Announcing changes to the Openspace product

For some time now we have been selling a low prim island type to existing island owners called Openspaces (often called void sims by Residents).

This blog post is to announce some important changes to Openspaces..

What is an Openspace?

An Openspace is a type of private island intended for light use countryside or ocean. Unlike normal regions that effectively get a CPU to themselves on the server, there can be up to four Openspaces on a single CPU, sharing the resource (hence them being ‘light use’).

So what is changing?

Openspaces will no longer have to be purchased in sets of four at a time, as they have been so far. They can be bought singly, for a setup fee of USD$415 followed by a fee of USD$75 per month.

All other island services are therefore available for single Openspace regions, at the usual region rates, and Openspaces will no longer have to be placed together on the grid, they can be placed apart.

To purchase an Openspace region you will still need to own a normal island already, however you will not have to anchor your Openspace to that region, it can be placed wherever you would normally be able to place an island.

Finally, we are going to increase the prim count for Openspaces. They will become exactly a quarter of the normal 15000 prim limit for a region, so they will be set at 3750 (to date they have been limited to 1875 prims).

How does this affect existing owners of Openspaces?

The main changes will be that your monthly fee will rise very slightly from USD$73.75 each to USD$75. If you purchased your Openspaces at the lower rate of USD$48.75 each your fee will rise to USD$50.00

However your prim limit for each Openspace will double to the new level of 3750.

Prices for educators and non-profit organisations will remain unchanged.

Changes to current Openspace pricing will take place no sooner than March 31st, although it is likely that the increase in prim limits will happen before then. When this happens your Openspace region will be disabled briefly then come back up in a similar way to rolling restarts.

When does this take effect?

Openspaces ordered from this point on will be charged at the new rate, and will have the new prim limit on delivery.

If you purchased Openspaces from us in the last 60 days, and are unhappy at having had to buy a set of four, please contact the Concierge team who can arrange partial refunds in exchange for taking back those Openspaces that you do not require. This only applies for those that purchased their set of Openspaces on or after 7th January 2008.

How do you buy Openspaces?

Although the new Land Store that we are currently developing will allow Openspaces to be bought in the same way that normal regions are, the current Land Store does not support them. So until then you can order them by filing a concierge support ticket through the support portal that lists the region name, estate name plus the terrain and placement details.

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130 Responses to Announcing changes to the Openspace product

  1. ChatNoir Moonsoo says:

    A clarification please: what are the rules for server-assignments of voids with the new single-availability? Say I buy one; before the 4 I had to buy would be running on the same server, will the one I buy now be assigned a single server waiting for me to buy 3 more (in the same estate)?

  2. Tamasin Demina says:

    This is great and I suppose theoretically It could open up inter-continental sailing. Fantastic idea.

  3. ChatNoir Moonsoo says:

    And another clarification please: will you still offer converting 4 voids back to a full sim running on a dedicated server?

  4. Rhyph says:

    @1,3 Islands are not bound to servers, you can have a set of 4 openspaces that belong to you running on 4 different servers. A full region does not run on a dedicated server, only a single CPU. There are 4 CPU’s per server (class 4 & 5). Do the math from there (4 openspaces x 4 CPU’s = 16 openspaces per server) and nothing is bound to a specific piece of hardware.

  5. Cinthya Loveless says:

    Woot This is cool!

  6. ChatNoir: They never ran on the same server, even when you had to get four at a time.

  7. Cheshyr Pontchartrain says:

    Excellent question. I suspect that they will be pooled with other OpenSpace owners. Which essentially means that you, owning only one, are at the mercy of whatever scripts are running on the other three…

    Can you confirm this Jack? If I’m right it sounds a bit scary, especially since we will have no way to know who we are sharing resources with.

  8. Farallon Greyskin says:

    Woah! Nice! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I expect that this will actually probably double the sim count in SL rather rapidly! I hope your opening up new map space for the expansion!!

  9. Electronics Aeon says:

    Dear Jack,

    Thank you for annoucing the Openspace changes, perhaps in the near future, would it be possible for Residents to purcahse an Openspace island (independently) without owning a normal island?

    Thinking out loud, but Linden could include Resident Openspace islands attached to the primary Linden island then the average Resident could play estate manager also..or something to this effect.

  10. Darien Caldwell says:

    An interesting development. Question is now what I should do about my renters renting openspaces. Suddenly they have a lot more prims than we originally agreed on. Good for them, I suppose, a quandry for me as Landlord.

