There is no class 6

Just a short post in answer to the rumours that seem to have been circulating inworld over the last few days that there are class 6 regions on the grid. We’re not sure where this has come from, but there is no such thing as a class 6 and we have absolutely no plans to introduce a new class of hardware any time soon.  So consider that rumour squished. We have only class 4s and 5s on the grid.

Due to some cleverness that we call Het-Grid, we are able to run different simulator versions, so we have some Havok 4 regions inworld undergoing trials for example, but these are still on class 5 hardware. There is no class 6.

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  1. Dragger Lok says:

    Have a class 7 for sale if anyones interested

  2. Hevenz Vansant says:

    what about the rumored class 5.1 with extra whoopie cushion action? 🙂

  3. Meg says:

    I have class 6, 7 and 8! All in my mind…

  4. hmmm last I knew LL had Class 3 sims on the grid & offered to upgrade those if those choose to Class 4

  5. Erbo says:

    Not YET, anyway…but I gotta imagine you guys are salivating over some of the new Intel dual-quad boxes that are out…including the ones that pack two dual-quad motherboards into a single 1U chassis. A rack full of those would be a good-sized continent’s worth of sims…

  6. Vincent Nacon says:

    The rumor was sparked by a linden…. a newbie linden who didn’t know any better. 😛

  7. Kiboe Munro says:

    #6: sean linden was the one who told me, but im not going to place the blame

  8. Grazel Cosmo says:

    @4 – No they supposedly have gotten rid of the last Class 2 and 3’s. There are supposeldy only Class 4 and 5. The upgrade option is to go from 4 to 5. I think the majority of islands are on 5 while I’m sure a good portion of the mainland (especially the older parts of it) are still on Class 4.

  9. TaraLi Jie says:

    Re: (4) “hmmm last I knew LL had Class 3 sims on the grid & offered to upgrade those if those choose to Class 4”

    You missed a blog post back in November – there are *NO* more Class 3s on the grid any more. They might have them deployed for internal testing, but they aren’t on the Mainland (and I think the Teen Grid never had them).

    Talking to Prospero Linden at his in-world office hours, there is no desire to move to Class 6 for some time, and the likely thinking would be to put more simulators on one server, keeping roughly the same silicon power per simulator. One of their big pushes right now is to lower their power load – they’ve completely filled up one of their Colos.

    In the long run, Linden Labs *MAY* consider upping some of the limitations as GPU power increases (believe it or not, there *ARE* some Thunderbird 800s still connecting on dial-up, even though it’s not recommended!), as well as the roll-out of Mono, Havok4, and Windlight. I doubt there will be anything like doubling of prims available on a SIM.

    There’s a lot of discussion on the SLDev mailing list, and in the Wiki in office hours transcripts, and a number of resources, on why the simulators haven’t gotten that much better. Just a change as simple as going from 15K to 20K prims per SIM would more than double the load on the physics engine. That’s ignoring the fact that AVs these days are often wearing 500-1000 prims each (500 prims * 40 AVs, with a bling script in each little diamond on that 180 prim diamond necklace, or the smart-sit script in all 90 prims of that fancy gown, or 150 prims of that really nice hairdo? – 20,000 lag-inducing prims of AV goodness that doesn’t count against the SIM’s 15K)

    You know, the more I thinka bout it – the more I’m amazed SIMs don’t lag *WORSE*. Let’s give them some credit for what they *HAVE* managed so far!

  10. Meg says:

    @7. Don’t question a Liunden in general chat, who don’t know what they are doing, and you wont be given misleading info! lol
    I am gonna be on class 9 and 10 soon btw if you are interested on renting on one.

  11. Gennifer Meredith says:

    Well, it’s always nice to dream. I enjoyed reading TaraLi’s post, however. It has shared a little explaination on why the sim I’m usually in is so slow.

    I’m curious, although not overly so, when Havok 4 is going to make its appearance in all the sims. I have heard that it’s much better for dealing with some of the issues that causes us to crash, but I have no real experience with it.

    Still, even with all the difficulties we experience, I’m glad LL keeps SL running.


