New Release Candidate Viewer: 1.19.0 RC2 Available

We’ve updated the 1.19.0 Release Candidate Viewer with fixes based on issues reported in RC0 and RC1.

Don’t forget that Release Candidate viewers are optional updates that contain the latest round of bug fixes and/or soon-to-be-released new features. Please visit the test software page to download the Second Life 1.19.0 (RC1) Release Candidate viewer. Source code will be available for download shortly, too.

Changes since 1.19.0 RC1 follow…

Release Notes for Second Life 1.19.0(2) February 13th, 2008
* Preferences window docks at an offscreen position and cannot be moved vertically
* Communicate window has low  framerate for group ims.
* Viewer freeze and delay in opening map
* Visible flashing of prim highlights when editing
* VWR-4519: Parcel audio play setting is not remembered when crossing over a parcel with no media
* Login Page > SL Release link overlaps Quit when viewer resized
* Redocking the Contact list causes the communicate UI to get ugly
* VWR-4574: Clicking on gestures button moves open windows
* VWR-4526: Pressing escape does not cause the chat history or inventory windows to lose focus
* Toggling voice causes layout problems in toolbar
* Problems loading certain settings files
* Deutsch “System Default” is translated as “System Error” in language preferences
* Viewer crash just after login
* VWR-4157: Linux compile issue with g++ 4
* Debug settings overrides do not work for booleans.
* reverted floater_test.xml to empty floater.

NOTE: The following issue was marked as “fixed” in the release notes bundled with the viewer, but it turns out that the fix requires more work.
* VWR-4522: Alt and left/right arrow keys dont move you between tabs

This is in addition to the many fixes present in 1.19.0 RC0 and regression fixes in 1.19.0 RC1. We are aware of a few more bugs and will be issuing an RC3 next week.

Please continue to report any new issues in the Issue Tracker and be sure to set “Affects Version/s” to “1.19.0 Release Candidate“. Your participation is welcome at our weekly (Wednesdays @ 3pm PST time) inworld bug triages, too!

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54 Responses to New Release Candidate Viewer: 1.19.0 RC2 Available

  1. Nanci Barthelmess says:

    Is the Windlight client that came out this afternoon (79674) based on this code or the code from RC1? I”m loving how stable the latest RCs have been.

  2. VeC Merlin says:

    There is a lot a flack given in these feedback areas after a new release candidate. But overall LL is remarkably aware and responsive to their users’ issues. Almost everyone didn’t like the placement of the Release Keys button in RC 1.19.0 and 1.19.1 and now its moved. There was an issue with how media streams were being turned off automatically on stream change and it’s fixed. Theses are but two examples.

    Great job LL and thanks.

  3. I’m not sure if that’s sarcasm, Nanci. Both of the non-standard clients (RC and FL) have crashed continuously for me, where as the one two releases ago was solid.

    I’d guess that the FL client is based on the RC1 code, or at least an “RC1.5” because Alt+Arrow keys won’t toggle between the tabs, but Esc now quits focus on the communicate and chat history windows. Also Ctrl+W closes the communicate window, but won’t close individual tabs in it, so group chats stay open until you click the little x.

  4. Ann Otoole says:

    every client crashes all the time. i don’t think all the crashing is due to the client anymore. seems to be more related to the server code.

    beware the dreaded teleport. guaranteed to crash you out of SL 75% of the time.

  5. Feynt Mistral is right – the First Look is trying to track the RC (we get more FL users than RC users!) but the fix rate is pretty high so they’re always slightly out of sync.

    Thanks, Vec Merlin!

    Ann Otoole: ugh, yeah. We have some changes just about to enter testing to tackle teleport failures and resulting crashes, some viewer side and some server side. Fingers crossed, but of course we won’t know until they’re live. This is NOT for the 1.19.0 wave, and probably not even for the 1.19.1 wave (which we’re locking down this week).

  6. Nanci Barthelmess says:

    It wasn’t sarcasm at all, Feynt. When I was in WL over thye weekend I couldn’t even take a few lousy pictires without crashing a half dozen times, several before the world around me had fully rezzed. The last two RCs (I haven’t had a chance to play with RC2 much yet) and the current WL haven’t seen anywhere near the crashes I saw in one day. Granted, my crashtastic day was over the weekend, but I’m honestly lovig how long I can be in SL without crashing.

