What are you doing next Saturday?

We’d like to invite all adult Second Life concierge-level residents to join us for a party on March 15th! Instead of celebrating the Ides of March by killing Caesar, come and hang out with the Concierge team and other concierge customers.

Because we have residents all over the world, the party will run the full 24 hours on the 15th (12:01am to midnight PST), with a variety of games and events hosted by the members of the Concierge team.

To make the logistics of this easier, we’ll be adding all concierge residents (who have less than 25 groups already) to a new Special Event group over the next week.

If you’d like to bring a guest, simply go to our support portal during the coming week and submit a new support ticket of the “Request Concierge Party Invite” type (this ticket type will be available starting Monday). Tell us who you’re bringing, and we’ll add them to the group too. No more than one guest per concierge client, please – we don’t want to run out of party favours!

Concierge clients pay Linden Lab $125 or more in land fees each month. If you fit that description, clear your schedule and clear a slot in your groups list. We look forward to see you next weekend!

About harmonylinden

I am a Concierge at Linden Lab.
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151 Responses to What are you doing next Saturday?

  1. Celierra Darling says:

    Auto-adding people to a group? That might potentially not be such a good idea, for ‘just a party’…?

  2. SLick says:

    Next Saturday? Hmmm praying I can log in. lol

  3. Vylixan Fallon says:

    Is this party also for island owners ? as we pay more then 125 USD a month . If yes then I’ll see the invitation soon, and I want to bring one guest . My wife that is ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. concerned says:

    @ 3 If you own an island then you are a concierge-level residents,So that woukd include you

  5. Toy Halfpint says:

    I would think April 1 to be a better date.

  6. Ookamisuke Babenco says:

    I think Linden Labs should also do a party for normal second-life residents who are over a certain age on the grid…spread out over a week or two so that the sim can accomodate..

  7. Ursa Henley says:

    next saturday? why do you plan on fixing something this whole week? I will be truly amazed if so. but I am not holding my breath.
    Oh and once again i see sl panders to the big money as always and screw the rest of us that pay the bills. instead of Caesar i can think of someone else to substitute.

  8. OOoh… I missed the last party due to RL work, but this 24h party definitely sounds like a plan. Count me in! (Cleared out old groups, just for the heck of it)

  9. Storyof Oh says:

    yup trying to log in like this Saturday, althought with 60k online guess it will perform like quicksand. DNS problems dont we just love it……
    ~Praise where due the past week performance has been pretty good, it just cant cope with the weekend…more coal on the fire please…

  10. I went to the last Concierge party but left after 10 minutes of laggy grey people. Later on I left the events group because it was being spammed in Group IM. I hope these issues will be dealt with this time round.

  11. Charlotte Bartlett says:

    Sounds great. I am also running in the Sport Relief Virtual Mile across Second Life on the Saturday – so sounds like a great weekend is coming up! I’ll be sending in my RSVP ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Xero Baphomet says:

    The 15th of march is also the national wide Protest againest scientology thing. Might want to change the date due to media concerns =/

  13. Fellatione Aabye says:


    Wanna bet that there will be no problems with SL on that day …

    And dear Linden Labs .. Personaly I don t think you have ANY REASON to party for the moment (and certainly inviting on discriminatory basis ) … UNLESS fixing the bugs from way back in time is a Party

  14. Ciaran Laval says:

    I’m only going if Robin will dance with me!

  15. richard says:

    they will have a update the day before and screw everything up !!!

  16. Skathirev Radek says:

    Uh, rich-people-parties. I don’t really like the idea.

  17. laura ophelia says:

    Hmmmm …. the last party of the concierge group was filled with lag.

    Lets hope things got better.

  18. Marianne McCann says:


  19. Craig Solzhenitsyn says:

    Lets see, Go to the London protest against the war, go to the London protest against the Church of $cientology, and go to the big mofo afterparty planned with lots, and lots, of RL cake, or go to a random elitist party that has no apparent reason.

    Sorry cant make it, i think ill be in London, eating cake.

  20. Daisy Brennan says:

    Yet another concierge event that TG concierge-level guests arent invited to despite the fact that we pay the same amount to qualify. Seriously LL cant you even keep the adult content out of a party you are hosting to allow us to participate in SOMETHING?

  21. Jacob Silvera says:

    This blog should have been titled LAG-FEST 2008. Glad I’m not an oh so elite concierge member. Enjoy the lag! LoL

  22. Locke Traveler says:

    Craig, see you there. We shall have delicious cake IRL.
    Om nom nom nom nom.

  23. No way can I join another group until Lindens increase the number of groups allowed. I would much rather have that than a party.

  24. I wonder if a certain LINDEN EMPLOYEE will be there to tell everyone to “Bugger Off” and make inappropriate sexual comments to your female volunteers, like he did the last time you had a party?

    Interesting how the LINDEN EMPLOYEE’S are so quick to hand out punishment to the RESIDENTS that go astray, but they can’t even keep their own Employee’s in line.

    Next Saturday? Thanks, I’ll pass, I’ve seen how you treated your “volunteers” once, no need for me to see that disgusting behaviour again.

  25. Rob A says:

    /me yawns “I don’t own an island. Thanks for wasting the bandwidth.”

  26. Ivantwin Rogers says:

    this is my first day in second life , want buy a lag, i dont have a time for a party

  27. ReMeDy Saintlouis says:

    Yea, this post maybe off the topic but I’ve noticed there isn’t one that touches on the poor performance of sl today and submitting a ticket doesn’t get an instant response either. So next saturday I’ll probably be doing some non stop crashing, slow rezzing, walking into walls, losing inventory and some more moaning on this blog.
    Unless linden labs actually give us some info on this prob instead of ignoring it. FIX SL and stop breaking it when you have done so.

  28. Darren Oates says:

    How about building something like entertainment area like a few sims that is run by linden labs maybe this would be a good idea for customer relations, rather like a hangout area that had some entertaiment and other stuff like good info areas ect… just an idea as their seems to be nothing like that appart from the welcome areas

  29. Cliff Dieffenbach says:


    The last party was pretty cool. No theme? Bummer.

    This time though I think I’m steering clear from Spike. A cool guy indeed, but he has more groupies than a frigging rock star. If they were to name a drink after him it would be “Almost sexed on the beach”.

    I hope the sims used this time around are HAVOK4.

  30. Schwartz Gustafson says:

    Who counts as a concierge resident? Island owners only, or estate managers as well?

  31. HALEY Salomon says:

    Bob , I was gonna ask you to be my date , I guess that is a no .

  32. Sindy Sideways says:

    Like always, LL uses discrimination against everyone. ONLY Concierge residents are allowed at the party while the rest of those of us are left out. Unless you spend tons of money on SL you are nothing but a nobody and the Lindens could care less about you. Linden Lab is no better then the government. They seperate the HAVES from the HAVE NOTS and make it known that they don’t care. When is that gonna change LL. When will you give a damn about everyone?

