Tip of the Week #24: Navigating in small spaces

Ever found yourself wanting to enjoy a place in Second Life but kept getting annoyed because of objects blocking your camera, or you got lost?

This video tutorial’s ideal for our newer Residents — welcome! — and also serves as a useful refresher for more experienced inworlders.


A couple followups:

  1. Thanx to each and everyone who sent me fun gestures re: “Editing and uploading sounds“. I wanted to acknowledge I got many and was LOLing FO’ REALZ.
  2. I’ve added all video tutorials to our Second Life Podcast, also available on Linden Lab - Second Life: Interviews, Video Tutorials, & Machinima! - Second Life: Interviews, Video Tutorials, & Machinima! — subscribe if you want to be notified of the newest tips, tricks, & more from Linden Lab! Thanks for the RSS editor suggestions too, I like Feed Editor most so far.

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33 Responses to Tip of the Week #24: Navigating in small spaces

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  2. WarKirby Magoijiro says:

    Torley, what’s the green translucent circle around your mouse pointer?

  3. Kugel says:

    Yet another very useful video… nice one 🙂

    But.. I sooooo was waiting for you to crash out on Alt-Mouse or for the final TP to fail. LOL

  4. Firebird Nightfire says:

    I wanna explore that mineshaft! When it’s open, could you post some kind of announcement and landmark?

    I’m wondering the same thing as WarKirby: What’s that yellow aura around your pointer?

    When I teleport out of a sticky spot like that, I prefer to go to ground level. I hate watching my av go crunch, even though I know she doesn’t really get hurt.

  5. Tenebrous Pau says:

    ❤ mouselook – I tend to do all my exploring in mouselook 🙂

  6. Wolfie Waves says:

    Here is a question for you, Torley. How do you make a video using SL that includes sound? The client only lets you capture the video. Kinda annoying having to record the sound with a separate program then spend ages trying to sync the two up in Premier.

    Anyways, yet another great video Torley! 😀

  7. Elvis Orbit says:

    I use http://www.wegame.com/ to record Vids for SL Works great!

  8. digest says:

    you can enable and disable mouselook also with the scroll-button of the mouse :))

    nice video, torley

  9. digest says:

    firebird, start fly-mod before u tp, i always do that. it helps you if u explore a land what prohibites fly-mod to start ( u dont need to press ctrl-alt-v than)

  10. digest says:

    btw , the miniNgs are at the UNIVERSITY OF DELAWARE -LAND :))

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  12. skribeforti says:

    Torley must really like FB. He mentions it twice =)

    Fraps (fraps.com) will allow you to record audio and video in SL

  13. Razrcut Brooks says:

    @ 4 just simply press the page up key on your keyboard when you begin to fall

    @ 6 Torley uses a moderately priced, 3rd party software to record and edit his video/sound

    LL realizes their current built-in method of recording video sucks . See this page for what they are doing about it and for a list of software that you can get (some are FREE)

  14. votslav hax says:

    …wonderful,.. these ‘tutes’ are most valuable in our enjoyment of SL… good job… Now can we convince the Linden people the dire need for a increase in our ‘group’ capacity?.. while I’m at it.. how about a decrease in size of the notice window.. well no complaints thank you Linden for this wonderful ‘game’…

  15. Arth Karas says:

    Nicely done vidtut, Torley. 😉 Your enthusiasm infectious. 😀
    Oh, I fell strange! 😛 What’s happening to me? o.0
    Wait! X\ I know! *- 😀 I’ve been infected with ~~

    TORLITIS! AaaaaahhhhhHHHH! _/0.0\_
    /me turns green and pink 0
    You shout: Friendly Greetings!

  16. mac says:

    “”Ever found yourself wanting to enjoy a place in Second Life but kept getting annoyed because of objects blocking your camera, or you got lost?””
    Nope can`t say i have 😛

  17. TigroSpottystripes Katsu says:

    Torley, you forgot to mention control-8 to increase the field of view, I always do that when I in a tight spot, helps me get a better notion of what is aorund me and such 😉

  18. Nizzy says:

    or wireframe view XD

  19. caroline ra says:

    For some reason this vid wont run for me:(
    All others have worked fine, anyone else having a problem?

  20. Harper says:

    The same here. Try it in an alternate browser, i.e., IE.

  21. Mini Pinion says:

    When reading the title of the blog-entry, I was hoping for the most usefull (well together with a few others 🙂 tip I received in my second life.

    Namely the ability to walk slowly (as you would in small spaces) while holding down the space key during movement. I looked for that ability for a long time until a nice resident pointed me in the right direction.

  22. Kaimen says:

    Woohoo!!! Go Blue Hens!!!

  23. Villanova says:

    @ 17 — HELP! How to get back from Ctrl+8?

  24. Villanova says:

    @ 17 — Found!

    Ctrl+8: zoom out
    Ctrl+0: zoom in
    Ctrl+9: standard zoom

    On MAC you can also use Cmd instead of Ctrl.

  25. AnnMarie Otoole says:

    Where do I find a reference manual on all the keyboard shortcuts in one document, preferably with PC and MAC entries, indexed by both keys and function produced.

  26. Storyof Oh says:

    i was waiting for the white outs or black outs when he disables cam controls and moves tightly…but nope…can i have some of what he’s on????…..,mouselook is great except you do need the eyes and mind of a 13 yr old gamer to cope with the motion sickness or need a trainging session at Cloverfield meets Blair Witch movie…..

  27. Sedary Raymaker says:

    Not that it matters, but “Mac” isn’t an acronym, so the all-caps just look like the person is shouting or referring to network cards. Sorry. I just see that a lot all over the place, pardon my minor venting.

  28. @ 13 I think the inbuilt recording is just for doing bug reports.. Would be nice if it was machinima capable though.

    Speaking of bug reports, there’s a video on doing them for Blender which features some of Torley’s music. Click my name to see 🙂

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  30. FRIENDLY GREETINGS! So nice to see each of you with your feeeedback! I have read all comments, as I almost always do! And…

    * Yellow aura is a nice option in Camtasia, my chosen screen capture software. Works well for highlighting bits.

    * I record Stereo Mix as well as my mic… yes, it can be done! For more info on that and moar details, see: https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/User:Torley_Linden/Vidtut_process and yes, I like http://www.wegame.com as a very fast ‘n’ convenient way to record too!

    * Thanx for the additional Mouselook tips, yeah, they’re good enough to make into a followup… !

    * Re: more than 25 groups, I think we need to fix the various HOT group-related bugs first before incurring further strain that’d make our social networking very sad.

    * I mentioned some of the things above (like Zoom In/Out, walking slowly by holding space) in previous video tutorials, thanks for the reminders! That’s why I keep making them!

    * For those of you the video didn’t work in, do you have Flash Player installed? Does YouTube’s own page play it? http://youtube.com/watch?v=63bxfweC5iE

    * I’ve heard several requests to do a “cheat sheet” for SL… I figure this is a good one for our Documentation Team/Knowledge Base

    * *follows Domino’s link*

    Have a lovely everyday!

  31. Argent Stonecutter says:

    Torley: have you tried using my tinycam while exploring crampled places?

  32. rurre says:

    we’re using http://www.jitbit.com/rss-feed-creator.aspx rss editor, works great

  33. TigroSpottystripes Katsu says:

    perhaps this could be a feature suggestion, have a section on the preferences window with option to browse and change the keyboard shortcuts, with a buttom to export the current settings as a text file, pdf, image file etc so those who would want could print it out and stick it with tape to the side of their computer monitors or somthing 🙂

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