  11. Great news for Estate Owners! What about owners of Mainland who would love to own one of these mini-estates? Cheroville has a nice ring to it! {:o)

  12. les says:

    More options is good! Why even tag them to main islands?
    Give the people private islands that only hold 5 or 6 avs and 2000 prims on the cheep. Sell like hotcakes.

    Wonder how hard it would be to increase the size of a sim to 512M while using the same slice of CPU and use limits?
    A single 512m sim using the same CPU as a C5 sim or 4 void sims. WIth the same 15000 prim limit and 100 avatar limit.

    I would pay a small premium for a sim with current resources that was 512M. mmm race track ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Vincent Nacon says:


  14. This is absolutely fantastic. Bravo Linden Labs!!! Thanks and if I did not say “thanks”… Merci Beaucoup! Bisous..

  15. Buckaroo Mu says:

    I was completely going bug-eyed over this until I saw the bit about having to own a normal island first. Damn. I would so swap my $75/month tier for $75/month of my own island. Maybe even two. But I can’t do $295 for a full island.

  16. This is definately gonna make openspace island covenant sales go through the roof. I just hope that greedy landlords don’t abuse this by going up to extreme prices, especially when there is less than a 2 USD increase for them.

  17. Soo Novi says:

    WOOOOOT! I always liked the space, but not paying full tier on half the prims (with four). This is VERY good new for me!

    Way to listen up, LLs!

  18. Desmond Shang says:

    Thank you Linden Research!

    And Andrew especially – thank you.

    Desmond Shang
    Independent State of Caledon

  19. Lillie Yifu says:

    This is a wonderful idea.

  20. And here I was just considering adding another 4-pack of openspace sims. The increase in prims is fantastic. The price increase is negligible, I won’t be passing that on to my residents, I am sure they will be as happy for the ‘free’ prim increase as I am. Thank you Linden Lab!

    Now a question – you say that this will take effect no sooner than March 31st but at the end you say that for now we can place orders by doing a support ticket — does this mean we can’t place the support ticket orders till March 31st, or if we place those orders now, we shouldn’t expect delivery till after March 31st, or… ? Just a little clarification request. Thanks again! ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. Kula Anatine says:

    can we state the fact that island owners are renting these islands to residents at way high prices and making a bad environment for new residents in SL when we need more payment on file contributing people in SL they will leave or just chat and camp when they find how ripped off they got…

  22. Oops my bad – I think I misread things and thought that nothing was changing till March 31st. Sorry – combination of tired at the end of the week, and excited by the blog entry ๐Ÿ™‚ So we can place orders right away, by the looks of it! Great!
    (Apologies for the double post.)

  23. Sean Heying says:


  24. Loco Mycron says:

    This is fantastic news.
    Thank you Linden Lab.

  25. Poppet McGimsie says:

    sounds like we will be getting 4 times as much space for the same amount of money and prims.

    can we convert regular sims to open space sims now? how much does that cost again?

  26. Khamon says:

    Why do we have to own a regular estate to be eligible to purchase an openspace sim?

  27. Vittorio Beerbaum says:

    I’m considering to buy an openspace sim…. but i won’t until a technical matter will be explained (and assured) by Linden lab… if i may have *sure* explanation by Concierge (if they know technically) plz lemme know. The “issue” with openspace sims is explained here:

  28. Sweet, I happen to be living in an OpenSpace sim! Thanks for doubling the prims, it was unexpected but very cool : )

  29. WOW Jack. Your on a roll !!

    First making sense of Player to Player Island transfers and now ..
    We are no longer shortchanged on prim allowance for 1/4 prim sims and can purchase one at a time !!

    That gives us estate owners food for thought as to how to handle this.

    Great work ๐Ÿ™‚

  30. Cliff Dieffenbach says:

    Good grief, MORE good news?

    I’m all over this.

  31. Bayou Miles says:

    oh, Buckaroo and Khamon … i feel your pain. but it’s just marketing – a little incentive for those who have money to spend more. the rest of us just have to hope that those who do buy the open sims will create beautiful things for all of us to enjoy!

  32. This really is great news! I always had 2 main problems with Open Space:

    1) having to pay 1/4 of the money and only getting 1/8 of the prims

    2) can’t have them as stand alone SIM.

    Both problems solved! Thank you very much!

  33. One question: how much will moving an “old” Open Space SIM to a standalone location cost?

  34. caroline ra says:

    Now I’ll buy single open sims to attatch to my others, so people can sail, it seemed such a poor deal to pay full whack for 4 open sims and only get approx 1/2 the number of prims.