  33. HackedofwithSL says:

    Sorry have a dentist appointment and to be honest, yep i would rather have a tooth pulled, so count me out

  34. Praetor Janus says:

    Nice idea. Itโ€™s time to gather and celebrate an early Spring ๐Ÿ™‚

    Count me in ๐Ÿ™‚

    Hope not to miss this one ๐Ÿ™‚

    I look forward to meet you all there ๐Ÿ™‚

    All the Best

  35. Samantha Glume says:

    Everyone that is complaining please stop. This party is to thank all the “big spenders” in SL. It is a meet and greet. Last time I met some nice people. Yes, there were a couple of VERY rude lindens there, but there were many very nice ones as well. I look forward to this one.

    Please remember everyone, the large land holders are the ones giving you the space to play. So please be nice.


  36. Bambee Pelous says:

    Wow. That’s really nice to see you are throwing a party where only the richest of residents can attend. Just like in real world where all of the little people who drive the economy with our hundreds of minor purchases and businesses never get to be considered ‘good enough’ to be part of the elite.

    Truth be told none of you would have any of the stuff you had if all of us ‘smaller less important people’ packed up and logged off. I’ll be spending my Saturday doing something more useful than schmoozing with people who put themselves above the rest of us.

  37. Bambee Pelous says:

    To 35, again, nice to see there is a certain class of people who are too important to meet with everyone, and can only stand the time to visit with their ‘peers’. I can’t stand people that believe themselves to be better than others.

    And last time I checked, I spend quite a bit on this game, both in time and money, so I don’t see why because I cannot afford to dump a ton of money into this that I should be considered less than worthy to meet and greet those people you hold in such high regard.

  38. Merlynn Draken says:

    Yet another celebration to separate the haves from the have-nots… sl get more like rl every day. those dollars paid to LL come from we tenants, do they not?

  39. Bambee Pelous says:

    Amen Merlynn. My lindens are just as good as anyone else’s, and without us there would be no economy. But as it is in RL, things will trudge forward because not enough of us have the courage to do the only thing that will make a difference and logout permanently. Myself included… sometimes I beat my head against a wall wondering why I keep coming back for more punishment.

  40. Samantha Glume says:

    To 37, I meet “normal” people every day on my community sim. Hundreds of new friends. I NEVER meet any other estate owners because I am so busy all the time working on my own projects. This is the time I get to spend meeting others like myself and the lindens who support our world.

    All this negativity is just sad. Want a party? Set one up! Small parcel or large you can host an event for everyone to attend!


  41. Razrcut Brooks says:

    The above comments are funny. First of all, “rich” is a relative term and you do not have to be “rich” to own an island. Ask an estate owner what they are making per hour on SL over the course of each month…you would be surprised.I doubt few can support a family, mortgage, medical bills etc… on what they make from SL. If many of us chose to, we could save 1600 dollars over a course of time and buy one. Then..another..then another. It takes time, not wealth.

    It is also funny because LL DOES host or sponsor several in-world parties for anyone to attend. Burning Man is a multiple sim event with little lag.

    You are offended because the current party does not include you. (nor does it include me). Having said that, LL could have IM’d each invitee instead of using the blog, but the blog reaches out better.

    More importantly, the above comment about sexual harassment by a Linden employee is interesting and deserves more attention….

  42. Bunnie Pelous says:

    If we threw a party, would any Lindens show up? Somehow I doubt it. We don’t make enough money for that apparently!

  43. Bambee Pelous says:

    Actually 40, I hold parties for the ‘little’ people all the time on the small parcel I can barely afford due to outrageous tier fees, but that’s another discussion. Come to think of it, I rarely see estate owners if ever, and certainly not at any of the parties I’ve attended, and I’ve attended quite a few.

    And I would be willing to bet that like most estate owners, you have little time for normal people and spend the majority of it sending them to people that work for you and manage your estate, as has been the case with all of the other estate owners I have encountered.

    Either way, the simple fact that ‘normal’ residents are excluded from the event demonstrates that the people involved feel they are above us ‘normals’ and don’t want us cluttering up their elitist shindig.

  44. Jacob Silvera says:

    @35 Last I checked I was on a mainland region owned by LL. I pay tier directly to LL every month just the same as you. So how is it the large land holders are giving me the space to play?

    I suggest you think before you speak. You put yourself in a class of your own. I think you missed the point of what others are saying about this isolated event that doesn’t include the SL populous at large.

    I don’t believe anyone here is attacking the large land holders or the concierge groupies for that matter. What they are saying is that LL clearly is playing favorite to the concierge members.

    Yes there are events open to “ANYONE” through out the year. Thats the point! All other events set aside and this one is the one thats closed to the general SL populous! Its not open to “ANYONE”!

  45. Vincent Nacon says:

    concierge party = concierge survey for the up coming estate AR system.


  46. Pie Psaltery says:


    4+ years paying for a subscription to this platform but I don’t get an invite. I guess I just don’t give you guys enough money, huh?

    I’ll just never be FIC enough I suppose. Thanks for making me feel like a second class resident of SL … again.

  47. Darren Oates says:

    At the moment LL is just trying to work out the best way of adding little perks to owning land they are simply adding a small bonus to some customers, That doesnt mean they dont value customers that own less land but they have to start somewhere. The whloe grid is a 24hr Party anyway

  48. Tillie Ariantho says:

    I again hate it that only the Dreamland guy owning those 500+ dreamland sims is invited. Back then when I bought my island from them I didnt know that the way they gave it to me was only some kind of “rent with pretty high initial fee” and no real sim transfer.

    I hate it that I have no concierge support because I got tricked, I hate it that I don’t get invited to the party, I hate it that I can’t let you switch my sim to havoc 4 …

    … can’t someone help me to get me the island as it should be? ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  49. Bambee Pelous says:

    Instead of having big parties to discuss ‘upcoming’ features and upgrades why don’t we fix the existing ones that would be a nice switch. Instead of patting yourselves on the back for what amounts to lack of customer care, oh wait, unless you own lots of land then you can be part of the crowd! WOOT Go LL

  50. Lillie Yifu says:

    There is certainly nothing wrong with having special events for best customers of Linden Labs. However, I think what is on the minds of more people are the numerous problems and bugs with the recent 1.19 release, particularly because it is a required release.

    Perhaps we should talk to one of our cc friends and have them bring this up…

  51. Here’s one to piss you all off but good.

    During BETA there were some of us who, because Linden Lab said they needed the seed money, actually purchased more then ONE Lifetime membership.

    You’d think that would give those us of (foolish enough) that did a permanent Concierge or VIP placement.

    Sorry Linden Lab, when you turned your back on me, I turned my back on you, and now it’s time to just ask:

    Is BUB LINDEN going to this party and tell everyone to “BUGGER OFF” and make crude and insensitive sexual comments to your FEMALE guests? Like he did during the Valentine Party?

