WindLight Office Hours merging into RC Office Hours

Hey all- just wanted to announce that after this week, WL Office Hours will merge with Release Candidate Office Hours. These are on Wednesdays at 3:00pm SLT at Bridie Linden’s house in LindenVillage.

This week, the schedule will be a bit mixed- today’s office hours, you may have noticed, are empty due to an unrelated meeting that most of the WL team needs to attend. Tomorrow, (Wed.), most of us will be at the RC Hours. Thursday, we will be at the standard WL Office Hours. Starting next week, it will only be the RC ones, in honor of WL’s new status 🙂

Happy Lighting,
Pastrami and the WL Team

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79 Responses to WindLight Office Hours merging into RC Office Hours

  1. required name says:

    No, I didn’t notice that “today’s office hours, were empty due to an unrelated meeting”, for the simple reason that I couldn’t log at all…

  2. Cold Spitteler says:

    windlight being standard is probably the worst decision that linden labs has made.. and thats a tough accomplishment

    it seems that the priority on this outweighs the opinions of the residents and other long term problems that are being ignored

  3. Joshua Philgarlic says:

    There are two major bugs in WL RC:

    – Attachments being attached to the wrong place.
    – Search not showing search results for keywords shorter than 3 characters.

    Both issues have been estimate as “critical” or “showstopper”.

    I’m wondering why

    a) there was no warning about this in the blog
    b) residents are still forced to use WL RC instead of downgrading to previous versions??

  4. Zorin Frobozz says:

    Whine whine whine, complain whine whine whine cry cry cry.

    Seriously people. There are DIFFERENT GROUPS at LL working on DIFFERENT PROBLEMS. Just because one group is working on Windlight (graphics developers) doesn’t mean another isn’t working on server side issues (teleporting, sim crossing, inventory issues, etc.)

    Stop assuming that progress in one area of SL means stagnation in another.

  5. Foxxe Wilder says:

    it seems that the moment you guys did that, the release candidate became TOTALLY UNUSABLE – I can’t even get it online long enough to finished initial rezzing. CRASH after CRASH after CRASH after CRASH after CRASH!

  6. Joshua Philgarlic says:

    @ 4
    You see the headline? It contains WINDLIGHT and RC. Where else should I complain?

    Sorry, but sometimes I’m really pissed to act as LL’s crashtest dummy over and over.

  7. darren says:

    Just like to say that I hardley ever get any problems with the veiwers, the people who seem to have so many problems need to start looking at their PC setup because Sl can be tweaked under prefrences to suit the PC so instead of pushing the setting up try lowering them until you find the right ballance.

  8. Vivienne says:

    I do not need to go for your “office hours”, cause you only need to take a look at the JIRA to see what´s up with that winded light.

    If THIS is a Release(!) Candidate, oh my…

    Not funny at all.

  9. M says:

    Can you please extend the Wednesday Triage please?
    Or have it on another day too, twice a week as I don’t think just 1 hour a week will be acceptable after the merge.
    2 Hours on wednesdays?
    Please, thanx
    ❤ M

  10. Vivienne says:

    “…need to start looking at their PC setup…”

    Please stop telling half of the population to look at their PC setup. Almost everyone of the people you advise to do so can play ANY other VR game without any major problem. It is NOT the PC, it is NOT the ppl, it is LL coding.

  11. Byakuya Runo says:

    Does this mean that Windlight will no longer be the First Viewer? Is Dazzle going to replace Windlight as the First Viewer?

  12. the bat says:

    The Old windlight client ran great , kudos to the WL team , pity the RC team isnt 1/2 as good . that POS never did run right and adding a perfectly good windlight to it has just borked windlight — kinda got used to 30+fps with WL , back down to 3-5 with RC/WL . — bloody mad decision to merge em or parts of the two are ïncompatible”is a polite term . FFs dont actually make this the Official viewer without sorting it out .

  13. Foxxe Wilder says:

    #7 Darrren:

    “the people who seem to have so many problems need to start looking at their PC setup because Sl can be tweaked under prefrences to suit the PC so instead of pushing the setting up try lowering them until you find the right ballance.”

    That is OLD news, babe, the majority of us that TAKE the chances with these programs KNOW how to tweak the hell out of it to get it to run.

    Until the merger, I had Windlight, RC and the normal releases ALL in their own directories. (an old habit I got into when beta testing OS’s)

    My point is, even after a VIRGIN installation (removing ALL traces of SL from the harddrive ENTIRELY, the new RC DID NOT and WOULD NOT load without crashing.

    AND… FWIW, I ALWAYS have my settings backed off in preferences, — just because you OWN a ferrarri doesn’t mean you RACE all the time.

