The simple(r) life

We have often heard that our webpages, such as login and support, are overly complicated. In an effort to simplify things, we have made some changes to our login page.
There is no change in functionality, you can still log into various parts of as you alway have.
These changes will go live sometime between 11 and 12 am today, so if your login page suddenly looks like this *points down*, don’t worry, that’s only to make it easier for everyone!


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  1. One or several says:

    The main issue here is whether I can settle for one single login for access to all functions, or if I still have to use multiple logons even though it basically is the same service supplier.

  2. Hazelee Haller says:

    ok – fine – I’ll try it out. ty.

  3. Wow thats a good idea! now get rid of the messaging errors and make life really simple!

  4. Glass half something says:

    And the IQ level of everyone is once again pointed out to be zilch. I think I’ll go back to having a convo with my cucumbers.

  5. Lancars Vezina says:

    Could you please work more on fixing in world bugs then fiddling with login stuff? i mean come on this is pointless and something most will never use.

  6. Ghost Menjou says:

    @5 Web team and In-world teams are separate.

  7. Gershom Wycliffe says:

    I like the effort to simplify, although I’ll admit I’ve never found the login unusually difficult. I appreciate Linden’s push to make things work more easily!

  8. shunka yue says:

    SL is the perfect definition of a love/hate relationship,
    CRASH : the most spoken word in SL in the hate catagory, WHEN
    do we start addressing something that really needs to be fixed ?

  9. Torian says:

    “We have often heard that our webpages, such as login and support, are overly complicated. In an effort to simplify things, we have made some changes to our login page.”

    I think they have been hearing this just from the employees in their own offices.

  10. Tex Mornington says:

    I miss the Preferences options off of the login page and do not undertand why it was removed. It was a nice option to go in and adjust prefs before logging in. Like others, I don’t think the login page is really that complicated and am not sure what the fuss is about.

  11. Evariel says:

    what about the last location???

    i never once heard people actually complaining about this. get real…

  12. Keryth Qian says:

    It seems to me, that everytime something is offered to make a part of SL easier..some feel the need to complain that ‘this or that’ should have been fixed first. It occurs to me that the staff at LL is not one guy/girl changing one thing…it is many working on myriad problems and trying to repair and update.
    I won’t pretend to know what goes on at LL but I am sure it isn’t one person offering a tutorial, one person simplifying a part of SL, one person only replying to problems.

    And yes I have had about every problem everyone else has…but maybe a history of online games has taught me the creator of every virtual world is the target for hate…
    I appreciate LL moving forward as a team to make our SLives better.

    WoW costs $15.95 a month. SL costs NOTHING or $6 a month for a premium account.
    WoW has to shut down every Tuesday for maintenance in a world not 25% as complicated or ever-changing by the residents as SL.

    I just threw that in so that the flame trolls can attack me if they want.. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Have a bunch of good days..:)

  13. Kathy Morellet says:

    @10 Tex,

    Preferences were NOT removed from the viewer login page. Just his Ctrl+P (on Windows) or , on the top menu, Edit > Preferences.

  14. The Inquisitor says:

    I honestly don’t see where the webpage was complicated.
    Peeps who had or have issues with loggin’ in should have even more
    problems in world.
    I’m just shaking my head – are there really so much stupid ppl out there
    who don’t get how to log in???

    Sorry to say so – but if someone complains about a “difficult” login
    system he or she should go back and play with Barbies how they
    are supposed to do with their age.

    Yes and I am critisizing the AGE PROBLEM ON SL.
    I ran into 5 ppl last week who said that they are under 18 years of age and lost bec. they don’t know where to start this “Game”



  15. I like it. it IS much simpler, but off the top of my head, still looks pretty much the same ๐Ÿ™‚

    Note to WEB TEAM: “Friends Online” gives different result depending on the server you get: Either a stagnant (frozen) old list that is not true, or at times the old “temporarily out of service”. Sometimes you do seem to get an accurate list. It’s a fun crap-shoot! ๐Ÿ™‚ WOOT!

    No, I didn’t put in a JIRA entry – I just really don’t think it’s *that* important, but wanted to give a heads-up.

    Kickin’ it! ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. Alicia Sautereau says:

    it was difficult in the first place with a: first name, last name and password field???

    the simpler change looks pretty much the same, still 3 boxes?

    am i missing the clue or what?

  17. Moll Dean says:

    #5 LANCAR
    The in-world bug has been fixed by another team and this one by web team.

    LL. I hope the new SSL will allow me to access the site using my mobile phone.

    Keep the good work guys and thanks for that.

  18. Holly says:

    Tex — as many other people have said in previous blog comments, it’s NOT been removed. It’s still in Edit>Preferences (ctrl-P), and you can choose to include the starting location in your login screen with just a checkbox. It just needs to be updated when you download a new viewer version.

  19. Luna Fratica says:

    I think its a good thing to make the website easier to use……..and if i may say so, try to make it simpler to reach you Lindens when having a real problem, that cant be posted in the issues partion……and answer when one sends a mail to ask support or advise, happened to me this weekend, after searching my ass off to find a way to reach you LL, finally found an email adress…i sent a mail with a real problem, well at least in my opinion….got a standard answer, that you could not answer my question, and i should file a support ticket, where my choices are very narrow, since i have a basic account……i was, and am, really dissapointed in you, LL!

