Second Life Server Software Updates (1.19.1)

Over the next several days we’ll be updating the servers comprising Second Life to our “1.19.1” version of the server code.

These changes include a small number of bug fixes including a fix for VWR-882: Group name showing as (???) and some crash fixes, but most of the changes involve better stats logging or infrastructure for upcoming viewer work.

Here’s our tentative schedule for the update:

  • Tuesday PM: Update “central” system – [COMPLETE]
  • Wednesday Friday AM: Rolling restart of ~500 regions – [COMPLETE]
  • Thursday Monday AM: Rolling restart of ~1500 regions
  • Thursday Monday PM: Rolling restart of the rest of the grid

Regions running the Havok4 Server Beta code will not be updated as part of this process.

Apart from the usual restart (after a 5 minute warning) that each region will experience, we do not anticipate other widespread effects on the grid, but we’ll be watching things closely and are prepared to revert the code changes in case of unforeseen behavior.

[Update: 4:47pm] Since it was asked in the comments: – no viewer updates are required as part of this work.

[Update: 6:00pm] Central services updated have been completed. There were some temporary and expected login failures as systems updated themselves, but our monitoring indicates everything went smoothly. Among the systems updated are those responsible for reporting concurrency, so the dip from 5:20pm PST to 5:45pm PST that would show up on concurrency graphs put together by residents (this means you, Tateru Nino!) doesn’t represent an actual drop in the number of residents online.

[Update: 2008-02-20 06:30am] Server version has been rolled to 521 regions.

[Update : 2008-02-20 08:50pm] We discovered some problems with the server release. The regions which received the updated code have been patched and are now operating properly; for more information, please see this blog post. However, we are putting the rest of the rolling restart on hold until we can better diagnose and fix the problem. We will post more information about the 1.19.1 server update as we have it.

[Update: 2008-02-21 2:54pm] The problem identified during the first phase of the 1.19.1 Server deploy turned out to be isolated and easily fixed (it only affected roll-backs to auto-saves). We’ll be resuming the deploy sequence, just shifted a few days later.

[Update: 2008-02-22 5:55am] Server version has been rolled to 512 regions.

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128 Responses to Second Life Server Software Updates (1.19.1)

  1. jz paine says:

    Thanks for the heads-up. Hope things go smoothly for you and us.

  2. Nanci Barthelmess says:

    I take it this means that when things come back up the 1.19 RC viewers will be the active viewer? And will this be a mandatory upgrade? More information, PLEASE.

  3. Alicia Sautereau says:

    oh god…

  4. justme says:

    oh god pls no, things just stabilzed from the last one 😉

  5. i cant do the updates. my system doesnt know the file format, i have windows XP dell dimensions system. i need info lol..and i miss the automatic updates…

  6. kath McGill says:

    I know I mentioned this before regarding sliding down the hill with havoc 4 and was asked was this a one time event and does this happen just with two or more or with a single person.

    Sliding while standing still is an ongoing problem and it happens with ether one person on the island, or several standing about.

    Flying with flight enhancers works better, but there isnt any true hovering, you slowly drop down about the same rate as the sliding

    still sliding on eragon,.


  7. @2 Nanci Barthelmess asks:
    “I take it this means that when things come back up the 1.19 RC viewers will be the active viewer? And will this be a mandatory upgrade? More information, PLEASE.”

    Nope – we’re at least a week away from 1.19.0 being final. We’ll be putting out RC3 shortly which we expect is the last of the RCs before it goes final.

    We *may* make 1.19.0 final at some point, in order to alleviate the support burden – we currently support 1.18.2, 1.18.3, 1.18.4, 1.18.5 and will have 1.19.0 viewers. That means we can’t deploy new server features that outright require a new server or that change the experience (e.g. add a new permission that you need to be aware of). Doing so would be done with lots of advanced warning, and is several weeks away at a minimum.

  8. Danball Tureaud says:

    #5, you probably clicked on the wrong link, probably either Mac or Linux

  9. OMG ! No, No, Plz !!

    Last time that the servers has been updated, the rules for object and name description has been changed…so, dozens of scripts in SL stoped to work…plz, plz, no !!! I’m still updating my products ’till today ! my customers wanna kill me !!

  10. Hevenz Vansant says:

    /me sucks his thumb and pulls the blankets over his head as another rolling restart has traumatized him

  11. Nanci Barthelmess says:

    Thanks for the quick response, Joshua. And thanks for putting the main info above the fold.

  12. Dytska Vieria says:

    I looked at the “Second Life Planned Outages” calendar this morning and it was blank for this week. Now…. . What’s the sense in having this calendar if it’s only used after the fact?

