New Resource for Second Life Educators: SLED Blog

Originally created in October of 2005 as a resource for Educators, The Second Life Educators (SLED) community is growing strong and now contains over 4700+ members! Educators from around the world are using SLED to help newcomers, exchange resources, network, collaborate on projects, and share best practices.

In order to continue to serve the Educator community and to make the benefits of SLED more accessible, we are pleased to announce the creation of the SLED Blog. A doorway to the engaging dialogue on the SLED list, the blog will feature and highlight EDU-oriented events, tools, bright ideas, awesome groups and locations, expert opinions, pointers to tutorials and papers, and insider views on life in Teen Second Life.

To kick off the project, we’ve invited Second Life resident educator Intellagirl Tully – aka Sarah Robbins – to edit the SLED Blog. In first life, Sarah Robbins is an instructor at Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana. She teaches undergraduate English composition classes in Second Life, presents on Second Life at conferences, blogs prolifically, and co-authored the book Second Life for Dummies. Sarah will manage the blog and has invited several active members of the SLED community to contribute regularly to the SLED Blog.

Drop by the SLED Blog regularly to discover what’s happening in K-20 Education Using the Second Life(R) World.

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8 Responses to New Resource for Second Life Educators: SLED Blog

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  2. Wake up in SF please says:

    what on earth is going on right now in san francisco?????? we r suddenly asked to download things that are not as good as what we were using…and please…take my word…i have the best hardware and connectivity…u r screwing sl up royaly this week…no kidding!

  3. Wake up in SF please says:

    ok claudia whoever the heck u are…trying to connect with good friend who is having similar problems…so dont play games…give me an honest answer…or assuming u ar e well intentioned and competent…get someone else at sl who knows what they are talking about it and then honestly explain it to me and every other resident…what in the heck are you doing at sl?

  4. Vivienne says:

    This is a good idea, LL.

  5. Twoony Loon says:

    I agre with Wake up every new download is downgradeing the performance from what we had i realize that bugs have to be ironed out but so far its just eye candy not performance

  6.’s Blog need a serious graphic design revamping dear!
    Any Monkey designer out there in SL who can volunteer?
    Help them out please!

    You can’t make it worse. So far they chose the worse worpdress template they could find with illegible text and an ugly conflicting background hiding text and menus so nobody can actually read anything. Decent CSS knowledge is required!

    Personally all I want to do when looking at the “New Home” blog post is burn the carpet.

    I am no diminishing the project. It’s a good initiative. But please get some professional advice and guidelines in term of presentation and design.

    Once again another post reflecting poorly on Linden Lab and its ability to get it right. sigh

  7. Irene Muni says:

    A great idea, congratulations.
    Una gran idea, felicidades.

  8. Kyzaadrao Skall says:

    The main educator portal really needs to be something that’s interactive, rather than a blog site. Otherwise the control of information lies only with those to post original articles, leaving “everyone else” to just leave comments. While a mailing list was somewhat democratic, this isn’t. A wiki would be better suited.

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