[RESOLVED] Account Detail Reports Lagging by Roughly Five Hours

[10:15 a.m. PST –teeple]

Reporting is back in synch with in world transactions now.  Thanks for your patience!

[9:54 a.m. PST –teeple]

The databases have almost finished resynchronizing. Reporting lag is down to about 15 minutes and closing…


[8:08 a.m. PST –teeple] We’ve placed an unusually heavy reporting load on one of our databases this morning, and as a result, resident transactions are taking roughly five hours to become visible on the Website.

The transactions are being captured properly. This is just a synchronization issue between the database instances, and should correct itself later this morning.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

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83 Responses to [RESOLVED] Account Detail Reports Lagging by Roughly Five Hours

  1. Wyald Woolley says:

    Wow! What a list of problems to have to deal with on a Monday morning… and you thought getting up an hour earlier was gonna be your biggest challenge today. 🙂

    For fun, I spun Philip Linden’s current horoscope:
    “Today will be a good day to hide under the bed and worry a lot.”


    Well, his horoscope for tomorrow’s not any better:
    “You should have sold all your stock yesterday.”

    Dang. That’s the way the virtual cookie crumbles.

    Here’s wishin’ all the Lindens all the Luck o’ the Irish. (Though reading through their history, I’m not so sure if that ain’t a curse)

    Seriously, all fun aside, “Top o’ the morn’ng to ye!”

  2. Maura Beresford says:

    Heh. I like how the entry about regions being inaccessible has now been deleted. I still can’t go anywhere this morning.

  3. Hey there Teeps!

    ” resident transactions are taking roughly five hours to become visible on the Website” – so they should be arriving right about the time the group IM messages are set to arrive, right?


    It’s been a fun filled few weeks with group IM connections failing, IM messages failing to post or posting upwards of 30 seconds after they were sent.

    See ya around, Tepple – be well.

  4. CC says:

    i cannot believe it took almost 24 hours for a blog post about the EVENTS PAGE being down …. it was reported so many times all day too

  5. maelstrom Janus says:

    I think the problems are down to the heavy burden being placed on the system by importing unusual amounts of prim flavoured twiglets, prim peanuts and other prim based snacks and nibbles for that party on saturday

  6. Buster McNutt says:

    everytime i load up the new rc viewer 1.19.1 it crashes on login, will that start working again in 5 hours too? i really miss windlight.

  7. Wiebke Korobase says:

    Yeah THATS the reason why LLL gives a Big Party at Staurday. ROFL.

    It´s simply suck

  8. Looks like we got a case of THE MONDAY’S

    Thanks for the great beginning of the week Linden Labs.

    I recall reading..
    [Resolved] In world services interrupted

    YEAH RIGHT… Things are much worst then anything right now. This is becoming a JOKE.


    But yet its all RESOLVED

  9. Damian Vilas says:

    None of this is anything new or should be even unexpected.

    SL is unreliable – always has been, always will be. For every 1 thing they fix, 2 things break.

    If it’s not their network which seems to be put together with sticky tape and crazy glue, it’s database issues, or rezzing issues, or TPing issues, or IM issues, etc etc etc

    But yes……it’s all Resolved….for the next 24 hours anyway!

  10. Meade Paravane says:

    “We’ve placed an unusually heavy reporting load on one of our databases this morning…”

    Now I’m all curious, Teeple! Any more details on what you’re doing that’s caused this problem?

  11. CC says:

    sims are crashing to 2 times in less than 24 hours for me this is just getting SICK PLEASE FIX THIS COFFEE TIMES OVER AND SO IS THE WEEKEND!

  12. Darek Deluca says:

    Mr Rosedale;

    First of all, SL is a great idea. I (for the most part), enjoy it.

    BUT!, PLEASE concentrate more on getting things working correctly before trying to add more stuff. Trying to do too much with too few resources never works.

    You have to understand there are MANY residents who live with the everyday bugs and still come in to SL because they enjoy it. They would enjoy it more if those bugs, that have been going on for years, would be fixed.

    After 1 1/2 years in SL i still have to select the last side of a cube to
    texture it individually because i can’t texture all sides at once. I still
    build, I just have become used to this. This is just one of MANY examples.

