Service Quality Metrics through January ’08 posted

Hello everyone!

I have updated our Service Quality Metrics page with updated data through the end of January 2008, and the downloadable data and charts are also available in excel, open document, and google docs formats. The format of the charts and datasets has been truncated to a “rolling 7 months” format to remain concise and to increase the legibility of the charts. The full historical detail of this data to the daily level is still available in the end-of-2007 data files from my last SQM post.

January had a larger volume of Planned Outages than prior months due to the planned system outage on January 9th to expand our asset servers, and a larger number of Rolling Restarts than usual as we rolled out a very aggressive number of bugfixes. The rolling restarts, as announced, were on January 2nd, 17th and 31st. These outages, while regrettable, are a necessary part of our process of stabilizing Second Life and making it more available. Even with this large number of planned outages (our most aggressive deploy schedule to date), due to increased quality of testing and better automation of deploy processes, we still maintained less than a 1.3% planned outage total, which is significantly less than the 1.8% we were experiencing in March and April 2007. I am proud to point out that despite those planned outages, and the small number of intermittent login problems and website 503 errors, in January we had the lowest percentage of Unplanned Outages to date – around 0.15% !

We had a slight increase in overall viewer crashrates for January, from ~ 20% to nearly 21%, but testing of the newer RC and Firstlook (Windlight) viewers is showing some very encouraging trends in both improved crashrates and FPS performance, and we look forward to those statistics becoming the norm when we roll these features and fixes into the main production release client. If you have time, please download and help test these RC and Firstlook test clients – the more customer data we have on how these clients perform on your hardware and network configuration, the better we can fix and tune them before they hit prime-time, and please don’t forget to log any bugs you find in our Issue Tracker.

Average Viewer performance as measured by Frames Per Second increased slightly in January, and we look forward to some of the performance boosts built into the Firstlook viewer to help boost that even higher once it is released to mainstream as well. I’m curious to hear your perspective – are you seeing better or worse client performance with Windlight? From an aggregate statistical standpoint, it appears that your experience is better, so let’s hear your story.

The Percentage of time with regions below FPS thresholds also decreased nicely during January – not quite reaching our alltime low of October 2007, but coming close. I look forward to the work on Havok4 and Mono completing and helping drive this even lower in the near future.

If you have questions on these metrics please join me at my Office hours this Friday at 10 AM PST, and this week I am experimenting with holding a second office hrs at a time more suitable for our European customers on Thursday morning at 8 AM PST (i.e. 4 PM GMT), or as always IM me offline with specific questions. Thanks, and I hope to see you soon!

About Meta Linden

Data Warehousing and Metrics Analysis for the world of Second Life. A Linden Lab employee in California.
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82 Responses to Service Quality Metrics through January ’08 posted

  1. Digital Digital says:

    Nice to see this information 🙂 Thank You 😀

  2. Beezle Warburton says:

    The lastest version of Windlight has been crashtacular for me, while the previous version was more reliable than the standard client.

  3. Nimrod says:

    Is this bug counted too when calculated the crashes?

  4. Kean Kelly says:

    I dont believe what I just read… WL has been chrashing more than ever for me the last week. Called that “some very encouraging trends” one more time! And Nimrod (#3) might have a point there.

  5. Very nice post, Meta, thank you.
    As requested – here’s some quick and dirty feedback for you…

    I have been using WindLight for some time.

    A note: When I downloaded and installed the most recent version – I almost PANICKED. The framerate dropped to literally 1-frame-per-second and the entire world was grey (literally ZERO textures and everything had to download).

    However, taking a deep breath, regaining composure and breathing deeply – I downloaded current nVidia drivers and restarted the WindLight viewer.

    Frankly the performance boost I am experiencing feels considerable. For the first few days it literally ‘felt’ like it was 5 or 10 times faster than any previous client. However, that is likely just my perception and had to do with the very rapid speed and snappiness of the ‘blue menus’ when they appeared and were dismissed.

    Since then, everything seems to have returned to ‘normal’. But, it does feel like a smoother ride… very pleasurable and pretty solid (except for known issues, of course) – I live in WindLight now and certainly hope I never have to go back the ‘regular’ viewer.

    Now – it also should be known I am fortunate to have a newer system that is fully capable and designed to run software such as windLight. I won’t give details here because I don’t want to seem like bragging or anything like that. But, even on this system, the current WindLight runs better than the previous version and better the that ‘official’ viewer. Right here, right now.

  6. Michael Timeless says:

    I also have to agree with #3. The last version of WL was more stable. I’ve also lost the ability to remove the typinganim with this version. IT gives me one option (the default true).

    Not bragging either but my system is more than capable of running any software and didn’t crash on any privious version the number of times (3 in the last ten minutes) that this one does. Now I’ve got the dreaded wait ten minutes to log in message. Could also be the 58k+ users.


  7. SLurl Link says:

    I am reading the metrics and I see no meaningful difference over time. You can neat pick 0.14% here and there… I still crash on teleport over 50% of the time right now.
    The ability to teleport is a crucial marketing component in the SL economy. Teleporting should be priority number two after transactions in my view.

    I’d love to see TP and/or Sim Crossing success rate metrics… even if they are shameful. 😛

  8. uh-oh says:

    “Now – it also should be known I am fortunate to have a newer system that is fully capable and designed to run software such as windLight. I won’t give details here because I don’t want to seem like bragging or anything like that. But, even on this system, the current WindLight runs better than the previous version and better the that ‘official’ viewer. Right here, right now.”