  20. Cat Gisel says:

    You’re kidding, right? Even blonde me could figure it out. My only concern was when the timeout thing ejected me immediately or the system would not accept my log in and password, (even when I KNOW I did it right). But a simple closing my browser and trying again always took care of that. ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. Blinders Off says:

    @ 14. Right on bro. You said everything I was gonna say… plus added the age thing. But I don’t think LL is under any misconceptions about the number of minors using their board. They don’t care… more “resident” numbers for them. All they care about is protecting their tails legally. Don’t expect a corporate entity to have a conscience or ethics. LL’s ethics is based on what their legal department tells them. It’s all about the money.

    Regarding the login thing, I tend to agree with you. Maybe I’m missing something… but where’s the supposed improvement? With the old login you had to enter your user name and password. With the new login.. uh.. you have to enter your user name and password. (Oh, I’m so confused!)

  22. Bad Bobbysocks says:

    if you want to simplify something maybe you should start with jira?

  23. Moll Dean says:

    # Evariel

    The LAST LOCATION on SL login page can be setup on the TOP MENU. It’s been there all the time.

    hugz all

  24. raudf says:

    I admit that the only complex thing I’ve found has been the JIRA, which is.. alien to many people. Took a lot of reading to sort out what was what there. And having the knowledge base no longer require a login.. priceless.

    Maybe the website is bulky, but it’s not complex!

  25. Nattefrost Saiman says:

    I think they should be fixing glairing in world problems…and not simplifying login screens. I would really like to have a convo with someone without it saying they’re offline when I respond, which leads to them not recieving my message until they relog

    Please apply some of that vulgar amount of money to FIXING THINGS THAT NEED FIXING

  26. richard says:

    i used the box to remember my name and password and hit connect how much easyer can you get?

  27. pandora dallagio says:

    answer for tex
    go to edit ,open preferences , then in general tab you have start location, and just under you can check show start location on login screen ))
    it is nice to simplify our lives ahaha! every one knows we are all psychics and that we can guess everything going on ! roflol
    remember ali baba and the forty thieves lol , why dont you try with oh my dear linden screen ! open! and once in a while dont crash!
    arghhh linden, not even intellectual masturbation again! when will you start being serious and stop taking yourself so seriously lol , you are boring at last …
    work seriously please and stop f…. g flies ) but there is some delay for miracles ahah

  28. economic mip says:

    If you find kids on the grid, REPORT them, simply put. Lindens are typically good at kicking them off totally within 48-72 hours. (Yes I know response time stinks, but there are priority cases too). As for this problem, I fail to see how the log in screen changes at all to be perfectly honest. Except maybe this one will actually Log you ON, a big issue I have had with Log in in the past

  29. MR Little says:

    Again… you do not want the web guys mucking with the grid!

    I swear if some of you went to the emergency room, you would demand the hospital accountant to tend to your injuries if a Dr was not available right that second.

  30. Lorelei Mission says:

    It’s the logins to the website, not the world, that’ve been problematic. For example having to login to the website and then type your login a second time to reach the support pages and then type your login a 3rd time to sell Ls… gets annoying after a while. I don’t think the world login was what people were complaining about. I know I get very annoyed at the website typing my username & password over & over again.

  31. Mechagliel Gears says:

    ok well, kudos for a less confusing Web page login not that I’ve had any issues with it but eh. As for Age veritfication, a few thoughts on that:
    age verification is for parcel owners who want or Need to,for legal reasons to have a third partiy Verify that Johnny Newbie is indeed an adult. that I applaud.. now GET it WorkinG! I am 31 yrs old and Apparently Dont exist!, ok that rant over.

    now as for the minors on the Grid, LL Cannot play Babysitter, to busy with running a buisiness, so like TV, and the Web, it Falls on the parents.. and dont tell me the parents dont know, its usually the parents that INTRODCE the kids to SL in the first place. Do your part Mom and Dad!!

    as for the rest of us, minors can and should be reported via AR, infact knowingly Hiding a Minor on the SL Main Grid is a violation of TOS, thats what Teen Grid is for… which makes me wonder… does TeenGrid have issues with Adults Sneeking in? that I would find a far mor frightening issue.

  32. Baylie Barbosa says:

    Okay so, as said, the webpage department is different from the fixing inworld problems department. About the age verification thing – I wont even go there again. Its just not worth the argument. But, Lindens, thank you one and all for working towards making our SLs a better place to be. Funny how all the people complaining are the same ones who log in day after day after day after…… you get the point. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  33. Max Kleiber says:

    Right on…
    Let’s make the Jira more user-friendly for the average user.
    Actually, wait.. No. The Jira is a developer tool, and should be used by LL internal QA. That’s what such things are designed for.

  34. logging in is easy-bug reporting and stuff is complicated-oh, and the friends list in the regular viewer mostly doesn’t work-and yes, we log in day after day, we are called regular users, so we also complain, the easier and more glitch free things work the more people will be attracted to SL, it’s good for everyone-if I could fill out a bug report I probably wouldn’t be blogging about problems.