    Every other BLOG entry has the word apologize in it, but do you realize how much the dedicated residents of SL have to apologize for you! Everyday, when I invite a friend from RL to see my store, I have to make excuses for one of the many problems that occur. I have to apologize to my customers when they are charged for items that are not delivered.

    I continue to pay the island tier, the classified charges, and the 3% Lindex tax on every Linden$ i make. Even when things don’t work. I have no choice because SL is unique. You are a monopoly, don’t act like one!

    LISTEN to your residents! LISTEN to your programmers. (not the yes men who tell you everything is wonderful, but the people in the trenches)

    We want SL to succeed! Don’t disappoint us!

    Darek Deluca

  13. milissa rossini says:

    Oh, my sim still cannot access. My neighbor did not know how to login from other location kept trying over 1 hour login. It is poor experience. Every month has over 20 events happening.

  14. ValerieM says:

    Can we also assume that after everything catches up we will be able to log in. I’m getting stuck at the log in (ingame screen) that is just sitting there spin, while the grid performance was typical this week at least I was able to log in. I hope this is associated and will clear up or at least being looked into.

  15. Midorii Akina says:

    I can’t log in. It won’t even connect. It’s nothing wrong on my end. What did you guys do?

  16. Thalia Bechir says:

    No apology can be valid nor accepted regarding login issues.
    I have been trying to log in for over 2 hours.
    Please people… get your act together!

  17. CC says:

    nothing is working right cannot login and when u do it does not save last location u were at events page is STILL BROKE SIMS are crashing cannot upload textures geezus how many months of this crap over and over just gets so sickening GET NEW DATABASES ALREADY

  18. Pepper Haas says:

    What happened to the money that was taken from my account after a “stale transaction” notice, but did not arrive at the people I paid?

    Oh, and Darek Deluca, if you want all textures on a prim to change at once, edit the texture while in position mode, do not select edit texture. If there’s a lot of attached prims you may have to select the texture several times before it quits saying “multiple” but they do eventually all take the texture.

  19. Thalia Bechir says:

    [UPDATE 8:20 a.m. PST –teeple] There’s a Linden network engineer at the co-location site this morning; hopefully this will be resolved very shortly. We apologize for the protracted inconvenience.

    Must be joking…right?
    480 regions?????????

  20. S Lemaire says:

    Spent many hours working on a new project I hope I don’t loose it, several hours now my sim has been down. For goodness sake I agree with Darek Deluca @ 12 though I won’t risk buying an island, but I still pay enough money to LL. I actually left for months because of this I would rather not downgrade again. New servers please.

  21. Kat Hynes says:

    Admittedly, I get confused easiy, but is the once required1.19 viewer no longer required to be installed?
    I know it was to be required on the 12th but now no such notice !
    Thankfully someone posted how to get back to 1.18.5, as 1.19.0 had no friends list online available.
    If LL is going to require it on the 12th I hope someone fixes the friends glitch before moving ahead!

  22. keanu Saunders says:

    And can someone take care of the events page
    that is down 24hours now

  23. pantaiputih korobase says:

    ooos, I can login, a miracle 🙂

  24. Linden Labs Word Of The Year!!!!


    [Resolved] Grid is back up
    [Resolved] Database is fine
    [Resolved] Money is working
    [Resolved] TTeleporting now works again
    [Resolved] Sims are restored
    [Resolved] Group chats now work
    [Resolved] Database errors corrected
    [Resolved] Phones are working
    [Resolved] Support page is now restored
    [Resolved] Friends list on website now back aagin
    [Resolved] What r u doing next Saturday Linden Labs??
    [Resolved] Downloads of new client are working again
    [Resolved] Attatchments dont go up your A$$ anymore
    [Resolved] [Resolved][Resolved][Resolved][Resolved][Resolved]

    when will it all be [Resolved][Resolved][Resolved][Resolved][Resolved]

    Please dont tell us anymore [Resolved] [Resolved] [Resolved]
    till it actually is…

    What BETA stage is SL at now? I really forget… Am I being paid to test their new software???? I don’t recalling signing up to be a daily beta tester peon for LL. Wait a min Im paying them to be a beta tester something just dont sound right

    LL you are stealing so much money from people with this crappy service you are providing us. Some of us are trying to create business on virtual worlds & you are taking money from us when it all fails everyday. Wonder why all the big name comapnies are pulling out of SL. Maybe because they woke up smelled the coffee & see how unhappy people are with all the things failing OVER & OVER. nothing is RL fails as much as SL does on a daily bases. Thing if DirecTV would fial every few hours. The would be major lawsuit… This if comanies decided paychecks wont work when cashing the checks at times.

