New (Small Update) WindLight Viewer (80042)

Photo courtesy of Felony Fabre (apologies for the earlier misattribution!)
Hey all. This is a smallish update with only a few fixes- most importantly, we’re getting it out to incorporate a number of important fixes from Release Candidate
And now, Bugs fixed…
* Friends are duplicated in map window
* WindLight: llSetPrimitiveParams makes prims invisible
* VWR-3807: WindLight: Nighttime Brightness does nothing/Non shader night is too bright
* VWR-3889: WindLight: Water since build 75762 is too rough and static (older versions were favorable)
* Highlight beacons from different sim visible on local Sim
* VWR-4860: WindLight: Planar texturing renders incorrectly in 1.19.0 (79674)
* VWR-4361: WindLight: Crash to desktop on Alt-click camera control
* VWR-434: HUD textures are attaching but not being seen
You can see the full list of open WindLight bugs here. Keep on using, issue tracking/reporting, commenting on the viewer, and especially attending our WindLight office hours. These are at:

If you miss a session, transcripts are posted here.

Below you’ll find links to important info related to WindLight:

Happy lighting!!

Pastrami Linden and the WindLight Team

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152 Responses to New (Small Update) WindLight Viewer (80042)

  1. violetT9 says:

    Sorry, I know this is the wrong place to say it, but I can’t find another one.I got lost, I am at Ahern, -4610, -4028, 2230. Please help me because I don’t know hot to go back to the orientation island. Thank you fory our attention.

  2. I am so happy you made this announcement 6 minutes before you logged us off in the middle of sentences. Have you ever thought that some people are doing something on the grid and might like to schedule things so they don’t get interrupted by “smallish updates”?

    And again, when you announce (if this is announcement) tell in the title if it is mandatory update. It is useful.

    For grid’s sake, decide if this is colorful past time in the range of flash games on the web or something serious. And, please, inform us about your thoughts, and start behaving accordingly.

  3. Adora Galthie says:

    Ok, so the font is now bold? Fun…

  4. Marianne McCann says:

    Wow… that was a surprise.

  5. em says:

    yes… get rid of the bold text. it’s blinding and headache inducing.

  6. Balthazar says:

    Have to say loving the work being done on windlight since joining the club of windlighters a few months ago it’s really hard to even contemplate going back to the normal client viewer.

    It has enhanced game play visually significantly and in some instances of versions of the client it has been substantially more stable than the regular client.

    Keep up the good work on this can’t wait to see the final product of windlight along with the havok 4 grid wide release.

  7. Ben says:

    normally I think things get better, but did you even run this?

    IM’s are oddly bold
    all friends remain (waiting) permantly….


  8. Dorie Bernstein says:

    Oh WOW thank you for fixing the planar texturing issue. I was beginning to think I was going insane with the warping and odd stretching and wow I’m happy to see that on the fix list!!!!!!!

  9. WarKirby Magoijiro says:

    Particles. The last windlight viewer, and still this one too, is unuseable for me because particles are broken

    I cannot use windlight until this is fixed. please do so for the next update. It’s breakingmy products for windlight users too.

  10. WarKirby Magoijiro says:

    Also, why is the font bold. ? That will get annoying.

  11. Wow! Crash & I end up downloading a new windlight LOL. Thanks for the updating (Psst…fix the skirts that don’t appear on your body while wearing lol.)

  12. Argent Stonecutter says:

    Can’t resolve host name. :p

  13. Drako Nagorski says:

    GET RID OF THE CRAPPY UI!!!! this is a demand buy your customers!

  14. Argent Stonecutter says:

    I have this radical idea. When you can’t resolve a host name, why don’t you have it tell us what host name it can’t resolve, so we can try looking up that one?

    I suppose I should be glad that it doesn’t just redirect me to a “friendly error message” like Internet Explorer does in the default configuration.

  15. Drako Nagorski says:


    heres what im thinkin the switch to bold went:
    “hey! lets use BOLD in the IM window!!”
    “Great idea 😀 we’ll put fixing bugs on hold!”

  16. Hazno Bazno says:

    Just installed the new Windlight. The installer is in German…

  17. Maklin Deckard says:

    Be nice if the update worked.

    Try to run the game, get ‘you must download’ Download, says it installed, try to run, get the same download or quit message over and over. Cleared cache, uninstalled and reinstalled.

  18. Soo Novi says:

    My screen’s stopped flicker, and my IMs are bold. Chat history text is normal though, but the ims are bold.

  19. Barton Dowd says:

    Is it me, or does the water look worse and worse with each version? I mean version one had an amazing crisp look that was a real “wow!!” factor. More and more dull with each version now. Too bad water was the best thing about WL when it first came out. Dont know why they monkeyed with it.

  20. Lucian Halasy says:

    Who’s bright idea was it to use bold fonts in this release?
    Take a large trout (preferably frozen) and slap it across that persons face (preferably until the trout is defrosted).

  21. Garn Conover says:

    Yeay! Release Key got moved! Font sucks. the Commuicate section of the UI is still a little odd, the pic wont make sense to new players but other than that lookin good 🙂

  22. Detox Watanabe says:

    IMs fonts are not only bold but also a bit “teared” for me, as in top and bottom pixels like the left side a bit more than the middle.

    this and the last windlight release leads to a valid question:

    you guys do test the firstlook/RC clients before you put them out on the grid, DON’T YOU?

    it should be possible with the “open” grid system you have, right? I mean, in theory, you could just log into the maingrid with your new client before you put it out, right? do you…

  23. Kyder Ling says:

    Chill out about the bold guys, I’m sure it’s an easy fix, ;3

  24. Hazno Bazno says:

    Everything is in bloody GERMAN. All the menu items, all the buttons. I just reinstalled with the same issue.

  25. Jayme Llewellyn says:

    This might explain the constant crashes I’ve had today. Hang on ….. I’ve just uploaded this version of the RC!!!! For crying out loud, Linden Labs, get your act together. Here’s an idea. How about getting of your plateau of infallibility and actually playing the game as it stands now? Then you’ll see what we – you’re “Valued” customers – are complaining about. Every new upgrade to details just makes the overall game experience worse. The main grid and central gaming engine need serious upgrading. The clearly cannot cope with the volume of the game. It really is that simple. Or are we just talking to a brick wall? Don’t you boffins at Linden Labs give a damn about your customers? It’s seeming more and more obvious that you don’t otherwise you would have fixed the essential grid and gaming engine problems by now.

  26. Felony Fabre says:

    Thanks for showing my photo (I’m not Eyva however …)

  27. Suzan says:

    Works quite good…

    … except the bold font at the IMs!

  28. AllIN Burger says:

    Would like to see some blogpost shots posted using WL indoors. Appently LL thinks everyone stays outside looking at the sky and water all of the time?

