Rolling Restart – Tuesday, March 11th

[Update 2008-03-12 06:45] The rolling restart of Havok4 regions is complete.

[Update 2008-03-11 21:00] The rolling restart is complete.

[Update 2008-03-11 18:02] Someone asked for the version numbers so you can tell if your region has been restarted or not:

  • OLD:
  • NEW:

Those don’t apply to the Havok4 Beta Server regions, which will be updated soon as well.

We have some bug fixes we need to push out to the servers that make up Second Life.

  • Simulator crash which can be triggered via LSL
  • Joining two parcels now consistently takes the properties of the larger parcel (previously it was a random selection)
  • Fix for a server permission issue (the issue is already mitigated, but we want to deploy a more correct fix)

We plan on performing a rolling restart over the course of about 6 hours this evening, probably starting around 4pm PDT. This blog post will be updated with a specific time once we’re ready to begin, and will be updated throughout the roll.

As with all rolling restarts, the systems are updated in “sim” order. If you look at Help > About and see “You are … at” that means the region you’re in is running on “sim5614”, which would be restarted (very roughly) about 9/10ths of the way through the roll based on the number of sims we currently have. Each region is given a 5 minute warning, then restarted, and the region should return within about 5 minutes.

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97 Responses to Rolling Restart – Tuesday, March 11th

  1. Jennifer says:

    My skirt doesn’t load on the main viewer!!! What is this, wasn’t this supposed to be a windlight bug?

    Which permission issue is fixed?

  2. Dreena says:

    All my rental boxes on my parcel doesn’t work doesn’t respond AT ALL – it’s not me since it’s not working on every single one of the sims where I live.

    Any idea if *this* will be fixed with the restart??

  3. Rhaorth Antonelli says:

    to 1 and 2

    why not use the support for those questions.

    I am looking forward to the joining of parcels that will be a nice one.

  4. pffffffff says:

    this world is in constant evolution, thank you

  5. TaraLi Jie says:

    I’m hoping this will stabilize some of the client issues I’ve had since the move to 1.19.x – and I hope the 1.19.x clients will have a bit of time to stabilize before the 1.19.x Havok4 servers are implemented (any clue how much longer that might be? I work on one of the preview SIMs, and I’m fairly impressed so far!)

    Windlight and Havok4 hitting nearly together – and Mono coming soon. Andrew has finally come up with a compromise on the megaprim issue… I wouldn’t mind a quarter or so with the majority of the devels devoted to code clean-up and stabilization – that extra 10% that Soft found after the major server slow-down a version or two ago indicates there’s a lot of room for some fairly low-hanging fruit to be plucked.

    Be nice, too, for Nicholaz to be able to post that over the next month or two, the need for his viewer will drop, as most of his stability & clean-up patches have been accepted and will hit the mainline client any day now.

    So – after *ALL* of that – any more big projects coming down the pipe? A restart of the avatar puppetry project? LSL3 (I get *VERY* annoyed with all of the twits calling for just scripting in this language or that – if I put my votes in, it’d be for BASIC or LOGO, or maybe Perl.)? Maybe phases of the moon (Hum… And what would be so hard about *THAT* actually?) I love the discussion of what should be coming out of the Linden Department of Public Works – especially if it adds a good bit to the Library. I kinda wish they’d focused on the significant regions worth of Protected Land, before adding a number of brand new SIMs – though they should be quite nice, as well.

  6. Rascal Ratelle says:

    * Grid stability and performance – teleports fail quite regularly, especially under heavy load. , and sim performance varies wildly, Low FPS, Lag, serious texture latency, in world maps are very slow loading, Crashes and viewer hangs and freezes. Random log outs, ongoing friends list issues, None of this makes for a very pleasant experience for users. Long promised improvement to physics and scripting would help dramatically to reduce these problems, but there are a lot of other scalability issues as well.

  7. Jessica Hultcrantz says:

    Thanks for trying to fix things like “Simulator crash which can be triggered via LSL”

    More of that please! The grid needs to become more stable.

    And while you’re at it, try up the server performance a bit as well πŸ™‚

    Anyone knows where to look for the total number of sims so the time could be calculated?

  8. Devlynne Hastings says:

    Can someone please fix the forgot password website so i can change my password and log on!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Joining two parcels now consistently takes the properties of the larger parcel (previously it was a random selection)

    It was not random it was the last one you selected. Just like when conecting prims, the last one selected became the parent prims. The parcelone selected was the one that the parcel took the info from.