    Wonder whatever happened to that AR filed against him? All forgiven was it? I find it pretty darn smug of a company to employ people who would tell their PAYING CUSTOMERS to “F*** OFF”, but then again, considering it’s coming from a Linden Lab employee, guess he’s just following your LEADERS example.

    What say you Uncle Philip? Let’s air some more dirty laundry shall we?

  52. jason says:

    how can we set windlight on our sim how we want it?

  53. nomoresecrets says:

    #50, you are right , its a mess. never before i crashed 5 times a day.

    thank you Lindens for doing that to us. have a nice party next weekend, we Customers will have a better one .

    and we will be happy to see no Linden there!

  54. Deltango Vale says:

    I own almost two sims worth of land, but because of VAT, I had to transfer the tier to my US partner. So, sadly, I am unable to attend.

  55. SL Playerโ„ข says:

    I think they should acknowledge residents birthdays. A thank you for sticking it out with us through thick and thin. 1000 Linden dollars for every year for paying accounts and 500 Linden dollars for basic accounts. If a resident doesn’t meet a minimum amount of actual time spent in world within that year then they don’t get a birthday bonus.

  56. Bambee Pelous says:

    51, I’m not sure why you are surprised by this behavior, the game in its entirety seems to play to the lowest common denominator. So events like the one you describe is far from a shock to me.

    I myself do not bother with AR reports and tech support tickets as it usually ends up leading to nowhere. Correction, it ALWAYS leads to nowhere.

    But who can blame them right? Due to the fact that there is no process to ensure people have no alternate characters, the entire system is too easy to get back onto once a character has been banned or ejected for abuse, so why bother, that’s prolly the attitude (and I’m only guessing of course, I do not claim to be a mindreader).

    The world is a place driven by greed and the almighty dollar. So you can either get on the elitist train and become one of them or you can stick with us on principals and denounce this sort of behavior, no matter how useless that might be.

  57. Midnite Rambler says:

    Ah yes a party for the rich landowner that has banned me from his land (and been allowed to get away with it) just because I have a REAL LIFE disability.
    If that is the type of people going to your party, thank heavens I am not one of them!

  58. Liny Odell says:

    Even though I don’t own enough land to make it possible, I am guessing that the teen grid is left in the dark about this one like usual?


  59. Jacob Silvera says:

    Concierge, a fancy word for janitor! Gotta love LL when it comes to picking a word to describe an elite group of members LoL

  60. Kira McCallen says:

    I don’t pay Linden Labs $125 a month, but I certainly pay more than a combined total in Estate Tier fees and purchases of clothing and things.

    Do I get to come?

  61. Stephe Ehrler says:

    Please remember everyone, the large land holders are the ones giving you the space to play.

    lol , wonder if people like this ever consider all the little people either buying stuff from you or renting land from you is how you can have a large holding of land? And how exactly do these large land owers provide people on the main land anything?

    I am the “owner” of a whole sim (my name is listed as owner on the lot and I pay the whole tier) and 2 other 4000+sq M lots on the mainland yet of course I get zero support and this isn’t enough to be considered a “large land holder”? I agree with the other posters here, SL seems to be focusing on promoting places like “money island” sims full of camper bots rather than a “make this your world” place like it started out to be. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  62. jane says:

    Im going only if Mia invites me and Torley dance with me ๐Ÿ˜‰

  63. Lars Donardson says:

    @35 I pay MY share to those ‘oh glorious big spenders’ that THEY then pass on to Linden Labs..ever thought about that one you *censored*

    I can’t hold my meetings or see my family because the friends list is so ferked up that I don’t know who’s online or not. IMs from one sim to another are received but I don’t receive the answers…

    …YES..it’s surely a good reason to party…NOT

  64. Bambee Pelous says:

    To 61… wow you own all that land and you’re still not special enough? That’s pretty friggin sad if you ask me. If there’s no hope for you with all of the stuff you own, there really is no hope for us small business owners trying to carve out a niche in our little parcel somewhere.

    Gee, big corporations squashing the little guy, isn’t that just like RL? so much for ‘make this your world’ as Stephe posted.

  65. Six Numanox says:

    I am relativly new to SL, only having been here since December of ’07, and I am invited to the Concierge Party.

    My question is, how did I stumble onto the SL Socialist blog?

  66. Anonymous says:

    I’m sure you guys could have picked a better day. There is a more important event going on that day. Join Anonymous’ fight against $cientology.

  67. LegsLover Lusch says:

    A party hey?

    Well let me tell you how disgusted I am that you only throw a party for conciege people, this is gross discrimination against normal, everyday people who actually spend money at the shops that make these so called concierge people rich. Seeing as that seems to be the attitude of most LL staff; it doesn’t surprise me.

    SL is certainly fast becoming like RL, greed is overtaking and controlling those that only have eyes for money and are blind, don’t want to see actually, to the real normal people in SL.

    Isn’t that a typical American business attitude though?

    I’m a land owner, I will be not be there.

    Disgusting LL, totally disgusting.

  68. Kula Anatine says:

    Who cares, what party

  69. LegsLover Lusch says:

    The party,

    Was the Emmy for acting, deciet, lack of service, couldn’t give a damn attitude, who cares about residents attitude, technological advancement or, technology to keep the tills turning over with extortionate tiers, Land prices, rents, Download fees etc?

    From reading a lot of the above comments, seems there’s a big hornets nest been disturbed.

  70. Bambee Pelous says:

    In answer to 69, I think the point is that with all the more important things to be doing in Second Life, having a gathering of the richest people in the game hardly seems like something we should be wasting time on.

    Just by reading this blog and comments it’s easy to see that the majority of the population prolly agrees with these statements here. too bad just like in RL America, democracy is simply another word for dictatorship where the dictator’s are those who have the most cash.

  71. Brutus says:

    Remember it is the Ides of March and it wasn’t the plebs that killed caesar, that is why they are not invited…

  72. Sean Heying says:

    What a pack of whiners.

    So bleeping what if you can’t attend a party in a sim that will hold just 40 people.

  73. Bambee Pelous says:

    LOL to 71. these blogs are a trick anyway, they distract us arguing about stupid stuff yet they close the really important blogs so we can’t talk about important stuff. haha

  74. Rascal Ratelle says:

    @ 72, READ the comments, it’s not about the sim limits. which BTW WILl be 91 NOT 41. as the sim the parties on is a class 5 server.

    what the complaints are about is the lack of equality on SL where only the richest are invited to some corporate party, rude lindens and poor performance issues.

  75. In my time in SL, the Lindens did throw a party for everyone. Problem was no-one could get in because it was filled up almost immediately. In fact it would not surprise me if the 40 who got in were all Lindens!