  12. Wyald Woolley says:

    I think it’s wonderful that LL is responsive to false rumors. It makes the other rumor that some Lindens are behind the explosion of skin, hair and fashion stealing all the more credible by their silence.

  13. Sean Heying says:

    Gennifer, Armidi are running Havok 4 in their Sim, if you went there previously and saw how lagalicious it was now is the time to go back and see you can walk again!

  14. richard says:

    i have no class !!!!!

  15. Meg says:

    We all have a little class in us Richard : P

  16. Argent Stonecutter says:

    If it wasn’t for low class I’d have no class at all.

  17. Monkey says:

    Goodbye, Ms. Eagle. Goodbye.

  18. U M says:

    “Due to some cleverness that we call Het-Grid, we are able to run different simulator versions, ”

    Oh yes just look at the past client release and try to say that again? You call this “cleverness”………Come lets get ral here. LL doesnt want to spend anymore monies on hardware. Nobody want to see SL fail But unless you start using more “clever Monkeys” doing the debugging and grid codes and builds then whatever you do is going to be obly half done right. Again nobody likes dipressing remarks or coments but the facts are LL is cheaper then a chinese business trying to build a car with passing off square wheels for round ones.

  19. Heart Koba says:

    Would be glad of a class anything without the horrid lag and kick offs– upgreaded servers would be such a nice valentines gift—

  20. bigmoe whitfield says:

    No sims left that are class 3’s huh. Then explain to me why we have 2 class 3’s and 2 class 5’s.

  21. U M says:

    Can you please fix the attachments bug! Its getting to the point each time login it takes all the huds off! PLEASE FIX THIS!

  22. Darien Caldwell says:

    @20 if you have Class 3’s then you need to contact LL. They announced some time back that all Class 3s had been upgraded. Only Class 4s and Class 5s are supposed to be on the main grid. Which sims specifically are you saying are Class 3s?

  23. tabitha oxide says:

    I dont see why you would have ANY class 4 servers on the grid. It would seem logical that once the technology becomes available, you would upgrade your hardware across the grid to supply the best possible product to your user base. In my opinion all grid servers should be upgraded to class 5 servers parring the SL grid to all be on the same quality level. Its the LEAST you should do for your supporters who have stuck by a less than reliable platform for what 5 years now? Upgrade? Thats like telling Avatars that they can only use prim hair if they are premium account. The gamming experience should be equal in quality to all users.

  24. Sylver Bu says:

    There is no cow level.

  25. U M says:

    can you spell the word.”C.H.E.A.P”………..Thats what is about.

  26. Cat Gisel says:

    Will there be a class 6 if enough people ask for it? Or was everything covered in Class 5? How many teachers do you have for the classes? Is there homework? Do they still offer class 1 and 2? I never took those, I have a lot of catching up to do. Do we have to take the classes in order? I never saw them offered in SL, I hope I didn’t miss them.

    Thanks! 🙂


  27. Emily Darrow says:

    I think more bandwidth would be the first option. Doesn’t do much good to have more powerful CPUs if the bandwidth can’t handle the load of all those textures and prims. Plus I say we go back to Feudalism and remove the whole class system. I have a Queen server now.

  28. Actually, what I heard was that the Linden’s have been testing HUGE Fixes to the Code, that will Stabilize the World, will end the Asset Server Issues and get back ALL Lost Items, and will end the Teleporting Bug.

    I swear, I overheard two Linden’s chatting about it, and they said these fixes would be put in next Wednesday and expect that everyone in-world will throw them a big party for all their hard work!

    I can’t wait until Next Wednesday, this is going to be great!!!!

  29. Mmmyes says:

    Usagi, please go to bed.

  30. Yrol says:

    There is no Cowlevel?
    Dammit °goes linden-tipping instead°

  31. Laetizia says:

    I have more class than any of you anyway.

  32. Sandling Honey says:

    The class 6 is a lie

  33. U M says:

    People where saying class 6 was coming. Hahaha you relay think LL would spend more money these days.

    For the nut case. its 4pm thurdays love……….isint it your nappy time little boy?

