[WANTED] SL Grid Marsupials for Large Scale Unix Fun!

Linden Lab Production Operations has an open position for an Australia-based Production Operations Engineer. The Production Operations team is responsible for ensuring that the Second Life grid, the world’s largest collaborative real-time development environment, is up and running.

Linden Lab Operations is a Debian Linux shop. We rely extensively on OSS, and our in-house systems are usually written in Python or PHP. Our team is made up of folks who have been involved in large-scale grid management and site operations for years.

We’re looking for people who can rapidly pinpoint and diagnose network failures, deployment issues, and performance bottlenecks, who can also create tools which will improve grid stability. Production Operations works extensively with the Concierge, Governance, I-world, and Development teams to triage and respond to grid problems; therefore, the ability to communicate effectively with techies and non-techies is critical. The successful candidate will have substantial *nix experience and script-fu, familiarity in managing large system installations, and no fear of complex, dynamic systems.

If this sounds like you, please click here.

Don’t you want to save the world?

About Storrs Linden

Program Manager at Linden Lab, home to SecondLife. Currently recruiting web developers and production operations engineers in order to ensure that everything about SL gets better.
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94 Responses to [WANTED] SL Grid Marsupials for Large Scale Unix Fun!

  1. Ben says:

    helps to have a working link 😀

  2. Sierra says:

    Bah, I have to wait a few more years till I finish my Bachelors in IT Security with Gaming elective…as well as gain some industry experience. Wait for me! XD
    Which state(s) in Australia do you plan to operate?

  3. @2, by then Second Life will be a part of googlezon. 🙂

  4. Sierra says:

    @3 Haha, in the meantime let’s hope they I’ll start looking for grunts. I’m willing to be one of them! Beats making Java phone games part-time

  5. Lupercaleb Walcher says:


  6. storrslinden says:

    Link should be functional now.

  7. Tateru Nino says:

    Should be, but isn’t.

  8. Sierra says:

    I can see it

    [Product Operations Engineer]

    * Overview:
    Linden Lab is building a worldwide team of junior-to-advanced developers, system administrators, and web developers to form the core of a Production Grid Operations team. This team will provide 24/7 monitoring, diagnosis, solving, and escalating issues related to the Second Life grid, network, and website. In addition, these engineers will develop tools and automation technologies for monitoring and repairing Second Life. Qualified individuals will have a solid technical background, a passion for mastering new skills, the ability to self-motivate, and a desire to solve challenging and varied problems in a time-critical environment.

    * Provide real-time response to grid attacks, network and web outages, and other issues raised by in-world experience team
    * On-call support and expert triage in conjunction with the rest of the team
    * Provide status updates and problem descriptions to in-world and community teams
    * Escalate problems when required to on-call development, web, and operations staff
    * Work in collaboration with development, web, and operations staff to design, develop, and deploy high-quality tools for the monitoring, provisioning, and repairing of Second Life

    * At least 2 years professional experience as a software developer, system administrator, or web developer
    * Solid grounding in networking and Linux/UNIX fundamentals
    * Exceptional diagnostic and analytic skills
    * Excellent written and verbal communication skills, including documentation
    * Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or equivalent preferred
    * Scripting ability in shell and at least one other language (Perl, Python, PHP, JavaScript). C/C++ coding/debugging skills a plus
    * Experience with large installations (>500 systems), regular NOC environments, or networks spanning multiple datacenter locations a big plus
    * Knowledge of web & network protocols (TCP/IP, SSL, DNS, HTTP, SMTP, DOM, XML, CSS, LDAP, SNMP, etc) a plus
    * Knowledge of MySQL, Apache, Debian, 64-bit systems, Postfix, Squid, Kerberos, Nagios, Ganglia, other monitoring technologies all a plus. Configuration and tuning experience appreciated
    * Must thrive in the face of large, complex, unpredictable challenges. We’re responsible for holding up the world that is Second Life, so massive challenges should energize and inspire you

  9. Argent Stonecutter says:

    Should be able to get there from http://lindenlab.com/employment somewhere, but you may have to hunt.

  10. Teonnyn says:

    Still not functional.

  11. Xavier Felwitch says:

    yay we get our own team for when the northerners are tucked away in bed… thanks LL 🙂

  12. Drew Dwi says:

    full time contractor….

  13. Ina Centaur says:

    “Linden Lab Operations is a Debian Linux shop. We rely extensively on OSS, and our in-house systems are usually written in Python or PHP.”

