Mainland and the Ad Farm Problem

Despite the title of this blog post, the phrase ‘Ad Farm’ is a bit of a misnomer, so to be clear up front, adverts themselves are not the issue and we don’t want to stop legitimate advertising or use of small parcels for promoting events or stores. For the purpose of this post, ‘Ad Farm’ will apply specifically to advertising or content that is intended solely to drive an unreasonable price for the parcel it is on, usually by spoiling the view of others. We have heard the feedback, read the comments and blogs and so we are making some changes to address it.

So whilst advertising in itself is okay, where it crosses the line into harassing behavior or visual spam, where the intent is purely to compel another resident to pay an unreasonable price to restore their view – then this will be covered under Harassment in our Community Standards. Such cases should be abuse reported as you would any other Terms of Service or Community Standards violations, so that the governance team can take the appropriate action. See below for detailed advice on how to abuse report these.

It will obviously be difficult for us to define exactly where example A is an abuse issue as compared to example B where it is not – but the intention is to be as consistent as we possibly can and to remove the content as it is reported to us. Also, please keep in mind that this post only applies to Mainland; it does not impact private estates or islands where the owner is able to manage their land themselves.

So to recap:

  • Advertising on small parcels is fine, we are not outlawing the use of small parcels for this purpose.


  • Using content, particularly advertising, to deliberately and negatively affect another resident’s view so as to sell a parcel for an unreasonable price, will be deemed unacceptable and dealt with as a violation of our community standards.

This will begin tomorrow at which point the Knowledge Base will gain an article explaining how best to abuse report these. We will then review how this goes over the next few weeks and once we see how it works out in practice we can continue or make changes as necessary.

Our first action when we come across cases of ‘ad farming’ will usually be to return the content and warn the person responsible. Repeated violation may bring further action including suspension. If you are suspended and feel our decision was wrong, you can appeal. Instructions on appeals can already be found in the Knowledge Base (search for the word ‘suspended’).

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149 Responses to Mainland and the Ad Farm Problem

  1. TaraLi Jie says:

    I am officially filing a WHOOOO-HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO on this one!

    I’m not going to flood them with ARs, though, so that they can take their time and make sure they’re doing this in an even-handed and well-sorted manner.

    I can definitely see this being a contentious issue!

  2. Paulo Dielli says:

    Wow Lindens. THIS is a statement!! This will boost the community’s confidence in you, I’m sure. And by God, we needed that!

    Thank you.

  3. Wyvern Dryke says:

    There is NO legitimate use for a parcel of 16m except to spam everyone around it with annoying advertisements. Set a *reasonable* minimum size for a parcel (maybe 256?), and be done with it.

    Ad farms are a pox on the landscape of Second Life and should be banned. Period.

  4. Looks like Robo Marx who business is down the drain… Everyone file those abuse cases on him & the rest of those ad farm animals…

    Now all this is going to do is make LL have to read crap loads of AR’s when they can be fixing all the crap that isnt working right in SL. Maybe design a head person to the AD FARM issue so they can take care of it.

  5. Jen Shikami says:

    It’ll be really interesting to see how this shakes out in practice. If they use the sale price set on the land as a barometer, that’ll be relatively clear-cut… like if it’s average sale price x10 or x100 for the region, it’s pretty obvious it’s a hostage situation, eh?

  6. Keiko Rau says:

    Oh brother… While its great that LL have acknowledged (part of) the problem, I see this as opening up more – now the ad farmers will be creating ARs agains those who put a wall up on their own land, so as to block the (legitimised) advertising from view.

    The problem is not the ads. The problem is not the price of the parcels. The problem is those few individuals who buy a 512 or 1024k parce and cut it into little pieces and then sell it off at L$200 a pop. That is what you should focus on. The recently newly released regions ended up with ad farms within hours of their being sold off by the owner, and most of those farms have just a couple of ads on them, and 20 or so 16m parcels just waiting to be sold.

    The problem is not ads, the keyword here is FARM. Please think some more about the problem, and come up with a better solution.

  7. Advertizing IS ok.
    Littering IS NOT.

    This world could (and still can) promote intelligent advertising instead of pointless, rude, ugly brainwashing.

  8. stimpy tripp says:

    Thank you for addressing this complex issue. I’m looking forward to the KB article because, frankly, I’m not sure how I’d approach AR’ing this sort of thing. What about plots that arn’t marked for sale? are they immune from AR’s?


  9. wakawaka snook says:

    Sounds like a good public works project. Get some of the “escorts” off the street and productive. (Not that I have anything against”escorts”)

    And banning in-world advertising wouldn’t be the worst thing either.

  10. Alto Xeno says:

    Thank you! Much of the mainland is blighted by these “farms” and I finally gave up and got an island when a huge billboard was placed in my view and the owner “suggested” it would be nice if I gave him some land elsewhere, or bought the land he held at a ludicrous price. This is a long-needed improvement and I look forward to seeing a much more visually pleasant mainland in the near future!

  11. Vicente Bolero says:

    Darn! Wish this was in place before buying ‘ad farm’ parcels at riduculous prices to keep our mainland communty clean. May i file abuse report on the scoundrels from a previous abuse or at least get linden permission to orbit them?

  12. WAY TO GO.

    A monster rotating black column with yellow winking grinny faces on a 16sqm lot for L$9,000+ located in front of St. Pauls Cathederal is BLACKMAIL. see

  13. Dacob Paine says:


    TY! 256 or 512 SqM, that’s it. Who wants to rent a parcel of 16 SqM? It that supposed to be for a dog house for my virtual rover or fido?

    Surely it would be simple to prevent new land from being cut below a certain total size. Yes, this is restrictive versus what we have now but clearly now *all* residents can be trust to cut their land in a manner suitable for use by people — rather than the pointless blight of ad farms.

    And TY to LL for acknowledging the problem and taking action to prevent abuse in the future. I, for one, see this as very welcome news indeed! πŸ˜‰

  14. shawnwirtz tiki says:

    yayayay YAY

  15. les says:

    Impeach bush! No wait, that was a while ago.

    I’d rather see a tech solution then one that calls for judgements. Such as a button to make stuff on another’s parcel full transparent. Perhaps on your own land a simple button to make the rest of the objects in the sim vanish while on the land.

    Still, nice to see this issue adressed, but it’s gonna be messy…

    Too much good news today. It’s making me feel strange. I think I may be happy.

  16. Mimi says:

    Wow great!
    now we can finally get rid of those black block with tjose ugly smilies ruining all of the mainland. And the 300m high addblocks ruining sales of land. Everyone fill in an abuse report for them!

    Stil.. seeing how fast LL reacts on an issue like this, how does it come that they are still ignoring the #1 topic in JIRA (SVC-676)
    which has been there for months?

    Don’t you care at all about your content creators linden labs?

  17. Rufus Wilkinson says:

    “so as to sell a parcel for an unreasonable price, will be deemed unacceptable and dealt with as a violation of our community standards.”

