Rolling Restart – Thursday March 6th, 5pm-10pm PST

[Update 2008-03-07 01:00] The rolling restart is complete.  (Update: the date on this was wrong…the rolling restart finished on 2008-03-07 01:00, not in the future!)

[Update 2008-03-05 19:10] The mini-roll to ~500 regions is done.

Following the completion of the Second Life server update to the 1.19.1 server code, the following issue was reported:

We’ve investigated the issue and have identified the cause. In the 1.19.1 server code we tightened up some bounds checking for string copies within the LSL string operations. After identifying this as the source of the performance degradation, we identified a fix – which maintains the bounds checking, but also surpasses the performance of 1.19.0 by approximately 10%.

The fix needs to spend some time getting tested on Wednesday. Assuming testing goes well, we plan to roll out the updated code to the servers starting with approximately 500 regions (3 racks), then pausing to make sure no unforeseen issues arise. The roll will complete to the rest of the servers on Thursday evening.

The updated server code will also include additional instrumentation to help us track down the cause of the elusive “logged out on failed teleport” bug (SVC-972).

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133 Responses to Rolling Restart – Thursday March 6th, 5pm-10pm PST

  1. woody says:

    I sure hope so. This is so annoying restarting alllll the fricken time.

  2. Oh yay! You are actually AWARE of all the crashing on failed TPs? Crossing fingers this will lead to a fix!

  3. Ann Otoole says:

    there seems to be a lot of reports of permissions system defects. has that been fixed too? hope so.

  4. Excellent, but I have to say guys, you need to come over to Tech Expo and buy some gadgets and do some testing with them before you unleash this stuff on the grid – that’s twice now at least that Thomas Conover’s Performance Scanner has highlighted in only the first few seconds of server code being released that there are serious problems! I’ll even buy one for ya 😀

  5. Shai Khalifa says:

    Glad to hear you recognised the performance degradation – been a lag nightmare since the last update.

    Will be nice to be able to turn my avi around – and/or camera around again on my sim. Haven’t been able to do either lately even with draw distance down to 64 without my computer chucking a fit or the viewer taking forever to catch up.

    We’re all being patient and optimistic I’m sure 🙂

  6. mac says:

    ooooh no Batten down the hatches

  7. Hodgey Hogfather says:

    Failed TPs, walking through the earth, freezing with a turn, former solid floors acting as phantom, when actually not phantom, helicopter blades that rotate in some sims and not in others (neither was havoc4), failed $L and object transactions….and this was just yesterday. Not the machine, a high end 2 processor 3.2ghz, 4 gig mem. 512 video, etc. I sure hope you fellows are able to get us back to last summer, before voice chat and the ever increasing lag. I know, voice chat has nothing to do with lag…it just worsened at about the same time voice chat was initiated. just an oddity, I’m sure. Thanks for getting us this new fix quickly..!!

  8. Karen Palen says:

    Oh rats,
    I have only just got 100 of my bots restarted from thre last one.
    Too many camping spots, too few bots.

  9. sirhc deSantis says:

    karen #8 i fall at your feet. we are not worthy lol

  10. Damona Rau says:

    Server version

    At Endless Death Second Life Server is running, with alot of problems – but i’m not a technician, so i’m not able to write a Bug Report. But we have many problems, starting with script runs very slow, llDialog failurs from script that runs on the prior version excellent without any failures and and and… With this problem my business (building prefabs) is killed, because i can’t setup things (nice idea to sell homes without setting up doors, windows, light).

    And please, where we can see the changelogs?

    I’m dreaming of a … nah not white christmas… a stable grid…

  11. DirkMeriman says:

    “The fix needs to spend some time getting tested on Wednesday”

    For a code upgrade scheduled for Thursday?

    Wow. No wonder we’ve had so many restarts with the 1.19X releases thus far… You should test this a lot longer than that. Yes, I realize you’re only pushing it out to 500 regions to start, (and how long do you wait to see if there’s a problem? A day? An hour? ) but you did that with the last one too. Test these with 100 regions or so for a week minimum before you shoot it out to the rest of the grid, please.

  12. Tiny Mind says:

    What is so ‘elusive’ about this long-standing Bug?? Been shouting about it for months and all I ever see is, “Lowering Priority on this Issue because no one is complaining.” BULL! It’s out there and happening a lot to SL Players.

    And to top it off? Next time you CRASH when Teleporting… take a look in TaskMan and see how much RAM the SL Client is currently chewing on. 1Gig or more of RAM used on the average. See a pattern here?

  13. Sounds great 🙂

    Let’s please get this right 1st or at the very worst.. 2nd time !

    Good luck to you.

  14. Sweet! I also believe the recent server update broke some scripting. Hopefully the new patch and correction will fix that!

  15. Rascal Ratelle says:

    Glad to see this is being reported and worked on.

    Ever since the upgrade to 1.19 I have noticed a serious increase in sim lag, a tremendous increase in script errors, I already had to replace two items due to script corruption, this didn’t happen before the 1.19 upgrade, Serious texture latency issues, Rendering issues,very slow and delayed rendering, Including the following issue that only happened after the 1.19 upgrade:, increased ruthing issues/ av rendering issues,
    Friends list stuck on “Waiting/hippos”,
    increased sim crossing issues,
    Very low FPS, failed logins and failed teleports.

    “”What is so ‘elusive’ about this long-standing Bug?? Been shouting about it for months and all I ever see is, “Lowering Priority on this Issue because no one is complaining.” BULL! It’s out there and happening a lot to SL Players.””

    People aren’t complaining on Jira because they can’t be bothered,why? because they all fell LL doesn’t care or won’t listen. A lot of people I talk to every day, complain of sim performance, lag, low FPS, and other performance/stability related issues.