  34. Blogland Oh says:

    That’s because SL is run by a bunch of open source hippies from mars on macs. (LOL)

    If the Lindens had any real purpose for functionality they would’ve upgraded the LSL a long time ago. WOT NO .NET?

    Ya, MS Island, and Intel both got screeewed!

    SL makes more than 1mill every 24hr’s even if the grid is down. Who’s got their hands in the coffers? (LOL)

    I guess sex sells, so why would they need a class 6?

    A DNS server which works might be nice. =D

  35. Nykus says:

    I have Class 3810852 Sim WOOOOO Alot of prims sound like unlimit! LOL

    Too bad it would be nice 😀

  36. Sean Heying says:

    Usagi, vote for the HUD detach bug at

  37. Neil Robinson says:

    I’m always late for class. Can someone come around in the mornings and wake me up so I don’t miss the bus?

  38. There was a comment made publicly that “some servers now run 16 simulators at the same time”. Class 5 were known for running just 4. Maybe the comment induced people to think that a hardware solution that runs four times the number of sims might be technologically more advanced and thus worth be labeled as “Class 6”?…

  39. Lucas Fairweather says:

    What good are class 5 servers if the network infrastructure is unstable, I just loaded the windlight viewer this afternoon and I am greeted with chat errors, Inventory not showing up, My dreads are gone and I am a WOMEN!!!!
    Then I go to use the bug report , This now loads a webpage that you need to be a NASA engineer to figure out, and they call this progress? Hey lets progress to records, breaker points and carberators
    First LL needs to get some good network hard ware ,Then get some good core writers
    End of rant, Maybe I should sale my land and go back to a free account,

  40. the bat says:

    @TaraLi — Avatar prim counts 🙂

    You have an excelent point and probably have hit the nail square on the head — maybe we should have a “no attatchments + all newbie avi day ” to just see how much the blingtarded, huge haired, unable to function with out 20 hud’s running types are killing the grid — results might be interesting 😀

  41. Sean Heying says:

    >> Gweneth writes “There was a comment made publicly that “some servers now run 16 simulators at the same time”. ”

    Yes, 4 void sims over the 4 CPU Cores = 16 regions per CPU.

  42. LauraXXXXXX6of7 Demina says:

    sounds like 1984. “How many classes can you see Vernon?”
    “No Vernon 5, there is no class 6”
    “But I can see 6”
    “you know what is in room 13 dont you Vernon?”
    “Ok Mr Linden I get it, 5 it is”
    ” Nice boy Vernon, nice boy”

  43. Nadir Koba says:

    The cake is a lie! >.>

  44. Saint Arnulf says:



  45. Dekka Raymaker says:

    Damn and I was told Class 6 girls wore shorter skirts 😦

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  47. Spank Lovell says:

    Philip Linden: Do not try to bend the class 6; that’s impossible. Instead, only try to realize the truth.
    Neo: What truth?
    Philip Linden: There is no class 6.
    Neo: There is no class 6?
    Philip Linden: Then you will see, it is not the class 6 that bends, it is only your attachments.

    oooh sorry had a Matrix moment *slinks off for a lie down in a darkened room*


  48. Flash Debevec says:

    the talk of *quads* and dual quads* is simply for the geekdom worlds, there isnt anything in the gaming world nor in sl that is even threaded for nor optimized to take advantage of such processor power, stick with your lowly dual cores…sl isnt even in the dx10 stage yet though windlight would benifit from some of the new shader technologies…and for those of us with dual vid card systems ( sli and crossfire ) there needs to be something implimented to allow optimising of those..all in all..LL is an exdcellent group of people trying to stay ahead of opr keep up with a fast emerging technolgy…i give props to them….sl is truely a wonderful work….