    We need another OPEN LETTER to Linden Labs to give up compensation when things are failing!!!! Im paying for services I can not use right now!!!!

    At least Microsoft gave us a FREE XBOX Live game for outage over christmas!!!! LL gives us CRAP!!!! All we get from them is


  25. Trinity says:

    Now fix the “friends on line” list.

  26. Ann Otoole says:

    @10.. They are coming for *YOU* meade.

  27. Ann Otoole says:

    @18 indeed the possibility that people can buy, recieve goods, yet the money never be deposited in the seller’s account is rather ominous. We have no means of auditing the system for accounts that have made payments to us that were never credited. where does the money go when this happens? someone building a nice stash to cash out? sort of like the fraction of cents scams programmers used to do ages ago?

    i watched someone buy something day before yesterday. they received the goods and were happy. i never received the money. i have no way to verify this happened. the impact on the database of a directed graph analytical query to research this possibility would be … impressive.

  28. @ 27 Remember Ann Linden Labs told us its all RESOLVED!!!! We we must think that then. They say everything has been RESOLVED!!!!!!

    Im tired of hearing that. We expect the TRUTH. Not made up stories. ITS their SERVERS. nothing else that cause all the problems. Lindens Labs Is selling too many sims they cant handle to run. Why are they selling new sims to the grid when ones currently on it dont work??? Thats the question I must ask.

    It would be like FORD GM Toyota selling us cars that dont yet work. You pay 50K for the car but you get it & it dont work. But its RESOLVED!!!!!!

  29. Trinity says:

    And fix the search, too…

  30. Heather Betsen says:

    What is to become of the SL platform?

    At its current level of service, it fails miserably as a business or educational tool. Businesses and educators need almost perfect reliability and integrity of the system to be functionally integrated into their networks. For example, I recently attended a panel symposium on women’s issues, and as soon as the lecture hall reached about two-thirds capacity, the SL voice system became so crappy that the lectures had to be repeatedly stopped as to become worthless as conveying the information intended. That was a purely social function were the consequences of failure were minimal. Now imagine that happening for a RL business, heads would roll for choosing such an unreliable platform.

    As far as gaming and physical activities, BFD. I found relics of games consoles from my older siblings I used as a little kid more challenging than anything SL has to offer. About the only thing that requires any eye-hand coordination in SL is driving vehicles under the lag limit. For serious gamers, SL weapons are more impotent than the Acme dynamite that blows up the coyote in his failed attempt to kill the roadrunner. As for the person that tells me how awesome it has been skydiving all day, I say what did you do to feel the sheer exhilaration of free fall from dizzying heights, click a mouse button?

    I have know many who have sunk a lot of money into SL buying land, regions and islands, or have invested time and effort into creating content. They seem to get sucked into some vortex that creates the need to sink even more money or invest more time into SL to justify the previous expenditures, although they have absolutely no return to show for their investment to date.

    Which leads us to the purely social aspect of SL. Let’s hang out at a club and watch our avatars dance all day. And for all those that I met that can afford to do that for hours on end everyday, their conversations were as intellectually stimulating as those between garden slugs. Let us not forget about cartoon sex… I can feel the warmth of your breath on my neck… yea right.

    BTW, I scripted, I built, I purchased, I sailed, I flew, I danced and had affairs, such a waste of RL time. I canceled my account.

  31. Trinity says:

    Maybe you could ask for support money to your concieges on your very private party next saturday ? Maybe things could REALLY be resolced, then….Find the money where you know it is, and hire smart people…
    I’m trying to find solutions, you see….

