New WindLight Viewer (79674)

Photo courtesy of Lano Ling

Download It Here!!!

Hey all. Firstly, if you’re using a Mac and running Leopard, please make sure you’ve updated to Leopard 10.5.2! Do this process at least twice to ensure you get the latest GL drivers!!! Bold!!!

And now, Bugs fixed…

* iMac ATI 2400 water is checkerboarded
Crash when tracking avatars
* Give Day Cycle Editor a Help Button to Clarify Usage
* Map is drawn too large when Second Life window is not maximized
* VWR-3241: WindLight: Particle density is much lower than main viewer’s at equivalent settings
* Windlight: HUD – alpha textures and settext incorrect
* Default presets can be edited
* VWR-3215: WindLight: Build tools > Texture tab shows Glow value for objects you can’t modify
* VWR-3882: WindLight: Sky Mesh Detail should be High @ Ultra, and needs a “?” description too
* Find On Map, then Stop Tracking removes dot from minimap
* VWR-3195: WindLight: Water doesn’t stop moving when Wave Direction is 0.00
* VWR-3708: WindLight: Shiny invisiprims appear see-through
* VWR-3140: WindLight: “W” for West absent in Mini-Map and World Map
* Windlight: Horizon not flat when viewed from an altitude
* new debug setting RenderUseCleverUI
* UI problems on MBP
* Flexi optimizations

You can see the full list of open WindLight bugs here. Keep on using, issue tracking/reporting, commenting on the viewer, and especially attending our WindLight office hours. These are at:

If you miss a session, transcripts are posted here.

Below you’ll find links to important info related to WindLight:

Happy lighting!!

Pastrami Linden and the WindLight Team

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150 Responses to New WindLight Viewer (79674)

  1. mac says:

    LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOking gooooood 😛

  2. Aria Alexandria says:

    Cool.. but will you ever post a indoor snapshot to show how WL looks so bad indoor 😛

  3. Hevenz Vansant says:

    /me downloads and installs the new windlight

    /me runs to the debug menu and discoveres the trure/false menus are FIXED

    /me hoos!

    /me thanks so far so good and is it me or does this run faster?

    /me thinks the windlight team should replace the RC0 and Stand viewer teams for their efforts all is good in Sl again

  4. Hip says:

    Hopefully finally something good?.

  5. Can you please fix the annoying clutter of this client? The Stand Up, Release, and Mouselook, etc. buttons are constantly somehow moving slowly up the Client and blocking the Chat view. And then popup messages stretch halfway up the screen. 😦

  6. waterstar eilde says:

    /me heaves a little sigh for herself and all the others who can’t afford to upgrade to Leopard yet 😦

  7. Verdana Klaar says:

    From Second Life Wiki :

    ” WindLight is currently viewer-side only, which means, among other things, that when you change sky settings, only you will see those changes. Longer-term, WindLight will replace server-side functionality (…/…) So, when will this happen? Tentatively, early 2008. We don’t have a specific date yet, as it depends on successfully fixing the bugs in the current First Look: WindLight first and doing other work which preempts the server-side phase, but we promise to announce more news as it becomes available. ”

    We now are early 2008, so then can we please have a more precise schedule on this topic ?

    Thx in advance 🙂


  8. Kristi Maurer says:

    Okaaaaay, now how about that memory leak?

  9. Autumn Palen says:

    @ 7

    You don’t need Leopard to run Windlight. I’m still on 10.4.11, and it runs just fine.

    FPS do seem up in this release for me too (so far, knock on wood).

  10. Spaceman Opus says:

    Yay Dynamic Reflections are back!!!!

  11. Bobo Decosta says:

    Wow that’s fast! Updated yesterday to 10.5.2 and now already an update on windlight???

    I feel more sorry for windowsusers who had to wait so long for vista support on the main client than for the people who can’t afford a leopard upgrade as its hafl the price of a windows upgrade (sorry waterstar)

  12. Loco Mycron says:

    Brilliant fixes… Big thank you LL 🙂
    (2GHz iMac intel Core 2 Duo /Mac OS X version 10.5.2)

  13. Farallon Greyskin says:

    Ok, turning on RenderUseCleverUI gives a 15% performance increase with chat history, IMs and inventory open. (Nvidia/Vista)

    That is great, however even with that on, closing IM/history and inventory still gives /another/ 15% performance inprovement.

    So.. much better, the UI windows have always been amazingly huge client lag inducers, and this seems to cut it in half.

  14. U M says:

    Thats it for this update?

  15. Farallon Greyskin says:

    And uh.. #13… Who had to wait for Vista support? I’ve been on Vista for over a year now with SL…

  16. Keaton Akina says:

    Since the updates all planar textures on cylinders, tubes or tapered cubes are borked. They are not planar at all. Things like plank floors are all complete trash.

  17. Philly says:

    Uh yeah, awseom job guys, but it seems the bug of the Release key’s button and the Stand up botton are still creeping up the screen and eventually dsissapear when you go in and out of mouse look, it only happens if you have the chat bar set to not close after hitting enter. After it all poofs and you manually close the chat bar then the buttons return to their right place but if you open the chat bar again they poof. This is the only bug I’ve had in the new WL set and this is somthing that I’m sure a lot of people are haivng an issue with.

  18. Darren Oates says:

    looking excellent I will now get my new graphics card sunset mode is brill 🙂

  19. Bracken says:

    Unfortunately this release STILL crashes at the Precaching stage.

    Back to JIRA….. sighs

  20. Nectere Niven says:

    what the heck happened to planar mapped textures and textures with alphas? They are seriously whacked. *cries at all her work gone to sheet*

  21. Gillian Waldman says:

    I find that local lighting lights me up far too much (try testing your avatar with a facelight as a test) – the last viewer was just about perfect but i have a headache looking at my avatar now.

    Thanks for all your hard work…it’s so close to being usable for every day.

  22. milissa rossini says:

    I noted sometimes now very different from the past at night. First, it can still see the white cloud over the sky. Second, I cannot see the moon anymore as before. The track of it raise and down change to a very high angle that make it always over my head. Windlight night now seem let moody as before. I am not sure whether it is caused by too bright.

    And there are too many people like to use the sand beach prims that look like growing in the night too. Too Bad.