  14. What the hell! Who is running Linden Lab here. Teenagers?
    SL Grid Marsupials for Large Scale Unix Fun!? Are you kidding me?

    Do you think grid stability is to joke about right now with your premium residents? What a disgrace!
    And do you you really expect to hire someone serious with such an immature post? You can’t even provide a working link…

    Can you please grow up LL and can some real leadership and oversight emerge in this unmitigated mess of yours? You are a pathetic joke at this point.

  15. Neuro Linden says:

    I’ve been part of this team since it’s inception last year, and I can’t wait to work with fellow engineers from the Land Down Under (oh, Men at Work, will I ever forget your song about the land where the beer does flow and the men chunder!).

    @Sierra: I don’t think the state matters, as this will be a remote working role.

    @Tateru, Teonnyn: what problems are you seeing when clicking on the link?

  16. Kula Anatine says:

    HTTP Status 404 – /recruit2/


    type Status report

    message /recruit2/

    description The requested resource (/recruit2/) is not available.


    Apache Tomcat/5.5

  17. Claudine Chantilly says:

    link doesn’t work for me either..

    type Status report

    message /recruit2/

    description The requested resource (/recruit2/) is not available.

  18. nina says:

    oh i would love to see lindens awa!

  19. william Fish says:

    still getting LindenLibrary STACK HEAP MEMORY ERROR

    and despite multiple clean uninstalls and installs… smime3.dll (mozilla dll) missing. WTF Mate?

  20. jz paine says:

    Hey, i work for Acme sanitation in a high level job that puts me in the drivers seat. I can typpe and spel and nose how to work a computer. I have played with Linux and Sammy they are good friends. However, i don;’t like Linux that much cus he can drink me under the table. But that is digressing. Can I apply!? Please!

    PS: I wash windows too!

  21. william Fish says:

    followed by a screen of nothing but grey (or color of the sun is giving off… like sunset… red… daytime.. everything blue… night time… everything black.

  22. Neuro Linden says:

    Thanks to those who have reported issues viewing the role description and application page linked above; we’re investigating at to why this isn’t working.

  23. Xavier Felwitch says:

    @14 got out of the bed on the wrong side mate? Just cause they decided to inject some humor into the title doesnt mean the team will not have a serious roll to play in fault detection and stabililizing the grid. this post actually shows that the ARE taking it seriously if they are willing to employ a team in the southern hemesphere….

    @15 ya i am getting the same error too

  24. richard says:

    i know how to work a sex bed would that be any help?

  25. Neuro Linden says:

    OK, we have the issue solved regarding the link to the role description and application form on the eease.com, you should now be able to click on the link in the blog post above and see the page correctly.

  26. U M says:

    OMG really?????????? Out Sourcing Tech people WOW for years we been asking for this. SO when are we goin t see a increase in tiers and membership monies?

    Anyways I like this concept! THANK YOU LL! 🙂


  27. @23 Xavier, Some of us have financial assets in this “not a game” world. The word “FUN” is not welcome here when business owners are suffering directly from Linden Lab’s inability to run a stable grid or from actions resulting in sim-to-sim communications cut off. Not that i would expect a babyfur to understand the ramifications of this post and its business implications…

    Meanwhile have fun lagging, freezing and crashing like a happy baby. 🙂

  28. Geeky Wunderle says:

    Does NZ qualify as Australia?? (I am an Aussie just living next door)

  29. Mr Rahja says:

    Hmm.. What should we complain about if there was no second life?
    And how to make money , sitting at home?
    LL is trying, i really believe they are..

  30. Xavier Felwitch says:

    @27 haha you’re so funny and have me at a disadvantage not using your sl name 🙂

    believe it or not i am aware of the problems faced by business owners on the grid and i sympathise, i was just pointing out that having a team in australia can only be a good thing. *shugs*

  31. Sib says:

    @27 I know you have a point about businesses needing a strong uptime, but considering what Linden Lab has done with Second Life, I’d really like to see you try and run a grid of this size. You have no sense of humour and its rather sad. All systems (especially of this scale) have problems from time to time, at least Linden Lab works hard to keep things running.

  32. Sean Heying says:

    Bugger… I’m an Aussie, an NOC engineer, I breathe Linux, I script in my sleep, I used to work for a USD$12billion turnover a year company… I fill it all except that the name Sean Linden is taken. *giggles*

  33. Kyder Ling says:

    Wow, #14, Chill out…

    Jeez, did you have a bad day or something enough to get mad at a *blog* post. Blogs aren’t meant to be super formal, and they tend to be on the lighter side of things. Certainly better than making the job sound like a grueling battle, every day, day in day out, a fight to the death where good men go into the trenches and never come back the same, where bits of code and hax threaten your very livilyhood every second!

