The Department of Public Works needs YOU

We’ve had lots of great feedback on the Department of Public Works project, and as we still need a few more builders for the first team, it’s time to explain how you apply..

In the support portal, log in and create a new support ticket. After the summary line, choose a Ticket Type of Special Questions (the top option).

From the next drop-down, choose ‘Contact the Linden Dept of Public Works‘.

Fill out the rest of the ticket including as much as you can about your content creator skills and experience. In particular, provide two references (Second Life names) of other residents who can vouch for work you have done for them inworld. You can also attach images of your work to the ticket whilst creating it or later from your support history.

We can’t promise to personally respond to every applicant, but we will recruit builders for the existing vacancies and for further teams from these applications. If you apply and then change your mind, please be sure to close your application ticket.

Thanks again for the responses! For those with ideas or questions, we will be holding some inworld office hours soon so look out for those on the blog.

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100 Responses to The Department of Public Works needs YOU

  1. Marianne McCann says:

    Applied πŸ™‚

  2. Lillith Anatine says:

    two refs… easy πŸ˜‰

  3. Vittorio Beerbaum says:

    Benefits? πŸ˜›

  4. Zen Zeddmore says:

    soon as i get confirmation from refferences that they don’t mind, I will sumbit ticket.

  5. Cocoanut Koala says:

    I’m THRILLED you have opened this up to everyone, and so soon, too.


  6. Department of Public Works project is good.
    however if there should be other methods?
    The public works of our country have too much futility.

  7. Knowl Paine says:

    To work for the SL DPW would be awesome.
    They say the best reward for a job well done, is having done it.

  8. FD Spark says:

    Builders only? Any positions for texture artist?

  9. Maximilliano Minnelli says:

    Yet, another thread from Linden on asking for responses from sl residents. Why? Why ask when you guys [Linden] never really listen to us?
    You did this with the voice chat box. You’ve done this many other times and each and evey time you still went on to do what is was you were going to do from the very start.
    This is a waste of time and veteran players already know this to be true. Stop wasting your and our time with these useless inquiries and get to fixing up sl and all the stuff that’s been broken and not repaired by a tech team that actually knows what they’re doing.

  10. Xio Jester says:

    Maximillion, they ask our OPINIONs, not: “What is thy command, milord?”

    Whaddya expect, sheesh, your RL must be like living in Candyland. Hell I’m glad this project is even underway…so glad, I don’t even feel like lookin’ for “what’s wrong with this picture”…some SL Residents could benefit from some time locked up in jail or a mental hospital…the company owns it, we use it, we can complain, but “crying” is useless. It’s a business, not a daycare, lol.

    Congratulations to those who got picked, we look forward to what you’re gonna bring to SL!

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  12. Stacey Sugar says:

    Submitted my application! πŸ˜€

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  14. I’m really pleased you’ve opened this up to the whole community – I can’t build a single prim, but there are so many talented builders and scripters and artists out there that this can only be a move that will make the whole world stronger. Well done Linens!

  15. Phillip Gregory says:

    Got my app. in too! This is the most excited I’ve been by a LL announcement in a long time. Hope I get a chance to participate!

  16. Rove Stromer says:

    This is one of my best blog browsing moments! i hope i can be a part of the team XD.

  17. Stryker Jenkins says:

    Lets all work together to make the mainland a nice place to shop, life and recreate. Well done for Linden to take this step. πŸ™‚

  18. Sean Heying says:

    From the original blog post: “we’re currently assembling our first team of ten resident builders. These are people that have been referred to us and (importantly) have time to commit to the project during the early stages.”

    From this one: “we still need a few more builders for the first team, it’s time to explain how you apply..”

    Looks like a few from the first team of builders referred to them have pulled out maybe?

  19. Rascal Ratelle says:

    Is this application open to Basic accounts?

    Is this support ticket option available to basic accounts?

  20. I think the Public Works idea is brilliant. Hope it flies! If only my RL didn’t take up so much time, I would volunteer.

    Oh and by the way… Anyone else spot “stuff that’s off-topic, abusive, or otherwise busts the rules”?

