Kiss Lindens and Volunteers on Valentine’s Day!

We’re celebrating Valentine’s Day in style and continuing our yearly tradition! Two regions, “Isle of View” and “Hugsville for Teens” (on Teen Second Life) have arisen from the depths of the ocean, decorated in the spirit of LOVE.

Isle of View - Celebrate Valentine's Day in Second Life

Hugsville for Teens - Celebrate Valentine's Day in Second Life

We’ve got hugging & kissing booths where you can share your affections with both the Lindens and Resident Volunteers that’ve shown so much L-O-V-E to our community! We’ve also got goodies — including T-shirt and Linden bear collectibles located at the booths.

On Valentine’s Day, Feb. 14, 2008

  • Volunteers (over 50 in all!) will be around all-day for Kiss-A-Volunteer!
  • Lindens will be on Isle of View from 7-9 AM and 5-7 PM PST.
  • And for you Teen Residents, Lindens will be present on Hugsville for Teens from 3-5 PM PST.

Never met a Linden before, or interested in our Volunteer programmes and want to know how you can help make Second Life a better place? Come on over and enjoy the lovin’!

And there’ll be even more love: look out for Cupid Linden, who’ll be flying around and is happy to meet you!

Cupid Linden & friend


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56 Responses to Kiss Lindens and Volunteers on Valentine’s Day!

  1. les says:

    Kiss a linden and hug a linden..hmm, makes me think.

    What island do we go to if we want to F@#*$& a linden?


    and tell your mother to stop calling me!

  2. Would it not be funny if a Linden lagged out when trying to use their AO to hug / kiss?

    Complaining aside (which I’m not doing so don’t go after me) this looks like something fun. Love to see it 😀

  3. Sofia Westwick says:

    Omg! that Island is so cute, I want one!!!!!!!!!

  4. Eve Kazan says:

    Can i kiss Philip Linden ?

  5. Manticore says:

    any one know where the SL Ponte Malvio (the bridge where lovers lock a lock to the bridge and throw away the key) is located???

  6. Woot, what time will Dee Linden be there?

  7. I tried to get myself a both but damn wiki didn’t allow me. But I’ll sneak somewhere to share some love 😉

  8. Cocoanut Koala says:

    Those islands are so cute! And the decorations so pretty!


  9. LOL “Isle of View”
    Well I Love You too.

  10. Toy Halfpint says:

    THAT I will avoid like the plague 🙂

  11. Epocx Timeless says:

    kiss a Linden was torley’s idea, i know it .. lol 😉

    anyways, happy valentines day to all!

    ps: torley send me an IM and i come over to kiss you… LOL

  12. Shai Khalifa says:

    So much for internationality – what about having Lindens available in other timezones. It’s Valentines day for us in Aus today – too late tomorrow. Been and gone.

  13. Mari says:

    How really nice!!! I hope our little dots on the Isle will be red and not green–just for the day….

    (Sam–I miss you..)

  14. Yngwie Krogstad says:

    Isle of View? Now we know. There really is a Xanth. And we’re all in it. Let’s hope we don’t see too many instances of Mundania invading our Xanth.

    Cupid Linden, you’re welcome to come to Flaming Raven Designs and dance with us tomorrow night during our Valentine’s Day dance. 😀

  15. Dex Mason says:

    ahh don’t worry – there will asset updates tomorrow – just as there was tonight tho they didn’t say it but hey its Second Life – where we take your money and your time and make it a living HELL so you can enjoy

  16. Meg says:

    Torley’s idea?!?! Pfft yea right! Hugeeeeee thanx to the VTeam for this, Mia you rock! Torley you too!
    This is gonna be fun!
    Can’t wait, see you there and I expect to be getting alot of kisses!!!!
    Will be there from 7AM to 8 and then 9AM to 10 so come kiss me!
    Love M.

  17. Cat Gisel says:

    Yes, Yngwie, Piers Anthony had better show up for this, otherwise someone’s lawyer is going to be visiting SL, ( or LL) 🙂

  18. Cat Gisel says:

    By the way I have been giving out Hugrings for free ALL YEAR, so yay 🙂

  19. Wyald Woolley says:

    W00T!! If kissing a Linden was Torley’s idea, then I suppose WHERE we’re supposed to kiss them was Philip’s.Hehehehe,,,,I’m soooo bad! 🙂

  20. Meg says:

    Just to point out, all wanting to make suggestions there. Look out for a suggestion box!!! : )

  21. Marianne McCann says:

    Dis was fun lat year — but like last year, I’ll be a non-kissing participant, kay?

  22. Oya Bright says:

    AAhhhhhhhhhh well thank you for giving me a place to find my love and a great time always. Don’t know if i can make but KISSES to you all and Thanks;-)

  23. Laetizia says:

    We get to kiss and teens get to hug? So we can conclude that kissing is not considered PG?

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  25. Mimi says:

    Kissing with adult is not PG lol

  26. Neil Robinson says:


  27. Who’d want to kiss me? XD

    lol, sounds like fun, I’ll have to look. 🙂

  28. Oh my. Where is my lip gloss? ^_^

  29. For me its time to pay fees , so the last thing i have in my mind is to kiss a linden, could you give me a discount ….?

  30. Anji Mars says:

    me puckers up ready…..

  31. YUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I do expect a dozen roses & some chocolate sent to me!!!!!!

  32. Jeannie says:

    Oh My…..I just logged in and cant get through my front door for all the cards and flowers…..TY TY TY to each and everyone of my admirers I love you all MADLY!!!