  29. Stephani Honi says:

    Windlight is wonderful.
    My hope is that at some point the major bug in the Linux client of crashing with each and every TP will get fixed so that I can use the Windlight client, and any client since I really hate going back this far, and I fear that at some point it will be deprecated and will no longer be a workaround.
    I use Fedora Core 7 for x86 dual core 64 bit. with an nVidia GeForce 7600 card.
    Please test on this platform (or similar), or at least believe that this bug still exists. Thanks guys.
    I know that Windows is the main focus. I do. But us Linux users spend Linden dollars too. : D
    Thank you for all that you do.

  30. Kilik L. says:

    Thanks for finally fixing the alt+Click so I don’t crash every five seconds General (first tab) –> Language (last field) and change it to your system default and give your computer a reboot.

    and for those people who hate the changes in the IM window, there’s probably some variable in the Debug for it.

  31. Jay Townsend says:

    Please please please do not put that awful UI into the main viewer. It is just mean to move around the buttons people use hundreds of times a day. You become quite used to it. There is a reason even MicroSoft as bad as they can be leave the START, File, Edit, View fields in the same place version to version, it is familiarity. That keeps people from moving to another OS, or Office suite, because they are familer with the product. They do not have to relearn the basic moves. If they had to relearn something they may just use the oppertunity to move on over to a competitors offering. Right now you can get away with it because you really dont have any competition, but soon…..soon you will, and if people that were staying with SL simply because they are familer with it find themselves having to learn a new UI every few months, they will decide they may as well learn a new UI in another program.

  32. colemarie soleil says:

    GOOD that there is a new update…
    will that fix the random crashing every twenty minutes?

  33. Vittorio Beerbaum says:

    Please take out that bold from IM’s or i start to vomit… i can’t even chat on IM now, it is HURTING!

  34. jz paine says:

    God! Just so many whinners. Give me a break.. oh wait.. SL is broken.. NOT!!! Fix your computer and update your drivers before pannicking and linux / mac users … get a PC.. LOL.

    Gets off soap box and goes back playing in Windlights newest version!

  35. colemarie soleil says:

    Answer to the random crashing stopping:


  36. Chuck Bruder says:

    Planar textures are no longer borked. Pheww! IM font is annoying. Water seems somewhat worse in this version, but having he planar textures is a relief!


  37. Creem says:

    Stephani Honi: TPing works fine for me in Linux with Windlight. Jira tickets are more helpful than anecdotal blog comments, however =P

  38. Kathy Morellet says:

    Um… ok, this one disabled my streaming video and told my my Quicktime is out of date even though I already installed QT 7.4 and it worked just fine in the previous WL viewer.

    CPU: Intel Core 2 Series Processor (1891 MHz)
    Memory: 2048 MB
    OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 (Build 2600)
    Graphics Card Vendor: NVIDIA Corporation
    Graphics Card: GeForce 8600 GT/PCI/SSE2
    OpenGL Version: 2.1.1
    LLMozLib Version: 1.1.0 (Mozilla GRE:
    Packets Lost: 0/13558 (0.0%)
    Viewer Digest: aa9ea356-dde8-646d-777c-70207f0aac3d

  39. This update fixes the 2 minutes to open map!
    When I click “About Land Mark” in my inventory I get: “Place information not available without server update.” In the LM popup box.
    If I try to use the LM from inventory I crash/log out.

    Having the Map open fast and normal is a Great Help!
    Thank you Pastrami, Sidewinder, Torley & Linden team!
    Torley was very helpful inworld with info today ,,,=^_^=,,, Thanx!

  40. Chuck Bruder says:

    I’m also getting the Quicktime error message, tho I have v7.4 installed…and streaming video IS disabled.

  41. Mogi Mikoyan says:

    Hmmm, I run an Intel 965 chipset family…And…I crash even faster now. :0
    Before this update i didn’t crash this fast..I was able to fall from thousands of feet without fear of crashing…Or walking without fear of crashing.. T_T Woe is me..Curse Intel chipsets…

  42. Hu says:

    WL RC fails to launch on the Mac

    Way to fail at testing, Linden Lab. Way. To. Fail.

  43. n0rm4l says:

    Thanks for the update LL, some things fixed, but the [b]font[/b] sucks!

  44. Jayme Llewellyn says:

    Linden, Linden, linden ….. you obviously don’t give a rats about your customers, do you? We’ have told you again and again the main problem isn’t to do with the details it’s the crashing and crashing is related directly to the main grid and central driving engine being overloaded. so what do you do? You add more details, you upgrade the previous details with even more complex details and what is the end result? More crashing. more people complaining to a brick wall that we are still having problems with crashing. And yes, crashing is a major problem wether we use linux, MAC or PC. Fix the main grid or – as soon as someone else comes up with a better online game that works as advertised there will be a mass exodus. And guess what? I may just be in the front line of that exodus. Hey, maybe Maxis and Wil Wright will do a new sim’s online – which you guys ripped-off to get secondlife. What will you do then? Rip that off for SL2?

  45. WarKirby Magoijiro says:

    To anyone who’s suffering randomg crashing, be sure to update your video drivers first, then contact LL support

  46. Storyof Oh says:

    massive massive lag and failure of items to rez…..oh its the weekend??? europes asleep apart from me and the game grinds to a halt. At this rate my Valentines items i want to kill might rez come Easter.

    (new release and old viewer different sims same problem)

  47. pantaiputih korobase says:

    To anyone who’s suffering randomg crashing or other strange things, be sure to buy a new pc 🙂

  48. U M says:

    * Friends are duplicated in map window

    ——>( what where how? havent seen this? )

    * WindLight: llSetPrimitiveParams makes prims invisible

    ——>( thought was fixed in the last update )

    * VWR-3807: WindLight: Nighttime Brightness does nothing/Non
    shader night is too bright

    —->( No comment)

    * VWR-3889: WindLight: Water since build 75762 is too rough and static (older versions were favorable)

    —->( someone forced this fix to happen reguardless of it existed or not why? who knows)

    * VWR-4361: WindLight: Crash to desktop on Alt-click camera control

    —-> ( ok if you say so)

    * VWR-434: HUD textures are attaching but not being seen

    —->( Don`t you DEATTCHED from avie? Or wasnt the occurance of Huds coming off after this last update fixed? )

  49. Noisey Lane says:

    *Note to self : should I bother downloading the new WL viewer while living in a country that charges per Mb based on current gold prices multiplied by the cost of a barrel of oil to grease the wheels of the Class 4 Hamsters running on legacy treadmills?
    Based on previous BOLD COMMENTS…
    Probably not.
    Then what else is on tonight?
    OK – you forced me into it!
    Still the best ‘game’ in town and WL rocks!
    All I can say about the above comments is
    Guten Tag!! 🙂

  50. Maloo Eliot says:

    Yeah, water is worse, there isn’t any of that great specularity in the distance like it used to have, like real water has. The IM font is annoying, and it’s painfully obvious that this wasn’t put through much testing before being released as a public test. This would be less of a problem if the update wasn’t required, but this update is worse than the viewer before it. I suggest letting us roll back while you fix the bugs that you have introduced.