  23. Nectere Niven says:

    There appears to be some sort of LOD issue on planar mapped textures, on anything. shame. I was excited. *sigh*

  24. wait we have to run Leopard? The worst OS update Mac has ever released? Damn I love windlight but not that much…

  25. Honcho HullaBaloo says:

    Planar mapping of textures is futzed up.

  26. Toy Halfpint says:

    still that damn annoying “Release Key” location, otherwise its fine

  27. Danball Tureaud says:

    Well, the release keys button migrating upwards as you go in and out of mouselook still hasn’t been fixed (Windows XP Pro SP2, eVGA nVidia 7950GT KO)

  28. Planar is totally messed up and now everything looks horrible. Please fix this asap. How can we build like this? Impossible and I am currently in the middle of a building project. *frowns*

  29. Lysana McMillan says:

    #26, someone else pointed out that Leopard is not required. I think they emphasized it for the people who have Macs that use video cards that have those GL drivers. Those of us on older Macs don’t have that sort of thing.

  30. All planar textures are borked now D:

  31. Yeah 😦 The planar textures bug messes up the C:SI HUD

    Very cursory testing, or what?

  32. Soo Novi says:

    I installed the new WL client thinking “does this mean the map isn’t going to freeze me anymore?” Newp, still freezes me about 75% of the time, only now I get this REALLY annoying flicker in which my entire screen flickers rapidly from normal view to total nighttime darkness and back several times.

    I feel like I’m in a bad disco.

    Might have been a good idea to make this one optional instead of required guys. It AIN’T workin’! I’ve been a devout WL user since it’s re-release because it WAS more stable for me than the regular client, but now I”m going to have to do the regular client updates and abandon this until it’s fixed.

    /me grumbles and kicks the box on her way out the door.

  33. Jaca C says:

    How do I get my windlight photos on SL blog 🙂

  34. KT Syakumi says:

    Yay for bugs fixed. But bugs added means that it crashes my router/modem and I have to restart it.

  35. Planar texturing is fubared. How do I download the previous version?

  36. Chuck Bruder says:

    The new release of WL downloads incorrect textures for my house. It is supposed to be brick, but comes up board wood. I’ve tried adjusting the graphics settings, but nothing works. Once again, LL has taken a perfectly good version and ruined, so I am now confined back to RC1. I really enjoy the WL experience and hope that LL gets this fixed quickly.

  37. Kerik Rau says:

    @ 37

    You can’t use the previous version because LL locked it up so you have to download the new borked client.

    Isn’t that nice of them?

  38. Pastrami Linden says:

    Hey guys- thanks for the comment on planar textures- we’ll take a look at it.

    Oh, also- any UI-related discomfort (Release Keys, etc.) is tied to the UI changes being worked on right now in Release Candidate (they’re not final!)- we’re just adopting those changes in First Look- so please note accordingly and try to comment on graphics-related issues.


  39. Serge Polikarpov says:

    So… Despite the dozens of complaints about the user UI making the release keys buttons etc. do goofy things and black out chat you did… Nothing? o-o

  40. Woohoo! Downloading into the light.

  41. Shadowspawn Soothsayer says:

    I hope the planar texture issue is fixed soon. Otherwise, looks good.

    I have found that setting the affinity to a single core on multi-core processors greatly improves performance. There seems to be a problem with the way SL is handled on multi-core processors. (might be a vista issue) It uses several times as much CPU time and there is more memory leakage if you don’t set the affinity to a single core.

  42. Sean Heying says:

    I now see severe Jaggies on everything, like… really stepped. It’s quite 1982 CGA in quality.

    Second Life 1.19.0 (79674) Feb 8 2008 16:46:37 (Second Life WindLight)

    You are at 201152.7, 236847.7, 21.7 in Neverland 2 located at (
    Second Life Server

    CPU: Dual i386 (Unknown) (2160 MHz)
    Memory: 2048 MB
    OS Version: Darwin 9.2.0 Darwin Kernel Version 9.2.0: Tue Feb 5 16:13:22 PST 2008; root:xnu-1228.3.13~1/RELEASE_I386 i386
    Graphics Card Vendor: ATI Technologies Inc.
    Graphics Card: ATI Radeon X1600 OpenGL Engine
    OpenGL Version: 2.0 ATI-1.5.24
    LLMozLib Version: 1.1.0 (Mozilla GRE:
    Packets Lost: 0/3637 (0.0%)
    Viewer Digest: 71aeb512-ff67-95fa-8e42-06af579bf82a

  43. The Preferences dialog is stuck on the bottom of the screen, too 😦

    Or at least, before you log in, it’s completely stuck. Once you log in it’s fine.

  44. Sean Heying says:

    Forgot to say, according to fast timers 100.4 out of 263 in a frame is spent drawing one avatar. This seems alot slower than before.

  45. Sean Heying says:

    At 1.4fps it’s unusable. I don’t know if its the new leopard or the changes you’ve made, but the last crashy version was fastest ever and this is slowest ever.

    A warning to anyone planning on doing the Leopard upgrade… after flipping back to the RC, I also see this jaggy issue there. YMMV but SL just became pretty ugly.

    Maybe DONT upgrade to the latest leopard just yet until other people can confirm that it’s OK.

  46. Viderian Vollmar says:

    Crashing In Windlight EVERY Time I Move More Than A Meter Or So Or At About 5 3 Minute Intervals.. MUCH Worse Than Before.. In Short, Windlight Has Become Entirely Unusable Even With The Newest Drivers. I Can’t Even Tell You WHY I’m Crashing, As The Submit A Crash Report Does NOT Appear To Be Functioning.

  47. Frank Northmead says:

    Still forgets half my preference settings each time I relog.

    Running ultra and everything max’d Anisotropic and have staircase rendering of edges.

  48. Hi, Lindens.. and fellow clients..

    Just wanted to stop by and say that I am happy with MOST if not all the bug fixes. Great work.


    One HUGE problem that still seems to be an issue, is the freezing..
    The whole UI and game, freezes, and we are unable to move.

    I have a gaming pc.
    My pc was BUILT to play this and many other games.

    I over meet the basic/recommended specs.

    Altho.. just to test it.. I had my brother in New York try it on his dell.
    And he has yet another top of the line pc.