  35. Tegg B says:

    Cool, I can’t wait till I can buy an open space sim without buying an island, fould be cool and cheaper than buying 1/4 sim

  36. Hi LL, this is fantastic news! Thank you and may all of you have a great weekend!

  37. Zinbaco Kattun says:

    Yeah and not so yeah – great news about the new rules I had wanted 6 so ended up with 4 as could not justify 8 . Now I can get those extra 2 – best start thinking up some more names. The not so yeah (well ish) is those 4 were just delivered yesterday, how annoying is that ๐Ÿ™‚ and are still under the old rules but at least I can look forward to the upgrade within the next couple of weeks.

    Thanks LL

  38. Lili Brink says:

    Just yesterday I was whinging again how those should have 1/4 the number of prims of normal sims and I wake up to this. Love you, Lindens!

    PS. I wonder what to wish for next… Oh, I miss the CTRL + E shortcut for the environment editor. I have no idea why you ever took that out!

  39. Shirley Wrigglesworth says:

    @38 “PS. I wonder what to wish for nextโ€ฆ Oh, I miss the CTRL + E shortcut for the environment editor. I have no idea why you ever took that out” Because a large proportion of LL’s income is in Euros, for which that is the keyboard shortcut.

  40. Mercia McMahon says:

    This is great news, I am already planning my purchase, but I could not justify the full four and possibly could not even have fitted the four in unless neighbours gave permission. That permission is why this might not allow sailing to take place. Maybe a technical LL answer on whether allowing someone to have their island bordering yours can lead to a reduction in your own island.

  41. llanna lane says:

    very bad for people owning mainland, they are now way screwed.
    you get 4 times as much land with same prims for the money and much prettier, it would be nice to make it available to all residents and not only the rich.

  42. Mimi says:

    omg this is amazing! I want one lol.

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  44. Jennifer says:

    omg this is amazing! I want one lol. how many residents can it handle? Can I have a party there?

  45. Marianne McCann says:

    Excellent! I see some expansion coming my way soon!

  46. Bucky Barkley says:

    Awesome! 1000 more poseballs! W00t! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  47. Jack and Linden Research,

    Thanks to all of you for this wonderful news.

    Alliez Mysterio
    dAlliez Estates

  48. Ananda Sandgrain says:

    I would like to ask the same question as Khamon: Why do I need to own a full Island before getting the chance to puchase an Openspace sim? This sounds like the opportunity I have been waiting for for four years except for that little detail.

  49. DOUBLE prims! YAY!! /me does major happy dance. I love my void sim (helps that I have one of the best landlords in SL ๐Ÿ™‚ and that has ever been my only complaint is the # of prims I have to play with. (It doesn’t help that the RELIC pirate ship I have for a house takes up 888 of those prims, and that’s before furnishing it, LOL. But it’s SO worth it.) THANK YOU LL!!! I might have to buy another void now. Sailing around on open water is a lot of fun. ๐Ÿ™‚

  50. This is pretty great for estate owners. Thanks!

  51. Oh… we REALLY need that new land store ASAP, please?

  52. IAm Zabelin says:

    Brilliant news!!! Well done!!! I’ve been whinging abt the prim reduction for months on open spaces – really made no sense … seems someone heard me :)))

    Now … if islands weren’t so expensive, the grid would grow something awesome.

  53. I agree with several of the other comments: make Openspace sims available without the requirement of owning a standard sim.


  54. I totally agree.

    Why do you need to own a normal sim before buying an openspace sim?

    Are you afraid no one will buy normal sims?

  55. Praetor Janus says:

    Way to Go Jack ๐Ÿ™‚ At least some good news ๐Ÿ™‚

    This measure will enable some of my projects that have been โ€œon waitโ€ ๐Ÿ™‚

    Moreover, I completely agree with the policy of having to own a โ€œfullโ€ island as a ticket to the Club.

    All the Best

  56. Razrcut Brooks says:

    For all of us current, non-island owners, cozy up to your estate owning friends and see if they will let you purchase one through their account ๐Ÿ™‚ I sure am.

  57. And the people that have bought the OPEN-SPACES in the last 30 days will be getting a refund; right?

    Oh wait, how silly of me to suggest you do something in the best interest of your customer.