    I hope the Lindens at least notice that some are using the comments as a platform for personal attacks and remove the offenders. It’s a shame to have to see this kind of thing repeated on every post with comments enabled.

  21. Tsukasa Karuna says:

    Note that this is entirely volunteer work. Anyone who wants to help beautiful second life is more than welcome to do so. If not, then don’t. Simple.

    Also, before you start the time honored tradition of bashing LL without second thought, please begin on said second thought. There are different groups of people who work on different things. The set of people that’s working on say, roads, landscaping, etc, is unlikely to be the same set that’s working on issues with the viewer and coding. Any improvement is a good one.

  22. For Pete’s sake, this is about getting residents to help make SL more beautiful. They are employing an underused resource and building a sense of community at the same time by getting people involved. It’s brilliant, and kudos to LL for this project. I’d apply but I am short on time.

    There is no new feature being implemented here that is taking away from the actual coding efforts. Get it through your head. Concierge, governance and customer service are not coders, they have other things to do. This appears to be an offshoot of concierge, and it’s using talented residents to make SL a more appealing place. What, exactly, is so hard to grasp about that?

  23. woody ninetails says:

    moan moan moan ,all i ever see in response to anything the lindens try to do ,we pay this we pay that,geez its your choice if you dont like it move on .
    oh i forgot you cant as Sl is cutting edge stuff, dont knock it ,help fix it .

  24. Ceera Murakami says:

    I’m booked solid right now, but as soon as I have free time in my schedule, I’d be happy to do several DPW projects.

  25. Ryu Darragh says:


    I’d love to help the DPW,.. if I weren’t already swamped and working to rewrite a lot of the freely available LSL into something more useful πŸ˜›

  26. Burton Munro says:

    I’d love to be part of this but I am just so goddam busy

    but ty for the offer anyways


  27. sirhc DeSantis says:

    Well I don’t know why our beloved Lindens bother some time. This is a great idea to spruce up the mainland that won’t break anything by introducing new bugs (sorry features), involves residents and overall is a way to showcase the awesome talent we have amongst us. I applaud it. And if I could string two prims together without spending hours to line them up to 0.001 spacing I would apply lol Alas I am a lousy builder but am looking forward to what comes of this. Kudos Jack L and all involved

  28. So… Lindens, from the multi-million investments made can’t even hire a decent landscaping/multi-disciplinary team to design mainland?… Or they’re trying to keep pushing the “resident content world” slogan going as more and more flock from the lack of initiative they have to protect ORIGINAL content creation and causing ORIGINAL and CREATIVE artists to close down shop and stop they’r SL endeavours?
    /me Scratches head…


  29. Davina Glitter says:

    Applying once I return from breakfast. I am looking forward to being a member of the team and look forward to creating a beautiful world for all to enjoy. Please visit the Gallery of Camazotz for my most recent work.

  30. Marod Pierterson says:

    How about a small crew to go around SL water sims & rivers and add some plant life to the rivers and some valleys, ridges, hills & plant life into the water sims. Would be nice for submarine explorers. πŸ˜€

  31. Jack Linden says:

    [several posts removed for being off topic]

    Thanks to all of you that have already applied!

    To answer a couple of points that are being raised.. the LDPW project has no impact whatsoever on engineering or development efforts to improve Second Life. The project is being run by Customer Relations (Support).

    Secondly, there has been an assumption that these builders will be working for free – this isn’t the case. Although we may have both paid and unpaid builders at some stage, the initial teams will be rewarded on an hourly rate. We’ll talk more about this as we get the first building projects underway.

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  33. Very interesting… A lot of mainland could use some improvement in the respect of open spaces, community areas and the such. Thank you Jack. I hope this project helps embellish Second Life. Second Life is beginning its transition into adolescence from infancy. I wish Linden Lab the best with the new LDPW project and hope it beautifies our world…

  34. Smoj Xeno says:

    I would have thought people would be pleased to get involved.