  51. Kyder Ling says:


    Okay first off, Windlight and all these fancy new features need to be in the works at some point in time. SL is NOT at the stage where it just needs to concentrate on bug fixings. Honestly, There isn’t a lot of content at a glance for Second Life. Right right, live economy, total control, etc. But people want more than that, and Windlight is just another package. Crashing is a part of any experience, no matter how polished the product is. Just look at any console; every gameboy, xbox, playstation, etc. has had it’s fair share of issues, both hardware, software, and firmware.

    So why not cool down, there are ways to minimize your issues. Try running less programs in the background, try updating any drivers or anything of the like, hell, even clear cache and do other PC maintenance. It really helps. My PC is a fairly good rig, and honestly, my experience with SL has been quite keen, but I understand that not everyone can afford $1,000 for a quality built PC, hardware and software, that is.

    And for your rant about Sims Online… Did you even PLAY Sims Online? There were more crashes and hax in Sims Online than any other MMO. Like where you can buy hacked pets or millions of Simoleons for about $5USD off of Ebay, which neither Ebay nor EA did anything about.

    If you want to go off on a tangent, please make sure your complaint is a valid one.

  52. U M says:

    If its a option i not dl this client. I always do but this time i not having anything to do with it. Some times i rally wonder about those jira fixes. I rember voting for fixes was a nightmare. But resently again the amount of incorrect bug reportrs is once again coming to a head. Each time they do fixes which don`t make sence others parts of the UI becomes broken and unuseable.

    * VWR-4860: WindLight: Planar texturing renders incorrectly in 1.19.0 (79674) seems to be the only one out of this client fix that makes sence……….

  53. Thanks for fixing the rendering of planar texures. At least I can build now in the Windlight Client.

    Other issues made worse:

    Eye Candy:
    particles not appearing correctly (a big frustration for builders such as myself.. particles appearing to be sparse and few, practically none usually rending one particle at a time)
    IM font in bold
    water less attractive
    UI is annoying

    Go back to the first Windlight.. it worked best and do not release updates until they are ready and bugged tested.. because at this rate, we are better off using the regular client even with it’s horrible graphics and grey polluted foggy air in places. I know allot of this depends on settings and hardware, OS, etc.. not one user’s experience will be the same, similar to a finger print. However, when there is a vast majority of the user population basically saying the same thing, then there is a problem.

    Thanks for allowing us to rant and having the professionalism to take it all in stride. Please sift through the rants, taking suggestions into consideration…. such as bringing back the first Windlight.. if it is not broken (it did not seem to be) then best to not fix it or it ends up being far worse than originally. Yes, there were a few minor bugs but with each bug fixed *cough* came a whole new set of bugs which has now made this wonderful program with all of its potential soon to be ready for the pile of junk headed out to the virtual digital curb of nothingness.

  54. U M says:

    @53 i mostly agree with you and you have many important points. I better say this before some screwball post a comment like “DAH ITS BETA TESTING so YOU should EXPECT THIS.) Well any simple might rightous rah rah person starting to protect LL. LL needs to start thinking before releasing updates AGAIN. Because resenty over the past few months things on the UI have been so bad even the coders seems to be confused and totally off the mark.

    “Thanks for allowing us to rant and having the professionalism to take it all in stride. Please sift through the rants, taking suggestions into consideration…”

    I agree here too, thank you for lets us vent as they say


  55. RC Paderborn says:

    You think LL can fix bugs? They can’t even get text to agree. Last two WL updates at least…

    On opening screen “Update Available” and goes on to say “We always recommend upgrading to the latest version, but now the choice is yours.”

    So I click “Connect” and get my choices: “A new version of Second Life is available (Required version Download or Quit”

  56. RC Paderborn says:

    BTW, the previous client had no crashes on my system really. It worked fine once I rolled back the ATI drivers to ones earlier than LL insisted I run and after I hobbled my video card by slowing it down.

  57. U M says:

    oh brother I stuck with this update arnt I………..

  58. RC Paderborn says:

    And yes, I too get the video disabled and the message that my Quicktime is out of date. I’m running and HAVE been running 7.4.091 which according to Apple is the latest version.

  59. U M says:

    downloaded the nex client . it say send a crash report. I did error cameup and said “SERVER NOT FOUND” Now here we go again with things not getting fixed.. I really do like the try of doing this fix. But it just don`t seems to be doing any good.

  60. RC Paderborn says:

    I stand corrected. Seems Linden Labs knows about Apple updates before Apple. Their Software updater swears I’m running the latest version… the website says 7.4.1 is available. So sorry LL, I take back one of the bad things I was thinking about you guys.

  61. U M says:

    Ok crashing crashing crashing here. Havent done this for over 1 1/2 years now. You call this fixed? Ok rah rah people come on and do your best kissups and say everyone is crying ………..Facts are this client is nothing more then a pile of monkey poop..

  62. Selkit Diller says:

    Please revert the UI to a version that isn’t annoying to high heaven, thanks. Change for the sake of change is unacceptable. The client’s general look and feel has worsened, not improved, and the “I accidentally removed all my control using attachments with a badly placed button” count is now at 16.

  63. MikeC Althouse says:

    I don’t like it, it is not as stable as the regular client. I hope it is more stable when it is required as the standard client.

  64. Farallon Greyskin says:

    Was there really another bug in QT 7.4 that we all HAVE to upgrade to 7.4.1?

    I hope That every version of SL is not going to require the latest version of QT EVERY TIME.


  65. Kyder Ling says:

    @64. I think they have addressed that Quicktime Crash Exploit that was found.

  66. Bagracer Bergson says:

    please, please, please offer the pre update water as a water option you have now ruined it to the point you might as well not even bothered, the water was the best part of windlight for me now it is just dark flat and lieless again, a really big thumbs down.

  67. June Oh says:

    2 out of my 3 faults fixed, thanks.
    Camers/Movement contols now lock in possition, and music stays on when I TP to othere parts.

    But new IMs not flashing to alert me as they did uptp 3 or 4 weeks ago.
    Hope that fixed next time.

  68. U M says:

    I don`t even use Quick TIme anymore because of all the virus(s) and other problems. But i think 65 is right they took care of that exploit awhile ago so things should be fine. But never the less i wouldnt use quick time with sl these days.

  69. For all the users disappointed (or pissed off) by the new UI, have a try at the Cool SL Viewer (yes, got Windlight too):

    And for Lindens: LISTEN to you customers. We HATE the new UI. After the catastrophic change from v1.18.0.6 UI to the stupid “chatterbox”, you are now again doing it with the toolbar, the chatbar and the overlay bar (not to mention the new status bar icons which are so dim and so difficult to distinguish from each other while the old icons were just fine).

    STOP changing the UI and concentrate on REAL bugs !