  32. Heather says:

    oh, and btw….. for people who can’t log in…..
    Type : ‘Dreamland’. This is a region that seems to never, EVER have trouble.
    I wonder why……

  33. Guy says:

    …. typical
    My money is increasing and I have no idea from where from since its still borked…

  34. Ambrosia Lytton says:

    STILL having to reinstall 1.19.1 every time I try to log in … thank God (and I don’t mean the Linden ‘gods’) it is Spring Break so I have no inworld activities with students this week!!!

  35. pantaiputih korobase says:

    ambrosia, look for the second life release candidate folder in your programs folder and then click the application instead of the icons on your desktop, that should work

  36. Synchronicity says:

    Wow, here is an example of some really fine DB synchronization. Earlier, I checked my friends online on the website and saw a dear friend as being online who I hadn’t seen for a while. I rushed in world, only to find this friend off line. I checked the group info for a group we are both members of, and her last login was 2/28.

  37. Argent Stonecutter says:

    Attempting to view transactions is hanging.

  38. w.r.t #37…

    The page loads here, but is displaying no transactions after initially taking 8 minutes to display… secureweb21, 2 12 and 8 replicating the same fault…

  39. Angelica Seaton says:

    Website ‘friends online’ showing different friends online each time i load it, inworld map showing destinations as invalid, tps taking me to the nearest destination to where i wanted because my ‘home’ doesnt’ exist lol. Oh my, where can i get red sparkly shoes? Maybe if i had a pair i could get home!

  40. Calypso DeSantis says:

    Okay, obviously I am daft, but they are saying this issue is “resolved” how about Windlight….still can not sign on there. Soon as I attempt it, poof gone, SL Crash Logger. Is this another issue all together that we are waiting to have “resolved?” If anyone out there can answer this, I would appreciate it greatly.

  41. Emily Lelouch says:

    I cannot open the transaction history, so i think it is NOT resolved !!!!!

  42. magnus says:

    Well you have screwed me once again, thank you very much. Just when you got WL to a place where I could use it mostly reliably everyday in my Mac, particularly as the regular client update is the biggest piece of garbage yo have foisted on us yet. The stuttering, the lag, the TPing what are you people doing, And now, you have gone and put me back to where I was in Nov. crashing immediately on Log in. I haven’t said it in a while because it looked like progress was being made, but you know what, you suck. Kindly remove your collective heads from yor collective asses and please give us one viewer that works the way its supposed to. TP’ing ins neither a luxury or an option, it is a neccessity, and you have turned it into an Edsel.

  43. Jacob Silvera says:

    1) everything is broke
    2) non-concierge mainland owners get no special benefits while concierge members and island owners do.
    3) New RC Viewer with new media options breaks many of my media scripts.

    Hardly worth going premium LL! But, thats what I get for paying a year ahead. Too late to back out now! Thanks!

    Opensim on my dedicated server is looking pretty enticing even with all of its bugs. Least I would have control if it stopped working and could fix it myself.

  44. CC says:

    geeezus how man things can you all screw up i swear NOTHING will ever work right when it has linden labs working on it LOGINS ARE BROKEN!!!!! WHAT NEXT!

  45. honeydripperdeere says:

    I don’t see much of anything being resolved…the new client is a nightmare…the worst i have seen in the 18 months i have been on SL…and as far as concierge getting special treatment…i get access to live help…which i contacted yesterday about the new client mess…and was told it was me…they had had no other complaints…and that someone would be contacting me in world shortly…36 hours later…have heard from no one…so if you want my preferential treatment you can have it

  46. Argent Stonecutter says:

    @43 – I have had pretty good response from trouble tickets I’ve submitted recently.

  47. Itarille Kyomoon says:

    and now the inventory can’t be loaded …. what will be the next trouble we will have ?

  48. Ryanna Enfield says:

    Here is my recommendation to anyone reading this post…

    1) Do not buy land if you have not already done so. Sell the land you are currently paying the Lindens the pleasure of not being able to enjoy.

    2) Do not upgrade your account to Premium Membership, and never ever pay a year in advance. LL charges you to downgrade your account to Basic. Also, the benefit of being able to contact Support is a response that either takes forever, is something… Anything in fact on your end, but never on their end, or they simply tell you your problem has been Resolved. Sound Familiar?

    3) Do not build anything you are proud of and really going to miss when it disappears into that mysterious void of we have no clue where it went, it just digitally vanished without a trace.