    Just a spontaneous thought.

  10. AlexanderThe Benelli says:

    I welcome the fact that you are yet again releasing “more or less” working code to the general public πŸ˜›
    But apart from praying that this is a version of the server code that does not bring in more bugs than it is supposed to fix πŸ˜›

    You could also start listening to you “customers”&”consumers”

    This affects especially the PARCEL ID!!
    If you have a look back @ the old blog entry, most people wanted it to be “THE LAST PARCEL SELECTED” (as with name, media settings,etc) which will become default.

    Is there any “good” reason for the larger one?
    I think this was a big waste of money&time which could have been safed by listening (“reading”)….


  11. Jennifer says:

    @3 support takes over 2 months to get an answer.. thats why

  12. AlexanderThe Benelli says:

    Sry for the doublepost, I just had to say that you are still doing a GREAT JOB!, it’s just that its easier to spot mistakes πŸ˜›
    Second Life has become much more fun in recent terms, and you are implementing quite a number of brand new things atm (WL&”the RC look”/Dazzle/havok4/mono)…so keep your heads (and the grid *g*) up!

  13. AlexanderThe Benelli says:

    Argh, I’m forgetting more and more, now sorry for a “triple post” *g*

    No, it seemed to be random, quite a few people noticed that with the new search
    =>see the old blog entry about this topic for that

    Alex (again :P)

  14. Dreena says:

    #3 No problem – especially when they don’t answer…glad you’re looking forward to something.

  15. Sarena Shostakovich says:

    I just wish the log on issues could be fixed. Why would anyone move to a premium account when you can’t be guaranteed to log on each time. I haven’t been able to get on for 2 days.

  16. For Randt says:

    @11 And you seriously think posting your particular problem here is going to do something the support page hasn’t for you?

  17. Naima aya says:

    MAC Client continues to have issues, crashes a lot. I have leopard updated for OpenGL and still have problems. Maybe this restart should cause any effect.

  18. Dreena says:

    #16 Well at least there is a larger guarantee that the SL gods are opt to READ this page, instead of bypassing support tickets.

    Oh excuse me, I didn’t realize that Jennifer and I are the only ones complaining about SL issues in this thread. I must be reading wrong…oh…yes I am since everyone else seems as joyous as you about the restart…my bad.

  19. Phil Deakins says:

    @9. When joining two parcels, it wasn’t the last one selected, not was it random, as the blog post said. It was the oldest parcel that LL had created.

  20. If filing a Support Ticket was as easy and painless as posting a blog reply, more people would probably do it. Just sayin’

    As much of a Linden cheerleader as I’ve been, I must say I’m very VERY frustrated with the new release, particularly the decision to get rid of inworld bug reporting. I don’t WANT to jack out and use the JIRA, I want to snap a picture say ‘Hey, this ain’t working, please make a note of it’ and go back to what I’m doing.

    I hope this restart will provide some stability that the place has sadly lacked since the new version.

  21. Profky Neba says:

    the new RC version crashes on log in every time. ive reloaded it, rebooted, put in a new blank hard drive and reinstalled windows and reloaded it. crashes.

  22. Jennifer says:

    Filling in a supprt ticket is easy but..

    1) it takes a month to get back a stupid newbie answer which has nothing to do with the question, and which you had already found yourself in the help files

    2) it takes another month and a lot of whining to finally get an answer which in 50% of the cases is written by someone who doesnt even knows the main jira topics

  23. aaronlego2 DeCuir says:

    **totaly off topic**
    down at the very bottom of the page to the left (the very very bottom) there is a little happy face! o.O why haven’t I noticed before?

    **back to topic** (kinda)
    woo! looks like this’ll be good when I actualy start owning land. ^^
    (which I don’t plan to for a few years so that (most) bugs are worked out.)

  24. Sean Heying says:

    Thanks for working so fast to close the simulator crash vector πŸ™‚

  25. PO'd CUSTOMER says:

    whatever you guys are doing today has crashed my graphics card and 2 other friends graphics cards sims are gone to hell pending downloads are not clearing off restarting sim is NOT helping and i cant get no BLOODY HELP

  26. Fiona says:

    Bugs happen, so whatever you need to do to fix it, know that there people who will stand by you.

