11 *NEW* QUICKTIP Video Tutorials for *you*!

My work with video tutorials is severely rewarding! I wouldn’t be doing this if it didn’t benefit you, judging from the many responses I’ve received. And the positive inspiration loops continue…

QUICKTIPS “Volume 2” Video Tutorials are here! Each of these are 2 min. or less β€” learn a lot in a little time!

For example:

Today’s collection was filmed in the 1.19.1 RC viewer and includes:

  1. Advanced Mouselook options – Done due to your requests!
  2. Changing your group title – For fun & seriousness.
  3. Setting objects to groupIMPORTANT! Watch this after #2.
  4. Clearing nametag clutter – See more of the world.
  5. Deleting duplicate landmarks – Popular question.
  6. Emptying your Trash – Makes your Inventory load faster.
  7. Fun with 2 Inventory windows – Get organized easier.
  8. Getting your system info – Useful for support & bug reports.
  9. Notecard attachments – Include items with your text.
  10. Starting Conference IMs – Group IMs without a formal group.
  11. The trouble with Linden trees – Do you know these limitations?


Watch what interests you.

What’s comin’ ’round the bend? Another Tip of the Week, of course… and next week, VOICE CHAT video tutorials! Let’s keep traveling. πŸ™‚ shhh… LAND series is on the horizon.

You can:

My gratitude and appreciation for your continued watchitude; we made #2 Most Viewed (Daily) rank on YouTube last week, and I will rock on to empower you with the skills for a success-full Second Life!

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19 Responses to 11 *NEW* QUICKTIP Video Tutorials for *you*!

  1. Carina Raymaker says:

    Nice videos, Torley. I often direct newbies to your vidtuts page. So I just looked up your vidtuts page in the wiki for the newest ones and noticed the YouTube links for vol.2 of the Quicktipps not working.

  2. Perhaps, one day, a MegaTuTORial Movie will be made which explains every purpose of every debug setting on the list.

    Okay, no. That would be TORture. πŸ˜›

    I must admit, while browsing through them I happened upon a setting which I would have thought to be a boolean value but was instead an integer value. The exact setting I will not specify here, however. πŸ˜›

    And now to commence viewing of the tuTORials! πŸ˜€

  3. Lozlo Peng says:

    Torley, why are you wearing a fake malluch av’?!

  4. rosemackie says:

    GOOD MORNING EVERYONE! If you need an extra jolt along with your morning coffee and poptarts, call on Torley! I love these little vidtuits for the energy and obvious enjoyment Torley sends our way. And … DUH … I actuallly learn things.

    Also, Torley, I really want to let you know, and through you, Linden Labs, how much I appreciate that you don’t edit out the bugs and boo boos. For those that say, “The Lindens don’t notice the problems or lag because they’re running on special super servers with mega-enhanced systems on steroids” I can say ….. nonny nonny boo boo, ‘taint so!

    Love to you and your obviously saintly wife!

  5. So far all your tip I already know but I still watch them. I just wish this is how I would of learned them. One think that I see in you videos is the yellow circle around your mouse, how do you do that.

  6. Nice work on the tutorials Torley, they are invaluable for showing newbies what’s what. But looking over the Linden Trees tutorial I’m yet again reminded of SpeedTree, and how we don’t have it yet. >D

  7. Pointside Sunbelter says:

    Great Tips!

    Lol I liked the conference chat unexpected mishap… “This is crap!!!”

    I am glad you leave things like that in, it shows you see and understand and are dealing with SL bugs and not ignoring them.

    I usually know about all of your tips but I always seem to learn something I did not know each time.

  8. Zi Ree says:

    @5 Spontaneous Radio: This is a feature of Torley’s screen recording software.

  9. Blinders Off says:

    Know why Torley’s Tips are so valuable?

    Reason is simple: it is obvious Torley actually USES Second Life… I’d guess a LOT.

    Which is sensible. LL should have at least 3 or 4 employees paid to soley use SL day after day, just like regular users.

    If LL really, really wants to improve SL, I’d recommend they consult with Torley (and others like him) before implementing new ideas, so such people can say “Hey, that’s really not a good idea” or… “Uh.. Dazzle sux” for example. πŸ˜‰

  10. Elvis Orbit says:

    But Torley likes Dazzel and I do to0. If it had windlight I would be using it. It will be better once it is ready and you can skin it yourself.
    Again Great vids!