  16. Rascal Ratelle says:

    Karen Palen, camping bots is a BIG NO NO on SL, please shut them down.

  17. Tiny Mind says:

    “” Ever since the upgrade to 1.19 I have noticed a serious increase in sim lag, a tremendous increase in script errors, I already had to replace two items due to script corruption, this didn’t happen before the 1.19 upgrade, Serious texture latency issues, Rendering issues,very slow and delayed rendering, “”

    Yes, that is yet another thing noticed of late. HUDs and Scripts on them that are SOLID in their design, suddenly up and DIE when putting them on. Software buttons that stay dark. Items that do not rezz when told to do so on Rez-enabled plots. Script Lag that excute commands sometimes minutes late. It all seems to be related, yet no one can say with certainty why these items no longer function on the same servers (and latest Client) when they used to in the past. The poor Authors of these HUDs and Tools are perplexed by the lack of performance to their items. And all they can tell their ‘customers’ is… SL is Borked again. Please log back in and *maybe* the item will work as it is supposed to;;; the next time.

  18. Xavier Felwitch says:

    I will be keeping my paws crossed that the TP issues are fixed soon, and that this will pe the start to getting that done.

    @10 if you don’t bug them how is LL supposed to know the problems you are having and how wide ranging it is for them to prioritize the bug?

    @16 me thinks Karen was joking with the Lindons ^_^

  19. Blueborg Potluck says:

    Maybe they’ll fix the crashing that keeps happening when someone tries to send group notices via chat…

  20. U M says:

    Is the crash reporter “EVER” going to be sending the data to LL? Getting errors for over 2 weeks now

  21. HUGGY says:

    any chance this will fix the friends list never ever loading bug in 1.19? yes it’s in the jira and lots have the trouble. it is a showstopper as far as I am concerned.

  22. Stoni says:

    I’m still using 1.18.3(5) and have zero problems with it. I often do Treasure Hunts which involve lots of tp’ing and I rarely crash. I’m foregoing the new search and in-viewer browser in return for a stable viewer.

    I dread the day I’m forced to upgrade.

  23. WADE1 Jya says:

    ah maybe that’s why my sim has been running oddly this week or so..
    hope everything gets fixed up okay 🙂

    thanks to all you lindens!

  24. Damona Rau says:

    Totally agree! I have the same problems with many scripts, like vendors, radio scripts and many other things.

    I’ve tried to report the bug, but I’m not sure if it will be read or if it is on the right place either.

    But I’m really cunfused. Wich version is the right?!? or When 81132 is the actual and riht one, why LL will fix 80913?!? I’ve lost the overview – complete.

  25. Fledermaus Messmer says:

    Glad to hear you are working on it. Seriously wondering about the “prime time” rolling restart. Hoping the new Customer Service VP is managing to spread the word that Customer Service is less about handling calls/emails/chats than it is about keeping those from being needed in the first place. Despite it all, having fun, Glad you are here!

  26. coventina dalgleish says:

    My 2 class 5 islands that are now running like bad class 4 servers approximately 33% of the system efficiency of last week

    I have been creating animations for almost 3 years now a simple hands at the sides pose places one arm back and one arm in the body
    I use poser with the sl body model What ever you have done to the operating system it has serious flaws

    Customers are not receiving product from vendors, these are not networked vendors just simple panel vendors
    When they do receive product the game seems to be stripping animations from the toys

    Much more of this and I will be out of business

    I have no idea what flag one of the incompetents failed to flip this time but the game is a disaster as it stands right now

    The last time the islands ran like this someone forgot to initiate a flag before compiling it seems to me you are destined to
    repeat history or are stuck in the accretion disk.

    As it stands now the game is running amok and each supposed improvement only destroys more of the structure.

    Perhaps it is time to re-evaluate your application of effort and establish some lines of responsibility for this very poor demonstration of how to manage what appeared to be a successful program. If it continues you wont have to concern yourselves with competition.

    Is there anyone running this operation from where I sit the bridge seems to be vacant.

  27. Masuyo Aabye says:

    Slow rezzing in any sim, the rubber band walk effect, sim crossings going wrong, slow to attach prim parts, if replace outfit is used, it only loads the prim parts and not clothing/skin/body shape. trying to equip manually fails to load them, have to relog to fix. the past few days on SL have been a buggy mess.

  28. Darien Caldwell says:

    Its funny I never saw and still don’t see any issues in any of my sims. but sure, 10% more performance? pour it on. 🙂

  29. coventina dalgleish says:

    I have seen great differences between mainland and island sims as I maintain retail locations on both if you want to observe grid performance the Conover performance meter is a good indicator for the general public.

    The following is only relevant to the condition of the game from one aspect. I know animation very well and normally set base poses up by the numbers. The numbers have always been ..well close.. never perfect but something we learn to live with. Tonight I wanted a simple hands on hips walking pose basically setting up the shoulders and forearms of the model. Now, one would think the numbers would or should be the same for each side for the arms to be in the same place on the model but

    Shoulder Forearm
    R L R L
    -1 -1 19 19
    -18 -27 * 5 -5
    71 -71 60 -45*

    as you might notice the 2 starred sets of numbers these are forward back positions and should be the same for an equal figure they are considerably off

    The only reason I bring this up is that this is just an indicator of the entire grid problem as it reflects a mathematical interpolation by the program that is not correct and if it exists in something as simple as the animator one can only hazard a guess that it exists through out the mathematics of the entire structure of the code.

    Just a side note I would also suspect the big time animators with the 25k to 50k Mocap systems will be very happy that everything they have created is now subject to new rules. This also gives us a hint into the problems with scripts, teleporting, product delivery, and lag as it is all a function of binary math yes nothing but a bunch of 1’s and 0’s but when they do not add up to the proper product you have a very basic problem thus the program loses track of your avatar and you walk into the ground for 30 seconds then if lucky it realizes you are missing or just tosses you from the grid as trash.

