Knowledge Base Article of the Week #16: Be mine, Valentine!

Hello everybody! Today, I bring you a very special Valentine’s Day Knowledge Base Article of the Week: How do I make someone my partner?

If you find yourself a sweetheart and you want the whole world to know, you can make it official by proposing in Second Life. If your partner accepts, his her its their name will be displayed in the Partner field of your Second Life Profile.

Don’t forget about today’s opportunity to Kiss a Linden. Some of you even took the opportunity to kiss me this morning!

If you missed out, you can still get some face time at Documentation Office Hours this Friday at 2pm in Beaumont. Make sure to bring your Knowledge Base suggestions and criticisms!

See you inworld,

Jeremy Linden

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56 Responses to Knowledge Base Article of the Week #16: Be mine, Valentine!

  1. Dekka Raymaker says:

    But don’t forget, nothings forever.

  2. Jeremy Linden says:

    Very true! As the article points out, either partner can choose to end the partnership at a cost of L$25.

  3. Shirley Wrigglesworth says:

    Don’t forget as it is a leap year that this is a day associated with women to propose to men, so and I rejected Gin Aurbierre’s proposal and made him wait until I proposed to him today. And he said yes.

  4. Whisper says:

    What a nice topic for Valentine’s Day! I often read over the blog, but rarely care to comment. Today’s topic just kinda puts a smile on your face.

  5. Frieda says:

    Jeremy–you were so sweet this morning! Thank you showing up and kissing soooo very many women…tough job but……

  6. Marvin V. Michelson says:

    $25 filing fee for a divorce is cheap, but the real cost is incurred in attorney fees over the fight who gets possession in their inventory of the ugly scripted baby object and the terms under which the other partner can have temporary possession in inventory for visitation rights.

  7. Bronte Alcott says:

    Perfect topic for the day . . . I have a question, short of partnering or forming a group, is there any way I can allow a friend to set home on my land. Or is partnering the only way to do that?

  8. Sherry Greggan says:


    Yeah best draw up a Pre-Nuptial Agreement Notecard before commiting to anything!

  9. Digital Digital says:

    Partners are nothing but trouble LOL

  10. Avalon Asturias says:

    Sometimes sl love can be lasting and real. Nearly two years ago I met a man during roleplay on a sim. We started conversing, he is in Scotland, I am in the USA. We talk daily for as much as 8 hours a day (when we aren’t working) and have done so for nearly two years. He’s made 3 visits to the USA totaling 6 months of time spent with me. We are due to marry in 2008. He will be relocating from Scotland to the USA. We weddings in SL, all very beautiful, our first was valentine’s day a year ago. We remain partnered, have had SL kids (not prim babies) and we have a vast and large sl family many of whom we know now in real life. SL changed my life after being alone for 14 years. Both I and my guy are mature over 40 year olds. I also have met several couples who have met in sl and turned real life. So it can last.

  11. Sedary Raymaker says:

    Just one partner? It’s discrimination against us polyamorous types, I tells ya! Hehehe.

    Seriously, I was pleased to see the button that allows quick lookup of a Partner’s profile. The little touches like that are important, too.

  12. richard says:

    ok what the heck is a dns error i am getting?

  13. Jeremy Linden says:

    What sort of error, richard? For general information about DNS, you could take a look at:

  14. Jester says:

    Ah yes… Nothing like finally marrying the girl you’ve watched every other man pin to the wall in an ally for a year!

  15. DD Otoole says:

    Marriage is nice to have, been having that for 1 year so far with my mate ^.^.

    Just have to keep on loving and make it special *winks*

  16. DigitalJoe_Saintlouis says:

    HAHA 14~! Those were my walls! Heck, I think it was even my old girl! They need prenups for groups & group land! Happy Valentines day everyone! Go out and break a few hearts..

  17. Starfruit Oh says:

    @Shirley, did you hold flowers in your hand when proposing?
    You can also send REAL flowers to a resident’s RL home, even if you don’t know his/her RL postal address! This makes virtual Valentine’s Day even more real 🙂

  18. Erin says:


    and what a lovely surprise it would be for the spouse, lover. or significant other of the man, woman or transgendered individual who does not believe that a secret virtual romantic or sexual liaison is not really cheating.

  19. n0rm4l says:

    Personally I find the “married couples” in Second Life fairly creepy. I really don’t know why one has to classify friendships of this sort differently than other friendships or use the RL analogue of ‘marriage’. Given the nature of SL and virtual spaces in general, it just doesn’t make sense to me, unless it’s in a roleplaying context, but it almost never is.

