[Resolved] General network related issues

9:05 PM PST The regions which were down as a result of the routing problem on the VPN are now up and running. In world services which were affected are once again available.

5:57 PM PST – Services and regions should begin to recover. We experienced a routing problem on one of our VPNs, which directly affected regions coming back online and indirectly affected being able to login, teleport or map those regions. We will continue to update you as more information is available.

There are many regions down at the moment along with a collection of in world issues. If you are not able to login, please attempt login in a different region. Similarly with Teleporting. We have not yet pinpointed the source of these issues and will provide more information as soon as it is available.

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  1. Kyder Ling says:

    Quite Annoying. It’s one thing if the grid is just down, the sometimes I think that when it’s somewhere in the middle between down and up, it’s just that much more frustrating. I hope these issues are sorted out swiftly though.

  2. Mystiphi Giha says:

    Does this also concern the fact that traffic is not updating on many mainland sims ????

  3. GinaWild Bailey says:

    Hope you’ll fix the everlasting crash on TP problem too. But we can’t forget, it’s just computers and computers fail. YOU LINDENS do a great job :-)))

  4. Brandon Meerson says:

    This blog could also say:

    Since a long time you are not able to log in, TP is not working,
    regions are down, huge lag and you are likely to crash 500% more
    the normal.

    This problem is already going on since one hour but, we are posting it now and we have no idea how long it will take.

  5. Kyder Ling says:

    Oh wow, I’m back in already. ^^

    HI-5 LL!

  6. Pocket Pfeffer says:

    I’ve been trying to log in for almost two hours now and it keeps telling me that “the system is logging you out…your account will not be available till…etc…etc… it’s very very frustrating….hope it gets fixed soon…

  7. knitemarco0731 tripsa says:

    Does this also include the infamous *Gesture unable to load* ?
    How about the fact that I cannot get my avatar to rez in normally, and I am *Ruth* more often than not.
    And when am I going to get my d*** check when I cashed out in November? It has been almost 4 MONTHS now since you have NOT refunded me my legitimate credit.
    People be aware LL fails MISERABLY in refunding your money too you when you cash out. I have been waiting 4 months not for $205 USD that I cashed out. I have decided that I will post about it wherever I can, about my dissatisfaction with it. LL be damned. At this point you guys should be showing up at my door kissing my a**, check in hand. ( DISCLAIMER) In case any one wants to gripe at me about posting this here YES I HAVE GONE THROUGH THE LEGITIMATE CHANNELS, still to no avail. IM me inworld for more info

  8. Caliburn Susanto says:

    Logging back in to another location would be fine … if I hadn’t been between clothing changes and stripped down to a thong when it crashed. 😛 (could be worse, I suppose … let’s not go there)

    BTW I have been having in-world sound issues all afternoon. Muffled or off entirely no matter what the settings. Related?

  9. Michael Fairplay says:

    Seems like these are every day occurances. It’s going from bad to worse. Get the Lindens focused on what they are supposed to be focused on. Making the grid stable and taking care of griefers and offering technical support. Unfortunately too many of them are going around playing moral police. They only have so many hands.

  10. Wake up in SF please says:

    Please… long past time to think you can build SL with the concept of OPM! Time to make the investment needed to build a quality brand (hope you know what I mean).

  11. Sean Heying says:

    /me sighs right when the region I was in crashed I was taking back my huddle which had *every* sinewave dance in it plus a sizable AO collection.

    Guess what… Not in inventory and not where it was rezzed.

    I am praying the Linden Game Gods can roll *me* back or pull in my inventory from the beta grid where I know all my dances exist.

    Loosing that much money and time is not fun.

  12. Twoony Loon says:

    Does this have anny thing to do with payments going stale but still loosing your linden?

  13. knitemarco0731 tripsa says:

    #11… look in lost and found? Perhaps?

  14. Anon myus says:

    gettin rid of griefers..THATS a joke..

  15. Buck says:

    @6: “the system is logging you out…your account will not be available till…etc…etc…”

    You probably know this, but in case you or others don’t, if you get this message (“The system is logging you out now. Your account will not be available until [five minutes from now]”), you don’t have to wait five minutes–just try again and, more often than not, you’ll get on.

    @7: “Does this also include the infamous *Gesture unable to load* ?”

    Thanks–good to know it’s not just me.

    @8: “Logging back in to another location would be fine … if I hadn’t been between clothing changes and stripped down to a thong when it crashed.”