    Good luck, guys. =)


  27. Ilmatar Balogh says:

    Is this going to fix inventory as well? Some of us have lost quite a bit of our inventory.

  28. luminye onizuka says:

    ok i dont know what happened lol , but i crashed and when i logged in three times, i couldnt move. Then it crashed again, now it says over and over that my host name cannot be found. If i go to website and it works then to report to support. Hello, website works! Please fix broken SL!!

  29. Elvis Orbit says:

    @ 2 What rental system are you using? I have not had a problem with mine. Try contacting the creator perhaps there is an issue with them?

  30. Jennifer says:

    lol yes theres a face.. so funny!

  31. Scott says:

    #21 … me too, can’t load the current RC – crashes upon trying to enter world. Uninstalled, reinstalled, etc. No luck. Waiting for next RC.

    It *did* work for a few days and nada since then. I suspect that something changed on the server side to set this off. Rolling rebug πŸ™‚

  32. This is a serious question, that I would appreciate a serious answer to, if anyone at Linden Lab can actually muster the courage to respond.

    How many ROLLING RESTARTS do we get to suffer thru this week? Have you not noticed that you have done at least ONE RR every single week for as far back as I can remember, and many of those weeks you had to repeat them because you didn’t do something correctly the first time!

    So seriously, what’s going on here? What happened to the ONCE a week fix, not the 8 to 10 times a week downtime?

  33. Jessica Hultcrantz says:

    Hmmm… adding some usefull thoughts here…

    @ LL
    Can’t you blog the server versions before and after update so i’ts possible to see if the region you are in has allready been restarted or not?

    that’s €0.02 of useful thoughs

  34. Zito says:

    Gotta love those restarts & thanks Linden team for putting my sim offline yesterday , now i can travel & explore all of Govenor Lindens other land i never seen before YAH πŸ™‚ thanks for opening up the border.

  35. "AguiaGhost Jonson" says:

    Sometimes on SL don’t appear the body of my character, I think for this is a bug, and errors of others persons post sometimes appear on my character too.Other errors on teleport, on the “search” (this is resolved) etc, had bugs too…

    Good luck, We wait betters

  36. Traci Romano says:

    I have lots of issues……But as owner of a freebee account, I don’t feel entitled to voice them….. So S L Leaders,, Whats in your plans to convince me to become a Paying account holder again???

  37. Sean Heying says:

    @32 Bob, don’t you recall that previously (before Het-Grid) we had to suffer 4 to 5 hours of downtime every Wednesday?

    I would much rather have a rolling restart, or two, or even three in a week.

    After all it’s about 5 minutes inconvenience as opposed to 5 hours.

    So many people here need to chill a little. Foaming at the bit won’t make things run smoother, it will just push you to an earlier grave with anxiety.

  38. U M says:

    “10 AlexanderThe Benelli Says:

    March 11th, 2008 at 2:27 PM
    I welcome the fact that you are yet again releasing β€œmore or less” working code to the general public ”

    Well thats why they done in the past. nothing new here.

  39. Storyof Oh says:

    glad to see someone else mentioning the inventory loss/loading issue…i am 3k+ items missing ‘loading’ …

    as for support tickets a lot of the time the problem is known and goes away all on its own…LL just never own up to it. One of my rent boxes borked too.

    #36 my annual renewal is due in April i renew?…..a huge owned mainland parcel says i do because i certainly cant sell land at the moment…i cant even give it away nearly lollll..for all its faults, used in a creative way SL has a huge amount going for it despite the frustration….

  40. TM says:

    Can we get a % of whats complete?

  41. Sean, I sure do remember those days, when you could plan on NOT being on SL.

    Now we get Rolling Restarts every other day, where you get kicked from one SIM to the next, never knowing where it’s safe to land. Yes, I love this so much better, because it’s just so much fun having four rolling restarts every week instead of ONE 4 hour period where we knew things weren’t going to be working at all.

    Of course, now you can make the arguement that Second Life, because of the sloppy handling by Linden Lab Employees, no longer works either.

    So Yes, I would rather have ONE 4 to 6 hour period during the week when the GRID wasn’t up, and have it stable for the rest of the week, then have these constants restarts and have the GRID so unstable most people just feel like giving up!