  33. Marcoh Larsen says:

    No lindens available for the European users? (which are online roughly from 11AM to 2PM SL-timezone)

    I love to hug some 😉

  34. Blessed Sion says:

    I just visited Isle of View. I found half naked women, mostly in cheerleading outfits with parts of their bum showing and very little fabric covering everything else. You will find these women standing or slightly bent over in a display boxes… So you can walk around and choose the -half naked woman- of your choice to kiss. One also flirted and used sexual slang words.

    hmmm? something just seems wrong with this Linden event.

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  36. Island is full – 40 users….

    Hmmm… if it’s already full when one could kiss a Linden how would it be if one could throw cakes at a Linden?

    Just kidding…. :o) I would never throw cakes at a Linden.

    Hey, I just found another thing I can use my alt-av for….

    Ice Stawberry

  37. Jeh26 says:

    Kiss kiss

  38. LOL, the isle seem very full, seems people can’t get enough linden/volunteer kisses.

    Should have set up many many islands for all the rush. 😛

  39. Daniel Voyager says:

    Hello, Happy Valentine’s Day!

    Let us fill the air with happiness and Love!
    Wow! TSL has Hugsville for Teens this year, yay 😛

    From TSL

  40. Chilko Tardis says:

    Word, Dan.

  41. Belos Seiling says:

    Another business owner’s day.

    Why on earth should showing of affection be concentrated on one day per year only?
    To please the capitalist business – all those who wants to squeeze money out of everything and everybody.

    Nice try Lindens, but I’ll leave this one unattended.
    If someone cannot show that he or she cares for you during the other 364 days over a year, then this day is unnecessary too.

    Stop the syrup and become a bit realistic.
    Take care of the world pollution and show Mother Earth some love instead.

  42. Laetizia says:

    Yeah Belos. If you can’t be a bit cheerful one day of the year, I guess this day is lost on you.

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  44. Drako Nagorski says:

    what about maul-a-linden? or maybe beat-a-linden? oooh how bout whack-a-linden?

    this seems kinda stupid… and please, hugsville? i hope you lindens know that this day will come back and haunt you 😛 i can see it now, everyones gonna be saying “the lindens were offering free hugs and kisses while their simulators crashed and burned… what poor business”

  45. SteamPunk Gears says:

    I managed to attend this shame of an event, why are lindens so self centered how is this good for couple love and romance? it might be a tradition but in my view needs changing an event should appeal to the whole grid all this promotes is a lindens self arrogance, that they should be the center of attention on a day thats globally for couples, get it right put up more islands for events were actually couples can attend dance and have fun under the safe hand of linden.

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  47. Well, I’m off to bed now and want to thanks the many residence, other volunteers and Lindens who hugged, or even kissed me. Even if I do have dinosaur avatar. It been the best and probably laggiest day I’ve ever had. It was great fun. 🙂

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  50. venus jervil says:

    Oh, thankyou for organising this!
    I missed the main event – tried a few times, but it was always too full to let me in, but I came for a wander later, when it was all over, and there was a great spirit lingering there still.
    It’s things like this that make the SL experience so unusual and enjoyable for so many.
    Well done Linden’s and Volunteers – you really make a difference.
    Happy Valentine’s Day, one and all! x

  51. Belos Seiling says:

    #42 Laetizia

    Human is a being who misunderstands what she wants to misunderstand.
    I do love, and I am being loved, every day throughout a year.
    -We don’t need a special day to show it.
    -We don’t need any commercial events to be able to show and share love.
    That’s what I said.

    If you can’t be a bit cheerful even on this day Laetizia, I guess this day is totally lost on you.

    I guess it is jealousy, bitterness and frustration making you write your nasty comment to me.

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  53. Phoenixa Sol says:

    It was lovely, Thank you! The Isle of View was a beautiful place and it was nice to be able to thank the many volunteers for their work. Fun to give Mia a smooch and I’m glad the issue with the lollipop vendor issue finally got worked out. Imagine trying to buy something for $0L and getting an error message that you dont have enough money to buy that item!

    I’m glad I had the tenacity to keep trying to TP in when told the area was full and the patience it took to walk around there as it was pretty lagged out. All in all a fun few minutes and great pic I took there just before I left to give someone else a chance to be able to TP in.

  54. Tweed Woodget says:

    To all of the people who blow this off as Linden self-aggrandizement and crass commercialism, I would say when was the last time your cable company, or phone company gave a free party? Yes SL has ongoing problems, but anyone with a teeny bit of technical knowledge will understand that there will always be glitches in such a large undertaking, especially when it is continually growing as well. I also love and care 365 days a year, but it’s nice to let strangers and newbies know that there are people out there who care enough to celebrate a day for them. I don’t volunteer because I want to rub virtual shoulders with Lindens, I volunteer because I enjoy helping people. Any celebration of Love is welcome as far as I’m concerned, it’s too bad we can’t do it year round. Love Tweedy.

  55. Interesting…. What do we see….
    1. Check newbies in 2008… Far below average.
    2. Free extra lag lately.
    3. Linden Lab promising things.
    4. Population growth almost coming to a halt.
    5. Borns in 2007, more and more user hours caused by addiction.
    6. Mainland… a total mess, at least 95%.
    7. LL needing to fix issues… loosing clientelle to other virtual worlds.
    8. Wake up LL !!!! Errmm Philip Rosedale.

  56. The magic of sl seems history…
    Nice to have been here…

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