  11. Daniel Voyager says:

    Nice Work, Torley. We love you!!!!!!

    Dazzle Rocks ^^, like the Teen Grid does πŸ™‚

  12. Dekka Raymaker says:

    Not to detract from what Torley does or doesn’t like, he is paid to be enthusiastic about his work, that said, on the whole I believe he genuinely is.

  13. Manuel says:

    Good job for theses videos!
    We learn a lot with you.

  14. More Tutorials, YAY!

    On the other hand, here’s my latest Blog Posting:

    The Fallen Angels of Second Life

    Today I would like to turn my attention to something many of you are probably not aware of. But before I start, you will need to understand the term “angel” in this context.

    An “angel” in many software company’s, especially gaming company’s, are people that provide needed startup capital, even before the product is proven or gone into production.

    The amazing part of today’s requiem is that Second Life had their own “angels”, yet according to Linden Lab, they matter little any longer to them.

    You see, during the Beta Process of Second Life, and before Linden Lab could go “Gold”, they asked their Beta Players to do something extraordinary. Not to find more bugs, or help decode this or that, instead, Linden Lab, in a personnel plea from CEO Philip Rosedale, asked that the Beta Players buy LIFETIME Accts., to help Linden Lab raise SEED MONEY so they could go GOLD.

    Many of those Beta Players answered that call back then, and were presented with an acct., that gave them 4096 sq meters of free tier and $500l a week. Back then, there wasn’t any differing support channels, so these “angels” weren’t given a choice between LifeTime Support or what they were offered.

    Today, these “Angles” are known as Charter Members, you can see that in their Profile on the General Tab, and while it seems Linden Lab has forgotten their efforts to bring Second Life into GOLD, I only hope the Second Life Community won’t. Many of these “Angels” not only bought ONE Lifetime Acct., but multiple accts., and that’s a very big step of Faith, as Aunty Robin says.

    It saddens me though, that the Charter Members aren’t granted the same attention to support as say someone who came later, but paid out more. Linden Lab got an $8,000,000 gift early into Production, and I would imagine if that person wanted an acct, Island, and personal helper, Linden Lab would give him all that for free. This is the part that saddens me, that the first givers in Second Life have been forgotten, over the big givers. If it weren’t for the First Angels, there wouldn’t have been any Second Angels to follow them. Perhaps Linden Lab should remember that?

    Here’s to those Fallen Angels of Second Life, if you see one, thank them, because Linden Lab has forgotten their sacrifice.

  15. Blinders Off says:

    And uh… Bob… what does that have to do with Torley’s tips?
    While I agree with the sentiment, there were many others besides the “Angels” who helped LL get off the ground. There have been content creators all along who have not only paid sums for LL on a show of faith (because face it, SL never has worked all that well) but also helped establish SL policies and bring some of the tools we see operational today.

    But neither subject has anything to do with Torley’s Tips and while I myself lament the fact that Linden Lab found it appropriate to abandon their user forum (probably because people were justifyably raking them over the coals on a regular basis)… as they say on Tool Time, “This is neither the time nor the place.” ;D

    This said, your freedom of speech, your right to say it when and where ya want. Just voicing my freedom of speech in reply. The Angels deserve better recognition and support for sure, but then, so does anyone who has ever forked out $5,000 the first year for a silly piece of virtual lawn. LOL

    (On second thought… maybe they need therapy too…) ;D

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  17. space rockett says:

    Seems to me like i arrived in one of George A. Romano films β€œNight Of The Living Dead” people seem happy to let lindens do as they please regardless of the cost to their integrity, I Would like to congratulate Lindens for their amazing brainwashing exercise they call Second Life.I too was a zombie sleeping walking to the Linden tune.No longer !!!
    Wake up people !!!!!

    Space Wide Awake Rockett.

  18. Pointside Sunbleter says:

    @17 β€œNight Of The Living Dead”

    Brains! Brains!

    @17 space rockett Says: “I too was a zombie sleeping walking to the Linden tune.No longer !!!”

    We are so glad you got unplugged Neo. Are you the one? Say hello to Morpheus. By the way, do you got anymore of those blue pills?

    Pointside Comfortably Numb Sunbelter

  19. Blinders Off says:

    @10 Elvis: Uh Elvis, if Torley likes Dazzle, you just made my point. Torley is a great guy, but his taste in decoration isn’t exactly SL-standard. If Torley had his choice, we’d have a watermelon continent. πŸ˜€

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