  42. Gillian Waldman says:

    Hi there – SL seems to be dying atm. Perhaps services should be looked at. thanks

  43. AlexanderThe Benelli says:

    I’m using RC atm, and just had to kill the process, because i was getting a 0.1fps (no, i dont have an old computer *g* )
    But a big *thums up* @ the Version numbers,
    that gives me the feeling some1 really reads these comments *g*

    Is there any change to “last parcel selected” instead of “largest parcel selected” planned?
    Or do you file this as “solved”?


  44. Ryanna Enfield says:

    What I’d like to know is if someone is reading these comments, can they tell me exactly what the purpose of sending crash logs is for when it seems as though there is no one even monitoring crashes at all? Is this just to benefit some kind of poll that you keep to say.. this is how many crashes happened this month? Why is it that crashing 20 times a day doesn’t send up a red flag to anyone working at LL? Why should I even bother to continue to send a crash report every time I crash? For three months now I’ve crashed far more often than I’ve ever crashed since joining SL back in 05. When I contact Support about the issue, they tell me they don’t track crash reports.. this is a separate department and they don’t have access to the gathered information? I will tell you there are ways of monitoring these kinds of things. Vanguard for instance contacted me when I first joined because I had not yet played any time in the game. They even went so far as to tell me they would not be charging my monthly subscription fees until I started my play time.

    There are hundreds of reports on JIRA about the infamous crashing when using alt camera pan view and various other reasons for crashing that have been outstanding for months now. Please tell me I’ve not been wasting my time sending crash reports every time, and that someone is actually monitoring this to see if there are certain accounts suffering repeated crashes? I’d appreciate LL’s response to this, and if not them then maybe someone reading these blogs can answer this question for me.

  45. U M says:

    Bob Bunderfeld is indeed in understanding about how things “WAS” before they started getting fouled up. I myself would like to see once a week down time when they are needed then these rolling restarts..How maybe once in a while. But nothing is better then downtime to fix problems. Oh you can say its a 24 hours 7 days a week game now. Bit really even the commerical islands that pay alot of $ wiould agree too…………

  46. Ravanne Sullivan says:

    Looks like the rolling restart has broken voice.

  47. Zena Juran says:

    Working on the assumption that sims are numbered logically and sequentially from #1 on then:

    If the RR is completed in 6 hours and

    If sim5614 = 90% completion then

    sim6237 would be the last sim to be completed and the total number of sims would be 6237?

    Then an assumption can be made that each sim takes approx. 17.325 minutes to complete.

    So multiply your sim number by 17.325 minutes and then add that to the 4:10 SLT start time… should give rough esitmate of when your sim should be caught in the RR.

    Yes… way too much time on my hands atm. πŸ™‚

  48. U M says:

    “44 Ryanna Enfield Says:

    March 11th, 2008 at 6:59 PM
    What I’d like to know is if someone is reading these comments, can they tell me exactly what the purpose of sending crash logs is for when it seems as though there is no one even monitoring crashes at all?””

    Well i been saying this for 2 years now. At times it seems tht they don`t read crash reports. Look at the fixes and i swear they don`t even concider them. I sent in 1000(s) of voice crash reports and what type of fixes did i see? a pretter UI design etc etc etc. Now i bitched an bitched for a very long time. I gave up turned off voice and doesnt usde it on a always bases now while in game. why? because they failed to fixes things tht are broken and fix things that are not broken. .BTW my crash reporter hasnt worked in 5 weeks now it gives me a ” FAILURE IN TRANSIMITTING DSATA TO LL SERVERS” Now there you have it!

  49. Blinders Off says:

    “Joining two parcels now consistently takes the properties of the larger parcel (previously it was a random selection)”

    May I ask kind of an obvious… but obvious question?

    Why did it take (what, 8 years?) to get this fixed? Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad it’s fixed now. But with all the land work that’s done every single day, and the regular hassle of resetting parcel parameters, how is it this was on the block for sooooooo long without someone getting to it?

    I know ya can’t fix everything at once. But ya’d think something this wide-spread and this annoying would have been fixed long, long ago.

  50. Zena Juran says:

    LMAO…. correction:

    17.325 sims per minute. I’ll let someone else figure out the rest! πŸ™‚

  51. Storyof Oh says:

    er now add to the problems log in failure….just after submitting a ticket on the inventory problem….it just gets better….