    I think it would be passing on helpful information not bragging when you share what works and what doesnt.
    I was running an older version of windlight and even though someone told me it can over heat your video card i did anyways and it seems like it made my nvidia 6600GT card burn up after 4 hrs of use and I ended up having to buy a new one. The last one was only a few months old and was clean not packed with dust and had good airflow.
    I have been running the new RC and it seems to be working ok. I do have the crash on TP with the login frozen and have to relog to be normal again.
    The crash logs have been trying to send information but seems to have problems finding the server some of the time. It is not all of the time so I know it is not a firewall issue.
    Overall it seems to be working fine other than the few problems I am having above. Not enough to take the fun out. Just a relog now and then to fix what is going on.
    Keep up the good work. 65k users online this weekend and SL worked great for me during that time.
    Wow and i remember when it was a big to do when the grid reached 20k online. 🙂

  9. @ uh-oh “I think it would be passing on helpful information not bragging when you share what works and what doesnt.”

    A good point:

    This is directly from the spec sheet – intended for feedback purposes (usueless info removed):

    * AMD Athlon™ 64 X2 dual-core processor 6000+* with Hyperclocking™ Technology
    * 3GB DDR2 low-latency memory
    * 2MB L2 cache for efficient system processing
    * Hitachi 500GB Serial ATA II hard drive (7200 rpm)
    * Velocity Micro Edition EVGA NVIDIA GeForce 8500 GT graphics with 512MB dedicated video memory;
    * Built-in 10/100/1000 Mbps Gigabit Ethernet LAN with RJ-45 connector
    (I run on a 100baseT wired connection through a Belkin router on Cable modem)
    * Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium Edition

    There, I hope this helps.
    Seriously, SL and the current WindLight run wonderfully. I have graphic maxed-out with Avatar imposters turned off and distance set to 512.
    The only problem that really remains are the memory leaks that eventually kill the viewer.

    If any of this helps anyone else – then wonderful. 🙂

    Kind regards to all, and I’ve been where you are for those that have difficulties. Yes, I do feel for you.

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  11. Istephanija Munro says:

    I am finding myself on a very stable grid since the fix of the server upgrade last week. However the week before after the rushed upgrade was pure horror and the week before at least scary. Not sure these Quality Metrics are representative for regular people. Just because my client doesn’t crash doesn’t mean the in world services were working. My land was stable at 45 fps and still my customers were looking bald and clothes weren’t rezzing for anyone 🙂

    For me the quality of the grid is based on the functionality of the services, when they aren’t working anything else is just statistics. Maybe you can come up with something for us regular people which is based on In World experiences, bug reports and support tickets.

    Other than that SL is good for me an all viewers since last week!

  12. Meta Linden says:

    @Nimrod – yes, all client sessions that do not end with an explicit logoff event are counted towards the total crash percentage, regardless of whether the crash reporter is used or not. There are good explanations of each of these metrics on our Metrics Glossary.

    @Everyone Else – thank you for the great discussion here – as @Ari noted (and was highlighted in the related blog post), the most recent windlight client required you to be running current drivers for most successful results. We are hearing from many customers who went through that process and are finding the most recent release to be the most stable and performant yet – though, as always, Your Mileage May Vary. @Beezle and @Kean – you might want to try ensuring your graphics card drivers are up to date, and please help file JIRA records for other issues that you see, even if it’s just a “me too” comment and helping vote for issues that are critical for you.

    Thanks everyone!

  13. If 1-in-5 sessions end in a viewer crash, it doesn’t really matter what the outage or server up-time rates are.

  14. Rocky Pickles says:

    Anyone that would like some help with tweaking the windlight client under vista please im me inworld.. nvida and ati only please

  15. AlexanderThe Benelli says:

    I think the current WL is worth crashing every 15 to25 mins *g*
    Its incompatibility with the older drivers sucks a bit, but since i got new ones, the time with fps<1 are getting fewer and shorter.
    (before i had 30sec. freezing sl, nothing goes)
    You should put a note to download the new drivers in the space where it says “Attention, LIVE GRID”, this would probably help a lot of people.

    Anyway, imho your Problem aren’t sim crashs or downtimes, but the asset servers, which are somehow underrepresented in the metrics!

    The failure rate when attaching Prims to the Avatar or when rezzing are unaccaptable…just imagine your webserver not posting every 2nd Blog entry…you would be pissed off, wouldn’t you?

    I really miss this asset server aspect in the Metrics, as it is the main performance problem for me, and probably for a lot of people,too.

    Alex *g*

  16. Dingle Doigts says:

    I have been unable to use Second Life all day do to freezing and crashing. Does an entire day of service quality issues count as one issue or 25 freezes, relogs, and backwards flying?

  17. ChatNoir Moonsoo says:

    Funny to read that just when checking the Blog because I’m in SL-Hell Edit Appearance, TPs crashing, inv-operations failing….

    ..but other than that, it’s a nice in RL…

  18. Wayfinder Wishbringer says:

    Meta Linden: “The format of the charts and datasets has been truncated to a “rolling 7 months” format to remain concise and to increase the legibility of the charts.”