  14. Mike says:

    Well I’m having no problems with the viewer at all! I get the usual stuff with TP’s not working from time to time, but other than that all seems fine to me. Maybe it is to do with computer set up?

  15. Money Talks says:

    So far, I have encountered the problem of malfunctioning money transfer. Otherwise I think this viewer is fairly stable.

    Even though I may be complaining every now and then, I believe that some of the problems are related to the consumer internet connectivity – sorry folks, but that is my sincere belief, and nobody can alter that.

  16. Yavapai Villota says:

    Listen LL. Serious: this all is not longer interesting for us all. All means: the patient people and the fedded up people. We pay all much for that second life, – the basics, the premiums and the so called concierges. But we all experience only one premium thing: premium problems of all sorts for all users all days. Nothing works smooth. Nothing. No day. Since years. And while people are hammering on concierges since that party invitation: concierges have literaly no real benefits.
    Or does anyone think, a “party”, laggy and crashy enough, is a “benefit”? They only pay from $125 up to thousands of dollar each month for the eaxct same bad experiences as all sl-residents have. Some weeks or months before, the big boss Rosedale announced some phrases about stability. So, the result is: nothing is stable. The only stable thing is, that sl is totaly messed up in all meanings. Even with the newest hardware and the fastest internet connection anynone experience only the countless bundle of brutal showstopping bugs every day and night. Some people here posting a lot that we should not complain, but: where to express the frustration about all miserable experiences? Filling a ticket? They glew the tickets at their walls and nothing happens by filling a ticket, no matter if a premium or a concierge fills that. But sometimes a yellow blog entry gives the impression, that the one or the other LL employee is reading the blog…well, not that this would result in some useful changes to manage the game in a direction that we would have a kind of value for our money and time we spent there, but in this way, they maybe know that we are all totaly frustrated and ripped off. And why do we all not just leaving the “game” to give LL something to think about? Maybe because everyone made some minutes, some experiences wich showed what would be possible, if that thing would be stable and fast and on a real qualitiy level. But there is the money issue: people will not be so stupid, to pay and pay and pay endless for nothing. I think we all give and gave LL much time credit (and money credit) along long years to fix the main problems. And we need them resolved in the literaly meaning of resolved. Not for just seconds, not for just minutes, not for just hours, not for just days, but we need a stable and fast working grid as a stable base in general for being and playing here. We need quality. Until yesterday, or until latest today, and not in a halluzinated “future”. We need a stable quality NOW and evidences for a real hard concentration of LL on the issues!

  17. milissa rossini says:

    all user should be careful about the preset on performance: from LOW to ULTRA. Totally need to redesign after ask user’s opinion. Default distance drawing of each presetting is wrongly design. It only cause network loading more trouble. I agree @13 that reduce the version is better to focus on debug and enhancing development. WL has no actually problem even using on a intel on board display chipset, only that require you tune down the setting manually. I suggest the default drawing is still 64M, but put the distance drawing at the screen bottom tool bar as “increase or decrease see distance”

  18. Keryth Qian says:

    # 16, Yavapai Villota . with all due respect, you do not speak for ALL in SL, and definitely not for me.

    It costs me $100 USD a month just for tier fees on properties and I don’t rent them out..
    That was MY decision.

    #4 Zorin Frobozz didn’t speak for anyone but himself and I agree totally with his evaluation of the situation.

    I have betaed and played online games for 12 years and they ALL have problems…thus the phrase ‘lag death’
    Go on their forums..Gotta hate Sony, Turbine, EA etc etc f-ups..don’t know what they are doing..blah blah.

    Hate uses SO much energy..YOU chose to run a business in a virtual world…You, as I, chose to put real money into SL for whatever reason.

    Lighten up 🙂

    At least LL gives us a comment blog to vent frustrations on.

  19. JayR Cela says:

    WindLight / is not good / the Avatar Impostors / are great / that idea needs to be retained / other than that / I see no real use for it /
    I would like you to keep up the work on the Dazzle Client

  20. Marcus Antonelli says:

    So once again we get another “feature” rammed down our throats while real issues remain unresolved.

    Nice going LL.


  21. pantaiputih korobase says:

    hopes that defualt draw distance will not be 0 (zero) soon 🙂

  22. Argent Stonecutter says:

    @6 Joshua: “I’m really pissed to act as LL’s crashtest dummy over and over.”

    That’s what you agreed to when you chose to use the Windlight viewer.