    4) Don’t bother owning a store and selling items unless you really enjoy appologizing to your Customers for things that are not your fault.

    5) Cross your fingers if you are attempting to Teleport or make an inworld purchase. Chances are pretty good that you will get booted from SL, or that your money will disappear into that void of nothingness along with your purchase.

    6) If you plan on holding an important business meeting or perhaps even an important class or event… Make sure you have a back up plan to meet in a real life setting because chances are… SL will have issues.

    This is of course, just my advice.

  49. Phil Priestman says:

    Linden Labs is the Bush Administration of online gaming.

    They refuse to listen to the people, ignores obvious problems and throws alot of flashy distractions to hide their incompetence, tells everyone that everything is just honky dory when its really not, it goes on and on.

    As far as I’ve seen, there’s only 2 Lindens thats worth a damn, Matthew and Tory, everyone else seems to be pretty much useless.

  50. Dont Lynchme says:

    but i am using 1.18.5 (3) Nov 28 2007 13:59:53 (Second Life Release)

    and that one seems to work a great deal better right now than what most of you folks describe

    Lots of standard actions like tp and searching places have some strange inpredictable results from time to time…But generally things are not all too bad…May be worthwhile trying for some of you using the rc already

    the all search is a mess though

    Anyhoo, LL, please reconsider the decision regarding the mandatory upgrade that´s to come and also stop confusing people with the “perceived” forced upgrades. It´s especially the people that don´t know how to get around this download, which are of no help at all when it comes to bug reporting and feeding the ugly monster JIRA.

    Nighty Night 🙂

  51. Tiny Mind says:

    Wait till they merge with HiPiHi next year. Then you’ll all know ‘Epic Fail.’

  52. Storyof Oh says:

    #24 remember the other words ‘thank you for your patience…..’
    inventory is loading…3k objects lost in cyberspace for now….if anyone sees a bed fly past please return it :>>

  53. Ambrosia Lytton says:

    pantaiputih … sorry nope ..still making me reinstall each time …grrrrr

  54. Well dear friends, I can tell you one thing for certain.

    CEO Philip Rosedale and Executive VP Robin Harper DO NOT care what you have to say about Second Life.

    Sorry, it’s just the raw truth. Being here for almost 5 years now, I can honestly say, that Man and Woman were either really good liars or they’ve changed a WHOLE LOT; I’ll let history sort that out though.

    I still enjoy Second Life, but I wish Linden Lab would stop messing with it. It’s time to put a FREEZE on everything and fix only those bugs that have been tested over and over again and can be implemented without breaking something else. If you want Second Life to continue, may I suggest you start on version 2.0, maybe somehow, someway, your so-far incompetent or lazy staff will get it right the second time around.

    Have a good day!

  55. Lovin it! says:

    I am adressing just the posters in this thread that refer to LL and staff as lazy etc… those of you who are posting in an effort to help keep up the great work. Anyway, here is my rant and special message to the LL Dissers…

    I love how every time there is a problem posted the griefers jump all over wiki here to complain… I really do its what keeps me coming back for more. Not sure which I like more at this point that or SL. Reading this is really fun! I look at everything they are trying to do and how they get word out of known problems as quick as they possibly can, as if they have to which they don’t. How quickly they respond and fix issues on a daily basis where most games etc.. would go months before resolution and here you guys are boo hoo LOL. But, please don’t stop its a part of the entertainment here!

    The new features they are adding like media viewer are so important, take voice, read some of those threads from when they were working that out and look at it now! I cant imagine SL without it. These new features are just as important but of course you wouldn’t be here or “putting up” with all this if you didn’t know that already. Freeze features that Havoc and WL and others have been working on constantly all this time and not add them I DON’T THINK SO they are close to getting the bugs out and it will be great! Sure its gonna be a bumpy ride ’till then but well worth it in the long run. If your existence is so based on your happiness with SL today that you can’t see a better tomorrow I pity you but will still be laughing away with every post you make here… and for some of you yea well it may be time to upgrade the ol’ PIII your using just a thought….

    Anyway Enjoy, maybe the real issues with these posters is more a first life kinda thing….
    The rest rock on!