  70. Wow, that was out of line, #69. Seriously- fine if you think someone’s commenting “too much”, but that attack is completely uncalled for.

    So far I’m not having trouble with the new client- the bold IM is irritating but not stopping my SL from proceeding along happily, and I am glad other bugs got fixed even if they weren’t bothering me specifically.

    If I was in LL’s position I would stop allowing any comments on these posts, because not enough of them are really constructive- and now we have to see the commenters attack each other in ridiculous, nasty ways.

    I am sure someone will be snotty to me for even posting this, but remember, you’re only proving my point when you do. ^_^

  71. Skygirl Kline says:

    #69 that’s a horrid thing to say..will somebody remove it please?

  72. Murry says:

    Its far to late in the game to be switching around UI button positions. Sorry but you’ve had years to do this beforehand and suddenly switching so that the release keys is in a very inconvient position is.. well its just bad design decision. ESPECIALY when the position of the button can change at a moments notice >.>

    Really the optimal solution would be to make the release keys button on the UI an enable/disable option under prefrences with a duplicate release keys option that would be under one of the menu options. There if you need it, but out of the way so you dont accidently screw yourself by hitting the key accidently.

  73. Hm, while with the normal viewer my processor cores run at 40-70 percent, at peaks go up to 80-85, this windlight versions puts both cores at 95-100 percent all the time. AMD Athlon 64 X2 5000+.

  74. Proxima Saenz says:

    Yes I have the same, and it takes forever to even download it.. and install it… I have the strange feeling that we are going to experience a lot of troubles with this update..

    Its really annoying to see an update coming every two days though.
    Please test the vieuwers better so you dont have to release another update in future.

  75. Cheetah Hammerer says:

    as far as linux distros go… maybe you got a corrupt tarball? or did something wrong compiling it?

    other than that, not much to say, except i still am completely puzzled why the “new graphics tab” which was featured in one of the videos quite a while ago is still non-existant, at least as far as i can tell….. fresh install (un-install/re-install) did nothing, hell i’m even running xp instead of vista again and no change.

    lastly, why is there no in program FSAA (fullscreen anti-aliasing) support???? it’s not like it’s a new technology, or even very hard to implement AFAIK, and secondlife has definetly been around long enough that it should/is expected by new users – i’ve shown a few people to secondlife and they immediately dismissed it saying “it looks shitty, why do you play this man?”

    anyway that’s all i really have to add.

  76. Tijn Erde says:

    Just a small request.
    Is it possible to have settings persist through updates?
    Currently with every update, settings are lost and have to be manually reset. This seems kind of unnecessary, especially with settings such as UI size and popups.

  77. Kugel says:

    Well.. if the crash on Alt-Camera is fixed.. nice one. Just tried it.. and it “seems” to be OK.

    So I thought I would TP from my empty residential sim to my other empty residential island… LOL… CRASH. Heyhooo….. business as usual then.

  78. Croft says:

    I’ve complained occasionally when moved to by some highly major irritant, like that release keys button debacle, but at least Linden listened and sorted that out more or less. I still have NO idea why that is even there, I have never used it during my time on SL and it’s sucking up precious screen real estate, but hey at least it’s no longer jumping around.

    That said – keep in mind that Windlight is not even a release candidate, it’s a preview. In other words, it’s still an alpha release, not even a beta. The whole point of a client this far from release is to work actively on it, change it, tune it, fix it, put out frequent changes… anyone using Windlight should definitely report bugs and complain about idiotic moves like the release button thing as politely as possible, but really… this is not the stable branch of SL here, this is the pre-pre-release we’re talking about here.

    In other words, it is unstable, changes very frequently and is prone to bugs like that bold font thing, that’s par for the course and to be expected. If you don’t want to see these particular glitches then go back to the official client or the release candidate.

  79. Dui Zhang says:

    I hate to be negative when you guys are making progress, but it’s really frustrating when they interface keeps changing. I’m get used to the way tab, escape, and enter work with one client and you change them on the next. I’m less and less inclined to try the WindLight client with every release. Make it pretty, sure… you’re doing a good job of this, but please stop change the UI for the sake of moving stuff around.

  80. Wilma Philbin says:

    About Quick Time (having latest version and still being told to update). I uninstalled QT and installed same version again. Now it works fine. Time consuming but effective.

    Do hope someone has told VioletT9 to quit SL and restart by now.

  81. Just to jump in on a certain rude comment earlier on:

    Whichever Linden Lab Employee on the WebDev aspect of Second Life is in charge of managing WordPress issues, I’d appreciate a way of linking the Abuse Reporting feature (however sufficiently functional it may or may not be) with the Linden Blog in some way.

    I’m sure #69’s post is in some way against the Community Standards regarding racism and ethnic prejudice. =\

  82. For everybody who dislikes the new font on IM chat… you know the drill… vote to get it fixed:

    For the record: the font settings should be manageable from editing ../skins/xui/en-us/floater_instant_message.xml, on the settings for the property. However, it is correctly set to font=”SansSerif” (and not font=”SansSerifBold” as I thought) — so the “bold” setting is hardcoded elsewhere, unfortunately.

    There is a workaround to change the font from the Debug Settings panel, but, beware, most font changes will crash SL 😦

  83. Sorry about that comment (mostly) in bold! See, it’s easy to make a simple mistake and get things all in bold… lol

  84. Lina Pussycat says:

    To people that complain heavily about Windlight it is a First Look client… They are meant as test client on the main grid and thats the point… While they do test them there are things that are going to be a problem and that is what bug reporting is for… These are essentially Alpha releases of the Client with RC candidates being beta releases… So yes there are going to be bugs etc…

    Windlight is going well. There are going to be a few bumps in the road but that is why they give it to us to test out for them so we can root through alot of the problems we have an tell them about it so they can fix it. I really dont mean to offend but it seems silly to whine over bugs in a product that you pretty much know is going to have bugs. It even says it on the disclaimer that it may be diff then the normal client. Bugs pop up especially in Test software.. Thats why its test software..

    @80 yes this is most likely against the Community standards… You could probably file it under intolernace in world if you wanted to…..

  85. Lina Pussycat says:

    @66 double check your graphics settings because it approximated what was best for your system last update you probably have alot of stuff disabled if the water is flat to you…

  86. Tan Tantalus says:

    The update seems to have fixed the (lack of) stability I had when moving the camera around. I’m sure the IM font will be looked into in the next update – or I hope so as it is not all that nice to look at.

  87. Henrik Svendsen says:

    I get some error saying its missing a dll-file (in german :O)

  88. Lina Pussycat says:

    If the client is in german you selected the wrong language on install and are one of those people that just clicks through everything… To fix the problem you are going to need to go to edit > preferences > general > and set language to english or system default if its on some thing else or simply reinstall SL making sure you change the language file where it asks….