  58. Lord Humphrey says:

    ‘If you purchased Openspaces from us in the last 60 days, and are unhappy at having had to buy a set of four, please contact the Concierge team who can arrange partial refunds in exchange for taking back those Openspaces that you do not require. This only applies for those that purchased their set of Openspaces on or after 7th January 2008.’

    Which part of the above did you not understand Bob? Seems that in your eagerness to get a dig in you shot yourself in the foot!

  59. Yup, shot myself this time.

    It was bound to happen eventually. But don’t worry, one time wrong in a hundred still leaves me with a better operating percentage then Linden Lab has had all year.

  60. Argent Stonecutter says:

    I wonder if Linden Labs is going to start auctioning off mainland openspace sims next…

  61. Khamon says:

    Where the hell have you been Bob?

  62. Bob is taking a sabbatical from Second Life before I decide to throw in the towel.

    Linden Lab is still not listening to the Customer, still can’t fix anything, and continues to fall short of an appropriate customer support system.

    Quite frankly, why am I not just quitting?

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  64. Zed says:

    Nice! I agree.. why force a full island first? Let us order open space sims without that restriction please.

    Estate owners.. please don’t consider charging more than the already high prices i have seen. At $75 tier why do so many charge $100+ per month and $500+ for the land. Its not like it takes *that* much extra effort and the risk of having to buy 4 at a time is now over. We should see tier come DOWN, not go up.

  65. Wordfromthe Wise says:

    i lower my initals for that present ..
    … LL thats a hellofa Job ..


    .. and btw. some people can switch off some Rezzboxes now ..
    for a less laggier future ..

  66. Ivy Lane says:

    Bob Bunderfeld, because SL isn’t just about Linden Labs, it’s about the people who live here. Maybe the Linden’s have god powers but they are not God. This new world needs people who care.

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  68. Cocoanut Koala says:

    Why on earth is this limited to people who already own an island?

    This is terribly discouraging. Maybe it’s time I sold my land and got out of this.


  69. Shoeless Joe says:

    I’m gonna echo a lot of the comments made hear already and flat out state that if these new Openspace sims were to be made available for purchase without needing to own an island already….I’d buy one.

    Though now I’m wondering if I can have someone who DOES own a island purchase one…then transfer it to me……

  70. I suspect that the requirement to already own a regular region is something to do with how the accounts system is set up. Effectively, Openspaces are a kind of “region lite”, and I suspect that there’s no easy way of creating a “lightweight” Concierge. The system probably demands a regular region be associated with an estate owner, and barfs if there isn’t one.

    Which is obviously a damn shame, since I too would like to be able to purchase an Openspace isle of my own… but can’t afford a full-blown region on my salary.

    Hopefully the Lab has noticed that there are non-estate owners interested in Openspaces, and will move to make them available to anyone who can foot the bill. Eventually.

  71. bigmoe whitfield says:

    Yes it is a shame that those of us who can not afford there 295.00 a month tier or there 1600.00 buy price can not purchase one of these small sims. i went looking the other day and found a nice little 65k with 1875 prim. but the person wanted 150.00 usd a month and a buy price of 120k lindens. I would so be getting one of these smaller voids if you offered it, but I can not get a big 1600.00 usd sim. so little food for thought void sims will sell and so will the big ones. Time to open up the land market and flood it so everybody can get in on the island owning. more $$$ for your pockets lindens. ^.^

  72. Raven Primeau says:

    Screwed again it seems by *the system* so why didnt LL sort *the system* out so all could buy such sims.

    Mainland and not enough income to even dream of owning an Island seems I am screwed again and to top it I get charged 17.5 % more than the rest just for the pleasure *not* of living in the over taxed and underprivelidged UK.

    Talk about kicking mainland landowners in the nethers! Nice one LL I suppose I have to start a business, rip people off to get rich so I can afford some space then do I?

  73. Raven Primeau says:

    Oh and by the way, 33600 ppl online and its running sh@t as usual

  74. froukje hoorenbeek says:

    Please, please, please make this available to people who dont own an island as well?

  75. Broccoli Curry says:

    Another vote for removing the requirement to own a full island. I know a number of people who would love more land but don’t need the prims – and the high price involved.

    I’m assuming that it could be part of the cost of providing a concierge service, which is probably covered in the $295 region but would not be in a $75 island.

    Having said that, what you consider ‘concierge’ service is ‘standard’ access customer service to paying users in other games, so perhaps that is something that needs looking at too?