    If I was better at building, I’d apply just so I could say… “look… I did, and was part of that”. Unfortunatly, right now, I would have to say… “sorry it fell down”

  35. Lias Leandros says:

    Full speed ahead. Ignore the unsupervised Infohub issue and build more unsupervised areas all across the mainland. Put no plan in place to deal with sim overcrowding, greifers taking over areas and massove loitering – all of which negatively impact the tier-paying residents in the mainland sims. I was told that every time the InfoHub in my sim fills up and I cannot enter the sim – to abuse report it. Well Governor Linden does not come up as a resident that can be abuse reported. We pay tier to access the resources of the sim – not to become victims to Linden Lab’s ttempt to put all of their free accounts somewhere.

  36. Ann Otoole says:

    So people that build for themselves don’t count eh? still putting arbitrary rules in place to filter out new and superior talent as usual. Perhaps you should convert your thinking to a skills test and evaluation of in world builds instead of insisting on elitism.

  37. darkheard says:

    where can i download the teen-grid-viewer?

  38. Yellow13 says:

    Yeah great… Unban me and i’ll sign up. :/

  39. CosmoPecan Kawabata says:

    I’m glad to see this effort and I’m glad MOST of the respondents here get it. I would bet the naysayers here in SL ( our pretend world ), are naysayers in ‘Real Life” ( our Real world ) and I hope I don’t know them there. Life is hard enough!
    My thought– A constant complaint of those new people from the real world who have corporate ventures here is that the map system is some how ‘broken.’ Its not, it is a map of our world, just like our maps in real life. The only thing that is missing is Maro place names to give a general direction for our specific place inquiries. What does this mean?!? We need our continents, rivers and seas named to give our map and lives a little bit more specificness. I believe this is a realitively simple first act for our Department of Public Works. Any comments/responses?

  40. Maximilliano Minnelli says:

    Just what sl needs, more bells and whistles. Meantime everything around us is bugged to the hilt.
    Don’t you think it’s better to concentrate on whats wrong instead of adding to the scenery? Anyone with any brains would think so but some would rather continue adding to the scenery even though many others can’t enjoy it due to all the many constant daily problems plaguing this game.
    Real smart.

  41. Vivienne says:

    I refuse to build anything new as long as i do not know about this Windlight lighting desaster and if it gets fixed or not soon.

  42. Bradley Bracken says:

    Jack you have continued to remain silent regarding the roadways despite it being very obvious that this is what your customers are most interested in. Thank you for listening to your customers regarding Ad Farms but does this mean LL is going back to it’s former policy?

    Having more parks are no different than the current Infohubs which means they will be nothing more than a haven for abuse and griefers and overcrowding. Most of that done to noobs who wouldn’t even have a clue how to send an AR. I love the idea of community centers for customers to mingle and socialize but unless you are going to create some control and deal with the harassment and griefer issues that go on then there’s no need to waste your or anyone elses time.

  43. Di Jun says:

    @ 31
    Jack, what strikes me about the DPW is that I sincerely hope your chosen builders are visionaries!

    There are awesome places in SL, but…and a BIG BUT… there is not enough vision. I’m often surprised at how much SL is just a replication of RL or a parallel universe when the possibilities of invention are endless.

    Often I feel like I am just walking around the real world, it’s shopping malls, suburbs and towns as dull as what we live with on a daily basis in RL.
    Why stop at the norm when SL could really be a unique vision of the future?

    I vote for a Department of Aesthetics, Visionaries and Inventors, ppl that could actually create images and environments that could really impact the way we see, and perhaps help restructure the RW.

    One thing it seams that the SL residents/customers would like to see are roads and public transportation. But I think why should we just think of roads and public transportation as we in RL already know? why not be more creative in the solutions? Example: A couple of possible ideas; Invisible roads, not impacting the existing landscape, but still able to walk the roads and see what your walking through as well as seeing who you are walking with and talk about where they/we are going, as well as being able to exit at any time. Sky trains that cross the grid also comes to mind with flashing landmark exits as the train passes these sites, with exit rights.

    Hears hopping you get some big imagination happening!

    Get creative,


  44. Jack Xai says:

    Going mum on important worthwhile issues is Lindens policy, don’t you know that by now? This thing they’re playing with now is just a diversion from the real issues at hand, the same ones you’re mentioning above me as well as all the mistakes they’ve made adding content they have no knowledge of repairing when they break down as residents are awell aware of.
    They figure if they add more scenery corporate investors will look favorably on placing more ads in sl adding more money to Lindens pockets.