    And HE had the same issue.

    I love windlight, I do hope that this issue is dealt with..

    I would love to be able to do my wedding day pics in windlight.. mind you that is next week.. lol

    /me crosses her fingers and prays to the all holy linden team..

  49. Vincent Nacon says:

    Where’s the hot key for Environment editor? Ctrl Alt E

    It’s gone! *sobs* I’ve been editing my sky non-stop.

  50. Crashtasticly unstable, i have literally crashed 20 times since upgrading, and that is no exaggeration.

  51. Detox Watanabe says:

    why does this have to be a required update? your QA did a wonderful job there, not.

    are you so happy to bring out new stuff you dont test it or how do these not so minor but oh so obvious flaws come up every time?

  52. @43 Shadowspawn Soothsayer: how do I do that?
    I’ve heard about it b4 and wanted to try it…
    TY 🙂

  53. curly fride says:

    I dunno, I kinda liked how when you went way up, the horizon sort of curved a little. It sorta lended a sense of altitude…

  54. Broccoli Curry says:

    I now have to go and reset all my graphics settings, which the client decided needed to be reset to default levels upon first run … Can you fix it next time so that, what we know works best on our system, remains – rather than what you think does? Ta.

  55. Phoebus Slocombe says:

    @all crashes and low fps – have you tried manually clearing your secondlife caches and then reloading SL? That way SL gets a true clean slate in terms of cache etc to work from. It’s worth a shot just to prove me wrong 🙂

  56. Wow! I am noticing higher frame rates and very much improved resonse when turning and zooming in/out. Thanks!

  57. Malachi Petunia says:

    Sayeth Pastrami: “Hey guys- thanks for the comment on planar textures- we’ll take a look at it. Oh, also- any UI-related discomfort (Release Keys, etc.) is tied to the UI changes being worked on right now in Release Candidate (they’re not final!)- we’re just adopting those changes in First Look”

    That’s a neat trick, by incorporating random changes from random releases you can obtain truly novel clients that bear no relation to any parent or child release. That must really aid in debugging; perhaps that’s how you didn’t notice that planar textures don’t work, you must have been looking at yesterday’s build.


  58. Broccoli Curry says:

    Oh yeah… planar textures are very, very broken… this is not good, estimated time on fix please?

  59. Badly flawed. Textures are messed up. Freezes still. FPS is dramatically lower.

    Is this a ploy to get us to abandon Windlight and test the Release Candidate?

    The normal client works better and that is saying something

  60. Elvis Orbit says:

    Works smooth as a whistle for me.
    My Specs

    Second Life 1.19.0 (79674) Feb 8 2008 16:51:12 (Second Life WindLight)

    You are at 263213.2, 299027.0, 22.8 in Inochi Island located at (
    Havok4 Beta Server

    CPU: Intel Core 2 Series Processor (2399 MHz)
    Memory: 3071 MB
    OS Version: Microsoft Windows Vista (Build 6000)
    Graphics Card Vendor: NVIDIA Corporation
    Graphics Card: GeForce 8400 GS/PCI/SSE2
    OpenGL Version: 2.1.2
    LLMozLib Version: 1.1.0 (Mozilla GRE:
    Packets Lost: 1/14220 (0.0%)
    Viewer Digest: 3399391e-5c2d-78b2-721e-f28dc9172533

  61. Penny Patton says:

    I know you guys are trying to streamline the user interface, but as a lot of people have pointed out in some respects you’re managing the opposite. Moving the bottom left buttons away from the centre of the screen when possible may seem like a nice little screen-space saving idea, Several times now I’ve gone to hit a button in that area, but another button disappeared and shifted all the buttons as I was clicking.

    I think the Communicate setup did see some amount of improvement this time around, but I would love nothing more than to remove the redundant chat bar and Gestures menu attached to the Local Chat history. Make it an option. THAT would really save me some screen-space.

    Also, as others have said, bring back ctrl+alt+e! When working on builds, or preparing product shots, I need to fiddle with light effects a lot. That shortcut made things that much easier. Why was it removed?

    As for comments on how “awful” Windlight looks indoors? I couldn’t disagree more. I’ve been working almost exclusively on indoor builds for a long time now. Caves, enclosed corridors, building interiors. The only problem is that prims as of yet do not cast shadows and light sources cannot be made powerful enough to get some desired effects without piling several together.

    If cast shadows ever come to SL I’d love to be able to light up interior builds with local lighting, but I expect the problem with how weak light sources are, even at maxed out settings, will become even more apparent. Of course, I saw someone complained their facelight was too powerful, so maybe that has been improved! One can hope!

  62. Carina Raymaker says:

    @63: ctrl+alt+e is the Shortcut for the European Currency Symbol €. By reason of this they needes to remove that shortcut. Sure they will find another one not blocking other functions.

  63. Robertt Avro says:

    @22..agreed, the lighting is so bright…on your marks, get set, facelights off!! I have a friend who’s wearing a white dress and using a face light right now and she’s currently so bright that I will be using her as a spotlight in my next SL video…lol.

  64. WarKirby Magoijiro says:

    Hey Pastrami. Any info on when we will get the following things:

    1. PRIM_GLOW parameter for llSetPrimitiveParams, and llSetGlow
    2. The ability to set our own default skies. I’m sick of having to change it on every login
    3. Tradeable asset windlight settings.


  65. Proxima Saenz says:


    Thanks for this new vieuwer, its kinda OK:)
    Although I reported an important bug but it isnt fixed yet.
    The VWR-4722.
    If you could fix that one I would be very happy again;)

  66. NAr says:

    Small complaint… i’m getting tired of seeing these’ optional updates’ then logging on to find its manditory. I’d really like to know, which is it… manditory, or optional?

  67. Bokrug says:

    Re: Planar textures: Do you Linden folks even test this stuff before releasing it?

    Other than that, seems like a very stable client. Getting closer…

  68. Yep Planar textures need fixing, surprised it was not picked up.

    Interface too fussy and illogically organised.

    But still love Windlight, thanks

  69. Detox Watanabe says:

    let me guess:
    time until fix of the things you broke with this viewer:
    1-2 weeks. reason? it’s a test software, so nobody cares about it.

    except for all those who use windlight.