  20. sirhc deSantis says:

    Hah 🙂 been partnered twice and would do it again now. So much easier than RL. Happy Valentines

  21. Jenn Luke says:

    “Personally I find the “married couples” in Second Life fairly creepy. I”

    I find people calling themselves normal creepy

  22. Now if Spike Linden were in that kissing booth, I’d be so there!

    And what’s with all these Valentine’s Curmudgeons? Get thee to the Kissing Booth and sweeten up, grrr!

  23. Twoony Loon says:

    Yea well my partner is my RL wife so no ducking out of that one without anny consequencess

  24. Elvis Orbit says:

    Having a partner does not allow them to set home on your land. The way to do it is deed the land to a group. Add your friend to the group and allow them to set home in the role settings in the group.

  25. Fellatione Aabye says:


    SL Bridezillas … when will their be SL psychiatrists? (So all the Bridezillas could be put away somewhere on an Asylum-island …. and SL marriage Councelors (who never had a relationship in their life) ….

    A relation just ruins your enjoyement of SL playing … loooool

  26. CC says:

    @#3 the day you mean is Feb 29th it is Sadie Hawkins Day and it is the day that women may propose to men
    i heard lindens have mono is it true? lol

  27. n0rm4l says:

    “I find people calling themselves normal creepy”

    Cool. How does irony make you feel?

    Marriage is a problematic institution in RL, why anyone would want to perpetuate it in the virtual world is beyond me. Marriage itself I can deal with I guess, it’s the people who are so utterly desperate for it that I can’t figure out. Like that saying “It’s not the band I hate, it’s the fans.”

  28. Foxxe Wilder says:

    How about being a REAL sweetie and dealing with the map search malfunctions? It would be nice to be able to TP somewhere if you don’t have the exact LM!

  29. Lady Sakai says:

    Please make my Valentine and make me stop crashing ? No ? Ok 😉

    Now Normal, as we all know trees does now grow into the heavens, right ? That said, never say never, I have sevaral friends in world that has found love in SL and they deffinatly didnt come for that (we are part of the totally insane Duran Duran fancommunity in SL) but life tends to happen on you 😉 I have gotten more friends in SL and just two weeks ago I went to england to meet one one of the sweetest girls I know in both worlds.

    OooOOO did some say Spike Linden ?? ROFLMCAO

  30. mimi says:

    “I find people calling themselves normal creepy”

    yeah me too

  31. Jayden B says:

    The thing with people who don’t “get” partnering in SL is that their personalities are so obnoxious and uncaring; that they are so self-centered and selfish; that no-one would want to get close enough to partner them anyway.

    Partnering in SL is very different to marriage in RL unfortunately the underaged griefer /b/tards who put it down don’t get that… mainly I guess as they are still living in their messy rooms with their parents squeezing ther pimples each morning.

    I guess they are just jealous.

  32. Very Keynes says:

    Well this is what I wrote a year or so ago, on the topic of Partnering, when the Lindens introduced the concept, and I still stand by it. But I also believe that others are entitled to there own view, to the extent of providing a free, fully equipped, wedding chapel at my club. Just don’t expect me to make use of it

    “If I am cross with anyone it is LL for introducing the concept of partners in a world largely devoid of moral values.

    Since the inception of SL people have got married, and reflected that status by means of tags and profile entries. In the D/S world It was symbolized by the collar in the non D/S by a tag such as Mr. & Mrs. I have not delved into Gor but I’m sure they too have their traditions as do the furries.

    What LL has done is to create a new class of friend, one friend above all others, which they have compounded now by applying permissions to ordinary friends too. I can see the need for the later, thought it will create its own set of jalousies and misunderstandings.

    I am sure that to many, and it certainly is to me, partnering is akin to marriage in RL and therefore implies monogamy. The moral dilemma that LL creates is that a society devoid of sexually transmitted disease, unwanted pregnancy, protracted legal battles, not to mention an exponentially growing number of willing sexual partners, actively discourages Monogamy. Indeed the ability to create alts even eliminates the need to feel guilt as a result of infidelity.

    To those for whom sexual exploration and sexual fantasy fulfillment is the cornerstone of SL, the concept I guess is different and the partnering means more along the lines of you are my preferred sexual partner and the one I wish to spend most time with.

    In ether case it say to all “this is the one that I really want above all others”.

    My opinion has not changed, though my predictions over applying permissions to friends was not as bad as I predicted J

  33. Eve Kazan says:

    Ty Jeremy for ur kiss 😉

  34. Joeou812 Weston says:

    New to SL, yesterday was my first SL valentines day here. I spent the day waiting patiently for the evening, I loved it, was not perfect but was nicer then some I have had in RL. The girl I spent it with in SL is so very special to me, partnering would be only a title to us. We may someday commit as such, but we have put ourselves in a group sharing all out lands, our time and most important our selves to each other. SL offers many paths and the one you take is the one you wanted, so do as you want and have fun doing it, isn’t that what SL is all about.