  13. @12 Dytska Vieria asks, “I looked at the “Second Life Planned Outages” calendar this morning and it was blank for this week. Now…. . What’s the sense in having this calendar if it’s only used after the fact?”

    Yeah, my bad – we should have updated it. I’m philosophically torn between announcing things that are not expected to have in-world impacts in advance and then having to reschedule (if we find a bug and so delay it) or announcing once the plans are final.

    We were still on the edge earlier today, as we thought we’d found a blocking bug, but it turned out to be a mis-configuration in a test environment.

  14. Moose Maine says:

    Josh – i hate to point the finger, but even if you dont “expected to have in-world impacts” please see if a checklist would help “Is the calendar updated”. So many of us plan our events, major build/moves around your calendar. Us rackroom folks always try to have an ‘out’ to our migration plans, as i’m sure your folks do too. Maybe a checklist review is in order, please?

  15. Thanks for giving info like this. ❤

  16. Kelly Nemeth says:

    I can’t log in.. I keep getting Login Failed, anyone else?

  17. Daten Thielt says:

    did i see a hint in Joshua’s first comment , new permissions? or was it just an example

  18. richard says:

    oh god no,i hope my sex bed doesnt quit working !

  19. Kithin Willis says:

    I’ve Knowticed More and More reports of people saying that inventory issues are on the rise: 1. give them the option to accept items given from someone else… 2. items recieved dissapears from inventory after crash 3. have stuff in inventory that they can’t be moved or delete ect… 4. have issues with inventory not auto expanding when dragging items around in it 5. when closing expanded folders see all their items mesh while closing… With all the work done to the asset server to help fix inventory problems more and more keep poping up…

  20. Brandon Meerson says:

    I having problems as well Kelly, I could not make notecards in my inventory so i logged out… well that was a bad move as i can not log in… and when i do I look very weird (a small guy) the screen says the rest of the people see me fine… but well that aint a fact as other people saw me as a small guy also… I dont know what is going on now! Right now its saying not able to connect to a simulator…. viewer crashes etc…

  21. uh-oh says:

    “Nope – we’re at least a week away from 1.19.0 being final. We’ll be putting out RC3 shortly which we expect is the last of the RCs before it goes final. ”

    Joshua is this viewer the one with the long over due IDV requirement like the RC version has?

  22. Maraschino Susa says:

    I can’t log in of a sudden!

    I get a different error every freaking time, once it’s the DNS that can’t be resolved, another time it spits out an error “Login failed” before even trying. And finally It loads forever and stops at “Connecting to region” – any region!

    Yes, I restarted the computer, I flushed the DNS cache, made sure I have enough RAM, my swap drive is big enough, I connected via Lan, Wlan, with and without router – I even checked on the color of my underwear!

    What’s the deal? Do you let me inside or not?

  23. Louisa Sartre says:

    Is any of this going to fix the teleport/crash syndrome followed by, the region you teleported to runs a different server than the one you came from ….message?
    You know the one I mean I’m sure. Sure hope so.Thnx

  24. U M says:

    You mean we are stuck with this curent issues for a while longer? God help us as they say.

  25. Anny Helsinki says:

    #13… its wednesday… hahahaha nothing changes ….

  26. Christen says:

    Dear SecondLife,
    Thank you for explaining in a very difficult way that my graphics card is “too new.” When I signed up I thought, I got my new computer a month ago and got all top of the line features in it. There couldn’t possibly be any way that my graphics card wouldn’t work.

    But alas… you have proven me wrong. Guess it doesn’t always pay to have the latest and the greatest.

    P.S. Can I get this on the iPhone? I need something to do in meetings. Please get working on that. It’s the least you can do.

  27. Rooke Ayres says:

    You’re going to be making two major changes at the same time:

    1) Changing IP addresses on the Sim Servers

    2) Upgrading the Server software to 1.19.1

    Aren’t you making things more difficult for yourselves (and us users) in trying to debug whatever goes wrong (and something almost always goes wrong with almost all of your upgrades) with two pieces to the puzzle?

  28. chmarr walcott says:

    for some rreason since the updates have gone on the server my veiwer keeps crashing after i’m logged in, i’ve already cleared my cache 3 times and it still crashes and can someone PLEASE restore my account back to +302,000 because its been at minus 1,512,220 for almost 2 years now and i have phoned, emailed, sent in tickets and yet no joy and i did have 302,000 before this

  29. DR Dahlgren says:

    Change is good (thump)
    Change is good (thump)
    Change is good (thump)
    I am trying to pound this into my head… LOL And to think, before my innocent pre SL days, I used to hate Mondays….


  30. Foxxe Wilder says:

    Omg! Here we go again, where no man has gone before.