  70. Wows @ 71…I’d guess that fixes take some time because there is actual effort involved?

    Thanks again Lindens, still lovin’ the WL client over here. Bugs or not.

  71. Screwind Light says:

    So that´s why nothing is working, you were working behind the scenes on new kick ass viewer that only a fraction of 10% of population will try using and which will only work for 1% of population. What a frustrating waste of resources.

    Too bad that the rest of us is getting lagged to hell by a few. Once more, very well thought through.

    Time to log off, nothing will work until after the weekend anyways…

    Needless to say I boycott WL & Voice and i haven´t even bothered finding out what Mono is….Simply don´t care!

    Just want stabile grid and reliable service…How often have you heard this now? A million times? Oh no, forgot, you don´t listen to your customers…

  72. Katie Usher says:

    Can you please explain why this download (like all others) is offered as an upgrade of choice, as when I log in i have no option but to download it?

    The message is ‘a new windlight viewer is available, you must download this upgrade before you can proceed’

    not optional as far as I’m concerend.

  73. Pepper Haas says:

    Windlight looks very pretty, but just like voice, it is something shoved down our throats. I dread the day I HAVE TO install it, learn all my buttons over again, do lots of sliding and readjusting and still know that my textures don’t show properly to others even if they show fine to me, due to that everybody has their own windlight settings.
    It just seems a way to make SL more complex and more buggy. Voice really borked up group IM and chat, Windlight borks textures — I don’t even have the windlight viewer and already I see several textures completely borked (a dark stain covers them).
    I wish they’d leave Windlight on the Beta grid, or limit it to a few scenic sims for that purpose, rather than inflict it on everybody just like voice, shoving it down our throats while what we were asking for and needed, was system stability.
    And if you want to do us al a favor, what we NEED is a “back button” for TP — just like when web browsing it would be nice to just TP back where you were before, especially handy if you TP by mistake, or were sent TP to find out you really don’t want to be there.

  74. Rip Rieko says:

    Audio streaming is still turning off when changing sims.
    Esc key is still not leaving communicate window.

    Small I know but to some people it’s really really annoying and is more than likely a 5 min fix.

  75. U M says:

    @58 look at how LL has adjusted you setup to mater your system abilities. If you were running a higher setting then what is reccomanded then that the reason of higher rfp. I noticed this too . Until i saw they adjusted setting to matter my system. I put them where i had them and they dropped again. Cute little trick they played a?

  76. Penny Patton says:

    Windlight does not “bork” textures, or make them look “wrong” because people are using different settings. Good textures should look “right” no matter what lighting they’re subjected to.

    Light affects colour, shading obscures. Light that is too bright washes things out (I’ve not once seen that term, “washed out”, used correctly in regards to complaints of Windlight. Washed out is what particularly bad face lights do to textures, not Windlight’s shading).

    Look at some contemporary videogames, the ones celebrated because of the quality of their graphics. Everything being complained about in regards to Windlight in SL is seen as a FEATURE in said games.

    Look at any CG production since lighting has been introduced to the medium. Light and shadow affects how things look, just as it does in reality (that thing you see when turning your head away from the computer monitor).

    If you believe the textures in your favourite high-end videogame look in-game as they do in Photoshop, you’re completely mistaken. If anything, they’re subjected to even more “post-production” effects than we see in SL. Bump mapping, specular mapping, and other effects.

    It doesn’t help that local lighting design is pretty much ignored by all but a handful of people in SL.

    Speaking of lighting, there’s another thing I’d like to see in Windlight. The ability to make odd-shaped areas in regar4ds to the radius of light sources. Say I’ve got a row of lights against a wall. I’d love to be able to use one light source that is stretched wide to cover the area the individual lights would cover. As it is, one can only stretch the radius in all directions.

  77. milissa rossini says:

    Oh, it is different moon moving track between normal and Windlight client. Now, I am at my water land. I see the moon above my eyeblow level in RC, but over my head under Windlight client. Cloud seen disappear when it really reach midnight sharp.

  78. Misterbear Fapp says:

    I don’t care what version we’re using. Please fix my ATI HD2900 video card. The memory leak is horrible and I’m using the latest drivers. I only bought this very last card on the market (the fancy 2900) because overall results showed a favorable response. Don’t make me feel like another SL tard again! I got a huge ass monitor and a smoking video card now. My old setup was better. Wah!

  79. Nik Woodget says:

    @75 as windlight is client side, if your not using the windlight client, you won’t notice -any- changes.

    so quit moaning.

  80. Balp Allen says:

    Will, we see the source code for this version at all? Still waiting for the release of the last LL-Windlight code here.

  81. Pepper Haas says:

    Okay everyone is free to go to my plot on Apple Island where I have a “Pod” on my property and also used the same pod as part of a build on the island nextdoor to mine — the bottom half of the pods has a dark stain on it. The texture no longer covers the prim but leaves the edges blank. The stain moves as you rotate your camera or walk by it. I see this same stain on the dance balls at clubs, so it’s not just my own textures that are affected. Tell me where the hell did that come from, all I know is that my textures are irretrievably stained on my builds and this appeared suddenly, at the very same time Lindens excitedly started blogging about Windlight getting introduced.
    I have heard several times also that the introduction of voice, forced down our throats, had no relation to all the chat and group IM borking. Unfortunately as a user I have no doubt that the two are related. And it’s the same with Windlight and my stains.

  82. Enysy Mikita says:

    Well, all this talk about a Leopard update required… Complaints of the beta being buggy… And considering how much of both don’t feel ready for prime time (to me), reminds me of the old adage:

    “Those who live on the cutting edge of technology, tend to bleed a lot. ”



  83. Please, please, please….

    when posting blogs about new viewers, can you say in the title if it’s optional or mandatory update? That is one more word and it would save us some trouble if we just scan headlines an hour before in-world meeting. It would be even better to have mandatory updates announced a day earlier, but even that one word would help. Thanks.

  84. Hal says:

    Good news, on my slightly-ageing 1.83MhZ intel iMac there’s a huge performance jump with this version – about double the framerate at the same settings.

    Minor point ; the Planar texture mapping seems to have been changed in this version – and not in a helpful way. I use this occasionally to get better water caustic effects and that’s now broken. Is it a deliberate change or a bug?