    Something undoubtedly simple has changed in the code to create this problem perhaps someone flipped a flag the wrong way but it makes it impossible to create and if you do what you make in this configuration will not be correct when the problem is solved.

  30. william Fish says:

    Will this fix the “SmartHeap Library” Error we have been getting with this new client? IF you keep SL minimized for an extended period of time (apx 1 hour) you get this error.

    Keep in mind i have done nothing different with my computer since updating the new client. I always to a complete uninstall of the client before updating to new one.

  31. william Fish says:


    The Voice of Virtual Worlds
    Integrated Voice Chat for MMOGs and Online Communities

  32. U M says:

    ok………… for the reason why………..:/

  33. Col Soderstrom says:

    help help help
    i teleported and i crashed….now i go to log on and it wont let me…i have had enough problems with updates and all that..windlight and the current versions work well with me…now everything seems to be getting fixed…but you are breaking it….sorry but i cant log on to second life and i am from england and where oh where is the support for us!!! to call you ie english coded numbers for you…im a basic account as i can not set up with linden labs and i dont know if i will get help…i provide to the econmy so if a linden is reading this please help me…….i am guessing i cannot log on due to this fault so all this is relevant Thankyou

  34. Col Soderstrom says:

    oh and by the way i love second life…no tgetting on it is annoying the hell out of me……will this restart help me???????

    I dont complain and i will praise you for windlight…dazzle is annoying though….hope the restart goes well….please help someone please

  35. Col Soderstrom says:

    have i been tossed from the grid as trash lindens????
    coventina dalgleish way of saying that bothers me…hope this restart fixes my prob or do you have to put me back on???

  36. Col Soderstrom says:

    Masuyo Aabye…has a point…sl is getting buggy and all the new stuff is getting in the way of enjoying the sl world…too much vision…getting realy upset now…no loggin on due to an update maybe the case but all this time to wait for restarts…checking and what not….also i point out get support for us english we love sl too and i feel left out…..customers first…put us first please…let us vote with information about updates and restarts…and let us know what regions are restarting…i still do not know if the lande i was on which i crashed off will be restarted…so im not sure if i will ever be able to re log on… please

  37. coventina dalgleish says:

    Col uninstall it from your machine then go to documents and settings folder then to application data and delete the folder then reinstall the game. If that does not cure your problems there are futher steps you can take to remove it from the registry

    use the control panel add / remove software first but you have to kill the sl folder in the application data

    oh and after all of that run an error check on the hard drive to remove any cross linked files

  38. coventina dalgleish says:

    Col dont delete the application data just the second life folder that lives inside of it )) the path should look something like this

    c:\\documents and settings\\the name of your computer\\application data\\second life this will turn you back into a noob with all the help pop ups also plus it will not know who you are so have your password handy

  39. Sean Heying says:

    Since compiling my own client with *the Nicholaz memory leak patches* my memory leaks have not only been tamed but I have not crashed on a single TP.

    It was strange that after 10 minutes in game on a 256M draw could cause the Grey TP of Death but pplying those few valid and now well tested patches has cured it completely.

    LL… please add client RAM/Swap usage to the stats you are gathering for the failed TPs, I think you will see a pattern pretty quickly.

  40. william Fish says:

    and the reason why?

    probably you have your voice enabled… and vivox is the system that allows you to talk via voice in SL. it was a partnership LL did last year. It needs to ping you to listen for your command (press to talk) i’d imagine. Someone will probably give more detail on this.

  41. Col Soderstrom says:

    coventina dalgleish….that sounds deadly 🙂

    I have never done that before… say it turms me into a noob….does that mean i lose everything…lindens,skin and everything….sounds painful…i can log on as my my program must be right….but i cannot log on as the other me…the one i use and do not want to lose….

  42. Foxxe Wilder says:

    is this going to fix today’s irritation, the antigravity bug – where no matter WHAT you do, you are going to FLOAT AWAY!!!

  43. Birdie Ireland says:

    Linden Labs, the 1.19.x viewer sux rox. Rezzing is slow or never finishes; TPs from LMs or from sent TPs crash; what the hell is the “System Heap” memory error, never got it before and no changes to MY computer other than updated viewer; jerky movement; crashes, crashes, crashes….

    ****I want to go back to 1.18.x!!!! Please tell me there is some back door to download the old viewer! My PC is unable to handle WL, so I can’t switch to that.****

    These issues certainly won’t make me quit using SL, obviously we all hate the problems but love SL enough to still use it; but it doesn’t make me want to promote SL.

  44. Gil Druart says:

    “The updated server code will also include additional instrumentation to help us track down the cause of the elusive “logged out on failed teleport” bug (SVC-972).”

    Me winces and crosses everything. We desperately need a fix. But for me SVC-972 only started occurring after a server upgrade in October when additional logging code was added to provide better information about failed tps. Not that that should stop it being done, but I’m treating this a bit like a hurricane warning.

  45. william Fish says:

    43 Col Soderstrom

    deleting your cache folder will do the same thing. no you wont be a noob, you will have your inventory and such…. you will just get the new person’s secondlife client which is the same as we have.. but with the help menu’s like they said.

    Also if you uninstall SL, and delete any folders remaining…like your cache and data folder, then reinstall SL, you will get the same thing… BONUS… a fresh second life client.