  31. U M says:

    @28 i crash “ON” login when i click the icon these days as well. But the crash reporter doesnt work and can`t find LL server or secondard servers. FUnny how the the client logsin and sec later without the client open the cras Report opens. Shakeshead and the Rah Rah people say there is nothign wrong withthe UI? Then again if i was making 1000.00(s) of Real Monies building Commercial Isalnds I would be saying OMG I have no problems and brashing everyone that are having problems. A real Sorry state of the game we are having right now. If you think its depressingf well then you can`t take waht is rally happening with this UI these days. Sorry but there are many that can`t stick their DOG head in the ground and pretent nothing is wrong.

  32. Dominic Webb says:

    Is there a timeline/scheduled upgrade of the Havok4 regions?

    I’m anxiously awaiting the fix for SVC-1541 to go live.

  33. Gudrun Gausman says:

    Well, I installed Vista SP1 on Saturday, and everything seemed okay, tho i have continuing problems, apparently with my Radeon HD 2900XT video cards. Tonight, however, I haven’t been able to stay on more than 2 minutes: I crash every time I touch the camera controls or the map. 😦

  34. mitzi hoorenbeek says:

    This upgrade that we are running 1.18.5 (3) is by far the worst of the upgrades. Tp issues, losing inventory(hair) while tp ing. Crashes like I have never had before. 1.18.4 was far better. I hope you dont make the next one any worse by trying to fix it 😦

  35. Ann Otoole says:

    what does the new IP subnet move mean in terms of DNS tables managed at systems like roadrunner? does that move, in a blog entry with comments closed, mean for two weeks residents of the affected nodes will be unable to access their sims or get the “double talk” bug that causes transactions to be duplicated and not managed properly by a transaction manager? we don’t have control over the internet backbone so please make sure we are not negatively impacted by backbone router snafus.

  36. Dytska Vieria says:

    Hello Tateru Nino. Who are you?

  37. Ben says:


    your over thinking this…. the change of IPs will be invisible to you. Sim’s change IPs’ all the time, all thats happening is that a large group is moving to a new range…. either way should be invisible to you all settings are LL’s to set (or messup) not roadrunner (your ISP).

  38. hope this new update works. will really be nice to see how it is after this is update is done. will we ever see an update button features on the client window? I would love to see something like SL Updates are available. Click here to get updated.

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  40. Tateru Nino says:

    I am LL’s worst nightmare. Where they see a nice red arrow pointing up, I see one pointing in a different direction. Where they see pretty charts saying wonderful things, I grind the data finer and find the truth behind the window dressing.

    “Dazzle” is more than just a name for an UI, it also means “Blind them with BS”.

  41. U M says:

    Hahaha yea right………….
    Do I smell some BS offsite drama starting now? I sure hope not. WAIT! is it term paper time again? :/ It never stops do it?

  42. Raven Primeau says:

    Nice of you to finally tell us what was screwing SL up all last night, or even inform us at all even in world when you are would be nice too!

    Seems telling your customers is quite low on the priority list these days, nothing for hours and frustrating laggy/scripts not working/clothing not loading & crash ridden hours, then comments mysteriously turned off on a blog people were making inquiries and complaining about the service. Then I wake this morning to to read several blogs about things……..hours later.

    Even an inworld pop up or note on the login screen saying you were fiddling with stuff, sorry about the difficulties it may be causing would be appreciated by some of us at least. People might be less abusive of LL here on the blog and elsewhere if you only were as open and tranparent as claimed.

    Bad Linden Labs!! LOL

  43. Tateru Nino says:

    @40: Almost funny. 🙂

  44. Col Soderstrom says:

    ok another rolling re start thingy…since coming on to sl some 7 months ago i must say things (graphically|) are looking far better but man i have noticed real bad lag recently even when im the only one on a landmass…yes ive checked everything lol…
    Thanks for the warning hopefully i dont start loosing objects when moving them like i have done…or become part of the scenery when everything around me falls apart and connects to me lol.
    Any way hope it all goes well….windlight is stunning!!! 🙂 just takes ages for everything to load up…fix that pleaseeeee

  45. Trinity says:

    “i have noticed real bad lag recently even when im the only one on a landmass…”

    Well, sorry to say this, but I really wish you were the only one….
    Unfortunately, things are going worse end worse… and for more and more of us…

    /me screams her frustration out…
    (omg… I forgot… I am at work now… hope noone heard me….
    omg, omg… they did hear me… why did they call psychiatric ER ???)

  46. Trinity says:

    Hello ??? why are you both wearing white ??? no, no, I don’t want to put this straightjacket on… Nooooo… I am ok, believe me…

    Do you know SL ?