    So… If I want to sell a parcel, but don’t want anyone to just suddenly buy it (if I’m for example using it as sandbox while trying to sell it) and I place the price at unreasonable amount so no one would buy it without me knowing, and put up in description the real price and tell the buyer to contact me to buy it, am I breaching the rules?

  18. It’s been a long time coming, thanx much LL.
    Ad farm blights have been the worst part of SL for me.

  19. Hazno Bazno says:

    This is the very first (and only) time you will find me not complaining here.

    Thank you for taking the problem into consideration. Thank you for making the effort to recognize and correct a problem that has been an eyesore from the very beginning. Thank you for listening.

    Actions speak louder than words and I’m hoping my upcoming AR’s get read and followed through on. My greatest concern isif you plan to deal with the relentless “Jew Smiley” guy. While none of his spinning icons are necessarily a provoking eyesore (until you start to notice that they are everywhere) he does very often charge an extremely outrageous amount of L$ for the tiny 16m2 parcel his ads are on.

    And one suggestion: limit what one can charge for a parcel. I was buying a huge amount of land in one sim a while back and one guy very deliberately listed his 2,048m2 parcel for 99 Million Lindens. When looking at land prices if I don’t select a specific L$ range then I find dozens of parcels for purely outrageous amounts of money for no good reason. Who in their right mind is going to pay 100 Million Lindens for a 512m2 parcel? It’s done purely to balk at those buying land around it and to serve nothing other than to irritate legitimate potential customers.

    Anyway, thank you again for the effort to bring the ad farms and harassing land owners into account for their actions. Hopefully we will begin to see results soon.

  20. John Klaar says:

    I wonder why people put those advertsiments on those 16M lots. I do not believe a whole bunch of people read them at all. Most of the people that fly around on random sims are newbies that have no money. Although the adfarms may be a good business, it seems like a waste of money and space to me

  21. Jacqueline Trudeau says:

    Wow! Thanks, and not a year (or 3) too soon!

  22. Ann Otoole says:

    congratulations on moving to a position of justice. Now do something about a small minority of residents claiming to be from one country (when in fact we don’t really know where they are from) that are systematically executing a consistent pattern of intellectual property theft. The DMCA laws do not properly cover this as a take down applies only to one instance and they simply put the stolen content back up over and over on the myriad of accounts they hold. This is a case where draconian action is justified. Not to mention such justice would serve to help restore the unjustly tarnished image one geogroup is currently suffering as a result of his organized criminal activity.

  23. mouse mimistrobell says:

    oh. my. goodness. thank you!

  24. John Klaar says:

    Although i like the fact that linden labs seems to do something about a problem like this, it would be great if they did something about all the theft in second life. Maybe a linden-police squad?

  25. Shmoo Snook says:

    This is like telling RL polluters that polluting the air is OK as long as their motivation isn’t to blackmail people into buying them out. The problem is the pollution itself, which will likely continue unabated.

  26. Wayfinder Wishbringer says:

    I have to agree with Les. While it is GREAT to see LL acknowledge the problem and take steps to put an end to it, the burden is being put on LL’s customers and on LL itself. Can you imagine how many AR’s you’re likely to receive over this?

    My experience is that LL has in the past done little in regard to land abuse, even when such is reported. I remember a case where I myself reported someone placing large trees right on the edge of their land, those trees sticking over the land border and through my build walls. LL refused to intercede… even though my build had been there long before the trees. So I have to agree, that leaving this up to the arbitrary decision of a LL employee might not be the most efficient way to handle this.

    A “tech solution” as Les put it would seem more feasible. Have the system check for pieces of land that are priced at absurdist prices (say, 20% above the market standard). Put a CAP on land prices if necessary. In other words, LET COMPUTERS DO THE WORK. LOL. I mean, that’s what it’s all about isn’t it? This is a problem that could easily be taken care of by bots. Let them search the grid, and when a potential abuse is found, report such if necessary and let a human intercede. But I’d say right off hand that any 16m plot that’s priced to sell over 240L (15L per meter… or whatever feasible figure) would be a big red light.

  27. Nacre Swindlehurst says:

    @15 I think might have the right idea. Any time we get judgemental about what people have on their property, we are on the wrong side of that well known slipper slope.

    So, why not a visual mute? We can already mute audio when it gets bad, why not mute video as well?

  28. @ 3 Wyvern Dryke.

    I use a 16m plot with a 1 min autoreturn to place ATM for tier payments to discourage the use of a alpha prim to scam people paying with the ATM.

    I also use 16m plots on private regions we own to place a scanner to keep track of ownership of the rest of the region.

    Linden Lab in their wisdom decided that there was no reason the region owner needed to know when land changed hands (even tho we did inform them of the need).

    So this is a “legitimate use for a parcel of 16m” that is not to spam or try to up the price of land.

    Thanks Jack. You know we support this measure. A good and thought out change of policy πŸ™‚

  29. Remus Lykin says:

    Ah, I can already now see that I’ll be sending in a couple of Abuse reports in the morning. But I’m not holding my breath waiting for the effect. I can only imagine how many AR’s will be flooding into LL’s inbox in the next couple of days. This should’ve been dealt with far sooner, but better late than never πŸ™‚

    And I have to agree with several posters saying that there really should be a limit higher than 16 sq.m for how small a parcel can be. 256 sq.m. is a good suggestion.

  30. Puppet Shepherd says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! This is a GREAT start to cleaning up the mainland. I think even “legit” ads on 16 sq.m. parcels are an issue, however, whether they are for sale or not – people for the most part don’t look at them, and when they do, it’s not in a favorable way. The only difference between them and the “ad farmers” is that the ad networks are suckering businesses into paying them for the advertising, instead of extorting the neighbors. However, that’s a battle I’m happy to fight another day – today I’m just happy that you’re going to do something finally about the extortionists!

    Hope you’re going to have extra Lindens on duty for the initial onslaught of abuse reports. πŸ™‚

  31. Thank you very much for addressing the problem. Its a shame because a great deal of the new mainland sims offered go thru the following process. A person wins the sim and quickly sells the land for 1 or 2 lindens over their cost. In theory if you flip a mainland sim over in this fashion you stand to make close to 300 USD if done right. The problem is the ad farm guys move in and stick an eye sore smack in the middle of the sim and this competely ruins what the unsuspecting “land flipper” had in mind.

    Its a shame because I feel that the vision Linden Labs had creating new continents is easily destroyed.

  32. Talarus Luan says:

    What about other kinds of extortionist plots?

    Ones which don’t have anything on them, and are there specifically priced and billed to “add more prims to your land!”. Torus Frog and all his L$777 16sqm plots comes to mind. PrimLands and their L$1495 16sqm plots (what a bargain!).

    Robo and Umnik are going to be the easy targets.

  33. Inevitably Stardust says:

    @3 Wyvern

    There are a lot of legitimate uses for 16m land lots that have nothing to do with advertising. For instance, many landlords use a 16m lot adjacent to rented land so that the resident cannot return a rental box.