    I’ll have to see if Atl-arrow keys work in the RC (I’m in the latest WL right now) because I miss those, but I hate giving up Torley’s awesome WL settings.

  7. nikki bechir says:

    I see the release button location was changed back. Thats a big positive for us non techo residents 🙂 Someone listened and fixed ! Thankyou

    “Tp’ing” is so bad now and I really don’t see any talk/information on it from Lindens . It’s good Joshua has mentioned something is happening now, but I do wonder, why LL hasnt let it be discussed in detail in ts own thread. I read the blogs and its been filled for weeks on that one theme. I read a comment yesterday that was so true – Lindens win hands down for technology but fail totally in customer service.

  8. Shai Khalifa says:

    I’m wondering whether it’s worth using 70mg+ to download this viewer to see whether the Mac fixes for Friends lists and Groups lists have been done, and whether I can upload files.

    As many of us in Aus have download limits on our accounts – wasting that limit on unusable viewers is problematic to say the least.

    And I’m one of the lucky ones how has opted for a higher monthly fee for a higher download limit rather than pay the excessive rates charged for exceeding your download – or having your broadband throttled back to the equivalent of dialup.

    Just one of those small considerations for LL to make. As we Aussies tend to be online when the rest of the world is asleep you may be missing out on some valuable feedback from downunder.

    🙂 Shai

  9. Hevenz Vansant says:

    /me thinks this is much much better!

  10. Sean Heying says:

    Thanks Lindens for the responsive fixes and it’s nice to see the debug settings true/false selection back again.

    Although you put the release keys button back, since learning how to delete it altogether I will keep doing that, hopefully you will still follow the pjira’s to place it in a menu.

    @Shai in 8: Hun, I’m an Aussie too and you need to realise a few things… this is test software, you are not forced to download it. You can stay on the official client which changes once every 4 months or so.

    As far as 70MB goes, well, it equates to about 10 minutes of game time if that as each texture is about 1MB in size… a single TP can burn through much more.

    SL is a quota hog and anyone who is concerned about 70 paltry MB really should reconsider the whole game.

  11. Argent Stonecutter says:

    OK, who came up with the idea of disabling the ability to edit the default presets in Windlight?

  12. Alyx Sands says:

    Argent, you’re kidding…right? RIGHT? *runs off to vote on this issue*

  13. Shai Khalifa says:

    Sean – yes I’m fully aware that it’s test software – I’ve been in sl for nearly 18 months and have usually done the bug reporting and jira reporting thing on any firstlook, beta or RC viewer.

    Unfortunately, since 1.18.3 no viewer has been fully functional for me.

    I can’t use Windlight at all, and would love to test both my products and the functionality of my computer in the newer environments.

    … but I’ve given up downloading them now. I downloaded 1.19 viewer in the hope that the Mac bugs had been fixed – took 4 hours to download for some obscure reason that wasn’t on my end (because I checked). And the groups and friends lists still didn’t load – I couldn’t tp, and I couldn’t upload files – still.

    So I’m wondering whether some of them may have been repaired in this RC.
    🙂 Shai

  14. uh-oh says:

    I am not sure if this is the reason but all day today running the last RC I have been horribly lagged having problems with attachments etc. Downloaded and began running on this viewer and things are running super smooth. I hope it stays this way. Keep up the good work : )

  15. U M says:

    I think people know going into to this “KNOWS” its beta testing . 2 1/2 years doing this leading me to believe we need even more trail and error testing………….

  16. Mercedez Decosta says:

    Very nice work on the latest RC…the show on map and teleport freezing issue has been fixed along with the release keys and music buttons. The lag issue seems to have been addressed also.
    I hope all of these fixes will be used for the next Windlight viewer since the current release was a total mess for me to the point i cant use it.

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  18. Dre Dagostino says:


    Does anyone got his preferences saved when logging in FL’s or RC’s ?
    Everytime i download a new version my preferences and logon details are not saved and everything is set to default. That’s very annoying…

  19. FlaranChamenthi Rau says:

    Is it just me or have they made Voice ON by default again? I had this problem with but not with but it seems to be back with

  20. Tegg B says:

    “Ann Otoole Says: every client crashes all the time. i don’t think all the crashing is due to the client anymore. seems to be more related to the server code.
    beware the dreaded teleport. guaranteed to crash you out of SL 75% of the time.”