  46. Col Soderstrom says:

    ok who has not had a failed tp that has lead to a crash???…i have also had the memory issue like Birdie Ireland…beware friend i got them and now i cant log on!!!
    Bassically i tp to new location on monday..most lag i have ever experienced the poof crash number god knows how many times…now when i go to log on….it tells me
    We are unable to complete your request at this time…then all the support blab.
    get things fixed and get this restart done….always on your time zone try some one elses time zone for once! its 1pm here and i still have heard nothing that can help me get back on…except the thing that sounds scary……
    Good luck lindens get sl fixed i also want 1.18 back….good old days

  47. Col Soderstrom says:

    thankyou william fish i will give it a go…i’ll wipe the lot..and if i get back as Col soderstrom….i’ll catch you up in sl and say thanks again 🙂

  48. Tinier Mind says:

    @ Tiny Mind

    i have not downloaded the last stash of bugs, still using 1.18.something and i do have similar problems you got…Not sure how bad compared to yours but it definetely sounds familiar

    Also stuff just reverting, positionings & sizing of objects, and then occasionally re-reverting them back again within a few seconds, sometimes not. The double tp bug and other long forgotten annoyances have striked me too again.

    Just hope things get better very very soon…With the 1st sunstreams coming through here in Europe and elsewhere, the grid might be an empty space soon, as frustrating as it is since quite some time now

    Good Luck LL

  49. Prospero Linden says:

    “But I’m really cunfused. Wich version is the right?!? or When 81132 is the actual and riht one, why LL will fix 80913?!? I’ve lost the overview – complete.” was the server release that we started to roll out last week. We got the first stage done, before we discovered a flaw (not the script one, alas), so we put that on hold. The fixed version was, so that is what was rolled out to the entire grid on Monday.

    This script flaw was introduced in, and hadn’t been fixed in Thus, is what is currently on most of Second Life (excepting those regions running the Havok4 beta server), but the scripting problem exists in both releases.

  50. Col Soderstrom says:

    i must have have been tp into oblivion 😦
    i have wiped my sl and re installed it…and the avatar i have that works stil does and the one that does not still has the same issue…anyone think the restart will pop my avatar back on the grid?
    i see my av when i go to log on and th eloading bar but quarter way in a message pops up saying that LL can not complete my request…any more ideas anyone?

  51. Pepper Haas says:

    I agree with those who ask we get to go back to 18.x versions; in fact I would love to go back to before voice. If there is anything that has lagged and crashed the system, it’s the implementation of voice. It has screwed up groupIM but good, and it continues to be THE source of problems. THROW VOICE OUT NOW!!!
    And then maybe we can have a good GUI again also. Your reworking of all the windows and buttons was a BAD IDEA, a useless waste of time you could have spent stabilizing the grid.

  52. U M says:

    I said explain…………. Not tell me because i have voice turned off. whatever :/………………

  53. Col Soderstrom says:

    agree so much with pepper get skype and chat…before voice worked just fine….re start my account! and get the grid back to normal

  54. Col Soderstrom says:


  55. why don’t you make the last version prior to 1.19 available for all of us people who actually believed it was mandatory to go to l.19??? – then there is time to get all the bugs in them fixed – but – who can find them – they have disappeared along with friends lists and most things mentioned above!!! – just a thought – thanks – CG

  56. Tiny Mind says:

    “” Slow rezzing in any sim, the rubber band walk effect, sim crossings going wrong, slow to attach prim parts, if replace outfit is used, it only loads the prim parts and not clothing/skin/body shape. trying to equip manually fails to load them, have to relog to fix. the past few days on SL have been a buggy mess. “”

    Not only that. It gets ever better. On SIMS that aren’t even reporting Lag on any of those 3rd-Party Server Time-Measurement and Performance utilities. I ahve witnessed trying to Detach scripted-items (HUDs and the like) from a character. The HUD stays right in place and doesn’t move. Detach again… nothing. Try attaching another item to the same location… “Cannot attach item because another item is pending attachment in that location.” What??? The fun goes on and on. And this was all fine before the latest wave of SL Client releases came along.

  57. hmr1000 says:

    By the way over the last couple of days I have found a link between this bug and the crashes we have been experiencing along with a fairly simple work around. It seems that when we return after a crash from teleport, the condition of our inventory does not match the condition it was in when we crashed, and that a series of crashes shortly follow. What I have found is that if after you return from such a crash you log out normallly and then log back in the crashes may be averted and if they occur you can stop tome in most cases with a simple log out and then Logging back in. So hopefully if you can fix the teleport problem the crash problem will vanish with it. I hope this can either help point you to a solution to both problems or at least help some players deal with these nearly game stopping crashes.

  58. Darien Caldwell says:

    U.M. will ping you when you have voice turned on, because voice goes over their network, not Linden lab’s network. Even though it’s is built into the same client, voice is completely separate from Second Life, network-wise. This is why LL maintains voice causes no lag. However it does consume bandwidth, which can be perceived as lag. Hope this helps you.

  59. Silence_is Golden says:

    Would I have been one of the responsible of LL; I would have carried out a simple performance check by disabling voice for one full week.
    This action would have been preceded by thorough measurements of performance data for one week before shutting Voice down – to have comparison data.
    After this check I would have taken the final desiscion to never re-enable ‘Voice’ again.

  60. shockwave yareach says:


    Thanks for the fix. I adore you. Can I have your baby? 🙂

  61. Fluf Fredriksson says:

    Hey folks .. you can still download here:
    A little digging around on will give you a complete list of available past versions. But just replace the last bit with “SecondLife_i686_1_18_5_3.tar.bz2” for the Linux viewer and “SecondLife_1_18_5_3.dmg” for the Mac version.

  62. Fredy Kyong says:

    Does buying land work then again after the update?
    Already filed a ticket at

    I got another friend in SL with the same problem.

    Cheers and keep up the good work.