    It’s a real shame too. It would be heaven if another company took over sl. One that knew exactly which direction sl badly needs to take.

  45. Milo Bellow says:

    A Long Time Ago,

    I Suggested That Lindens Should Appoint A Caretaker For Every Single Mainland Sim,

    Chosen From A Rotating List Of Responsible Residents From Each Sim.

    Guess That’s Too Easy A Solution…

  46. Razrcut Brooks says:

    “applied” and “2 refs? easy…wink”

    All the egos! Geez people, relax. It does not take much talent to build roads and bridges. A monkey can do these easy builds. (i have seen some talented monkeys on SL)

    @ Jack Linden: If some of the above folks are selected, please request them not to brag on here on being selected. Also, please eliminate the applicants who will think their selection to this “super team” can be used in their business advertisements . eg: “BUILT BY (blank)!

  47. Razrcut Brooks says:

    oops, submitted too quick…last sentence should be eg:”BUILT BY (blank)! Member of the SL Public Works Crew”

    By the way Jack Linden, if SL ever needs a plumber, I am your man. I have keen skills in the wastewater arts.

  48. Damen Hax says:

    Excellent, not only are you squishing the ugly ads (bit by bit), you’re adding momentum to the public build project also.

    This advertises that LL is indeed paying attention to client (our) needs and is doing something about it.

    I for one would happily donate some time to help build some roads, as long as the road going through my land is on the ‘to do soon/now’ list =}

  49. Zen Zeddmore says:

    OMG this is pay fer? Even better. I submitted my ticket thinking it was volunteer. Too cool.

  50. Interesting…. What do we see….
    1. Check newbies in 2008… Far below avarage.
    2. Free extra lag lately.
    3. Linden Lab promising things.
    4. Population growth almost coming to a halt.
    5. Borns in 2007, more and more user hours caused by addiction.
    6. Mainland… a total mess, at least 95%.
    7. LL needing to fix issues… loosing clientelle to other virtual worlds.
    8. Wake uo LL !!!!

  51. Damanios Thetan says:

    I’m not sure how this works?

    You apply to do an unspecified amount of work,on an unspecified complexity level, within an unspecified time frame for an unspecified rate?

    I can’t take this seriously. Sorry LL.

  52. Darren Oates says:

    I think this is great and will be happy to help in anyway i can. Just one other issues i need to address is the landbot issue that limited users can buy land with an automated program that buys land below market price this is unfair to people who buy land via the standered veiwer . I Know that the veiwer is opensourced but plz give us all the option to buy cheap mainland the way the landbot runners do then it will be a fair market. Landbots are just as bad as CopyBots so why not sort it. Mainland would be a much better place because dealers sell unusable plots to bots then it ends up as ad farms.

  53. Francine Capra says:

    This thing that SL is, can never please everybody so when the Department of Public Works came out i was like πŸ˜€

    Its gonna take time, and learning how to play well with others and make SL a nice place for us to spend our time.

    Just because they are trying to get people to help put trees and roads in, does not mean they said boink the sim load issues. Lets face it everyone, this game is like managing a country, our government is a passive dictatorship, every now and then a law comes down but they leave us alone for the most part.

    Not everybody is gonna have time to do this, and they dont want a bunch of power hungry idiots involved. guys chill with the negative

    every time you make a mean post a blingtard puts on a ring

  54. Mimi says:

    why not make all the linden land no build, no scripting, no pushing. that stops most of the griefers

  55. Uccello Poultry says:

    I filed my application! Support Ticket # 4051-4498086

    It takes a lot of folks to operate Second Life so I cringe when I hear cries to drag personnel off one task to work on another. Not everyone has the same skills so what is the point in insisting that a certain bug or two could be fixed if everyone from accounting to coding work on it? But if I can free up a builder that really could use their other talents to better Second Life, then I’m all for it.

  56. Jingyi Davies says:

    ahhh Lez build !
    But I am actually more concerned with the design of the builds, cough…
    It is easy to build but tough to design something that please the majority.