    LOL it also tends to not show how much more SL is suxing than it was a year ago, doesn’t it? 😉

  19. Ric Mollor says:

    My personal experience with Second Life quality (or lack of)

    After seeing the blog post for the “Linden Department of Public Works” rapidly fill and contain many comments about roads in Second Life I decided to investigate. A bit of scrolling around on the
    mainland map produced what looked like the endpoint of a road on the “Purple” sim. A fine place to start, perhaps. The adventure is chronicled below.

    TP to desired location fails. After a few minute of the progress bar NOT progressing Second Life dings. You have been disconnected from Second Life!

    Relog to last location. Now my avatar is standing in some half crouched pose. No amount of walking, flying, or sitting on objects seems to help, so off to relog again.

    Hmmm. Things look ok this time so try another TP to my destination. For some reason arrive at 700+ meters in the air but survive a long fall and prepare to explore.

    The friend I am exploring with crashes when attempting to TP to the same spot. After relogging she is able to TP successfully but doesn’t land near me.

    We find what we thought was a road is actually a train track. After studying the map a bit and realizing that the train will never come we start walking down the track in the direction of what we believe is a road.

    Windows pops up an error stating that the Second Life voice application has crashed. Despite efforts to get voice working again I have to relog before it will start.

    The train tracks cross a sim border. I can’t see anything but land on the other side while my exploring partner can see tracks and buildings. We SLOWLY walk across the border but end up walking on to oblivion and then DING! We both become disconnected from Second Life.

    We relog AGAIN and try walking across the sim border. She makes it but my avatar sinks into the ground and continues it’s downward descent. At about -300 height DING! Disconnected. Another relog, this time positioning the location on the desired spot.

    Finally we seed the road! But it’s across ANOTHER sim border. We try flying but fly endlessly towards another DING! disconnection. Both of us relog again.

    Finally! Only 40 minutes later and we are on a road! Time to do some real exploring. But can’t rez a car on the road. We find a spot to the side, rez a car, then realize that it can’t seem to cross the
    guardrail to get to the road. Finally, we attach SLegways and start down the road. Only the SLegways don’t appear even though we seem to be riding them.

    Within 100 feet we sink into the pavement and ride towards a watery grave. We don’t touch a key and eventually recover a few minutes later. But a hundred feet further down the road it happens again and the only resolution is to TP away and then back.

    Except after TPing back my friend now has 2 SLegways plus shoes and Hair on her butt! We give up trying to fix things and soldier on.

    We pass a memorial cross on the roadside. A fatality no doubt caused by the uncontrolable cars.

    We round a curve and see 3 abandoned vehicles by the side of the road. We are now laughing so hard at all the failure that it’s difficult to talk. It’s obvious that the drivers became so disgusted that they
    just walked away.

    Oops! Another sim crossing. Once again we drive out of control through land, houses, and off into the ocean before DING!, disconnected!

    Time to quit. After an hour and a half we have went a whole kilometer! It’s obvious why roads are so popular!

  20. Gabbi Rotaru says:

    Who dreams up these stats as they dont appear to agree with my experience over the last few weeks. My average frame rate is 10fps, and I have a fast system with plenty of ram and a 16Mbps dsl line.

    Jan has been my worst month for crashes and unexpected downtime. The new windlight viewer plain and simply doesnt work and it even hosed my system so I had to spend 2 days reinstalling everything. Even as I type my clothes are not rezzing and log-ins are still taking upto 5 minutes.

    I would really like 1 week with no problems. Not much to ask is it?

  21. Elvis Orbit says:

    The Windlight viewer both the previous and the current one has not crashed on me since I updated my drivers in Jan. For me that have been very stable.

  22. Gil Druart says:

    @12 .. that’s going to give you a warped view of reality, Meta. The question is not whether the session ended with an explicit logoff .. the question is was it *vouluntary*. The sysem logs you out when you try to tp .. you freeze and can’t do anything except logout .. you have attachments that can’t be removed except by logging out .. those are all ‘explicit’ .. and all what a user would regard as a crash.

    You want a better measure? Count any logoff followed by an attempted logon within say three minutes as a crash too. It doesn’t take much of a script to pull that out of the log files.

  23. Letti says:

    I can’t enjoy Windlight because in probably every 30 minutes, i receive the “out of memory” message.

  24. Oceanna Shannon says:

    if Mono does for scripts what avok4 is doing for lag and physcs its going to be an all new SL. I can’t wait to delve into the project.

    I’m running WL on a laptop with an oler 7600 nvidia card relatively crash free (i don’t have the luxury of any VC updates ty toshiba POS). maybe something else is up for those crashing so frequently…


  25. Patchouli Woollahra says:

    Some of the improvements that WL has brought to the table are unquantifiable but welcome.

    For instance, the recent implementation of glow and select elements of the WL lighting model as simple Basic Shaders, which significantly more video cards are capable of doing at a brisk pace.

    Letti: out of memory errors coming at that pace often suggest that one’s computer is lagging a tad bit behind minimum spec. Second Life doesn’t play very well even with 512Mb of memory. 1 Gb does wonders, and if you’re one of the few resis who can use Vista and a 64-bit processor as well… erk.

    \60 fps is a FPS frame rate, not a SL framerate!
    \\ Or is it?

  26. Hodgey Hogfather says:

    Question for the last few weeks. If I crash every day I log into SL, is that 1 percent of the time or 100 percent of the time ?….For the customer, your statistic has little to do with the SL experience. Now I’ll go back into SL after crashing out while chatting.