    No, they don’t, I run 4 different clients on 2 PC’s and don’t crash, must be using different server code to you from Australia.
    No problems teleporting either 99.99% sucess rate.

  21. Sean Heying says:

    Best Version Ever!

  22. It should be noted that even though voice is enabled…



    All voice enabled by default means is you’ll hear the other people around you.

    Besides, it’s not really ‘enabled by default’ — You enabled it when the voice wizard ran when SL was installed.

    If you’re unhappy with this, Back up your chatlogs and wipe out your SL profile entirely so it’s recreated and choose to disable Voice the first time it asks, and it will be forever disabled by default.

    So please, stop complaining that voice is on by default.
    It’s really starting to get old and tired. You chose to enable voice when the voice wizard ran.

  23. Ryutsumi Kohime says:

    For as many fixes as the Lindens have done to this poor viewer, I’ve had MORE problems than when they had just left it alone. I’m constantly crashing, even if it’s as simple as clicking a scripted door to get it open, or while building, every other access of the edit or pie menu causes yet another crash. I’m still waiting for this viewer to actually be ‘fixed’… and I mean -really- fixed.

  24. Deeso Saeed says:

    The RC client has just one problem for me… Doesnt recognzie my ATI HD 2600Pro (Unknown GPU Class). This was fixed in the FL Viewer, though. So I can’t enable in RC Avatar Vertex Program, water transparency, etc.

    Please add the HD2600 to the known GPU lists in RC!

  25. Alissa Sabre says:

    I’m sorry that I know this is not an appropriate place to complain these kinds of things, but please consider fixing the JIRA issue VWR-3410 during 1.19.0 RC cycle. It is new to 1.19 series, it is very annoying for Japanese and Chinese speaking residents, and the patch is there even before 1.19.0 RC0 was out! (I noticed the issue in the developer’s beta source, and sent a patch… I could did it so soon because the bug is in my own code.)

  26. It seems that VWR-4567 was fixed on RC2 (not yet on WL). Thank you for that! It rendered both the previous RC/WL completely unusable for the iMac/ATI combination I’ve got. Now I still can’t use WL, but at least the RC works — nice work!

    For the first time for me, WL (at 96 m drawing distance) beat the RC (at 128 m drawing distance) in raw FPS. Great work! Now if the WL can do the same job as the RC at the same drawing distance, I’ll be a very happy resident indeed 🙂 Long are gone the days where WL had roughly 1/3 to 1/2 the performance…

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  28. Eduard Korhonen says:

    Huzzah!! The “Release Keys” button has been moved 🙂 *Buys all Lindens a drink*. and it no longer creeps up the screen 😛 Good Job!!

  29. Latif Khalifa says:

    Great work Lindens! Moving back “release keys” button was the right thing to do since it is almost never used (most people just detach/stand up from objects controlling their keys). Perhaps it should be removed altogether and moved to the menu as suggested previously here and in JIRA.

  30. wulfric chevalier says:

    Since installing this viewer I am unable to log out properly. Everytime I log out and try to log in again, I get the “your account is unavailable until….” error message. Previously I’ve had that following crashes when I’m still logged in despite crashing. In this case it has had me as still logged in 7 hours after apparently logging out normally.

  31. pantaiputih korobase says:

    btw, if you make your game unusable for many with your latest minimum and recommended system settings, you will loose a lot of members/clients? you need to be aware that there are not only rich tech freaks out there in world who use the latest hardware, but may be just buy a new desktop or laptop once a year….

    i am talking about my own personal unability to use the current WL viewer with my pretty new VAIO though it ran pretty well with the last WL viewer and I really loved it,

    If LL is not able to create a program that average priced, average skilled machines can run then it will be pretty soon time for me to leave.

    btw, then some plots will be for sale

  32. Royal Lytton says:

    Ok, I’m going to sound a little thick here, but bear with me. Since downloading the lastest Windlight viewer I appear to have lost the ability to get object reflections on water, it’sprobably there somewhere, but I can’t find it! Also can someone tell me where to find the AV distance settings so I don’t feel like I’m playing Super Mario Brothers (c.1992) with anyone more than 5ft away. Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask, but I found all these things on the last release without too much trouble, and I am struggling here!
    One comment, I would much prefer friends/groups on a tab with chat/IM, a separate window for them seems unnecessary and fiddly. Cheers, any help would be appreciated.

