Parcel Media Changes in 1.19.1 Release Candidate

With the 1.19.1 Release Candidate, available today, we’ve made some changes to the overall way that media is played inworld which results in a more general approach to playing media and, more importantly, allows you to display various types of Web content on your parcel! This is a great step toward further interoperability with the Web, which we’ve been discussing for some time, for more history on this, read here and here.

The current parcel media player allows you to stream audio or video (or both!) to visitors on your parcel. The parcel owner controls what is played on the parcel and visitors to the parcel control whether or not they want to listen or see the media. (Visit the Knowledge Base for more information on how media on a parcel works currently).

The new media on a parcel feature allows landowners to select and display a wide range of Web-based media content, including Web pages, movies, images, text documents and audio. This change replaces and expands the existing QuickTime parcel media feature, giving you more flexibility in your media presentations. Currently, the displayed media is entirely non-interactive, meaning you will only be able to view and not be able to click web links, use scroll bars, or press buttons on web pages displayed on parcels, although we hope to add this functionality in the future.

The points below highlight the key things you should know about the new Parcel Media functionality:

  • When you arrive on a parcel with media available, you will be presented with a media display, just as you are currently and decide whether you want to “play” the media or not. You will need to click the play button to load the Web page or other media.
  • Parcel owners who want to display media-on-a-parcel will generally not need to set the “type” of the media (“QuickTime movie,” “Web page,” etc.) it should automatically detect it.
  • While not a shared interactive experience, it does include an in-viewer web browser (which enables viewing of web content inworld, a popular request in our public JIRA, see: VWR-5004)

Keep reading for more tips, links to video tutorials and more…

Find Out More
Curious about how to make the new parcel media changes work for you? First, take a look at the in the Knowledge Base for a demystifying explanation. Next, Torley has created three separate videos on the subject to help you master these new features!

Parcel Media FAQ:
Below are a few common questions & answers about this new functionality:

Q: How do I set a Web page to be viewed on my parcel?
A: The Media tab of the About Land window contains many options for displaying media on your land in Second Life.

Q: If I’m looking at a Web page on a parcel, does my friend standing next to me see the same thing?
A: Not necessarily. Issues like authentication, cookies, and other locally hosted Web data can affect the viewing experience.

Q: Why when I click on the inworld Web page, does nothing happen and/or does it open an embedded (or external) browser?
A: Interactivity is not currently enabled inworld. We’re planning on implementing interactivity and shared browsing in a later version.

Q: Why doesn’t YouTube (or other Flash-based content) work properly?
A: The current Parcel Media feature (which is based upon Mozilla) does not support the Flash plugin.

Q: I’ve got more questions, where can I go for more information?
A: Check out the above videos and read more about how parcel media works by visiting the Knowledge Base.

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150 Responses to Parcel Media Changes in 1.19.1 Release Candidate

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  2. Interesting.. Should be a good step forward 🙂 I can’t wait for Flash incorporation….

  3. Sarge says:

    Awesome, Awesome, more awesome. This is a huge step toward fixing one of my big pet peeves with SL’s media. I love it.

  4. Elvis Orbit says:

    Great stufff! I cant wait to give this a TRY! 😀

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  6. Blinders Off says:

    Might be ok. Might be one more thing to get borked.

    Strikes me odd that they’re adding things to access external media when they can’t even get their own internal CHAT systems to work.

  7. Done says:

    Sounds great.

    The only problem I see is this

    > Q: If I’m looking at a Web page on a parcel, does my friend
    > standing next to me see the same thing?
    > A: Not necessarily. Issues like authentication, cookies, and other
    > locally hosted Web data can affect the viewing experience.

    For some applications (e.g., teaching), it is ESSENTIAL that all residents on the parcel can see the same thing “in sync”. If this new setup cannot guarantee this, then perhaps there could be a checkbox to set if I prefer for my parcel to display QuickTime media instead?

  8. Wow, I wonder what inspired this release out of nowhere, so suddenly.


  9. Wait.


    What the HELL?

  10. *cough* Excuse my lack of propriety.

  11. DaQueenB Houston says:

    oooo Yayyyy!….

  12. Nimrod Yaffle says:


  13. Rhaorth Antonelli says:

    I will be bug reporting this as soon as I can get the jira to work properly for me.

    Attachments not attaching to specified location, same as in Dazzle. They go to the right hand, will not go where I tell them to.

    I have tried with multi prim objects and a simple basic cube, none will attach where I tell them to go.

    this just started happening to me with Dazzle, so I switched to this version and still happening to me. I have done cache clear etc, still will not attach. (there are reports of it happening in dazzle, so will report it for this version as well) looks like I revert to older version

  14. les says:

    You guys should have done this about 2 years ago.
    I think this is huge step forward. I can think of a million things that have just become more possible 🙂

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  16. DMC Zsigmond says:

    Commendable Start Guys (LL)!

    …And this is ahead of May 2008 acknowledgements that Web content would be looked into.

    Web interoperability combined with an increases in per/sim performance, reliability and avatar concurrency represent the tools we SL-participating enterprises need to go out and attract more outsourced resident registrations to the defacto 3D-Internet platform.

    Let’s build on this,

    DMC Zsigmond
    SCiENCE FiCTION (Sim) |

  17. Sarge says:

    Just tried this, using a vehicle that I have to watch tv. Again though, it claims it needs to be deeded. I would love to see the day when folks can bother properly using thier vehicles with a tv, anywhere.

    I was hoping that’s what this update was. Again, I understand, only landowner should have the rights to change channel.

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  19. Jeska Linden says:

    @ 7 – Done, you do not have to choose any media to display on your parcel. Or you can pick from audio, video, web content, or image formats.

    @13 – Rhaorth – please do file a bug if you find one, that’s what the release candidate process is for! Please be sure to set “Affects Version/s” to “1.19.1 Release Candidate“.