    No seriously, you are the one that needs to grow up.

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  35. @14. I have an idea…go outside. Go play at the park. Get some fresh air. Get a real job and quit wondering if your hobby will pay for your porno memberships. This SL started for fun. It has grown into something as complex and mysterious as the real world itself. Businesses face problems all the time which can and do effect the bottom line. Think of lag and other problems you incur as just normal business operations. And take some valium dude.

  36. FD Spark says:

    Hmm wonders if I should tell my Aussie friend about this she is very smart but already has pretty good job.

  37. Tegg B says:

    14 2nd Life Earth Says: What the hell! Who is running Linden Lab here. Teenagers?
    SL Grid Marsupials for Large Scale Unix Fun!? Are you kidding me?
    Do you think grid stability is to joke about right now with your premium residents? What a disgrace!
    And do you you really expect to hire someone serious with such an immature post? You can’t even provide a working link…
    Can you please grow up LL and can some real leadership and oversight emerge in this unmitigated mess of yours? You are a pathetic joke at this point.
    As we would say in Oz, “Get a sense of humor, ya grumpy old ******* or piss off!”

  38. PURPLE Cylcone says:

    Yeah Marsupians ! Later Green little things named Martians ! Yeah, LL rules not over the rules, but in the universe …

  39. Really amazing how some people have to make a fuzz about everything that LL posts here, just for the heck of it. Maybe I should complaint that Marsupilamis was spelled wrong?

  40. Ee Maculate says:

    The day LLL employees stop having a sense of humour, and stop enjoying what they are doing, is the day we’ll all have to pack up and leave.

    And yes.. I have more money tied up in this “game” than I am totally comfortable with…

  41. Taff Nouvelle says:

    I guess by “grow up” you mean, stop innovating, do things the way they have always been done, dont enjoy pushing the boundaries etc:-) oooops, there goes the whole idea of SL .
    wish I was many years younger, I might even emigrate :-))

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  45. Davina Glitter says:

    If you need a computer analyst i am your girl. 😉

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  47. Zi Ree says:

    I’m afraid you need to move to Login-based posting or use a captcha. Spammers have found the blog a long time ago and are moving towards the current posts now.

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  49. Falcon says:

    The link (https://home.eease.com/recruit2/?id=22669) is still broken.

    Pity, because I’m a green marsupial (wallaby) in SL with 15 years+ *nix experience in RL.

    (Es ist Australien, nicht Österreich – Dummköpfe.)

  50. Raymond Figtree says:

    Off topic: Why did you change the postcard format without any announcement or warning after it had remained the same for three years?

  51. Brenda Maculate says:

    @14: Get over yourself. Any self-respecting *nix Geek does what they do because it *is* fun! (I should know– I’m one of them.)

    Besides… Who wants to deal with a bunch of stuffed-shirts who don’t know how to have fun once in a while? I think that Storrs did a Good Thing(tm) by phrasing the notice the way he did.

  52. Oceanna Shannon says:

    Sorry for wasting space, but I couldn’t resist. The bottom should have said…

    “Do you want to know more?” or “Service guarentee’s citizenship!”

    on a serious note…thanks LL. Its time like these everyone should figure out you guys really are doing things to keep the grid improving…


  53. Vivienne says:

    “Really amazing how some people have to make a fuzz about everything that LL posts here…”

    As a matter of fact the people who are satisfied with a service (even if it is only “somehow” satisfied) never give that amount of feedback on web boards than those who are not. Just normal.

    I like the idea here. It only can make things better for SL.

  54. U M says:

    Fix the Crash Reporter PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. So basically, you’re saying you can’t handle it, so need some people to fix all the issues…

    Might help if you stopped breaking all the core functionality by trying to shoehorn in all the unwanted shinies. I mean, with the asset servers continually borked, why do you keep shoving in more things that add to database load, and letting more on the grid?

    Or maybe of course, it’s because Linux is not up to the task…

  56. Captain Noarlunga says:

    Please add to Job Description:

    …additionally, you will be required to write a Client that actually works (in your spare time) and to resolve the major issues that we cannot fix, such as Crashing on TP, Hair & Shoes Up Ass Syndrome, Failing Linden Transactions, Inventory Issues and several other Fun Features. 🙂

  57. Revolution Perenti says:

    i would apply but dont live in AUS lol
    and i do have industry expierence lol but your job section but be so long becuase you never write back to me lol.