  89. Raven Primeau says:

    Would be nice……..If the grid were not playing up, having to relog to change my pants and gloves layer isnt exactly stable and its as slow as the US government realising it has bitten off more than it can chew in the Middle east.

    with only 30 odd thou on the grids like porrige, WTF are LL doing about it? Nothin accordin to the blog

  90. Lumi Inada says:

    Bold text is annoying, and apparently prims are disappearing in my house. I know they’re not gone, but my paintings on the wall did disappear in front of me and I wasn’t able to click them, also my shower was missing prims. They weren’t returned or deleted and everything was proper, just that the prims randomly don’t render. I hope you come with another ‘small’ update sooner than later, especially as the previous one didn’t have any real problems.

  91. Downloaded and installed.

    LOL I made sure to triple-check that I selected English (hey. you never know xD) and the whole client is in German! This is funny, but quite counterproductive for those who merely *pretend* to be linguists. 😛

    /me proceeds to find a Jira listing about mixed-tongues…

    Oh and @83: Nah, I’m sure Usagi can make an abuse report, just like anyone can do for themselves. I’m just lazy and wanted an easier way. xD – Either way, it’s really not my place to actually proceed with such an action as it was strictly between those two involved. Furthermore, my comment was more to see who else would like such a feature if it wasn’t so flooded already. If I wanted to actually make it a request, I would take the proper venue, of course. (Only a big money-mongre would use Jira, I prefer Bugzilla myself xD)

    As to IMs being in bold, well, I dunno because I’m stuck using the RC (because I actually like the new UI 😛 ) because I don’t actually speak Gernglish! 😛

  92. Suelen Almodovar says:

    Since improved support for ATI cards, it is impossible to use the Windlight in my Nvidia card. The Second Life freezes every time a friend is online or offline.

    Several people are claiming the same problem.

  93. Gerard Laasonen says:

    You can remove the “release keys” button all together (who uses it anyways) by editing ./skins/xui/en-us/panel_overlaybar.xml. Find the part that mentions “Release Keys” and change the “button” in something different, like “bbutton”. Make a copy of the file if you are afraid to mess up things.

    You can also get the flashing back to (at max 10.000 times) by changing a debug parameter. But that information is in-world. So I can’t get to it at this moment. If anybody wants to know, just let me know. I have some other tips in that notecard too. 🙂

    In respect to Test Versions. Last year I had one month of constant crashes when logging in with test versions. I was afraid this “feature” would end up in the final release but luckily that was not the case.

  94. Bliss Crimson says:

    Please take the Release Button off the Main Screen. I hate it with a passion!!! Or move it somewhere out of the way, (like off the screen).

    I’d be much obliged.

    Bliss Crimson

  95. Lina Pussycat says:

    Amras double check the general tab under language setting to make sure it is in english then as well…. Sounds peculiar… O.o The only thing that is overtly annoying to me is the IM’s not flashing but instead lighting up….. Since you cant really tell easily when you got a new IM…

  96. Lindsey Warwick says:

    Where the hell did my glow go, i can’t see glowing objects anymore!!

  97. Lindsey Warwick says:

    Where the hell did my glow go, i can’t see glowing objects anymore!! someone help me out please

  98. Lina Pussycat says:

    @96 check your graphics settings (may need to press custom) and make sure some of the shaders are active!!

  99. Argent Stonecutter says:

    To the people worrying about Quicktime…

    Don’t forget that enabling streaming video allows land barons and stalkers to track you by IP. And, yes, they’re actively doing it: the last time they killed quicktime one of them was complaining in the blog they couldn’t use this exploit any more. 😦

  100. Lina Pussycat says:

    @98 this varies if they are hosting the videos themselves really…. If they just pull a random one off the net i dont think they can track the IP….

  101. Uccello Poultry says:

    @all the comments about BOLD

    Thanks in part to my diabetes, my visual acuity is decreasing so I rather like the use of BOLD that I’ve seen. I wish there was a way to turn this off for the whiners (ow! my eyes! you’re gonna put my eyes out with that typeface!) and those for which it is a genuine impairment. Being able to scale the fonts used in the UI and text areas would also be awesome.

  102. JeanGenie Jewell says:

    and today SL is down again and again :(((

  103. rendom_P says:

    hmmm i can understand using WL to test new ideas, and thats all fine by me, but once _EVERYONE_ starts saying “omg new WL sucks ass!”, it might, just maybe, be a good idea to listen? i loved the first WL. then you idiots started toying with things you dont understand…
    and some of the posts i see make a lot of sense… if someone comes out with a new SL (not under LL) i and my wife will be the first on the boat ride over!

    random idea to see if LL reads blogs _AT_ALL_:

    not really, but now to see if they notice XD

  104. U M says:

    OMG is it weekend in your part of the world is that why the childish bashing remarks? If i not mistaking there are peopel with as many post as mine here. So please stop your blog games and get in to the game and enjoy it. SO have a wonderful weekend and make sure you do your home work 🙂

    Enjoy your second life kiddies 🙂


  105. Drako Nagorski says:


    there is a way to scale UI :)) and font size can be changed as well

    settings > somewhere in there (graphics?) is a UI size slider.
    settings > chat? maybe communications is a few boxes for font size, though i dont think they affect IM or history

  106. rendom_p ackland says:

    anywho, since the last post was killed,

    (not really, but lets see if LL listens?)

  107. nina says:

    very annoying being forced to download this ‘smallish update’.

  108. Vivienne says:

    I only can repeat: The lighting of Atmospheric Shaders ais horrible. I like the new sky and the water is great. But hey, pleaaaaase LL turn down this overlighted shaders. They alter contrast, brightness and colors of textures in an unacceptable way.

    The lighting without Atmospheric Shaders enabled is worse enough, but somehow acceptable. Hire some photographer or any other visual pro who really can tell you about “natural” viewing experience and the capability of the human eye.

    My eyes get hurt by this.

  109. U M says:

    Please this crashing in login is just a joke now. PLEASE PLEASE fix this problem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  110. @Usagi: WTG! Handled like a pro. Hehe.

    @Lina: Resetting to default (albeit 3 times 0.@ ) fixed the issue. Peculiar indeed.

  111. Thanks for the updates, I’ll just sit here and wait for the ‘region handshake’ a few more hours…….

  112. U M says:

    Noticed I don`t quote people names? Why? because like my 2 1/2 year old girl attention seems to be what kids want on Blog and the forums…………..I let their parets dop their job instead of me……..

    Anyways, From what i have noticed the memory leak seems to be back again but with a stronmger presents then in the past issues….I don`t know what the grid monkeys did to this build but it not even useable with reborn issues with the memory. Oh they did so very CUTE bug fixes which makes some laugh. But look know its worse then before this update.


  113. Shire Pony says:

    Water and Sky… these are the main draws to Windlight, and yet with each release you guys seem to get water more and more wrong. Water looks absolutely awful now. Apart from the rough top texture that looks completely alien to any water I’ve ever seen, the color and clarity of the water seems to get more “polluted” each time around. it’s as if someone threw a static nylon mesh over the surface and poured milk into the water to make it cloudy. You guys had this right several releases ago, who on earth is fiddling with it!