  76. Wow, what a bunch of bitter complainers. I don’t “qualify” for the party but am not going to begrudge the Linden’s getting together with some of the big spenders for whatever reason – there are plenty of events for the rest of us – want to mingle with a Linden? Catch them during office hours among other things…
    and yes, I understand being frustrated at things being broken *cough*group chat* but I personally saw Qarl Linden basically drop everything yesterday to fix a media-related bug in the latest Release Client (Soft Linden was working on it too). I’ve worked with James Linden in the past who has done the same thing, so don’t say they never fix anything.
    @ 46, hey Pie, I’ve been here 4+ years too, and haven’t been to a party for old-timers. Whad’ya say we throw something just for the 2004 members and see how many people complain about that?

  77. Phoxpaws Vollmer says:

    I always wondered why only 25 groups when maybe twice that many would be helpful to many people.

  78. Lupercaleb Walcher says:

    darn, just sold my private island, too. have fun

  79. Archie Lukas says:

    Archie drops his trews and flashes his hairy bum at the rich gits.

    This is sooooooo american in concept, seperate and look down at the peasants….

    Well done -despite having no history whatsoever – you managed to introduce a feudal system into SL

  80. Rascal Ratelle says:

    @ 79
    It’s more like class segregation like in RL

    Concierge = rich class
    premium = middle and working class
    basic = lower working class/poor

  81. Cherry Czervik says:

    I think the Customer Service lesson from these responses is probably to do with the title given to the blog Harmony (hi honey, far too long a time no see). Wish I could come along, RL means I still can not be the Concierge girl I used to be. Have a great party, people I know who will be there.

  82. Cherry Czervik says:


    Basic can also include free ride, people lying with alts and griefers.

  83. Sudidi Surya says:

    A party – great! I remember the last one only too well the theme was underwater, I bought a lovely mermaid outfit only to find that because of major lag issues I couldn’t stay and even when I did come back with plain ordinary bikini I had problems – can I suggest you make the theme – Return to Noob Look for this one lol

  84. Bambee Pelous says:

    @82 which would also be inline with the US lackluster immigration policies. So looks like we’re in agreement with 79 AND 80 as well. haha

    I gave up being a premium member when I realized I was paying what amounts to $10 a month to get $1200 lindens. which is a poor exchange rate. I saw no benefit personally from being a premium member, as I can still purchase land without the premium account. So I choose to make myself a member of the ‘little’ people not because I lack the funds to buy an island and be ‘cool’, but because I completely disagree with the entire concept of certain people being more important than others, and that distinction being based on money primarily.


  85. XPhile Boucher says:

    a party for only residents who pay directly to linden? thats discrimination! there are many residents who live on private estates, not on mainland – so they pay a lot of lindens to stay there, but not directly to lindenlab! so they are not so good?

    I will pay directly to lindenlab, if mainland isnt so ugly. But if the mainland is so ugly, i wont wanna upgrade to premium for buying land there.

    So have fun on your party! I think LL will do it only for high-paying residents, cause a sim has only the capacity of max. 100 avatars – omg I forgot! on mainland only 40! so have fun.

  86. Kamut Torok says:

    I got a little tired of reading all the whining.

    Thank you, party invitation gratefully received.

  87. Jay Townsend says:

    What am I doing next Sturday?

    Most likely the same thing I am did this Saturday. Trying to get some work done in SL while screenfreezing every few mins, crashing once an hour, attempting to work contacts through a non working contact list. Losing $ on uploads to “unexpected server difficulty”, spending time hunting small objects due to object culling, trying to animate around the anim upload bug, rebooting my PC from an SL crash because I get the “despite our best efforts message” on 2 of 6 SL crashes until i reboot, and trying to make enough sales inworld to pay for the tier that entitles me to a party. So, while I appreciate that amidst all the problems, all the bugs, all the broken parts of the client, that LL has time to plan and throw a party, I don’t think I will be making it. I would much prefer my concierge level payment entitle me to a product that is not broken instead of a party. This is saying – Sorry about the broken product we are providing you, we will fix it when we get around to it, meanwhile, come have tea and cookies with us. Am I the only person that sees something inherantly wrong with that?

  88. Lane says:

    Agreed at 33, 36, and everyone else who speaks about Prejudice.

    I spend more than 200 linden per month in SL but surely I am not considered “elite”and, according to Samantha here, I am even ABNORMAL, because she meets “normal people” everyday.. the rest is abnormal!

    Long live us abnormalities, targets of prejudice. Because it is with OUR money that LL employees keeps up with their cards of the year.

    But WE don’t deserve a party with the clique of ELITISTS…

    That saddens some of us.

    LL don’t listen to their customers, never fix bugs, invent new features people scream they don’t want and get shoved up or down them anyways, and LL tops it all with a stupid clique elitists party.

    Disgusting. Pathetic.

  89. Lane says:

    Quick edit.. I particularly would not go to the party anyway, even if I wanted (and I CAN but I do NOT WANT) to belong to premium or concierge.

    What is disgusting and pathetic is the prejudice, bigotry, elitism, segregation and discrimination. Everybody’s money is just as good: the one from poor people, and the one from rich ones.

  90. Some Elitist says:

    I’d rather lower sim tier fees than a party invite.

  91. Super Rich Elitist says:

    I don’t understand why sim owners are suddenly being attacked, it’s not as if the party was our idea…

  92. ri rasmuson says:

    @ 88

    200 Lindens is only about $1.06 US dollars, Hardly going to send you broke over the course of a month.

  93. Jason Hero says:

    @ 92

    Ri, 200 Lindens is a lot of money to some SL residents. Not all of us can afford to spend so much on luxuries.

    I work hard for my lindens by camping and I give those lindens back to SL. Linden Labs needs to learn to treat us hard workers with more respect.

    They can eat their cavier and drink their champagne but one day the working class of SL will rise and there will be a revolution.

  94. @19:


    scnr…. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  95. Kat Alderson says:

    Count me in! I barely qualify, only owning a half region on the mainland. Heck, I didn’t even KNOW I qualified for Concierge service until I called Linden Labs with a billing question, and the very friendly support tech informed me. But, I’ve worked hard to get to Concierge level, and I have every intention of enjoying the perks.

    It seems to me that a lot of the people posting here seem to think that Second Life is, or should be, some socialist utopia – where there is no class differentiation and zero problems. How very unrealistic! How boring! I don’t know where anyone would get such an idea. I mean, there is, after all, strong emphasis on the Linden economy, which in and of itself, suggests a capitalist society.

    In a capitalist society, there is absolutely nothing wrong with elitism. Elitism fosters envy, and it also fosters competition, which is a healthy thing. I don’t know about you, but frankly, if I had a brain tumor, I would want an elite doctor. If someone burns my house down, I want an elite insurance adjuster AND an elite lawyer. Call me crazy. If I buy an expensive automobile, I EXPECT more gadgets, more mileage, more safety and better service than if I buy a cheap vehicle.

    As far as class segregation goes, do you really think the folks who go to this party are going to be giggling about getting one over on all the residents who were not invited? If so, please study up on business networking, social networking, and the general foundation of a capitalist economy.

    No one going to the party has called anyone who isn’t paying Concierge tier to Linden Labs “little people” or in anyway inferred that people who do not are lesser folks than themselves. Only you can put yourself in a box like that, and only you get yourself out.