  56. Its All RESOLVED now… so we get told yet once again…. WORD of the year by Linden Labs

    R E S O L V E D

    please Linden Labs look this work up in the dictionary so you know what that word actually means. Maybe you could start using better words like……

    Status is now TEMPORARY FIXED
    50% FIXED
    75% fixed but Joe from engineering is on lunch break & will be near 99% fixed when he comes back.

    And we the users of Second Life must know the following things….

    1. Why does the same stuff break day in & day out?

    2. Why is everything that breaks all “SERVER” related? ((GET NEW SERVERS or GET AMAZON.COM to HOST SL because YOU CANT HANDLE IT)

    3. Why are we not being compensated for all this downtime? You hurt my business & everyone else’s today & all day when things don’t work as according.

    4. Sims now can’t run correctly without problems. WHY are you adding more & more new SIMS when the ones you have now DON’T WORK CORRECTLY?

    5. When YOU KNOW there are MAJOR BUGS going on (we know you do because WE ALL DO) WHY are we not notified much sooner. NOT HOURS & HOURS later. We the people of Second Life need this information to us now. Not on blogs that don’t help us out when we are on SL trying to enjoy ourselves. Do you think people look at your blog every 20 mins for all your bug reports?

    6. Why is money ever failing? does money fial once a week in RL?? how many times a week do you go to your bank & they tell you money isnt working correctly right now do not go shopping to not cash checks you may lose them.

    7. How many different CLIENTS are we gonna have to keep picking from? No other software has 15 different versions to be using. GET an AUTO UPDATE for SL please. We get tired of downloading installing over & over & over each week.
    After a while of this people have no idea what they are even using anymore.

    8. Why does it take 30+ days for support to not even answer you back when you get LINDENS stolen from you?

    9. Why do you care what we are doing next SATURDAY when this SATURDAY we cant log onto SL because of all the bug.

    10. FIX THE BUG We are tired of this CRAP we get everyday. Some of us are trying to be successful on SL but cant because you are HURTING OUR BUSINESS when things are not ever working correctly. That makes OWNERS look bad when money fails people dont get paid items dont get delivered. TP a friend over they crash off SL.

    PS most of us enjoy using Second Life please make it more enjoyable for those who do & for noobs. Im sure they love day 1 in SL when not a single thing works.. how many of them come back for day 2?

  57. @ 55… quit being such a brown noser.. we know that message came from an insider…. nice try LL to make it sound like everything is 100% ok

  58. Sean Heying says:

    @55 well said and I agree completely. Alot of people just need to just chill out a little.

  59. Pepper Haas says:

    Lovin it —- I *can* imagine SL without voice. I remember it well. Group IM used to work then. There was a lot less lag everywhere. We had such a nice, simple GUI with a chat and an IM mode and only one Search button, and bar graphs that told us about the lag on the system so we could kind of pick a good moment to tp and avoid crashing.
    Voice destroyed SL. It’s been screwed up eversince it was forced down our throats, and every change since has made things worse. And right on this blog we have a report from a user of it, who finds that if there’s more than 15 people it doesn’t work anyway.

  60. milissa rossini says:

    No matter how this was less serious than last August, I suggest need to have some improvement on helping all residence by:

    a) Identify problem sims to us
    b) Let us have help by showing how to login from other location in the announcement, since not all residence must know HOWTO.

    I know this problem will continue to existing. There is almost double users concurrently login comparing to last year. And this login issues, so far according to my poor memory is about 6-10 times since last August. I hope SL is not meeting the infrastructure and application limitation.

  61. Money transfer was broken for at least two hours. We had lots of complaints about TeleLinden not paying ppl.

  62. LegsLover Lusch says:

    Did you all actually believe that LL would be honest in everything they tell you?

    I have to admit, things have improved via the aussie server but rezzing is still a big problem, especially when I go to other shops/sims/places etc. Takes ages, I TP somewhere then go make a cuppa tea, when I get back rezzing is just about complete.

    LL do not care about the residents, cept the so called concierges, they keep the tills turning over while the decent residents keep their tills turning over.

    Has anyone really heard of any rich people actually caring for the smaller guy who actually makes’em rich? not I, said the spider to the fly.