  49. Who still cares about classes?
    I upgraded my sim from class 5 to 5 stars long ago. Stars are nicer than classes. (I am pretty sure that everyone would have prefered to fly to the stars instead of attending classes when they were younger)

    Ice Stawberry
    ***** Vienna Freebies :)))))))

  50. Lina Pussycat says:

    The linden’s would be willing to spend money on hardware upgrades but they didnt to long ago upgrade to class 5 so class 6 seems silly this soon from any stand point. .net is a byecode for the person that mentioned it and with the mono upgrade LSL will upload to the .net bytecode and run off that however it will still run alongside LSL V2 so that current scripts dont all go poof if they dont work with Mono currently…

    You say they should of upgrade LSL awhile ago? If you take all the scripts in SL into consideration and consider that alot of scripts would simply break if they dont do it right it makes sense that they have taken their time in working on the upgrade. They are currently beta testing Mono on the beta grid in a few regions.

    Again though an upgrade this soon when it hasnt even really been a year since the class 5 upgrade is illogical and would be pointless this soon. The upgrade to havok 4 and Mono coming in will hopefully alleviate alot of the things that happen in SL. Alot of lag ends up being physics related as you can see if you’ve been to some havok 4 based sims that used to lag….

  51. Lina Pussycat says:

    @48 First off SL isnt even based off Direct X as its a cross platform system (Linux, Windows, OSX) Direct X isnt even a viable option since its only windows based. Also they’d need to completely rewrite the entire code structure of SL to work with DirectX which DirectX 10 got rid of Direct Sound (well vista did) and uses openAL so alot of sound system stuff would need to be rewritten as well. Not to mention most people dont even use Vista….

    You can create a profile for any game to take advantage of SLI you just need to fiddle with the settings a bit. They could make up an optimized profile but it can be done manually by the user…. There is no such thing as optimizing for SLI or Crossfire since all the companies provide are premade SLI profiles for you to use… And again its back to SL using openGL. Once OpenGL 3 comes out directX 10 is going to look silly again. OpenGL has and always will be the better graphics API.

    The main reason behind people supporting DirectX was more from a developer standpoint as the tool kits were easier to use. But until MS ends the stranglehold on it and allows it to be used just as well on Linux and OSX we wont see SL using DirectX….

  52. Steve Crowley says:

    Actually, my Island is running Havok 4 and it is a Class 4 Server not a class five, that is unless LL have upgraded my sim and not told me about it?

  53. Bucky Barkley says:

    Actually, I have wondered about the wisdom of running more than 1 Sim instance on a single physical server ..

    My wish would be for Sims that are 1024×1024, 100,000 prims, and so on.
    And one Sim process on the hardware, so that it isn’t caught up in so much context switching between Sims…

    Yes, I know that wouldn’t fit into the current grid…

    Either the OpenSim folks or some other entity will get it right.

    Oh well – Happy Valentine’s Day!

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  55. Erbo Evans says:

    @48 Flash, the server infrastructure of SL is well-equipped to make use of multi-core systems. LL commonly runs one sim per CPU core in a server, so a dual/dual server can support 4 sims, and a dual/quad (such as the Intels) could support 8…and the new systems I mentioned earlier, that stuff two miniaturized dual/quad motherboards into a single 1U chassis (effectively two separate servers) would support 16 total. Obviously, supporting more sims in the same physical colo space would be of BIG interest to LL, given that demand for sims is still high. That said, would deployment of these new boxes necessarily constitute a new “class” of hardware, or just “more capable” hardware within the same “class”? I don’t know. (And yes, there are exceptions to the “one sim per core” rule, such as the “low prim” sims, which run 4 per core, and Orientation Island/Help Island instances, which have more complex rules.)

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  57. Hewitt Huet says:

    You mean to tell me you took the time to make a blog post to dispel a stupid rumor?! CLass 6?!!??! LMAO

    OK- I need a blog post – Is it true that there is an LSL script that can take all your money without debit permissions, undress and deform your avatar, and make the toilet stop fluching in RL? Please tell me! I’m scared!

  58. Kula Anatine says:

    Ive seen 3 or 4 sims on one class 5 sever who cares at all a higher class means more more sim load on whatever server you on that day type in the sim name after region/ to see how many sims are on your island it should be only you and one other not anymore yay class five

  59. Rob A says:

    The fact that this needs a blog posting makes me ROFL profusely. I also appreciate that you’ve been leaving the comments open more since your little “Why we close the comments” post elicited such a negative community reaction. Kudos on actually listening.