  20. How secure is this? How does it handle encrypted pages, ActiveX controls, etc? Is this going to be a backdoor for malicious scripts? What kind of precautions have you taken to prevent malicious gifts that keep on giving from damaging people’s computers?

  21. Rhaorth Antonelli says:

    Thanks Jeska, bug reported (had to get the jira working for me first hehe)
    link for those who wish to vote (this issue has been happening to me in both dazzle and now this release)
    makes putting anything that attaches to an avatar, impossible 😦

    (hopefully I put the settings properly, I get confused in the jira)

  22. Ciaran Laval says:

    If it’s based on Mozilla I don’t think you’ll have to worry too much about ActiveX.

    This sounds, well, rather damn exciting!

  23. VS V says:

    Why is it that VWR-5004 request can get passed with 41 votes but MISC-64 can’t get passed with 354?

    I can use an ordinary browser for my browsing purpose but I can’t use an external solution for my muting purposes can I?

  24. Ann Otoole says:

    only one media url per parcel? we need different media settings on different prims. this way we can manage our product displays from a more reliable and more secure source than textures in sl. theres a lot of potential with this. keep pushing the envelope.

  25. Hazno Bazno says:

    I’ve been serving up media on my parcel for months now and suddenly with this new RC nothing happens. I’ve checked the media settings but my video screen doesn’t do anything any more. I click it, select a movie, then there’s that little swirling white particle effect to indicate something is happening but nothing at all happens. The media texture remains and down below while it says “There is a movie to play here” the button is grayed out. The media URL is visible in my Media tab… I go back to the other standard viewer and everything works fine.

  26. Vincent Nacon says:

    “Q: Why doesn’t YouTube (or other Flash-based content) work properly?
    A: The current Parcel Media feature (which is based upon Mozilla) does not support the Flash plugin.”

    Ok… but when? So I can listen to my station on

  27. Hazno Bazno says:

    Oh CRAP! I just realized what the problem is… I’d password protected my videos on my web server and with the standard viewer when trying to play a video an authentication box appears requiring a username and password then the video plays just fine. This new viewier has blocked the ability to accept authentication.


  28. Blake Sachs says:

    I was already wondering what happened to the attempts at bringing web content inworld, uBrowser and all… very cool that it’s going forward!
    While it’s not a fully functioning interactive uBrowser, it’s certainly a very good start. I hope the developers at LL make this one of their top priorities once the current “big” projects (Havok, Mono, Windlight) are done. And seeing as Windlight looks just about ready for release and Havok4 is well on track, I doubt we’ll have to wait very long. An exciting outlook for the future of SL!

  29. Thank you. I love you. This is one of those that can make a huge step forward.

  30. Jeska Linden says:

    @ Hazno – Sorry to hear you’re having trouble, it sounds like you found a bug. Please file it in the Issue Tracker (and be sure to set “Affects Version/s” to “1.19.1 Release Candidate“).

    @ Vincent – me and you both! Onward ho! 🙂

  31. Moll Dean says:

    oh Folks…
    I was thinking Phil was sad somehow with Real Media
    Finaly we are going forward here…
    That was my Xmas Present I asked to St LL Claude heheh

    I see a new SL in a few months…

    Way to go LL
    Keep the good work!

  32. Janine Cummings says:

    Please, please , please ….. bring in Flash soon 🙂

  33. Bucky Barkley says:

    Nice.. what will happen with LSL calls to support any new features? (anything?)

    Will this affect keying media/pages to an AV, as opposed to parcel?

    As for interactive pages for the short term, fret not.. here’s a hint:

    Well defined web pages with clear prim image maps 🙂

    Oh! Did I just give that one away!? 🙂 hee hee…

    This is going to be fun.

  34. Buck says:

    “Currently, the displayed media is entirely non-interactive, meaning you will only be able to view and not be able to click web links, use scroll bars, or press buttons on web pages displayed on parcels, although we hope to add this functionality in the future.”

    I can see where eventually virtual laptops could be sold in SL that could access the Internet for real. If so, maybe we could play SL (or Third Life) on our virtual SL laptops. Or………too weird? 😉

  35. Very interesting! It’s nice to see a concrete demonstration that LL is working on allowing in-world browsing. This is going to be fun when it’s actually done!

  36. Sean Heying says:

    Darn, looks like web on a prim needs the latest server version which means I can’t try this in my Havok4 region yet (reports old server version)

    Could be wrong, not sure.

  37. @Sean – I have the same problem in my home sim, which is Havok 4, but our flagship store is on a Havok 1 sim and it works fine there.

  38. Is the scroll bar on the prim face usable?

  39. Argent Stonecutter says:

    “How secure is this? How does it handle encrypted pages, ActiveX controls, etc? Is this going to be a backdoor for malicious scripts?”

    No ActiveX controls, relatively secure, absolutely going to be a backdoor for malicious scripts, just like streaming media is. There are already people actively using streaming media as in-world “web bugs” to match users to IP addresses (both maliciously and to protect against griefer alts), this will likely make it easier.

    Like anything else that arrives at your computer unsolicited, you need to be careful what you allow it to do. I plan on disabling it as soon as I finish downloading the RC. 🙂

  40. Hazno Bazno says:

    Just created an Issue Report:

  41. I wasn’t able to click or scroll anything. It’s just a static representation of the website.

  42. Oops, my previous comment was directed at #38

  43. Nice. Any way to drive the settings in the embedded browser ? (turn on/off javascript, etc ?)

  44. Mel says:

    this makes no sense to me.. and the explanations they give as part of the knowledge base don’t help much either.

    I so wish that the people writing these blogs about technical changes would remember that MANY people us use Sl (even sim owners) are not technically minded. Break it down a bit. Please give examples.