  27. Patchouli Woollahra says:

    Hey, we can’t all have a solid SL experience. The numbers given in SQMs are an aggregate of everyone’s experiences. Some of us will have charmed existences, others will wonder why we didn’t pick up another less aggravating hobby.

    like knitting with spider silk. set on fire.

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  29. Shai Khalifa says:

    Have to agree with those pointing out that logouts that we have to do to fix things such as being ruthed, attachments up butt, unacceptable framerates, tp freezes that you log out rather than letting the system throw you out, inability to upload files and all the other myriad reasons we voluntarily logoff… don’t count in the metrics. But they do make for a very frustrating sl experience at times.

    And I’d love to use Windlight of any sort – but the groups list and other database related issues still haven’t been resolved for Macs yet
    🙂 Shai

  30. Sean Heying says:

    After recording and analysing frame rates in my regions Havok4 has really improved performance, once all the bugs are ironed out it will be phenomenal.

    Windlight, now that the OS X leopard issues are being addressed is also better in terms of frame rate, although the crash on camera move makes it currently unusable. Once that is addressed we will also be one more step closer to a better SL.

    Crashes are bad, and those rolling restarts were, if I recall aborted attempts and restarts, but still, SL is still a monopoly so there is no choice. 😉

  31. magnus says:

    I have to say, and I cant believe I am saying it, but this version of WL is more stable, less laggy and and stuttering than the regular SL client. I am on a mac G% mega system and I have had nothing but problems with WL from the beginnig and have been complaining violently for the last 4 months. This version of WL seems to be working for me.I get the occasional crash when camera-ing out very far, bit for the most parts everything in this WL veriosn is running better. Now lets talk about the regular SL client. I don’t know what you guys did, but for all practical purposes I might as well not log on. Doing business is impossible because you cant rez stuff or when you do its not right. TP-ing is a joke, I crash 3 out of 4 times and the stutter-stepping and screen freezing is insanity making.

  32. Meta Linden says:

    @Gil and @Shai – Valid points, and interesting in this discussion – I’m not sure if you’re discussing issue SVC-162 or VWR-3513, – please register your comments, reproduction steps, and votes against the appropriate JIRA task so that we can ensure these unusual cases get fixed properly, and I appreciate you speaking up about these. 🙂 This and other related “I’m frozen and have no choice but to logout” issues would be great to discuss at an office hours.

  33. Kyder Ling says:

    Thanks again Meta. Not a lot of companies make this information public unless it is something really quote worthy that belongs on the cover of a retail box package or something. 😉

    But other than that, SL seems to be going on an great trend. Keep this up, as SL still has a few rough edges, but I bet that given more time, SL will become another platform. ^^

  34. Sumiko Yokosuka says:

    Since downloading the latest version of Windlight, I have been crashing much more frequently than when I first started on SL about three months ago, lagging and freezing have increased noticeably and I have had more problems with the clothes on my avatar staying where they should. I have also seen more in world complaints about Windlights performance from people I have been hnaging out with.

    So for me, while it appears that things look slightly better on screen once everything finally rezzes, by and large, my overall SL experience has been degraded.

  35. Daniel Regenbogen says:

    It is interesting, how much those numbers and personal experience can differ. I have to agree with #19, january being one of the worst months in personal experience, especially the very first days. It was not fun at all to have those few free days when we could have spend a bit more time together with friends from overseas who we other than that only can see for a bit on weekends being messed up by a not working grid.

    The since december existing problems with heavy lag peaks on many SIMs are still there (time dilation going down to 0.80 and below, SIM FPS to 30 and below for a second every other minute because script time goes up with objects suddenly using 10-100 times the script time they normally use).

    BTW, while writing this I became victim of a tp-logout. Logged in again – stuck in a weird pose, not able to walk or do anything else –> next Relog. In general, february looks definitely better than january in my personal SL experience, though.

  36. U M says:

    “The Percentage of time with regions below FPS thresholds also decreased nicely during January ”

    HAHAHAH yea right the same islands that have below FPS thresholds are still having it. Not until H4 is release will we have ” POSSIBLE fixes to this” So inturn your wrong again.

  37. Kugel says:

    Statistics – they serve a most useful purpose. You need metrics to understand the reliability trends of the grid.

    But – as I have said elsewhere, and will once again state here.. with the latest release of WL, the latest main view, and the RC my crashes have increased beyond ANYTHING i have xperienced in my year and a half in SL. Last night – just standing..talking in main chat, not moving, not camming about .. and crash after crash. Yes I have the latestest drivers, no I dnot have a high-end machine. Just hope the crash reports provide something meaningful 😦

  38. glow Raymaker says:

    Well its been common for ages that ppl claim you show as offline even when they actually see you if front of then!
    But can any one of staff explain to me why ppl that I have in hide my status online not only IM me but say they clearly show me as online!

    How does this protect PPL being harassed by perves and other anoyers like TP pkone booth adicts out to get paid to tp as many ppl to that sim as they can get!
    TP booths are anoying, lag simes as ppl flood in and wonder why they were TPed!

    The new viewr looks cool but is riddled with slow loadup inventry and other glitches. I appreciate what SL is trying to do,but its not ready for release just yet!

    1 thing that SL really should look at improving is the ability to stop ppl banned from seeing you online also not being able to send you notecards inventry or TPs etc.
    Another nice addon may be the addition of safe zones ppl can tp to to evaded stalkers. ie Another dimension perhaps. Yes that isnt practical. But it does point out the need to deal effectively with stalkers and other nutter avis.