  57. Ann Otoole says:

    after you delete this off topic comment could you go take a look and see why payment transactions are timing out? hard to keep the old economy flowing when nobody can spend money. πŸ™‚

  58. Verdana Klaar says:

    @51 –

    Fully agree with your position. No plan, no requirements of any kind, no infrastructure guidance provided …Just a replica of the ugly slogan: “We need you – just do it”.

    Lindens are funny. May be one greek temple alongside with a post-modern structure would be great to see when wandering along newbie-made Linden roads?


  59. Vivienne says:

    Far out in the uncharted backwaters of the unfashionable end of the western spiral arm of the World Wide Web lies a small unregarded server farm.

    Orbiting this at a distance of roughly ninety-two million miles is an utterly insignificant little blue green grid whose ape-descended life forms are so amazingly primitive that they still think digital watches are a pretty neat idea.

    This grid has β€” or rather had β€” a problem, which was this: most of the people on it were unhappy for pretty much of the time. Many solutions were suggested for this problem, but most of these were largely concerned with the movements of pixels, which is odd because on the whole it wasn’t the pixels that were unhappy.

    And so the problem remained; lots of the people were mean, and most of them were miserable, even the ones with digital watches.

    Many were increasingly of the opinion that they’d all made a big mistake in coming down from the trees in the first place. And some said that even the trees had been a bad move, and that no one should ever have left the oceans.

  60. Is this payed work? Or is it just voluntary?

  61. maelstrom Janus says:

    Beautifying Linden world. Great !!! All in favour.

    Two thoughts though.

    First will your force of workers be managing with the same allowance of prims the rest of us do ? Im curious because it seems some people believe upping the prim count would cause sl to lag further…and yet in my book the unfinished look in sl is down to the fact that it can be an uphill struggle working with a limited prim count. Will prims be used from one part of a region to make another bit look better ? If the prim count is to be upped for these people is it unreasonable to ask if the same is not possible for the rest of sl’s denizens ?

    second – will this beautiful builds etc end up being made inaccessible and unviewable by a web of ban lines. If anything looks unsightly and hinders genuine exploration and appreciation of sl its the presence of a myriad ban lines glowing red as you approach them. Some use going ahead with beautification if peoples attempts at home security ultimately place the new beauty spots off limits.

  62. maelstrom Janus says:

    By the way re beautification how about experimenting with varying the landscape a little ? maybe a few more – fiords, bays, coves and rivers – what about giant causeway style columns or chalk white cliffs ? It seems a good way to begin beautification would be to give a more varied and beautiful backdrop…..

  63. Minnie says:

    My application is also in! Thank you much!

  64. bobber alter says:

    please fix the band width i can never get in with voice sl regular or wind light

  65. sirhc DeSantis says:

    I am staggered. This is an idea which uses what we already have and I think its great. oh 95 percent of mainland is mall/disco/ugly? Not where I live. OK my little garden isn’t a vision a la Barcelona – but its my little way to give back. So on this issue – Go Lindens

  66. Henriksen Gibbs says:

    Maybe next the official SL Army to protect the mainland

  67. I find it interesting how everyone thinks it’s so great that Linden Lab has “opened” this process to everyone so quickly.

    Two things come to my mind, first, how did you feel when you were told it was only available to the TOP 10 Builders in Second Life, and those were chosen by Linden Lab?

    Second, since Linden Lab has “opened” this process up so quickly, one must ask, what happened to your TOP 10 Builders? Did you find out they would rather have a stable grid and less bugs (like 3 years ago) then add more junk, albeit beautifully constructed, to an already over-crowded world?

    Before you say this is such a great idea, you should think carefully about those two questions. First Linden Lab chose to keep this process to whom THEY hand picked, and when they found out those people, most likely old-timers, would rather not support another process made to look as though Second Life is all hunky and dory, then, and ONLY then did they open it up to the rest of the Residents.

    Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

  68. BeeBee Brouwer says:

    I would like to direct the attention of the search committee to the works of Hermit Barber. (Emilie)

    If the objective is to enhance the aesthetics of SL, mere competence in building is not enough to do what needs doing, especially if the objective is a scaled, balanced, and aesthetically pleasing finished project.