    I like Torley but I can’t follow his tutorials.. he is flashy (quick moving) in his presentation and talks too fast. He slowed down for awhile but is at a gallop again.

    And before some one lambastes me AGAIN for not getting it, please remember, not all people in SL are the same in picking up new features. This request is just that someone look at the blogs from a non-techy, less-immersed-in-the-process view and maybe add a bit more description or examples.

  45. bobbyb30 Zohari says:

    Exactly how secure is this? And how exactly is this data transferred to the viewer?

    Noninteractive? No flash? So its basically a cached screenshot of the web page….and it took you how long to implement this?

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  47. o.h. says:

    okay, i assume im doing soemthign wrong?
    whatever i do the settings will always go back to movie, instead of webcontent, which obviously doesnt work.
    what did i miss?

  48. I died and went to Heaven.

    Thank you so much, Linden Lab!

  49. o.h. says:

    ah havoc 4….
    well thats that

  50. @Bucky, LSL calls most certainly work fine with the new settings! I’ve updated the wikis and posted an example on my blog.

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  52. Gypsy Paz says:


    I’ve been looking forward to this for a very long time!
    Nice to see it coming into place!

  53. Stacey Sugar says:

    I’d like to test the webpage on a prim … is it like a screen capture or lets say for example there is a .gif on the webpage, will the web page on a prim still animate the .gif?

    If so, anyone got an example so I can test it…

  54. Stacey Sugar says:

    Yes, the pages do animate .gif … which is good 🙂

  55. U M says:

    OMG can you imagen the possible issues his might cause. So people can`t have content on a PG sim? There are more mature websites then PG. How are you going to inforce them?

  56. Max Kleiber says:

    I guess I just don’t get it…
    If i want to surf the web, what do I need Second Life for…?

  57. Argent Stonecutter says:

    OK, there’s two VERY good changes in this release!

    * You have to push play to play media, it doesn’t start automatically!

    * The first time you do so, you get this dialog: “You have begun playing media. Media can set to play automatically in the preferences window under Audio / Video. Note that this can be a security risk for media sites you do not trust.”

    Yes! Thank you!

  58. Jan Hird says:

    Please can i have a working group chat?

  59. U M says:

    “58 Jan Hird Says:

    March 6th, 2008 at 7:00 PM PST
    Please can i have a working group chat?”

    And maybe a working Crash report box?

    what is the sence of having this feature if it “FAILS” to send the bad bad back to LL”ERROR ERROR ERROR” Please don`t tell me that JIRA is better……If the data tramsmitted back from said data bad from the computer. Is far more relible then Jira ASSumptions Bug reports.


  60. Unmitigated Gall says:

    This new Release Candidate doe’s not work with media tools I have been deploying for Schools and Universities in world. Why on earth did you mess with the Quicktime settings in order to put WEB ON A PRIM.. Something by the way, that can be done without these parecel media changes… Perhaps we need to have a Media Group Meetup inworld… This needs way more discussion before implementation into a release viewer, otherwise, you cause even more problems with Media. PLEASE I BEG WHOEVER IS HEADING THIS PROJECT UP AT LINDEN LABS TO CONTACT ME DIRECTLY…

  61. Sarah says:

    Yet another new feature instead of fixing the existing ones. Thank you Lindens for totally ignoring the frustrations that are driving people away!

  62. Moll Dean says:

    prepotency in the air! heheh

    Easy guys… this is really a Release Candidate!
    There are different team working on LL
    Some for fixing, others of this!
    I am sure you can figure it out. can’t you? Some frustrations can really blind people, but new media types for SL are long time awaiting…
    BTW, actual viewer has so many bugs that 1.19.1 will be welcome (with bugs, of course).
    But please LL… do hard tests there.

  63. Vittorio Beerbaum says:

    Please REMOVE the (internal) brower auto-opening when you calick a link on the current chat/IM ….the current inworld browser is not intercative so it has (yet) no use, it’s better to leave the OS browser catching these URL’s.. or better give us an option… if there’s already an option, i didn’t found it. 🙂

  64. Samuel Linden says:

    @60 — Please file a bug detailing the issues you are having. The Release Candidate should fully support legacy Quicktime implementations. This is the purpose of the Release Candidate. Please provide specific examples and we will have a look.

  65. U M says:

    frustrations is what many are having. Bitching is not going to help I know. But PLEASE PLEASE FIX WHAT IS BROKEN. Before adding more. Havent we learned from how voice whenit was added……Indeed not.

  66. Samuel Linden says:

    @63 — You can check the box on the bottom of the internal browser to have links automatically open in your external browser. It is interactive, though not as robust as a stand-alone browser.

  67. Monalisa says:

    Does that mean you can now easily map IPs with SL accounts? Or is there a proxy server in use somewhere?

  68. Samuel and Jeska,

    The release candidate does NOT fully support legasy quicktime implementations.

    I have been marketing a dvd system in second life for months, that allows for the streaming of media directly to the SL client. This allows the playing of multiple streams on the same parcel…it also allows multiple residents to view different media on the same screen at the same time…without a URL being set on the parcel at all. The new implementation of the 1.19.1 RC breaks my system so that it will not play at all. Much like the issue that Unmitigated Gall is experiencing.

    One of my team members or myself will be entering a bug report…but this needs a LOT more thought before you cost me my most profitable business. I have been trying to contact the lindens that are responsible for the new video methodologies…Jesse Linden was the lead on the wiki I belive…but have not had any success. Now it is here, and it appears as if you are breaking a lot of existing products with it.

    Temporal Mitra

  69. Jag Nishi says:

    Sounds like another thing to get spammed with, hopefully this will be an option like video and not something everyone will have to mess with. Could have some potential though, looking forward to see what makes it tick.