    Lastly Why is SL so focused on culling ppl who go to TP more than obvious stationary camper bots. Or stall loggins for 10 min when there is only 30,000ppl online! The chance of getting logged out in this inneficent logout process increases the less ppl online as you have only 1/2 as much chance of getting auto logged out at 30,000ppl online as when its packed to the hilt with 60,000+

    It may not be very stable at 60,000 ppl onlne but i rarely get logged out then. As im on eastern pacific timezone i get frustrated at very frequent logouts when all my Australiasian friends are online, and dropouts with us are excessively frequent. this doesnt ahppen as much with my euro friends on their peak times.

  39. Yukinoroh Kamachi says:

    You will have to add this one to the service metrics : “Login failed” with no other info, just a “Close” button… I must be unlucky…

  40. River Ely says:

    Hi. There is a relationship between video card, Motherboard, Operating system, Processor and Ram that I understand, but what beats me is that no matter what I do, Winlight is like Molasses for me, slow, sticky and unusable. My partner, same room, near identical PC, floats around happily all day long. Sadly with so many variables, some users will be very lucky and have a fault free time, and other users, with near identical systems, will have a bear of a time. But , This morning for example, I cannot teleport, and when I crashed after the first teleport attempt, i started to receive ‘unable to connect, Login packet never received…” etc. I tried an alt, I tried a separate account, completely unable to log in. So frustrating. 31000 online, 01.30 am linden time, and i am starting my day with a high degree of frustration and annoyance, and it really helps very little to learn that the current stats are available when that time, could be spent, stabalizing the systems to improve the overall experience and allow people who are existing users to log in…

  41. irene42 merlin says:

    i used to be quite happy and yes i think the grid is improving bit by bit
    but the latest Winlight download really is a bad one
    since that download crashes are normal
    don’t need to do anything
    just stand and be in open chat is enough to crash
    over and over again

  42. glow Raymaker says:

    Well i logged out to go back to the earlier version but SL login freezes at the exact same point no matter what version im now trying to login with.
    I guess the outfit box i rezzed pre logout will still be there when I relog back in. Hey it showed as no owner or creator when i checked its status in edit, after it refused to add contents to inventry or take back up to inventry X(

    Oh but hang on the non copy no transfer item will still show as no creater or owner so i still wont be able to collect, open or do anything with it now, even if i could log back into SL 😦

    Big Bog I dont want to listen to anyone that uses bots like you or uses your sites to con ppl with bogus survet sites that are set up specifically to collect suckers to spam with junk mail and virus ridden, tracker cookie or other malware programs! Oh and those vote on issue messages you send out linked to your location popularity voting station are a disgrace as well. You are the lowest of the low with the casinos you used to run. Never mind the claims by others of pornography and other crap you are accused to have run.

  43. Balthazar says:

    Uh-Oh (#8) interesting that you were having problems with WL and your 6600 gt i also have a 6600GT and haven’t had any graphics issues and the card has been performing fine and i frequently spend more than 4 hours at a time on here almost daily. Maybe there was more to your issue than simply the card overheating. Perhaps a collective issue in your hardware was causing a problem which in turn was pushing your graphics card above what it should have been running under normal conditions. Of course thats only a theory when i don’t know what was actually going on.

  44. Balthazar says:

    I do however have to say the stability of the viewer has declined over the last 2 version releases. Crashes are more frequent. Lag related delays have been apparent despite the lag meter recording no adverse issues.

  45. O, blessed Lindens-

    Keep up the excellent work. There are a lot of us who genuinely appreciate your efforts! ^_^

    Latest WL has some new & fairly icky bugs, but they are certainly not ruining my SL. Haven’t had any terrible trouble with logins, and even when I *do*, it is more often a connectivity issue and not a LL issue.

    Yours Virtually,

  46. Ponk Bing says:

    It’s always ironic that these things are posted just a day or so before everything goes completely pear shaped.

  47. Hern Worsley says:

    Logged in to start my day in SL and crashed while reading this or rather “logged out” according to LL stats….
    I updated my drivers for Nvidia seems to have helped some with new W/L client although the last version definately felt a lot more stable.

    Then again i dont believe the problems SL is suffering currently are client side seems to me its LL hardware which is failing again.
    How are we meant to give you valuable feedback with so many other variable factors the source of which we are in the dark about?

    8 days and counting now since the grid went pear shaped and still no word from LL that its being dealt with.

    Sometimes i really am at a loss just when you seem to be responding with snappy blog posts and quick resolution of issues ala end of 2k7 you go letting us down again on the communication side. My guess would be your all distracted by W/L and Havok etc etc but ignoring widespread grid issues causes so much damage to your already failing reputation.. you really are taking your eye of the ball when it comes to marketing and communication.
    The plain and simple fact is most of your customer base have no faith in you or your platform being reliable. Which is a shame because you blatantly deserve a better rep than your getting within the community be more realistic dont patronise us give it to us straight.

  48. Mimi says:

    I use a higher end computer, yet one out of 3 teleports ends in a crash.

    @ 36 Uh-Oh
    Age verification is not going to stop pedophilles.. are you that naive?
    Pedos can still login, create a free non verified acount, rent a house on a mature non flagged sim (or go to a linden protected land which doesn’t autoreturns) get a freebie sexbed and have lots of sex with kid avatars.

    Noone cares to report sexbeds in PG areas now, so its not likely that people will report sexbeds in nonflagged areas. Age verification is a nice idea, but it won’t stop pedophilles. It also won’t stop kids from using their parents ID, or getting one from the google images search and still entering the mature grid.