  23. Bato Brendel says:

    RE #5 Are you using nVidia? and what driver set? I was using 163.xx due to issues with OpenGL 2.1.2 and shader issues prior to WL merging in. and had stability issues. I reinstalled 169.21 and my stability has come back. Try that out….
    #16 Have some cheese and crackers…
    #17 Network loading has nothing to do with how many verticies that your client drawn for prim detail, All details on a prim are sent to the client no matter what. Its up to your client side to decide how and what to draw.

    AND #4 AMEN TO THAT BROTHER!!!!!!!! IF people would help out more with looking and learning how to use JIRA and report and help do some bughunting. Reporting it makes it that much easier for LL to determine problems. Stop the whine, eat your cheese and crackers and help out the community not just sit and whine about it.

  24. OK, those of you who are complaining about the complainers, let me help you understand why they come here to complain.

    First, Linden Lab personnel have chosen NOT to respond to those who make valid complaints and questions either here or in Email. IF Linden Lab would be a Professionally Conducted company, perhaps someone at Linden Lab would address the angry mob, but since they can exercise even the smallest amount of Professionalism, then people will continue to complain here, and so be it, Linden Lab should have some way for their customers to receive regress from their issues, and since they don’t, it’s going to take place here.

    So once again, let the people complain, and maybe someday, but I doubt it, someone at Linden Lab will grow a spine and step up to the plate!

  25. richard says:

    #21 i’m laughing

  26. Vivienne says:

    “those of you who are complaining about the complainers..”

    Those should take a look at the JIRA, as i mentioned before. It s by far not all taking place here on the blog. There are several hundred open and not assigned issues on the JIRA. So, if it does not even help to use the LL recommended channel for serious bug reporting and the JIRA obviously is not even good for motivating LL to fix their worst bugs…oh my.

    And it is ridiculous to advise ppl to look for a better “PC setup”. There are minimum requirements, and LL obviously is NOT able to make their software run on configurations which match their own minimum requirements 100 percent.

  27. Captain Noarlunga says:

    Big mistake merging WL into RC. Forcing ppl to use something that not everyone wants and also excluding ppl with a lower spec PC, because WL needs more graphics power than the RC or normal client ever did. WL forces ppl with lesser graphics power to use much lower draw distances, which in turn has a big impact on the in-game experience. Add to this the fact that it takes forever to load Map and a few other slow downs………definately a bad, bad move. However, LL never did take residents opinions into account…..except Sidewinder Linden and his Havok4 Team (these guys could teach the other teams how to behave with paying customers).

  28. Captain Noarlunga says:

    #16 one thing I agree with, Support Tickets from Concierge Level Customers sure as hell do not seem to get any priority treatment. I havent even had a confirmation that mine has even been noticed yet. Leaves you wondering if it was ever received. If a Linden happens to read this maybe you would check it out. It could be added to Metrics… long it takes to respond to a Concierge Level Support Ticket……and al the other ticket levels too?????????

  29. Vivienne says:

    @ 27

    Yes, Another very bad, bad move. I wonder if they will survive any serious competition. Not very trustworthy. I really, really feel pity for all those who invested lots of time, work and money in SL, cause as soon as a competitor will show up who not only decides to have some software engineering fun but serious customer relationships and who matches the REAL demands of these customers, LL will sink like the Titanic.

  30. Scree Raymaker says:

    Darren, my computer can run Unreal Tournament 3 at 1680×1050 60Hz with all settings on high while recording 720×480 30fps XviD MPEG4 video. Care to explain why my computer is incapable of running the normal client (forget the RC) without crashing every few days?

    Money Talks, my connection is 22Mb download and 1.3Mb upload. Care to explain why that’s not good enough to keep the client running properly?

  31. Foxxe Wilder says:

    #23 Bato Brendel thanx babe! You’re a hero! (I never know when Nvidia updates anymore)

  32. coventina dalgleish says:

    Well the only major problem I see in the new release candidate is a painfully slow rez time.

    And for all of you who seem to be having problems do take a look at your system insure you have the latest video drivers installed and if you do not uninstall the old viewers totally all you do is ask for problems.

    My system is by no means state of the art as most items are 3 to 4 years old. An old p4 3.6 mono processor an old Nvidia 6800 video card well it is an ultra but still this is not new tech. I do run on a 10meg connection and it seems to make a big difference as I can compare the performance to my 3 meg DSL. Oh and finally if you do not have 2 gigs of ram think about updating a little.

    All in all the new release candidate handles scripts much better and seems to run faster. I was never a fan of the wind light viewer until this one was released. You can turn down the parameters to suit your system virtually creating a non wind light viewer if you do not like it.