    Thank you Linden Lab for listening so far – now if you can only just listen to this one little request for removing a small hurdle, you can make a lot of people very, very happy. Just think how much the grid can grow because many people want to own more land but the cost is the hurdle – let creativity and non-commercial activity loose and you’ll really begin to see the potential that your residents have in making things, rather than the boxy cookiecutter malls and rentals where beauty is sacrificed for profit.

  76. Gabe Palmer says:

    I also vote for allowing the purchase of an Open Space sim without owning a full 15k prim estate. I have owned full sims but the time and financial commitment is too much and I sold. I would snap up an open space sim even paying a slight premium over what full estate owners pay. Please LL, make these available to everyone!

  77. Wiseguy Capra says:

    [quote]So until then you can order them by filing a concierge support ticket through the support portal that lists the region name, estate name plus the terrain and placement details.[/quote]

    How do you go about ordering such a sim when you’re not concierge level? Cause I’d like to get one for SLCI. thanks..

  78. shawn suisei says:

    I agree on making the openspace sims available to everyone, a full regular sim is just TOO EXPENSIVE, period… – i would buy an openspace up in a second – instead, i am considering selling all my mainland space and giving up on owning land in sl cause the neighbors have made the area look like crap – I made a really nice build and it is just ruined by the surrounding butt-ugliness of the rest of the sim – I WANT MY OWN SIM! GIMMIE! GIMMIE! GIMMIE! – please?

  79. shawn suisei says:

    LINDEN LABS – U WANNA MAKE A QUICK $400? – SELL ME AN OPENSPACE SIM! -I promise to make it look like nothing in sl, arnt u tired of new residents coming into second life and leaving because it looks like some downtown Los Angeles strip mall? -make openspaces available to everyone and sl will start to look like a place someone would want to go instead of the vomit inducing place 90% of it is now….

  80. Argent Stonecutter says:

    @12 Les: sim dimensions over 256×256 would break a lot of content… scripts that assume a max of 256 for x and y.

  81. Jen Shikami says:

    So does this advice from 2006 on void sims still hold?

    “It is therefore important to understand what these regions are; they are provided for light use only, not for building, living in, renting as homes or use for events. As a stretch of open water for boating or a scenic wooded area they are fine, but we do not advise more serious use than this and will not respond to performance issues reported should you not use them in this way.”

  82. Cocoanut Koala says:

    Forgive me for posting twice on the same blog entry; I have never before done that. But:

    1. I would like to hear from a Linden why a person must already own an island to buy one of these – not from another resident thinking he knows the answer why and helpfully providing it for them. That does not close the issue.

    2. I’d like to point out that you CAN be eligible for concierge service and be on the mainland, and even without owning a whole mainland sim. All you have to do is pay $125 or more in tier fees.

    3. I would also like the answer to Jen’s post number 81.

    4. What is the reason why only people who already own an island can purchase one of these openspace sims?

    Surely there is a good and valid reason for it that doesn’t revolve around, “Well, it will save us five minutes of work that way,” or, “We don’t like mainland people anyhow,” or, “We want this to be available only to people wealthy enough to afford an island in the first place, because we believe it is right and just that the rich get richer and the poor get the short end of the stick.”

    Even an answer such as, “We won’t make enough money from this unless each person is also buying a full, regular sim from us” would be a better answer.


  83. les says:

    Argent, yeah. Some things would break, and more things would become possible. I don’t think it would slow me down a second if it was possible to order one.

    Give me a Havok4 512m sim running mono. If nothing works i’ll build new stuff ๐Ÿ™‚

  84. Jen Shikami says:

    I just asked Concierge — good news, thank you LL!

    Jen_Shikami: I mean, I understand that it’s still sharing 1/4 of a server… but is the performance now basically like one region spread over 4x the space?

    TJ: Essentially- it has 1/4 the prims, and can handle about 1/4 the load of a normal sim

    Jen_Shikami: Excellent! That’s how I’d hoped they would always be. ๐Ÿ˜€ Thank you for the information!

  85. Bucky Barkley says:

    Two things…

    1) I can see why they want to limit to current Sim owners at the moment. They are making three major changes as is: a) detached from ‘parent’ region, b) dont have to order 4, c) double the prims

    So I can see that they want to observe how this goes before opening the floodgates. Know that in a week there will be backlog as people get hip to this and start pinging their sim-owning friends. Believe it, mon!

    2) Load Balancing! It’s one thing to have 4 Sims on one physical machine that are all under the domain of one owner. Now that changes. What happens when you have 3 truly light users, but a 4th that is running lots of heavyweight scripts. How much impact will that have on the other 3 islands sharing the same machine?

