Aegis says:

    Sephiroth haha

  53. space rockett says:

    Seems to me like i arrived in one of George A. Romano films “Night Of The Living Dead” people seem happy to let lindens do as they please regardless of the cost to their integrity, I Would like to congratulate Lindens for their amazing brainwashing exercise they call Second Life.I too was a zombie sleeping walking to the Linden tune.No longer !!!
    Wake up people !!!!!

    Space Wide Awake Rockett.

  54. JinaMarie Kohimie says:

    Another great bunch of tips from Tor.

    Did anyone catch the name of the Creator of his watch though? I want one too! I thought he said Cottontail Hiromachi..?? But I can’t find anyone by that name in SL. Anyone toss me a helper please?

  55. Any chance of having this video split up into the specific topics so we can watch just those tips we’re not familiar with and skip the known ones?

  56. Ener Hax says:

    Yay Torley! I love you and your tips are always so informative. I carry them on my iPod for reveiw at any time. Thank you! ^_^

  57. Dusty Runo says:

    I know, but its like.. one these posts usally you can’t get off topic.. and about that problem i would have, im not even on MG so yea.
    And i can’t buy any lindens from other users like space did on the TG so i wouldnt face the same problem yet.

  58. Brick Cioc says:

    I spose this is off-topic, my my topic is, off-topic to be frank. The main offender today seems to be Space Rockett. And also this is to Linden Labs >”We value free expression. However, stuff that’s off-topic, abusive, or otherwise busts the rules will be removed without comment.” You guys having a doona day today?

  59. Isabeau Imako says:

    @44 LampLighter
    Just go to Youtube and look-up ‘Torley’. You can subscribe to his vids if you wish.. Then press the thingy found next to the volume setting. The video should display Full-Screen, albeit a bit grainy. I don’t think his videos ever DL to desktop (for you to watch thru a Pro player) but I could be wrong.

    Nice vids and avatar, Torley. How many hours a week do you work?
    You certainly love your job – and it shows.. :))

  60. Isabeau Imako says:

    Just tried something that might help. I have a Mac OSX, not sure about Windows, sorry.
    Go to File and ‘Save page as’. This will download to your desktop (if you wish). Then watch it using QuickTime Pro, or Movie Time (Free).
    Voila, Full Screen.

    Maybe there’s a better way, or maybe this doesn’t help you at all. But heck, I just learned somethin’.

  61. Tesel Bonne says:

    just throwin this out there but…torely you are a rich man, $L 23,000 o.o;

    Anyway, great work with this whole tutorial, well worth half an hour, it was a good use of my time to watch and I believe that it’ll really help out the noobs of second life.

  62. Blinders Off says:

    Torley, I have a question. What is that .mp4 format your hi-def download is saved in? My computer neither recognizes it or plays it, and I have just about ever codec I’ve ever heard of, the latest version of WMP, and PowerDVD (as well as some others). I would think it best that LL use a standardized media format. If I can’t play it on my super-system, can bet 99% of other customers can’t play it either. 😉

  63. Slade says:

    Torley it’s bad form to plug businesses in your vids, it’s unfair to the other businesses who do the same thing.

    Thanks for the great tut tho.

  64. Harmony Deschanel says:

    Torley after watching the video several more times, I noticed one thing you did when resizing the necklace (thankfully you made a back up of it *grins*) … You didn’t have “Stretch Textures” checked so when you stretched the necklace, the textures didn’t stretch with it and they started to repeat themselves on the prims 🙂

    Those messing with stretching your jewelry, or other attachments, remember to have that box “Stretch Textures” checked if you don’t want the textures to start to repeat on the prims!!

  65. Isabeau Imako says:

    @63 Blinders,

    Google MPEG4 -> WIKI to find a list of compatible software (Incl. Winamp, RealPlayer, MPlayer) .

  66. roo tenk says:

    I’ve played for a year, and I think I know everything, most of this is basic stuff but I always learn one or two helpful things during these video. Thank you 🙂

  67. Ryder Spearmann says:

    Dude… you are insane 🙂

    I laughed all the way through it… you make the videos so funny 🙂

    Great Epic Vid.

    Sorry if you’ve been asked this before… what video capture software are you using to produce the zooms, etc?


  68. Blinders Off says:

    @66 Isabea. Thanks! I dunno why my brain glitched and didn’t think about Googling mp4. Real Player.. ugh. So my next question naturally is… why MP4 instead of .mpg or .wmv? Why use a non-standard, non-Windows-supported form of video? “smaller size” really doesn’t get it… because mpg and wmv are already good compression utilities and “small size” vs univeral use isn’t a good decision. : )

  69. Metroid Karu says:

    @5 A bit late, but you can use Shift to select separate items simultaneously once in edit mode, then resize them together. Eg. He used it for the textures at the end – same thing applies to prims.

  70. Freq Vlodovic says:

    This is helpful but it’s going to take me awhile to get the hang of this. I bought a few items that had glitches and this would of helped before I started playing around with the items.

  71. Ginko Luik says:

    I’m having trouble *stretching* prim eyelashes (can be modified). I see the yellow box and the lash is highlighted in blue, but nothing I do stretches them – click hold, etc. I can reposition them though. And the stretch option is not grayed out. I tried two two different eyelashes and neither works. I’ve tried with shoes so I thought I knew how to do it. Please help! Thanks!!

  72. Ginko Luik says:

    Turns out that the lashes were not modifiable. Sorry. =P

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