Knowledge Base Article of the Week #20: This Land is Our Land

While I’m probably more excited than any of you about the upcoming Support navigation changes (coming soon), I won’t let it get in the way of this week’s Knowledge Base Article of the Week, folks.

Are you in a group that wants to own some land collectively? Curious about how contributing land tier to a group happens? Wondering how the L$ get split if a group sells land? Then this week’s article is for you: How does group-owned land work? (you may have to provide login or guest credentials before being taken to the article)

And as always, Jeremy and I will be at our surplus couch and information depot in Beaumont for Documentation Office Hours at 2pm SLT Friday. Feel free to stop by and chat with us about your experiences with the Knowledge Base; as always, support requests are for the Support Portal. Be well!

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18 Responses to Knowledge Base Article of the Week #20: This Land is Our Land

  1. Hurf says:

    Yeah. Works great, especially the 404 when you try to sign in with a guest account.

  2. Phil Priestman says:

    Why do we need to login just to read help files? Its not like its a major security issue or prevents competitors from reading them?

  3. I was about to rant about this login insanity required to read what amounts to an in-depth FAQ pertaining to your complex product.

    Thankfully according to your upcoming ‘support navigation changes’ that will soon be fixed.

    Looking forward to that. Thanks for updating/providing the knowledge base articles.

  4. Holly says:

    PEOPLE. The log-in thing is getting fixed, and soon. Just sit tight for the next week or so, okay? They already got the message.

  5. Jon Linden says:

    It’s a function of how the Support Portal works; the system needs to know who you are in case you want to submit a ticket or try starting a live chat session. This is something the aforementioned Support navigation changes (the first link in the post) aim to fix!

  6. Keiko Rau says:

    Group-Owned land?

    Legal must have missed that one… or am I the only one who noticed that all references to “own land” on the web site were replaced with “get land” a couple of months back? (as in a Premium account gives you the ability to “get land”)

    I guess “Group-Gotten Land” just doesnt sound right.

    Still, thanks for the pointer to another great article. I think the main “gotcha” with group-gotten land is the fact that the group dividend is split with “everyone” by default… It seems to me that most people dont realise you can change the abilities of each role so that you can split the dividend between specific avatars – at least not the ones Ive explained group-gotten land to. Many groups have both financial and non-financial members, so this little piece of knowledge needs to be highlighted.

  7. Hazno Bazno says:

    #5 – Jon Linden

    While that makes sense that the support portal needs to know who you are, it doesn’t seem logical.

    If you go to any major software or hardware vendor’s site the support section is open to all. If you need to contact support there’s this sweet little button at the top of the page that saiy “Contact Support” or just “Support.” Then you log in and go from there.

    Not trying to be rude but probably 90%+ of people visiting the FAQ/Support Portal will have their answer by looking it up. So forcing logins really isn’t necessary at all. And a non-SL person might just want a peek at the FAQ a bit before joining, especially when THIS stuff is open to the public and all they see are chronic complainers…

    Even with a guest login, again, there is really no transparency. Logging in should ONLY be when absolutely necessary.

  8. Holly says:

    “Even with a guest login, again, there is really no transparency. Logging in should ONLY be when absolutely necessary.”

    Why? I agree that it’s annoying to have an extra step, but what harm does it actually do? It’s not like you have to have a SL account to log in to the knowledge base. Heck, you could probably just make up an email address if you felt like it.

    “If you need to contact support there’s this sweet little button at the top of the page that saiy “Contact Support” or just “Support.” Then you log in and go from there.”

    Maybe I missed something… but that’s exactly what happens after you click the Support tab at the top of the site.

  9. Blinders Off says:

    Not to get technical here, but in reality, there’s not really any such thing (IMO) as “group-owned land”.

    A bunch of people can contribute land to the group, and the land can be deeded to group, but that land is really no different than a private island that is deeded to group. The real “owners” are still those that contribute the tier.

    If a major tier owner suddenly and without warning removes that tier, that group can lose land to Governor Linden real fast (as has happened many, many times in the past). Will the group then be able to buy that land back? Depends on how some LL employee is feeling that day. Sometimes yes… usually not. Usually the land either sits dormant or goes to auction or gets lost in the deep reaches of LL dungeons.