    I recommend you send whomever is responsible for this on a tour of the top 10 beaches of the world to take note of what beautiful deep blue water is suppose to look like. If absolutely necessary, I suppose I could tag along as an adviser (packs her new bikini and scuba gear just in case) 🙂

    The quicktime issue also hit me despite the fact that I have the most current release. I didn’t see any mention of fiddling with the streaming system in the release notes so how exactly did quicktime get affected? Makes me wonder if changes are getting admitted without review…


    CPU: Intel Quad Core Processor (3005 MHz)
    Memory: 8192 MB
    OS Version: Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate (Build 6000)
    Graphics Card Vendor: NVIDIA Corporation
    Graphics Card: GeForce 7950 GT/PCI/SSE2
    OpenGL Version: 2.1.1

  114. Lina Pussycat says:

    @106 why dont you set the setting in advanced sky settings yourself if you hate them that much O.o? Why do people whine about the defaults i simply dont understand it. You have control over how it looks.

  115. Upon login: A dialog that simply says “Second Life” with an option button that says “NaN” — No owner, nothing in the Local Chat (Chat History) window, and now I’m confused. But regardless of certain “duh dialogs” this new release is “so far so good, proceeding with caution.” 😛

  116. Wolfie Waves says:

    Ok, this comment is aimed at all you whiny dumb ass little sh**s.
    The whole point of FirstLook is public BETA TESTING. If that is too much for your single brain cell to comprehend then you should not be participating in the FirstLook beta. Go back to using main client and leave the beta testing to those residents who actually care about testing, bug reporting and helping to make WindLight stable enough to be released as the main SL client.

  117. Kenny Devoix says:

    Well I have ran this release over 8 hours now with only one crash and that was during a teleport. Although I greatly prefer the old UI this release seems quite stable and fast for me,35 to 40 fps on a average sim and 20fps the lowest on a crowded sim(60+ avies).
    Shrugs is sure the resident blog trolls will have a field day with me for saying that and not bashing LL, but I dont give much value to them. Especialy the ones who have been banned before and are posting again under differant names then their real SL avie name.

    Second Life 1.19.0 (80044) Feb 15 2008 16:46:46 (Second Life WindLight)
    CPU: AMD (Unknown model) (2613 MHz)
    Memory: 2047 MB
    OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 (Build 2600)
    Graphics Card Vendor: NVIDIA Corporation
    Graphics Card: GeForce 7600 GS/PCI/SSE2/3DNOW!
    OpenGL Version: 2.1.1
    LLMozLib Version: 1.1.0 (Mozilla GRE:
    Packets Lost: 0/1708 (0.0%)

  118. Soy N says:

    Thank you VERY MUCH for solving the shortcut (CTRL-W) issue on this version!

    Thank you, it’s much appreciated!

  119. Shire Pony says:


    Lina, I wouldn’t exactly call that whining. I believe the term is “constructive criticism”. And the idea that it’s ok to have the defaults out of whack and expect every user to have the savvy and wherewithal to tweak the settings seems a bit absurd.

    This is not a final release of the client. Its under development. If ever there was a time to make comments about how to improve the client, this is it.

  120. Lance Corrimal says:

    “Friends are duplicated in map window” is _not_ fixed… it is the FIRST TIME I SEE THAT with that windlight!!!

  121. U M says:

    havent crashed for 2 hours…….

    Well thats what people are doing remarking about problems and issues related to Wind Light. The more the better impot from others.

  122. Lance Corrimal says:

    ..and “avatar impostors” actually means “hide everyone further away than 10 meters”, at least on linux on this release.

  123. Gillian Waldman says:

    Works for me and I quite like the bold IMs >.< This is my favorite release yet actually.

  124. Seann Sands says:

    Just to add to bug list (already submitted via JIRA). Mangled Network Data crash…not just on teleports…but on flying. Doesn’t happen in RC or normal client. Anyone else? Add your votes on JIRA for this issue!

  125. Lina Pussycat says:

    @ 117 well to me it seems that people unwilling to go out and tweak the settings how they like are simply being lazy. Its not hard a 5 years old could do it you just slide the stuff around till you get something you like. Its the same people that probably go out and buy shapes. If they arnt lazy and take the time to fiddle with the settings they will get something they like. I made the shape i use now the Second Day i was in SL and tweaked some settings later on when i got newer skins… It doesnt take a rocket scientist nor even a greatly educated person to slide things around is my point with that.

    Doesnt take Savvy and wherewithal at all to tweak the settings it takes taking the initiative and not just sitting there expecting everything to be spoon fed to you… There are ways to improve the client yes but adjust the gamma setting on advanced sky a little and hitting save isnt really that big of a deal is it?

  126. Vivienne says:

    Settings???? I am running this alpha version on a Mac, and it exactly behaves like an alpha version. The rendering is a pain under ALL circumstances. Atmospheric Shaders run only in full scrreen mode but do not render water at all. Without Atmospheric Shaders it renders water, but some parts of the sky are missing. Itcrashes almost everytime i resize the application window. Alpha rendering is a gas. The overall lighting still is far from acceptable. as it is now, it will give headaches to every creator in SL .There are numerous and grievious functionality issues here.

    The UI is a matter of taste, but i do not think people will like it. And it uses an awful amount of memory.

    What strucks me is that this is to be used by everyone on the main grid. Every nube will download it cause LL praises it as gods gift to cration. And it really is far from being usable at all. This is not professional. A professional approach would be a professional beta tester program, which would enable volunteers to run this alphas on the main grid and try this excessively and report the bugs to LL: THIS method here is ridiculous.

  127. Web Page says:

    spoon feed me. SL isn’t an artist community (anymore) it’s goal is to be approachable by the masses who by and large are not capable of cutting their own meat, using a fork, and forget about chopsticks.

    Has anybody else noticed that if you turn sun/moon lighting down and ambient up that you can see through avatars?

    I’d also like to propse a per-object setting (that can be changed even on no-mod objects) for “outdoor/indoor” Windlight is a gloabl property that affects every indoor environment in SL. It will ALWAYS BE A TRADEOFF – NOT AN IMPROVEMENT until indoor environments are recognized.

  128. Lina Pussycat says:

    @124 this isnt always LL’s fault Mac’s are somewhat problematic in some ways and they are issues that seem to only be effecting macs.. There are bound to be problems with Windlight and they dont expect everyone to use them… They are trying to get feedback from as many people as possible which in a beta testing envrioment is much better then only a select handful of people.