    So while not perfect this system seems to be a step in the right direction and I know all will not accept it with open arms. Personally I dislike the dazzle presentation it is a little to crayon based in the color schemes ))

  33. Scree Raymaker says:

    /me points coventina to his post

  34. Shanessa Vendetta says:

    It is easy to sympathize with you all but it would be better suited if you took your energy and recorded bugs and such on JIRA or voted on ones that are already created. You must remember Windlight/RC is STILL a test software, yes there will be bugs, yes major at times but isn’t that what the warning is before you download it. You signed up to become LL guinea pigs the moment you downloaded these clients. Overall this game is fantastic.. if you disagree go play something like the sims online then get back to me. I applaud Linden Labs for actually an influence on the game, even if it is bugs.. it means someone is there actually doing something. Thank You Linden Labs 😀

  35. darren says:

    @30 Yes I know what you mean but that game software you play is off the shelf software Sl is a work in progress so yes you still need to take into consideration other factors like, internet connection exchanges memory graphics ect. There will alway be bugs but that just part and parcle of the concept thats all i am saying

  36. Tiny Mind says:

    I tried that ‘Windlight’ version and I swear, everytime I log in now I want to put on a life-preserver with all the stinking WATER I see floating everywhere around us. Is this ‘Island Hopping’ from one SIM to another the future of SL?? No thanks.

    Tiny Mind.

  37. Vivienne says:

    “Overall this game is fantastic.. if you disagree go play something like the sims online then get back to me. I applaud Linden Labs for actually an influence on the game, even if it is bugs”

    So do I, but not for the bugs. It is a great “game” and LL deserves credits for pushing it that far. But the more people use it and the more work and money is invested by these people the higher the demands. And if LL fails because of some open eyed ignorance all the energy, money and work of their customers, who actually BUILD this world, will be lost.

  38. Ryu Darragh says:

    Yes, while #7 is repeating an old cantrip for crash problems, it does indeed have some merit.

    That being said, my wifes machine, which has the latest ATI drivers for her X1600, crashes immediately on the 1.19.1 RC client, but not on the 1.19.05 client.

    My other machine with an nVidea 8800GTX does fine.

    It may be the system, yes, but because some initialization condition/driver combination that Linden Labs has missed, not the “defective setup” the user has.

    I have heard from over 30 people about the “crash before ‘loading’ appears” problem and I doubt it’s their system.

    They’ll find the problem, I’m sure, and 1.19.1(1) will be out soon after.

  39. Scree Raymaker says:

    darren, just because Second Life isn’t sold in the shops and is constantly under development doesn’t mean we should allow some major bugs to get through (like the “Out of Memory” error I got a few hours ago in the regular client). They have a testing process (RC and First Look) that doesn’t seem to work, as lots of people are still having huge problems with the current and RC clients.

  40. darren says:

    @39 Have you tryed the dazzle veiwer its not as system hungry infact I would rate it as best veiwer avaliable at the moment for performance maybe that would be best or have you tryed it already, I am not saying the veiwers are perfect for all just stating that I dont have any major issues lately since using a nvidia card and tweaking. 15 months ago i was crashing every hour but the viewers are very stable for me I spend around 11hrs a day on here and very rarly crash appart from usual failed TP and sim crossings.

  41. RachelO Orochi says:

    Geez, for a bunch of people so concerned about the fate of the virtual world, people are consistently demoralizing every time LL changes something. If I worked for Linden Labs I probably would’ve started ignoring these comments completely years ago.

  42. Steve Ard says:

    People, people, people, its NOT SL or WL! It’s youre fricken cheap computer. If you have a Pentium PC, get a game card and 2gig more of RAM. THEN you can play SL and not crash. IF you wanna do WL, get an Intel Quad 4 chip with a good game card and the RAM and you wont crash…. stop expecting an amazing program to fly throught your cheap little laptop! WAAAAAAAA!

  43. Ivantwin Rogers says:

    # 16, Yavapai Villota . with all due respect, you do not speak for ALL in SL, and definitely not for me.

    i love windlight and i know all effort the lindens make in this system, and all onlines game have problems, i play second life in 2560 x 1600 with the windlight and i dont have problems, the only problem is the old , old bug and that is the attachment acesories they put in my ass when i enter to diferent areas , but that is not windlight

    if you dont like the second life progress go to cry to mother hood

  44. Ivantwin Rogers says:

    and let me say, tell me what a game have only 35mb And have all these fantastic effects 3d?
    TELL ME???

    word of warcraf have over 4 Gigabytes, and everquest2 HAVE 8 Giga bytes etc, Everquest 2 need a stronger computer for play that!! and they have exploids, bugs and others problems , but you can say ah that is true but the price in theirs are 15 dollars montly fees , hehe but i know the price here is irrelevant haha.