  35. Nadir Koba says:


    AHAHAHAHA right on!! *High 5^s*

    @30 Agreed. That’s my only login issue too. Let’s have fewer of them!


    As for Abuse Reporting (minors or anything) – is anyone seriously trying to tell me that still WORKS? I don’t think anybody reads those. Submit a support ticket. That’s the only thing that’s ever worked for me.

  36. pffffffff says:

    You still need a valid payment info on file to access the forums…
    not really cool for an opensource software like secondlife…
    and you say here: we value free expression…. muahahaha

    I spend 400 $ or more for a sim and cannot access the forums

  37. Shirley Maclaine says:

    This is all so confusing. I have so many different lives, past, present and future, that I don’t know which first and last names belong to my second life.

  38. Hazno Bazno says:

    Heh… I was once a frequent complainer here myself. However, that was with another AV that I registered back in early September when all this was brand new. Now that I have 7 months under my belt and have bought and sold about two sims worth of land and built dozens of structures and currently make quite a nice living in SL (yes, I make enough to support myself in my RL), I’ve since drifted from the chronic complainer to the avid adoptee of all things good and bad with regard to SL and LL.

    It’s finally dawned on me that, particularly as a degreed programmer in RL, “small fixes” are not often what they appear. When I see a new viewer in beta here and they display a list of a half dozen to a dozen “bug fixes” I am reminded that every one of those “small issues” could very well have taken them weeks of struggling to pin down the root cause of the issue, attempting to duplicate it for themselves, and then tearing into the hundreds, if not thousands of lines of source code trying to find out how to resolve it – and hoping not to put a semicolon or asterisk in the wrong spot that could release a torrent of other problems and bugs.

    Sure, I still get irritated, such as a big issue for me that is presented with the new RC of the viewer:

    But I accept that I’m somewhere in the queue and I realize that, while this is a very important issue for ME personally, it has zero effect on probably 99.9% of everyone else so therefore my issue, no matter how strongly I need it resolved, may in fact never be resolved to my satisfaction. Therefore, rather than continue to stomp my feet, cry and fuss over it, I’ve been hard at work finding a solution.

    I’m not a particularly religious person, but I do find the statement “grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, and the courage to change the things I can” to be a powerful tool in this situation. Therefore I’m exercising the courage to study and attempt to find an alternative method that will resolve my current problem. Should LL fix my current issue, then at least I’ll still have two ways of doing the same thing – not at all a bad thing and a great mental exercise in the meantime that does far more good than bitching about it on here.

    – HB

  39. Chrysala Desideri says:

    Jira needs simplifying, never really had problems with the rest.

    Ah — the forums for all thing is something i’m in favor of too. had payment info expire and got locked out of forums till i got it fixed, that was horrible as i use that resource a lot.

    IDV will not keep minors off the grid, it will in fact just make them fraudsters at an early age. We all know that it’s a CYA policy, and one that could easily be pursued in other (non-invasive, non-risky) manners.

    And to the one that said watching out for adults on TG — spot on. If there’s a predator’s preferred hunting ground it would be there, not here.

  40. Wyald Woolley says:

    @17 Maybe SL on the phone may be closer then you think…or maybe it will be some other 3D SL look-alike. See below:

    With on-stage demos of EA’s Spore and Sega’s Super Monkey Ball at their iPhone Software Development Kit event, Apple seems to be serious about mobile gaming on the iPhone. Earlier reports also hinted at this commitment with Apple previously extending their trademark to include handheld gaming devices.

    Now, a look back at an Apple patent application entitled “Media management system for management of games acquired from a media server” reveals an interesting possibility for iPhone gaming.

    While the bulk of the patent details the downloading and syncing of games between iTunes and iPhones/iPods, Apple proposes extending this functionality even further. Apple describes a method for transmitting iPhone/iPod data to a central community game server:

    “The media purchase system can also be utilized to facilitate a community of game players. These game players acquire games via a client device and media management application, and then play the games on portable electronic devices. The game play data, including game performance data for specific games, can be transfered from the portable electronic devices to the client devices. The client devices can then transfer such game play data over the data network to a game community server. For example, the game performance data can pertain to a high score that a user achieved while playing the game on the portable electronic device.”

    All data can be digitally signed so that it is authenticated.

    Makes you want to go “Hmmm..”

  41. The Inquisitor says:


    when you spend 400 $ on a SIM … why don’t you turn premium?
    And besided the fact – why do you spend 400 $ on SIM?
    Even the biggest landshark asks 350 USD a month only.
    So stop complaining that you’re not able to post in the forums.

    And about the jira thing…

    Dare to change that…
    It was designed by pro’s for pro’s….
    Everyone who’s not getting it – isn’t pro and should file in a
    normal bug report.
    The JIRA is a professional database for professional issues
    and not lie:
    My hair is stuck up my s$$ and I can find my c(i| or c0(k…

    Yes that was posted in the jira by a 2 day old newb.