    Rev 🙂

  58. Is LL going to build a server farm in Austrailia… or is this new job being created to specialize in issues related to SL users on the iother side of the planet from the servers?

  59. Shelly Soothsayer says:

    Hoping we get some people to help.. it’s desperatly needed…
    Has LL considered a full grid shut down to restabilize everything?
    I really think they should, even though many people would be unhappy, it would be good in the long run..
    Also, I don’t understand why the MG crashes so darn much.. Is it more than just the gigantiscim of it, or does it have to do with how the grid is built.. if thats the case… complete system overhaul!
    No, but really, I would like to see some improvements and I hope some willing aussies can aid you.
    Ever think about a commuinty team that takes feedback from the premium players and sorts through it? It couldn’t hurt..

  60. U M says:

    Who really cares, as long as its stabilizes the Game………

  61. maelstrom Janus says:

    Does this mean Lindens are opening an office ‘down under’ ? If so I wonder if this will suddenly make Aussies subject to pay any nasty taxes like it seemed to when Lindens moved europe and we had to pay v.a.t

  62. Guy says:

    @3… I wish you guys would get over the whole google idea of buying SL… they would never want it…
    The company that would buy it is Electronic Arts. Then then ad farms will be ran by EA and it will come installed with AOL.

  63. Guy says:

    @60 Living next door to the main servers hasn’t stablized things, how would an office with someone remoting in from another contenent make things more stable?

  64. Phil Priestman says:

    Yes hopefully whoever gets the job will be the linden that finally gets off his butt and fixes all the memory leak issues that have been reported for months on Jira like..

    WR-4245 and VWR-2051 for example but lets face it, he or she will be a linden so will naturally be forced to concentrate on creating more flash and trash instead of working on the real problems.

  65. Foreign Languages??? says:

    Hey @43 and @44
    Someone please translate, this is a site where the majority uses english to communicate – please keep to that standard.
    What in your messages is so classified that it can’t be revealed to english-speaking people?

  66. Phil Priestman says:

    cause its from a spambot that appears to have nothing to do with the topic.

  67. Lance Corrimal says:

    wait a moment. the servers that make up the grid are in california and texas, right?

    makes perfect sense to me to put the ops engineers on the other side of the planet… not.

  68. Holly says:

    @67 — you want technical support/engineering around the clock, right? Doesn’t it make more sense to employ people in a different time zone to work “normal” hours than to expect people in PST to work nights? Hopefully hiring more staff in Australia (and it wouldn’t be the first time LL has done so) will help with that.

  69. Holly says:


    Those are links to outside references to this blog post, just like 34 and 42. The link is to a German website. Last time I checked, SL had a large and active German population… and an international one. Why complain about posts in different languages?

  70. Allric Mabellon says:

    @ 2nd Life Earth if u run a business with that attitude thats probably why it suffers, not LL’s misgivings, and like 2nd Life Earth AC said take a chill pill 😀

  71. Wyald Woolley says:

    It took a team of humanoids 2 hours and 17 minutes to fix a web link. Imagine what a marsupial working alone may accomplish!

    Marsupials may be able to do what no humanoid has been able to do. I say give the marsupials a chance!

  72. alpha Klata says:

    whats with the ‘are you latino’ question?? can anyone answer yes? how strange.


  73. teehee… you silly humans are funny with your squabbling, i think give em aussies all the sl jobs.. they are damn smart.

  74. Anylyn Hax says:

    Do you pay Linden, Dollars or Euro? OK sory bad Joke! Who works for Dollars in our Days?! How desperate must one be :))

  75. shockwave yareach says:

    I, for one, welcome our new Kangaroo overlords! Here is hoping that they’ll stomp out so many of the reliability issues inworld – those big feet are sure to be useful.

    and @14, dude… chill. It’s called Advertising and Knowing Your Audience. It is one of the few shreds of the original Linden good attitude we have left.

  76. aSwede says:


    I just have to ask, are you this ignorant or is it something you put on to be able to write like you do?

    Hiring new people is a sign of growth to meet new demands, to be able to expand more or both. In this case you get the added bonus of people living in another timezone being able to respond and work while US employees get some needed downtime, as others have pointed out.

    Since SL, as a service, is highly available over the internet, placing them almost anywhere is possible and they can still be active in the game or work with development and maintenance.