  70. Moll Dean says:

    # 65
    You are right about Voice U M… well said!
    In that case they force us to that… LL was never that democrat anyway… it was like: LL way to go, deal with that or get out!
    I hated that…

    Today the fact is that *THIS IS FOR TESTING*… to IDENTIFY bugs…
    “Bitching is not going to help”…
    Reporting a bug will help!

    I believe a good professional knows how to motivate a team.
    Let’s give a break guys.. please! take easy there!

  71. Moll Dean says:

    I am very frustrated with LL and eveyone that is using CopyBots to stole people creation… No single line about this! even from some users… THAT IS FRUSTATION… Not a RC.

  72. So… How soon can I watch movies with this in sl (provided someone sets up a place) that do not require that *bleepy* Quicktime?

    “replaces and expands the existing QuickTime parcel media feature” – concentrate on “replace”, please! there’s fine players out there that don’t stop supporting their win2000 users, making it impossible for them to watch movies in sl. VLC. VLC! Did I allready mention the VLC? Please get rid of that bloatware requirement asap. I never liked the Quacktime very much, from today on I do hate it.

    PS: How do you downgrade for the last week if you allready deleted the old clients?

  73. Tensai Hilra says:

    I am a little concerned that we can’t set these new media types on a Havok 4 server… seems now the ones of us in the forefront are left behind.

  74. Tensai Hilra says:

    Yea, you can trace an IP… but know what, this is the web. it’s full of em… I’m frankly getting tired of everyone getting paranoid about “clearing cookies”, “hide my IP”, and “flush my history”. good greif… grow up please.

    I don’t mean to be harsh, but if you don’t like it, setup your own Proxy service in your own hardware router. don’t cause the rest of us to have lame programs and gimped experiences because you don’t want to give out a bit of common information.

    VPN off some place in bangladesh and proxy all your port 80 traffic out of berut… that’ll help. LET US HAVE OUR HTML ON A PRIM

  75. Phoenixa Sol says:


    well then, for now it’s business as usual. Hyperlink here to my youtube profile and inworld display of 9 dance videos teleport from my classifieds tab *thank you again and again to Sarah Showboat for this!*

  76. Razrcut Brooks says:

    I hope everyone recognizes the importance of this update. And it is a good thing. It is a small step in one day allowing residents to surf the web from within SL instead of browser windows popping up and covering the screen.
    The future of the Internet will bring a common, platform pre-installed on every PC (and MACs!) allowing users to research, socialize , create, and enjoy leisure time in a virtual world. A seamless method of web surfing inside of SL is the next step in LL becoming the future Microsoft of computing .
    We are experiencing the unfortunate growing pains of that progression yet it will be worth it. Surfing the net by simply opening windows and reading will become antiquated…………truly exciting to think about .

  77. U M says:


    “In that case they force us to that… LL was never that democrat anyway… it was like: LL way to go, deal with that or get out!
    I hated that…

    Today the fact is that *THIS IS FOR TESTING*… to IDENTIFY bugs…
    “Bitching is not going to help”…
    Reporting a bug will help!

    I believe a good professional knows how to motivate a team.
    Let’s give a break guys.. please! take easy there!

    What makes me laugh is the people of LL RAH RAH team………They brainwashed the weak minded people( well some have very ligght braines to start with so it was easy) that voice was the next greatest thing since Vedio on sl. But infact its Testing was done to the point where LL said thats all it will be so lets runs with it. Well LAG and all LL ran with Voice. But not with as many people as LL expected. As for these new features that are unproven expect a summer long broken etc etc etc game again just like last summer. remeber they expected what 75,000 to 150,000 ONLINE ? we never made it. H4 server or not if they don`t start fixing broken, totlaly misguilded bug reports and wrongly correctly reports. We are in deeper poo then a year ago. Not bitchng here because it doesnt solve anything. But Please please! fix the broken pats before adding on to the game. otherwise how do expect the game to grow ………..Depressing no, But what is are people rah rah the whole SL world into believing we can conitinue to add features without fixing the broken pieces. Without Cory Linden many believe sl is in deep poo. But LL rah rah people believe its a better situation. I believe the first…..

  78. Riverfront Calix says:

    U M: Did it hurt when you donated your brain?

  79. Mona says:

    @74 “but know what, this is the web”. SL is not the web. On the web you don’t surf using an IDed avatar which is tied to RL information, in SL you do. HTML on a prim would enable ANYONE to trace specific persons and their SL behavior, gather statistical information, bust people at work and so on. This is disturbing.

  80. U M says:

    How many names on the blog do you have little guy? ……………….There you go. Atleast some of us don`t need to play games…………..Go back to Yahoo chat…….WAIT you been banned from there too …..

  81. U M says:

    @79 BUT WAIT LL will say its not possible.BLA BLA BLA…………..Thats why its not a good idea to click their webpage signs within SL. Indeed its possible.

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  83. You know this is great, but I’m really disappointed that your still not supporting flash. Especially with how popular Youtube is. Flash is much faster to load than quicktime movies. 😦

  84. Zi Ree says:

    Jeska / Sidewinder(?): When can we expect an updated Havok 4 simulator to work with the new parcel media system? 🙂 *big kitty eyes*

    About IP addresses: Acquiring a redident’s IP address was possible ever since Second Life supported parcel media streams, such as web radios, live DJs and so on. That means, it was possible for years. There’s nothing new in this. Everyone running a radio or video stream on their own server can easily get the addresses of everyone listening to it. This is how the web works, and Second Life indeed is part of the web in this regard. It vastly uses the same techniques as your normal web browser does, only the display is different 😉

    And yes: The web pages shown on the parcel are static. No scrollbars, buttons or links are working. But that shouldn’t be news to you, it was explained in detail in the blog posting.