  34. Max Kleiber says:

    A very knotty problem, indeed.
    However, why does it not occur to people that putting up signs is rather pointless in Second Life? We do not drive around looking at billboards here… we open the search window and query the database when looking for goods and services. At least I do. I’ve never bought land by looking for a “for sale” sign on it, I did it via a Search query.
    With this in mind it strikes me that ad farms are, for want of a better term, the result of ignorance of proper SL marketing techniques. If this is NOT the case, then I would be of the opinion that such areas primary intent is as local harassment.

  35. Dytska Vieria says:

    This is certainly wonderful news and I am sure it will get rid of some of the ad-farms,

    But what about the ad-farms that ARE NOT for sale? They are just as annoying but do not fall under the guidelines as there is no extortion money involved. There are quite of few of the Mr xxx’s Greater Hong Kong 16sqm add-farms like this that ruin the view and are not for sale.

    Please answer this one.

  36. Aeper Jie says:

    16 sq m plots make great server farms…but there tiny and does that count as a ad farm?

  37. Awaken Yoshikawa says:

    HIP HIP HOOOOOORAY! i don’t know how many thousands of Lindens I have wasted just to clear the land around my space. OWOWOOWOWOW
    I am so happy to hear this!!!!!! FINALLY

  38. woody says:

    FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG

  39. Inevitably Stardust says:

    Of course, if you don’t like advertising at all there are plenty of well managed private island estates that are free of this SL blight.

  40. amilie anatine says:

    NO i dont like this new thing.

    i agree that ad farms cause lag, create bad views and people dont like them. in fact, i dont like them! i wouldnt want them near my land, and thats why i dont buy land near 64s! i buy where there are covenants against them. so i totally agree with residents. they are ugly. but not everything (or eveyone) in SL is pretty… however, your new policy is an example of favoring the will of some vocal residents at the expense of others.

    to call the 64s harassment??? i think thats overreaching!!! yes this is complex issue, but how to judge? tell me, is linden labs big enough to properly investigate the level of “harassment” for each ad farm? Well…

    i’ll tell you there should be a double standard when people put up walls to block the ads, that people have paid a good “market” value for, in otherwords, who did not cut up their parcel, but just bought some 64sq peices to put their ads. But after a person has invested that money in the billboard spaces, they find someone buys the peices around those to put up walls perhaps to drive the price of the 64 peices down? I think those walls are harassment. But who will judge? majority rules im guessing. minority will lose.

    i dont think ad farms are intending to harass or drive prices unreasonably up, this is just the market, and they do it cause its never been illegal, in fact, ads and billboards are a part of life. why would someone buy a 512 to put up a 3 prim billboard? However, people buy parcels to put more laggy malls with scripted server vendors! as if 3 rotating prims were causing lag on mainland??? since when???

    now, I and others are going to lose money on our little parcels for fear that someone will AR us and they will be taken from us? so i cant sell my 64s for the price that paid for them? and i cant use them for ads cause someone will AR me?

    what you should have done lindens is set a “from now on” rule, even put it in the coding, that land cannot be subparceled into anything less than 512m2.. but anything that currently exists can remain until the market absorbs it.

    everyone else can just move away from the ad farm but then be relieved that they wont spontaneously appear in front of their new place.

    i cry foul on this one. this is unfair.


  41. while I appreciate the idea it also constitutes a building restriction.
    this sort of thing will become a restrictive entanglement-it will allow people to complain about any build they deem innappropriate-I am currently trying to buy parcels in my sim and that also seems to be a way for people to charge unreasonable prices for land as well as ask for sim restarts everytime I have high traffic, also I am still getting harrassed by minors because I have banned them on my sim-I would rather see more comprehensive protection from grievers who repeatedly come back as an alt- I think once a person is banned all their alts should be banned too- I am sure I will be the target of complaints for having an excessive build, because I build big, but so far linden has left me to deal with things on my own at my own expense-I have over 8000 prims, sometimes my only defense is to build obnoxious walls and stuff-it seems to be my only recourse for neighborhood harrasssment-I would hate to get suspended for taking care of what I pay for

  42. Beebo Brink says:

    Legitimate advertisers do not need to set their little 16×16 ad plot for sale. If they are truly interesting in advertising, rather than exploitation, then they need that land, right?

    But anyone who puts up a hideous sign on a 16×16 — especially at a price 10x the average price — is not really all that invested in advertising.

    Shouldn’t be that difficult to judge who the violators are.

  43. Perefim Cao says:

    first things I have seen done right in ages.. I actually support something your doing for once.. instead of mucking thigns up as usual

  44. Jenny Stacolli says:

    While I dislike extorsionist ad farming as much as anyone…. I would rather put up with looking at an ugly sign rather than have free speech impeded upon. It is their land, let them do what they want with it. Free market should take care of this problem. If people refused to buy these plots it would not be profitable to run this scheme. It is like complaining about the ugly eyesore discount superstore in town while you are on you way there to buy bread, some socks, and a DVD Player.

  45. Deltango Vale says:

    Having been a victim of one of these scams, let me say that the problem is not size (16m2) or advertising; it is harassment. This can be done with a 1024m2 lot as easily as a 16m2 square.

    As for the ugliness of the mainland, well, I’m not sure it was such a great idea to flood the market with cheap land in the first half of 2007. More importantly, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and most beholders of mainland property think a black castle the size of Neptune is beautiful. I hate to say it, but the mainland is a reflection of people’s tastes. Seen what’s on TV lately? Same thing. Welcome to the human race.

  46. LaeMiQian says:

    I had to shave 48m off my land to keep in tier – luckily I got a buyer who wanted to put nothing more than two trees and a hammock on it (I even made him a 1-prim hammock I was so happy πŸ˜‰

  47. Dex Trenchcoat says:

    Perhaps a rule that limits the number of linked 16m plots in the same area?…

    Clearly it seems that the size of the plot its self, is not the problem but the rampant abuse of a dozen or more such plots to form the farms.

    Just my two cents

  48. Talarus Luan says:

    @41: I have owned mainland land for more than a year and a half. When I bought it, there were residents and businesses surrounding me. In that time, 3 separate ad farms sprang up around my land. So, it wasn’t a matter of me buying land next to ad farms, they bought, cut, and polluted the land next to me.

    This is definitely a step in the right direction, but there’s still a long ways to go.

  49. Sarah Nerd says:

    Thank You for hearing and understanding everyones concerns with this problem and taking some action! You rock as always Jack!

  50. Arthur Market says:

    This “ad farm” stuff is “griefing”. There is no possible way that there can be any results from a 16m parcel with an ad rotating above it. If there are, then my estimation of the intelligence of the folks using SL would be way out of line. The ads are obnoxious, spoil the view, in some cases are offensive, and are done just to cause grief. I don’t see this as relating to land prices. If you buy a griefers land to silence them then you have given in, and the terrorists win. The bad part is that buying a 16m parcel costs little to the griefer but has great impact for the price. Since it is unlikely that profit is a motive (except if they sell all 64 16m parcels in a 1024 at L$9999 each), I think this is an issue that should be addressed by Linden Labs. Do you want SL to be an ad farm? Is this good advertising for Second Life? I think not. Please fix.