    I recomended to all people is you want play windlight make a fine upgrande for the horrid and gimp computers, you dont need to be a ritch for make a fine upgrade

    SECOND LIFE 35 MB only and with that s too wonderful to be a system so small and trying to do streaming

    WINDLIGHT and HAVOCK4 systems forevers!

    go to cry to maternity!

  45. Distilled1 says:

    “People, people, people, its NOT SL or WL! It’s youre fricken cheap computer. If you have a Pentium PC, get a game card and 2gig more of RAM. THEN you can play SL and not crash. IF you wanna do WL, get an Intel Quad 4 chip with a good game card and the RAM and you wont crash…. stop expecting an amazing program to fly throught your cheap little laptop! WAAAAAAAA!”

    /me nods how many ask over and over whats the best lap top… the answer is NONE
    and that on sale 499USD dell wont cut it either..
    sorry facts are facts
    can I run on my 1400 lap top yeah at lowest settings and in a molasses muck…
    but its not designed for SL and SL is not designed for it.

    but my dual core, 7900GTX nvidia and 4 gigs of Ram take it for days on end.. while I shoutcast, play live into SL, run Fire Fox… I don’t see where these crashes come from??? and I have older shels of white boxes running 512 and a fx5200 card Pentium 3 crap no crashes either even with WL. just not set ultra have to set it for the box…

  46. Ivantwin Rogers says:

    okey but i have two nvidia SLI 8800 GTX with a computer with 2mb of ram and i play in 2560 x 1660 and i dont have crashes, all runs perfect for me , maybe i see a minors problems old bug but that is a part of this prosess, but I DONT HAVE CRASH! in my pc,

  47. Kelly Boyington says:


  48. Ivantwin Rogers says:

    kelly dont use capitals in all blog, is a bad education,and i dont have a problems with a merge windlight,

    Thanks to Linden labs for all works

  49. Andrew Hailey says:

    The difference bettween SL and say World Of Warcraft in terms of size it takes up on your HD is purely because in World Of Warcraft all information pertaining to weapons, armor, spell effects, textures ect ect are stored primarily on your computer unlike SL that keeps all that sort of information server side.

    As for WL i can honestly say i cant run it very well, i get a good 25 fps on the normal SL client and this is with pretty high settings but with windlight it seems i suffer alot and i have to run pracitacly on minimum to get a playable speed, but that makes everything look pretty awfull.

    As for what i run its above the minimum but below the recomended specs for SL, for the most part i assume its my computer thats unable to handle WL sufficently enough for me to enjoy it, but there should be an option i feel to be able to run SL without any of the WL options just so those who cant dont and those who could run it can.

  50. Fox says:

    Second Life “Windlight” Release Candidate? sorry, but you really completely missed the board when you tried to hit that nail with your playskool hammer.
    The First Look Windlight client was actually maturing quite nicely! and then you had to merge it into the Release Candidate and lose all your progress. Be happy I am not your manager, you would all be fired.

    I refer to the Release Candidate as False Windlight.

    The GUI is more broken than the real Windlight.
    The GUI texts are corrupted and shifted in the False Windlight.
    Rezzing is completely broken in the False Windlight.
    Textures, shiny and other ‘bling’ you introduced since Windlight, are all broken in False Windlight.
    The friendlist and group chats are completely broken in False Windlight – When a group chat automatically opens, 5 seconds later I am notified I do not have sufficient permission, and when I click the OK button (No, it’s NOT okay!) the group chat is closed! but if I leave the button alone (and not be able to do anything else as it blocks all inputs until you click OK) the chat continues but I can’t participate. And why are the hippos back again? 9 out of 10 logins I have to close SL, and login again just to see my friendlist load halfway.
    The icons you used for a simulator’s status regarding scripts, push, collisions, building, etc. are all misleading – gear icons for scripts? I expected something different there, colissions to be exact. And from two feet away it looks almost identical to the no push icon because they are all the same color; washed out and nearly invisible.
    Uploading textures/sounds, saving scripts/notecards/gestures/shapes are all broken; they time out 8 out of 10 times while attempting to save, often causing some major loss of good work and money!
    The graphics performance of False Windlight is exponentially worse than the real Windlight; as soon as you get near high prim constructions the frames per second start to drop rapidly until you either manage to tear your camera away offsim, or until you log out! moving away from the ‘lag construction’ doesn’t guarantee recovery either, the performance loss stays and will swing the FPS up and down until you relog, so basically it’s now a lose/lose situation. This is affecting both avatar attachments of yourself, as well as others, as well as whatever happens to be built around you! pathetic!
    Why on earth can’t you people manage a stable performing platform? Why does every release of your software guarantee a DROP in performance instead of a rise above nominal performance?
    Why on earth can I pull 55FPS in Doom 3 on ‘high’ but can’t run the False Windlight Release Candidate at ‘low’ at more than 15FPS while standing still in an empty sim?