  33. Alisha says:

    Nvidea 7600gs, I just updated to the latest drivers.

    Now WL runs faster fps(solid 18 fps) and much much smoother than this RC and normal client. In fact such a difference it has rendered everything but WL unusable by me.

    I am crossing my fingers that this issue does not work its way into WL!

    Also ripple water and bump are greyed out for me on this RC. lol even with those off i am getting average of 5fps, with huge spikes of 30fpe or more.
    These spikes make moving, ummm, unfun.

    I suppose i could role my drivers back(again) and update them each time i want to use windlight…


    CPU: Intel Core 2 Series Processor (2131 MHz)
    Memory: 2030 MB
    OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 (Build 2600)
    Graphics Card Vendor: NVIDIA Corporation
    Graphics Card: GeForce 7600 GS/PCI/SSE2
    OpenGL Version: 2.1.2
    LLMozLib Version: 1.1.0 (Mozilla GRE:
    Packets Lost: 0/665 (0.0%)
    nvidia driver

  34. Adamas Carter says:

    I have two issues with this release:
    (Release Candidate)
    1. On the login screen, it says it is an optional upgrade, yet when you try to log in with the old version, it refuses to allow you to unless you upgrade!!! WHICH IS IT???

    2. This so-called upgrade is a crash-o-matic piece of crap!

    Please fix.


  35. Eduard Korhonen says:

    I’m getting errors when starting Group Chats, anyone else have this problem?

  36. paty Despres says:

    the last release is better but still have the log off bug when tp somewhere.i wish that linden look at it and fix it and the thing that because you not a premium member cant have help for some thing is not fair.need to paid to have all the help you want is really not fair.we are all in sl and have some bug so why just gave all the support to everyone and just not the premium the same thing if i dont have money cant be treated if i’m sick is not fair

  37. Moongold Munro says:

    I agree that calling these releases ‘optional’ and then not allowing us to choose is certainly up there.
    Also, with this latest release I am having trouble getting streaming video to work – anyone else?
    macbook pro 2.33 2gb latest windlight

  38. Tegg B says:

    If you don’t want to upgrade to new RC viewer, don’t, just use the standard viewer. Since they first introduced the RC system, they can’t have people running 50 different versions of the release candidate. The idea of a RC is to make people test latest changes, if you don’t want to be a guinea pig use the standard viewer or a 3rd party viewer.

  39. Damona Rau says:

    I have the nvidia 7600GT AGP version and the same driver: no problem with all three viewers.

    BUT (for Joshua):
    1. In Windlight i can set the Graphic Settins to ultra and everything is rendered and looks really great, i can change all settings, except fog distance (why?!?)

    2. In Release Candidate and regular Viewer following settings are disables (greyed out):

    in Graphics Details:
    – Enable Ripple Water (marked, but greyed out)
    – Normal (marked and the only possible option)
    – Bump Mapped (grey)
    – Bump Mapped and Cloth (grey)

    I remember that i could change this settings in older version and the look and feel was better.

    Ok, i’m happy with the Windlight Viewer, it’s much faster and looks much better as the regular or RC, but i can’t use the WL for building (you remember the planar-bug?)

    I would love to have a viewer for both: building AND a great look from SL.

    May i have it? If yes, when?


  40. Roj Snook says:

    I’ve got a problem downloading the Mac version – getting this error (which is a shame because the previous version worked sweetly for once but I now have to upgrade this optional viewer :\ ):

    This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below.


    We encountered an internal error. Please try again.



  41. Roj Snook says:

    Further to above, seems to be a problem when downloading the OnRez version too – which happens to download from which SL’s RC viewer links to also; so it looks like amazon’s error…

  42. Moongold Munro says:

    Tegg B – quote – “If you don’t want to ………… etc etc.”
    Ooh you tiger you, grrr meeow.