  51. jz paine says:

    YEA!!! I invite you to visit the Odesean region to take a look at all the crap that is on very small parcels. An eyesore that should be cleaned up so the rest of us who have homes and shops can enjoy our sorroundings

  52. Cruise Swain says:

    Awesome.. anything against those disgusting adfarms is a thumbs up for me.

  53. Ambergris says:

    There IS a lot to consider here. I am glad that this issue is finally being looked at. My store is on the mainland, and on two sides there are these ad farms, and having to waste my prim counts on walls to block them out has been not a happy thing for me.

    I do hope all sides of this complex issue WILL be looked at:
    whether land should be allowed to be parceled so small as individual plots-
    What is legitimate advertising vs harrassment and extortion-
    small plots set for sale or not? How will that be handled-

    And I do agree that putting one or two people who are solely responsible for handling the ARs, and the proposed system of reporting etc is a very good idea.

    I look forward to when the information on how to report these farms comes out; as I for one will be among the first in line to let you know who is harassing and extorting in my area.
    Kudos! This is good news, and I hope to see this really work out well.

    Not all of us can afford to “just get a sim” when mainland becomes too much of a mess to live and do business on.

  54. Darren Oates says:

    Wise move πŸ™‚

  55. Morden Winkler says:

    Thank God! Linden Labs have finally come to their senses. When Philip was prattling on about “market forces” taking care of the problem I just about sold my land and quit SL on the spot.

    THANK YOU for making a good decision. Now I gotta go AR my local adfarmer.

  56. McCabe Maxsted says:

    For those who would like to discuss some of the various proposals on the JIRA, the meta-issue for Ad Farms is

  57. U M says:

    Well think about it. The person placing all those ads litering up the landscape are very powerful people owning 1000.00(s ) of real monies. Then again they just don`t give a **** these days do they? They let land owner litter up land all around them s o they sell out because its a junk yard a;; arpound. frankly speaking LL can careless since its themselves they care more about then annyone else these days. 12 millions accounts a? Well i sy this 3 million real accounts and the rest alts and LL bots……

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  59. Argent Stonecutter says:

    I’ve used parcels as small as 16m for special purposes, like creating a place to rez packages in a store, or to create a place for a separate audio stream, or to allow for scripts in a different group than the rest of a plot. They’re also often used to cut out a spot for the rental box for a rental parcel.

  60. Kilandra Yeuxdoux says:

    I agree with Dex about having a definition of what an Adfarm is. And also if someone needed a 16m parcel for legitimate reasons they can cut one from ones own land not take someone elses land and make multiple 16m parcels out of a 512 or a 256.

    And I too know of a few parcels that need an AR done on. Come on a 16m at L$9000 not worth it.

  61. Hugsy Penguin says:

    The article states: “…so as to sell a parcel for an unreasonable price…”. Does the parcel in question have to be registered as “for sale” in the system? If it has to be marked for sale, then the ad farmers may still “offer it for sale” in the parcel’s description.

  62. Marianne McCann says:

    Is this to fuel passions for “Kiss A Linden?”

  63. Larkum Woodget says:

    This is a fantastic acknowledgement of the problem! Thanks Lindens! But and here’s the but. Ads aren’t aren’t allowed anywhere in the RL so maybe it should be similar in SL? I think that ads should only be allowed inside buildings such as malls.

    They should only be visible on the land of the person responsible for them.

    Everybody hates ads who doesn’t make them.

  64. jane says:

    WOW LINDENS!! If my translator has worked right im very surprised and happy! Go this way straight ahead in the future. Im surprised and happy to know that such debris waste (especially on mainland) will be removed. Congrats πŸ˜‰

  65. Russ says:

    Thank you Linden Labs. How soon will terrorists like Robo Marx be banned from ever setting foot on the Mainland?

  66. Einsman says:

    Woohoo Banner Wars round number 2 is over! πŸ˜€

  67. U M says:

    lets see ad farms pop up on commerical islands ( joking) and see is LL takes them off……..

  68. Khamon says:

    Thank You

    Good Show

  69. Lias Leandros says:

    One step closer to saving the mainland. But we must not accept this band-aid as the solution.

  70. I have purchased 16×16 parcels in the past to host servers at different spots on the mainland. I usually put these up in the sky or way down below. There are legitimate uses for the 16×16 parcels. You can also set them to be your home point in a sim to which you do not have any other land in, but would prefer to TP to often. A “tiny” can also build a very small prim-house to call their own. All you need is a roof and a cube.

  71. Alicia Sautereau says:


    am i dreaming?!?!?!?!

    Did some one woke up?
    I think this should be stickied and made “blog of the year”! πŸ˜€

  72. Desmond Shang says:

    Well done sir, well done team!

    Thank you. The rising tide of a classy atmosphere on the grid will raise all ships.

    Desmond Shang
    Independent State of Caledon

  73. Lysana McMillan says:

    Thank you. My partner and I have wound up purchasing about one-eighth of Gilbut because of ad farm parcels. The ones we left alone were either too far away from our mall to be of concern or extortionately priced. Will the ad farmers be annoyed at the happy little trees we’ve put up near their monstrosities? Perhaps. But since we aren’t selling the land and merged all the teensy little plots into our main holdings, we’re not ad farmers. We just have this visual preference for 60m pine trees over rotating smiley faces with Stars of David over one eye.

  74. Dana Hickman says:

    I can’t thank you Lindens enough for this !!!
    The bullying of other residents for the intended purpose of extorting land sales at MUCH higher than market price has been an ongoing issue, and is one of the top detractors to owning mainland. I’m sure the fine line between legitimate advertising and visual griefing will be tested, as some people just don’t like adverts, and others will feel empowered and report anything. I really hope that people use common sense when reporting these so that legitimate reports can be taken care of in a timely manner. As already stated, this is one of the top issues for mainland residents, and if handled correctly should return a lot of value not only to owning mainland, but to premium memberships as well.

  75. a Linden Fan says:

    Its about time, Fantastic move Lindens.

  76. Nimue Jewell says:

    Thank you!!!!! Woot!

  77. Felix Oxide says:

    Guess it took an ad farmer threatening your new auctioned sims for you to finally take some action. Now will you please address the problems of griefing on the mainland by disposible alt accounts? And make it impossible for them to use the lazy, uncaring landowner’s parcels to take an entire sim down and depriving the responsible, paying land owners who secure their land use of their land?

  78. Elessar says:

    Advertizing is fine, and it is part of the “game” for some business owners. But excessive prims advetizing on the same plot is a total eyesore. I tend to overlook, say, a plot with 8 signs telling me it is up for sale – but might look at a similar sized property that has tastefully erected a single sign.