    I’d pay another 100 USD a year to lock newbs out of the jira
    and ppl who have no idea.

    And… like I said: I’d be willing to pay 500 USD a year for a
    system with just premium accounts – like SL was at the beginning.
    I’m so tired of all these discussions…
    Can’t afford 500 USD a year? No problem – see the No Payment section of SL.

    That’s a fair deal I guess…

    Now I’m feeling like the public enemy again ๐Ÿ™‚ ahahahaha
    (but it feels damn good)

    remember… smile and wave

  42. Mmmyes says:

    The Inquisitor: Iโ€™m just shaking my head – are there really so much stupid ppl out there who donโ€™t get how to log in???

    Yes. They are the same people who think that the web devs also work on the grid and who think that making changes on the website takes time away from fixing grid issues.

  43. The Bat says:

    @41 –guess you were never a noob then ?
    “Iโ€™m so tired of all these discussionsโ€ฆ” — then dont read em ? isnt that the ethos ?

    smile and throw rocks ๐Ÿ™‚

  44. Jennifer says:

    The age problem won’t be solved by the age verification as proposed by Linden Labs:

    1) children can STILL get on the grid easily.. they can get an ID from easily. Look for Paris Hilton her ID or Tupac Shakur.

    2) Shop owners like me will be forced to leave or ID verify with this untrusted company. Linden Labs has never dared to make a legal statement that it’s safe. Or register as Paris Hilton and risk losing our business, if linden labs claim that they don’t keep the data turns out to be a lie.

    They didn’t play fair with the VAT (took our money without noticing us in advance) so I don’t trust them on this one either.

    Make a FAIR age verification system which is safe but not one which hurts your customers because some people cannot monitor theiw own children.

  45. Vivienne says:


    Yes, these poor LL employees. What a work! Months of coding! Only for a small fix. Eeeeeeek…

    Btw. What are they paid for?

  46. Vivienne says:

    “Funny how all the people complaining are the same ones who log in day after day after day afterโ€ฆโ€ฆ you get the point. ”

    The captain of the Titanic got the point, too.

  47. yoa wingtips says:

    is there now a clear weay to go, for if you cannot logg in anymore with your password? that would be so much help…………
    i tottally got lost in the ”support pages”

  48. TRUST says:

    hey planks!

    @42 …LL are paying their webdevs with other peoples money that needs to be redirected to more significant tasks, thats seems obvious right now, have you even tried “dazzle” they are setting them selves a very very very low benchmark with this stuff. Dont you think? This level of second-rate poop has to be intentional.

    SL is turning.

    @44, sorry but the company carries the all-seeing eye in its logo. google it. ask “CEO” how it got there.

    Time is running out for LL, they know it, we know it, land prices are falling, traffic is down, servers are borked…etc..etc…etc

    for those that have bought sims, good luck, your bravery will hopefull turn a profit one day for the money and time you invested.

    For those that have more money than brain cells, enjoy ur amazing new drag queen girlfriend and your bling encrusted fake rolex pixel watch.

  49. Vivienne says:

    @ 14


    Right. I recently met a Marsian and two Venusians. They clearly were underaged, i could read it by comparing their behavior to adult Marsian/Venusians (Adults NEVER use the ccc combat system) and by the way they were discusiing the most effective method to take over the US.


  50. FD Spark says:

    Only thing that was complicated as far as website was for some of us was trying to figure out how to find things and when knowledge base changed to separate sign in area. It was bit confusing to me but I am not the brightest cookie in the cookie jar.
    I look forward to see how you guys have simplified things.

  51. Joker Opus says:

    Wasn’t the only differance, the little pictures and links on the side?
    I’m not seeing the simple login groundbreaking, but thanks for thinking of us.

  52. KittyCat Rosebud says:

    I’m agreeing with Tex Mornington and others. I just want to click on Preferences in the Login Menu some times,.. especially when I am haveing a nervous break down because Second Life is so messed up.

    Some times there are problems where the work around is to go into Preference over and over again until you get the perfect things adjusted to get around the glitches and bugs. There have been some problems where entire Sims or Servers are infected I’ll say and will only allow someone to log on, leave, or log on else where if you find that perfect balance in preference.

    So anotherwards,.. you need to fix certain bugs/glitches/problems before you take away the quick click preference button. I’m sorry but when any of us are frustrated to hell Control + P isn’t going to come to mind easily.

    Right now I don’t care about the Age Verify because there is no way to satisfy enough people. I was happy before back when an underaged stalker contacted me to say they were going to hunt me down on SL but their Stolen Credit Card didn’t work. But most people find out their computer is not compatible with SL so it was a waste of money to join. Just more things pointing to the difference between SL’s Priority and the User Priority.

    I know we are running into increased Teens on Adult Grid and at some point you are likely going to have to face this thing that EVERYONE will hate. ID Verify for all!!! Oh yeah,.. I know everyone is going to hate that but I also have heard Predators are slithering through the Teen Grid. Teens are on the Adult Grid because their parents don’t trust them with their Credit Card. Torture everyone so the Predators get out of Teen Grid. Doesn’t sound good? I don’t see the point to haveing kids steal their parents IDs, I just think it would be entertaining to have the tables turn. This is also what Parents have been trying to say,.. some do not feel safe with their children being on Teen Grid. The most important thing for parents is that the Credit Card doesn’t stick or from some parents that the Credit Card needs to be on hand every time it’s used.

