Support Navigation Changes… Coming Soon!

It has been almost a year since we first announced the new Support Portal and we have received a lot of Resident feedback in that time. While a lot of the feedback has been varied, one message made it through loud and clear: make the Support Portal easier to use. Today I am very pleased to announce that in the next two weeks we are doing just that! More details following the cut…

These changes will come in two parts. First up: changes to the Support landing page. While the current page has a lot of good information on it, it does not do as good a job as it could getting you to the Support you need. As you will see from our prototype, the new page is much simpler:
Support Screenshot 1

We have moved the login process to a different page, and provided direct links to the Knowledge Base, Ticket Submission, and LiveChat areas of the portal. You will still only be able to access certain features if you are Premium or Concierge, but getting to each feature will be much easier. Another big win? You no longer have to be logged in to access the Knowledge Base! This is something that many of you have asked for and we are excited to make it happen.

The second change is a re-write of the Support Portal’s front page. We have broken down our Knowledge Base into 16 common categories. The new page provides easy access to each of these and will simplify navigating our ever-growing collection of articles. Here is a taste of what it will look like:

Support Screenshot 2

All of us in Support are excited about these changes and hope they will make finding the Support resource you need easier. We will continue to listen to your feedback and make changes as time goes on, so please keep your eyes here for more updates.

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28 Responses to Support Navigation Changes… Coming Soon!

  1. Toad Mougin says:

    Pfft – thought for a minute you were getting rid of jira – one can but dream :))

  2. WarKirby Magoijiro says:


    Live chat on the front page, finally. I understand it was originally hidden to get people to search properly first, but I think making it visible is the right decision.

    But I hope you’ve taken on some extra support staff to handle the extra load that will sadly bring.

  3. WarKirby Magoijiro says:

    And please ignore toad. Jira is wonderful.

  4. Dekka Raymaker says:

    Very good, let’s hope the links work and that relevance links help move you on through the minefield of answers to all the questions you didn’t even know you had when one starts negotiating the site.

  5. Aya Pelous says:

    Ive made 15 tickets that have took atleast 2 weeks to get solved each. It is so hard to even get support. Why bother fixing something you cant….like the main grid….hahahaha

  6. Jessica Hultcrantz says:

    Thumbs up for this one ๐Ÿ™‚

    Support needs to be easy to understand, easy to navigate and easy to get an overview about.
    And the login requirement for the KB was a joke so now you’re getting somewhere closer to what is the base for good customer care!

    Definitively good work for once ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Very Keynes says:

    And please ignore WarKirby. Jira is a toad.
    ๐Ÿ™‚ Sorry couldnt resist

  8. Broccoli Curry says:

    Is there going to be a “Forget all the jumping through hoops, I know I need to speak to a real person, just take me there” button after logging in?

    Whilst I can understand the desire for people to use the already written resources for common problems rather than clogging up live chat for silly little problems – there are also many of us who are more than familiar enough with SL and the support system to know that some common problems just need that human touch – and forcing us to select Other > Not listed > etc before we get to that step we need is frustrating.

  9. Wilma Philbin says:

    Will everyone be able to get to the knowledge base regardless of account type? That would surely be good for everyone. I can’t see that it does me any good that others are kept ignorant.

    @5 I’ve only posted 2 tickets but had them solved almost immidiately. I’m probably a very lucky person, about 90% of the problems I have on the main grid can be traced back to my own graphics card and to little memory.

  10. jabath steuart says:

    It’s absolutely necessary to have the JIRA as a resource for the open source community to interact with LL and each other. It is not the place for ordinary, non-technically minded residents to request support.

    SL help needs to be divided into 3 distinct areas: #1: “I need information and I want it quick”, #2: “I tried #1 but I need live, interactive help from LL and I want it quick”, and #3: “I am interested in the development of SL and know how to file proper reproducable bug reports”.

    While this redesign might fix #1, people in the #2 situation are still often forced to use the JIRA, which is why it’s clogged with badly stated, unreproducable dupes, which makes it less searchable and less useful for the people who it’s meant to serve.

    I think residents need to be able to submit tickets for a wider variety of problems, especially basic account holders, and expect a prompt response.

  11. Hanumi Takakura says:

    Well, getting all the automated support up front and easy to get to is a must when you don’t personally support basic accounts. After all, it is actually because of the basic accounts you get the most people coming in to check out SL. Also, basic accounts move a never seen, but still enormous amount of economy. I myself have a basic account but purchased L$ from time to time. Meaning that I pay for a service that if I get problems with, I’m still limited to automated support. So keep more of this coming please.

  12. Porsupah Ree says:

    Regarding the support numbers listed – it might be worth noting that, at least with Skype, US toll-free numbers are free from anywhere in the world. I’d imagine other VoIP providers treat them similarly, but haven’t verified that.