    That’s going to be an interesting one.. who are your 3 ‘neighbors’, and can the actions on their islands affect you?

  86. Echo says:

    I too want to chime in and add my vote to open this up to at least to all premium members. I am more than sure they would sell like hotcakes ๐Ÿ™‚

    Give the ‘lil guy a break too hows about??

  87. @85: The 4 open space SIMs from an old 4pack didn’t share the same server, so this always was a possible problem.

  88. Dana Hickman says:

    A good thumbs up for the listed changes. I’m sure those who are allowed to own one will be happy.

    Complete and utter thumbs down for continuing the elitist “must own an island” attachment to this. Once again premium account holders (yes, even concierge level ones) get kicked in the teeth while private island holders get ALL the options. Thanks LL…

  89. Raul Crimson says:

    I think this is a great idea, sometimes you don’t need (or you can’t afford) a full sim and the monthly tier of it. This is a good way people can have a full sim, with all the estate owner powers and not having to spend BIG money.
    The solution will be perfect for medium size business.

  90. @Zed, if I bought an openspace region and sold it on to you, I would definitely charge you 500+ for it. Once Irish VAT of 21% is added it costs me 505USD. My tier would probably have to be near 100 as I would be paying LL 90.75USD per month.

  91. Fortyniner Beck says:

    Can anyone tell me – if one of these open sims is brought by a private island owner can they then sell it to a premium member as a single sim – and how would that affect tier (for example I already own the equivalent of a sim in mainland – paying $195 USD pm – would my tier go up by the $75 for the open sim or by $125 as the rest of the tier is mainland) ?

    Like others, I would love one of these open sims to expand my rental operation but can not afford the cost of a full sim 1st. Hence the question about buying one from an existing private island owner.

  92. Puppet Shepherd says:

    If this was opened up to all premium account holders, as many people are asking, would a significant number of people who hold large chunks of mainland abandon the mainland for the opportunity to own their own sim? If one of these is equivalent to 1/4 regular sim, I would think people who own 1/4 of a mainland sim or more may want to jump ship and have an island of their own, where they could completely control access and their view.

    If the ‘anchors’ of mainland sims abandon the mainland for their own islands, would the mainland become a vast and worthless wasteland of scattered small plots (for the poor people who can’t afford $75 in tier a month) and adfarms?

    If LL wants to give more power to the estate owners, and spend less time investigating various abuses, having tons of “mini-estates” with individuals each owning their own void sims would be a good way to do that. However, I fear the mainland would become even more of a mess than it already is.

  93. @91 No, you can’t own such a SIM without owning a full prim one, so you can’t transfer a “used” one to someone who doesn’t fit this requirement.

    @92 Yes, that is something I would expect about mainland too. In the end, mainland as we know it now would only be for those who can only afford smaller parcels. Very messy, even more than now.

  94. Fortyniner Beck says:

    @92 “the poor people who canโ€™t afford $75 in tier a month” it’s not the tier, with 65k+ of mainland I passed that a long while ago. It’s the $1600+ set up costs and the $295 per month needed for the full sim. My partner and I already have too much invested with nearly 3 mainland sims between us to jump ship but the idea of an open space sim for $75 per month is very attractive.

  95. Santo Kanto says:

    Lets see if I understand this correctly…

    Originally void sims were created to allow existing estate owners additional land for recreational and/or landscaping features. One had to simply purchase 4 (in a pack) and join them to an
    existing sim ….. this is understandable as these are “low performance” sims which is intended on “light use” and add value to current estates.

    With this announcement it appears these sims have enough resources to perform reliably as a standalone sim. Surely they are not “full sims …we all know this. But since the prerequisite of not having to attach them to an existing estate is now removed, why keep these sims strictly for current estate owners only? It just doesn’t make any sense for those of us who have enough disposable income to own one (or two) of these sims but don’t want to commit $295/month in tiers. There appears to be no middle ground here and a lack of understanding. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  96. bigmoe whitfield says:

    This is cash cow in waiting if hand is played right.

  97. Alynna Vixen says:

    Please, please LL. Make this available to people who do not currently own an island. I’ve owned two islands in the past, and gave them up due to first life financial hardships, but I can tell you truly that I would be willing to buy 2 of these babies within the next 2-3 months if you would lift that restriction.