  63. Rex Cronon says:

    if u have similar problems to what is described in this post “#58, Tiny Mind Says: March 5th, 2008 at 8:30 AM PST”, try the following:
    1) use an orbit bullet to launch u up to a few hundred meters
    2) use a crush bullet to bring u back to ground level
    after doing the above steps your HUD should show up if u attached it, or it should disappear if u detached it.
    u don’t need bullets, just an scripted object that pushes u hard upward a few hundred meters, and than pushes u back to ground level. Even flight assistants might be good for this.

  64. Vivienne says:


    “voice is completely separate from Second Life”

    No, it cannot be. If i would all the server commands regarding spatial channel estricting and so on would be absolutely impossible. If it would be, why not using skype or an external voice client? I do not know if the voice feature lags or not, but i am 100 percent sure that it is NOT completely sparate from SL.

  65. william Fish says:

    60 Darien Caldwell

    thank you for clearing that up. same thing i said just in a different way. and #66 did you read the blog about voice when it was introduced laster year? It explained all of it to us before the big intro (third party vivox ect.)

    It’s like having a GM car with onstar on it. GM doesnt control or manage OnStar, OnStar does. GM does however place the radio inside their cars.

    Same thing LL did with voice. Placed’s voice mod inside SL client.

    It’s alot more geeky in how it works then i care to know (and i work on com/nav stuff for the us navy) but in lame man’s terms that’s how it rolls.

  66. william Fish says:

    oh sorry for double post but to add onto and answer your question

    “If it would be, why not using skype or an external voice client? ” #66, it’s because vivox paid the most money to be included.

  67. Taff Nouvelle says:

    voice contols are part of the client software, voice is NOT running on SL servers, that is why it cannot be said to be part of SL, but it does take cpu time and bandwidth.

  68. DoC Eldritch says:

    Is this rolling restart going to fix the “pending downloads” issues of this week? At times I have had 100+ stacked up and the only way to clear them is a restart.

  69. Abigail Merlin says:

    @65 there are simple free tools for that, a search for deruth should show several of them, I have come across a deruth hud deruth rockets and my personal variation a deruth chair.

  70. U M says:

    Voice server and the client are NOT on the same server. They are both on their own systems. But thats doesnt mean your computer wil not lag. Because if many people are using VOICE regardeless you will lag. If you are having problem with voice your better off turnng it off. Because FPS rates drop reguardless of how strong your computer is. I only use voice when i dealing with business or with some friends. It not worth haing it on all the time because of the loss of FPS.


  71. U M says:

    Thank you 60 for clearing tha up for me…………

  72. Damona Rau says:

    You are at 272471.6, 283629.3, 21.2 in Endless Death located at (
    Second Life Server

    Thanks LL for this fast fix! Since some minutes we have the new server code and my major problems are fixed… could you now fix all other problems in the same way? 🙂

    Great job LL

  73. Gennifer Meredith says:

    2. Oh, you mean it wasn’t just me and my friends on an old level 4 server? Thank God! And hopefully it gets fixed.


    I don’t know how many in this forum are experiencing the permissions foul ups that have cropped up this weekend, but there is a running forum on slexchange where quite a few of us have reported showstopping permissions failures on both our products and even newly created simple prims. Things like setting a prim to Modify/No Copy/Transfer makes the item non transferrable automatically, even on items that always worked that way.

    Just setting a simple single empty prim to those settings has the same result, transfer won’t work unless it is checked to copy. Slexchange members have tried the JIRA, but frankly most voice a lack of faith in that JIRA system being an effective approach to getting LL to solve the problem. We tried filing Bug Reports about our various permissions failures which occur not only to our avatars but to our alts, and in any sim we go to to test it. Given the response on the SLX forum I can only surmise this is a widespread problem that has major implications to businesses in SL,

    and yet LL has acted like they have no idea this problem is there.


    Will this restart and update fix the widespread permissions system failures?


    Will LL at least acknowledge some awareness of this problem so we know it’s being worked on?


    LINDEND LABS Please show your customers you are being accountable and responsible about resolving showstopping problems that are affecting content providers and customers in Second Life.

  75. Brieanne Bomazi says:

    My sim was one of the 500 slated for roll out with the patch…my Advanced Border & Performance-Scanner by Thomas Conover has been a VERY reliable tool for gauging sim performance…a month ago, we were lucky to hit 800 total performance, swap to a class 5, we saw numbers over 4000 consistently…the *maint* put us back around 1200, LOADS of lag…we just had the update, and are sitting over 4000 again…hopefully this works as a solution. Thank you 😀


  76. WarKirby Magoijiro says:

    I can’t say I ever noticed this to begin with. Probably because I spend 95% of my time in an almost empty sandbox where we have very few things lagging the area down.

  77. Aya Pelous says:

    Point is residents and main grid users should not have to download clients every few days for fixes that LL did not catch. I understand improvements are made but isnt that why theres a first look and a beta?

    I personally have had stale money transfers, lost objects when rezzing, and lag/crashes out my ass. My computers are working with MORE than the requirements. I run registry cleaner, i defragment…..Its just flaws upon flaws upon flaws. Don’t you know uninstalling and downloading programs for users who does not use a registry cleaner can cause a fatal error?

  78. Prospero Linden says:

    Aya : this rolling restart has nothing to do with needing a new client. Since “message liberation” many months ago, server and client updates are no longer so tightly linked.

  79. Thanks for answering the question about the permissions failures Prospero Linden, even a simple, “we are not aware of any permissions problem” would be better than being ignored when many are not able to sell their products.

    Tell us this fix isn’t what’s needed, and won’t change that particular widespread issue, or tell us you dont’ have enough information to address the permissions failures on this blog,

    but please……..

    please don’t leave customers wondering if this showstopper is a permanent failure for them.

  80. U M says:

    Maybe they should be tighter. If what been occuring these last few months on the game. MAYBE Client updates so be linked with game updates.