  47. Frans says:

    @Joshua Linden:
    Tateru isn’t the only one posting daily statistics:


  48. U M says:

    HAHha don`t believe anything that that she/he writes if its not LL related dama, its person BS that is all made up……….

  49. Flux says:



  50. Thank you Thank you! For fixing the ???. I thought I was going nuts or something. *gives lindens some catnip*

  51. Hi All. since 1.19.0 update version (end of january) there is a bug bug that affects rotating and oscillating objects… Do you think this new update will fix the problem ?

  52. milissa rossini says:

    A bit off-topic to say here for I miss the comment closing on dazzle viewer. Personally speaking, (1) whether the icons or graphic are look very depends on personally favour (it should be okay somehow, how no-script icon is bad for recognizing), (2), UI location and design already implement on recently WL and RC (and I prefer to them rather then Dazzle), (3) Color scheme is VERY BAD. When I play SL, SL screen like a movie screen for me to confuse on those story and ppl. THIS NEW COLOR SCHEME DISTRACT ME. Really, no need VISTA look and feel. I think this is really STUPID.

  53. Abigail Merlin says:

    I actualy like the phased roling restart, it should cut the load on the assets cluster as sims start pulling it for uuid resolving during restarts.
    I like to seccond kath McGill’s concern in post 6 about havok 4 slope sliding, I have people in my sim who are afraid to stand on the beach because the slide into the water over time.

  54. Zena Juran says:

    Very little has seemed to function acceptably since the server-side code update to 1.19.

    A very dissatisfied cutomer here!

  55. WarKirby Magoijiro says:

    Will this add the new group chat changes?

  56. Raven Primeau says:

    Off topic, well sorta

    Now,as to the steak question!!!
    You see it really doesnt matter if in you are in prison or a posh restaurant if the *eat steak* anim fails to load, the waiter/prison officer is lagged and unresponsive to requests and just as you are gonna take the first succulent bite it crashes leaving you with a blank table top!

    Please substitute suitable vegetarian dish for steak where applicable for those non-carnivores amongst us.

    meant as a tongue in cheek gentle poke at LL to tell them to sort what really matters. The poshest restaurant in the world is pointless if the food isnt there to serve up is it now?

    Fix it first purrrrrleeeeese

  57. The Inquisitor says:

    Simply awesome – da capo – why don’t you guys just shoot both
    of your knees – fly to china and try to win a gold medal?
    Holy big brown sculptie which fell outta the lil hole of a male cow.
    When is LL finally trying to UNDERSTAND what’s going on?
    Do they never check the Grid? Is there no Linden who is able to see the
    obvious bugs?
    Oh I forgot – SL isn’t a platform for Designers and creative Peeps
    any longer – it became a commercial platform for:
    Content Thives – Moochers – Camping Bots and other social crap
    which ruins the economy and the overall fun of SL.
    Land Sharks renting out Sims to noobs which look like fresh poop after one day or to Content thives with NO PAYMENT INFO ON FILE
    to sell their stolen stuff.






  58. chmarr walcott says:

    its not the UI……i REALLY AM minus over 1.5 million

  59. U M says:

    @57 But we have a pretty water and voice……….That would make anyone happy. Ask those incharge of PR……:/ Just shameless these days………..

  60. The Inquisitor says:


    Hope you don’t talk about Windlight now…
    Hey did I say windlight? It shouldbe renamed into Windpoop…
    (lol do you realize how I’m trying to be PG?)

    Voice? Voice….. damn – oh you mean the thingy I’m using
    with a relieable program called Skype?
    LOL – Hey for what do I need voice in SL? I have 2 healthy hands
    and they won’t fall off in a close future…


    How can you recognize a Voice Sim?

    Easy: A lot of Zombie Avatars hanging around in a kind of stasis.


    If I wanna voice… hey there are nice spots in the WWW where you
    can have REAL fun with voice… so why wasting system resources
    with SL?

    /me searches desperately his drawers for Prozac.

    (Side comment – I’d pay 300 USD a year for a working SL without No Payment Info on Files)

    Hey LL – this was a hint to get even more money:

    Establish a PREMIUM SL! (Just for those who want the good old times back) And I’m &%$&(&ing serious about that now

  61. Hmmm… I’m just trying to keep up with all this myself. Personally, I really enjoy the current WindLight First Look. Well, there also is a Release Candidate for the ‘main’ viewer and now Torley brings on a new interfaced First Look viewer and now new server code.

    I am not whining or complaining – I think it’s all GREAT!

    I’m just trying to keep up with it all in my head LOL

  62. @47:

    Frans Charming, nice, but I need to point out that she was doing it for ages, initially as one of those “I’m booored, I need something to impress my bored mind” things.

    Then it got out of hand. That’s a common problem with Tateru Nino work , not that it’s a bad one!

