[Resolved] Region Data Corruption / Loss Problem

[Resolved 5:20 PM PST] We’ve fixed this issue. If you’re still having difficulty within a region, we recommend teleporting out and then back in or relogging to fix it. Thank you for your patience with this issue.- Elle

[UPDATE 3:16 PM PST] Our service provider has confirmed something was overlooked in their first attempt to fix the problem, but now that it has been found, they are fast on their way of fixing it as we speak. – Chiyo

As indicated here we saw a similar problem a little while ago. In short, a small number of Regions that lost many or all of their objects after the Region crashed.

This problem was tracked down to an Internet networking hardware problem between our data centers at one of our service providers and resolved. Unfortunately, it is back now, albeit on a much smaller scale. We are already in contact with the service provider in question, which means the problem is being worked on, and we hope to see this resolved in very short time.

Should you see massive object loss in one of your regions, please contact our support team and they will help you.

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