    It won’t stop the people with bad intentions from IDV ing since when your up for bad things, you aren’t likely to register with your own ID, but get a fake one instead. (unless your really dumb)

    When you are honest though, and like to enter your own areas you will have to register with an untrusted company, of which linden labs doesnt even dares to promise your information will be safe.

    The people who do nothing wrong are beeing punished for the offences of the few, and it won’t even stop the offenders. It won’t stop anyone bad.

  49. Spank Lovell says:

    I find it interesting that these stats do not convey the user “perception” of the service, just the raw figures which I dont doubt are accurate. However its the users view of how the services is responding that is the importan issue here and its constantly avoided. One look at the blogs will show the amount of dissatisfaction that is beginning to be voiced.

    Yes I’m sure that a lot of the problems people face ARE due to either connection/ISP/bandwidth issues or user PC related, however I’m seeing more and more people with high bandwidth DSL or cable connections and high spec PC’s reporting that overall SL’s performance and hence enjoyment has plummeted.

    I have now got into the habit of checking my bandwith with tools like when ever SL becomes unusable too me. My PC is of good specification and runs half-life and counterstrike without any problems.

    I myself have noticed that SL performance has degraded quickly over the last 2 to 3 months. TP’s failing and kicking me out “due to inactivity”, attachments appearing in the most inappropriate places, flying off into the wild blue yonder when crossing boundaries, lag, etc.

    On Sunday night I started to see TP’s where the usual TP screen with the progress bar didnt come up, and the new location just appeared, piece by piece. So I checked the user count of online users. It was 63,900 rapidly approaching 64000 concurrent users. I gave up for the night.

    Now I’m beginning to wonder….. are we approaching a “critical mass” for SL? Is there a point at which the SL infrastructure cannot scale enough to handle so many users?

    Its a serious though as I thoroughly understand how complex SL is “under the hood”. Is the rush towards Havok4 and MONO being acelerated to act as a sticking plaster solution? I hope it works for LL but I am beginning to wonder if we are seeing some form of natural limit.

    I am not knocking what LL have created here. I love it and love the world I can create within it and the friends I make there. I am worried that this is being threatened by its own sucess.

  50. yuriko nishi says:

    while older wl clients where perfect and nearly 100 % crash free (for me), the latest version is only stable in fullscreen mode and the oglvbo ati bug returned. so it´s unusable…

  51. kenny Stringer says:

    3 thing i See Wrong
    1. AD land
    2. land prices to high
    3.Liden Bans Every Thing wroth While

  52. Cappy Frantisek says:

    Metrics are all well and good, but you have to remember they are the keepers of the information. Numbers can be schewed anyway you want, look at Enron.

    Off topic, it would be nice to be able to login to the grid, with any viewer. Interesting that the online number shows 41K+ at the moment. Must be all those bots that do nothing but make SL a worthless wasteland. Try talking with one, they go poof!

    Voice, age verification, Windlight are all nice but now you can all understand why I didn’t renew my premimum when it became due. I knew these days would be here, way worse than some of the other things I endured when I first signed up. Oh, and had to use credit card to verify when I signed up too. Free accounts are the dumbest idea EVER!

    Soap box off!

  53. Kyder Ling says:

    Wow, imagine my surprise. People coming in here with unconstructive criticizisms .

  54. Captain Noarlunga says:

    January was good?????????????????? Biggest load of BS I ever heard ! On all viewers….Standard, RC & WindLight……..the number of TP failures has been worse in January than I can remember for months! This problem is not down to the viewers either…it is information loss between servers in LL… internal network problem. Nothing to do with the client. Please fix it…it is ruining SL.

  55. Thunder Rahja says:

    The metrics are never in context. I’ve had a lower percentage of crashes on my viewer because I’ve intentionally had to relog many times for the ever-annoying attachments on ass bug. I’m sure I’m not the only one.

  56. Kean Kelly says:

    Just a note… I updated my graphics card before i downloaded the new WL…

  57. AlexanderThe Benelli says:

    @Gil,Meta and everybody else:

    The attachment/reload Logouts really needs to be counted,
    e.g. by taking every logout, which is followed by an (attampted) login as a crash, too


  58. Spank Lovell says:

    I think I’m echoing what someone has already suggested but lets see the metrics include consecutive logons from the same IP address that are within a specific time range. This will catch all of those relogging to clear corrupted attachments, TP’s not working, cant move once TP’d etc.

    I would guess that would blow a hole in the metrics as its directly related to the users experience of the service. I’m finding that I have to relog upto 10 times in about every 4 or 5 hours on-line.

    Can we add that LL?

  59. Meta Linden says:

    Last night on my Macbook Pro I was able to reproduce VWR-3513 in which I froze during a teleport – eventually I received the message “you have been disconnected from the region” – which actually is included in the region disconnect crash metrics (along with Rolling Restart disconnects). Is this the “Teleport Freeze” issue that some of you have been experiencing, and is this how it behaves?

    @Spank – I do agree, many things contribute to the Perception of the system being unstable, and we have many Lindens focused on fixing the bugs that contribute to these feelings. We do continue to work on lots of different frustrating issues – as @Thunder state we definitely have users manually re-logging to fix issues like stuck animations and misplaced attachments. But our primary focus is to first address the key problems as promised last year – overall system availability, crashes, and lag. It can be frustrating when from your individual perspective things seem to be getting worse, but this is a complex issue not unlike “improving the MPG for all cars worldwide”.