    Tegg, I like being a windlight guinea pig; I want to use the latest candidate; I love the way it is and I don’t mind in the slightest having to upgrade as and when required.
    LL – ‘Don’t forget that Release Candidate viewers are optional updates….’
    USERS – Without updating I can’t continue to use Windlight – so not an optional update then.

    Tegg, you give an accurate analysis concerning the design, use and requirements of new release candidates for Windlight users, but you give a completely inaccurate reading of my position on Windlight and also concerning my small, quiet, philosophical query about the meaning of optional.

    2 ears, 2 eyes and 1 mouth is no accidental proportion.

  43. Wake up in SF please says:

    so ok…at the behest of this sl announcement i upgraded to mac 10.5.2 and windlight…an mind you i am using the lastest hardware…so pardon me if i am underwhelmed…nice water…nice sky…not so good textures on trees, buildings, etc. I am left wondering about sl priorities…it is like lets play with the body on this car and who cares if the lug nuts fall off…the priority for sl development should be everyday reliability against crashes and making sure tps work and that attachments to avs actually rez in reasonable amount of time…pardon me if i am not impressed

  44. The magic of sl seems history…
    Nice to have been here…

  45. Cherry Hainsworth says:

    Just installed RC after a month’s absence. Things look worse! Sadly agree with post # 43, above.

    Imprtantly, textures on objects such as cylinders are now all awry – it looks as if the prims have been “nurbified” and not very well, either! Textures are ‘twisted’ all around the sides.

    If we have to go around re-creating every non-cuboid, non-spherical prim — some advice would be welcome 😉

  46. Sean Heying says:

    Source code please, I have a need to patch 🙂

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  48. Medhue Simoni says:

    This version seems better. What is the deal with all the releases. Its hard to keep up. Some of us actually have things to do besides testing your stuff. Its completely ridiculous how often a viewer is released. I should be happy the main viewer has stayed the same. Which i bitched about a few months ago. How many noobs were chased away by all the viewers. SL is confusing enough for a newbie. New viewers come out so often u would think LL employees get more money for more releases. Every new viewer has new problems, not to mention the old problems that are never fixed. How about spending some time testing it yourselves. It seems that you dont test it at all, just rush to get it out to us. Which results in more angry residents. You could save us and u alot of frustration, and time by spending a little more time and releasing fewer viewers.

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  50. Wyald Woolley says:

    * Redocking the Contact list causes the communicate UI to get ugly.


    How ugly? All the way to Dazzle”?

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  52. Nite Zelmanov says:

    I have the same problem is Alisha (#33). Windlight works great for me, but when I tried switching back to RC, Mainline, or Dazzle the framerate is unusable (pinned at 2 when things are loading). Fast timers says it’s spending most of the time in “Region Update”. I thought it was a terrible network problem until I tried WL and my FPS returned to it’s normal 30+.

    I’ve tried reducing all graphics settings, running full screen, twiddling graphics options. No dice. Not sure where to file the JIRA since it’s been awhile since I’ve tracked the mainline/RC viewers and I dunno when this problem appeared.

    Second Life 1.19.0 (3) Feb 22 2008 09:36:22 (Second Life Release Candidate)

    You are at 284304.0, 263115.1, 109.0 in Peacock Park located at (
    Second Life Server

    CPU: Intel Core 2 Series Processor (2128 MHz)
    Memory: 2048 MB
    OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 (Build 2600)
    Graphics Card Vendor: NVIDIA Corporation
    Graphics Card: GeForce 7950 GT/PCI/SSE2
    OpenGL Version: 2.1.2
    LLMozLib Version: 1.1.0 (Mozilla GRE:
    Packets Lost: 0/3693 (0.0%)
    Viewer Digest: f3a2c337-c2ba-74d5-7a98-1277a09829f8

    Nvidia Driver

  53. Nite Zelmanov says:

    I decided I’d try the solution hinted at in #33.

    Downgrading to Nvidia driver 163.75 did not help.

    Here’s what DID help! Turning off OpenGL Vertex Buffer Objects greatly improved my FPS in RC, Mainline, and Dazzle. Yay! This is opposite of my experience in WL, where turning VBO off yields lower (but still usable) framerates.

    Maybe the checkbox in the prefs window is backwards? 😉

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