    Now to get spammed for coming up with things not as Simple.

  53. Sean Heying says:

    /me scratches his head.

    Do you think that SL residents/clients are so stupid they can’t work out “First Name” “Last Name” “Password”?

    Well, it’s nice to see you simplified the screen with “First Name” “Last Name” Password” at least!

  54. Bradley Bracken says:

    I’m all for simplicity and making things easy to use, but is there really a difference here? If anyone was confused by the old page how on earth would you expect them to function in world. I’ll give you guys a thank you anyway.

    I’d prefer to see a solution to the problem getting Help. Having to go to the blogs, or the Knowledge Base, or the Solution Finder or the Wiki or the Forums to find an answer is what’s really complicated. Make it easier for people to get help rather than having to jump through hoops.

  55. Tiny Mind says:

    Nice ‘fix’. Wow, that was sorely needed :roll eyes:

    Now when do we all get a BRAND NEW list of Last-names to choose from??

    **tumble-weed rolls by…**

    See ya next week.

    ‘A Mind is a Tiny thing to waste…

  56. Enibella Jewell says:

    TY all for many a great laugh here LOL i thought the login page was one of the better working things in SL and fairly bugless ๐Ÿ˜‰

  57. william Fish says:

    can you make the log in one entry… instead of two like [William]….. [Fish] you make it just [William Fish]. This way i can use my finger print logger instead of typing out my login and password.

    That would make things simpler.

  58. Redmoonblade says:

    Hay guyz. I’ve had my friends list be filled with (waiting) for a week now. Maybe you could like. Not ignore my bug report and fix that instead of doodling around with small things?

  59. U M says:

    “16 Alicia Sautereau Says:

    March 11th, 2008 at 11:21 AM
    it was difficult in the first place with a: first name, last name and password field???

    the simpler change looks pretty much the same, still 3 boxes?

    am i missing the clue or what?”

    No, because your smarter then the people thinking its OMG hard to login………..Your not missing anything But it appears the hackers wil be having a much easier time……..shakeshead and wonders why……..

  60. Tensai Hilra says:

    LOL possibly a good idea… at the bottom of this article on my screen… “! Error on page.”

  61. Hazno Bazno says:

    This “hidden preferences” thing is amazing to me. It’s been disclosed by Lindens and other over and over and over –

    LOOK UP, you see the word EDIT in the menu bar up above on the login screen? Click it and guess what – the word PREFERENCES is right there – on the login screen. Wow. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Sarcasm aside, we all get used to things being in their “proper” place and even I had to be told it was up there.

    But there you have it – preferences on the login screen, just up in the menu, and there’s even an option IN PREFERENCES for having it reappear down next to the login fields where it was in the past…

  62. Ryu Darragh says:

    #58, have you tried the old clear cache trick on that (in the network tab of edit/prefs in SL, *not* the IE/FireFox cache) ?

  63. KittyCat Rosebud says:

    Hazno Bazno: I do not have an option to restore the Preference Bar.

    Which brings me to a question: In the past two weeks how many times have you been required to download the latest version?

    I have nothing on login suggesting there is a new version on SL. I do recall downloading updates about 3 times in two days at some point. Yet some how random friends have been getting required updates since the last time an Update was mentioned in Login. One of my friends had to update about 7 times in 5 days. I’m just wondering if something is off there as well. BTW, when I go into Preferences I cannot use check box many items both new and old.

    So I know it’s hard to phathom but what would the odds be that of the people posting on here there are atleast 3 different versions/editions of SL?

  64. Ursa Henley says:

    wth does all that crap matter when the world is falling apart and your constantly getting disconnected and nothing works. Fix something once and a while and you wont need the support stuff so much, Duh after 4 years i would have figured you would have a clue by now@!!!

  65. sufi says:

    How about fixing the friends online page? It consistently tells me some friends are online when they aren’t…refreshing brings me a *different* group of friends who *also* aren’t online, and clearing my cache doesn’t change it.

  66. Jacob Silvera says:

    @41 A lot of those non-premium account holders go on to buy estate owned land and pay the estate owner tier. Getting rid of them would not only cause the estate owners to end up going bankrupt, it would also mean LL would suddenly have a huge influx of unused islands because people simply couldn’t afford them anymore. What you are proposing would cause the economy to crash and the eminent closure of second life.

    Newbies move from camping chairs to buying L$ and then eventually either go premium or buy estate owned land. No matter which direction they take they still help support the economy. Think of them as homeless people with no where to go, trying to earn a living doing anything and everything they possibly can to get ahead in life. Same applies here in Second Life.

    Do us all a favor and think with your brain before shooting off at the mouth about your idea of a perfect SL. Your belief is clearly the opinion of an elitist.

