[Resolved] In world services interrupted

[Resolved 3:15 PM] Let’s try this again!  The database is happy again and all in world services are clear to resume.  Please give some time for transactions to catch up. If you still have a transaction that did not go through, please submit a support ticket.

[Update 2:47 PM] This issue is not yet resolved. Please continue to refrain from conducting Land and L$ transactions.

[Update 2:19 PM] In world services are beginning to resume. Some transactions were delayed and are catching up.

[Update 1:58 PM] Residents are reporting in world services are not all functioning yet. We are looking into this and will update you as soon as we have information.

[Update 1:26 PM] In world services have resumed. You are clear to conduct Land and L$ transactions again. Thank you for your cooperation.

[Update 12:48 PM] Please refrain from land and L$ transactions until we give an all clear.

We are experiencing a temporary interruption of In World Services which include Teleporting, L$ Balance loading, groups not loading. We are working to correct this and will update you shortly.

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