    What are you doing wrong here Linden Labs? graphics cards aren’t going to magically drop in price and become infinitely powerful at the same time you know!
    People’s internet connections aren’t going to magically drop in price and become infinitely faster at the same time you know!
    Isn’t an 8Mbit pipe enough anymore? if it isn’t, then why on earth do you force the client software to throttle the transfer speeds and why on earth did you limit the downstream setting under Network to 1Mbit? can you explain that?

    No, I thought not.

  51. Ivantwin Rogers says:

    andrew the others games are in hardisk but that is irreveland , Second life is very fantastic with only 35mb streaming mode!! all games have a problems all time, ok

  52. Andrew Hailey says:

    Im sorry Ivantwin but the way you worded your post it sounded like you claimed SL to be able to do all these “fantastic effects 3d” at only 35mb compaired to other games. It is very ‘irrelevant’ on the size of space it takes up so i dont see why its such a big deal because even with “only 35mb streaming mode!!” some games have problems some of the time not “all games have a problems all time”.

    But i agree SL is a fantsic game with “problems all time”

  53. Ivantwin Rogers says:

    and the word of warcraft and everquest, and other have a problems all time, second life is not the exception, if you want a perfect program, turn off windows xp , hehe

  54. Tegg B says:

    Vivienne Says:
    “…need to start looking at their PC setup…”

    Please stop telling half of the population to look at their PC setup. Almost everyone of the people you advise to do so can play ANY other VR game without any major problem. It is NOT the PC, it is NOT the ppl, it is LL coding.

    Perhaps we should tell everyone to ignore their PC setup, encourage them to keep complaining that SL won’t run 50 bots on their 4yo office spec povpack laptop.

    And half the population huh, someones done a decent survey to support this claim I guess?
    I and apparently 30,000 others are are online using this or one of the many “comletely unusable” viewer’s. If the coding is completely unusable, a lot of us must have a different RC.

    Some complainers here apparently from previous blog postings haven’t been able to login consitently for over 18 months, but it’s nothing to do with their ISP or PC of course………………………..

  55. Lomgren Smalls says:

    SL does not run on only 35 MB. Take a look at your cache size, which can be set for a maximum of 1 GB. And that gets overwritten all the time as textures and animations and such load in. If all the textures and animations and such were ever downloaded onto your computer at the same time, it’d probably fill the entire harddrive several times over.

    Also, realize that most people have 3-4 year old hardware, and can’t necessarily afford to upgrade to new stuff. SLI’d 8800 GTX? That’s $800 US, at least, not to mention needing a motherboard and a power supply that can handle it. Which is serious overkill for most people. Most people are lucky to afford one of those, if that.

    I will agree that there can be problems from bad hardware/driver combinations… but I haven’t seen all the problems people seem to have. I also run a 3rd party viewer, Nicholaz Beresford’s, and I am quite literally rock solid. I’ve actually run SL for 24 hours before, straight. That’s on a GeForce 6800, 2 gig of RAM, and an Athlon 64 3500+, though I don’t have driver details handy right now. The only times I’ve had to close SL are due to teleport disconnects or the sim I’m in crashing. It is extremely rare for me to crash outside of those serverside errors.

    As for Windlight being combined with the RC, I don’t see how it is ready, especially with the comments I am seeing on this page. But, now that I think about it, combining it with the RC is supposed to find these kind of issues and get them worked out. If the RC isn’t fixed in the next few builds, then I think there will be a right to complain. As of now, give them a bit of time to work things out.

  56. Ivantwin Rogers says:

    the price in my computer with two 8800 sli, is irrelevant, i dont have a crashes, and i love windlight, forever

  57. Ivantwin Rogers says:

    and second life have 1gb cache but is not to huge than evequest or warcraft, because the second life make all in streaming, and Second life is a Wonderful plataform with fantasic special efects and others funs! and for 35 mb with 1gb cache that is awesome, bug? all massive multiplayers have bugs!! exploids etc

  58. Scree Raymaker says:

    Right, for all those people saying “get a better computer and you wouldn’t crash as much”, here’s the specs of my PC, which crashes on the regular and RC clients (but didn’t crash nearly as much on the standalone WindLight client or the 1.18 clients):

    abit IP35 Pro motherboard
    Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 2.4GHz
    Corsair 2GB DDR2 XMS2 RAM
    Asus Nvidia Geforce 8800GT 512MB
    500GB SATA hard drive (can’t remember manufacturer)
    Zalman ZM600-HP 600 watt power supply
    Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS Platinum Pro sound card
    XClio Wind Tunnel case (fans: 12cm x2, 25cm x2)
    BeUnlimited 24MB ADSL (getting 22Mb download, 1.3Mb upload)

