Tip of the Week #23: Using SLURLs for easy travel

Questions about “How do I explore/navigate/travel/find my way around Second Life” never cease to be hot. I reckon we can do a lot to improve usability, but until more intuitive changes come to light…

Me teaches you how to use SLURLs — web links for inworld locations! For example, SLURL TO MY OFFICES. Whether you want to advertise products/services in your email signature or are looking for a quicker way to get somewhere, SLURLs are excessively useful once you get started.

This vidtut features First Look: Dazzle (GET IT!). And in case you haven’t noticed yet, in our 1.19 Release Candidate viewer (and WindLight and Dazzle), SLURLs now appear in chat history every time you teleport. Sorta like a web browser’s “back button” or “history”.

1.19 viewers have 'Teleport completed from' links, making it easy to backtrack your steps

But enough chitchat, it’s time to show you!

Getvidtut.pngDOWNLOAD HIGH-QUALITY VERSION (plays on video iPod!)

Further knowhow in our Knowledge Base: “What is a SLURL and how do I use one?


Thanxies for earlier suggestions that I should include video tutorials in our Second Life Podcast:

Rihanna Laasonen: “Torley, have you considered posting these tutorials on the Second Life podcast feed? You guys are hosting the podcast feed but don’t use it much. It would be great to have the tutorials download automatically instead of having to come here to find them then go off-site to watch them.”

Tensai Hilra: “Quick question Torley: not sure if I’m missing it, but is there a quick and easy place to get all the tutorials in a podcast format? mp4 seems to lend well to the task, but it would be nice to have new ones fed to me as I sync. Thanks and keep up the good work!”

YOU ask, I listen AND respond! I’m working on it, so TODAY’s tip has been podcasted! But… I’m finding it cumbersome to add new items via text editor. If you favor a certain RSS editor, let me know in the comments. Thanks in advance for helping me help you help us be ULTRA-LOVELY!

Torley Linden https://i0.wp.com/torley-linden.s3.amazonaws.com/little-watermelon-eye.png
     is also writing a guide on how to record voice chat

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28 Responses to Tip of the Week #23: Using SLURLs for easy travel

  1. Tycho Beresford says:

    “SLURLs now appear in chat history every time you teleport.” This is not true; SLURLs only appear in chat history if you do not crash when you teleport. That is becoming more and more a rare occurance.

  2. Nedrae Messmer says:

    In before comments about this tutorial helping content thieves and griefers and whatnot.

    A nice tutorial as always, Torley. Unfortunately VWR-1159 (http://jira.secondlife.com/browse/VWR-1159) exists still on Linux and it practically nullifies any benefits the SLurl system would have in Windows.

  3. My1st Doobie says:

    I lke using these:


  4. Woohoo – sweet.

    Thanks for the vidtut, Torley. I’ve been explaining slurls for some time. Now I can just pass the LINK.

    As always – totally fun and entertaining to watch.

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  6. Cappy Frantisek says:

    First idea would be to actually go through the orientation!

    LOL, just kidding, nice video as always!

  7. Yacobheimer125 Voom says:

    Hey Torley – I like to use http://www.podbean.com for my podcasting stuff – it automatically sets everything up for iTunes, and writes all XML.
    Enjoyed the vid! once again thanks!

  8. Darien Caldwell says:

    @3, yes, the newer links such as that work 100 times better than an SLURL, as SLURLs make you open the incredibly slow slurl.com website, and require so many clicks to just get you to where you are going. Another good one is place links from search, such as http://world.secondlife.com/place/844f141c-69bc-7e5c-fa49-f3c748798186

    They also take you directly to the location, no annoying websites to open. 🙂

  9. Cat Gisel says:

    Dazzle’s just like Windows Defaults, too bright and low contrast for me, but would look great if SL was played on real live paper. Let us select our OWN colours and you will have something great 🙂

    I DID have a question about the map, why do my friends have to open it twice to map me? They click my profile, and select “Find on Map” and it shows where THEY are first. Repeat a second time and it shows me, what are they doing wrong? I like to hide but I promise I am not doing it …I am really not! 🙂


  10. SLurl Link says:

    Getting used to that bright blue “in your face” UI eyesore yet Torley?
    Please tell me you are not Dazzled by it… and tell your boss so.

    PS: Please throw big juicy watermelons at the Dazzle Team on your lunch time for me. Thanks Torley!

  11. I like the new features such as windlight and voice, The SLURLS are handy for research while surfing the web, being able to jump to the place in a blog or web site. I am trying to run a business in SL and it is hard with all the crashes. I hope the new server software will solve some of the usability problems (like crashing in crowds or during TP’s) How about a real explanation why we crash so much AND your plans to fix it.

  12. Flux says:

    yeah why do the teleports crash they didn’t do BEFORE

  13. I believe it’s pronounced gem’d, Torley. Gem, with an ed added to the end. But gemed, just like planed, does not look right, so you double up the last letter of the word (thus, gemmed, or planned).

    It’s nice that teleport locations get copied to your chat history (or perhaps that’s in another client, I hadn’t noticed that in the last windlight client, which is all I use now adays), but it would be nicer still if we had a separate window with a less volatile nature (i.e. doesn’t get cleared when we crash, or close SL) so we can see where we’ve been even a week or a month into the future, when we’re likely to remember “that place with the trees was neat” but not what it was called.