  79. elise sands says:

    Minimum parcel size 256..period. NO ad farms this is NOT a legit use of land and max height ..NO higher than 2x the smaller diameter of a parcel
    Minimum parcel size 256..period. NO ad farms this is NOT a legit use of land and max height ..NO higher than 2x the smaller diameter of a parcel
    Minimum parcel size 256..period. NO ad farms this is NOT a legit use of land and max height ..NO higher than 2x the smaller diameter of a parcel
    Minimum parcel size 256..period. NO ad farms this is NOT a legit use of land and max height ..NO higher than 2x the smaller diameter of a parcel

  80. @71 this is talking about 16×16 parcels it is talking about 4×4 ad lots. there is a big difference from 16×16 & 4×4

  81. Chatto Tomsen says:

    OMG This might actually make a difference!!! Whoooo !!!

    In the meantime Dont Buy The Land!! Build Walls instead! Huge unashamed proud and angry walls!!!

    Gentility has always existed under siege.

  82. Honcho HullaBaloo says:

    First off: There is nothing wrong with advertising. As long as the advertisement is meant to attract customers to a general or specific area or to sell a product or sell/rent a service.

    Sticking something on a 16 sqm plot to sell something is not wrong. Sticking something on a 16 sqm plot that is a eyesore, used to harass or extort, or to spy on other parcels is definitely wrong.

    There is a balance to be maintained between effective and desirable advertising, and just something you have to put up with to play nice with others. Sticking large rotating blocks that flood the area with light, spam notecards and messages, and have RIDICLES prices for the land is harassment and extortion. A billboard, with surrounding plants actually can look nice, assuming it “fits in” with the terrain and surrounding.

    So, what would be a good rule of thumb to declare something a “case of harassment”? That depends on the surround land owners. They can take it upon themselves to inform said “ad farm” owners to redesign, replace, or sell their plots at a reasonable amount. And not by saying “Get rid of that !@#%$!” Blank spots can be “filled” with trees and plants, and it would be nice of some lindens to go about looking for such empty spots and plant a tree in them to make the surroundings look better.

    Its when you don’t get an answer, or the farmer jacks up his price for his land, then you can claim harassment, or absenteeism. There should be something in the TOC about a “use it or lose it” policy.

    Plant some trees. Trees are nice

  83. JR Unknown says:

    Fantastic decision!! This is a huge step forward to cleaning up the ugliness of the mainland. Thank you Jack for listening!!

  84. Hecaeta says:

    I for one am interested in the outcome of this. While I neither own ad farms nor condone them. In my sim the land was bought up so fast we only have one 64m2 plot to deal with. I is on the market at 7900. I and the others refuse to pay that price for it so we ignore it. I feel we are lucky that we only have the one plot.
    Now with that said, I feel a larger issue needs to be addressed. How about just creating tiers based on Sims. In otherwords, if you own less than 512 in a SIM that is overage and it will bump up tier. Just a thought

  85. Hammer Rulez says:

    Laws were never once created for the honest moral person, however it’s always the honest moral person that suffers the law.

    These “criminals” will find other means for which you can create a new law. Live and let live, stop trying to turn Second Life into a police state. Sure, the Ad Farms are ugly, so was that avatar you once had. What’s next in this “User Created” world where everything is fine so long as it doesn’t “offend” someone.

  86. nina says:

    dont disappoint me linden.
    you know what you need to do, please do it.

  87. Puppet Shepherd says:

    In addition, LL really needs to reexamine its policy of selling reclaimed small lots on the open market at $1/sq.m, where it gets picked up by bots because no humans are fast enough, and resold again to new adfarmers. Will you PLEASE just combine the silly things and put them all up for auction already? I’m very tired of seeing this happen over and over again.

  88. Mitzy Shino says:

    OMG I was going to come to the Kiss a Linden event with a size 12 boot and give some butt kicking, now I think I’ll come with open arms and kisses for them all!

  89. Cocoanut Koala says:

    Thank you!!!


  90. Jaca C says:

    As usual with my comments – this is a bit off topic, though I think the new revolving flash type ads are a bit much (but I am all for anyone advertising!) What about everything in the air? We buy land and we hope to bring in folks to our land, stores, clubs, but when there is so much in the air – with ban lines to boot – how can anyone get to where we are (advertising or not) and how can we do anything.

    In my opinion this is not putting in laws. Buying land is buying LAND not SKY. Yes privacy is understood and respected.


    IF Land IS Sky – the make it invisible/cloaked and NO ban lines. Then we can all be happy!!

    Lindens listening??


  91. Pingback: Adfarms be gone?! «

  92. Shawna Kelley says:

    What a lame and ‘vague’ response to the ad farm blight. While Linden has mostly had a ‘hands off’ attitude about ad farming, now they’ve placed themselves in a position where they have to make regular judgement calls based on god knows what.

    Yes… what about a piece of land that has no ads, but is 16sm priced at L$10k?

    Will the abusers now just populate ALL their farm lots with something – mark them NOT for sale – just to spite Linden?

    Linden could have done something REAL… like no prims for 16sm sized lots… or min lots for prims is 512k… or ability to mute objects…. but instead they’ve created a huge bureaucracy that requires AR’s and their hands an judgment. The likes of which is a simple slap on the wrist to remind adfarmers to take their lots off the market.

  93. Tiny Mind says:

    So Ad-Farming is still sanctioned by LL? Figures.

  94. Carl Metropolitan says:

    Thank you. This is an excellent first step.

    I think that you will find that tying enforcement to the cost of ad plots may not be the solution, as I’m afraid that adcutters will find ways around such–as putting “contact me for pricing” in the About Land, or simply not listing prices and waiting for their victims to offer them money. Additionally, there are a number of blighted areas where the ad farm land is not for all for sale. There are legitimate ways of advertising in SL. Spinning 4x4x10 meter cubes are not one.

    Please keep looking into this problem.

    Thank you again.

  95. Digital Digital says:

    Will be nice to see this take place, I miss the nice old SL, it’s good to know that some beautification will be done πŸ™‚

  96. drdahlgren says:

    While free enterprise is basically the rule of SL, the ad parcels are truly a blight. We have rules in SL, and I see no reason that one can not be created to deal with these. My fear is that if the policy becomes one of dealing with them under current TOS, then that is all that will ever be done.

    There is no justifiable reason for having these eyesores. They are ugly and truly ineffective. I have been in SL going on two years and have never clicked one yet. I make a point of boycotting anyone who’s are on them as well.

    I think treating them as spam or harassment can be appropriate, but I think a new rule needs to be put into effect, similar to the zoning rules now in place for mature / pg parcels.

    My proposal would apply to Mainland only and be as follows:
    1) The use of mainland parcels of any size for the sole purpose of billboard / ad farm style advertising is prohibited. This rule becomes effective on ( place a date here).
    2) The breaking of a Mainland parcel into pieces smaller than 512m2 is prohibited unless you own the land surrounding the parcel on all sides. The exception would be if the parcel were bounded by Linden protected land or a void boundry, where you would only be required to own the land on all sides not bounded by Linden protected land or void.
    3) Land that continues to be used in violation of the policy will be forfit to LL for auction or if 64m2 or less, offered to any land owner whose land borders said parcel on at least 3 sides for the sum of L$10m2.
    4) The placing of objects on any parcel perviously used for ad farm style objects, with the sole intent of creating a nuisance value for the property will cause the forfit of the property handled per part 3 above.
    5) Continued violation of this policy by any account holder will result in a permanent ban of that account and forfit of all lands owned by that account. Parcels forfit will be handled per part 3 above.