    In all honesty, I believe SL is now on a downhill slide, they’ve gone to far and don’t know how to fix things, but that happens when greed sets in, they can’t see the simple early solutions for dollar signs dancing infront of their eyeballs.

    As for the deceit, bet most of the SL staff don’t hang around with decent honest people in RL. Lying and deceit are habit forming, do it often enough in one place and you begin to do it in every other place in your RL life.

  63. Gumby Roffo says:

    Can I have my Friends list back this week? Can’t IM any one.

  64. sinatra breda says:

    The last week, business owners like me have lost a lot of money in transactions IW, a lot of work for nothing, without considering the hours of chat to refund or to solve the issues with customers.
    In any case we have to pay regularly our fees to linden lab for “EVERYF**INGDAY”.

  65. Required Name says:

    WHat ? My comment is “awaiting moderation “?????? Mwaaaaaaahahahahahaha
    Let me do it again, then :

    I hear that a lot of people here have lost money.
    I have just lost a friend because of this stupid f’cking Friends’ List that doesn’t WORK PROPERLY.


  66. Fellatione Aabye says:

    For next years Academy awards

    BEST moviescript …. Nominees are

    LINDEN LABS … with

    “We apologize for the inconvenience.”

    BEST Special Effects … Nominees are

    LINDEN LABS … with


    But for the rest a great platform in any case, (met already a lot of good friends and very nice people … (NOT YOU LINDEN LABS) and MOST IMPORTANT you even can play what I call REZZING ROULETTE (Hope that LL won t ban that game) … after a successfull TP …. Will I still be wearing my skirt, hope that my shoe won tbe stuck in some private part of my AV-anatomy…. etc ….

    My Advice Dear Residents is … To go public with all the problems created …. meaning going to the press and give Linden Labs some very good comments in the specialised press.

    (Think they will awaken real soon then) unless LINDEN LABS are all Avies? and not human ….

  67. Ghost Menjou says:

    Bugs always exist…Most of the people complaining here don’t know a single thing about the SL networking and programming.

    Systems like SL crash or get bugged ,its normal…Even Microsoft,yahoo,aim,STEAM,etc have network / server trouble at times.

    So far LL is doing a great job in my opinion…

  68. required name says:

    Ghost, There is a difference between ‘at times’ and “all the time.

  69. Pepper Haas says:

    @68 I have *NEVER* had Yahoo crash on me. And the only version of Windows that ever crashed on me for doing simple, legal actions (like changing the font in the word processor) was the Beta of Windows 95, and they fixed that problem before releasing it to the public.
    Yes, I know SL is complicated. I expect *some* bugs. But it is unforgivable and bad business practice, for LL to plain IGNORE bug reports and NOT FIX existing bugs and INSTEAD give us shinies that nobody wants, and did bad things like changing the GUI three times in a row (and working on a fourth).
    When things used to work and then got broken by LL’s drive to shove their new ideas down our throats, and we tell LL that they’re broken, the reaction is, it must be YOUR computer. No, it isn’t my computer; it’s LL doing what all their customers scream for them NOT TO DO which is, adding shinies and useless changes before making SURE the grid is stable.
    LL needs to stabilize the grid and have it that way for at least three months before allowing anyone over there to touch it to add something new. And please BEAT whoever thought of the GUI changes, past and future.

  70. Guy says:

    @67 Funny that those programs you listed are FREE and have better support and up times…..

  71. Ghost Menjou says:

    Microsoft server/web services , Yahoo webservices , AIM webservices…
    Game servers crashing…STEAM content/accout servers dropping out…

    Its not all the time most of the time for me SL runs fine….

    SL is complex….It counts A lot of database and 570 terrabyte of data (From a LL employee from a while ago)…Do you really expect it to run fine all the time?

    I’m assuming most of you have almost no experience with multi-datacenter networking and MAJOR programming?