    As @River Ely states – you can have 2 machines, mostly identical, on the same network connection, and due to some system configuration difference the two machines have vastly different performance and stability characteristics.

    Oh, and @UM – the 400+ regions that have been actively testing Havok4 on the main grid during January actually contributed to the decrease in Sim FPS lag. It is worth pointing out that many of the regions that had been experiencing the worst lag and frequent simcrashes were the ones to sign up for the testing 1st, and are already reaping the benefits of increased uptime, better stability, and less lag.

  60. zORIE Zuhrah says:

    almost never crash somedays and crashing almost every hour on other days. avatars appearing like small children and the males have breast. have to relog for them to appear normal. crashing without knowing i have crashed, even though i have crashed i am still in-world on my screen and dont know i have crashed until i try to type in open chat. i absolutely love my windlight. good job!!!!!

  61. Spank Lovell says:

    Hi Meta,

    The problem is this isnt a individual perspective, one look down the blogs shows this. I would have thought that the constant need for relogging is also a function of the lack of stability and should be measured?

    Stability should not be measured in just the number of crashes or forced disconnects but also by the usability of the core product. I dont see this being measured.

    It would be an interesting excersise to see the metrics include consecutive logins within a threshold time period by individual users.

    “relog” is rapidly finding its way into the dictionaries because of second life 😉

  62. zORIE Zuhrah says:

    almost forgot to mention. after teleporting when i arrive all my accessories are up my ass again. this had stopped for a long time but it is back again and happens with about 3/4 of my tp’s and then i have to relog to have them back on properly. it’s getting so bad that i rarely leave me home.

  63. Anonymous Coward says:

    Seeing that my previous additions to this blog entry have been ‘held for moderation’ I’ll more politely add that January has seemed to be a bumper month for failure IMHO too.

    Asset server problems, teleport problems, attachment on butt problems, sim crossing problems, rezzing problems, friends list problems, group message problems, voice problems, ruthing problems, chat and IM problems.

    All frequent enough that *every* session within Second Life was plagued with one or more hiccups.

    Any attempt to do an activity with a group was completely impossible as *someone* had always crashed or needed to relog before continuing. 20% of sessions end with a crash? Hmm, that’s a problem 100% of the time if 5 people are involved!

    On a positive note, it seems that the word ‘customer’ is being used rather than ‘resident’. Finally! Someone there at LL understands who is paying the wages.

  64. Ann Otoole says: down, textures won’t load. seems to me whatever “improvements” have been deployed lately have had a negative effect. this isn’t the only place people talk and there is a lot of dissent growing over the abysmal performance of SL now.

  65. Hevenz Vansant says:

    sooo what your saying is people are a little less pissed about SL 🙂

  66. pantaiputih korobase says:

    ok, I am ready to buy a new machine and/or a new graphic card after each update 🙂

  67. pantaiputih korobase says:

    and… still don’t know who ‘(waiting)’ and ‘(hippos)’ on my freinds list are hahahahahaha

  68. Kira says:

    Meta says “Last night on my Macbook Pro I was able to reproduce VWR-3513 in which I froze during a teleport – eventually I received the message “you have been disconnected from the region.

    Yes this is excatly what happens to me. on occasion when i log back in i am unable to move rather like i am still frozen then need to log out and back in one more time to cure it.

  69. Meghan Dench says:

    Ok well I don’t like to ever make a negative comment, because I don’t believe too much in negativity, however, I can’t play Second Life, because everytime I log in after a few seconds it freezes crashes or whatever you wanna call it and I can’t do anything , ive cleared cache, cookies, login location, temp internet files, un installed sl, restarted the pc a few times, you name it I have done it, ive even trie alt accounts and everything, ive sent a support ticket a few hours ago and heard nothing back, and I can’t get on after 12 PST so I am screwd as no one at all has got back to me about it, I NEEEEEEEEDED to get on, to atleast use IM but no because I can’t use Second Life at all, so yeah thanx it’s improved alot, not.
    Well it has, theres alot of fixes, just a shame some people can’t get on to use and enjoy them, and great Support System Team, such a speeeedy response (sarcasm)

  70. Kimberly says:

    I have been in SL for over a year. I have experienced good times and bad. I have been astounded at how it all works so seamlessly on some days and how it performs like a bunch of old recycled parts patched together on a breadboard.

    There is one thing all the technical metrics in the world can not measure. What is the ultimate satisfaction gained from the SL experience?

    I have surfed giant waves, I have sky dived from impossible heights, I have performed triple flips with one and a half twists with scientific precision, I have even danced with award winning style. Yet none of this required any effort, concentration or training, as all were perfectly executed according to their script upon the first attempt. Therefore, from where comes the satisfaction to say that I accomplished these things?

    I have purchased land, built my own houses and designed some of my own furniture. I can not feel the dirt of my land course through my fingers, I can not sense the warmth of the hearth in my home, I can not feel the texture of the soft buttery leather of my favorite chair against my skin. Therefore, from where comes the satisfaction to enjoy these things when the sensory receptors of the human body that enable these things to be enjoyed are deprived?

    I have loved, I have laughed and I have cried, but in the end I find it all quite amusing. I have had friends who disappear without a trace after a few weeks or months, never to be seen again, their names no longer in the database. Friends giving “birth” to scripted baby objects that will forever remain in a static state of repeating the same scripted speech. Therefore, from where comes the satisfaction to enjoy these things if there is no growth or development of our personal relationships?