    Her most recent project is a lovely build on Dashton (33,125,22); designed to capture and convey the essence of C.S. Lewis’ Chronicles of Narnia, the build spans a quarter of the sim and will be offered for sale when completed.

    The Museum of Earth Friendly Technologies on Jeffery (208, 197, 34) illustrates her mastery of the builders art and demonstrates the proper (no collision) use of larger than normal prims.

    She has taught many builders and continues to offer aid and instruction to builders using Skidz Primz while emphasizing low prim count, low lag, balance, scale, and aesthetics.

  69. Kelly Regent says:

    I went back to take a look at what the DPW is all about, and I have a modest suggestion for “beautifying” the mainland:

    Include ‘open space’.

    IIRC, the only large blocks of undeveloped land on the mainland is fringe Linden Land which hasn’t yet gone up for auction. If you look at RL great cities they all have central open spaces like Golden Gate Park or Central Park or the National Mall or… As you the mainland grows, I encourage you to consider including expanses of snowland, forest, plains, etc in the midst of the developed areas.

    My $L says you’ll see a dramatic change in the development patterns around “open space” regions, and more recreational use of the undeveloped land.

  70. Rob A says:

    This is a great idea. I hope it frees more of the Linden Labs staff to work on pressing issues like poor inter-sim communication and transit for agents. I can’t stand crossing a sim and just disappearing into the ground until the client finally reminds me I’ve been disconnected for no reason.

  71. U M says:

    This could be a possible problems.”being run by Customer Relations”. This is a joke right? I have alot of repect for Jack Linden. But not until i start seeing lands that are filling up with litter from land owner(s) and their Alts that want to force other land owners to sell out because the location is turning in to a junk yard. I say why even both trying to do this to start with? Please If you mean cleaning up the main land then start with the heart of th matter…….

  72. Medhue Simoni says:

    Well, here is another time i feel compelled to post. The Blog says builders. What exactly do that mean. If u are refering to all people that create in sl, then say that. If u mean creating, texturing, sculpting prims, then say that. My understanding of the blog is that your not putting animation in the build. I’m sure that is not the case. But builders is way to confusing a term. I personally dont think i build anything, i feel i create things.
    Now a part of me doesnt like this tho. Your asking people to give up their time and creations to finish your work for no pay. Genius!! I’m all for helping and volunteering, but u haven’t even posted the named of your current people in the program. so they can get some recognition.
    The last thing i would like to add is that those people posting comments ABOUT other peoples bitching is worse then reading the posts that are complaining. I personally find that the complaints are way more informative than people posting “Great job LL”. Do we really need to read about complaints of complaints. And LL is a business they dont need u to pat them on the back.

  73. Medhue Simoni says:

    sorry just got to Jacks post. Had to get thru all the kiss butts. thank god your gonna pay these people.

  74. Ann Otoole says:

    nice letter of reference there beebee.

  75. Raul Crimson says:

    I think this is a good idea, Jack, as you (Lindens) always say “…totally build by its residents…”. Of course i understand not everybody wants or has the possibility or the time to do it, but the idea of building for the community is wonderful!!!
    So finally we will see that roads finished, that train lines, the public buildings i love, like The Temple of Iris!
    Good idea!

  76. At0m0 Beerbaum says:

    I’d like to see some of the barren ocean sims with the occasional tiny lone island with a palm tree or a small volcano poking up out of the water

  77. desdemona enfield says:

    desdemona’s experience is that she applies for a position and then waits and waits for a response, which, if it ever arrives, consists of moronic questions such as ‘can you type?’. With all due respect to the intentions of this project, she will pass.

  78. Pepper Haas says:

    I enjoy walking the roads of sl from time to time and I am very thrilled that work will be getting done on this and other parts of the mainland scenery badly neglected. While you’re building don’t forget to check the stuff that is already there, I got trapped under the road or inside a bridge several times. Again thanks, I look forward to walking about when it’s done.

  79. U M says:

    BTW ad farms as they say and the crack down. Well I don`t see much of that occuring on mainland. Unless they doing it for some locations and not otehrs. Lets hope this is not just a PR stunt for LL to promoto how real Sl is and the issues that effect everyone. LEts just hope LL stands by what they promise.