    @40: if you cannot post using your own resident name, please refrain from sockpuppeting someone whose least favorite position is having things jabbed up her nether regions. Thank You.

  63. Bato Brendel says:

    I dont mind the updates to the server code but doing a split up update is just unacceptable. The useless and annoying non-disable popup that tells you, you just changed sims and now under different server code is very annoying. Rolling restarts are good but spreading out this update over days is just gonna really annoy people with that window. ESP if you are in the middle of doing something that is very view dependant, IE like racing across multiple sims and next thing you know you got a big useless window in your fact that we cant turn off. WTB either a normal rolling restart or some way to disable this annoying popup TY

  64. uh-oh says:

    ” Content Thives – Moochers – Camping Bots and other social crap
    which ruins the economy and the overall fun of SL.”

    Do not worry things are about to change. I understand now why the sudden change from IDV being volentary to having to abide by local laws. It has to do with the ” Children’s Internet Protection Act ” Uphelp as Constitutional by the Supreme Court in 2004 which by Federal law means that LL is required to prevent underage children from accessing adult material. Like Mimi pointed out before that IDV will not keep a pediphile from renting or buying land on a private estate and taking advantage of underage players that are out here being exposed to adult content outside the known adult places. This means by Federal law LL has no choice but to either make Second Life PG with no adult content any where on the grid or make IDV a requirement for everyone. Since it is not feasable to go and take all adult content from everyones inventory. The other option is to require IDV prior to logging onto Second Life. Things will be changing soon Hopefully with the Viewer release 1.19.1 and we can get rid of these underage children out here as well as these other people hiding behind free accounts with false information being used to open them. I welcome this new change and am glad people will now be help accountable for their actions.

  65. PURPLE Cylcone says:

    Happy to know HAVOC engine is becoming a reality. thanks to lindens for their actions.

  66. Frans says:

    @62 Patchouli Woollahra: I know. Tateru’s stats are great and she posts them like clockwork. I’m not diminishing her work.

    Joshua just gave me the impression that he thinks only Tateru is keeping stats. Which might have been true for a long while, but which is not the case anymore and am just pointing that out. Besides me there are also a few other as well.

  67. Tateru Nino says:

    @66 Frans: There’s quite a few people monitoring those numbers closely, indeed.

  68. Grey Kurka says:

    Okay, so the UI is a little prettier, and I appreciate that new users are a bit intimidated by the Build interface, but….. Could you please do one thing for more experienced users? Add hotkeys for the main build functions such as Stretch and Select Texture, etc… it would aid workflow much much more. Oh and maybe numbers on faces and an indication of positive Z on the select face icon would be nice 🙂

  69. U M says:

    oh ok then you everythinmg LL does ………………Don`t be a part of the LL drama. Its all BS as they say. Its his/her term paper time to see how people react to changes in facts in the game. Don@t fall for this crap……….They just using you.Drama is his/her reason to be in that avie. ANd for no other purpose…….You think they give it by now.

  70. Prospero Linden says:

    @Bato Brendel : the reason for the multiple updates is to avoid some of the problems we had with rolling restarts a few weeks ago. Specifically, if there are problems in the new server version that remain hidden until they’re out on the large number of regions we can get on the main grid, we want to see it before we’ve rolled it to the whole grid. That’s the reason for the more cautious roll-out.

    Note that at least in the RC clients, the pop-up telling you that you’ve changed regions is far less intrusive. It’s a small yellow notification in the lower-right of the screen, and it goes away on its own. Try out the release candidate or First Look viewers.

  71. Mortus Allen says:

    Why oh why do people cry out for stability and want LL to FIX Second Life, yet bitch, whine and complain when LL actually does what they want?

    Okay, So I get that the last update was a disaster at first, now they are trying a new approach learning from their mistakes and trying to minimize disruption.

  72. Drew Dwi says:

    @Prospero Linden

    how are you picking the regions that get rolled out first?
    why not setup an early adopter program like havok4 beta has?
    how long untill code is in place where one can opt in/out of these newer versions via estate tools?

    fyi this is all excellent progress compared to past rollouts 🙂

  73. Estarion says:

    Hah… another update. I wonder if my supported video card will be REALLY supported, because this problem hasn’t fixed since 2007 may! Thanks for “supporting”! Problem topics still unsolved. I sent a letter and has a “thx for asking, check the support page!” answer. Yeah, I checked the UNSOLVED topics, and now I’m so much smarter! So, I’m interested in this new version! (GF 7600 with XP)!

  74. pantaiputih korobase says:

    who are all my friends with the same name ‘(waiting)’?