  14. Cat Gisel says:

    oh a wishlist item for the Teleports team, make the “Cancel” button ALWAYS there please, so when the things send us to “TelePurgatory” we can bail out of it without having to quit SL 🙂


  15. Roman McCullough says:

    Just a question about recording voice chat: isn’t that potentially illegal? It seems to me that it is like recording phone calls. In more than 40 states, the consent of both parties is required before a call can be legally recorded.

    I would suggest that SL consult with its attorneys and the FCC about this. There is also a concern that such recordings may be used in blackmail attempts and perhaps expose SL to a civil suit in such an event, especially as it made publically available information on how such potentially illegal recording can be accomplished.

    Here’s to hoping I’m wrong, but making it possible for voice chats to be recorded seems kinda dicey to me.

  16. Mimi says:

    I have tried the new Dazzle and I think its looks a lot better than the old client, the new icons, shadows on the buttons. Maybe the black text on the light backgrounds may be a little darker but over all i like it!

  17. Hey Torley – I like http://www.feedforall.com. Think I tried most every product in the last year and this is the simplest, most capable, RSS Feed creator that I’ve found. I think they have a FREE trial — but one look and it’s worth it’s $29. It creates all kinds of feeds, and makes using the iTunes namespace meta-tags simple.
    Check it out — it’s worth your time! AND I have to say their tech support is fabulous on their blog support site! AMAZINGLY responsive, thorough, and they know how to speak clearly! I’d rate them as deserving 4 full stars!
    P.S. Keep up the great work here with your edutaining vid-tuts! Thanks!

  18. Pink says:

    Having a teleport history is something I’ve been pining for in SL for a long time. I hope it makes it into the official 1.19!

  19. Sheesh Torley what’s your screen resolution? It’s a good thing you pan the vid to focus ’cause I’d get lost lookin’ at the whole thing.

    I’m running at 1280×800 and wouldn’t dare going any higher, my poor eyes! 😛

    Neat TuTORials, keep um comin’ 😉

    Oh one thing – If you ever have the time, I’d like a quickie about an earlier vid regarding the Debug Settings and simply disabling the sound by cutting the UUID of the typing anim and pasting it into the inventory as a notecard in case of.. emergencies? I dunno. Point being that I’ve found it hard to have a text-based convo and the typing anim is kinda like a “[…] is typing a message” note so I’m not interrupted as much. So now I just extract the UUID for the sound itself so other people hear it but it won’t drive me nutsoid. 😛 So maybe as another recap of the debug settings you could cut that in somewhere? S’allright. 😉

  20. Siann Beck says:

    Roman: Actually, U.S. Federal law allows one-party consent for recording, and there are only twelve states which have limitations on it. There’s a good summary here: http://www.rcfp.org/taping/

  21. Roman McCullough says:

    Thanks Siann.

    The information I gave in my post was due to reportage given in the media concerning the matter of Roger Clemens taping Brian McNamee and playing it over the airwaves. Wouldn’t be the first time the media has gotten somethng wrong. They had stated that only just a few states allowed single party consent.

    In any event, I would still caution LL to ensure that this recording capability for voice chat cannot be abused.

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  23. Veronica Dufaux says:

    I found that having two viewers installed (basic and Dazzle), then uninstalling Dazzle…this causes SLURLs not to be recognized.

    The only way to get SLURLs to be recognized by the basic viewer is to reinstall.

    Is there something I’m missing or am I right on track?

  24. ZenWarrior Fuosing says:

    Where is the “Back” button? (That’s a big “Doh!” to which LL continues to be oblivious. I only need it scores of times each day.)

  25. Zi Ree says:

    The new viewers write an SLURL into the chat log every time you teleport. Yo can use this one to quickly teleport back to the place you’ve been before.

  26. Slartibartfast Magicthise says:

    tinyurl.com is the one I use for long URLs, safe and simple – I was disturbed to see snurl adding their advertisement at the end of your URL, that’s bad form.

    I love the Dazzle interface so far (I know it will improve and eventually we’ll be able to design our own “skins” for SL), but I would just like to point out one blatant omission…

    While it is true that a prettier interface presents the user with the feeling of a friendlier environment, let’s not forget SOUNDS! Those “thud” sounds used in the SL interface sounds like turds hitting an empty plastic bucket.

    And those multiple “clunks” that we hear upon logging in are an awful initial audio introduction to the SL experience.

    Maybe something “sparkly” or more soothing. The current UI sounds only remind us of tossing things into a trash can.

  27. Thanks VERY graciously for watching and for the feedback!

    @Nedrae: More details please? It looks like it was verified internally to be fixed months ago; I recommend reopening http://jira.secondlife.com/browse/VWR-1159 with info if it’s still a problem for you.

    @Yacobheimer125: I’ll check out http://www.podbean.com !

    @KarenKate: Will check out http://www.feedforall.com !

    I use direct secondlife:// links too on occasion — helping someone get an understanding of SLURLs and move up to more advanced usage is fantastic.

    Re: Dazzle feedback, please read all of http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Dazzle and report your bugs on the Issue Tracker. Our Team will get to ’em! I personally don’t find Dazzle bright compared to Windows XP Silver or Mac OS X. It’s definitely brighter than the ol’ “submarine gray”.

    Teleport problems continue to be hot (notably https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/SVC-972 ), our engineers are investigating.

    I film video tutorials @ 1024×768. 🙂 My main monitor resolution is 1920×1200. I recommend Sizer for easy window-size-setting! http://www.brianapps.net/sizer.html

    Re: which viewer opens when you use a SLURL, in my experience it’s the most recent one you installed on Windows.

    Continuing on… thanks again!

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