  85. Zi Ree says:

    One additional note (sorry for the doubel post): If you are concerned about your privacy, simply don’t enable streaming media / web content. It’s disabled by default anyway, and you need to start it yourself.

  86. Sling Trebuchet says:

    I JUST HAVE ONE QUESTION ( so far ) ….

    Is this Christmas coming early, or Christmas coming late????

  87. salahzar stenvaag says:

    Thanks for that I will soon experiment that and throw away my equivalent web browser I was producing using quicktime.
    (It was working but extremely slow and had problems with long pages).
    I really evaluate this if it works and it is fast for teaching and presentation purposes.
    I will use it surely for classes.
    My question is: is that an April Fool? (But we are not yet in April, LOL)
    Thanks linden for this: that was needed to keep up with your competitors (opensim and realxtend).

  88. Tegg B says:

    Done Says:
    For some applications (e.g., teaching), it is ESSENTIAL that all residents on the parcel can see the same thing “in sync”. If this new setup cannot guarantee this, then perhaps there could be a checkbox to set if I prefer for my parcel to display QuickTime media instead?

    Umm I’m prettysure the existing quicktime isn’t syched either so how will that help?

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  90. Indeterminate Schism says:

    Wooohooo, text on a prim. Even if nothing else is ever done with this, I’ll love you for that. X

    Bye, bye 200-prim ‘news boards’, hello ad-hoc notices.

  91. Moll Dean says:

    #77 U M
    oh there! I have reading all comments you have post in this blog.
    Seem the rest of the entire world is kinda of sub-race and ignorant for you!
    Hope some day you will seem how special each person is in this world… maybe in 2012? why not now?
    Well, as I said… This is a Release Candidate! Glad it’s not mandatory yet because we DO need test it hard.

    About brainwash… no comment.

  92. Raul Crimson says:

    Wow, very useful tutorials by Torley, as always.
    Even the use of music and media is not new in SL I like a lot the possibility of “playing” HTML in a prim (even is not “interactive” directly). The new “Click” option in objects are very useful too.

  93. Glory Takashi says:

    Not really concerned with web content in SL when so many other basic features are bugged to hell broken or just no longer there.

  94. Moll Dean says:

    # 86

    Sling, xmas came late here. I posted a comment about this on December 2007.

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  96. Davina Glitter says:

    I look forward to incorporating additional educational elements into various builds that were completed for work. This will help in showing additional educational materials and information. I look forward to a fully interactive virtual space that can access many data sources. Wonderful news.

  97. Hazno Bazno says:

    All I really care about videowise is DivX (and possibly XviD) integration. When that is possible I’ll be ever-so-impressed. I think a solid time-tested open-source solution (um, VLC has been mentioned here already and it’s a darn good choice!) is what is needed. The choice to use QT from the get-go has me puzzled. QT sucks and always has. I’ve had to undergo major hassles in order to convert and upload my videos to QT – and configuring for live streaming is a pain sometimes.

    DivX is certified on a bajillion pieces of hardware these days with more appearing almost daily.

    So if you could integrate DivX and Flash I think the majority of people would be very happy. And filing a jira is an exercise in futility. Under an alt account I have filed 11 jira’s over the last 6 months and only one has been looked at, the other ten remain “open” and “unassigned” now 180 days later.

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  99. U M says:

    Itnever fails the people that have no life always post in the same way. But with different names. Why don`t you spend more time in the game then trying to so your only 12 years old? Well I not your mommy So I can`t help you…….. need emotional help? Deal you local anti depression hotline………..I sure they have the help you need…………. BTW spend more time in game, You are here for fun right? Enjoy your second Life………..

    Seriously how safe is this new feature? And what can we expect in the future to safe guard from possible attacks?

  100. Maggie Darwin says:

    Any roadmap-level info as when this functionality might be available in a Windlight viewer?

  101. Maggie Darwin says:

    Oops…never mind. Duh.

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  104. Web Page says:

    I know I’m going to hear this a million zillion times so yes I feel it when you click so BE GENTLE

    (there’s no point in denying it)

  105. U M says:


  106. Jeska Linden says:

    @ Mel – If you’ve already read the Knowledge Base article which explains it in more detail, I would recommend downloading the RC and trying it out yourself. It is easier to understand after you have enabled it on a parcel.

    @ Takuan – yes, as explained above, interactivity is not currently enabled inworld with this feature. We’re planning on implementing interactivity and shared browsing in a later version.

    @ U M – the same parcel settings (including Mature or PG) and Community Standards will apply. If you see content which falls outside of these guidelines, please be sure to file an abuse report.

    @ Jan – We are aware of the crash report error and should have a fix for it shortly. Please remember that the purpose of the release candidate is to help us identify bugs before we release it to a larger audience.

    @ Unmitigated, Temporal and Tensai – I’m sorry to hear you’re having trouble with this new feature, as Sam mentioned, please file a bug in the Issue Tracker (and be sure to set “Affects Version/s” to “1.19.1 Release Candidate“). It should work.

    @ Vittorio – the inworld (internal) browser does allow you to interact with it, login to your email, etc.

    @ Zi – I’m not sure when the two concurrent tests (Havok4 and Parcel Media) will be combined, but we will work to support both features before they are in final launch.

  107. Mythoes LLewellyn says:

    Hmm, so if I understand Lindens right, their basically making sl a breedign ground for id sniffers, viruses, malware, and all sorts fo other fun things. Especially since there is NOT a way to turn off scripts or cookies with their internal viewer.

    Honestly, does anyone at Linden Lab actually THINK, before implementing a feature?
    I didn’t think so….

    Seriously, stop making sl even more dangerous…
    The viruses, and sniffers through quicktime are already bad enough…

  108. Tracy Welles says:

    I just loaded the new release candidate viewer and gave it a spin.