  75. Can we get a more thorough list of bug fixes and changes so we know what to verify ourselves?

  76. Chrysala Desideri says:

    … wait, you’re telling me they’re both expanding perma-crash to everywhere and later making the dodgy idv cumpulsory to log on?

    i don’t last 5 minutes in world now, with a setup that’s been running fine since i last upgrade. I atually managed to have little or no problems under 1.18.5(3) until a few days hither.

    When i find that besides the new perma-crash feature i also can’t get in without getting raped by aristotle (a little elderly for my tastes) i just won’t get in.

  77. Krista Chaffe says:

    Joshua while I’m very glad this was fixed, do you have any idea how often some of us have filed service requests on this subject.

    Don’t you think the Service group ought to have known this bug was out there ?

  78. Glad Joshua is running this show.
    Then everything seems to go more smooth 🙂
    Sofar thumbs up Joshua !

  79. Spank Lovell says:

    @71 if LL did actually LEARN from their mistakes then I’d agree with you. However the history of the updates over the past year show that they dont seem to.

    Everyone thats been with Secondlife for over a year will tell you that the same mistakes appear time after time. It all stems from poor QA and release control/Impact analysis procedures.

    And they constantly miss the message thats so VERY clear from every blog item and its comments. Fix what you have now, stop the enhancements. They do say thats what they are doing but then shoot themselves in the foot with announcements like “Dazzle”.

    In other words, people are not getting the impression that they are concentrating on what they promise, stability.

  80. Blaze Grant says:

    I do seem to be having the same problems, lots of lag, and well my inventory has dropped from well over 20,000 items to little over 16,000, so of course now I’m asking myself why do I pay for a premium account at all, and continue to spend money on purchasing land because I like the game so much? It is seeming to become more and more of a headache just to play and enjoy yourself, this coming from a customer that has spent many months well over 300.00 a month for the things I want to enhance my game. Now if I look at it from the Media side which I’m a part of, Music, Record labels and some of whom are in game and big names, they are like it is a game that could be much better maybe we should find a better outlet to bring big business especially the music industry into the online gaming world.

    It was seen as a nice way to give more to the public form the music industry, however I am seeing them make suggestions to do something other then SL for all the reasons all of the people are listing. I will continue, because I enjoy it, but I think you will see more and more looking for other outlets.

    Stability would be good, seeing things I paid actual money for stay in my inventory would be good, and I’m sure all would agree something has to be done with all of the lag.

  81. Pash Walpole says:

    Can’t log in at all fro the last 4 hours – anyone else with the same problem?

  82. Epocx Timeless says:

    Mun Saari has alot of Lag….

    You are at 201816.4, 231491.4, 22.4 in Mun Saari located at (
    Second Life Server

  83. Orfej says:

    I have problem with this update because the DNS can’t be resolved.How you resolved that ?

  84. Trev Kline says:

    Re DNS errors, I have had this repeatedly when installing and using first looks – almost every one of them SINCE instaling Vista. What seems to happen is that when i instal an updated viewer, even tho it has the same file name and location as its predecessor, Vista’s firewall blocks it silently. I have to go in and set up the exception for the firewall, soon as that’s done, no DNS error, logs in fine. Might be worth a look if you’re having similar difficulties? I presume what’s happening is that the firewall sees the ‘signature’ of the updated exe file as different – I’m no techie, others here will probably know more than I. Hope that helps – off topic I know, but Dazzle loos very promising, roll it out with windlight and weak it? Has my vote 🙂 much easier to read and work with IMHO.

  85. Argent Stonecutter says:

    @85: sounds like you’ve got Vista’s security locked down to a crazy level. You’re firewalling internal applications? Ye gods!

  86. coventina dalgleish says:

    OOOOOOOO I could post an entire entry with those, they are circles that is what the management team does everyday it seems go back and fix last weeks bugs in preparation for this weeks new entrants to the maze.

    “now they are trying a new approach learning from their mistakes ” no they have been doing it for the 3 years I have been here. I am sure there are many many notepads full of bugs and the way they were fixed but you have to read them after they have been written. I also hope this version is better than the last….um 20 or so versions but past performance is no guarantee of future ….. well here that seems to not be true past performance seems to be the guarantee we receive. Until the basic structure is stable there is no way that a patch will fix anything after all it is a PATCH hmm nice word patch it is what you do to a failed tire. Simple things go unfixed try this one next time you are bored hop on a pose stand and edit a prim on your body 10 to 1 you will be missing either the z axis arrow or the y axis arrow oh and of course you can not use the numbers to adjust the position because they are not available with a worn prim.

    Hope springs eternal but on the other hand the way to hell is paved with good intentions.

    I wish you luck Linden staff seems thats all you have to work with these days. I am not bitter just tired of seeing something I enjoy being so badly abused it is very frustrating. Most of the Idiosyncratic problems from the last patch have been smoothed over just in time for a new batch to be released upon us.