  60. This sounds so much like the sort of sales pitch one of our competitors tried to lure our residents away. He’d show up in our sims wearing tons of super laggy scripts on a few microprims, and would say to people “Feel that lag? Its cause this is really a class 4, he lied about these being class 5 sims.” Once we called him on it, he went away, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s been selling the class 6 snake oil since then.

  61. Tijn Erde says:

    @Hewitt; Yes, it’s totally true. But you can buy a special “unscripted” prim from me. As long as you wear it on your head, you’ll be invulnerable from those pesky scripts you mention. Just L$ 249999. It’ll also protect you from alien abductions.

  62. Argent Stonecutter says:

    Where am I?
    (In The Village.)
    What do you want?
    Which side are you on?
    (That would be telling.)
    Who are you?
    (The new Number Two.)
    Who is Number One?
    (You are Number Six.)
    I am not a number. I am a free man.

  63. Argent Stonecutter says:

    @58 Kula: I don’t think that “Regions sharing server” stat is real time. Click on one of the regions “sharing the server” with Showashinzan: “Big Easy”. It was last visited 2007-06-28, over six months ago. Given that regions migrate from server to server the fact that “Big Easy” was on the same server as Showashinzan last June doesn’t mean that it’s still sharing that server now.

  64. Elvis Orbit says:

    I think there were people selling land saying they were Class 6 servers. I could be wrong tho. So thats why the post.

  65. U M says:

    @64 i heard this a few months ago. Some very greedy landowners have been doing this for some time. after how many months did LL finally post any remark about this? .Figures…………………….

  66. Verdana Klaar says:

    Any rumour about Class 0 Lag (*) – Crash (*) – Freeze (*) ?

    (*) Choose one option only pls. They L-Labs can’t get all what you want when managing so-called servers whithin some garage in Frisco suburbs.

  67. Lina Pussycat says:

    @58 4 sims to a single physical server is quite common actually each core in the server is getting a sim so they use dual dual cores hence 4 cores… and that leads to 4 sims…. You can be connected to void sims etc…. Some of the older classes were 1-2 or 2-3 etc…. And that was from hardware issues as they get more hardware more sims will be able to fit on a physical machine….

    @53 and Then we’d have islands ending up costing 4 times what they do. The islands work really well unless your bad at scripting and what you build..

  68. @67 indeed, much of the actual lag is attributed to people who are just really horrible at scripting, all the little inefficiencies by a scripter who doesn’t even care what goes on based on what the sim actually has to do, or doesn’t even bother to research the wiki, ask fellow scripters or inquire other resources about what lags and what is efficient, therefore it all adds up.

  69. @65 Figures what? That LL doesn’t waste time putting down every single ridicolous rumour? Also people should at least be aware and inquire when they see land that proposes a bonus like that instead of trusting land sellers about every single word they say. Anyone could virtually propose that their land they are selling has unique features which it does not actually possess and this is quite a common fraud.

  70. Interesting…. What do we see….
    1. Check newbies in 2008… Far below average.
    2. Free extra lag lately.
    3. Linden Lab promising things.
    4. Population growth almost coming to a halt.
    5. Borns in 2007, more and more user hours caused by addiction.
    6. Mainland… a total mess, at least 95%.
    7. LL needing to fix issues… loosing clientelle to other virtual worlds.
    8. Wake up LL !!!! Errmm Philip Rosedale.

  71. And… therr we go again… Ermmm like 2007, like 2006, ermmm.
    L$ Loading….
    Teleport failing.

    Get a professional organisation.

  72. Server hardware is not the problem. Griefers and high-poly avatars are more than any server can handle. Every particle bomb, haute-coture prim wig, Orbis (Main Gridders: It’s a kind of superweapon), physical spammer, piece of bling, particle attachment (wings, Iron Man ao, etc.), or poor script takes its toll on hardware. With the way we treat the grid, it’s a wonder it even works. A lagproof server would be like an indestructible tank.

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