[UPDATED] Regions restarted in small batches over the next two weeks

[UPDATE 6:00AM PST 2008-03-01] The final batch of regions are now undergoing IP address renumbering. This should last for only a couple of hours. After which, there should be no more noticeable disruptions to residents as the final loose ends are tied up behind the scenes. Thank you all for your patience and understanding through this long process. Thanks to the Lindens who did the renumbering. Prospero, Neuro… muah! We love you! Who am I forgetting? Thanks to… *Oscar music swells and Chiyo is pushed offstage* -Chiyo

[UPDATE 8:00AM PST 2008-02-26] The next batch of regions will be undergoing IP address renumbering and is commencing now. Thank you for your patience while we work to improve the Second Life experience.

[UPDATE12:29AM PST 2008-02-26] Another batch of regions have successfully been re-numbered. More regions to be re-numbered in due course. Thanks for supporting us with this change. We’ll try to make it as painless as we can 🙂 – Matthew

[UPDATE 11:05PM 2008-02-25] The next batch of regions undergoing IP address renumbering is being started now. Downtime for regions in this batch should be limited to a normal restart. Watch this post for further updates as events warrant. – Twilight

[UPDATE 9:38PM 2008-02-24] The IP address renumbering for today’s batch of regions has been completed. Please refer back to this post for information on the next batch of regions. – Twilight

[UPDATE 08:19AM 2008-02-24] So far things are running smoothly. Since this process will be ongoing for most of the day, we will update next time when we’re finished for today. –Lotte

[UPDATE 06:45AM 2008-02-24] We are now tackling the next batch of regions, most of which should not take more than a few minutes to come back up. In some cases, it might take up to 30 minutes for the region to be picked up by a new host. If you see a longer downtime than that, please contact our support team to let us know. –Lotte

[UPDATE 4:02PM 2008-02-23] The first batch was particularly troublesome, but should be starting to come back online as we speak. Subsequent batches should go much more smoothly. -Chiyo

[UPDATE 3:05PM 2008-02-23] Please note that this process is different from a normal server update, where the region usually comes back online in a few minutes. This process is much more involved and can take perhaps as long as 30 minutes (possibly longer for the first few groups), but we are looking into ways to reduce this time as much as possible for future batches. -Chiyo

Starting on Wednesday February 20th Thursday February 21st, we will begin moving about a third of the simulator nodes onto a new IP subnet. We will be restarting affected regions in small batches over the next two weeks as part of this process. By spreading the restarts out we hope to minimize the impact of this change. Prior to a region restarting, you will receive an inworld notification similar to a rolling restart. Due to the way regions map to simulator nodes, we will not be able to provide a schedule of when each region will be restarted.

Update 2008-02-23: We are now beginning to move simulator nodes to their new IP addresses. This will be done in batches of approximately 400 regions at a time, and will continue over the next few days. Residents in all affected regions will be notified of the required region restart at the time of each move (as mentioned above). This process was slightly delayed due to a network issue affecting our new IP subnet which had to be resolved.

What is an IP subnet?
IP (Internet Protocol) addresses are the way in which computers are identified on the internet. IP subnets are logical groupings of computers, based on their assigned IP address. More details here for the curious. Linden Lab uses subnets in various ways and we are making this change as part of our ongoing efforts to improve our network reliability.

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