  67. EZStrider Penguin says:

    Well the consensus seems to be, no one really found the login page complicated, and once again we fix that which needs no fixing and we let the bugs and issues about land and all else stay borked. This makes NO sense and is the craziest thing I’ve seen yet. (he says as he talks to the wall, it listens better than the Lindens)

  68. U M says:

    “wth does all that crap matter when the world is falling apart and your constantly getting disconnected and nothing works.”

    Well we can go down looking pretty and colorful and with voice too! :/

  69. U M says:

    “Newbies move from camping chairs to buying L$ and then eventually either go premium or buy estate owned land. No matter which direction they take they still help support the economy.”

    Laughs…………….omg the concept of non paying or transactions online accounts………….. buying and putting monies back in the game……….please share us the BS……………………………..

    More like cashout……

  70. Hazno Bazno says:

    #67 –

    Mentioned before on this thread – there are completely seperate groups at work here, those who do nothing but work on website issues and those who do nothing but work on server issues and, of course, those that do nothing but work on client issues.

    Yelling at one group is over what another group is responsible for is senseless. It’s like yelling at a roofer because your faucet is leaking in your kitchen. Only difference ehre is the Lindens generally will just ignore you while the roofer will likely pop you in the nose (after he gets paid for roofing your house).

  71. Hazno Bazno says:

    #63 – my bad…

    I could have shore the preference was there at one time, though it might be the preference to have your initial destination visible on the login screen instead. THAT preference is what I do see, although still, the “preferences” menu item is still on the login screen and honestly, it is much more fitting up there on the menu than adding clutter down below. What would you think of having buttons spread all over a Microsoft or other software application instead of neatly nested all in menus up at the top? LL has actually shown a turn toward general software application user interface compliance by moving it up to the Edit menu.

  72. Blinders Off says:

    @ 67 EZ: “once again we fix that which needs no fixing and we let the bugs and issues about land and all else stay borked.”

    Smack on the nail head. I wonder if LL truly understood what people were talking about when they were griping about login problems on the web.

    They weren’t saying that login was difficult… they were saying it was totally UNNECESSARY, Linden Lab.

    Why should we have to LOG IN when accessing the knowledge base? That’s what they were complaining about.

    So yes EZ you’re 110% right… more time wasted on something we DON’T need rather than working on the borked things we do need. Sometimes I think LL just doesn’t get it. Except Torley. He gets it.

  73. KittyCat Rosebud says:

    U M~

    I’m hopeing that’s sarcasm because I was/am friends with alot of Businesses owners that started at the bottom like that and have worked up.

    I personally have put money into this game even though I didn’t plan to to accomplish goals. Also, being a person that creates and sells products on SL, I force others to at times decide to put real money into SL in order to buy my products.

    This is also why I do not support a Minimum parcel of 512 meters because some businesses are rental properties and it is the ones that have shopping centers with Show on Search for their renters who help Venders realize they would do better with owning their own land.

    As a result the business owner gets start up Lindens or feel assured that it is time to pour real money into their business. Again, a business creates more products that people spend real money to buy.

  74. Joker Opus says:

    We can all get all whiney and mean, but at the end of the day, we will all still have our new simple login page ๐Ÿ™‚

  75. U M says:

    You mean they first have paying accounts and with those types of accounts as 2nd 3rd etc……. well then that doesnt count does it……

  76. KittyCat Rosebud says:


    I have many friends who would like to join but I have to log in and get answers to questions. Such as “Is my Graphics Card compatible?”

    I also have friends whose accounts were actting up as SL ad the website were actting up. As a result I had a friend that’s avatar is stranded some where by some glitch and also because of this glitch they cannot log on and also because of glitches— They just have completely lost their account ( now they can get a new one) and with how SL is set up they could not get any help since they cannot login on site or on SL. Some how that’s happened to three of my friends and there doesn’t appear to be anything that can be done.

    So people need help support for many reasons that would not be logged in and cannot log in. There is no point to haveing the strictly text parts of SL hidden from someone not logged in. People also need assistence when their in game, on net, or both cannot be logged in.

  77. U M says:

    if you have a paying account and need help with a altacount you file the ticket under the mian account login with support. nothing new there

  78. KittyCat Rosebud says:

    U M ~
    The system you are thinking about has been adjusted,.. people are required to be a Premium Account to get strictly Newbie lindens now. (Like the Money Trees and Money Wells).

    People useing “Bots” as models or multiple accounts to camp on at the exact same time are required to pay a registration fee ( and at some point have their extra accounts of this type be Premium).

    You can have multiple accounts but there are restrictions and in some way Lindens Labs is monitoring this.

    Contact Linden Labs if you see people abuseing these things and want them to deal with it. [I suggest by phone as the Lindens over the phone have been working best with these situations]

  79. U M says:

    ??????? I am? no i am not………..never mind seems like you asking for something tht just wil lnot happen

  80. Hazno Bazno says:


    What you are saying about having multiple accounts is completely untrue. I registered my first account in early September… I never went premium, though I did provide a credit card on file in case I wanted to buy Lindens.