    Thanks for the best laugh I’ve had all day!!! 😀

  16. Jay Townsend says:

    Seems to have cleared up when concurency went back down. Probly high this afternoon due to the semi-holiday in the states. Things seem to ge shakier and more unstable than normal ( which is a sad statement in and of itself to say that SL is NORMALY shaky and unstable) whenever concurency gets in the high 50’s, I think we all can see 60k streeses LL’s service capacity right now.

  17. clyde essex says:

    OK guys im gunna use this thread for help since LL could not give a *hit. Since the roll out from over one week ago I have not been able to play SL, I can log in but am stuck and unable to TP, I remain ruthed and sl will generally not rez. I have submitted tickets for support for my region and no response. I am close to losing my job with the magazine i work for becuase i cannot resolve the issue. I have cleared my root directory, cleared sl & pc cache, defragged HD and fixed any damaged files. Reinstalleed SL and even reset my video drivers just incase and nothing works….suggestions would be appreciated.

    Oh forgot to mention ive run diagnostics on my isp provider and that is fine.

  18. Heavyoak Dreamscape says:

    I can’t log in any were. I can’t even get it to connect.

  19. ac14 Hutson says:

    great more customers yelling at me because of failed email attempts. btw im hating the grey suit im now forced to wear every time i log on. its like they build this thing with duct tape and hot glue untill it breaks so they have to fix it again.
    come on LL

  20. U M says:

    “9 Michael Fairplay Says:

    February 18th, 2008 at 6:18 PM PST
    Seems like these are every day occurances. It’s going from bad to worse. Get the Lindens focused on what they are supposed to be focused on. Making the grid stable and taking care of griefers and offering technical support. Unfortunately too many of them are going around playing moral police.”

    hence this is the new and improved SL these days. Gone are any signing of caring about stablity instead of wowing everyone with UI features that are either to heavy for computers. ALong with otehrs playing police with in the ranks are playing moral and hows sleeping in the same bed withthe Lindens to get favors done for them………..Shakeshead……The only people not crabing are the ones making 1000.00(s) of real Moneys as suncontacts to build commerial Islands for LL.

  21. I’ve been offline for a while, had a really bad connection. Log in to find my land is gone because sims were taken down. That’s ok, I expected that. What I didn’t expect was to be logged into a sim called Wengen at a place called Chalet Linden where griefers have dropped thousands of giant green and pink cubes that sing a strange song over and over again. I also didn’t expect to be trapped here without any hope of teleporting out because it consistently fails every time I try.

  22. Samyfox Vacano says:

    Not only the EON-long log in process, if one once ! makes it, e.g. Wengen and regions close by are floated with objects (harassment)making any move impossible. The “creators! objects are from “nobody”. LINDEN MUST be able to kick those folks out and clean some regions at LEAST!

  23. Yosemite Aero says:

    “Services and regions should begin to recover …”
    As of this posting they haven’t.
    Do your own damaged credibility a favor and don’t tell us it’s fixed until it’s fixed. Nearly every TP attempt tonight has resulted in a crash or “you have been logged out of Second Life” message, which counts as a crash in my book.

  24. Paulo Dielli says:

    Strange thing, but sl has been working perfectly well for me tonight.

  25. Oceanna Shannon says:

    once reported my region was back up and a linden visited within 20 minutes. Thank you LL for all you do.


  26. clifford bunin says:

    i have not been able to log in all night. it looses connection before im all the way in. is this the problem or is it me?

  27. Slartibartfast Magicthise says:

    Went to Wengen and I don’t see anything there. Are you guys in a different SL?

  28. clifford bunin says:

    i cant log into any region anywhere dammit this is really pissing me off. can it just bne windows vista sucks?

  29. clifford bunin says:


  30. clifford bunin says:


  31. Kimo Junot says:

    @ #20 U M UM? do you even have a clue what you are talking about? I sure the heck dont and I dont think anyone else in here does either lol…sure maybe there are a few that do things for LL but so what? how is that supposed to effect how things are running in here or who gripes or whatever? It seems to me the ones that complain are also the ones that pay GOOD money to be in here..so yeah they do have a reason to gripe..sure just like everyone else I have my gripes but adding stuff in here like you do saying the only ones that dont gripe are the ones doing favors for LL..lmao..what a joke..get a grip man lol

  32. Cliff, I’ve had the same problem for the last two months, that’s why I haven’t been here. My problem was related to my ISP – I was (admittedly) using a local wireless company to connect that uses Mikrotik proxy which doesn’t support SSL/HTTPS. For me, the login screen would never load and I couldn’t even see the boxes to type the username and password – they simply never loaded. I’m on a better service now and once I got away from that Wengen sim everything has worked fine.