    I’m a bit concerned about a couple issues. Firstly, security and what impact the new media functions will have on it. What security implementations are going into place at this point?

    Secondly the viewer appears to be the new first look with the new sky, ocean water changes etc.. I am curious when it will be that “EVERYONE” will be required to use the latest viewer with the first look work implemented. Reason is, it seriously changes the look of the builds and makes everything so dark and altered. I see some positives in the new viewers but honestly it changes things so much. This will be a pain if you have to design around several browser versions trying to make everything look good in them all. So what is the answer here to when this new first look type browser will be a mandatory upgrade that everyone has to use? So that what you design is viewed as the designer intends?


  109. @Jeska Linden:

    Any feedback on how soon (or if at all) we can hope to be able to watch movies in SL without the quacktime requirement? I know for many people other things are more important in SL, but an important part of my SL experience was sitting down with some friends and having fun with a movie.

    Since Quacktime stopped supporting Windows 2000, and SL now requires the latest QT Update, not existing for Win2000, people like me who don’t want to switch to later windows versions are basically *bleep*ed.

    And yes, there’s a bunch of reasons not to upgrade my system because of this, not the least important of those are SECURITY reasons.

    Apart from that, my Win2k still works as flawless as I ever have seen a windows run. I did test XP, just in the beginning of this year again, assuming that by now they had fixed some of the problems I encountered with it when it came out and I checked it first. Nope. Still no go.

    So it’s basically: As long as I do not NEED any of the new Windows functionalities I simply have no reason to spend money I don’t have atm for a new computer that (maybe) is able to run those systems.

    So please do enlighten us: Will there be alternatives to QT any time in the future, or do you simply say “*bleep* you, buy a new PC and shove some more money for nothing down the Gate’s throat while doing so if you want to watch movies in SL!”?

  110. Sidewinder Linden says:

    @36 Sean, @37 Takuan, @84 Zi: Regarding Parcel Media on Havok4 builds… We integrate the new release simulator codeline on a regular basis. The currently deployed Havok4 simulator does not include Parcel Media, because it was built before that feature was ready to go. I am not sure yet if we will pick up that feature (as it is also still a release candidate) in our next deploy, or will hold until it gets to release (or if we hit release first, then it’s pretty much moot ;).



  111. Sedary Raymaker says:

    @109: That’s the thing about choices, there’s always a downside. Want to keep using your old OS? Fine, but don’t expect people to support it forever. My company doesn’t support the DOS version of our software anymore, and yes customers complained, but not many because most people had upgraded to something less ancient. Same with Quicktime and SL, unless you think LL will keep supporting Win2000 for long now that Vista is officially supported.

    “shove some more money for nothing down the Gate’s throat ”

    Only if you insist on using Microsoft OSes. I don’t. Again, it comes down to choice, and I’m glad I have one.

  112. Zi Ree says:

    Thanks, Jeska, Sidewinder! I’m pretty excited to see this feature, and meanwhile I can play with it on my small Mainland parcel 🙂

  113. embedded web browser, enables web content inworld (???)

    What a surrprise, it’s stunning, two thumbs up 🙂

  114. shaq Merlin says:


    Where is the new WindLight First Look Viewer? the link provides to the Realese Candidate version…

    Best Regards,

  115. @Mythoes:

    It’s a fact, that you allready can do a lot of sniffing in sl, even without media streams involved.

    I know someone personally who managed to get my IP with not too much work with my knowledge of it, I acted as a knowing test subject.

    Now don’t panic – the method used needed quite some clever thinking around several corners and I trust the person mentioned above 100% not to misuse the knowledge gained by that experiment.

    But still: Simply allways keep in mind that when you go online (no matter if on the www or in a game or SL) – if a *clever* person wants info about you that person will get it.

    Data transmission from and to clients is allready a part of SL, some actually pretty nice tools are built on these possibilities, like WWW-SL realtime chat allowing you to talk with ppl ingame even when only running a browser.

    What I’m saying is: The SL/WWW integration (I really welcome it myself) will not introduce completely new possibilities for malicious uses into SL. Granted – it might make it *easier*, and I’m sure that it’ll sprout it’s own kinds of exploits in SL.

    Ok, this is about a release candidate, so here’s some actual input from myself:

    Someone else allready mentioned this, and I hope LL listen to it:

    It would defenitely be a wise move to give the clients full control about
    the degree web content is displayed, just as with a “real” browser. I mean things like allowing/disalowing scripts or cookies, displaying images or not etc. Do not assume all users will want the same settings and give them control over it. If someone means his way to browse is text-only, with no graphics displayed, let him have it.

    I would go a even step further perhaps:

    Also give the owner of the web-prim some advanced controls over how content is handled on the prim, this will become important when you go interactive (and I really do hope you will). Some options I think might be usefull:

    – Link range: Are watchers of the prim allowed to follow links to other domains and things like that. Give the users the ability to make ppl browsing on a prim stay for example in the forum presented. I know there’s only grownups supposed to be in SL, but there still might be people who want a forum presented without the possibility of people following links to, say, a pron-site.

    – a domain whitelist/blacklist-option: Kind of an addition to the above, allow the prim owner to block domains completely from his prim or allow him to browse only listed domains.

    – Grade of allowed interactivity: Is the prim “read only” or are ppl for example allowed to send forms over it (for example) – I’m sure ppl will come up with reasons why that might be important 😉 Imagine alone the “If someone does something online from a prim-terminal on my sim, to what degree am I responsible for it?” discussions this might kick off… 😉

    – will users be allowed to interact with web content directly by clicking on it on the prim or will they have to use the ingame browser for it. While for many uses it might be great to be able to click on links directly on the 3d prim displayed you might want to display a page with small buttons or whatever and don’t want too many wrong clicks because someone was looking at the display from an angle.