  85. Windlight have a lot of performance faces more than standard client, is used by less people and its evolution is little slower than other client, the graphic reliability is uncomparable and under linux it is a lot more stable than std viewer. But less user mean more time to correct bug… like this damn floating standup button 🙂

  86. Penny, windlight did “bork” the textures and I think it’s apparent since most of us here have a negative experience with planar since this most recent update. I am sure that we each have our own settings. Default textures are not effected, only planar. Now I am forced to use the regular client to build with.

  87. Nad Gough says:


    The back button wasbrought up about a year ago and the response (in blog) from the Lindens was that it was an excellent idea and would be implemented soon.

    I have mixed feelings on the un-sooness of this. As it stands I sometimes end up with all my attachments up me bum (as they say in the old country). A Back button could introduce an even more serious issue. To wit, you TP somewhere and there’s your boots hangin out yer ass. So you hit the back button, return to yer previous location and now you have yer build coming out the arse.

    Suggestion: before releasing even a test client to folks how about the developers go into world with the client and look around to see how it works?

  88. Infrared Wind says:

    Looking great! That photo by Lano Ling is amazing.

    Thank you for fixing the PlayTypingAnim debug problem (it couldn’t be set to False).

  89. Patience Masala says:

    I was experiencing a big mem leak with this version. I was at almost 2 gigs of ram use by it.

  90. Shire Pony says:

    First off, let me say I’m a HUGE fan of Windlight. It’s greatly enriched the SL experience. That being said, there are a few backward steps with this latest release:

    * Water looks dull when not facing in the direction of the sun. It’s appearance seems “creamier”, less sharp. A graphics optimization?

    * Significantly more “jaggies” than prior release. These disappear however if one enables “anisotropic filtering”.

    * When “anisotropic filtering” is turned on, distant textures tend to “shimmer”. The greater the distance, the greater the shimmer. This is true even looking out over the water where distinct gradients of the effect can be seen.

    * Circular prim shapes are over optimized. Curved shapes appear very distorted when first viewed from >20m. ie: A circular prim will appear as an octagon until the avatar gets very close. This really borks my carousel 🙂

    * At least on my rig the display has become less smooth when looking around, there’s more stuttering. Despite the fact that my fps has gone up (avg 25-32fps). This is true on my own sim, after all textures are loaded and cached. Playback under these optimum conditions should be much smoother IMO.

    Just my 2 cents worth. Overall I’m pleased and punch with Windlight and the work you guys are putting into it. It’s just peachy!


    CPU: Intel Quad Core Processor (3005 MHz)
    Memory: 8192 MB
    OS Version: Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate (Build 6000)
    Graphics Card Vendor: NVIDIA Corporation
    Graphics Card: GeForce 7950 GT/PCI/SSE2
    OpenGL Version: 2.1.1

  91. Misterbear Fapp says:

    Doh! I double posted to the wrong group! All that whining for nothing!

    Anyway, the HD2900 is still crap and shouldn’t be. Somehow things seem to be better with this version. I didn’t relog once! More please.

  92. Vittorio Beerbaum says:

    Hey it reccomended me a “high” settings instead than ultra… mmm… kk im on 3.6ghz c2d with 4GB of ram and two 8800GTX ULTRA XXX in SLI. :O

  93. Penny Patton says:


    You’re quite right and I ought to have been more clear. People have been complaining about Windlight “ruining” textures since it was first released. The complaints steam from the introduction of the Windlight shaders and how they enhance light and shading. Some people even going to far as to claim that their textures ought to look exactly as they do in Photoshop, and fretting that since people can adjust their Windlight settings people’s textures will be ruined if not seen in precisely the right settings.

    My comments were directed at that, not the planar texture bug which really is apparently (I’ve not seen it myself, but I’ve also not gone looking) an example of Windlight borking textures.

    My apologies for the confusion.

  94. Chupacabra Decosta says:

    Hi, in the update before of windlight a file called secondlife located in C:\Documents and Settings\****\Application Data\SecondLife\logs in 24h get 9 GB os space, making me impossible to run windlight version os SL, my question is (before i start install it), will this new update resolve that gigantic growing of that file?

  95. Urantia Jewell says:

    @68 NAr
    @74 Katie Usher
    @85 dandellion Kimban

    The Release Candidate & Windlight viewers are OPTIONAL to the Standard viewer (currently 1.18.5(3) ). If you choose to use one of the OPTIONAL viewers you must use the LATEST one so that LL can track what bugs affect what viewer, thus the mandatory update requirement of RC & WL clients.


    @75 Pepper Haas
    @89 Nad Gough

    In the latest versions of the Release Candidate & Windlight (1.19.0) a clickable URL is generated to the Chat History of the location you just TP’d from which will allow you to return to where you just left (new feature). Just what people have been wanting.

    Thank you LL for listening and for your tireless efforts for functional stability.


    The latest versions of RC & WL are working pretty well on my 2.5 year old Powerbook G4 1.67GHz, 1.5Gb RAM, ATI Mobility Radeon 9700 w/ 128Mb, MAC OS X 10.4.11. Still unable to use Atmospheric Shaders though. But that’s the beauty of Windlight, the graphics can be EASILY customized to your systems capabilities.

    Enjoy & Be Happy 🙂

  96. Tiberion Boffin says:

    Speaking of SLI #94… I did a search of the Windlight docs and couldn’t find any specific reference to Nvidia SLI support. Does SL/Windlight support it and/or will it ever? Some of my avatar parts look funny when I forget to turn it off atm in the standard viewer.

  97. Lupercaleb Walcher says:


  98. When will we see days that you don’t have to update to a new version every 3 days??? This is really out of hand. New Release Client then 2 days later New Windlight Client…

    We are tired of BETA TESTING. When is SL gonna have auto updates????? Think if Microsoft made you download manually all their updates every 2 days & manually delete all your old software over & over & over week after week.

    This is becoming a joke. Glad we got new versions but make the software update itself. People have no idea what they should be using anymore. One day get this tomorrow download this ohh wait don’t use that use this version. This has to be a major turn off for new users to SL.