    I’m a gamer and a computer technician. I’ve been using IBM compatible PCs since Windows 3.1, and currently run Windows XP and Debian Linux (changing to Gentoo on Monday when 2008.0 is released). This is not a pre-built computer, but one I put together myself to ensure I got the best quality components. It is running all the latest drivers for every component. It can run any other game with all the settings at their highest at 1680×1050, while also recording MPEG4 video with sound at 30 FPS (tested in Unreal Tournament 3), yet I’ve had “out of memory” errors and random crashes every few days (at one point I had 3 crashes within a 2 hour period).

    If a computer like mine only has problems with SL, and not with FPSs, RTSs, racers, flight sims, MMORPGs, etc. then it’s definately the SL code that’s the problem, not the computer.

  59. Kenny Devoix says:

    If its all due to bad SL code then explain how I can run even this RC client on the high setting,get a average of 35 fps and rarely crash except for in tp, on my PC.
    Asus MB
    AMD X2 3800
    1 gig ram
    6800 card
    and a fairly slow DSL

    I can also run it at 15fps average on my backup PC with settings at medium.
    3yr old Emachine
    AMD 3000+
    1gig ram
    old 5200 card
    no crashs with that one either except for the tp crash.

  60. HH says:

    I have been wondering why the heck if you try to attach objects in yor head on the new RC it attaches to your right hand or its default position. And also if you type in IM your cursor jumps on the chatbar by itself when theres people speaking around you. Alltogether windlight gives me better performance though graphically on my 3 year old computer and it looks much better too,still its annoying to switch clients if you want to attach something to different spot,Oh and i almost forgot inventory can take up to 3 hours to load a measily 20000 items sometimes and the new items too.Anyway if i knew how to use the support portal i would have and have to hope someone from LL actually reads these comments.

  61. July Lusch says:

    Seriously apart from the attachment bug (which is annoying but I believe there’s a patch floating about) I’ve had NO problems with WL going into the RC.
    If we’re looking at fps rates and stuff like that then It’s about the same, but if we’re looking at water…and renderglow, and dynamic reflections…and OH MY GOSH the sky then I’d personally push for windlight to replace the main viewer sooner rather than later.

    why do I feel like I’m the minority?

  62. July Lusch says:

    @ 60, if you don’t know how to use Jira there’s a video tutorial by Torley “Tip of the Week #18: How to report a bug”
    Find it here

    scroll down to tip of the week and it explains everything you should need to know

  63. Zi Ree says:

    There is a workaround to the attachment bug. Drop the attachment on the floor first and attach it from there. This worked for me.

  64. Judo Jung says:

    I love Windlight and have been using it exclusively for months now. The graphics performance is so much better (higher FPS). I have no idea why people whine so much about this viewer, which a few bugs apart, is so much better than the standard viewer.

  65. Scree Raymaker says:

    Kenny Devoix, if it works on your computers but not on my computer, which should be able to run it better instead of it crashing every so often (already had one crash today), then it’s badly coded. Really, the only difference the hardware should make is in how detailed the graphics can be. The OS should be handling everything else.

  66. Scree Raymaker says:

    In fact, what needs to be done is to make a list of hardware setups it works on and ones it crashes on (including driver versions), and then see if there’s any similarities between the crashing computers and why it works on others.

  67. Kenny Devoix says:

    I agree a list like that would be a great idea and would tell a lot about where the problems with crashing actualy is. Along with listing the hardware setups it possibly should include what other programs are actively running on the PC to eliminate software conflicts.Like on my old emachine pc if I try to run much of anything else other then a firewall and anti virus while running SL then the preformance falls down drasticly.

  68. H U says:

    And crash… on Vista 64, at least…

  69. shockwave yareach says:

    Before you make Windlight the basis of SL1.5, you MUST do something about the FPS of the game. Fortunately, this isn’t that difficult. Simply put all the Rendering code in its own thread so that DualCores and QuadCores can devote some MIPS to the task.

    Make two threads with a shared memory area. Have IO (network, messages, diskIO, userinteraction) in thread A like you have now. And in thread B, all the graphics rendering and display. Do this and Windlight will run faster and look better than SL ever has. Fail to do so, and you give up any pretense to blame our hardware as being insufficient for the task. Our gear is state of the art – your software is not.