  52. Blinders Off says:

    @ 6 Rascal. Well said. Since it bears being said again… and stuff added to it, gonna itemize part of your message…

    * Grid instability and poor performance
    * Teleports fail quite regularly, especially under heavy load
    * Sim performance varies wildly (NOT due to client content either)
    * Low FPS
    * Serious texture latency
    * World maps are very slow loading
    * Crashes and viewer hangs and freezes
    * Ongoing friends list issues

    Add to these…

    * Group chat totally borked
    * Group Notices not getting to all members of a group
    * Random animations starting out of nowhere (and no, not an attack)
    * Sailing off into void space after crossing a sim line
    * Did we mention crashes? Why yes, yes we did.
    * Major bugs not being corrected month after month, year after year (prime example: llTargetOmega)
    * LL spending time on items no customers really want or care about (prime example: Dazzle).
    * LL totally ignoring customer voting results and @#$# well doing what they want anyway (prime example: voice… which was majorly voted AGAINST by LL customers).
    * Absurdist pricing on sims and land (namely: $295 and $350 a month for a piece of virtual land is ridiculous. The only thing it does is stuff LL’s pockets with $$$ and keeps most people for being able to afford a sim).
    * Total failure of LL to prevent minors from entering the grid, resulting in continual hassles with immature children (not that some of the “adults” are any more mature… it just adds to the problem and drama).

    … and the list goes on and on and on.

    Why list these things? We’re not just griping. We’re listing these things to point out issues that Second Life customers deal with every single day… issues that Linden Lab continues to ignore (or put on the back burner, or “it bothers us too” into the obscurity pile) year after year.

    And then people wonder why there are constant gripes on the blog.

    That would be why.

  53. Kamachi says:

    About joining parcels.

    If I want to join parcel A and parcel B, A having had more hits than the newly created B, and both being the same size, what should I do ? Shrink B, create C, join A to B then AB to C ? What a waste of time…

  54. Shaman says:

    I think I preferred shutting the entire grid down at a specific time, so events could be planned around your updates and bug fixes. Rolling restarts give little or no warning and things start going haywire during the restarts. We lost voice at a very inopportune time in our sim and spoiled an event. Give us more than one day warning, so we can schedule your disruptions around our events.

  55. Jennifer says:

    I rather have a rolling upload than one evening no beeing able to play the game. For europeans it was a horrible time for downtime.

  56. Wolf from Downunder says:

    @54 hey its an imporvement to what we had, which from what ppl have said seems to be random.

    hehe but what i find funny is that ppl list the hugh list of bugs sl has and then get upset when ll tries to implement fixes through a less intrusive way (rolling starts). ya cant have it both ways.

    but then again every game i have played online if you went to the forums you always got this… and yes i understand that ppl have invested alot of money into the game.

    i say leave them be to fix the problems so sometime soon this will become a more stable game. πŸ™‚

  57. U M says:

    its not just euro people people in asia as well…thats why we are with rolling updates now because too many peoplebitched about the once a week downtime (i enjoy evening time on sl JST) and i had to deal with it also. I wasn to se a return of those onces a week downtimes. Its a hell of alot better then the what we have now.

  58. Lillyanne Sawson says:

    Hey is SL going offline or just restarting??

  59. Lillyanne Sawson says:

    Laughs @ Linden of them restarting SL

  60. Steel H says:

    For those that are complaining that the Lindens aren’t listening, this is a perfect example to show that they ARE LISTENING!

    > As with all rolling restarts, the systems are
    > updated in β€œsim” order. If you look at
    > Help > About and see β€œYou are … at
    >” that means
    > the region you’re in is running on β€œsim5614β€³,
    > which would be restarted (very roughly) about
    > 9/10ths of the way through the roll based on
    > the number of sims we currently have.

    In a previous post ( ) some of us were discussing about how useful it would be to have some idea of where certain regions would fall in the restart. Not only did they listen to a request in a blog posting asking about restart order, but Joshua even gave user friendly directions on how to figure it out.

    Thanks Joshua and team… you rock! πŸ™‚

    BTW… if this is a method you use in the future when possible, is there an easy way to figure out the *last* sim number (without performing a manual binary search using ping… πŸ˜‰ )

    Best regards and thanks again…

    — Steel

  61. Tristin Mikazuki says:

    maps are kinda on the slow side and..
    Are we having the restart tomorrow on the 12th for the required new client? I cant find the blog for it.. It was there lol

  62. Dytska Vieria says:

    I have never crashed so many times! I think I have crashed more times in the last hour than I have in an entire year! What are you doing!?