    Enjoy the view!

  96. Cosa Nostra says:

    Wtf are u all complaining here ! We sim owners are the ones that make second life what it is and are also the ones that are investing ‘real life’ money in second life ! Most of the sim owners cant cover there costs but they do it because they are creative and want to show other people there creativity !

    So if linden wants to invite there concierges for a party I find this a great idea …..and hope they will do more parties and forums so simowners and linden can work much closer with each other !

    What most of the avatars need to do instead of attacking simowners, is to start bringing in RL money. Show us the color of your money and stop ‘complaining’ about discrimination …. rofl … always the same excuse, the ones that shouts the louds are the ones that need to show there money, instead than blaming simowners they are discriminating !

    I f I would operate in linden i guarantee you all that premium accounts would be required withing 2 weeks after creating an account, that would finally the day that all the griefers, shouters, idiots, sexoffenders, and the depressed ones would be cleaned out from the grid and would trigger the simowners to do better without being bothered by scum !

    thx for listening and dont start crying now cause i am laughing ;o)

  97. Tripp Plunkett says:

    Yeah, hey, it’s me Lindens. โค How u doin’? lol Would be nice to interrupt such a fun little party! Btw, Harry Linden, if you’re reading this, LEARN TO READ OR AT LEAST PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT’S PUT ON THE SUPPORT PORTAL. I tried telling you, that account you temp-banned with mine was completely irrelevant, didn’t belong to me. Heck, I even re-opened the support ticket just to see it go on ignored for the past few days. I โค you guys for all the support you give. And Trinity, you dirty little spy, you. I know it was you who was watching me after that little incident. I don’t think Harry got the gist of the situation. Hm, sculpty flowers that killed a sim and they were named “Tulips For The Grave”? Nobody could’ve put that together and saw it as an intentional act. C’mon now. By the way, kidding about the support. Can’t wait to get my account back. โค

  98. Deanna says:

    I personally think that the party is a great idea. I do not qualify but if I did, I would go. SL has the right to hold an event for sim or island owners and there is nothing wrong with that. I believe this mainly because they, a) have the right to, and b) they have events that include everyone. If they had an event just for fashion designers or club owners or small businesses on 512s or whatever, you would all complain about that as well. I have been on SL for going on two years and I very rarely have crashes. Sure, they happen but they are usually worked out very quickly. I have issues sure, but I expect there to be some trouble from time to time. I am a premium member and only own 4096 of land but SL is what YOU make of it. If you have that many logging on and staying on issues, sometimes it’s your computer and not SL but some would never admit it.

  99. Abigail Merlin says:

    good point 95.

    I respect my tenants and becouse I keep my profit level low they pay less with me for smal parcels then when they go premium and buy on mainland.
    Some of us “elitists” actualy provide a service to the less fortunate. One thing about the remark of never having met an estate owner on parties makes me wonder, how do you tell if someone is an estate owner? When I’m at a party I rather have fun then boost about owning an estate so unless you already know me you will never guess that I own an estate.

  100. Pie Psaltery says:

    What if the party had been only for people who had joined SL in 2004? That the only opinion LL cared about was the opinion of people who had invested several years participating in their platform rather then only for people with large amounts of disposable income? What if you were excluded no matter how much money you threw at LL because you just weren’t important enough since you didn’t have the foresight to join this platform in it’s infancy (tho I suppose you could still say that about the platform)?

    “It seems to me that a lot of the people posting here seem to think that Second Life is, or should be, some socialist utopia – ”

    Ummmm… well see, yes, I do have that thought, since that is the thought that was pounded into my consciousness by the early advertising of LL. But you weren’t here in 2004 so how could you possibly know that at first, LL was most interested in finding people who were interested in creating a COMMUNITY and did not in any way push the idea of ECONOMY. Back then they wanted people who did dream of a perfect society.

    Now they just want the folks with the money.

    That’s cool, but when all you elite capitalists can’t find anyone to sell your wares to because the company you have invested money in disenfranchises those whom have invested their time and their dreams, I hope you all have fun telling each other how rich and fabulous you are.

    Because when the rich disenfranchise the poor, the most common result is revolution.

    Viva la Revolution!!
    (that’s a joke you might not get if you didn’t join sometime in 2004)

  101. Roman McCullough says:

    What is up with all the moaning? Is this any different from MLB teams giving their luxury suite holders special perks and parties? No. And does anyone in the public or media ever complain about it? No.

    If the concierge level folks are making it possible for me to have fun on SL for free then I am glad for that even if I am unable to attend the party (which will probably be a Lagstock anyway).,

    I am actually more upset that SL hasn’t shurdown the guy in Lorrey 162.7.32 openly selling lag inducing camping bots. How about it Lindens?

  102. Bliss Crimson says:

    Actually, I’m a Basic member, but I pay a large amount of island tier to my island owner each month instead of direct to Linden Lab. It’s just that I don’t see the point of buying Premium unless LL MAKES you pay it to own Mainland property. Collectively my partner and I pay enough in island tier fee to qualify and then some, but we’ll never get an invite unless we cave and get a premium account and start paying straight to Linden Lab. And that’s okay, because if you throw a party you can invite whoever the heck you want. However I think the Lindens should work on a little bit of class and not have an open blog asking “what are you doing Saturday” and then have everyone read a post about a party most of us aren’t invited to. A simple announcement of “Concierge Party to thank our land owners” would be sufficient, instead of asking me ‘hey you busy saturday? i’m having a party but you aren’t invited’

    I don’t have anything against the Lindens throwing a bash for their tier payers of a certain amount. Its kind of a thank you for giving me your money directly, party. Nothing wrong with that. There are parties all the time in SL, and you bump into land owners of every stripe just wandering around SL. But please, LL, don’t ask me what I’m doing on a Saturday then tell me you are having a party and I’m not invited. It’s rude, and tactless. No wonder you are getting so many pissed off and hostile responses.

  103. Paige Raven says:

    WOW I can not believe the comments from some of the population. No one handed me my islands and said “Hey you’re nice, have an island”, I worked my tush off for everything that I have. I serve my customers with respect, consideration and kindness. I don’t take anything for granted and I don’t think I’m better than anyone else and to assume that is just ridiculous. We are all in SL for the same reason, we have dreams, we have friends, we want to create and have fun. Stop pointing a finger at the concierge folks, we are in the same boat as the rest of you.

  104. Ann Otoole says:

    i went to the New year’s Eve party LL threw. it was a cool party and there was live music. it was open to all. it was on a 4 corners sim set. it wasn’t full. where was everybody? i’m renting half a sim and am an estate manager but i didn’t buy the sim so i’m not invited. but i’m not complaining. there are a lot of people that rent on islands for more than $125 a month in tier. they aren’t invited.

    what about others that throw private parties for whatever reason? does that make them evil? no.

    i’ve thrown public parties. nobody came. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
    and nobody cares anyway.

    people seem to like picking on poor old LL.

    personally i am more concerned with having an SL that runs well and is managed properly and fairly. sometimes it seems like that is too much to ask for. i would love to have a search system that is not gamed with profile picks camping systems that pay people for picks to artificially inflate search relevance. should there be a party for search engine gamers? they seem to be getting the most rewards anyway.