  80. Chosen Few says:

    I’m wondering why the application page forces you to choose just one “core skill”. I’m equally skilled at building and texturing. In my opinion, one cannot exist without the other. There can be no separation between the two for what I do.

    How about simply making it “check all that apply” instead of “choose one”?

  81. RIP says:

    This publc works thingy is just another attempt (new release) to ratchet up the dying media hype thats been surrounding and supporting seconslife in the past. Lets isolate and fix all the little bugs and reduce the lag first before we stumble into another disaster like voice chat no one is using. While we are at it, lets reduce the privileges of the free accounts as well. Removing their ability to join a groups would be a good first step. Removing their access to running scripts would be a good second step. Say goodbye griefers!

  82. maelstrom Janus says:

    Making sl look good on the surface is bound to make the place more attractive to new customers though…sort of like wallpapering over the cracks and dampspots πŸ˜‰

  83. Handmadeandroid Zenovka says:

    I think this is a splendid idea, and I’m looking forward to seeing the results. I do wish everyone would stop moaning on and seeing the negative side of this, and going on like there is some kind of mad linden conspiracy. This whole environment is new and quite frankly its a technological marvel, one I could not begin to think about coding and maintaining.

  84. Jack Linden says:

    @Ann Otoole: No elitism intended Ann, the request for references was more about looking for those with experience as the first project is potentially complex but I take your point. We should definitely allow as many people to get involved as we can, this is just a start.

    @Maximilliano: As per my previous comment, the Linden staff involved in LDPW are part of support and aren’t involved in fixing bugs or coding. This project doesn’t take any resource away from development at all.

    @Bradley: Agreed, seems a lot of people want more roads so we’ll look to see where we can get involved there. We have some long stretches of greenway that were originally intended for roads but we’ve found that not everyone living alongside them wants roads instead. But yes, we’ll look at it again.

    @Di Jun: Good point re. visionaries. For some of the larger public areas we intend opening it up for residents to suggest what is created there. Should be interesting to see what suggestions we get!

    @Damanios: Apologies if it seems a little vague right now. The work will vary a lot I expect, from tree planting to whole regions of content. Timeframes will similarly depend on the projects, but we do want quality so rushing things wouldn’t make sense. We’ll try to update the knowledge base with more detailed information very soon including rates, projects and who is involved.

    @maelstrom: We’ll be sticking to the same region prim limit of 15,000, so no change there, although city areas as you may know are double prim at the parcel level which we manage by offsetting using Linden land with few prims on it (something private estate owners can do also).

  85. The Bat says:

    @81 RIP — says
    While we are at it, lets reduce the privileges of the free accounts as well.
    Removing their ability to join a groups would be a good first step. Removing their access to running scripts would be a good second step. Say goodbye griefers!

    Your calling ALL free account holders Griefers ?? Man i seriously hope the real greifers out there pursue your bigoted ass from sl and any other world you might get close too. Attitudes like that dont belong .

    Yes , I am a free account holder
    My monthly spend on SL is over 200Euro. So its hardly free πŸ™‚
    I run 2 business and DJ in SL ,and income from those goes back into SL Economy.

    Why dont i have a paid account ?
    1/ no advantage to me to have one , wouldnt want 512 free on the mainland though if this clean up actually works i might rethink that.
    2/ I dont need support , from what i’m reading through the blogs I’m probably saving myself stress by not having it πŸ˜€
    3/ I’d hate to catch the “elitist” bug that bites some “paid account” holders .

  86. Medhue Simoni says:

    For me there is just nothing to really do on the MainLand. Whats fun to me is actually having my AV do something. What SL needs is like city planners with vision. Its more or less just Helter Skelter right now.
    Nice point about free accounts, i had a free account for 3 months until i started making too much money and sl made me get a paid account. If not for that i would still not pay. What am i getting. Nothing! Absolutely nothing. well 300 stipend Yay!! lol. All of you wanting restrictions on free accounts, really need to rethink your position. They are probably the biggest factor in the success of SL.
    My last point has to do with griefers. For some people greifers are a major problem. This should be up to LL to do something about this. but all of their efforts are really dancing around the problem. Restricting scripts from running is no answer. Besides individual animation sales, there is not 1 product i make that doesnt have a script running. If you take away running scripts than u basically have a web chat room. This is not what sl is about.