  63. Prospero Linden says:

    Regarding client and server versions — they are not tightly linked any more. In times past, when we rolled out a new server version, you might also be required to download a new client. Now, when we do server updates, you don’t need to change client versions. When a new client versions becomes required, it does not necessarily go along with a server update.

    Barring a “showstopper” bug found in the current release (i.e. some serious security flaw or similar), we will *not* be having a rolling restart tomorrow or for the rest of this week. (All those who talk about “8-10” restarts a week above are, of course, engaging in hyperbole. We have, granted, had a *lot* of server updates in the last month or so, but it’s been averaging about one a week, and we’ve never had more than two in one week.)

    Expect at least two more server updates in March. That’s not a promise, but it’s just what looks likely right now. We will announce more when we know more ourselves.

  64. Jessicaann Wrigglesworth says:


    Ok this is all very cool but when you did this some of the sims have not come back online. So I am now homeless πŸ™‚ please fix asap.
    *waves coffee under the nose of the person that feel asleep and didnt push the power button back on*

  65. Prospero Linden says:

    Please contact support through the usual channels if you find a region that stays down for more than 20 or 30 minutes during the rolling restart.

  66. ron ok says:

    I can’t seem to get out of the region i am n at all. If itry to teleport i just get a pop-up thats says You have been logged out. I hve tried over and over since about noon today to get myself teleportred out and i am jst stuck. Whats the Problm here? Oh but i can im but thats it. Please help me i am going nutso.

  67. I find it interesting, as I look back at the archives, that I can find only ONE other Rolling Restart for the whole year. Prospero, are you really telling us that there have been just ONE Rolling Restart since January 1, 2008?

    Even IF that were true, which I doubt it, I did go back and count the number of PROBLEM related blog entries, and they number 22 for just these first 10 weeks of the year. That means there are 2 major problems every week that has to get fixed, or as you all say, “Resolved”, and the majority of these problem were ON THE GRID.

    Do you actually want to sit there and tell me I’m speaking in hyperbole’s when this is the evidence of your departments either incompetence or just mis-management?

    22 seperate issues in just 10 weeks. And still just ONE other Rolling Restart. Hmmm…a couple weeks back, didn’t we have at least two? Is someone manipulating the Archives to cover up their incompetence now?

  68. Rascal Ratelle says:

    Prospero Linden, if you check Jira you will se that there is way more then just one showstopper bug in and regarding 1.19.0.

  69. Ann Otoole says:

    crashin crashin crashin!
    keep them sims a’crashin!

    i sure hope these sim crashes are not a sign of what today will be like.

  70. Damona Rau says:

    i would love to see a comment from LL at @53

    LL isn’t really listening on support tickets. I have problems since November last year opened 3 support tickets, LL closed them with a non working or waste comment, tell me “the problem is fixed” but it isn’t. I know also, that my estate owner opens some tickets about the bad SIM-Performance, but nothing happend.

    LL told me “there are too many scripts running – ok, why there are alot of other SIMs with many more active objects and nearly DOUBLE running scripts with a damn good SIM performance? (Bad SIM Performance means, SIM FPS fluctuates between 0 and 44, even if i’m alone on the SIM)

    But i would love to see also a fix for Group-Notice / Group-IMs and the Friendslist bug. I’m here since 11 month and since 11 month SL has this problem and it goes worse every month. Many club and mall owners looses guests and money about this problems, but all we get from LL is “apologize for any inconvenience”.

    Maybe in the next time an other company will opens an alternate World and shows LindenLabs how things can work – competition is good for the business and will wake up some LLs.

  71. Emileigh Starbrook says:

    I personally think that the system is *far* more stable this month than it has been in a long time. The previous server rollout did have problems, especially that affected builders. But this is NOTHING like other times in the past.

    I’ve lost enough inventory in the past to where it would be reasonable to swear off defending LL, but I do believe the current revisions have greatly improved the experience. I am sure others have legitimate problems, but a) clearing the cache, b) clearing the WEB browser cache (yes – really, even before 1.19.0) and C) deleting the temp directory go a long way to solving problems.

    Oh – and for those of you on Windows, pay particular attention to Virtual Memory. I found mine was really going nuts, and I thought it was SL, when it was really a problem with Windows.

    TY LL – these past few weeks have been far more exciting than ever!

  72. U M says:

    is it so hard to take the game down once a week and do the work then do these rolling updates? I understand the reason why the rolling updates are important to the commerial island that pay and want their monies worth but….