    I assume there’s more options like the above that would be greatly appreciated for a final client – I defenitely do welcome this first step into the direction of an interactive www-sl-interface.

  116. Paddy Wright says:

    why oh why oh why?
    I have been living in and loving windlight…….why this?

  117. Samuel Linden says:

    @115 – Very useful feedback. We are in the process of determining the feature set for Milestone 2 of the Media Project. I would urge you to add your comments to the wiki so that we can consider them in our discussions. The link to the public wiki is:

  118. Justa Meness says:

    All was running fine until I created something and tried to attach it to a point I wanted namly the chest, and it still went to the hand so I tried attaching to the spine and still went to the hand.

    But the rest so far has been cool.

    Definatley a Leap forward on other releases.

  119. @ 111:
    “That’s the thing about choices, there’s always a downside.” – nods, too true.

    The annoying thing is, that right now I really don’t have that choice. I simply don’t have the money to buy myself a new computer just like that, as I allready said XP doesn’t really run stable on my machine (an AMD3200+, 1 gig, radeon 9200 – one SHOULD think that’d be enough). Win2k still does, and because of my rl job I do need to run windows on my computer. So it is win2k right now for me. Not much of a choice.

    If I had the money I’d get me a nice Mac Laptop, I sure could use that, for my rl job too, as an additional machine, and go to the SL cinema with that, but (and here we’re back to choice again): My Desktop with the 2 big screens will stay win2k as long as possible. Some reasons (sorry, a bit of topic):

    – I provide content from my webpage as torrents as well (all legal here, no worries, it’s my own music) and from XP on MS decided to allow a maximum of 10 open channels. Which makes it pretty useless, even for *legal* p2p useages like mine. I know there’s a hack for this restriction, it made XP even more unstable as it allready was. And then: I’m sorry, I have to *HACK MY SYSTEM* to be able to run my p2p service? 10 channels are far from enough – some users dl very slowly, so I can provide many more than 10 peers at the same time with no problem (AND play SL on the side). On XP I can’t even fetch my mail while the torrent client is running with only about 1/10th of it’s possible output.

    – since windows appeared first I had good reasons for every step I took from version to version. I’m sure you agree that we can ignore the 3.1 here. Back in the 90s I worked in a computer games shop, where we allways installed the altest windows on at least one of our demo machines. So I allways had the chance to look at it first. When there was better stability and usefull new features I made the step at home as well. The switch to 2k was because it’s much more stable than any other I saw before (including the new ones, running on friends machines too, not just on mine). Oh, and NTFS is a really great advanteage compared to fat32…

    So my “choice” here is to swap great stability for … What? That’s my point: There has been nothing at all up to this point XP or Vista had to offer to me. Everything I want my OS to do (in sane dimensions) I can allready do with my win2k, there has been no revolutionary new features that make the new versions a real *must have* like before. Oh – be assured, I do quite a lot of things with my OS too, not just fetch my mail and run word. From scripting to watching movies, to running all kinds of games to running my rl homestudio via Cubase VST from it. This computer right now is *exactly* the kind of multi-media wondermachine I allways hoped I one day would own since first getting my fingers on a c64 and starting to dream about THE FUTURE (/echo)… 😉

    – don’t even get me started about the whole license business going on XP and Vista… Just so much: It simply irritates me that, to be able to install my OS that at that point I allready own (I know, legally that’s a whole other thing, but I bloody paid for it, and in my view that still should count a bit) on a new hd I have to get some new registration…

    and so on and so on…

    I promise: As soon as they come up with something really cool or usefull exclusively for XP or Vista, like neural-interface-cybersex, I’m game. But until then I see no reason to trade my win2k for an alternative that takes away a lot of the control I have about what my computer does. I’m just that kind of guy.

  120. When we can play windows media files, I will be impressed. SL is still limited by Qucktime’s limitations.

  121. @Samuel Linden: Done. 🙂

  122. Hewitt Huet says:

    I cant say how much i hate windlight. Anything not in range lloks like the ocean, with a big glary reflection. Bah.

    That being said, I’ll resist the temptation to put this ‘http on a prim” thing down to what amusingly passes as hubris at LL. You know, like announcing LDPW, or announcing …. anythign but improvement to our everyday SL.

    It looks lovely, if my web page isnt more than 512×512… otherwise the corner I can see looks great.This hoses any further parcel media setting of course, and is largely eye candy – di I say ‘eye candy ‘? – and the exclusive use of the parcel setting precludes using it anywhere but land that you control the media on.

    I hope this is but a tease, and NOT a preview!!!

  123. Sounds Great but hoping for a Flash plugin in the future!
    Thank you for your efforts in making SL a better place to be!

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  126. Rascal Ratelle says:

    * Grid stability and performance – teleports fail quite regularly, especially under heavy load. Low FPS, Lag, texture latency, in world maps are very slow loading, Crashes and viewer hangs and freezes. Random log outs, ongoing friends list issues, None of this makes for a very pleasant experience for users. Long promised improvement to physics and scripting would help dramatically to reduce these problems, but there are a lot of other scalability issues as well.

  127. Felix Oxide says:

    This is interesting but in it’s current state is not very useful… yet. Most web pages have embedded Flash content so if this is to be a success, Flash support will be needed ASAP. I look forward to seeing how this develops.

  128. froukje hoorenbeek says:

    Nice. ot so nice however is that i have to download the whole thing again after every crash. 3 or 4 sofar.

  129. jacqueline Aluveaux says:

    help!!!!! Here is a bug for you.

    I down loaded the new version and signed on as usual. Within a couple of moments I was seeing that htere were still error messages regarding group chat. No big deal – annoying but whats new.

    Then I signed off and when I attempted to return I could not log on . I tried multiple times. Then uninstalled and reinstalled 3 wait 4 tIMES. I cleared all the cacht and rebooted.