    And when it comes to Linux in a clustered environment, I suggest that you take a look at all the *massive* Linux clusters used in so many places. It’s not by a whim someone invests in 16000 nodes running Linux, to just point at one instance here in Sweden.

    So, is it just a show you’re putting on, or what is it?

  77. Neuro Linden says:

    @55 Montana: the reason we’re looking for production operations staff outside with United States is so that this team can eventually provide active 24/7 cover for the grid. This team was designed from the ground up to be distributed, and we have Lindens in the eastern parts of the US and in the UK. Looking for more staff in other territories just makes sense.

    @75 shockwave: I personally am hoping for koalas … they’re small and cute but they have claws too for tenacity 🙂

  78. Nidol Slazar says:

    @27: That’s your own fault for relying on an online GAME for your source of income. Go out and get a real job and stop selling e-genitals and virtual clothing (which I assume because it’s usually those people who are very serious like that) to gullible people who lack a social life.

  79. You are missing a point Nidol. How blund we could say your reaction is. Hmm, we coud say I’m very active in sl. Do I have a rl social life.
    You bett, and so many others have, ohh yes you bett.
    Do we have some expectations in sl, you bett !!
    Think you are missing a point Nidol.

  80. Max Kleiber says:

    @77 (Neuro Linden): that’s a rather interesting, and somehow disturbing post.

    The implication is that the grid is running unsupported and unsupervised for extended periods of time.
    While I do find it difficult to convince myself that this may be the case, response times to problems and delayed notification of actions taken do tend to support this interpretation.

    Very laudable, therefore, to extend the support team into different geographic areas and time zones to provide greater coverage for monitoring the systems. This would also indicate that the possibilities of further extensions of co-locations are being discussed.

    2008 is really beginning to shape up as a supremely interesting year.

  81. Sascha says:

    Good idea to get some endemic species to run SL down under. I completely agree with @14 that if this service called SL would be taken serious you would not be kidding with that. But who knows what other species run the service in the States? I heard ‘Monkeys’ and that would sometimes explain the quality of service paying customers get here.

  82. hugsalot says:

    I can understand the need for using people around the world to monitor the grid. However once a problem occurs, what good is that when you STILL have to have someone awake and alert in the USA to fix the grid? Why not just hire someone for a GRAVEYARD shift to monitor the grid remotely?

    I think Linden labs doesn’t want to hire new American employees, and pay with devalued U$D. Cheaper to hire overseas.

  83. Cenji Neutra says:

    Aussie Aussie Aussie, Oi Oi Oi
    How about a NOC down-under too? 😉

  84. Neuro Linden says:

    @80 Max: I say “active 24/7” in that we’re hiring outside the US to reduce the dependency on things like perhaps having to page someone at 2am on a Tuesday night; instead we would have someone actively on-duty and responding at that time in another time zone, such as in Australia. We do have 24/7 teams at Linden Lab, just not for this kind of role. Hope that clears up any confusion!

  85. U M says:

    @84 thats wonderful! We been asking for such action for over 3 years. Looks like things are FINALLY going the right direction


  86. Ruh roh, I’m getting Apache/Tomcat errors (“The requested resource (/recruit2/) is not available.”) when viewing the linked page, or any other position listing from http://lindenlab.com/employment

  87. Since my post has drawn many criticisms, here a response:
    If such post outrages me it’s only because I want Linden Lab to succeed and I have a strong conviction there is something wrong with communication there.

    I have nothing wrong against a reference to a Marsupial and would have enjoyed such humor if it stopped there. What is out of line in my view is “For large scale unix fun” (which I take as an insult as a paying customer especially with ongoing stability problems, if the grid was stable it might have been ok with it) and then “Don’t you want to save the world?” (which agree or not, seems to be directed to an 18 year old rather than the actual target for the job). It may creates good humor for residents overall, I don’t disagree with that, but all three is over the top. It’s just inappropriate in my view.

    But what gets to me is not this post specifically. It’s a pattern of such behavior. Linden Labs employees seem to post like this often with no oversight let alone going through spell check and a copy-editing process half of the time. It is an indication to me that LL either does not care enough about its corporate image, or lacks the ability to have someone in charge of it. Either way, it just blows my minds and I really question myself whether there is any reason to continue spending a great deal of time becoming entrepreneurial and volunteering my time in such environment for the past year and a half.

    Philip Rosedale’s view is that there is no PR problem. But such issues among others are real problems in my view. I believe one of the cause affecting Linden Lab negatively is that, could be the tao of Linden. The section called “Your Choice is Your Responsibility” is taken too literally and flawed to be used as an efficient core principle.