  73. Guardian says:

    Thank you very much for killing every rent box on the sim I run by forcing disabling of all scripts.

    Had to fix dozens of boxes.

    Interested to know how you can reboot sims with hard wired settings like that, which are the estates to choose anyway.

  74. zoha boa says:

    @66 – Prospero Linden

    Our support portal is currently having technical problems. If you only need to view knowledge base articles, please log in as a guest. If you need to submit a ticket, please try again later (you will need to reload the page).

    I have 3 open tickets at the moment ….. one for over a month and i’m a concierge user !!!

  75. Lilly says:

    Prim Skirts are not loading, not only in windlight, but in normal viewer too. Now it looks like every girl is wearing tight pants.
    Furthermore, objects stay grey for a very very very long time !!!

  76. Various general comments regarding issues versus fixes…

    Unnecessary, unwarranted, unmitigated and unreasonable lag. Thus is the average life of the commercialized number of 2.

    I get more FPS running 5 instances of certain shoot ’em up games…

    I want known issues fixed first, my computer should be able to do other things than run an unstable program that happens to be a game I like, I’m not a mentor, and so on and so forth. πŸ˜›

    Seriously though, this is getting old now. What ever happened to that age old adage, “the customer is always right”?

  77. Noddy Shepherd says:

    Just a few thoughts regarding support and lag:

    Filing a support ticket: Haven’t done that myself yet, but helped a friend with a basic account by telling him where to find the option. It can’t have been too difficult, because he filed the ticket (although he didn’t entirely)understand the answer he got. Also, the issue was resolved within less than 24 hours.

    Lag: There’s a good class about how to reduce lag (go via search in the bottom tool bar, “events” tab, select “education” from the drop-down menu by clicking on “all”) that is repeated every two weeks or so.

    I lag and crash every now and again, but have been on SL for up to 16 hours in a row without suffering from major lag or any crashes at all. And I’m on 512MB RAM…

    By choosing “lag meter” (under “help” in the top tool bar), you can open a little window to tell you whether lag is client/network/server side. I have found that the server isn’t lagging as much as we sometimes think.

    As for the rolling restart: I prefer rolling restarts to grid-downtime. Let’s just hope that things will run more smoothly after it. Have a good time everybody.

    Noddy. πŸ™‚

  78. Guardian says:

    Thank you LL for taking care of my support ticket within thirty minutes of it being posted.

    Glad to see the tech support is working well.

  79. AWM Mars says:

    Some of the recent ‘updates’ removed the RegionSay and other functions.. these have been hijacked so that we can now have a choice of one movie per parcel, or…. a http page show on the same parcel prim/texture… wonderful isnt it?

    Of course none of this was required, as there are numerous systems that have been available for nearly a year now that can not just do this, but a better job of it.

    As buisiness’s start to fail and crumble under this ‘upgrade’ perhaps LL will concentrate on the real issues and stop playing with the core elements that effect massive amounts of business.

  80. Elvis Orbit says:

    My Havok 4 Region just got the Update. So far so good! πŸ˜€

  81. Vittorio Beerbaum says:

    Havok4 Beta Server

    …maybe the internal version code on H4 servers doesn’t follow the others (but i doubt.. i think they are aligned atm, and it’s just a matter of “flag” at this point), so the question: what’s new on 82040 (respect the 81992 of official server)?

  82. Linnrenate Crosby says:

    Yesterday i made a bracelet, put my textures on it and also added color-change script. I did not take it off my wrist but kept it on.

    Now today i noticed that it’s like i made it before adding textures and scripts, has that something to do with this update and the fact that it was’nt in my inventory but on my AV???

  83. Kerik Rau says:

    @ Linnrenate Crosby

    Attachments usually take a few moments to be syncronized with the inventory. The best option is to not wear something when working on it. Otherwise wait a few moments after changing anything and reguarly detach and reattach it. Otherwise if you crash or logout the object may be reverted when you log in again.

    If you work with scripts a lot I recommend you use an editor out of world and if possible a repository system like svn or cvs (expecially nice with multiple computers and/or people). This reduces the chance that you will loose work and allows you to work on stuff without needing the bloat of the client or internet access.

  84. Ree Indigo says:

    The above rant wouldn’t get read anyway, so there’s no point in writing it.