  87. Phantom Ninetails says:

    About that network issues blog post two posts above this one that we cannot comment on. Does that include Crash Me and the nearby Havok4 test sims? I haven’t been able to get to them for several days now.

  88. U M says:

    Did they remove Teepee Lindens blog message? Sure seems like so.

  89. andy kidd says:

    “@Bato Brendel : the reason for the multiple updates is to avoid some of the problems we had with rolling restarts a few weeks ago. Specifically, if there are problems in the new server version that remain hidden until they’re out on the large number of regions we can get on the main grid, we want to see it before we’ve rolled it to the whole grid. That’s the reason for the more cautious roll-out.”

    bet you glad you did

  90. Prospero Linden says:

    andy kidd : Yes, we are glad. As it turned out, only about 20 regions were adversely affected by the initial rollout; see this post for more information. That’s only about 1/10 of 1% of the regions in Second Life. Those few regions have all been rolled back to a safe state from before the rolling restart, and no mainland land transfers had happened on any of those regions (i.e. none of the parcels were sold).

  91. Elissa Bristol says:

    @20….ummmm Elvis left the building a little over 40 years ago. And keep up the good work Lindens. It has changed a lot since I started. People aren’t quite as friendly and there isn’t the atmosphere of “walking up to random people” and talking to them…much like all media…SL is becoming concentric..or in laymens terms…all about the individual.

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  93. Oceanna Shannon says:

    my havko4 servers went from a 79000 version to 80000 version…was there an update below the 80264 level for h4 SIMs? and what did it include?



  94. For the last couple of days time dilation on many sims has been exceptionally low .. les than 0.40. At the same, sim FPS has dropped – in one case to 0! Regions affected that I’ve been on: West Sunset, Dakuwaqa, Dance Island, DragonFly Oasis. In other words a mixture of busy and empty sims, commercial and residential. Is this now to be considered “normal”?

  95. Kimo Junot says:

    what in the heck is going on at LL? I crash more now than ever before O_o Did you all somehow read the crossword manual instead of the software manual? lol

  96. Jack says:

    Ok let me get this straight:
    1. We need a patch to fix this.
    2. Is there a release date/hour on this patch or is it already out?
    3. If its already out where can I download it.
    4. There is no release time on when we can play again… correct?

    If anyone can answer these questions for me this would be great. TY

  97. colleen Criss says:

    I love this viewer, I’d love it even more if i could move my cam controls or reposition them elsewhere on my screen…..they are buried under the bottom tool/chat bar.

  98. Raith Bamaisin says:

    I dont care what you do lindens just get it RIGHT !

  99. Uh.. well the ??? came undone or something. I just logged in with the Release Candidate and all the objects I clicked had that on there. 😦

  100. LegsLover Lusch says:

    I’m on the aussie server, if anyone’s reading this, I aint got a clue how to enter anything in the Jira as there’s no buttons that say “Enter your comments/bug reports here”, totally confusing to me.

    I have no shine button working, my gold items have turned bright yellow and can’t change’em back, sometimes the brightness button doesn’t work, some textures keep jumping back to original settings when I log on or TP into my shop. Tping is a problem but improved recently and rezzing, well that continues to get slower and longer.

    I have version Maybe I’ll go back to and see if that’s improved greatly. Not only are we swanning around sims, but we’re also snaking between versions to get a decent run or find one that works,lol.

  101. Kimo Junot says:

    I dont understand why you all at LL keep making things worse in here instead of better..I have been in SL for over 2 years now and this is NOT the same SL it was when I came in has gotten worse and worse every month and just when things seem there going to “chill out” you all go and bork it all up again…..whats up with that crap??? As a paying customer you all sure were persistent in getting my money..but you SUCK in service..bottom ever since this last round of whatever it is you all did I crash every 15min..but yet…you STILL want my money

  102. richard says:

    (rocking in chair)it’s going to be ok,its going to be ok, its going to be ok there.there

  103. Kittrannia Cassini says:

    Attachments being moved to my bum is back after TP’ing (sighs)

    Constant Freezing and the lottery of TP crashing.

    Please give us just one week, just one, where everything runs as it should. Them maybe 2 weeks, then 3 etc.

    One can only dream

  104. Ree Indigo says:

    Whatever you were running last night was a slice of awesome pie. Whatever you updated us to this morning is CRAP!

  105. Ree Indigo says:

    Normally, I’m content to say “Wow, I’m glad I’m not paying for this or relying on it for income.” only once or twice a week. This has inspired me to say it several times a day!

    Maybe if they hadn’t gotten their workstations … er, I mean “servers” from … well, LL touts their crappiness the best:

    My brother got better off the shelf at Wal-Mart last week. Come on!