  35. kenny Stringer says:

    Me And my & My Sl Wife Are trying to meet in real life but getting plain tickets are booked over my Vactoin & i dint know Were to turn right Now
    Eny one know of group in Sl to help us Send me im ASAP ! 🙂

  36. Elissa Bristol says:

    I want to kiss a Linden :)…oops, lol, missed out b/c I had a rl date 🙂 2 pm here we come! and would that be Linden time? EST? LOL

  37. Eren Padar says:

    Torley, I hate to post this here cos that was a great knowledge base, but you seem to be the only one we can readily talk to. LOL… and comments were closed on the other board.

    When Linden Lab runs a “scheduled shutdown”… why don’t the consider it advisable to give us a 2-minute notice before knocking us off the system?

    “You have been logged off because your region is shut down.”

    That’s not very friendly. Just sayin’.

  38. Eren Padar says:

    Oops, wrong blog. Ah well, still, it’s said.

  39. jerry Therian says:

    Sorry to do this,but why can’t i log into my acct and trying and changeing my password does not help? I can log into game, but not my Acct!! TY

  40. Dana Bard says:

    i went to isle of view and the only linden i saw was cupid and not other linden and i was hoping to hug a linden so i have to ask to all the lindens where the heck were you?!?!

  41. RICHARD says:


  42. Kiwi Buckler says:

    Proper English is “his”.

  43. Meg says:

    Mner…. Men are trouble and so is marriage and partnering I tell ya lol
    Good on you if you find the right person though…

  44. glow Raymaker says:

    Proper English! Give me a break! English is the bastard of all languages. And even when ppl do spell it correctly the chances are that their pronunciation will make it less than proper RAFL

    Cool pronounced by NZ residents sounds like kewl ;p

    If you open the land use options on your land others can build there but likely you will get bypassers dumping all over your land as well.
    Go to your land properties screen by right clicking on it and set the name of extra ppl allowed to build etc on it XD

    I have been in a few longer relationships recently after being a long term SL virgin.
    1) Sex in sl just for sex tends to leave you wanting more later, as it just doesnt fill all your real needs girls!

    2) There just arnt enough good men in SL to go arround, as they are with their RL loves.

    3) Females generally give girls better sex as they know what they are on about!

    4) Even then sex mad menapausal women, she males and guys putting it on to watch lesbian sex on the cheap are frequent shows in hookups 😦 But at least some of these are good enought to provide some sort of entertainment.

    5) Now I just look for good romantic role play chat (with less wham bams) that leaves me feeling warm and contentedly glowing XD

  45. Well since I never have had a partner in SL I desided to finally ask. I’m still waiting for my reply from Dee Linden. Hope she says yes, but if not I guess I can always go for my second option the cheif bean counter Zee Linden.

  46. Hipster Triangle says:

    Darn, hate i missed my chance to get a big hug and kiss from
    Jeremy,sighs.., But anyway the Parterner thing is fun, Have been there done that, no longer parternered with her,but Im sure we’ll always be Friends..

  47. Tan Tantalus says:

    The Isle of View was great – though there were so many people there it was virtually impossible to move.

  48. Gary says:

    Sweet idea. Looks like some of us may get a 2nd chance in marriage 🙂

  49. tiaguinho says:

    oiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii eu queria saber como se entra no second life ncom a senha correta e que ta daamdo erro

  50. Bella says:

    This is so romantic!! I need to find a SL hubby ASAP!

  51. Nadir Koba says:

    “If you missed out, you can still get some face time…”

    Hahahaha! Was that really supposed to read the way it does, following on from the ‘kiss a Linden’ paragraph?

    *Imagines hoards of Linden-ites turning up at Beaumont office hours demanding kissie-kissie* ^_~

  52. Interesting…. What do we see….
    1. Check newbies in 2008… Far below average.
    2. Free extra lag lately.
    3. Linden Lab promising things.
    4. Population growth almost coming to a halt.
    5. Borns in 2007, more and more user hours caused by addiction.
    6. Mainland… a total mess, at least 95%.
    7. LL needing to fix issues… loosing clientelle to other virtual worlds.
    8. Wake up LL !!!! Errmm Philip Rosedale.

  53. The magic of sl seems history…
    Nice to have been here…

  54. Wake up in SF please says:

    yes wake up in sf…tps not working so well right now

  55. Wake up in SF please says:

    add to that database is very slow…dont u monitor these things in sl?

  56. @11 Maybe a JIRA can be started to have partner be a long multi-valued text field and have it expand as needed (to be kind to monos)?

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