    *makes puppy dog eyes*


  98. Joshe Darkstone says:

    I have mixed feelings about this, first, its awesome to have the extra prims available, but since these will be running 16 to a server Im concerned about the effect on connected regions. As Windlite estates is designed for intra-sim sailing and, even at 1875, crossing a sim border can be treacherous, what does doubling the prim count do ?

    My second concern is that if these are EVER sold individually, without the requirement for a standard sim first, as suggested by someone above, it will decimate the investment by many landlords, including myself.

    My existing tenants will bolt in favor of buying their own sim, and I will be left with empty sims that will have to be relegated to commercial use. Instead of building a sailing community for everyone to enjoy.

    Where was the discussion of this so we can make informed decisions while spending thousands of dollars a month on full prim islands? and is this discussion ongoing anywhere that I can have a look at it, see where its going from here?

  99. bigmoe whitfield says:

    My second concern is that if these are EVER sold individually, without the requirement for a standard sim first, as suggested by someone above, it will decimate the investment by many landlords, including myself.

    Um, This is why I have not bought anything or rented anything. Because of land prices being over what they should be. Landlords and land sellers really should think about the ones like myself who are unable to get things because of price guouing (ie: 65k sim with 1874 prims for 120k and 95.00 us a month for tier) There is no way that the majority of us who love sl can afford that.

  100. Joshe Darkstone says:

    @99 That sounds high, but I wouldnt call it gouging, I do see gouging at much higher rates But then its more then you have to pay, if you look. personally i sell water sims for much less then that atm, $250 + $96/mo, with the proviso that water is a shared resource and that it cannot be sold for more then i sell it for.

    Now if you are saying the monthly tier is the problem, then you need a lesson in economics ๐Ÿ™‚

  101. cammi hudson says:

    I say you should be able to buy an open space island without the need of a standard island. I know the concerns of the landlords of standard islands but I cant afford a standard island and tier on a standard is usually not something I wish to pay. Yes you need to re-coup your tier and make some profit off of it, but I want and island of my own and want it to be something I can afford. I dont even care if it comes with concierge level support. Maybe thats a way to make it so regular island customer are protected.

  102. Reuben Steuben says:

    Sweet move, now if you will drop the 295 tier on Class 5 Sims to 250 a month and charge the 195 tiers 250. you really level the playing field.

  103. RobertMichael Poitier says:

    I own this kind of low-prim land and will go from 937 to 1875 prims ???
    I can hardly believe it. Best present I had ever :))
    My Estate owner has already told me that she he will not change the prices
    on us.
    (swallowed that as I am not allowed to advertise here lol)
    I am very very happy with this :))

  104. Mills Gazov says:

    Why not offer it to people who pay over a certain amount in land tier direct to LL such as people who own half a mainland sim or above as well as the owners of private islands

  105. Joshe Darkstone says:

    @81 They are indeed light usage sims. When running lots of scripts, responmding to lots of events, delivering data to lots of avatars, they lag more easily because they are running 16 to a quad core server, where fullprim sims run 4 to a server.

    Of course they have a lesser prim allowance, but prims, once rezzed, dont really increase the load on the server very much, scripts do, in particular things like collision events and vehicles tearing across a sim border.

    That said a person can live on them just fine if you treat them with respect and dont expect them to perform like a full prim sim that has the attemtion of the cpu all to itself. The best result is to put out a few trees, cut out a nice cove, build a shack with a dock and sail, slowly ๐Ÿ™‚

  106. Joshe Darkstone says:

    @85 thats already the case. the low prim sims, bought as a 4pack or not, do not share a server, and since they DO share a cpu, with no real control over how the resources are divied up between them, one hog of a sim can/will/does affect your sims performance. It’s water. it’s trees. it’s one guy and a friend.

    Make that 4 people and a physical ball to kick around (tried it) and your fps drops from 44 to 9. Havok4 should help. Reminds me… can I have a havok4 with that 4pack please? ๐Ÿ˜›

  107. Khamon says:

    I suppose this is going to round off the list sans any further comment from a Linden Lab employee.

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  109. bigmoe whitfield says:

    Cash Cow *~Moos~*

  110. GREAT improvement guys and gals! Thank you very much for this. ^^

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  112. This is awsome news. thank you very much. good work Lindens. this is good news.

  113. brother nadezda says:

    …good news…but excuse me for missing this, but did LL respond to these questions? and if so where are the responses posted??