    @125….. No its not always an artist community but from your own statement there it seems your saying is that the masses are in fact lazy which just further proves my point. If people stopped being lazy it wouldnt be an issue…

  129. Gino Mertel says:

    Great news , whe fixed our previous fixes and or now working on fixing these new fixes whe made after that its back to the fixing of what realy matters. ( if youre lucky , please dont blame us whe are bored whe need more fixes so whe create our own )

    Whe also tought it would be nice to make the font bold, iam sure whe will fix this soon and replace it whhit something else to frustrate your secondlife , if you got any questions please visit

    Thank you for youre endless patience , impressive.

  130. Argent Stonecutter says:

    @112 Lina:
    (a) They changed it so you can’t change the default windlight settings, you have to create a whole new day cycle
    (b) Your windlight settings get blown away when you install a new version
    (c) changing MY default settings still leaves my avatar looking like the michelin man on YOUR screen.

    Web Page is absolutely right. Windlight needs the ability to change material lighting behavior (AKA materials) on a per prim *and* avatar-wise basis.

  131. Argent Stonecutter says:

    @125 Web Page – they have talked about adding “materials”… per-prim lighting modifiers … eventually.

    We also need some kind of coarse shadows. Perhaps check if your avatar is ‘indoors’ (ray trace to sun is intercepted by a ‘big enough’ prim and >50% of random traces to the sky are intercepted) and switch to an ‘indoors’ lighting profile with ambient cranked and sun+moon dropped almost to 0.

  132. Vivienne says:


    Right. The total greyscale contrast messup and the completely unrealistic brightness and color changes are bad enough outdoors, But indoors it is a absolute desaster. I wonder if these guys are in it for pure KITSCH. Violet wood, pink concrete and poison green sandstone. Advantage: Maybe it s better to be able to see only the dark, undefined shape of some some naked nube approaching me as long as his his back is turned towards the sun while i am looking straight into this beautiful source of floodlight…

  133. Lina Pussycat says:

    @128 you can copy out the setting file and restore it if necessary so it being blown away while true is fixable…. I agree somewhat but to have that would be somehwat laggy unless it did it for all prims you cant change each and every prim to be a specific way.

    Detection of indoor objects would be nice yes but SL has never had it at all so saying its a trade off is a little silly =/ There is no trade off because we arnt going from a system that had proper indoor lighting to one that doesnt, It is an improvement atm but i would hope they are looking at in door lighting if they are trying to make enviroments be more realistic etc….

  134. Vivienne says:

    @ 124

    ” this isnt always LL’s fault Mac’s are somewhat problematic in some ways and they are issues that seem to only be effecting macs”

    Maybe, maybe not, but from what i heard and read I conclude that most windoze machine cannot run this in a stable way, either. And the lighting desaster is common on all platforms and cannot be fixed by settings.

    And honestly: What do you think will happen if Adobe makes the latest Alpha version of Photoshop available for public download? Don´t you think these professional software development companies (and any other serious game develeper) fo NOT have very serious reasons for PREVENTING the public from trying their alpha software????

    LL behavior reminds me of the 4 years old son who runs to his dad calling “Look, daddy, what i have build””, proudly presenting the remains of dads PC meant to be a toy robot.

  135. Lina Pussycat says:

    @130 ummmm this is a setting that you yourself can alter….Yes the defaults were created that way… Did you ever think maybe its on purpose they made the environments to feel a specific way. Just alter the lighting to not reflect how the sky looks while it looks a bit unnatural that way to its no really a win in either direction. There is no fool proof way to make the environments look 100% grand to everyone and someone is always going to complain..

    Im not sure what client your looking at exactly but while some of the settings they provide themselves are crap that isnt the entire point of windlight…… If you just use what LL provide by default we’d all look like newbies… The entire point of windlight at least to me was having control over how the sky and lighting of the world looked. Yes they could be better and hopefully they will edit them but the defaults there arnt a show stopper at least to me…

  136. Argent Stonecutter says:

    @131 Lina: Yes, you can copy the settings file out, but you have to copy out specific files in two separate directories and copy them back in again. It’s not rocket science but it’s not fair to expect hoi polloi to do it. Windlight needs to put modified settings files in your profile, not the windlight directory.

    Why do you think adding an extra few bits of data to each and every prim would be horribly laggy? Each and every prim already has texture, color, alpha, shiny, bump-map, glow, light, and possibly a particle system all of which go into the shaders… adding an extra contrast setting would just be a tweak to the shader program.

    Finally, the old SL had lighting that was acceptable for both indoors and outdoors, not great for each, but a compromise. Windlight is eliminating that compromise, tuning the lighting for outdoors only. Either the people who want glorious sunsets need to compromise, or we need to be able to create separate settings to get indoor lighting working again.

    That is, indoor lighting used to work. Now it doesn’t. That’s what we’re trading off, and that’s not reasonable.

  137. Lina Pussycat says:

    Well comparing adobe is silly their dev teams in comparison to LL’s are alot larger. They also dont release alpha software to the mass market because first off most of their software isnt aimed at the mass market but rather corporation and they do have testing stuff that goes on for alot of their products…. There are alpha tests for instance

    Adobe Flex Builder Linux Public Alpha alot of companies use consumer testers for alpha testing and beta testing their products because it gets alot more variables on testing. Its not unprofessional to do so in fact its good practice because your likely to catch alot more bugs on alot more systems if you have more people using the products. If your running the software on close to the same hardware and only say 200 people your not going to catch near as much as say if 5,000 people use it…

    The argument they shouldnt test the products on a consumer crowd is somewhat silly….

  138. Argent Stonecutter says:

    @131 now I think of it, they *have* a per-prim lighting-model setting – “full bright”. The problem is that it’s a one-bit setting to turn off the lighting model completely. Adding a “contrast” slider that adjusted the ratio of ambient and directional lighting for the prim shouldn’t add much overhead:

    Lighting: Ambient |———-+——–| Directional

    With the default in the center meaning “use existing settings”.

  139. Lina Pussycat says:

    Do you recall when we had lights as prims argent? As a selection? It used to be horrid when they had them. That was a per prim setting and it sucked and was resource intensive… If you adjust some setting you can have it be acceptable indoors and outdoors…. You can have the sunset without washing out the lighting if your careful in the selections you make….

  140. Lina Pussycat says:

    That could be pluasible with the 136 comment argent if they could control the brightness of full bright….. But with avatars it’d be trickier…

  141. Felony Fabre says:

    Hey Pastrami! That’s my picture at the top of this post, not Eyva Matova’s. If you’re going to give me my 15 minutes of ‘fame,’ at least get the name right! Dammit!

    I should get a free island to compensate for the distress caused by this oversight, in my opinion. And a 1 year supply of Captain Morgan’s …

  142. Vivienne says:

    Lina, you miss the point in your posts. SL is ONLY successful because it established a visual standard. Everyone experienced almost the same view of things (more or less) regarding lighting, contrasts, colors and so on. Only because of this a common sense of creation was made possible which matched default settings. And only because of this creators were attracted and enriched SL with their creations.