  99. Cocomo Munro says:

    Ok so, what about all us mac users who can;t afford to get the leopard upgrade yet, but are having NUMEROUS problems in-world with the current viewer? I crash on average of 20+ times per sl session, sometimes unable to even get back on for 20 minutes or more, i have broadband, not dsl or dial up… & No I dont know what my ram is, so people stop asking lol, i have a mac mini,m but everything worked WONDERFULLY till 1.18.5

  100. zac lauridsen says:

    Keeps crashing as just much as the previous version…. Totally useless for me.

  101. Pepper Haas says:

    Urantia Jewell thanks for that 🙂 As soon as I have the guts to try Windlight I am going to work that back tp thingy for all it’s worth lol.
    But I still have no explanation for my permanently stained textures. It’s happened on my jewelry and some dress prims too, which I have had to throw away. It does not happen to all textures, it seems to happen more often to scripted objects (e.g. dance balls). I tried everything and I can’t get rid of this ugly stain.

  102. Ceera Murakami says:

    Faster frame rates, but it seemed to crash a LOT more often on my Leopard 10.5.2 system, and yes, I did get the Leopard Graphics Update after upgrading the OS itself. Last night I gave up on WL and went back to the standard client, after about the 5th crash.

  103. Argent Stonecutter says:

    @Pastrami: Please correct the article to indicate that “if you’re using a Mac RUNNING LEOPARD (10.5), please make sure you’ve updated to Leopard 10.5.2” if it’s not necessary for users running Tiger or Panther!

  104. richard says:

    i been on second life for a year and using vista,i have a dns error coming up how do you get rid of it?

  105. Kugel says:

    Well well… this release……….. crashorama.. just like the last version. I can be stood there scratching my a$$ and BANG…crash to desktop. pretty… but useless… tyvm. Hope the crash reports are of use… if they are ever analysed of course.

  106. U M says:

    Are you “EVER” going to fix the CRASH REPORTER Correctly!

  107. Sylvie says:

    The update before this one screwed up Windlight for me. I can’t log in anymore. It freezes everytime the client gets to “Connecting to Region” after like 6 minutes, it decides to unfreeze and I get logged into a blue screen with nothing in it.
    I downloaded this update and it still won’t let me log in. It still freezes.

  108. Rene Erlanger says:

    What a pile of crock!!!
    Who develops thse things??

    My Avatar is borked… hed is detached and located in my crouch. My clothes are torn to shreds! I look like
    a scarecrow……i wish i could post a photo on here. it’s a joke!

    I can’t even click on myself to get my Profile up, no matter what part of the AV i point too. This latest version is totally useless to me and can’t be used.

    Anyone know how i where i can download a previous version fo windlight? With the exception of Atmospheric shaders most older versions worked for me.

  109. Kahlest Enoch says:

    I like windlight as it is the only one that doesn’t crash every 10 minutes when I am in my own home on mainland for me, but I am having some other issues now with this new update things I had before that were only occasional but now seem to happen all the time. I am not technical so bare with me please.

    1) If I remain in any one sim for longer than 5 minutes now (used to be 30-40) I get an autolog out when I try to TP anywhere.

    2) If I try to camera zoom around anywhere I get “Ghost” prims, I will see huge prims that don’t exist stretching across my screen, with the last version it only happend if I did extensive camera zooming now if I even go into mouse look or just hold down the alt key and turn my camera to see my face I get the same issues and they seem to be getting bigger. Please fix this bug ASAP.

    3) Crash logger, never ever is able to contact server so what is the point of even having one?


  110. U M says:

    111…………..Well they said they fixed the crash looger last update i believe but i didnt believe it. it didnt work then and it doesnt work now. OMG who put this build togther????????? I don`t want to be depressing but this is not a good build at all.

  111. U M says:

    Being back Steve Linden!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  112. Rene Erlanger says:

    What is the point of having a viewer that only a small percentage of users can utilise successfully?
    How dumb is that? I think LL assumes that all worldwide users are using the latest state-of-the -art home computers!!

    How easy is it to move the bloody camera controls from the centre of the screen when i login? This was already in the last version ….and has not been corrected this time around! Don’t get me started on the postiioning of the “Release keys” button. Despite all that, i could live with it if i didn’t appear as a scarecrow on my screen with my head detached and located in my crutch.

    This is another 2 steps backward.

    God help us all if this was released as the default Viewer. Concurrency logins to drop down to 5k or 10k instead of 50k +

  113. Attachments-trouble says:

    I would love to upgrade to this version of windlight as it is the best browser for me and the previous release sorted out the invisible avatars at high altitude problems which was a great relief.

    But this upgrade breaks the nicholaz release and although I do not have to use that release for the interface design it does solve a major problem. The attachments up the bum problem. The ammount of time I have to spend re attaching my attachments is very annoying and the solution for that in Nicholaz makes it worth running and not upgrading.

    The question is what has the patches at not been implemented in the latest windlight. Yes thankyou I know all about testing but this seems a secure well designed fix that should be implemented ASAP.

    Other than that thanks and keep bug squashing.

  114. n0rm4l says:

    UM, for months you’ve done nothing but complain here on the Linden blog about how bad SL is and how much the Lindens mess things up. I have to ask, if it’s such a pain for you why don’t you get yourself a new hobby? You sound like you’re having a really awful time with Sl – rather than spend so much of your energy complaining here about everything under the sun, maybe you should find something you actually like. Who knows what that is but it’s obviously not your Second Life. Go back to your First for a while… kripes.

  115. Jaxon Voom says:

    Wow that picture’s really impressive, I’m really glad you guys are spending so much time working on putting more detail into the game. Now how about you spend some time fixing the teleporting and other bugs that have plagued SL for ages so we can use and enjoy your new little creations. Just a thought, crazy i know. At the moment i cant teleport to a landscaping job im doing so you’re misguided priorities are stopping me from working.

  116. U M says:

    You know Its people that only say good and no bad are the problems. IF you see good in this build I WANT YOUR COMPUTER. It must be one hell of a good one. So please save the insults and rah rah for another time……..Now go back in to the game and have fun.

  117. Luca Vasilopita says:

    Big issue with how planar mapping is now messed up on flat surfaces. This is a BIG issue, good job on breaking something you probably didn’t even need to touch.

  118. Aina Daviau says:

    I love this Version. It runs, faster, better and stable enough to use this over the standard one.