  81. Rich Gaudio says:

    Lag and crashing has been horrible for months, I can barely even walk on vacant sims and its not MY computer. Chat lag also gets worse every day Im really hoping these things get solved soon… before Lindens throw new bells and whistles at us. I’d love to shop again and have a sentence appear when I say it and not 45 seconds after :\

  82. Pepper Haas says:

    I agree that it is fairly useless to tell us how to use the jira, since nobody really *uses* the jira. All the jira is, is a way for SL players to keep busy and *think* they’re doing something. For it is evident that showstopper bugs on the jira for months, still don’t get addressed. So why report it, why vote on it, why go to the jira at all? What is the possible use? I have been reading these blogs for awhile and it’s always the same story: people beg Lindens to fix this or that, and instead what we get is ONLY what Linden wants: whistles and bells and a different GUI and another different GUI and several things we definitely don’t need such as annoying popups about being on a different server, and a double search button, and worst of all, voice.
    So no, don’t tell me how to use the jira. Tell me whom you will fire at Linden Labs for thinking the “Linden Tao” is a way to run a business.

  83. Tegg B says:

    “A restart again this week?”
    Oh the woe for those having to relog all those traffic, camping and land bots back in 😛

  84. U M says:

    Gesh……..when are people going to just stop bitching about the cash sitting bots. I hate them just as much as everyone. But contining to do so will not puch LL to do away with them…….YET……….

    “RESTARTS” are needed for the continue over all quility of the playable of the game………Bring back Down time it does a bette job.

  85. Zi Ree says:

    @85 Pepper Haas: I’m using the Jira extensively, and it works. Torley did a nice introduction on how to use it, too. It’s really quite simple, once you really try to understand how it works.

    Mentioning bugs on the blog does have some effect, but not all ov the Lindens are reading every blog post, so a properly done Jira entry with a solid reproduction process goes much further than a blog comment.

  86. Pepper Haas says:

    Zi Ree then please explain to me why it’s been nearly a year that group IM has been screwed up, a real showstopper for many groups — it’s been on the jira forever, it’s been voted on, but yet Lindens forced Voice down our throats screwing it up for good and it doesn’t get fixed and it’s STILL not working.
    So, this proves the jira does no good and does not work and anyone who goes there is wasting their time. Sorry.

  87. Scarlett Glenelg says:

    Well, since 1.19 client its much quieter on the group IM channels. Sometimes a new message flashes by, some time later followed by “Error starting a new chat session …”, and the message is gone. I like it quiet ;-(

  88. Zi Ree says:

    @89 Pepper Haas: An explanation can only be given by the Lindens, not by me. I know, the issue has been reported and massively voted on. I also know, this issue has been dscussed only recently on the development mailing list. A lot of information was given there, about how it works since the change and why it tends to fail. They also went into detail, why it’s so hard to fix.

    You can see the discussion still going on here:

    This problem seems to be very difficult to get rid of. It’s not a proof for “Jira being no good”, because this problem would have been there, Jira or not. In the issue tracker you can see that it’s acknowledged and being worked on, btw. It has an internal issue number and a Linden assigned to it.

  89. Tegg B says:

    U M Says:
    Gesh……..when are people going to just stop bitching about the cash sitting bots. I hate them just as much as everyone. But contining to do so will not puch LL to do away with them…….YET……….

    We will stop compaining when they do away with them ………….

  90. Fellatione Aabye says:

    Gee Fun starting again …

    Great having to pull out your shoe and hair from some private part of your AV anatomy after a Tp .. on condition that you dont get logged out by Tp-ing ….

    Dear Linden Labs, in Europe, Yes i’m one of those so hated Residents …. we have QC = QUALITY CONTROLE … wich I dont think you never heard of at Linden Labs …
    In My RL job i’m QC-ing every day and every minute …. Client is king …
    Would like to see the face of your CEO when he orders a Limousine with driver … and gets an unproffesional, unable driver with a broken car … Think he won t be happy too your CEO .. Well thats the best way to compare what happens here with SL by every “so-called” up-date … (just a pity that the english language doesn t use a “down-date” …. )

    I know, that developping SL is hard, difficult, that you can t keep everybody happy but still guys and girls at Linden Labs … try to think QC (Quality Control) too before messing up the grid.

  91. MGRenjith Honi says:

    it is very intresting…….i like this.

  92. phoenix says:

    I have done the update,
    The result is that Second life wil not start anymore.
    (black screen)
    I have than remove whole sl and download it again the same problem!
    The new second life is corrupt and doesn’t work and there is not a old version who you can instal.
    Fix the problem !!!

  93. HoneyBear Lilliehook says:

    I have to say the timing sucks for the restart…just about the time that 80% of the clubs in SL are running events…great planning.

  94. JackJack Oh says:

    Why don’t you change the restart process to first teleport avatars away and then restart the region? This will allow unsit scripts in objects to run and so objects like vehicles and camp chairs to be resetted when the regions come back online?

  95. U M says:

    No bothering quoting……………

    If you think bitching about it wil do it. Think again kiddy. Because they have alot more bigger problems to deal with then this one……Be here for over 3 years and then post again about issues like that one………..Nice try………..

  96. Zi Ree says:

    @96 JackJack Oh: I guess, those objects and vehicles will get the unsit event anyway. Were it not so, they would have a problem as soon as an avatar who was sitting on them, crashed.

    I don’t think, teleporting avatars out would be a good idea. Just imagine a couple having an intimate moment and then being teleported into the middle of a church 😉

  97. jackjack oh says:

    no unsit events are triggered on region restart, but the event is triggered on agent crash.. Lol about the intimate in church

  98. Jaxx Tardis says:

    @98 Zi Ree
    Oh my favorite is when I login and get the infamous “You have been moved to a nearby region”… that’s always PG, with allot of avatars around so it’s slow to load, and always has scripts disabled so any hide/show script won’t fire.