  13. onion says:

    hurray! i hope it makes it less of a headache to use, and maybe a little faster for all of us.

  14. Prankster Loon says:

    Let me see.. Barrack Obama with glasses handles ticket support, Hillary Clinton is on Live Chat, and a cross-gender person in charge of abuse reports. ๐Ÿ˜›

  15. Blinders Off says:

    @ 3 Hate to disagree… but I agree with @ 2… JIRA is awful. It is cumbersome, difficult to understand and use, and impossible for newbies to figure out. They turned a simple error report system into a flipping mess of technobabble. The basic idea is fine, but the voting concept is pure 100% bull hockey and the interface is a nightmare of complexity. Ugh what a total tech-maven’s ego-stroke of a system.

  16. Holly says:

    @8 (Broccoli)
    “Is there going to be a โ€œForget all the jumping through hoops, I know I need to speak to a real person, just take me thereโ€ button after logging in?”
    Hopefully that’s what the Live Chat button is for. It’s a real pain to click through the Solution Finder time after time!

    @9 (Wilma)
    “Will everyone be able to get to the knowledge base regardless of account type?”
    Everyone can – basic, premium, whatever. You don’t even need an account; that’s never been the issue. It’s just that having to log in adds another frustrating step.

  17. jz paine says:

    HOOT!! Thanks Lindens. One of the things I always dreaded was the support area. I never submitted a support issue cus once I got there I could not figure out how to do it. Please keep on the simplifications so anyone, including me, will have a smile on their face instead of a OMG worrisom mentality.

    Keep up the good work!

  18. Raudf Fox says:

    Thank you! It’s nice to not have to log in to get to the knowledge base, simply because one wants to look at a tutorial! And having the Live Chat be up front? Much, much better!

  19. nika talaj says:

    Congrats! Major progress here, LL! This new layout looks much much better! A great example of simple changes making a big difference.

    I hope that, now simple URLs to pages within the knowledge base will also work? *crosses fingers* Maybe then I will bother to search it when trying to answer someone’s questions on SL’s forum.

    The forums, incidently, should be listed on the support portal as a viable place to go for quick answers, if you have payment info on file.

  20. Ryanna Enfield says:

    @10 I absolutely agree. JIRA is not user-friendly and since it is the main way for users to supposedly report bugs, it desperately needs to be user-friendly. Great step in the right direction Lindens, but you really need to make these same changes to JIRA, or replace it with something more user friendly. I personally hate JIRA. I feel it is something that should be used behind the scenes or by people who can comfortably navigate JIRA and use it for the purpose intended. I will be the first to raise my hand to profess that I find JIRA completely confusing to Navigate. I hope someone in LL is listening. This is not the first nor last post on this issue as you can see from past blogs. Thank you.

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  22. Elvis Orbit says:

    Great Stuff. This new page looks great and I like the idea of the link to the knowledge base without longing in, a great feature. Happy to see many great fixes and policy additions as well in the past few weeks From the ad farms to Private Island Transfers.
    Keep it up!

  23. Julyanne Bloch says:

    Good afternoon … today from around 13:00 pm … I was in the city of Torino …. and when I sit in those chairs luck chair … falls and unable to return more with my avatar … I try to log and says it logged … my friends say that I am on line … I am afraid they are using my avatar … or raquiado the same … please help me … now I am grateful …

  24. Kitty Tandino says:

    While i love the support pages etc.. and yes JIRA is amazing..
    I still miss the old way.. you all remember “Live help” <- in world there was Mentors and Lindens together working together helping new members and old at just a point and click.. now we have groups with rules and more rules don’t get me wrong i love rules and follow them to the letter but i am human as is everyone else in world a faster, easyer way for others to feel they get the answers they need and more so for those new members that go months or sometimes longer without ever meeting a Mentor.. what do they have for support?

    yes paying members are good and all but really look at the numbers it is more “Basic” accounts or Alts” they count too… i’ve known alot of basic members that put just as much money in world as the paying ones but they break their backs to do it.. by learning to build, script, give live events etc…

    what can be done for these members?

    how about a group made for everyone to join with mentors, lindens and all members alike “Basic or paid” and lets see where that leads..
    Give them guidelines to follow we are all adults and should know well and good to follow the rules.. they don’t kick them from the group..

    But anyway… <-i’m done.. i know my comments may be fillied under “WTF” but hey just a thought.

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  26. Bradley Bracken says:

    * Stands and applauds.

    I understand others skepticism, but I’m very happy to see some improvements being made. Anything is better than what is in place currently. I look forward to seeing what happens.

    I still shake my head at your refusal to promote the forums more. While I understand they are not usually LL’s “offical” word on how to get things done, I believe it will always be the best resource for resolving most problems in world.

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