  33. U M says:

    Again, I don`t quote children`s sad cries for attention. If you need to continue change names and look like a child that is in need of a mother then please find a mentor. I have my own child to attent to……..Now get back in the game and enjoy thats why your here right?

  34. clifford bunin says:

    thanks nulflux i do think it is my ip

  35. Artfox Daviau says:

    Friendlist doesn’t load at alll (alll waiting…) till i relog twice
    Gray arrivals and ruthing are normal lately
    Crash on TP about every 3rd time
    Limbo walking at sim crossings
    Crash in place horrible yesterday
    5 minute wait at least to log off locking up pc every time
    every session ends with a cntl alt delete lately, not worth the time to log off normally

    BUT camera lockup on turning has vastly improved TY i can build again! AND invisible avatars in skyboxes have stopped TG

    Please Please I need my friendlist to work again please… did you move it client side or what?

  36. nikki bechir says:

    Tping is the new gambling in SL, try to TP and hope it works. It usually doesn’t. Despite it being yelled at in these blogs over and over, deathly silence form the Lindens on the issue. Either they can’t fix and are to scared to say anything or they wont fix it and don’t care. How hard would it be for a LL post about the status, we just get silence.

  37. Michael Timeless says:

    I just spent 30 minutes writing a post. Then I realized it was the same long winded post that I make every month. It does no good and LL still gets a few hundred USD from me anyway.

    Why should I complain for my stupidity? They make an inferior product, add enhancements that add complexity to an unstable product and I continue to buy it. That’s not Linden Labs problem that’s mine.

    Hmmm, I was smart enough to dump OS/2, MicroChannel Architecture and Lotus Jazz, when will I see the light here. Eventually someone will get it right and listen to the customers.

    So I am going to offer the following suggestions for SL and then quit logging into this blog for a while.

    1, Vendors, offer an upgrade program that once a month checks status of your products. If the product isn’t legitimate turn it off and stop the thieves from stealing your work. At the same time offer a legitimate customer a way to replace no copy items if destroyed. Over the past six months I’ve lost about $1000 USD in lost inventory that makes me reluctant to buy anything from any vendor. I know dozens of other people who feel the same way. If I have a choice between a cheap product that works and a good one that I can’t replace or get service on I’m not going to buy the good product.

    2. 24/7 Support for 24/7 money. The current practice of 6/5 support does more harm than good. I’m surprised that anyone outside of the continental United States still logs on. For that matter anyone outside of Northern California.

    3. Stop bragging about new releases. Jeez, I love Windlight and use it when I’m able to stand still and not move. But I would rather be able to move and TP than to look at the pretty pictures. That’s why I bought Photoshop, not why I spend several hundred USD a month for SL.

    4. MAKE IN WORLD ANNOUNCEMENTS. It is utterly contemptuous that you are afraid to stop the flow of cash and warn us when the system begins to malfunction. The malfunctions are to be expected, the lack of respect for us by letting us continue to lose cash/product is… non-profane words fail me.

    5. Have someone put on your paychecks the simple phrase….provided to you by our customers. When you drive us away the businesses won’t be around to support those custom built islands.

    Enough ranting. Let me go justify my next tier payment to myself.


  38. U M says:

    SAme here crashing ever 3 to 5th time. Some times during login. WOw havent seen this type of issues for over 1 year.

  39. nike says:

    so nice document i thought

  40. Mupi says:

    @37 another one for the list: stop posting “its fixed” messages to the bog before it is actually fixed. I am still having the problem described here as fixed. In fact, if not for the blog entry describing it as fixed, I might have assumed it was a “just me” thing.

    Just a thought.

  41. Fixyour Product says:

    @ 37

    Amen to that

    You should have added a voting button to your list for people to press it and show LL, you´re not alone with that opinion

    One more for the list: Finally fix the account history download for it to show the region in the region column…How difficult can that be? Info is on file as seen on the hp…Pleaaaaaasssseee fix that it makes it so much easier to track failed payments


  42. Deckheard Cleanslate says:

    I’ve never submitted to these posts but this time I feel I must! This is getting seriously bad and seriously regular! 16 hours after these problems were reported fixed, they’re still broke! Seriously broke! Common guys! Take another look!

  43. Gil Druart says:

    @Nulflux .. “a place called Chalet Linden where griefers have dropped thousands of giant green and pink cubes that sing a strange song over and over again”

    Nulflux, those ARE Lindens – you see them in their True Form .. be afraid ..