    For sake of staying on-topic… I’ve noticed that quite often some scripts revert to a previous state when the teleport bug hits me. Sometimes resetting counters to what they were 4 to 5 teleports before. I also notice that reconnecting to my “last location” often puts me back where I was on my first login.

  99. I have gone around the performance issue as follows:
    (my pc only has 128 Mb Graphics memory).

    Activate the Client menu ( key combination Ctrl Alt D )
    Open Client > Rendering > X Cheesy Beacon
    Set bandwith in Preferences > Network to 1500 ( DSL connection ).
    Lower object details; keep it under appr. 75%.
    Keep draw distance in Preferences under 125.

    It helps at least some.

  100. Muscrat says:

    Hmmm I was just disconnected from Sl . The message read I have been logged out by an administrator my account will not be availible for 1 hour 30 mins? What is that all about?

  101. reece huldschinsky says:

    Smashy smashy….Crashy crashy

  102. Arachna Deerhunter says:

    I’m glad you guys are finally getting this done, this bug would totally screw with my upcoming video series.

  103. Wake up in SF please says:

    “This isn’t a game. It is a business.” Please make posters and place them on every SL desk. But maybe first you need to explain to the kids what working in a business means in terms of responsibility for quality and reliability.

  104. U M says:

    AGAIN! Please fix the CRASH REPORTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  105. Farallon Greyskin says:

    Just got the rolling restart on two of my sims and the script performance is not only back to “normal” by actually noticable faster in the stats!

    Thank you thank you thank you! 😀

  106. Farallon Greyskin says:

    Uh although.. there may be problems with the new media renderer. (Is it still quicktime?) An Mpeg movie I’ve had on my parcel for ages now gets about 15 seconds in then freezes and the client frame rate drops to almost nithing till I stop the movie…

    On the plus siide, good on ya for changing “debug” to advanced and getting rid of the admin menu!

  107. Vivienne says:


    are you crazy, LL?

  108. Rinaldo Debevec says:

    I downloaded 1.19.1 and fired it up … and found that windlight is implemented in this release. Was that supposed to happen?

  109. Banana Producer says:

    @92 Fellatione,
    Quality control is run by monkeys here. As long as they gets bananas they’ll release and okay just about anything.

    The only way to get them to do real QC would be to stop the production of bananas. Alas that’s a very difficult and nearly impossible proposition unless all the banana producers agree on such a drastic measure.

    I think though that if the big gorillas were able to manage the monkeys, they would get the job done.

  110. Tegg B says:

    Put you head back in the sand girly 😛

  111. jenyhowlett says:

    Col, i had the same prob about 2 weeks ago, my main avie was stuck in SL more than 48 hours, and the weirdest thing that i found her standing in front of a shop. Iwent to help island, talked with some mentors, but my luck – i found one at Waterhead welcome area, and she was kind enough to go with me and help me. so she found a linden, and he restarted the sim, voila – i was on line again. anyway the good image has not been ruined!

  112. Wyald Woolley says:


    The big gorillas are at the door welcoming children into SL and handing them their griefer kits. “Welcome to SL, no need to sign the guest registry with your real name, you sure are a big fella, I’ll bet you’re over 18. And don’t you go reading Torley’s hints on how to go looking into those nasty nasty sims full of godless sex. Here have a banana, wanna job writing code bugs?”

  113. U M says:

    You can`t change the world little boy over night. But over the course of time LL wil take care of it. Bitching does nothing……..Soon you learn your nothing ON SL, because everyone things they wil change the world……..laughs at the numbers of people that believes they can……..

  114. Adding windlight was probably the only way they could get anyone to use it!

    The first look: windlight is sooo much better. lol

  115. Ann Otoole says:

    looks like you killed my sim. filed a ticket. please go fix it.

    test test test test

  116. Zak Kowalski says:

    Finally and after a horrible week I’m quite happy with the new client and the full-speed-runnin scripts again. I used windlight before too and i optimized my land with decent glows and such, so its cool now that the time comes nearer windlight is gettin standard. Also the new media feature is quite nice. Framerate improvements is not just theoretical its real hehe

    I often wished u go to hell with all that bugs and such, but after a long time i could see all that bads and testings and such comes to a point where it really changes things in a positive way. Good work and thx ^^

  117. Tegg B says:

    Go away drama queen,

  118. Pepper Haas says:

    Zi Ree thank you for that information; still I can point out countless examples of Lindens spending time on things we don’t want or need, some of which tend to screw things up worse rather than address existing bugs, and having “a number and a Linden assigned to it” is evidently “too little too late” — they should have *all* gotten on top of it when it was first reported back in April 2007, before making any more changes to anything in the communications system. This is the persistent message from users on all blogs: fix what is wrong, before making more changes.
    So now I am dealing with another GUI change, incredible lag, crashing on TP if I don ‘t accidentally delete the lm because delete is where teleport option used to be. Grr.
    And *why* do I need to know about having another server when I change sims? Where do I shut that nasty popup off??

  119. U M says:

    LL spends more time on older bugs and issues then they do fixing them. How many times do you see bugs that are over 2 years old stil occuring? Like halfing the AVIE, prims not attaching to the correct locations….Now its the Teleporting to the wrong location other then what the landpoint is support to be at.

  120. coventina dalgleish says:

    Well I for one want to thank you for bringing the performance back to the level it was before if not a little better.

    All you people whining about your hair in your butt you might check your ISP as all problems are not Linden Lab if you lose a packet or two what do you think the program is going to do. In my opinion many of the problems are created by lousing routing to the servers and sub standard service providers

  121. Laralie McGinnis says:

    wow. So, where are the fixes? Im still getting stuck in edit appearance, still freezing up, still sinking into landscapes, walking through walls, etc… sigh

  122. Ina Pidgeon says:

    The performance of my sims is still bad, it doesnt seem like it’s made a difference. I keep lagging badly while trying to move. Textures take like forever to load. And please fix System Heap memory error, got that one while I tried to build 😦

    Best of luck to you Lindens, its a complex world you guys created and it takes time/experience to get a better world.