    SL Is Finially Over For….

    O wait its just my power supply smoking for all the overuse cpu activity SL does to
    your systems……

  88. U M says:

    hahahah again with free accounts make the SL world get better because they send money. Well I bet you hold atleast one or even more paying accounts. So it doesnt apply to those that have information and payment online. I think what people are saying is theose signing up that abuse the signup process. Not those that pay payment online. There is a big difference.

  89. maelstrom Janus says:

    Is there anyway of putting a ‘sky’ layer which allows the free passage for all aircraft and space vehicles I hate crashing my shuttle into a full parcel and then crashing myself as a result…the exploding anti matter pods make such a mess of my hair…

  90. Cael Merryman says:

    Since I have free accounts – decent people IMO – in some of my groups, I hardly support keeping them from joining groups. Perhaps a better start would be a scan of group charters for language that is specifically in violation of the TOS. You can find them everyday. Hell, you can search for them. So LL tacitly allows people to join groups whose charters state that they intend to violate the TOS…

  91. Leal Choche says:

    Aye – a free account here…have a nice place on a private rpsim….the mainland is pretty much a zoo…you can have cute little beach cottage next to a 200M tall block monolith…hmmmm…then there are those floating ads…it is pretty much a design hogpog….the movement around sl should be address…roads are needed…they are routes of trade..and the idea of air roads…good too….might even cut down on all that tp’g people have to do…rather than just tp to a club…one could expeiece a short drive with friends

  92. Traci Romano says:

    I have not read all the comments. But reading the ones that I have, It sounds like to me a more strick zoning law should be introduced. That gets rid of the “”Beach House”” next to the “”Sear’s Tower””….Also NO COMERCIAL BUISNESS LOTS and RESIDENTIAL LOTS on the same Sim. Don’t co-mingle these zones at all…..Too much land for sale/rent with rules about how many customers you can support at a time, Only because a owner has divided their land in half and is renting half as commercial and the owner living right next door in a house. SOME FORM of travel lanes ( besides Teleporting ) should be allowed from Sim to Sim if that is even possible would be applauded by manny. Maybe a outer band of atomsphere at a 2000m level. Also, Free Account holders spend their money just like paying accounts. Well thats my 2 cents for the day,,,, Whats that in lindens ???

  93. Zack84 Burton says:

    I’m glad we got a reply on the roads, it would be great to get more. Let’s not forget SLRR. Residents built the train stations back in Oct 06 and now few people know they exist because the trains are all offline and will stay offline until a Linden clicks the sensor at the end stations. Has to be a better way to do that… It’s been in the Issue Tracker since June.

    @92 Tracy you might be surprised at how many different systems are already in place for moving from Sim to Sim on the mainlands without teleport but they’re just disrupted or not functioning.

  94. Rascal Ratelle says:

    @ 21
    I wasn’t going to bash any one, i was just asking question. and thanks for answering.

  95. Has anyone got hired yet from this just was curios what jobs people got & what kind of pay it was….

  96. maelstrom Janus says:

    Just curious in view of all the controversy surrounding them – but will the department workers be able to use megaprims in their works ? If so what size are they going to be allowed to go up to ?

  97. Karl Reisman says:

    Applied, and I am somewhat thrilled at the idea of a Mid Century decco build, Love that period. This should be fun.

    Oh No megaprims Maelstrom, which maybe why the standard prim limit is DOUBLE for these sims.

    92 Traci Romano, well onthat note,what about thos eplaces in RL that are “period correct” where they have a corner store, or a row of shops, with apartments above? Zome by “Typoe of business, but there should probably be mixed use areas.

    61 maelstrom Janus
    I would hope that ban lines would be managed or restricted, so that transit is allowed, But if the roads remain free that should not be too much of a problem I’d think. Worse though is “Full Parcel”. That restricts vehicle movement, and I want to see vehicles on these streets (now that Pontiac is gone)

  98. Lupo Ellison says:

    Applied. Maybe i did it too late, but i knew about this topic only few hours ago. It should be an interesting opportunity.

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