[Resolved] Support Portal Not Connecting On All Servers

[6:35PM PST – Kate] The support portal is accessible on all of our web servers.  Classified search in the new inworld Search feature is turned back on.

[11:11 p.m. PST]

No news yet on a fix; we’ll keep you posted…

[10:20 am PST]

In order to diagnose the current issue we have switched off classified search in the new inworld Search feature

[Re-opened 9:00am PST – Data]

[Resolved 18:59pm PST – Rika] Support portal is now up and running.

Residents are reporting inability to connect to the Support portal from several Webservers within our site. The Web Team is working on restoring full access.

[Opened 5:08PM PST – Kate] We are re-opening this support issue. Support tickets, live chat and the Land Store are unavailable at this time. We will update as soon as they re-open.

[Resolved 3:03pm PST] Also, in a related note, display of in-world Classifieds in General Search have been temporarily turned off. -Classifieds are now turned back on.

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