  85. pantaiputih korobase says:

    well, I iron my clothes with my laptop while being in world, a benefit at least πŸ™‚

  86. Damona Rau says:

    @71 Emileigh Starbrook

    Cleaning cache is the worse thing you can do with the 1.19er Viewer, because this will borke your Friendslist. You don’t believe it?

    Read this:

    An Group-IMs? Still open since over one year, read this: (109 votes) (239 votes)

    Only six month old: (78 votes)

    The stability your talking about depends on the Viewer also. The Windlight and now RC Viewer has the Avatar Impostors, Hardware Skinning and some other things for optimization. This things gives you the “feeling” that SL is more stable as in the past. But it’s a fact, that SL isn’t stable. Ok, the big inventory lost from July / August last year seems to be solved, but many other things are not.

    Please don’t tell, that SL is more stable as in the past, as long necessary functions don’t work properly. SL is a social environment, so Friendslist, Group-IMs and Group-Notices are very important.

    Maybe a good idea is to fix friendslist / group-IMs first, before Havok4 will be deployed.

    And LL, PLEASE kill the camping bots!!! I’m sure that every day more then 10.000 bots are online (i guess 20.000). Sure, it looks pretty with more then 60.000 online, but if 1/3 from them are bots, that isn’t funny.

  87. Phil Priestman says:

    As much as I hate to say it and will probably jinx myself for doing so, but it seems some Linden actually did something right this week, hardly any lag or crashes for the last two days.

    Surely this must be an illusion..

  88. please try this... says:

    as of 19:20pm uk time….

    i noticed that if you keep reloading the home page the residents online number goes back and forth between 50,666 and 50,972….

    and trans hist doesnt work

    friends online hasnt worked for the same amount of time that ive had no sales…..3 DAYS!!!

    traffic has halved or less in reality! i trust my own counters not land traffic figures or your online numbers and strangley 30-50% of visitors tend to buy something but not in the last three days or so.

    i bet im not alone here….friends online goes back and forth between the first alphabetically and a completely ficticious list of friends online like the home page……

    if LL continue to show this level of weakness they will be crushed like a BUG

    its falling apart, either you have some serious sabotage going on, total rampant incompetance or there is another agenda…

    Watch as serious business minds leave you rapidly

    oh yeah and money aint working right, rental boxes arnt happy L$ movement reporting errors, timeouts, system unable etc etc

    this is all LINKED and indicates a very worrying situation indeed.

    perhaps a second eye on that hand logo might help.

  89. Argent Stonecutter says:

    @82 LinnRenate: Attachments are only saved back to inventory when you detach them. It attempts to detach and save you inventory when you log out, but it does not always succeed, and when you detach too many attachments at a time (say by loading a whole new avatar folder) it may not always save back changes. You need to ALWAYS detach and reattach attachments after you change them, or rez them in-world to modify them.

  90. Wynochee LeShelle says:

    @87 – Same experiences here, and some more, but not only since 3 days. The friends online problem exists since weeks. The list of all other brutal frustrating ingame-bugs wich are giving the impression of a more and more exploding or imploding grid is too long to express it here again and again. SL is far away from being comfortable, stable, fast and secure. But LL is able to hold the fees on a strong and stable height. In this they are really professionals.

  91. Kittrannia Cassini says:

    OMG!! Now what have you done!!!!

    Crashing, Lagging, Textures refusing to rez, missing 4k worth of stuff from inventory, Blue screen….yes Blue screen just for turning graphics slider down, Curser refusing to stay where I placed it…..

    This is rediculous!!!

  92. Storyof Oh says:

    #90 same here!!!!

  93. luz says:

    —oh..certainly i don’t know about this page..i’d like to learn .someone .please help me… mail is help ..i want to have my website.

  94. Simulator crash bug correctlty fixed! Thanks so much for that β€” great job!

  95. U M says:

    “Simulator crash bug correctlty fixed! ”
    Good now make sure the crash report is working too………:/ Things can`t get fixed if the data doesnt reach LL…………does it?

  96. space rockett says:

    Seems to me like i arrived in one of George A. Romano films β€œNight Of The Living Dead” people seem happy to let lindens do as they please regardless of the cost to their integrity, I Would like to congratulate Lindens for their amazing brainwashing exercise they call Second Life.I too was a zombie sleeping walking to the Linden tune.No longer !!!
    Wake up people !!!!!

    Space Wide Awake Rockett.

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