  106. CC says:

    pleaaaaaaaaaase keep another older version than the new RC so many people cannot use it or windlight nothing will render on either for me and i want to keep an older version

  107. What beats me is with all the lag, asset server issues, Group IM borks, increasing tp failures, you are rushing huge major changes on virtually every aspect of the system (server upgrades, graphics, lighting, physics, scripting, interface) all at once increasing load even more. This place is falling apart rapidly.

  108. TimkorcikT says:

    Please look like yourself da recording whereupon yourself prihlasit,because I I am stack debil

  109. Crash city with this update, at least once an hour, often just doing things like turning around. tps are failing half the time, doing it twice, kicking you off the grid.

  110. FooZe says:

    Hello there, i dont know where to write this, because i NEED MY activation MAIL! i cant go forum because i dont get my activation email, same prob whit my girl, WE NEED THE ACTIVATION EMAIL :/

    Anybody know why we dont get it ? :/

  111. Stuffnot Rezzing says:

    Stuff is not rezzing…I mean not just not always, Its not rezzing…Once more perfect timing

    Happy fixing 🙂

  112. kickkill SU says:

    WHY THE PAIN THE PAIN!… no logins at the moment for me cant get in

  113. FooZe says:

    ANSWER ???

  114. Poetry Bisiani says:

    why cant myself, or any of my family, log in now? been an hour so far…..i have an SL job & NEED to be online……please hurry!

  115. Jack says:

    how can u people say u’ve been playing? I made an account yesterday night and I haven’t been able to sign in at all! I know its all correct because I logged into the website alright but when it comes to the game I can’t! and I input the same thing!!! Even if u lucky people are playing I don’t even want to play this game at the state its looking like, LAG, BUGS, ETC. Come on LL do some work!!

  116. I see some of the glitches are back, HUDs detach on log in, AV don’t fully rez, can’t attach object, can’t detach object, scripts fail to work, time outs, collisions, group IM errors, TP crash….
    The problems just started again the other day.
    Hope things return to normal soon (^_^) Thanks!

  117. Lenell Walpole says:

    I have been crashing a great deal since Thursday. Is there any issue with Macintosh OS systems and the new system? Every time I get on I am only on for a couple of minutes, and then I crash when I tp someplace or open my inventory. Help

  118. Lavender Arrow says:

    Just to counter what everyone else is saying, everything is working fine here!

  119. Jack says:

    Ok, I still can’t play? Can anyone else play?

    I can sign onto the website ok but I can’t when it comes to the game, it says my Log In has FAILED! WTF is going on!! I never played this game thanks to its messing up and its been about 4 days. This is the only game I know of that has this many problems… If anyone can tell me how they are logging into this game then plz do

  120. fancie dreamscape says:

    I am extremely frustrated that I have been unable to log very smoothly for days…It can take me hours to get in…what is happening? It also looks to my friends like I am on line, when I am not!!!!
    this is not fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’
    fairly frustrated fancie

  121. Dystopia Dagger says:

    Ever since I updated the newest viewer I crash on log in. I can not get any help because I am apparently not important enough to submit a ticket. I did so, and properly, but because I do not give you money I do not get the same rights to get help which is bogus. Any chances of me signing up as a premium member is totally demolished by poor support for all members, paying and non paying of SL. And when I started SL months and months ago things were not too bad, but now much worse, each new update seems to make things crash, lag or just simply worse.

  122. Kerik Rau says:

    What is up with the random disconnects? I got logged off randomly about two dozen times yesterday…. Network activity goes flat then the wonderful dialog notifying you have been disconnected about 5 minutes later. This is incredibly annoying.

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  124. Marack Vought says:

    “[…] (1.19.1) – Again Thursday, February 28th, 2008 at 9:51 AM PST by: Joshua Linden We’d planned on doing server software updates last week, but due to the discovery of a bug this slipped into this week. We took that opportunity to pull in […]”

    Is this the Reason I can’t seem to login or…

  125. Gothic Schism says:

    i need to ask something, every time when i try to log in it push me out and than i must to reinstal the program and than maybe, but just maybe i from 10 times suceside to get in! why does it heppend like that, every single time, thanx

  126. Gudrun Gausman says:

    Am running Vista SP1 with the latest viewer and everything seems to be fine! Solved all my crashing problems by defaulting my overclocked CPU. I would bet that both Vista and SL get blamed for a lot of issues related to overclocking. atm, I am a very happy camper. 🙂

  127. Kitti Fitzpatrick says:

    I had to download the newest version – 1.19.1 (4 – I think) it was a mandatory update – so since I did that – it crashes immediately – Any fix for this please?

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