  72. Pepper Haas says:

    @71 I clearly stated, I expect *some* bugs knowing how complicated SL is. So don’t twist the words of those who say LL should stop breaking things with adding new shinies nobody wants, and should stop blaming our computers when THEY break things that used to work (like group IM).
    Also my husband is ICT Project Manager for a major international accounting firm. I asked him to check something out in re. scripting in SL and he took one look at the code and the jira and said, it’s the worst mess I have ever seen. Expert enough opinion for ya? When his customers complain about a bug, it gets fixed, and customers receive a workaround AND compensation for downtime. He wouldn’t dream of telling them, go to our website and go vote on your bug and then maybe we will look at it.
    So yes there is a real difference between a professional enterprise and Linden Labs. One has QA and CS; LL has a jira.

  73. We can accept SOME bugs but not the same things day in & day out. Now I understand adding a new feature or something not working right. Like before voice had a few problems. We can accept that but money failing, teleports crashing you off sl, friends list not showing up, group chats failing. This stuff should not be failing all the time. The basic functions of SL do not work correctly. And they are trying to add more features??? WTF get the ones that cant work now FIXED…. wow we get html on a prim… with having to show it only by media settings WTF is that junk. Completely useless. wow I can show a static pic of a website that I can not get no interactions from. But I can pay anyone anymore because my money fails.

    Vote for your favorite bugs.. WTF is LL thinking… they know the bugs that need fioxed. They do not NEED us telling them everyday & every night the same things that keep breaking. Do they want 50K avatars to go to JIRA & tell them money is failing, friends list inst working again. I had money stolden from me by an object that was hacked by another user… do you think LL got back to my support message???? nope after 30+ days I decided to close the support message because they wont respond.

    what kind of company is this. we report people stealing money from you & get no response. and SL wnats to know what we are doing next SATURDAY…. well maybe crashing off SL when I try to teleport back to my place. might have to restart SL 5 times to try to get friends list back up. I might have to keep explaing to others to read the blogs when money isnt working.

    LL can’t handle what it has. Plain & simple. GET ANOTHER COMPANY TO HOST SECOND LIFE. You can not do it anymore by yourself. QUIT selling new sims when current ones cant function correctly. My sim was gone 7+ hours yesterday.. There was no reason for that at all. I lost alot of money because my customers left because they couldnt find my sim anymore.

    How many times have you gone to wal-mart & had the store disappear on you??
    How many times do you go to your bank & they tell you money is failing try back later?

    We get the same crap every month.. ITS time for LL to step up to the plate & get this crap fixed.


    I sure hope its fixing your big mess you have going on in your so called “VIRTUAL WORLD”

  74. Trella McMahon says:

    Could we fix the live events posting, for though you state this is fixed/resolved it is not. It is kicking back on things as SLT for Second Life Time, as well names you have given av’s as miss spellings, and names of venues as miss spellings. Thanks to this none fix that is still unresolved you are killing the venues and live Second Life singers.

  75. requested name says:

    Friends on line on the web site is STILL NOT FIXED.
    DOn’t thank me for my patience,
    I haven’t any more patience now.

  76. required name says:


    “This is just a synchronization issue between the database instances, and should correct itself later this morning.”
    Let’s read this again……
    “correct itself” ?? “correct ITSELF” ???????????
    I see….
    How many issues are supposed to correct themselves later on ??

  77. Dont Lynchme says:

    Too bad the candidates for below contest are already determined:


    LL would have pretty good chances to land first or top 3 at least

    This is no joke btw

  78. Hadley V. Baxendale says:

    Broken functionality is not a bug. Broken functionality renders the product unusable for its intended purpose. Every paying customer of Linden Labs has an implied right to the warranty of merchantability, that the product will work as intended.

  79. Gabriell Anatra says:

    Still not resolved. It just ate a days pay.


  80. [RESOLVED] Today at 12:30PM Linden Labs has RESOLVED themselves.

    Check back later for further updates.

  81. Lovin it! says:

    LOL OMG see my pevious 55 post… ROFL after reading more here today!
    @80 (57) I am not in any way associated with LL except that I am in the same meta verse you are… I am definitly not a brown noser but if I were at least it would just be my nose that was brown and not my whole head, which in your case has not been where it should… Anyway keep it going here this is great!

  82. camelia rhiano says:

    thank you for resolved my problem. now, i am again happy. kiss you

  83. Argus Collingwood says:

    I’m guilty of not reading responses but I have no transaction history and it’s been more than 5 hours folks. What’s up with that?

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