    If I could log into SL today, and find frame rates that simulate real time, fly at high speed across region boundaries without a nanosecond of hesitation, TP to new regions where every single prim and texture is fully rezzed upon arriving, it would make no difference.

    If I could talk in voice with my friends without 85% of the conversation being “can you hear me now?”, it oould make no difference. One thing SL voice has reminded me of is that light travels faster than sound. The person you see only seems bright until you hear them speak.

    I have created content, I have role played, I have free falling from oxygen deprived heights and splattered myself on the cold concrete only to stand and walk away with nary a scratch. I have done many things in SL. I have accomplished all one can in SL, all according to script, no challenge remains. What is left to do?

  71. Ric Mollor says:

    @65 – Kimberly

    Your post perhaps sums up the Second Life experience better than anything I have ever read.

    Fantastic Writing – if you don’t write for a living, you certainly could.

    Thank you for sharing.

  72. pantaiputih korobase says:

    @65, great post, but there is still a miracle behind of that all, thats RL ‘smiles like a human being’

  73. Meghan Dench says:

    Just like to point out, that Second Life never fails to make me smile in Real Life (Enus mainly : P)
    Everyday, without fail it makes me smile and laugh in Real Life, and makes me happy.
    But, Kimberly that is an amazing post, and very true too,
    And I do feel LL, and Second Life needs to improve alot because it has gone downhill lately.
    And yep makes me smile etc.
    But it also without fail makes me wanna scream and shout and cry in Real Life too, everyday because when it isnt working, wont let me in it makes me sooo pissed off lol
    *cries* “let me innnnnnnnnnn Second Life!”

  74. shockwave yareach says:

    Although I love SL and I play in it alot, I have to view the numbers for January as suspect at best, cooked at worst. While I approve of your giving out of work Enron bookkeepers a second chance, there is no way you are going to convince me that January was one of the most stable times in half a year. I crash just crossing a sim border on foot. I have lagbursts that freeze me while the rest of the sim chats and moves without me. I’ve crashed while trying to teleport. I’ve had teleports fail, leaving me stuck on an island. I cannot see which of my friends are online as the Flist shows folks as offline even though they are on. I’ve been unable to rez stuff to work on it. I’ve been unable to save changed scripts after I worked on it. That is, on those lucky days when I’ve been able to login in the first place.

    Ordinarly I just grit my teeth and wait for the fixes. But you will not convince me that SL is getting more stable when I’ve encountered as many failures in Jan/Feb as in all the previous year combined. Anytime SL is inaccessible for any reason except region restarting/server mods, it should be called “unplanned lack of service”. Anything else is mere wordplay, calling bugs anything but bugs.

  75. Hi Meta – I’ve been waiting to see whether you would put the First Look island into use again so we can run tests and all report FPS in the same fashion.

    While I really enjoy Windlight for photography, my FPS are about 50% lower on average with atmospheric shaders enabled – with the major trouble spots being rezzing textures (for instance on vendors while shopping) and rendering sculpted prims quickly enough. It can literally be 10 minutes of standing in one spot waiting for the world to “un-gray” after a teleport.

    I’d love to see First Look island reinstated for actual testing and comparison. But this time, make submitting results a lot easier 🙂

  76. Kerry says:

    30% drop in fps nothing new added to computer. 4 crashes in the last 5 minutes. random crashing lying reason why i cannot rejoin my home location ( region restarting when i do log in no one else has left region and its not restarted ) DNS problem a minor inconvienience. love Sl service getting worse though

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  79. Cael Merryman says:

    #21 Gil Druart and a few others – log on and a quick off is done for specific reasons sometimes – like checking visitor counts and stuff on your sim and to reject objects before leaving for work. Even repeated logging is sometimes on purpose – I was moving stuff on the sim today and the easy way, since I was getting coffee and doing RL stuff was to use the current inventory to move and then cleaning it up by logging off and back on. Your suggestion is too much like fudging stats based on assumptions and we’re getting enough of that in the U.S. with the primaries…

    That said, any talk about rolling out WL before the group update stuff is fixed is way premature. I stay in the old viewer most of the time now because of being unable to do little things that are known problems. The ‘better view’ isn’t enough to justify logging out and back in just to give someone a new role in one of my groups.

  80. Meghan Dench says:

    Just to clarify for the DNS thing, UK getting that too, not constant but it isnt just London, it is also Bedford, Bedfordshire.

  81. Mercedez Decosta says:

    The new windlight viewer is the worst release in the history of windlight sl…more crashes when trying to teleport…more grey…more lag…slower rezzing, lower FPS…oh and the new one…freezing for 10-15 seconds on every teleport. So dont tell me things are encouraging…thats the last thing i want to hear…how about the truth for once.
    Up until this new version i was seeing almost every avie correctly and now i see people with missing parts of their hair or shapes that dont load which makes them short. I was very encouraged by windlight up until this new 1.19 release but now sadly i see windlight turning into the same old buggy viewer.
    I’ve had a few minor problems with the previous releases of windlight but thats to be expected, however we should be allowed to run the previous version that performs like it should until these problems are corrected…but of course im told thats not possible…Why am i not surprised…(taps foot waiting for the next release)

  82. Psyke Phaeton says:

    Where is February metrics?

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