    So (again IMO)… I wouldn’t recommend groups being of the opinion they can “own” land. They don’t. They use land that is contributed by tier of actual landowners. Their name may not be on the land, but they own the tier, thus control the life or demise of the land the tier is applied to.

    Why is this technicality important? Ask any group who has ever had a major land contributor remove that tier (be it just a generous member who can no longer be generous, or an officer that turns rotten) what it does to “group owned” lands. This isn’t a seldom-experienced thing, and it is not pleasant. The idea of group “owned” land is really a play on words and does not really reflect the reality of the situation. ANY land can be deeded to group. Group “owned” land in reality, is nothing but a bunch of people chipping in their land rights together into one pot… but each one still “owns” those land rights and can withdraw it at any time.

  10. Mimi says:

    I lost a land to the group having disappeared because a member left.. you should cover that too

  11. Frans says:

    I’m actually quite excited about the support portal update, it is a pain to use.

  12. Holly says:

    @ Mimi:

    The last link in that article leads to another that explains your issue, i think.

    “If a group is disbanded, the land it owns goes to Governor Linden to be auctioned off. To preserve the value of your group’s land, you should either sell it or reclaim it before disbanding the group.

    If you are the original owner of a disbanded group, you may be able to reclaim the group-deeded land that was assigned to your group. Submit a ticket to Support, and make sure to include:

    * The group’s name.
    * The name of the Region where the land is located.

    If we get your request before the land goes up for auction, we may be able to reassign the land to the group founder. Note that we will process these requests on a case-by-case basis; the only guaranteed way to retain your land (or its value in L$) is to reclaim it or sell it before disbanding the group.”

  13. Me says:

    How does deeding land to group affect the new search ranking?

    When looking at a parcel’s info it does show the current owner, which would then be replaced by the group’s name naturally.

    We don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes, will this actually create a new “parcel google http://…”, so that created picks will show to “no parcel” after deeding or will deeding land to a group have no affect to a parcel’s google status?

  14. Sedary Raymaker says:

    @6: “group-gotten land”

    Heh, good point. I’m surprised they aren’t using “group-held land” or “group-maintained land”, which implies an administrative role.

    Honestly, I don’t mind the change in terminology. I’ve long gotten tired of having to explain to people that they can’t just pay for land once and be done with it, which is what “own” suggests should happen.

  15. Land tutorials is great!

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    The Fallen Angels of Second Life

    Today I would like to turn my attention to something many of you are probably not aware of. But before I start, you will need to understand the term “angel” in this context.

    An “angel” in many software company’s, especially gaming company’s, are people that provide needed startup capital, even before the product is proven or gone into production.

    The amazing part of today’s requiem is that Second Life had their own “angels”, yet according to Linden Lab, they matter little any longer to them.

    You see, during the Beta Process of Second Life, and before Linden Lab could go “Gold”, they asked their Beta Players to do something extraordinary. Not to find more bugs, or help decode this or that, instead, Linden Lab, in a personnel plea from CEO Philip Rosedale, asked that the Beta Players buy LIFETIME Accts., to help Linden Lab raise SEED MONEY so they could go GOLD.

    Many of those Beta Players answered that call back then, and were presented with an acct., that gave them 4096 sq meters of free tier and $500l a week. Back then, there wasn’t any differing support channels, so these “angels” weren’t given a choice between LifeTime Support or what they were offered.

    Today, these “Angles” are known as Charter Members, you can see that in their Profile on the General Tab, and while it seems Linden Lab has forgotten their efforts to bring Second Life into GOLD, I only hope the Second Life Community won’t. Many of these “Angels” not only bought ONE Lifetime Acct., but multiple accts., and that’s a very big step of Faith, as Aunty Robin says.

    It saddens me though, that the Charter Members aren’t granted the same attention to support as say someone who came later, but paid out more. Linden Lab got an $8,000,000 gift early into Production, and I would imagine if that person wanted an acct, Island, and personal helper, Linden Lab would give him all that for free. This is the part that saddens me, that the first givers in Second Life have been forgotten, over the big givers. If it weren’t for the First Angels, there wouldn’t have been any Second Angels to follow them. Perhaps Linden Lab should remember that?

    Here’s to those Fallen Angels of Second Life, if you see one, thank them, because Linden Lab has forgotten their sacrifice.

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  17. space rockett says:

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    Wake up people !!!!!

    Space Wide Awake Rockett.

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