  105. Traci Summers says:

    @ 32
    One way to hit big money HARD..is STOP buying and renting from them for a month or two..Remember..it is US non-concierge who makes these BIG SHOTS who they are…quit feeding them lindens and watch how they cry then.
    Discrimination at it’s finest..Hmmm is Phil related to bush?? /me ponders that.

  106. Craig Solzhenitsyn says:

    @94 – This time, the cake ISNT a lie ;D

    Oh and i do qualify for this, i own Pumatown….

    In the past 4 years, my older got his account charged 4 times at once to go premium (his bank account went in the red and got a lovely ยฃ30 charge), he got BANNED for being underage (he was 25 in february, im 24 this month), i got charged twice in 2months for going premium, yesterday i crashed around 5 times and i have to pay 17.5% more than the american people inworld for a product that YOU DONT HAVE TO PAY VAT TAX FOR YET (electronic based goods arnt in the docket yet, a draft went to commons late last year i beleive).

    On a side note, american sales tax, are we paying that and then the VAT on top?

    A couple of weeks ago i was at a family party and told them i use this game/program, one commented ‘isnt that the game used by pedo’s?’ and another said ‘thats that sad game where people get married to people they never met, isnt it?’.

    I was also at the last SLCC, and as i was there (as a common user), every single person asked me me ‘hi my name is blah blah and i do Building/Scripting/Land Baroning, what do you do and whats your name?’ – so wait, what i do is more important than my name, who i am, what im like? EVERYONE there was selling themselves in way or another, there was only one group who wasnt trying to sell themselves and was there just to have a presence and that was Luskwood group, and thats when i realised..

    You turned a social networking and an ‘Experiance with the fun of lego and the feeling of finishing every jigsaw puzzle you ever had’ into a corporate whore and elitist sellout, you made a German car (nice to drive, never breaks down, 40mpg etc) into a American 7mpg gas-guzzler that has trouble with corners and effectivly is only useful in america and cant be sold anywhere else. Its YOUR market your pricing out off, its YOUR market your being biased with, its YOUR market that doesnt stay inworld for more than 3 weeks due to ‘not being able to see the point’.

    My island is being sold, i have a buyer and awaiting for him to cough up the money, then after 2 years and around 5 months of being in Sl Craig Solzhenitsyn is no more, and the last of the 6 Puma islands will be deceased.

    My email is pumatown.concierge (AT) gmail.com , feel free to email me about anything, thats includes you linden labs.

  107. Felix Oxide says:

    Send my invitation. I love parties!!!

  108. Toy Halfpint says:

    #99… Yups I do remember Pie ๐Ÿ™‚ I have, in the past owned a couple islands. Got rid of them not only because they were money sinks but. I became embarressed owning them. Party? Hell if I still owned my islands I would avoid them like the plague.
    Someday people will realize LL is only in it for the money. Someday when you decide that owning a island isnt such a great idea and you decide to walk away its not going to happen. LL will still charge you the tier until you sell the island.

  109. Larkum Woodget says:

    Newsflash negative guys… when you throw a party- you get to decide who goes.

    and anyway LL hasn’t got the resources to nursemaid with conceierge priveleges every blowin that comes along.

    get over it.

  110. Christien Wycliffe says:


    There are a few statements some have made that bother me here. Referring to someone who is concierge level as “rich” or “elitist” isn’t exactly fair. I personally do not own enough land to qualify either, but that is my own choosing. However, I have met, and know, several concierge level individuals. As with any group, you have your jerks and you have great people.

    Don’t judge all of them without knowing them. What someone in one of the posts above said about not knowing you’ve met estate owners when you are out and about is so very true. Most of them don’t wear flashing signs asking you to look at and bow to them.

    Some of these people have saved money to buy these regions/islands, it wasn’t just a whimsical purchase for many, I am sure. At the same time, some of us can afford to buy one if we want, and choose not to. If you really want to be invited to a party such as this, save up your money and buy one. Don’t attack those who got invited simply because they chose a different route in SL than you. If you really feel the need to blame anyone, stick with the Lindens; after all, this is their creation, not the landowners.

    Also, I don’t see people going off the deep end when there is a fund raiser of some sort out in the real world, at $500 a plate, with everyone whining that they can’t go. How many “exclusive” parties are there in SL? I’ll tell you, I don’t invited the entire grid to my parties when I host them, does that make me elitist? If so, the I wear the title with pride.

  111. Yosemite Aero says:

    One fact is clear:

    The folks at Linden Labs are total incompetents in customer relations.

    The fact that a party for concierge-level residents could generate such a flury of mostly-negative comments (105 so far) only reinforces my belief that first thing Monday morning Phil and gang need to retain the services of a customer relations consultant.

    Are you listening?

  112. PM Sands says:

    Clearly this post by my friends at Concierge was designed as a marketing tactic to get more concierge level subscribers. Because, every existing concierge level resident could have been sent this message via the group noted in the post. So, the intention was to underscore the event to those not invited.

    While reading the reply posts has been entertaining, my sympathies to the good people of concierge. Not every marketing tactic will be a hit. While the party may be fabulous, this post is a glorious train wreck. Here is a suggestion that can be used to gain both more Concierge accounts and Premium accounts:

    Premium Account Improvements


    Then make posts such as this to advertise improvement benefits of joining.

    1)PM Sands used to be a concierge member; and now enjoys saving over $1,000USD/year on a lower tier level ๏Š

  113. Craig Solzhenitsyn says:


    When people have a private party, they invitations direct to the people who can attend, they dont take out a newpapper ad with teh headline ‘We’re having a party and your all invited!’ and put in the small text at the bottom (well except you, and you, and you with the funny nose).

    Its not there having a party, which is roughly once a month atm, its the fact they announce it on what is effectivly SL’s tanoy with a headline aimed at all and a text aimed at, what is, a small percentage of SL. Its another relations cockup.

    (oh btw – bugger off isnt a swear word in the uk, its another way of saying ‘get away’ as in ‘get away!, you didnt, did you?’ – not as in ‘Get away you stupid prat with a braincell divided between you and your brother. its jokey not affimative (see end of Monty Python at the Hollywood Bowl))

  114. Shanessa Vendetta says:

    I am not usually one to be negative. I understand it can’t be easy making everyone happy in a game and making sure everything runs smoothly. However. for the past 24 hours or more a ton of residents have been unable to log into the Release Canidate/Windlight and it has yet to even be addressed as a problem. If you can’t log into your client please vote on this issue http://jira.secondlife.com/browse/VWR-5445. How will the Concierges enjoy their party if they can’t log into certain game viewers, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE look into this.