    The other issue which causes a harm to small parcel owners (512m2) is the darn fences. But that is another issue.


  97. Thanks for implementing this new policy, LL. It’ll all depend on how the final decisions will be made and I suggest having only a small group of Lindens work these adfarm AR’s that will be flooding your system. Not to overload them from the start – because that will happen – but to have as consistent decisions as possible.

    With policies as this, even where the majority of users is in favor, try to keep some stability in the marketplace. All the business owners will love you for it, even if they are NOT adfarm owners/users.

  98. nomoresecrets says:

    Mainland is worthless for any Live-music or clubs. 40 people on a sim…lol…. mallΒ΄s? what to buy? stolen stuff? or pay money for freebies? rotfl….

  99. Starfire Desade says:

    Great news… thank you LL for taking this first step. But please be aware of adfarmers/extortionists trying to skirt this restriction.

  100. Jazzman Jibilla says:

    Okay. Sounds good.

    I wish the AR folks luck and hope that it doesn’t matter which side of the bed they get out of on any given day..too much.

    Somebody, we hope, has sat down and written out a few basic policies on a nice clean piece of paper and tacked a copy to the forehead of everyone involved.

  101. Argent Stonecutter says:

    There are legitimate uses for 16m parcels. You won’t kill ad farms by banning them, you’ll just kill the legitimate uses.

    I’ve had to deal with “griefer build” parcels with outrageous prices on parcels as big as 512, and obnoxious ad parcels as big as 256. The advertisers will set up “ad rental” parcels and pull other tricks instead.

  102. Thaumata says:

    I’ve lived on the mainland for over two years now, and I’ve always been lucky enough to have a nice, quiet beautiful mainland sim with no ad farms. My partner has has relatively the same experience (also for two years.)

    However, that doesn’t stop me from giving you guys a big old high five on this one. I love that you’re working to make the mainland a better place! Some of us have been sticking it out with you for a very long time! Go go go! (And I don’t envy the list of ARs you will soon have, haha. Hang in there!!)

  103. Argent Stonecutter says:

    If you really want to kill ad farms, vote for

    It’s gotta be a good idea, Prokofy’s against it.

  104. Chatto Tomsen says:

    Thanks nomoresecrets – you’ve totally hit the nail on the head. The mainland has been materially degraded by this ad farm process.

    It would not surprise me if there were cartells of lsland owners driving this to further their selfish venality.

    Everyone needs a fair go and for most of us that means Mainland.

  105. Skygirl Kline says:

    That’s wonderful you do this, it will make SL look nicer too as well! I wish you could one day address the banline problem that practicaly inhibits all movement in some places..happily flying along and then smack. perhaps lower it to reasonable building height?

  106. AllIN Burger says:

    LL trying to give everyone a “feel good” before they lay that Q2 tier increase on us?

  107. Kyder Ling says:

    Good move, LL. Keep this up, please. There’s a lot of stupid stuff that really hurts SL as a whole, like Camping and other gimmicks.

  108. nomoresecrets says:

    is any of the now writing posters reading what was written before?

  109. You know friends, I completely understand why everyone is so happy to see this action being taken. I’ve been around this world for almost 5 years, and have had a time or two when this occurred to myself. Back then, we got the usual brush-off from the Linden’s stating that as long as they kept the items of disagreement on their own land and as long as it didn’t conflict the rating of the SIM, there was nothing they could do.

    I absolutely hated that answer back then, but I understood it. When the Linden’s decided to become the sole judge, jury and executioner concerning these “Ad Farms”, they also to the first slippery step on the long slope downward.

    Let’s give you some examples from our Real World shall we? We have at one time or another cried for our “Right to Freedom of Speech” when someone tried to hush us up, no matter what we were saying. That’s a good thing, because many of our fore-fathers died protecting what the US Founders considered THE MOST IMPORTANT RIGHT FOR ALL MEN. That right is the FREEDOM TO SPEAK one’s mind. No matter if I totally disagree with your position, I will FIGHT for your right to voice that position. Our own Supreme Court understands what it means to curtail Free Speech, as it has backed away time and again when presented with arguments as to why this persons speech should be curtailed but that persons speech shouldn’t be.

    Now, we have the great Linden Lab, the same people that thought releasing Cory Linden was a good thing, have decided apparently that they are wiser then even those sitting on our own Supreme Court. Linden Lab believes that they, and they alone, will be able to look into someones conscious and discover their intent about their “Ad Farm”. Linden Lab apparently has psychic abilities, not yet known to other men or women, that will guarantee that they will be able to, 100% correct all the time, discern every single “Ad Farm” complaint.

    Yes, it’s quite sarcastic what I say, but tell me, do you honestly believe that Linden Lab will be able to discern every single person’s intent? What about the times when it’s not black/white? Will Linden Lab err on the part of FREE SPEECH or on the side of “who provides the most money?”

    As a long-term resident, and one that provided the “seed” money Linden Lab asked for way back when by buying multiple life-time accounts, I’m worried about this proclamation from on high. I know it’s impossible to be right all the time, and when Linden Lab gets it wrong, who suffers? We all do, because this is just one step down a very slippery slope, where we lose what was once perceived our “RIGHT” to do what we wanted on our land, to only God knows where when the smoke and dust have settled.

    If Linden Lab is willing to take away the RIGHTS of the Land Owner, what next? How soon will it be, before they start taking away the Intellectual Property Rights of the Creators? You see, you think this is a good decision until you realize that Linden Lab can NOT BE RIGHT all the time. The one time they are wrong, we all lose. Not just our RIGHT to do what we want on OUR LAND, but every single RIGHT we were once granted by Linden Lab is now called into question.

    There was a time when I would have said to those complaining about the “Ad Farms”, to quit bothering the Linden’s, not only will they NOT listen, but they shouldn’t. Now I’m wondering just where Linden Lab will take us next? What RIGHT will be curtailed next? Where does it end?

    For you that read this and say I’m just a complainer, well, read it again and understand that when you allow ONE RIGHT to be curtailed, you allow ALL RIGHTS to be curtailed.

    It’s a long slippery slope and at the bottom of the hill will lie the grave of Second Life.

  110. Argent Stonecutter says:

    111: “No”

  111. Argent Stonecutter says:

    112: – let people choose what speech THEY want to see, and watch the griefer farms dry up.

  112. Chatto Tomsen says:

    Bob- newsflash: Advertising isn’t speech it’s spruik.

  113. Argent Stonecutter says:

    116: are *you* reading what other people are writing?