  123. Ryu Darragh says:

    There have been only two recurring bugs/problems for me that make me wish I could be there to help. Client freezeups due to being mini-disconnected (I have traced the problem to somewhere between my client and LL, so the solution may not be possible, i.e. stopping the disconnects. May need to *handle* them better) and Group Chat sessions doing the “Error in Chat Session” and either not posting what I sent or closing right in the middle of dealing with problems. And that, too, is due to disconnections between the client and the servers. I would suggest the only way to handle *that* is to contract with one or more group IM providers just as they did with Vivox to provide Group Chat services.

  124. Fellatione Aabye says:

    Héhé … very nice NOT QC’ed at all … as always (QC = Quality Control)

    No music … eve with the latest Quicktime version.
    Tp failing … as usual
    Group Chat .. error as usual
    Friendslist … Lots of (waiting) some (Hyppos) … as usual

    Wow … Did i read that you at Linden Labs are aware of some of those problems …. Miracle, at last Linden Labs did hire someone who can read …

  125. Wyald Woolley says:

    U M Says:
    March 6th, 2008 at 6:30 PM PST
    AGAIN! Please fix the CRASH REPORTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    116 U M Says:
    March 6th, 2008 at 11:03 PM PST
    You can`t change the world little boy over night. But over the course of time LL wil take care of it. Bitching does nothing……..Soon you learn your nothing ON SL, because everyone things they wil change the world……..laughs at the numbers of people that believes they can……..

    If U M would only read her own crap she wouldn’t waste so many blog slots.

  126. sloopy cooder says:

    @ 123

    Dropped packets are a fact of life on the internet. Applications MUST MUST MUST be able to handle this without crashing. LL MUST fix those protocol design and implementation bugs. It’s not an option. Blaming ISPs for something that is inherently a part of TCP/IP is insane. UDP is a connectionless and unreliable protocol by nature. Applications that use it MUST have the ability to deal with dropped packets. Crashing as a result shows that the programmers need to go back and re-read the Steven’s book on TCP/IP. This is not a difficult issue – it is VERY VERY basic.

  127. Ursa Henley says:

    first off nice youve kept with tradition in making things run worse than ever before, next i was jsut wondering if there is the slightest chance that you will eventually pull your collective linden heads from your nether regions long enoug to fix anything at all, seeing as the inv access server has been screwed up for going on 6 months now and the bandades are coming loose obviously. And maybe theres a chance of hiring someone that knows how to hook up a phone network and keep it going because obviously no one there does, seeing as it seems to be down any and everytime theres the slightest chance there maybe be a problem anywhere.

  128. U M says:

    You have to continue to change names to prove your worth something? To play games on the blog …..Please don`t waste blog space…….Again if you need emotional support for personal problems in call your local hotline for help. We are not your parents to tell you want to do and not to do………Your ON SL for a reason to enjoy why not just do that……..
    Enjoy your second Life……

    Anyone else have problems with scripts not working correctly or failure to load?

  129. Wendy Forager says:

    Instead of the new Windlight viewerupdate I get a release candidate 1.19.1, Windlight is gone

  130. Shanessa Vendetta says:

    I am not usually one to be negative. I understand it can’t be easy making everyone happy in a game and making sure everything runs smoothly. However. for the past 24 hours or more a ton of residents have been unable to log into the Release Canidate/Windlight and it has yet to even be addressed as a problem. If you can’t log into your client please vote on this issue PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE look into this.

  131. coventina dalgleish says:

    Well I must say that the latest release candidate seems to work quite well scripts run considerably faster as seen in active chains not losing particles while walking the incorporation of windlight into the viewer is also a nice touch. The ability to run ultra with aging hardware is also a benefit.

    As far as packet loss LL has little or no control over the path you take to the server try running a trace route and see who is destroying your pleasure. Every time I have had a problem I do find a router in the path that has poor performance. They can not control servers and router outside their ownership.

    I commend the effort in this latest viewer LL while it still has minor bugs it seems to work well even with the load of the weekend.

    If you can not run the high or ultra level you are badly in need of a hardware upgrade the game must been observed at these levels to actually appreciate what has been accomplished. And yes I know game driven hardware upgrades is a pain but it is the name of the game I remember when I had to increase my video board just to play Everquest II but it was a more enjoyable experience after I bit the bullet and has stayed effective through this latest viewer of second life.

    Oh and for those of you who still can not find the latest wind light viewer it is in the release candidate.

  132. Raven Primeau says:

    @134 Coventia get real please with :-

    If you can not run the high or ultra level you are badly in need of a hardware upgrade the game must been observed at these levels to actually appreciate what has been accomplished.

    Most people struggle just to stay online long enough for things to load after a TP, move too soon and poof to the desktop.

    My son plays Crysis and such games on my PC and it creams them at high settings so please dont say everyones PCs are substandard if they have problems with LL’s clearly flawed package, I wonder where in SL you spend your time, clearly not in the mainland especially in my Sim at Jirisan where with only 2 AVs in the sim I cannot build with confidence because SL is so *borked*

    The release client does however run smoother *marginally* and my friends list shows which it doesnt in the regular client. Shame the incorporation of windlight seems to have screwed some textures with brightness issues but hey I only crashed 6 times yesterday!

    What with the latest installments of *your not worthyness* for lowly land owners and the great unwashed that LL have posted at the weekend it almost seems I should grow a pair of Bollocks for LL to kick me in.

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