  44. Kugel says:

    LOL… just noticed on the previous blog.. the reference once again to “happy servers” … gotta love it.

    Im so glad the servers are happy, Im also guessing the SAN is in ecstasy and the actual network is orgasmic.

    Meanwhile… although I applaud that the fixed the Alt-Muse camera crash .. LL REALLY need to re-examine basic functionality.. crashes on TP (the NEW international lottery) , and borked friends list, etc.

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  46. Chino Larkham says:

    ive been having problems with transactions i cant see anything

  47. Christi Maeterlinck says:

    Its all rather sad really. I’m championing SL as a teaching-and-learning system on my university, to possibly replace resources like BLACKBOARD; but find it an uphill battle because SL simply isn’t stable enough to be relied on for teaching support purposes.
    I know this from our common experience, but also from Linden’s own figures on this very web-site: am I misreading them, or is it _really_ the case that one in 5 of _all_ logouts is a crash?
    I suppose that we could just about manage, having plenty of techie support and, mostly, uniform-specification hardware at the university: once they got used to all the Linden technical infrastructure they’d help us resolve client-side problems. I wonder what the 70+other universities that have an SL site feel about this though.
    But what is, potentially, the most valuable contribution, the use of SL to support distance learning– students based overseas, 24/7, globally, using an enormous variety of hardware– is utterly unrealisable.
    To give just one example. Got a Mac? Then you can’t start/stop movie to disc. SL freezes. Linden have known about this for over a year and have done nothing about it.
    And so a wonderful global resource is wasted for want of a clear set of practical, immediate technical priorities.
    Throw away the blue-skies stuff, Linden, if you want education and in industry to take you seriously.

  48. U M says:

    OMG crashing is at a all time high here! The crash reporting is not reporting to the LL servers its data reports either. Talk about your meltdowns. ANy chances of having a update soon????????

  49. taff nouvelle says:

    I crashed and the crasgh reporter worked, first time in months 🙂
    How do LL worlk out the 1 in 5 logouts is a crash figure when the crash reporter fails to send . I would guess from my experience it is more like 80% of loggouts are crashes.

  50. Captain Noarlunga says:

    I have no idea what is happening, but since the latest Client RC came out, the instances of crashing on TP has fallen dramatically. This is using the same PC and ISP….AND….even using the normal Client software and Windlight the experience is better. I wonder if any server side changes have happened that we are unaware of? I know some users are still having huge problems, but why is there an improvement on my account??????????????????

  51. Flux says:

    clyde essex did you try to log in in another regio?

    * on the login screen, choose preferences
    * select show start location on login screen
    * when logging in, type in the name of another sim than the one you are in

    thumbs up that it helps

  52. Raven Primeau says:

    So its fixed is it???? dont make me laugh,
    cant even change clothing, SL has never ever been as screwed as it is lately since I have been here.

  53. nomoresecrets says:

    # 11 Sean Heying Says

    lindens has done to me same, no hope . one of them is collectong the things. 14k L$ stolen …. just for make a new business ? i dont know.

    btw, my inventory was in Beta-grid too….. for a gesture that never loads but works after i deleted it……

    wonder where i find all the textures and pictures now…. one is on some freebie-boxes….

  54. Anny Helsinki says:

    50 Captain Noarlunga….

    silly, be happy u have your sims.

    i know the first Captain Noarlunga, have i told you that?

  55. U M says:

    @49 it worked the first time and another time. But its doesnt always work. Keeps eyes on the errors that occure. FOr me its not working at the moment.

  56. aSwede says:

    After spending more time reading the blog, and looking at older posts too, I again have to wonder what’s going through people’s heads.

    On one hand, cries for a more professional attitude are voiced and on the other “OMG! It is not working! Fix it!11!!!”.

    I can understand that a place to vent is good in itself but to not even make an effort to try to make troubleshooting easier rings false. If something isn’t working, include what happened, viewer used, time for the incident and anything else that might help. This really belongs in the incident handling system but some either have trouble using it or won’t for some other reason and end up writing here, so why not make the best of it?

    Making the venting comment as constructive as possible can’t be that hard.

    That said, I also want a service that runs perfectly but since I’m using the RC2 client, I expect trouble and bugs. So far teleporting has worked very well and the only cropup in a few days is having to relog after a few jumps to make the environment rez correctly. Perhaps I’m a special case since I don’t wear anything more special than simple clothes and pretty much nothing else, but to me, most things seem to work very well. Or at least good enough for a release candidate viewer.

  57. bokrug says:

    /me cashes out his Lindens and gives up on this virtual world thing for the time being.

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