  70. Balpien Hammerer says:

    The islanding problem #36 (Tiny) mentioned is a total showstopper. That alone has ruined the look of SL, changing it to a completely jarring and unrealistic experience. The new visual model of harsh cutoff and substitution of water for everything past the view limit is entirely unreal, damaging any motion based experiences such as boating and flying. It does not help to gratuitously substitute gorgeous looking waves and foam for land and buildings.

    Windlight has some marvelous features, but the total package is serious marred – what is being delivered is a major setback to the VR experience. It should not be part of the primary client viewer until these problems are fixed. Worse, to pair Windlight with release candidates will reduce the level of client prescreening of bug fixes, and that is an even worse outcome for the overall quality improvement of SecondLife.

  71. Cinco Pizzicato says:

    I’ve been dreading the day Windlight migrated to RC.

    I have a Mac. If you folks think things are sketchy under your super-powered gaming systems, you might try running SL on a MacBook.

    The thing about SL on Mac is that there are far fewer hardware combinations, so thus it should be easier to make SL crash less for more people with less effort.

    Windlight I can’t keep running for more than 10 minutes, on a MacBook or a MacBook Pro.

  72. Wake up in SF please says:

    forget the office hours…just tell me in on simple understandable sentence why i used the release candidate so successfully for weeks until yesterdays rolling restart and now the release candidate freezes everytime i try to use it…nothing has changed here…so just be honest and clear for once…what is going on?

  73. Wake up in SF please says:

    @ 71 btw i use a mac and never ever crashed or had a problem with it until yesterday’s rolling restart

  74. Lomgren Smalls says:

    I’ll agree on the need for making a list of the combinations of drivers, hardware, and viewers everyone is using, as well as the experience one has with SL, as that will help pinpoint possible problems. Though I think the new viewers are supposed to be doing that a bit better. It’s not something I’ve looked into much yet.

  75. Distilled1 says:

    “It can run any other game with all the settings at their highest ”

    But SL is not a game it is an application … its apples to Oranges!

  76. Tegg B says:

    Scree Raymaker Says:
    Right, for all those people saying “get a better computer and you wouldn’t crash as much”, here’s the specs of my PC, which crashes on the regular and RC clients (but didn’t crash nearly as much on the standalone WindLight client or the 1.18 clients):

    abit IP35 Pro motherboard
    Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 2.4GHz
    Corsair 2GB DDR2 XMS2 RAM
    Asus Nvidia Geforce 8800GT 512MB
    500GB SATA hard drive (can’t remember manufacturer)
    Zalman ZM600-HP 600 watt power supply
    Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS Platinum Pro sound card
    XClio Wind Tunnel case (fans: 12cm x2, 25cm x2)
    BeUnlimited 24MB ADSL (getting 22Mb download, 1.3Mb upload)

    Well, interesting enough you just described my computer except I have a cheapo case and Intel motherboard and only a 2.0 dual core , a 360 Mb 8800GT with 4Gb memory on a 20Mb ADSL connection, and only time I ever had crashing and problems was when my ADSL got throttled to dialup speeds after hitting my limit on my old plan.
    I suspect ISP also can have a lot to do with a lot of peoples problems, how do we really know our ADSL or phone line isn’t a bit dodgey or our ISP isn’t throttling us at peak times?

  77. Sandcroft Jannings says:

    I am running SL on a comp that has a Celeron processor ( dont know what speed) I have 1 gig of ram and an Nvidia 8600 card. When I first joined SL I was getting crahes and often unable to log in but then after a little research I discovered that my ISP had me down as a high user and was blocking the portal. After much gnashing of teeth (And a reminder that I did not download 20,000 music tracks a week. I was not a 24/7 user of my pc and even if I was I was on an unlimited download contract with them), Tiscali stopped blocking the portal.

    I find that the 5 – 6 meg that comes through my line is more than sufficient in combo with my system spec to run SL very well. Of course there are a few locations, where due to volume of traffic rezzing takes a minute or so but I am having no issues at all and I can live with the downtime which, afterall happens only so that maintainance can take place to give us all a better SL experience.

    As Tegg says…..Stop moaning and assuming its LL fault… get onto your ISP provider and see if its them – And do not be fobbed off when they say its your system or your phone line that is the problem

  78. Linda Brynner says:

    Why don’t we forget about virtual worlds ( SL never works )
    and get back to our Real Life shall we ??

  79. Linda Brynner says:

    Windlght has been integrated into the viewer 1.19…
    Naaa it’s irritating unrealistic…
    Over exposure of glittering, the horizon shading is totally the
    opposite of a RL experiende….
    But again… SL is crap anyway, so GET BACK TO REAL LIFE OK ?

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