    I got some crashes when logging out sending the crash reports might help you to fix it.

    The Optionsmenu sliders under graphics are much more apealing than the standard version`s menu. Good changes!

    What i love to see is a:

    Light system that allows you to light your characters face permanently in a certain light.

    As Facesclupting seems to be a bit broken or intensively time eating (iam no designer), all faces behave different under diffrent daylight. A fixed lighting of my avatar would be a huge improvement in Gaming-Experience, but must be an Options which overwrite all other Playeroptions (if local lights are on) as it makes only sense when everybody sees the same effect!

    So far iam testing RAM-Disk to store Cache and noticed also some speed increases doing so.

  119. HD1080i says:

    Hmm – i think the work here is exellent. Now that i have a region and some isolated contriol i see not one lag issue or freeze, so i suspect the frezze problems are load and connection related to sime sims that have funky scripts. I recal one sim visite where so many scripts were “”grabbibg” that the only recourse was to logout and start somewhere else.

    however i do have a new thing happening with these Red and Blue trapeziods that appear on everything, i think its beacon related, and i do machinima, so i would like one of the features to be considered.

    ALL BEACONS OFF = if its in there i cont seem to find it, and i need that to be a saved setting.

  120. Wendy Forager says:

    Nice update, I crashed after 5 mins online, couldn’t get back until after 30mins later. Only thing I got was DNS server failure for that half hour. SL and site were gone. I am in again and freez up using map and it says Second Life not responding, but I am still in, but I am sure I will crash at some point when I see that message or have to relog. Hope you can just let work SL just for 1 day without any problems, please!!!

  121. Umbra Lunardi says:

    Pastrami, are you telling us that when Windlight becomes the default viewer that Mac users will HAVE TO upgrade to Leopard to use it? I hope thats not going to be the case. There are reasons why some of us, even with newer hardware, cannot upgrade to Leopard. 😦

  122. Dytska Vieria says:

    Thank you! VWR-3258 is still there, but I am running 7.10 ATI drivers because 8.1 ATI drivers crash my regular client and windlight with my X1650 AGP 512MB card. But, I can use Windlight with OpenGL support turned off and it works fine with no crashes.

    Now, how could that planar texture bug get by unnoticed?!

  123. I believe, windlight is ready for final release as official viewer with this upgrade. It was a long journey isnt it , but yea, you did it!

    My computer performance is little bit higher than standart end users but i can easily say you will see great environments with windlight when you have nvidia 8800gts graphic card guys. Just try it, its not so expensive.

    Also you will realize your Second Life client doesn’t crash as before when you have gaming computer on your home or office. C’mon be realistic, this is 3d immersive world and of course you need something better than internet pc, dont complaint about that.

    We are waiting for main grid release of new pyshics engine as 3rd party sl developers. I couldn’t sign up to the beta test in main grid, my bad. But im very excited about it. My Second Life experience is going better with this upgrades.

    Have fun…

  124. Vivienne says:

    “Good textures should look “right” no matter what lighting they’re subjected to.”

    Nonsense. Windlight artificial sunlight (Atmospheric Shading only) renders EVERYTHING which is in a light grey to brightest WHITE. This is not a matter of textures at all. You can use Highest Quality TGA 1024×1024 in light grey which IS light grey on a calibrated pro screen, it will appear to be in a horrible WHITE in SL as soon as this weird sunlight appears to be shining, especially on noon.

    This will kill almost every light colored texture in SL, no doubt.

  125. Vivienne says:

    “I believe, windlight is ready for final release as official viewer with this upgrade.”

    For you maybe, if you are lucky enough to run exactly the same hardware these LL affilates who developed this stuff run. For the rest of us this Windlight Release isn´t much better or worse than the one before. Atmospheric Shaders still run acceptable on a small percentage of user´s hardware, HUGE general problems on the macintosh platform, essential functionality bugs all over this piece of software.

    In fact this is a better alpha now. Not more, not less. And i am not convinced of Atmospheric Shaders being the ultimate answer or a senseful addition at all, as problematic as they are.

  126. @# 75 Pepper Haas Says:
    February 13th, 2008 at 2:14 AM PST

    And if you want to do us al a favor, what we NEED is a “back button” for TP — just like when web browsing it would be nice to just TP back where you were before, especially handy if you TP by mistake, or were sent TP to find out you really don’t want to be there.

    This new version of WindLight DOES have this.
    TP somewhere and look at the chat history window.
    I have been seeing something to the effect of “Successful Teleport from Region Blah Blah – and it’s a clickable SLURL to return.

    Heh – I hope everyone else is seeing this. 😉

  127. Vivienne,

    If you are using Lcd Screen, grey, white and black colors can be tricky with 3d environment, its related with contrast problem of lcd monitors and they cannot be calibrated perfectly.

    Thats why lot of photoshop professional and design studios still using crt screens. Also you cannot expect exact color values from 3d applications, because your texture will be highlighted with inworld global illumunation system and ofcourse it will change its color a little.

    Important thing is, are they looking good under the sun after this improovements, my answer is yes they are good enough, i am professional designer and 3d artist by the way.

    Yea, It can be better on timely fashion but its ready for now in my opinion, there is no online world in this planet with better graphics 🙂

  128. Pepper Haas says:

    @116, by pointing out problems (esp. in testing software blogs like this one) people are HELPING SL. To put these good people down as “whiners and complainers” and tell them to quit SL is just plain mean and a waste of a post space.

  129. Vivienne says:

    “The latest versions of RC & WL are working pretty well on my 2.5 year old Powerbook G4 1.67GHz, 1.5Gb RAM, ATI Mobility Radeon 9700 w/ 128Mb, MAC OS X 10.4.11. Still unable to use Atmospheric Shaders though. But that’s the beauty of Windlight, the graphics can be EASILY customized to your systems capabilities.”

    You CAN use Atmospheric Shaders.

    1. Switch to full screen mode (disable “run in a window” in the prefs, it will work in spite of the preferences window hanging on the bottom of the screen)

    2. Set the resolution to 800×600

    You will be able to run Atmospheric Shaders at framerates between 10 and 15 in an empty sim at least. But the disadvantage is that water does not render anymore, so you have some nice deep black holes all over your screen. But who cares. Windlight fanatics will still praise the beauty of the skies and of the overwhelming looks of the most artificial lighting in computer simulation i have ever seen.