    I then registered five other alts simply by going to the SL homepage and signing up. I provided the same credit card number for two of them and the other three just my name and the same email address for them all…

    January 1st I signed up with my current alt – the one I’m posting with now – again simply by going to the sL home page and signing up. No fees were charged, or offered. No nothing really. With this account I provided, once more, the same original credit card and this time I paid for a premium account for a full year.

    I still use the other alt accounts and I even CALLED LL through their concierge service to ask if I was doing anything wrong and was swiftly told not to worry about it and so I haven’t.

    So, taken from experience and the Lindens own mouths, the whole “required to pay a registration fee” and the forcing them to “at some point” have their extra accounts become premium is a clearcut lie.

    As for me and my “bots” – well, I have had as many as six of “me” logged in at the same time for weeks at a time (not 24/7) and again, LL says “don’t worry about it.” So I will believe them since it came from their own lips, than the FUD you’re spreading on here…

  81. KittyCat Rosebud says:

    Hazno Bazno~

    I spoke to LL a month or so ago.

    If you are caught abuseing your Alts.. say by haveing them all logged on at once to all camp at once, then they can decide to charge you a fee and posibly take other actions.

    You are allowed to create Alts and use them for reasonable use but if you do things like have them all in the same Sim or have them all Camping at the same time, then LL can decide to do this.

    I do not know what you are doing with your Bots but that if you are useing them for certain activities or to clog a Sim then LL may decide they need to charge you the Fee to attribute to their Cost and (the) Demands (they create) to handle them.

  82. Jacob Silvera says:

    @78 The registration fee to register an alt account has been waived for at least a year now.

    Anyone can freely register as many alt accounts as they like and use them as bots all day long without ever paying for any one of those alts.

    Why do you think there is such a problem with so many bots being logged in solely to boost traffic on shop owners parcels and sit on other shop owner’s camping chairs 24/7/365 while making a small fortune from it? LL isn’t monitoring it and they’re definitely not doing anything about it.

  83. Lex Neva says:

    Argh!! This broke my program that logs into the SL website, downloads my transaction history, and processes it. Please give us some warning when you do things like this! It looks like slexchange was affected similarly:

    It would be really helpful to have an API more conducive to automated processing of transaction histories.

  84. Glory Takashi says:

    Ummm what exactly was complicated about the website log in? First name, Last name, password, click… so what is different exactly? Does it log you into the entire site now? You don’t specify this or is it just how it was before in that case what exactly did you do I see no difference. Talk about pointless.

  85. U M says:

    you keep changing the the factors for some odd reason. But the fatcs are ( if you are trying to make a point) your are confused as………yourself……….What 78 said is true……..if you don`t know hoe LL is runing thing then i suggest you go to the “WHAT IS SECOND LIFEzz” and read how things are changed……

  86. Oh Fugu says:

    /me puts hand up slowly….

    Ok a while back after raising a ticket I was asked to fill in a questionare after it was resolved. I simply said that finding the ticket bit and reporting was a little long winded…..

    I had no problem with the actual login page. So if its my fault oh well lol, sorry about that. Maybe I am a thick dumbass ๐Ÿ˜€

  87. Scorpio says:

    i would say .. get the site up and running properly before changing things .. i never thought the site was complicated and none of my friends have problems with the site..

  88. Neuro Linden says:

    Thanks all for your comments thus far, they are appreciated, and we do listen.

    With specific regard to some commenters asking that in-world issues be addressed before website issues, please do be aware that the team of developers and engineers who work on our website services and infrastructure aren’t necessarily the same people who work on developing the viewer or simulator code.

    As you can see from other recent posts on the blog (yesterday’s rolling restart, havok 4 improvements, viewer RC updates), we are constantly addressing issues and improving the stability of both viewer and simulator, so while changes are made to our website, everything else isn’t being forgotten about!

  89. Maxx Nordlicht says:

    It’s good to know that this item must have been on the ‘LARGE and SCARY’ list of the webteam. Maybe you could start on enabling the BBcode in the forum now that this SCARY item is finished.

  90. U M says:

    Wow is someone having a ego trip of what?
    hahaha you know what little boy you just made me laugh the first time today………thank you BTW you have to be 18 to drink that “Dom Perignon”
    Need a hug maybe?

  91. sometimesmoon says:

    interesting reading folks. my personal peeve about login is during the inevitable serial crashes (which happen with increasing frequency, but thats another post). You get the “do you want to post a crash report” know its pointless, you check no, then you try to log in by which time you cant get straight back in, and it takes several tries to re-enter. Why doesnt checking the “no and dont ask me again” box stop that damn request for a crash resport???
    I recently submitted a support ticket on this matter and received (..waits for build suspense..) a nonsense answer that didnt even seem related to my ticket.
    come on lindens..on a premium account we deserve better
    lets not even go into the fact that basic accounts find it next to impossible to find out HOW to log an issue report…

  92. Maybe you can add a link to wire transfer somewhere. No link is a kind of oversimplification.

  93. Blackie Dagger says:

    It’s great, it is easier – I can live with it ๐Ÿ˜€

  94. Whisper says:

    Not sure what all the fuss is about really. The log in pages seemed fine to me, the only problems being when there was a bug going round that required multiple attempts to log in before I got in world.