    Now not only do I not have these “new and improved features” but I am back to logging on with the ancient SL —NO WINDLIGHT!!!!!!! This is so frustraiting.

    Why did it work when I first loaded it and why does it no longer work now. My computer meets or exceeds all the specs for the oppoeration of this software–can someone please help me.

    I pay a small fortune to own a large terrain primairly because I love the Windlight paradise I have created. Call me spoiled but I do not enjoy SL with out windlight ..not worth spending the Lindens.

  130. “Most web pages have embedded Flash content ”


    No, really not.

  131. Same thing as #130. Once you log out of SL whilst using the latest RC viewer it crashes on start up. This is happening to everbody !!!

  132. Jeska Linden says:

    To everyone looking for the WindLight First Look, as mentioned in the other post WindLight has been rolled into the latest release candidate (1.19.1 – the same one that has Parcel Media).

    Sorry for any confusion!

  133. U M says:

    how soon is the Second Life WindLight client and the Second Life Release Candidate become one? I thought we already had the combo of the to coming soon?

  134. U M says:

    sorry…….now i understand what jeska said……..

  135. AWM Mars says:

    OH WELL DONE LL…. again in one foul swoop you have managed NOT to listen to those involved with this platform…

    You ‘NEW’ code, has completely BORKED one of the most technologicaly advanced systems ever to enter this platform. Your inability to react according to market forces seems so blind.. the very ‘enhancements’ you have introduced, has now BORKED many systems that have been developed and introduced over a year ago.

    Over a quarter of SL is enjoying the power and flexibility of the Silver Stream, movies, audio, 2d’s, RSS feeds, Html connections, Internet search databases, collaborative tools (whiteboard, blackboard and powerpoint simulators), a wearable HUD that gives the user the ability to link to all these resources as they walk about SL…. I downloaded the ‘update’ and now, none of that works.

    You have the unique ability to crush whole layers of business in a single blow. If you want to play at GOD… make sure you assess the implications of your own actions.

  136. AWM Mars says:

    NOW.. we are all back to ‘ONE MOVIE PER PARCEL’… that’s PROGRESS?????

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  138. Missy Marseille says:

    @ Jeska [133]:

    Can we please have Windlight back? Please?
    The mandatory (!) Release Candidate is not really an improvement, and that is the nice way of putting it. Frankly speaking: Windlight compared to the Release Candidate is like looking at the monitor with your contact lenses in the wrong eyes. Since I am totally not interested in all the new media options, this is really an giant set back in the SL experience…

  139. froukje hoorenbeek says:

    Lovely, but why do i have to download the whole thing every time i login?

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  141. Warning to Linden Lab: the introduction of this feature annoyingly uncovered a very nasty bug that allows, through a one-line-script, to crash a sim in seconds (bug was reported on the Jira as a “show-stopper”).

    Hopefully this can be fixed quickly, or griefers will have a wonderful weekend having fun crashing sims 😦

    Fortunately this requires owning land (or group-owned land) to be able to use the exploit, which will limit the extent of possible griefing.

  142. Still cannot log in with the RC. This is affecting two machines on my home network. They were logging on and off all day with the viewer and then bam, both crash at the “Initializing World” message after 9pm SLT last night. Other machines in the house are getting in fine.

  143. Zorin Frobozz says:

    I just tested this feature and it’s pretty sweet! I even made a prim with a script inside that displays any URL you type into main chat automatically. Really neat for doing slide shows and other things.

    I wish it would automatically detect the media type and perhaps auto-resize images to fit the prim, but I know this feature is in its infancy so shall be patient. 🙂

    Also, I’m noticing a lot of people reporting issues that have absolutely NOTHING to do with this new feature. Please, people, keep the off topic stuff to a minimum. Open or comment on bugs in JIRA; ranting about completely unrelated (grid, server-side stuff, building) issues here will just irritate the Lindens who are looking for on-topic feedback.

  144. Just a heads up.

    Others appear NAKID to you when they login (I guess when they TP also) until their clothing rezzes with this client !!!

    Great fun for us males. We are ruthed and nakid.

    Nice update Lindens. lol

  145. Medhue Simoni says:

    i love the new parcel media changes. But i have to say that this new viewer is a bad idea. Except for a major texturing problem on object and another major texture problem with avatar, it runs great for me. Ok, let me set this up for u. I have 2 computers that i used, an old tweaked out desktop system, with a high end graphics card, and a sony laptop that i paid $1000 for. Im wording things this way because most people dont understand the specifics, and the common user would look at the situation like this. Both of my computers can run some of the most intense graphics game made today. With this current windlight version. it up the requirement spec on your system. So basically any1 the owns a laptop cheaper than $1000 will have major problems graphically. Now desktops are cheaper but you’re still going to need like a $650 desktop system to cover it and that is not a good experience inworld. I personally dont consider these high prices but alot of people do. SL will become elitist. SL has to keep growing to sustain itself. We are in a no growth period right now. Further limiting the amount of people that can access sl is not good for any1. Please listen!!!!

  146. Medhue Simoni says:

    sorry, just wanted to clarify. I think ev1 can say that they have seen some very amazing and exciting things from the windlight viewers. My problem lyes with having this be in the main viewer. What’s wrong with keeping a 2nd main viewer for windlight. That’s no different than it is now.

  147. Shanessa Vendetta says:

    @143… Yeah I am having the same problem.. Initializing World then…..Crash. However it just started with me about 10 minutes ago. I am forced to log into the regular viewer and its just frustrating not seeing the pretty skies and water (yes I am picky) I really REALLY hope this is fixed soon.

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  149. qurtailed simmons says:

    @Krueg What the heck is quacktime?? I looked all over my system and can’t find it. Guess it can’t hurt then.

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