    Windlight messes up the visual compromise Argent mentioned in favor of outdoor lighting fixed on nice sunsets and water reflections only. This may be okay for a still postcard, but does NOT serve well as a platform for visual creativity at all. I cannot create a nice wooden textureif this appears to get altered into some horrible greenish or yellowish mess every other hour of the day. I cannot create a bright pastel indoor texture if this gets splendid white on noon. And I cannot create caramel clothes when the one wearing these looks like a colored light bulb for four hours a day.

    As it is now,this here will harm EVERY serious creator in SL, cause it messes up the existing texturing all over SL by default. And this CANNOT be the sense of an “improvment” at all. And harming existing creation in SL means harming the existing economy.

  143. Thili Playfair says:

    Thought you guys had learned never to release a update during weekend by now : P,, enjoy your overtime work fixing the new bugs?.

    Btw whoever host the update/download client, is really slow ,crawling at 27-30kb ? seeesh.

  144. Chuck Bruder says:

    BTW, There IS a new release of Quicktime..v7.4.1.04. Download it and the Quciktime error message goes away. Otherwise, seems relatively stable, goof frame-rate, no borked textures, but water and indoor ligthing is MUCH worse. Keep tryin fellas!

  145. Lina Pussycat says:

    @140 while thats true i dont know many people that use the day cycle in SL however i do see your point the point im making is that lighting is really no diff now if people just make a static thing *shrugs* but then again most people are to lazy to do so. The other point to you was complaining that testing alpha software is unprofessional is silly because alot of big companies do it because its good business practice. If LL tested this with only a handful of tested and this handful of testers said hey this is good to go now but you hated it what would be the purpose in that?

    I do agree lighting could be better for the cycling through thats a given the defaults in SL are horrid (for everything including default avatars) but its up to LL to change them And as has been said before this is still test software and likely will remain test software for awhile… They could do what argent said but that doesnt solve the problem of avatar lighting but then who knows.

    This is precisely why its wise for them to test out an alpha product on the masses th ough. This feedback is important to get rather then not get…

  146. Jonathan Arna says:

    Good to see the texture bug, and some other issues fixed, thanks LL

  147. Vivienne says:

    @ 143

    Lina, i see no sense in public alpha software in commercial environment, and I do not know ANY serious company which would actually test alpha software in office or elsewhere.

    SL is a commercial environment. And this alpha is as alpha as an alpha can be, and additionally HARMS creators in SL because it renders at least half of SL creations simply ugly and every other resident tries it permanently.

    Serious software companies engage MORE than a handful of betatesters. And they only release something for the public if it matches the minimum requirements in stability, functionality and (in case of visuality) common sense. LL takes the easy road: Throw it on these silly people in SL, they will do the the darned job for free. This is NOT professional at all.

  148. Jasmine Chemistry says:

    I like WL RC because actually it works a little more stably than the other versions for me, but I have to agree with some comments:

    The new UI is abysmal – and yes I got hit with the Release button too and all my huds dropped. Since being on from May 2007, I have never found a good reason for that button. It’s like an appendix. Perhaps it’s time to remove it?

    I also do not like the itty bitty tiny button to bring up the chat line at the bottom. Only in regular chat, not in communicate chat, can I move my avi around while being able to quickly say something. It’s a pain to be flipping in and out of the communicate window to be able to move.

    I have found this version to be better about letting my skirts show (that was a royal pain and really restricted what I could wear safely). However, it’s still a problem if i go through clothing changes (i mean a LOT of them) as it will cause me to crash still. I’m also seeing that I can only tp around a few times before i get a “you have been logged out of secondlife” dump message. I’m trying to trace that to either the number of clothes changes I make, the number of tp’s, the number of edits to objects that I do, but so far it’s random and annoying.

    I consider this laptop pretty hot since I just got it, but WL RC still sets me at the minimal setting when I come in.

    And I hate to be a noob, but as a “free” resident, I’m not sure how to give you information on bugs that you might actually find useful. It’s very restricted it seems to me. It’s not like I don’t support the Linden economy, believe me. If anyone would like to IM me gently in world and let me know how better to handle that, I would be appreciative.

    Second Life 1.19.0 (80044) Feb 15 2008 16:46:46 (Second Life WindLight)

    CPU: Intel Core 2 Series Processor (1795 MHz)
    Memory: 2038 MB
    OS Version: Microsoft Windows Vista (Build 6000)
    Graphics Card Vendor: Intel
    Graphics Card: Intel 965/963 Graphics Media Accelerator
    OpenGL Version: 1.5.0 – Build
    LLMozLib Version: 1.1.0 (Mozilla GRE:
    Viewer Digest: aa9ea356-dde8-646d-777c-70207f0aac3d

  149. Why is this “smallish” update compulsory?

  150. Lina Pussycat says:

    Vivienne we choose to test it no one is sitting there forcing you to test it if you dont want to be using it simply dont *shrugs* if you really hate it that much i dont get why you’d continue using it…. I mean im all for helping LL along but you seem outwardly aggressive to any tactics they take that anyone else would.

    Pretell why would a handful of beta testers be smart? When you have 10 people test it (especially in house) you limit the systems they are running on you limit the software environment you dont account for alot of issues that are out there… Adobe alpha tested Photoshop CS3 and alot of their products end up running through adobe labs for alpha testing before they come out. You only seem to think its not good testing because it doesnt work exactly how you want it to at this exact moment but thats the entire point of beta and alpha testing.. Alpha testing usually isnt stable. Beta testing usually is. Beta testing is usually also called a release candidate and this is the process LL run through…

    There are numerous run throughs of testing but i would far from want a handful of people testing anything in SL. We’d end up with a world with absolutely Zero feedback from the people that actually matter (the users) LL need the feedback and thats why they test. Without testing windlight would probably be slated for release very soon but its not. So testing does work.

    In an enviroment like SL it is necessary for testing to be done in this way and gather as much feedback as possible from the people that are using it. Wether you agree with me or not that is a fact of life in SL. People complain about the linden’s no listening and what your saying totally takes away any feedback from us the users and puts it in the hands of people LL pick which would probably be very limited in scope of hardware , software environments….

  151. Vincent Nacon says:

    Yeah, the IM seem bolder but it’s because (I think) the text’s shadow was set to white by mistakes somehow. Easy fix I’m sure.

    (maybe could fix it from debug mode window.)

  152. Just wondering what a noob thinking of all these updates every 2 days. Can we please get a system that you can auto update your software without downloading the whole client each time. Why can’t we get some kind of windows update type thing????

    This is the worst update system LL has running. Please make it easier for people to update their clients. I’m sure this is a big turn off for new players. Download a game & then 2 days later new update have to install the whole things again & over & over.

    How about something you can auto download from SL & say if the update patch needs to restart on your client you have to Teleport to a Update SIM for the change to take place & then it TP’s you back home after your updated automatically.

    No other piece of software have I ever seen you must download the whole thing for new updates over & over. Yes I know these are not required but still people like to be running the latest bug free (we wish) software programs.

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