  114. Smoj Xeno says:

    @3 Wrong !!!
    Its a great place to store objects for backup reasons so it’s not in your inventory (and open for possible loss as soom residents have found).

  115. mztry Moody says:

    i think this is a great idea not only do the blight of adfarms spoil chances of selling land or forcing prices way over the top…they also hinder those who make their property something unique whether just for viewing or using to sell objects, art etc…they distract from the creativeness of people who put so much time and effort into making their bit of SL something different for all to enjoy…i hope in time this will be used to protect the creativity that abounds in SL…Good Luck with this as it is badly needed…ty and Happy Valentines to you all πŸ™‚

  116. Greta Umarov says:

    Actually I make a point of NOT patronizing any of the businesses using adfarms to advertise. I even go out of my way to let a few of them know why I’m NOT going to buy their products.

    Ugly is as ugly does. The people who surround others’ land with ugly blighting ads for the purposes of blackmail, or callously place their own wants above that of the good of the community, are finally going to get their comeuppance.

    Now let’s see you all put your ‘money where your mouth is’. Will you Lindens uphold this ruling, or will you water it down with excuses because those we want to remove are willing to pay more to get their way?

    Here’s hoping this works. Thank you

  117. Bradley Bracken says:

    This news is outstanding!!!! I’m not sure it’s going to solve the problem. Those weasels will find a way around this if they can, but it’s a huge first step. Thank you Lindens for finally taking action on this! I wish I could hug you all.

  118. nomoresecrets says:


    quote”We have at one time or another cried for our β€œRight to Freedom of Speech” when someone tried to hush us up, no matter what we were saying. That’s a good thing, because many of our fore-fathers died protecting what the US Founders considered THE MOST IMPORTANT RIGHT FOR ALL MEN. That right is the FREEDOM TO SPEAK one’s mind. No matter if I totally disagree with your position, I will FIGHT for your right to voice that position.


    RL vw. SL… lmfao ….some landlords, lose money , because LL didnt tell them their strategy ( others have seen that before and invested thousands of US-Dollars in other Online-worlds) , now SOME Landlords lose some Money, and now this people come with RL-LAW? that is silly. to prohibit the Online -Games is also prohibited by WTO. USA lost a lawfight. they need to aloww it…. please, .. dont tell me what happens in the world or in USA…. men need to run in front of driving women… ..gnnnnn

    So Bob, please, RL= RL, SL=SL.

    RL=isnt only US-LAW….

  119. Yippee! πŸ˜›

    About time!

    My little advertising network has been battling against these for quite some time now, with varying success, being able to take some L$ out of from them πŸ™‚

    Some of these spammers has been continuously trying to grief me just like specified here, ruining ether my normal parcel sale value, or value of the small parcel for advertising.

    Strong work has been done for community acceptance too, in the form of sometimes even giving the parcels for free, or very cheap to neighbours, sometimes donating the parcels to Arbor Project, and trying to have a billboard suitable for the area. πŸ™‚

    Of course, some people have categorized me to the spammer extortionist category nevertheless, like Nobody Fugazi for higher profile example, and has been doing whatever little they can to grief, harass etc.

  120. HD1080i says:

    Ditto the sentiments of DrDahlgren. well said.
    Mainland has needed a fresh covenant for such marketing, even fullbright billboards , mostly now it matters more since windlight looks great at sunrise and sunset until you have a damn billboard in the scene.

    In Real Liife this is the same thing, there are rules specific to this one use of land and vista where i live, and it makes sense.
    for LL its evolution in progress to manage such stuff rather than allow the basic free for all growth of selfish visual spam.

  121. nomoresecrets says:

    #124 quote”than allow the basic free/unquote

    lol…. ban the landlords NOW!!!!!!

    more questions silly?

  122. Time for me to weigh in on this…

    What I see is not the end of ad farms at all…those that have advertising networks will merely not put their land up for sale, which will ensure that the ads will remain in your view. Figure it out folks…what the lindens are saying here is that those that have ad systems, and have billboards, will merely NOT SELL THEIR LAND now…so if you want to get a billboard removed, too bad…

    The only people this will truly effect are the extortionists…those that buy land, and erect an annoying object, merely for the purpose of forcing you to buy it to remove the annoyance. Those of you that consider billboards to be annoyances…too bad…they will remain.

    What no one seems to be noting, is that when you purchase land in second life…it does NOT give you the right to tell your neighbor what you think is annoying on their land…if it did…then I could tell any neighbor I have that I dont like the look of their house…or their building…or that statue…or anything else on their land…and because I deem it to be annoying…I can now file an abuse report against them.

    The rule in second life has always been, at least until now…that you buy the land…not the view…now it seems that LL is changing that policy…and setting themselves up to be the sole judge of what is annoying…

    Linden labs…be prepared for anyone and everyone to test your new policy by claiming that anything they can see within their draw distance, that they dont think is asthetically appealing…now falls under the category of an “annoyance”…

    Last but not least…if you are going to arbitrarily determine what is “an unreasonable price” for a parcel…how is that going to be judged…on a flat rate per meter…?..what if I paid 800L for a 16m parcel for an ad…are you going to demand I sell if for the average per meter price on the grid now?…or are you going to base it on my aquisition price?…

    If you are going to take away property owners rights, Linden Labs…you need to define exactly who and how you will be screwing over the land owners…I await your response.

  123. Alwin says:

    need help to clean up??….volunteering here!!

  124. Cherry Czervik says:

    I LOVE YOU!!!! xxxx about time that people can get rid of the spiralling columns of rubbish in the air, rotating signs, loads of escort ads, unsightly unsightly OOOH be very glad I can’t kiss you. VERY glad. YES!!!!!!!!! Oh yeah that point by Puppet … there’s a bunch of 16sqm roadside in Seadramon … what happens with that? Little plots like that?

    Na sorry even so … w00t!!!

  125. U M says:

    I see it to believe it. But it look like we are headed in the direct finally

  126. Cherry Czervik says:

    @126 As someone with a LONG LONG time spent working in Customer Service (to board level handling, blue-chip multinational) anyone who ends a mail with “I await your response” is asking nay BEGGING to go to the bottom of the pile. Just a hint there πŸ™‚

  127. Russ says:

    A MEMO TO ALL AD FARMERS: You can now pay me $10,000 per parcel that surrounds my land to not report you for TOS. (I love being an extortionist.) πŸ™‚

  128. Tamasin Demina says:

    Are we going to have a guideline price on what extortion is? What happend where seriously offensive ad-farmers take the plots off for sale just to make a statement to you. Its a good day and I hope these AR’s are dealt with a abit more swiftly than normal ecpecially where the same abuser crops up more often than others. It’s not just 16m parcels, up to 42m around me. Don’t legitimate 16ms for using with media etc. Just maybe after this mess is cleaned up look to banning the sale of ultra small parcels. You can have a small parcel just dont try and sell it. I get the impression this may be where you’re going and this is a first step toward it.