    For the record, be it a premium account or a basic one, EVERY resident contributes to the over all economy. Either by working a job in SL and putting those $lindens back in to the game, or by buying Lindens via transactions or by paying for a premium account. My account is basic, but I DO spend a lot in SL. A good friend already has CC info on file and I pay them and they buy the $L’s and send to me. (would use my CC info but geez after having a hack problem previously I closed that bank account and opened a new one. Not ready to put any CC info on the ‘net–on ANY ‘net right now.)

    All of the elitist BS is just that: BS.

    As for the alts issue mentioned, some accounts are not alts but are family or friends or co-workers borrowing your comp to check out SL for themselves. (At my RL job I am not using my comp for long stretches at work, so I often have a co worker log in for whatever reason, so the theory that LL checks up on our activities is probably very low. They however DO investigate reports of abuses and griefing)

    Personally, I am more concerned with inventory bugs and losses, crashes at every possible turn and TP errors. These are more relevant, to me at least, than a change of an already-a-OK log in page.

    Frankly, I suspect LL is doing what they can, as fast s they can, with what they have to work with.

  95. nemesis box says:

    fixing this, something that for me was never a problem instead, for example of making a second life in SPANISH, why doesnt exists one in that language???!!!!

  96. elissa bristol says:

    @12….what a mature statement. Personally, I use Dazzle or Windlight and I could complain about hitting that little chat bubble everytime but the product they are putting out is about 15 times better than what it was when I first joined, all of about a year ago. Keep up the good work ๐Ÿ™‚

  97. Hazno Bazno says:


    As my favorite poet, Ogden Nash once wrote…

    “How truth will out!”

    P.S. – I don’t bot camp as that is simply disgusting. My alts all do and will continue to reside on MY sim as that is what I pay $295/Month for and I have that right.

    So basically, when making “clearcut” statements please, next time, offer up links to the fAQ that specifically hold up your end of the argument…

    As Zig Zigler once said so eloquently, “Are you a meaningful specific or are you a wandering generality?”

  98. Daniel Voyager says:

    I like the new change to the Log In screen that has been made, However I think that the next change is to delete the vBulletin Message on the Forums Log In page (its a pain) and replace it with something better or make it so when you put in your Second Life Name & Second Name & Password it just logs you in first time.

  99. U M says:

    Thats IF they work………and how much ( if any they put back in the game) which is highly doubtful

  100. Ree Indigo says:

    It’s curious how there’s all this fuss over something simple. Come on people, bitch about the things that matter, like fixing the nightly asset server glitches.

  101. Cenji Neutra says:

    Can we have a preview of the new login page code?

    Please don’t forget that until LL provides some other means for automatic determination of transactions, the login page is part of the SL grid platform API.

    Those of us running systems that need to fetch the logs automatically have code that necessarily depends on details of the login page (e.g. form field names, that sort of thing).

    If this change breaks our code, we’ll file a bug report to have it repaired as was done when Captcha was introduced and broke it (which was fixed by LL promptly to your credit).

    If a breaking change is necessary, some lead-time for modifying our implementations would be appreciated.


  102. Ego Essex says:

    Webteam, Fix —

    I don’t know where the “I don’t know how to log in I’m so confused!!! ” Is on JIRA, but I’m willing to bet it’s not there since that’s way more complicated than “Login here” then spots to fill in. So fix Jiras before helping the derpidy derp people that run to mommy before trying to think things out for theirselves for just a second, get onto our grid.

    all in all you do a great job, but it looks like most everybody here has always been able to log in fine.

  103. GypsyRainbow Nightfire says:

    Thanks LL for working to make SL awesome.

  104. Zi Ree says:

    @102 Ego Essex: When you’re on the JIRA page, you can see the “Log In” link on the upper right, next to the printer and question mark symbols.

  105. JoeTheCatboy Freelunch says:

    All you guys are so dumb. The lindens do what they want, when they want, and we have no say. Bicker all you want, but it doesn’t change anything except reveal your own stupidity as a collective blob of whiners.

    Thank you, Linden Lab, for providing an excellent service and continuing to develop it.

  106. SmallButt Mighty says:

    Linden-speak for fix is ‘break beyond repair’. Look for more fixes soon.

  107. Blyxa Darling says:

    When does this go live? I have been tring to login since last night and it keeps taking me back to the login error nothing. I have cleared cache cookies brownies everything..reset password…
    And while i am here when are you going to fix my top level inventory problem i have been waiting since early December 2007…..

  108. BluesLady Pey says:

    I can’t log in as it is in a login loop. I can login to support using my user name and password but not the accounts page of the Web site…Please fix this. I have cleared cache, cookie, everything. I need to get to my accounts page…no other place to tell you…even though this will be useless I figure.

  109. Curly says:

    i dont know if depends from that but from a few days my friends on line list in my account web page seems to be crazy and more than ever, ppl who is not there is than in my own sl contact list and ppl that is there is not in my contact list, is it bugged again or what? i dont know where ask and i dont understand very well english, is somebody else in my same problem?

  110. Fer says:

    Itโ€™s great, it is easier – I can live with it

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