  114. Phidian says:

    This is great for a feeling of open areas like it was intended but I have already seen the consequences of what many folks are doing in these sims, packing them full, selling/renting like normal sims but with less prim totals.

    Script lag is horrendous, and many renters dont understand why there scripted items are running poorly. Some dont even know what “normal” feels like with scripts.

    Ive seen this effect first hand on what appears to be a nicely spread out estate on an open space sim. The effects of either loading from 1 or more of the “other 3” sims, or “time slicing”, I dont know which, was bogging that sim WAY down for a running scripts. You couldnt tell walking around as the load was clearly affecting only scripts.

    REMEMBER… this is supposed to be for open space and asthetics… not loading them up with renters, malls, etc… Even if the prim count is reduced people will still load up on scripted itmes.


  115. MariaBeatriz Beck says:

    I would like to know, please, if anyone that has an Openspace SIM had any feedback on performance.

    I am planning to share a Openspace SIM with 3 friends, and I understand that we need also to be worried about the other 3 Openspace SIMs that are running on the same CPU as we do not have control over the other owners.

    I understood by the previous replies:

    Server (Hardware) : 4 CPUS
    4 Openspace SIM runs on one single CPU


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  119. Zaphod Kotobide says:

    Echoing Khamon and others..

    You’ve now removed the requirement that openspace regions need be attached to full service regions. Why retain the requirement of owning a full service region? Supply challenges? Concerns of revenue dilution?

    This would be a perfect opportunity for those of us who either can’t afford, or can’t justify the cost of a full region to enter into island ownership.

  120. Kyle Thorn says:

    It bothers me that people are so short-sighted as to what they want, now, that they fail to see the incredibly sane business cases for the fullsim requirement. They have given us lots of addons that are due to new technical capabilities — virtual placement vs adjacent, more prims due to better server tech — but the *business* requirements haven’t changed. If you have more orders than you know how to process (huge demand), and those orders have an average level of support, then your average revenue stream per customer needs to pay for that level of support or quality erodes. Quality erodes, those same “gimme”-ers now say “you suck”, the entire system collapses under its weight, people flee like rats, and the grid hemorrhages.

    Please, people. They did something nice. Stop attacking them for it and acting like seven year olds. “I WANT MY CANDY NOW” is not a way to endear yourself to anyone, nor is threatening to bite the hand if it doesn’t feed you so much candy that you make yourself sick.

  121. Alfons says:

    @ 115 I bought an Open Space sim…ran into some (not visible in estate mgr tools) performance problems… Used a performance device and did it over. Some items caused all the problems. By removing them I was able to build a nice (not filled) Sim. But yes…people are buying these sims stuffing them with malls…subrenting…and that causes problems…

    So in the end…I am still happy with my low prim sim.

  122. YeahRight says:

    @120: I have an idea: Why don’t you stuff it?
    It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that LL is only interested in making money any and every way possible. They are the greediest company with the worst customer service on the planet! Greed and ignorance often go hand-in-hand.
    People looking to enjoy a piece of Second Life just like the Island Owners that LL caters to, is not asking a whole hell of a lot, and LL would get the biggest boost in premium accounts than they could hope for. It’s people like you that go around with your condescending attitude that causes the strife, not those who are involved in baking the pie but aren’t allowed to have a piece of it when it’s done. So what if Island Owners will have to scramble if they end up offering Open Spaces to non-island owners? If they have that much money to blow around, they should have weighed the expenses before buying the island or had a back up plan just in case people thought their land was a piece of crap and never bothered to rent there. All of a sudden itโ€™s everyone elseโ€™s fault if renters leave for a piece of their own dream and landlords wonโ€™t be able to pay their tier? Please. Thatโ€™s historically lame since common sense should have kicked in around the time of purchase. Who really goes and pays for something they know they canโ€™t afford? Fools do. I think itโ€™s wrong for any landlord to complain or even be against the possibility of open space sims becoming available for everyone. What? LL canโ€™t be enjoyed by everyone the way they like it because it will upset your plans? Because renters donโ€™t want to live on top of one another and have people camโ€™ing into their homes at will, we canโ€™t hope to have something more for ourselves? That is absolutely wrong!
    In my opinion, LL would be doing themselves a favor offering Open Spaces to everyone. It could never compete with a full prim island, but it could be a sweet escape for people that get tired of looking at crap builds, despise living near annoying neighbors, or perhaps just want to indulge in whatever their minds can dream up. Second Life would most definitely be a lot more fun, a lot more diverse, and a lot more beautiful!

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