  129. Sandy Schnook says:

    There’s still much to be done to clean up the Mainland, and most of what I’d really like to see would take away too many freedoms to be implemented. I.E. Those that own a significant amount of land and uglify it so you are tempted to sell yours, or land that has apparently been abandoned, though someone apparently still pays tier, that gets trashed by anyone that walks by, or clubs that have so many campers, the sim is unusable for others. I have had examples of all near my land. Those, we really can’t do much about. But the overpriced 16m eyesores, that’s something LL can do something about, and I applaud their effort for finally trying.

  130. Rhaorth Antonelli says:

    WOOT way to go Jack!! kudos to you! and it is about time too


  131. Michael Timeless says:

    I have to admit to mixed feelings. Just about a year ago ad farms and the pirate mentality behind them drove me from the mainland to an estate where a competent manager prevented this from happening.
    However, I don’t believe it’s humanly or avitar possible for LL to do this in a fair manner. Like many others I question the “slippery” slope effect when we start pointing fingers at one another and questioning how some people use their own land.
    I voted on this issue by moving away from the mainland. I would rather spend my money buying parcels away from these abusive people. It is a shame that some people will suffer because of the devaluation to their property…I gave my mainland propety away for a fraction of its value and started over fresh.
    In my town when the “govenment” came in to clean up and get rid of the eyesores it was called gentrification. Could this be the prelude to a cleanup that will raise our tiers and take away some more freedoms? Will we soon see a tier increase that will make this a moot point?
    Lots of questions and I’m afraid lots of suspicions at the sudden spring cleaning blog entries. Hopefully it will help those suffering from ad blight, but I do question the “sudden” interest in this cleanup.


  132. Darien Caldwell says:

    Interesting news. Will have to see how it plays out a month or two from now. πŸ™‚

  133. Damian McLeod says:

    I have to say this is a good thing… But at the same time there is one point I do disagree with… The suggestion to remove 16M2 parcels, or for that matter anything under 256… These smaller parcels are nice for land where auto return is on and you wish your customers to be able to unpack their parcels, as well as allowing businesses like SLX, APEZ, and On Rez to place ATM terminals in areas they may not otherwise be able to do due to matters such as group restrictions, etc… How about a minor restriction on the construction on them, limiting anything on them to 2M X 2M, with a maximum total altitude above ground level at the highest point of 4M, unless they are part of a larger store or house build, and forbid the placement of the massive stacks of ad cubes we see now a days? That would eliminate the farms and blight while allowing others to utilize small parcel sizes as required for any existing or future project that may come up…

    Just My two cents… Or is that L$…

  134. Christos Atlantis says:

    In some cases Lindens take giant steps and strides, and in other baby steps, I see all those arguments in the above posts, in any case this is a step in the right direction.

    Keep up the good work and please remember to stabilize before you upscale or revise.

  135. Larkum Woodget says:

    Adfarmers were the kind of kids who stomped on sandcastles at the beach.

    Give them the birch!!!

    Yessssssss!!!!!!!!!!!! XD

  136. Thank you , thank you, thank you. ‘Nuff said. {:o)

  137. Gumby Roffo says:

    TY, TY , TY best news I hae heard all year… I look forward to reading the Avastars views on this over the weekend.

  138. Tamasin Demina says:

    I really did mean a ban on selling unless they are being joined to something useful.

  139. kenny Stringer says:

    Tack A bow Linden labs God bless you πŸ™‚

  140. Another couple of questions I have to ask Linden Labs…since other residents “view” happens to be over MY land…land I pay the tier on…will those that now have the right to demand that I only have objects on my land that is visually appealing to them, will they be paying a portion of my tier now?

    Since your new policy now will allow anyone (and I do mean ANYONE…since your new policy does not state that the abuse reporter has to be an adjoining land owner) to file an abuse report against anyone else on the grid if they see something that the filer considers an “annoyance”, it would seem to me that ANY other resident can now file an abuse report against any other resident for what content they have on their land, as long as the land is for sale. Does this include “for sale” signs? Can I demand they lower the price of a parcel I want to buy, because it has a for sale sign on it, and I find that annoying? Or do they just need to remove their for sale sign?…

    Also…there have been groups that have put up ad blockers around billboards…now, according to your policy, these ad blockers, despite being on a surrounding parcel, can now be considered an annoyance, because it is ruining the view of the owner of the 16m billboard owner…so will all of those be abuse reportable? How soon will you be removing all of the ad blockers?

    Don’t get me wrong…i dont run an advertising network at all…all of my parcels had them removed months ago…my main focus here is that this new policy arbitrarily removes land owner rights…giving any random resident the right to determine what any other resident creates on land he or she is paying the tier on…and now it seems residents no longer have the right to use “your imagination” to create…they are now limited by the asthetic values of anyone that happens to see it…

    You really need to define what “annoying content” is…because I have seen some pretty annoying houses…and you need to define what an “unreasonable price” is…which you won’t be able to do…because that is entirely subjective…and as I said before…the major loophole in your new policy is…The policy only affects land that is listed for sale, if the land is not for sale…they can have any annoying thing they want on it…(according to the policy as written)…the billboard owners will just not put their parcels up for sale…which means that adjacent landowners will no longer have the option to buy them at any price…reasonable or not…

  141. waterstar eilde says:

    Bravo Lindens – you listened AND you acted! I’m sure by far the majority of residents will applaud you for this.

  142. Tsu Goodliffe says:

    #144 I have to agree and disagree, There are cases where the ad farming surrounds a person who owns a land by continuously buying small parcels and putting spinning rotating box’s with links to URL and saying for sell on them all around the persons land, Forcing them to buy the plots for out outrageous prices for a 16SQm, and the land owner himself will sit on the 16meter slot and fire a assault rifle at the other land owner saying its my land and I can do as I please, what he/she doesn’t realize the moment he assaults another resident on a no combat sim is a volition. But the point is, It is our World, We should protect it, Not make it a burden to the eyes, Having for sell signs is ok, just do it properly., Don’t surround a Neighbor with it with every little plot you have. thats just rude, if you want to put a for sell sign make it like a square or something, People can Read, and a floating sign only drives the attention away, I’m more interested in buying a plot that has a square box on the ground, that shows signs of respect for others, Lets see here/heres a good example, I live next to your house IRL, I Start Putting for sell signs Right at the borderline of our house and your house, (But still on my land) All over, You look out your window and all you see is these signs, You would probably come knocking on my door. I think Linden lab is at rights here for a change. Good job Lindens I acknowledge this issue fully, it is driving out the good community and bringing in unfair business’s

  143. nina says:

    i think we are talking about adfarms here.
    crapping on about ‘ugly builds’ is outside the scope of this announcement.
    adfarms, usnderstand?
    if you are not ware of what an adfarm is i am sure somebody would be willing to give you a tp.

  144. U M says:

    I believe people know what topic is about. Now its up to LL to take the ball and run with it as they say. Words are good but actions are far more real

  145. U M says:

    Too many times I seen LL say y ” well are going to do.BLA BLA” and they turn around and do the opposite!. Thats why seeing is believe. LEts hope so!

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