  115. David331 Obolensky says:

    Oh boy.
    What on earth is your problem.

    Why shouldn’t the lindens lay on a bash for their ‘big spenders’.
    Sounds a good idea to me, and a useful opportunity for feedback of the many gripes we all have about crashes, bad lag, new viewer etc.

    But the really stupid thing here is sending a notice to all 1.3 million of us instead of a simple IM to the less than 0.1 % it applies to.
    Talk about guaranteed to wind people up.

    Have a good party guys, you deserve it. Oh, and give ’em hell, they deserve it.

  116. 0.o says:

    @ 13 i love cake *now skipping part for cake*

  117. Griffin Yeats says:

    To the complainers: I hear you, and in what I like to think as my logical mind, I think that the lag is caused by the clogging of the asset servers by all of the alternate accounts and free accounts. Back when people had to pay 9.95 ONE TIME for an account, there were far less problems with lag, inventory loss, and general slowness. You could even have a linden help you in the sandboxes, and abuse reports were actually read. The amount of underagers was also low. Lindens should consider bringing back the 9.95 one time fee, or maybe making a system that would clean out inactive accounts after 8 months or so?

    On another note, I had paid more money and time into this game than some concierge members, yet I don’t pay you 125 USD every month, and am consequently not invited to a party for the important players?
    One internet word sums this up.

  118. Shadow Templar says:

    Dissapointing. I am one to agree with the whole, “What are you doing this saturday! We are having a party, and your not invited.” is pretty insensitive. Craig is fully right, stating:
    “When people have a private party, they invitations direct to the people who can attend, they dont take out a newpapper ad with teh headline โ€˜Weโ€™re having a party and your all invited!โ€™ and put in the small text at the bottom (well except you, and you, and you with the funny nose).”
    After playing in SL for 4+ years, I am highly dissapointed. Take the time to think about actions before posting to the entirety of SL. Perhaps LL should get a customer relations consultant, or a new one if someone is already in the position.

  119. JL Prudhomme says:

    how about a party for those of us residents who have been around for a LOOOONNNNGGGG time? say a couple of years or more?

    I’d like to see how many of us are still in the Second Life nursing home.

    BTW, this invite reminds of grade school : nyah nyah we’re having a party and you’re not invited.

  120. adriiana says:

    vaya mierda! si no eres ingles tienes que dar la puta cuenta del banco!!

    esto es una cagada… si algien sabe otra manera que lo diga por favor!


  121. Milo Bellow says:

    Oh Dear…How ELITIST Of You…

  122. Ree Indigo says:

    Okay, so there’s a party for the people who put out an investment, but what about those of us who bust our asses to pay rent to them while they pretty much sit on their laurels?

  123. Leandra Kophnke says:

    I can’t understand all this stuff about rich landowners and such. No one forces anyone to come into Sl to spend money. There’s no “right” to have stuff for free here. I am going to the party and I’m delighted to do so.

  124. @bliss:

    “But please, LL, donโ€™t ask me what Iโ€™m doing on a Saturday then tell me you are having a party and Iโ€™m not invited. Itโ€™s rude, and tactless. No wonder you are getting so many pissed off and hostile responses.”

    I pretty much think this hits it on the head. I too was a little annoyed by the “Got plans? Hope so for you, cause you can’t join our party!” approach. Nothing wrong with LL partying with paying customers. Those don’t become “elitist capitalist peeegs” by that on default.

    I happens to know several really nice people with concierge status. More than once now I met landholders who were so greedy they gave me land for free so I could run a galery with pictures from friends just for the fun of it and without charging them any rent.

    And I happens to know some who aren’t really nice. And loads of people in between. Oh, and nice people and *bleep*s without any land at all, not even rented.

    Of course there’s not all well in SL, far from it. But please folks: Don’t start attacking other SL citizens just because of a blog entry by LL that wasn’t formulated very wisely. There IS people in SL who deserve a thrashing, but don’t vent your anger randomly against other citizens.

    I’m all for pointing out things with SL I don’t like (and if possible make suggestions how to maybe make it better). I too get *terribly* frustated by many of the recent things in sl, from client stability to the fact that with the recent required quicktime upgrade issue I now can’t watch movies in sl anymore because quicktime stopped supporting windows2000.

    (LL: Please tell me that the security leak that fixed was not just for XP and Vista and that you didn’t shut me off from movies in SL for no reason at all…)

    But stooooop the silly abuse going on here right now… DUDES! We mustn’t fight each other, we must fight united, against LL! (just kidding, we all know it’s the judean people’s front)…

  125. Milo Bellow says:

    So…If Someone Pays You $125 This Month They Get An Invite….But If Someones Paid You THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS Over YEARS Of Residency, They DONT!???

    Try This One…Check And See How Much Money Everyone In SL Has Put Into The Economy Using REAL Money, Then REWARD The Top SL INVESTORS…

    But I Digress…

    Why Should Us Plebians Care Wether The Aristos Want To Hold An Ego Orgy For Grey Ruthed Elite?

    May The Lag Be With You….


  126. Leandra Kohnke says:

    I banned someone on my land yesterday. I set up a sandbox anyone can use, I leave my property open to anyone to visit as long as they observe a few common courtesy rules, and this guy came on my land and put up a 30 prim skybox and moved in. When I asked him what he was doing he got all abusive, said we “Corporate” type hog all the good land and leave the little people out. Land should be available to all for free.

    Who does this guy think he is? Why does he think he should get free prims on my land which I pay for myself out of my own money?

    It is us big ugly corporate landowners that let little folks like him wander about here for free. This is a capitalist artificial world. I like it that way. I like my privileges and I don’t mind paying for them.

    Those who want everything given to them for nothing should go make their own world somewhere else for free. (Like that is going to happen!)

  127. Milo Bellow says:

    Wow@30 Prim Skybox…..That Must Have Really Put A Dent In The 15000 Prim Allowance


  128. Melissa Coulter says:

    Good question. On Saturday 15 March, I will be preparing for the Melodifestivalen grand final (Sweden’s Eurovision Viewers’ Voting Delegation). I will be viewing the programme live and as it happens.

    Thanks for asking what I will be doing.

  129. Melissa Coulter says:

    More to the point, I operate a media service that relays Music, Information, News and so much more to the world, on demand.

  130. fiona klossovsky says:

    I agree with 87 – Why can’t LL spend their precious time sorting out the problems we are all facing regards logging in, freezes, lost inventory, lost lindens, more crashes…crash….crash….. CRASH!!!!!

    If it’s not sorted out soon, SL will lose residents who are becoming increasingly frustrated.

    So before you dedicate all your time to throwing a bash for the concierge, please do your job. Thankyou.

  131. maelstrom Janus says:

    oh well I was never much of a party animal but its nice to note that Im not invited because I only pay a meagre 88 dollars (including vat a month) lindens is a very capitalist planet indeed ๐Ÿ˜›

  132. Leandra Kohnke says:

    And by the way Milo, that 30 prims he was stealing was on a 1024 plot I let a charity use for free. (The members asked politely and they said thank you.) So the squatter was using 13% of a nonprofit charity’s freely allotted prims.