    It says: “Your Choice is Your Responsibility
    Most companies tell you what to do. Then they make you accountable to the person who told you what to do, not to yourself. We don’t think this gets the best long-term results with a truly ambitious project like Second Life. At Linden Lab, you are expected to choose your own work, you have to decide how you can best move the company forward. This isn’t always easy, but it can be very rewarding for you and it is a huge win for the company. This doesn’t mean that you can’t ask someone else what to do – it means that you are responsible for choosing who to listen to! You are responsible for listening well and broadly enough to choose wisely.
    And once you have chosen, you are responsible for executing well to making your choices work. You must understand that other people now rely on you for single-minded execution, and it is time to shut out the noise and work without distraction. Sometimes you will fail, and in those cases it is very important to fail fast and fail publicly – that is how we learn and iterate and ultimately win.”

    In theory this is great concept, but going too far is a problem especially in the short term. For example every employee’s first failure reflect poorly on the company, mislead those who rely on this individual (meaning SL resident) and basically damage the company ”publicly” along with it. In communication, make that one mistake per employee, and you end with a public communication disaster.

    Basically with such culture you are in the hands of employees and their decisions without overall supervision and leading vision. And for LL who works with many outside or oversees employees, including from home, such culture is too big of a gamble to take. It has not benefited Linden Lab in my view. I have seen so many instances where Lindens have no clue who’s in charge for any particular role unable to point a leader attached to the team. This baffles me.

    At Google, engineers are encouraged to spend 20% of their work time (one day per week) on projects that interest them.
    This is far from going all the way to let people choose their own tasks with no leader. And I think considering the consecutive failures at Linden Lab, LL should revisit such principles.

    I would start with changing the tao subtitle to: “You Choice is Linden Lab’s Responsibility” to begin with. Individual responsibility is implied regardless. Accountability towards yourself when is does not affect receiving your paycheck at the end of the month is not much of an incentive for excellence in my opinion.

    And while I am not trying to diminish the abilities of LL employees I am afraid I come to the conclusion that the current culture is ultimately hurting Linden Lab and Second Life. Perhaps it’s time to replaces individual responsibility with a need for management… instead of the other way around.

    All I know is that I have never seen a company drawing so much criticism time after time as to the way the company is run. There must a core reason for this over simply having made a couple strategic mistakes… I invite Linden Lab to give it a serious thought as to why is that if they have not already.

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  89. maelstrom Janus says:

    I want to know when we’re going to see the nick ‘swagman linden’ being used :p

  90. Lestat Demain says:

    damn…i been programming for 20 odd years and cuz i hate linux i dont qualify 😛

  91. Aki says:

    @ 2nd Life Earth

    OMG! i own a buisness, and even in real life but i HAVE A SENSE OF HUMOUR

    Just because someone tried to be funny on something it doesnt mean that they are not taking it seriously

    take a pill

  92. @ 91 You are missing the point.
    Yes a software engineer tried to be funny on an official Linden Lab post.
    What I am questioning is why would Storrs Linden “a Program Manager here to ensure that the SL grid is as stable and healthy as possible” is given a free pass to try a joke as his first post on the Linden Lab official blog read by millions, referring his job as “large scale unix fun” when in fact the grid is not stable and he needs more help to make it so, and also failed to verify the link was working properly.

    I can only deduct this company has no communication oversight. Employees are defining the message as they wish on a day to day basis. Is this is not a PR problem I don’t know what is.

    I could have just said this: Who’s managing the Marsupials, Monkeys and Moles?
    The Janitor?
    But I don’t’ think the criticism would have quite as clear and convincing.
    And I don’t think Storrs should be held responsible for his comment either. I think the issues is with PR management.

    And to Storrs, the bears are indeed here you may not see them but they come and go every other week and bite residents. I hope the Marsupial will help you identify them better. 😛

  93. Bubba says:

    @92: 91 is not missing the point, you’re missing the point and you missed it a long time ago. I’m not surprised that everyone else sees right through your closed-minded approach. Luckily, Storrs’ job description did exactly what it’s supposed to do, eliminate un-inventive candidates. Web 1.0, 2.0, 3.0., whatever, are all built on innovation and people willing to be creative and take risks in their thinking. If SL is such an unmitigated mess, why are you so involved? Something must be working for you. And take it easy on Janitors, I’m sure you’d go nuts if your trash wasn’t collected on a regular basis.

  94. luz says:

    help me i waana my website

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