    You will crash with total system lockup when you try to log out of SL Windlight in full screen mode, so don´t forget to switch back to window mode and disable these fuzzy Atmospheric Shaders before you log.

  130. U M says:

    Massive freezing occuring now for some strange reason. Havent seen this for a few months. And now its occuring again, What in the world is going on. Didnt have this problem for a very long time.

  131. hazelnuteye2u Arcadia says:

    In this version you can see far away like you can on the others that aren’t Windlight.. and in debug you cant change things to false I hate that cause i had seeing myself typing all the time and i want to turn it off, the playtyping admin.. I crash when teleporting constanly, and i get kicked off over and over since i started using this one…
    Love the water view though looks real, and the clouds moving is great now if we can just fix the other things …

  132. Re: broken planar textures, PLEASE SEE THIS ASAP:


    and post in the comments there, we NEED SLURLS (coordinates) to investigate broken content inworld, so MAKE SURE to provide them so we can make progress soon. You can also send affected objects to Torley Tester in a folder titled “VWR-4860”.


  133. By the way, sory its not related with current subject but,

    Why dont you include better web browser to the client and allow us for use our prims as web navigator with flash support. It will be a revolution of Second Life, online game with all abilities of internet itself 🙂

    Yea, definetely i wanna see that feature in this year. Good timing for that. 🙂

  134. Vivienne says:

    @ Jachanu

    If you are fine with “changing colors” as a graphic pro, well ok.No further comment here.

  135. Porsupah Ree says:

    Urantia Jewell – or anyone else using a 1.67GHz PBG4 – would you say this release is any faster? (Though one could reasonably expect my results to differ, even with the same settings, as I’m on 10.5.2)

  136. Vivienne says:

    @ Porsupah

    Windlight is more smooth and a little bit faster than the official client because it uses an optimiser. This Windlight release is a bit faster than the one before on a Mac, almost as fast as the previous previous one. It is even a bit faster than the latest Nicholaz viewer, which is much faster than the official viewer. Tested this under different conditions so far on different machines.

  137. @ Vivienne Says:
    If you are fine with “changing colors” as a graphic pro, well ok.No further comment here.


    There is no industry standart for that unless you dont pay tons of money to the high end graphic hardware. And even you see that colors exactly right on your screen with that system, other people cannot see them with same values.


    Because all monitor types has different contrast and color depth values. Also they are using different calibration types, thats the spirit of RGB color system, thats not CMYK .

    Even techmarkets, you will see different colors in different monitors just watch them together. Linden Lab. need to be god of pc world for calibrate whole screens in the earth with one upgrade 🙂

    So, if you dont like color, solution is simple , calibrate your screen or create calibration profile for Second Life, it takes 3 minutes. Green is not looking red isnt it? 🙂

  138. Vivienne says:

    @ Jachanu

    I do not wanna discuss graphic standards and calibration issues here. This here is supposed to be “lighting”, and obviously supposed to add some reality touch to SL, as far as possible. But it does not. Atmospheric Shaders alter lighting in a most unrealistic way. This is far from any “realism”, while pretending to add realism. Tragical comedy, in fact. Even the classical viewer does better there than Atmospheric Shaders do, regarding balanced lighting and shading. Additionally the color and brightness and contrast changes this horrible lighting causes are simply bad.

    This is NOT related to any hardware or calibration of any hardware. This is a matter of Windlight software and i doubt that anyone does not notice.

  139. U M says:

    “This is NOT related to any hardware or calibration of any hardware. This is a matter of Windlight software and i doubt that anyone does not notice.

    Someone has a brain atleast to see this fact. Why doesnt anyone else? because frankly speaking people sit behind their Keyboards and pricey plasm screens and say ” DAH its not screen its the best you can buy” Well sad facts are too many people since windlight was released blame people settings and not badly coded UI. “it can`t be my srceeen its your setting ” well if you believe this then you wasted money even buyin gthat plasm screen.

  140. Randall Renoir says:

    I totally agree with the comment by Luca Vasilopita and others. What the heck happened to planar texture mapping? I had some textures just right on a house and pyramid (had to use planar for some of the angles) and now they are all screwed up! This is a HUGE bug that needs to be fixed right away!

  141. toric says:

    Wow, I’ve never seen frame rates this high on the ancient G4 iMac I use for everyday SLing, Windlight or not! Crossing my fingers that this is a permanent boost and not some side effect from the latest bugs =)

  142. astarte artaud says:

    WOW !!! is my initial response. Whatever you have done to optimise graphics has worked on my NVidia 8500GT. For the first time ever I am now getting consistant 15+ FPS.

    Sad that it’s taken this long to acheive this 😦

  143. Anyone know if this client fixes the problem where you can’t tell when new IMs come in? See this Jira…

  144. Well guys, with all my respect im not agreed with you. I like new viewer and i will not use old one again. Also i cannot understand traditional people in revolutionary digital world. Im pretty good with new one 🙂

    By the way, I dont want to argue about that, if you dont like it, thats your decision i respect that.

  145. U M says:

    Never the less well see a patch asap within 12 hours. This can`t continue.

  146. Vivienne says:

    Jachanu, this is not a matter of traditionalism or progressiveness. It´s a matter of functionality and sense, as everything in computing is. Or should be.

  147. pantaiputih korobase says:

    sorry if I repeat my post in the updated system requirements blog…
    wow, I am so happy that my 3 (THREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) months old VAIO with vista meets the MINIMUM!!!!!!!!!!!! requirements.

    So, I am far away form recommended requirements with a THREE months old laptop????????

    but as I said in another blog, I love SL and all LLstaff soooooooo much that I am ready to buy a new machine for each update. which hardware company are you having agreemtnes with, LL? tell us so we can satisfactorily work with your software

  148. Ever since Windlight 1.19, it’s totally SUCKED! 1.18 was a godsend, it was the most perfect working beautiful viewer to date. Then the manditory 1.19 comes, and it’s totally screwed up my SL experience. The 1.19 viewers hiccup so much it’s basically unusable. It’s sucking away my computer’s resources and probably all the computers in the neighborhood’s too.

    Please go back to 1.18, or make these damn viewers actually work

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