    We big corporate types are so greedy and awful and mean.

  133. Luca Vasilopita says:

    So you want to celebrate the almost fatal blow of the yet to become empire that spawned so much creation…

  134. Milo Bellow says:

    Wow@1024 Plot Sandbox…Gosh Youre Philanthropic… ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  135. Jenna Harley says:

    I agree that the offer is tactless to all SL residents who won’t qualify.
    Forget the party, I want all the bugs fixed.
    I was going to buy an island sim recently, but the imposition of VAT tax put an end to that.
    Throw a party for all of those who have stuck with SL for more than 18 months..with all the crashes, loss of inventory, inabilty to log in, and an unfathomable support portal which doesn’t address the problems anyway.

  136. Schwartz Gustafson says:

    Spending money in SL is not the same as paying tier to LL.

  137. Jenna Harley says:

    And voice, which is bloody useless on a Gor sim.

  138. Chris says:

    @99 Pie & @Bambee’s 50 posts: sorry but I’d be at the 2004 or earlier born date one too. I agree it was a more socialist time then but I was paying concierge level even back then. These concierge parties are not new, been going on for quite some time. Why all the hate suddenly? Ok, granted, the title to this blog post was not very accurate and should’ve contained “concierge” in it somewhere. I don’t own a for-profit sim, and I do things for people to explore and enjoy themselves. Too many of these complaints are calling it elitist to own a sim (or half a sim as that’s concierge level). What utter nonsense. Neither you nor anyone else has paid me their ‘little’ L$ to keep my sim open. Bambee, I’m sorry but if we met in world, you wouldn’t know I’m a concierge customer so I find your comment flippant and gratuitous. You’re approaching the No-Logo creed (which by the way became a logo after so many took up its call) a little too close to heart. You are proud to have cancelled premium membership yet expect everything to be free…. is it like that where you live? It sure isn’t here, every perk I get I pay for. So US$72 a YEAR isn’t worth the entertainment value you get out of this? I pity you if so. That’s equivalent to about 3 trips to the theater with snacks.

    I’m disheartened by the 200 linden a month guy. A dollar a month and you feel you have earned any privilege? I’m sorry but some things in life are not free. Help support the platform, get a premium membership. Trading currency that’s already in distribution is not helping the platform (camping). Buy a little bit, show some support for the service, and hopefully we’ll get a more stable product to all play on with the income they recieve. If not, hey there’s some viable alternatives on the horizon.

    @107 Toy, You’ve only just realised LL need money to operate? Did you think those servers were donated by Dell in exchange for a sim to flog PC’s? Pull your head out the sand! Of course they need money!

    @116 Griffin, please post a viable alternative method for LL to show appreciation for supporting the platform. Concierge tier level is easy for them to spot who is bringing IN money and not just distributing what’s already here.

    @every other complainer: You’re not missing a thing. These things are lag-fests and no real entertainment value unless standing in exactly the same spot you TP’d into has someone interesting to talk with who’s also stuck nearby.

  139. Happy Person says:

    Wow! This is something that shouldn’t stress anyone out:>

  140. Baylie Barbosa says:

    Awesome! And seriously people, can you not do anything but complain?? The Lindens are doing a damn good job considering all the glitches and bugs and etc – in keeping SL up and running period! I would LOVE to see a post in which no one complains. LOL, but then again, there is no such thing as a perfect world. (Yes, that was a HINT for those who might have missed it.)

    Keep up the good work, guys!!

  141. Drako Nagorski says:

    so the whole idea is ‘Lets celebrate while the grid collapses beneath us!’….. I havent been able to log into the RC for 3 days now. This is really hurting the small business i have, as well as my inworld experience. I log in half the time on the MAIN viewer (which is far less graphically intense) to 1.1 FPS and have to relog. Fix that before throwin a party!

  142. Toy Halfpint says:

    Sorry #137 I simply realized that LL raises costs with zero benefits. I simply had sunshine pumped up my bum to long.

  143. Drako Nagorski says:

    heh i agree completely with 134

  144. lucy lukas says:

    Its a lovely idea, but again I am expecting it to be like previous events where the lag is so bad, you can not move and everything is grey, I gave up after 5 minutes last time , it was just more frustration than fun, why not arrange a batch system where numbers are limited and take it in turns? surely something needs to be done, my previous experience really was not worth all the stirling efforts and time put into it for what i got out of it .

  145. I want to go to the party but I am not a “concierge” member.

    Is that like first class on an airplane do concierge members get waited on hand and foot in their massage chairs while the rest of us peons are packed into cattle containers and the stewardess excuse me I mean flight attendant comes by and throws a package of peanuts at us?

    I want to go to the party maybe somebody will invite me a a guest! ๐Ÿ™‚

  146. Drako Nagorski says:

    “I am not usually one to be negative. I understand it canโ€™t be easy making everyone happy in a game and making sure everything runs smoothly. However. for the past 24 hours or more a ton of residents have been unable to log into the Release Canidate/Windlight and it has yet to even be addressed as a problem. If you canโ€™t log into your client please vote on this issue http://jira.secondlife.com/browse/VWR-5445. How will the Concierges enjoy their party if they canโ€™t log into certain game viewers, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE look into this.”

    oh well its gone… thanks LL


    The project you are trying to view does not exist. Try browsing for projects.

    If you think this message is wrong, please consult your administrators about getting the necessary permissions. “

  147. Drako Nagorski says:

    oh and its been for the past 72 hours or so, not 24 as in the quote

  148. maelstrom Janus says:

    suggestion in stead of setting up a ‘do’ for the ‘elite’ of Lindens why not have a series of parties with numbers of guests the system can handle (although such parties might be a bit dull unless sex anim balls for threesomes are provided) and pick the guests by lottery…email addy, avvy id number etc…. I thought Lindens was supposed to be a community…a community which favours those with most land or dosh doesnt sound much like a community to me.

    Personally after the apology over the way the introduction of v.a.t. was handled direct from the ‘head honcho’ announcing party like this seems like putting a bullet through the other foot.

  149. Tsukasa says:

    Since VAT I refuse to buy a region .. I won’t pay and you refuse me the benefits. I think that’s a suitable agreement ๐Ÿ˜€

    Seriously though, have a good party. I imagine it can actually be a very productive environment with the opportunity for seasoned avatars to discuss the most important issues with Lindens (and vice versa).

  150. TyrisFlare nielsen says:

    ๐Ÿ™‚ hugzz to all ๐Ÿ™‚

  151. fiona klossovsky says:

    Sorry, in reply to the original question, I am getting married on SL this Saturday. For those of you who are pissed off at not being invited to the posh party ๐Ÿ™‚ you are very welcome to come jive with us. Just IM me if you fancy it. xx

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